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The Warmongers

ivor seward richard
Sir Ivor Seward Richardy
Sir David Hardy
Sir David Hardy
Vance Van Dine
Vance Van Dine
Frank Smeal sm
Frank Smeal
Philip Lader
Philip Lader

In May 1979 I confronted (he attempted to evade me, with their emblem on my shirt and tape recorder in hand) Sir Ivor Seward Richard, then British Ambassador to the United Nations 1974-1979; European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, 1981-1985; and Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords, 1997-1998. His maternal grandfather was the same Secretary of State who made the Alaska Purchase from Russia in 1867! His membership was never mentioned in his introduction or speech at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, and the promised question and answer session was abruptly cancelled; someone else had seen The Pilgrims emblem on my shirt. His membership in The English Speaking Union and The Fabian Society of Great Britain (emblem – wolf in sheep’s clothing) was mentioned; his Pilgrims membership had to be kept in the dark. He was honored on May 13, 1975 at a Pilgrims reception in Manhattan. THESE OPERATORS ARE SO TOXIC THAT THE ONLY SAFE WAY TO ACCOST THEM MAY BE BY APPROACHING THEM WITH YOUR BACK TURNED, HOLDING UP A MIRROR WITH WHICH TO VIEW THEM!

Sir David Hardy, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, seen at the University of Greenwich.

Hardy is chairman of the National Maritime Museum.

He was a director of Sons of Gwalia Limited, an Australian gold miner that went broke by 2004 with over $800 million U.S. hedging losses.

He was an advisor to silver and gold short HSBC, 1995-1997.

Vance Van Dine, Pilgrims Society, (deceased 2012) was with silver suppressor Morgan Stanley for many years as a partner and advisory director; during that time he was also a consultant to the anti-precious metals World Bank; a director of the Yale Alumni Fund; a member of Yale’s Skull & Bones Society; a director of BV Capital; Asia Capital Group; trustee, Long Island University; governor of the world government boosting Foreign Policy Association.

At Something’s Wrong in the Silver Pit:, find a December 2010 release implicating Morgan Stanley, international investment bank with 60,000 employees, as being a really enormous silver short.

The bank was founded in 1935 by Henry Sturgis Morgan, third generation Pilgrims Society member, grandson of the original J.P. Morgan, who was …

almost lord of creation

Frank Smeal, leaked list of The Pilgrims New York for 1980, was a Goldman Sachs partner and a member of its management committee.

Goldman Sachs is perennially listed by many sources as a top tier gold and silver price antagonist.

Philip Lader, Pilgrims Society, at the American Embassy in London, showing crossed U.S. and United Kingdom flags behind him, another symbol of the “Pilgrim Partners.” A 1966 graduate of Duke University, founded by a charter Pilgrims Society member, Lader was inducted higher up the power structure ramp in 1972 at the Pilgrims Society law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell, 48 Wall Street. In 1979 to 1983 he was president of Sea Pines Company, a South Carolina luxury real estate development, and in 1986-1988 he was with interests of Rothschild associates, Sir James Goldsmith’s U.S. Holdings, probably another Pilgrims Society member. In 1990-1991 Lader was president of Business Executives for National Security; already the elite were beating drums for restricting freedoms here in the guise of protection against terrorism! The power structure installed him as president of Bond University in Queensland, Australia, 1991-1993, then became White House deputy chief of staff, and was appointed ambassador to Great Britain for 1997-2001. Afterwards he was installed as chairman of WPP, an international advertising agency and made a senior advisor to silver price suppressor Morgan Stanley. He continues to chair WPP, (which bought Ogilvy Group for $864 million in 1989 from Pilgrims Society member David Ogilvy). WPP is the world’s largest advertising and marketing services conglomerate, with 158,000 employees. Lader is a director of Marathon Oil and AES (energy and utility provider in 27 countries with 28,000 employees). He was a director of Rusal Corporation (Russian Aluminum, with 72,000 employees). Lader became chairman of the board of visitors of Duke University; trustee of the British Museum and British American Business Council; Foundation for the 21st Century; Windsor Leadership Trust (British Royal family); advisory board to Prince of Wales Trust; member council of Lloyd’s of London; visiting committee of Harvard Law School; Atlantic Council; Salzburg Global Seminars; Smithsonian Museum of Natural History; trustee of RAND Corporation (RAND stands for Research and Development), an organization with strong ties to the Federal Reserve System, silver suppressors

Felix G Rohatyn
Felix G. Rohatyn

Felix G. Rohatyn, Pilgrims Society, is a trustee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. The CSIS is interested in many issues, including silver resources in such diverse sites as the arctic, North Korea, Peru and Mexico.

