Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Obama's Amazingly Consistent Smile

From: Eric Spiegelman

Ladies and gentlemen, your President is a robot. Or a wax sculpture. Maybe a cardboard cutout. All I know is no human being has a photo smile this amazingly consistent.

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In February 2011, the Obamas hosted a reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, during which they stood for 130 photographs with visiting foreign dignitaries in town for the UN meeting. The President has exactly the same smile in every single shot. See for yourself — the pictures are up on the State Department’s flickr (link here but appears to be dead link now). And, of course, compressed into 20 seconds for your viewing pleasure.

Similar montage for Paris.

Note on 04-OCT-17    

Yeah, I know he's gone, but this is for the record.
Conspiracy's Longer Timeline

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9/11 And The Rise of The World Wolf State …

It is an amazing fact of history that what passes for history in the West is factually untrue..

  • The people get public mythologies and government lies instead of the facts, so what they know is not real.
  • Currently, the State is the principal actor and recorder of history.
  • And what it records is not the truth, but what is politically convenient for the corrupt oligarchs and various special interests who have captured the State's myth-making powers.
  • If we don't know the real history of financial crises, terrorist attacks, and wars then we can't claim to live in free societies.
  • Today, the power to create and write history is in the dominion of the State.
  • And the history it is writing is based on lies, deception, and propaganda.

Since the end of World War II a slow and gradual political revolution has occurred in America, England, France, Canada, Australia, and other Western nations against the liberal democratic state.
   In its place has risen what William Ralph Inge called the "Wolf State" in his 1948 book, "The End of an Age."
- The Excavator

9/11 And The Rise of The World Wolf State…

It is an amazing fact of
history that what passes
for history in the West
is factually untrue.

Dominant Social Theme: The state is the answer to our problems and the cradle of our dreams of freedom.

Free-Market Analysis:
This is an interesting article, once again, by the Excavator, a university student who runs a blog devoted to exposing the "truth" of the new world order. He has apparently discovered a book written by William Ralph Inge, a professor of divinity at Cambridge and Dean of St Paul's Cathedral, way back in the 1940s. Inge coined a name for the Nazi state – the "Wolf State."

According to Inge (in the Excavator's words), the Wolf State was the bedrock of Nazi Germany, but it "did not begin with Hitler and will unfortunately survive it … The Wolf State outlasted the madness of Hitler and Nazism to be worshipped anew by another set of madmen elsewhere in the world. In post-WWII America, new devils arose under the cover of the CIA and the National Security State as part of an American Wolf State …

"They exploited the American people's fear and ignorance in the Cold War climate for the political and financial gain of a powerful few. America's wolves were hungry and lethal. They worked up a big appetite in the 1950s after taking down a number of democratically elected governments, but that was not enough. The Big Get was America."

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