For additional information about the CSIS, see:
U.S. Strategic Interests in the Arctic
Comparative Connections (opens as PDF)
As its Economy Booms, Peru Eyes Asia

Rohatyn was managing director of Lazard Freres, New York, 1960-1997, a firm traditionally associated with the Rothschilds. He has held many positions including director of New York Stock Exchange; Pfizer; Fiat; Schlumberger; MCA; ITT; Comcast; American Motors; Suez-Lagardere Group; became chairman international advisory committee to Lehman Brothers, just over two years before it crashed; backer, Obama for America; known as the financier who rescued New York City from bankruptcy; Ambassador to France, 1997-2000.

Admiral Arleigh A Burke
Admiral Arleigh A. Burke
Rex Tillerson
Rex Tillerson
Frederick B Whittemore
Frederick B. Whittemore
General Lord Guthrie
General Lord Guthrie
Patrick W Gross
Patrick W. Gross

Admiral Arleigh A. Burke (1901-1996), Pilgrims Society.

Burke was chief of Naval Operations during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations.

He founded the Center for Strategic and International Studies in 1962.

He was a director of Texaco; Chrysler; Newport News Shipbuilding; First National Bank of Washington; Thiokol Chemical; Foster Wheeler; Federal Services Financial and others.

Burke was a member of the Army-Navy Club in D.C. where the pillaging Silver Users Association holds meetings.

Rex Tillerson, Pilgrims Society. Born in 1952.

Chairman Exxon Mobil, director of U.S./Russia Business Council.

In 2007 named one of the 25 most powerful people in business by Fortune Magazine.

He is a trustee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (LINK) where if the term “military” is entered in the search box a considerable list comes up.

Frederick B. Whittemore, Pilgrims Society.

Long time figure in silver suppressor Morgan Stanley.

Whittemore has been president of the Pacific Basin Economic Council founded in 1967 in Hong Kong.

He is a director of Key Pharmaceuticals; and as this is written, is a director of Chesapeake Energy, which just did a $4.75 billion deal with BHP Billiton, Australian mining giant with its share of Pilgrims Society connections.

His father Laurence was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 1946-1948.

Whittemore is also an Aspen Institute trustee, with its own assorted connections to silver suppressors.

General Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, Pilgrims Society.

Order of the British Empire, Gold Stick to the Queen, member House of Lords, is the link between the International International InstLtute for Strategic Studies in London, the leading think-tank in “global security” (warfare planning) where they say of him …

He is a Director of N M Rothschild & Sons Limited; a Council Member of The International Institute of Strategic Studies; a Visiting Professor and Honorary Fellow of King’s College London University; Chairman of the Trustees of The Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives; a Member of the Steering Committee of The Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC. He is President of The Army Benevolent Fund; Action Research.

Patrick W. Gross, Pilgrims Society (Who’s Who, 2005, page 1840) is an advisor to the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a trustee of the Aspen Institute, which has a “Homeland Security Program.”

He’s a director of the Defense Business Board (LINK) whose slogan is “Business Excellence in Defense of the Nation.” So, what is their position on the former defense silver reserve? That the Silver Users Association should not be attached by court order to replenish the bulk of it that they took with Pilgrims Society member Caspar Weinberger’s assistance; that there is no cause to even mention the Silver Users Association in any such discussion?

The DBB works with the Defense Department and its board is interlocked with Goldman Sachs, the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, and features a Rhodes Scholar. The DBB is connected to the Center for Strategic and International Studies by Rockefeller flunky John Hamre.

Gross is a member of the World Economic Forum at Geneva, Switzerland and is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London and the Economic Club of Washington, which has been addressed by leading anti-gold and silver speakers; Jamie Dimon, Ben Bernanke, Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson, likely all Pilgrims Society members. He’s been a director since 1996 of the Council for Excellence in Government. He’s a director of “the world’s largest patent research community,” Article One Partners.  (LINK)

His bio at Defense Business Board states …

Patrick Gross is Chairman of The Lovell Group, a private investment and advisory firm, where he works with a portfolio of venture capital backed private technology and internet commerce companies. He is engaged by the venture investors to help the companies grow to the next stage of development and benefit from his extensive experience.

From 1970-2001, he was a founder and principal executive officer of American Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) that provided information technology services and enterprise software solutions to major corporations and government agencies. Prior to founding AMS, Mr. Gross worked on the staff of the Secretary of Defense in the Office of Systems Analysis, popularly known in the press as “McNamara’s whiz kids.”

He has served as chairman of the board of two private equity-owned companies. He has served on and chaired audit, compensation, and governance and nominating committees. Currently, he serves on two NYSE company boards: Capital One Financial Corporation and Waste Management, Inc. and three NASDAQ company boards: Career Education Corporation, Liquidity Services, Inc., and Taleo Corporation.

He is trustee and chairman of the research and policy committee of the Committee for Economic Development (CED), vice chairman of the Council for Excellence in Government, vice chairman of the board of Georgetown University Hospital, and co-founder and former chairman of the World Affairs Council of Washington, D.C. He is also a trustee of the Aspen Institute, a trustee of the Federal City Council, a director of the All Kinds of Minds Institute, a director of the Foreign Policy Association, and a member of the advisory board of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. He is an elected member of the Council on Foreign Relations, International Institute of Strategic Studies, the Washington Institute for Foreign Affairs, and the Economic Club of Washington.”

The Aspen Institute sponsors an “Initiative on Financial Security,” encouraging Americans to hold savings in dollars; that they intentionally misdirect little people is in character for them, inasmuch as they have Federal Reserve officials occasionally addressing their meetings! Aspen is interlocked with Fuji Film (silver users), Trilateral Commission, Pilgrims Society front organization.

John Merrill Olin
John Merrill Olin
Charles Price II
Charles Price II

According to Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) …

George Shultz (Pilgrims Society) played an important role in forming the Institute.

The John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at Harvard, named for Pilgrims Society member John Merrill Olin of Olin Corporation, is another apparent warmonger think-tank. Gold and silver price suppressor William E. Simon was president of the Olin Foundation. Olin was a trustee of Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, Washington University and Midwest Research Institute (MRIGlobal), concerning itself with “national security and defense”.

A more recent Pilgrims Society member, Charles Price II, former Ambassador to Belgium (1981-1983) and England (1983-1989).

Price was a Midwest Research Institute trustee and a director of British Airways, Texaco, New York Times, Sprint, Mercantile Bank of Kansas City and others.

All these think-tanks and their concealed Pilgrims Society overlords know silver is a crucial war material; do they care to make public their “scholarly” studies as to how silver must for a second time be expropriated from Americans for manipulative purposes?

There’s also the Rand Corporation with its Warburg (Pilgrims Society) links. Rand stands for “research and development.”

Charles Finch Barber, Pilgrims Society, became chairman in 1971 of ASARCO, American Smelting & Refining, in whose early history the Rockefellers took a hand, was a trustee in 1980 of the Council on Economics and National Security, which sponsored a 105 page book, “Strategic Minerals — A Resource Crisis,” issued in January 1980, a crisis month for gold and silver suppressors! Here’s an excerpt I was able to get from page 49.

But in the cases of palladium, gold, silver and the like, we need very much the considerations that are being developed here, as Admiral Mott and his associates have accented, AS A MATTER OF DEEP PUBLIC CONCERN.

What “considerations” concerning palladium, gold and silver were “being developed” by these people over 30 years ago? That of having the Federal Government relieve private citizens of ownership of such metals at a future date, under conditions of engineered crisis? There is no “deep public concern” on the part of ordinary people, but these elitists, apparently slaves of the Royal Plan, always have a deep concern as to how to gut nonmembers! The 1980 Who’s Who shows Barber on page 171 with no mention of his membership in The Pilgrims; his name appears in the leaked 1980 list; by 1994 Who’s Who, page 172, he stated “Pilgrims” near the end of his listing. ASARCO was a big copper miner and refiner; Barber was chairman into 1982; silver is a byproduct of copper.

I wonder if ASARCO played a role in helping silver shorts crash the market when in January 1980 that book came out under Barber’s auspices! His 1994 Who’s Who listing showed him a member of Rockefeller University Council and a director of National Legal Center for the Public Interest, another banker front. He was a director of Chase Manhattan Bank; India Fund; Asia Tigers Fund; Xanthus Fund; Whistler Fund; Stratigos Fund; Salomon Brothers Capital Fund; Emerging Markets Income Fund; Municipal High Income Fund; Zenix Income Fund; Continental Corporation; Industrial Minerals of Mexico; Southern Peru Copper; American Mining Congress; Americas Society; Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; Copper Development Association; International Copper Research Institute; Shearson Lehman Fund and others.

With a name like Barber, he may have given lots of little folks financial haircuts, and was a member of the anti-silver money Bankers Club in Manhattan. As of 1994 he chaired the regulatory advisory committee to the New York Stock Exchange, probably for purposes of trimming back trusting investors!

Robert L Sproull
Robert L. Sproull
defense science board
Defense Science Board

Robert L. Sproull, Pilgrims Society 1980 leaked list, chaired the Defense Science Board, 1965-1972. The DSB is a civilian panel of advisors to the Defense Department.

We all know silver is critical to military technologies; that Pilgrims Society members have stolen silver from literally over one billion people in the last century; that their boy, Franklin Roosevelt, stole silver to the extent of 113,031,000 ounces from Americans, effected on August 9, 1934; and that most of the former defense silver stockpile, 165MOZ was fed to the Silver Users Association by members of The Pilgrims Society like Caspar Weinberger.

Sproull has been president emeritus of the University of Rochester since 1984; this university has strong connections to Eastman Kodak, Silver Users Association members!

Sproull was lead physicist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1952 (silver users); he was with European Research Association in Brussels, 1958-1959; he has served as a director of United Technologies (silver user); Xerox; Charles River Laboratories; advisory committee to General Motors, 1971-1980.

He has contributed a seven figure sum to Cornell Center for Materials Research and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He’s a trustee of the George C. Marshall Research Institute (defense industries lobby) and became chairman in 1999 of the Environmental Literacy Council.

The moment when we are at greatest risk of nationalization is during wartime; however, FDR style depressions, as determined by very high unemployment levels, may serve as well. "THE WARMONGERS," 1979 nonfiction by Howard Katz, says on the back cover …

They started World War I. They engineered World War II. They are moving the world toward war now!

He mentioned the Council on Foreign Relations on 5 of 291 pages. A review of the index shows the anticipated assortment of Pilgrims Society members; and he does mention the link between fiat paper money and war!

Obama's Entourage

James Baker and Warren Christopher
James Baker and Warren Christopher

On the warfare front, what do we have today? We have the four highest position holders in the United States who are concerned with war, are all Pilgrims Society members (honorary counts as full fledged in terms of outcome) – the President; the Secretary of State; and the two co-chairmen of the National War Powers Commission – Pilgrims Society member James Addison Baker III and Pilgrims Society member Warren Christopher which first met with President Obama on December 11, 2008 (Baker and Christopher).

Baker was White House Chief of Staff, 1981-1985; Treasury Secretary, 1985-1988; Secretary of State, 1989-1992; and White House Chief of Staff, 1992-1993. Baker was appointed Special Envoy to Iraq in 2003; he became senior advisor to The Carlyle Group in 1993 which is clearly an association of defense contractors (warmongers) who at some point must have silver for their high tech systems (See: Carlyle Group: Anatomy of a Scam).

Surprise, surprise. … Baker won the Morgenthau award from the Treasury Department (Who's Who, 2005, page 200). Christopher was a director of Southern California Edison and First Interstate Bancorporation anf Chevron, which is a member of International Business Leaders Forum, founded in 1990 by Prince Charles, Pilgrims of Great Britain, and includes mining giants Anglo American; BHP/Billiton and Rio Tinto. Christopher was a director of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1982-1991, another of hundreds of examples of Pilgrims Society members constituting the management of other organizations, making it “The Controlling Organization!” On March 20, 2011, Christopher passed on; nothing will change.

On March 20, 2011, Christopher passed on; nothing will change.

Robert Strange McNamara
Robert Strange McNamara

Robert Strange McNamara (1916-2009) appeared in the leaked list of The Pilgrims 1974. How long before that he may have been a member is unknown. He was president of Ford Motor, 1960-1961; Secretary of Defense, 1961-1968; and president of the World Bank, 1968-1981. After that he served as trustee or director of the Overseas Development Council; Urban Institute; Brookings Institution (anti-silver money); Bank of America (once listed on the roster of the Silver Users Association); Enterprise Foundation; Washington Post Company; and Royal Dutch Petroleum. His son Craig is a trustee of the American Farmland Trust, with which the silver using Du Ponts are involved, and two members of the Winthrop family (Pilgrims Society); Craig is also president of the California State Board of Food and Agriculture. The U.S. Strategic Silver Stockpile was established in June 1968 with 165MOZ (now all gone; Pilgrims Society member Caspar Weinberger alone reduced it by 24.435MOZ). I haven’t checked on McNamara’s input as Defense Secretary relative to that action, but it could be another eyebrow-raiser. McNamara senior authored eight books and was awarded the Franklin D. Roosevelt (gold and silver confiscator) medal.

PLEASE disregard any appeals to personalities; perceived status rankings of commentators on the precious metals totem pole; infighting, egos, comparison scales of prestige, suits and ties, metals conference big shots, and anything else that could be a block against this information being widely circulated! I have nothing to sell to any of you; I seek no contributions, I’m spending personal funds to advertise this and wish greatly to see my fellow hard money advocates protected as to their property rights. This Pilgrims Society back of the United States President intends to ruin us by once again "SEIZING THE WEALTH NECESSARY." They need only have one of their members such as Pilgrims Society vice president Paul Volcker (who broke the Hunts out of 59MOZ silver by 1986), transmit to Obama to proceed with a gold and silver nationalization decree in an Executive Order! RON PAUL, HELP US!


Remember the fine old black and white television series by Rod Serling, “The Twilight Zone?” One episode featured a little girl’s doll that could outsmart humans. Pilgrims Society members such as Volcker remind me of that doll episode in which at the end of the story the malevolent doll caused the man of the house to tumble down a staircase to his death. It was not long before that event that the doll verbally warned him.

My name is Talky Tina, AND I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!

The Wall Street Journal, December 3, 2010, page A-19, "Government By Executive Order," remarked:

Because President Obama will now have a tough time getting his liberal agenda through a more Republican Congress, many Democrats are URGING HIM TO RAM IT THROUGH USING THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH’S UNILATERAL POWER.
Volker - Obama
There’s no dispute as to which
of these characters is "larger!"
Volcker - Obama
Volcker & Obama

Pilgrims Society vice president Paul Volcker, anti-silver activist who as Federal Reserve System chairman “put fetters on gold and silver speculators,” (Wall Street Journal, October 10, 1979, page 1) and who broke the Hunts out of 59 million ounces, tells Obama what to do on behalf of inner circle Pilgrims Society member David Rockefeller. The same will go for Obama’s successor.

There’s no need to have a Congress if a puppet of The Pilgrims Society becomes dictator! We should remember that it was during a Democrat administration – FDR – that gold and silver rights of Americans were abrogated by Executive Order! This presentation doesn’t cover other severe risks we face including compulsory vaccinations; criminalization of possession of nutritional supplements; continued exertions against firearm ownership rights; bureaucrats deciding it’s time to euthanize your elderly relatives; mandatory "mental health" examinations with definitions that show anything they wish to show, as in The Inquisition; restrictions on interstate travel by automobile; compulsory microchipping; denial of Internet access for “unauthorized” websites; orders that homeless illegals be taken into your residence; requirements for lists of jewelry and precious stones be submitted to the Treasury; making dissent illegal; suspension of habeas corpus; Treasury Department bounties paid to police departments for raiding citizen owned precious metals; and many other assaults against personal freedom en route to the planned return to feudalism.

Other Pilgrims Society entities such as Goldman Sachs Group gave $980,945 to Obama 2008; JPMorganChase, $650,758; Morgan Stanley, $490,873; and Citigroup, $657,268 (See:

Obama - Kissinger
Obama & Kissinger

Obama and Kissinger ♦ Hey Henry — is that your face, or did your neck throw up? Why don’t you get on a bottle cap and drift out to sea? Obama has an entourage of Pilgrims Society members surrounding him, including Henry Kissinger, for many years a Rockefeller employee; Timothy Geithner, Obama's Treasury Secretary was with Kissinger Associates, 1985-1988, and in 2003 became president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (a post reserved for Pilgrims Society members).

See how easy it would be for Kissinger or Volcker to slip word to Obama and Geithner, "Go ahead and nationalize gold and silver".

Pilgrims tax filing 2004
Pilgrim's tax filing for 2004

At right is a tax filing for 2004 shows some (not all) of the 2004 management of The Pilgrims of the United States. It contains two spelling errors, Mark Sisk was the Episcopal bishop of New York (they maintain presence in the sphere of religion) and Eben W. Pyne, an old line inheritor (with ancestry tracing to 19th century robber barons) of massive scale in banking, insurance, chemicals, railroads and electric power utilities. Windsor appears to be related to the British Royal family (near 100% likelihood) and Henry Luce III (since deceased) of the Time Warner fortune; Weinberger gifted over 11 million ounces of silver to the Silver Users Association as Secretary of Defense, when he had purview over the one time silver strategic stockpile. Whitehead, of Goldman Sachs, is a Rockefeller/Mellon liaison.

The Government's silver and gold eagle program through the U.S. Mint is no guarantee against nationalization. Charles Bronson had a series of Mafia movies. Those characters are embryos contrasted to the real life "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum" giants of The Pilgrims Society!

In his speech to The Pilgrims of Great Britain (released by the State Department, New York Times, December 13, 1973, page 28), Kissinger spoke of …

the whole network of intangible connections that have been the real sinews of the trans-Atlantic and especially the Anglo-American relationship.

Kissinger, a vice president of The Pilgrims Society, declared Obama the "architect of the new world order" on January 5, 2009, at the New York Stock Exchange. According to "Who Killed Larry McDonald?" Kissinger is responsible for the deaths of vast numbers of Cambodians!

Confiscation / Nationalization

I notice that as of 2008 on the board of what is currently the world’s largest silver producer, and Mexico’s second largest gold producer, Fresnillo, appears Londoner Lord Cairns, Commander of the British Empire, Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, trustee of Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, founder of the Commonwealth Business Council, former chairman, Overseas Development Institute; Chairman, Zain Africa and former deputy chairman, S.G. Warburg & Company. The Lord is almost certainly a Pilgrims Society member. Bear in mind the most recent lists we have from them is now 31 years old, and it didn’t come freely; it had to be leaked.

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, consisting of 10 persons selected by members of Congress to “study” the problems of 2008, is another false flag operation. Member Peter J. Wallison was counsel to Pilgrims Society member Nelson Rockefeller’s National Commission on Critical Choices for Americans during 1973-1974 and is now Arthur F. Burns (Pilgrims Society, Federal Reserve System chairman) fellow in financial policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

spread the word

Please post as many links to this one essay as you can; and on metals and mining company message boards; print out copy and send to your Congressman, your Senator, and your State Representative and State Senator! Send it to your mayor and to anyone of importance. With adequacy of exposure I do sincerely believe we can STOP another Franklin Roosevelt style seizure of our gold and silver! This information can also serve to help Ron Paul's drive to have our national gold holdings audited, as it is this Pilgrims Society, and no one else, that has toyed with our national gold as it has with our silver! They gave us the mortgage crisis, the national debt, high and rising unemployment with mass exportation of jobs, and the derivatives nightmare!

On November 14, 2010 on MMNews, this release appeared (corrected for (4) spelling errors).

According to Turk a gold confiscation could be possible if the price goes too high and reflects an alarm signal that there is something wrong in the financial system. "America did that in 1933 but they didn't prohibit ownership outside the United States. And there may be a prohibition again in the future. So you need to diversify geographically, different countries, different political systems and hold your gold at different places around the world. In that way you can mediate the risk of confiscation.

Some intend to sidestep the entire issue by holding mostly diamonds. They best take care to not tread down that path if they cannot acquire them through the most upstream of sources; sightholders, not resellers, except those dealing in distressed sales. After all that, diamonds still aren't good unless you can sell to end users! Diamonds have never been subjected to any blanket U.S. government nationalization. I didn't say sell your metals and buy diamonds. At his site Franklin Sanders, one of the greatest of the greats in metals, states his view that the government won't take gold again; they wouldn't risk widespread disobedience over a relatively small prize. Once the mentality of these Feudal Lords is understood, you must realize they intend to allow no one outside their influence to become wealthy. They plan to use their media power to make it appear as if its "hoarders and speculators" against the Government; when in reality, it will be THEM using the Government to make us poor, if they can pull it off! Their nature is to disallow capital accumulation outside their sphere!

Institutions most notably the University of Texas Endowment Fund have taken large positions in physical gold. It has been suggested this will serve as a strong barrier against Federal gold nationalization. I agree, unless totalitarianism becomes unstoppable. It will finally be said by unwilling sources that gold is the ultimate form of money, and therefore, its ownership should be centralized in the government. However, metal can only reliably serve as money if free to circulate in commerce! Silver will be treated differently because of its industrial uses. It might actually be less difficult to attempt to nationalize silver a second time, if the notorious Silver Users Association disbands and closes down. In that event, they would reorganize after a nationalization and start tapping the centralized supply, after government thievery had transpired.

In Why Governments Will Buy Silver the author gives reasons why governments will buy silver. Sadly, that only applies to governments in whose jurisdictions silver isn't produced! The rest can simply nationalize silver! Speaking of price "management" rather than conspiracy is splitting hairs! It's like arguing with a Scot that his kilt is a type of skirt, and he insists it isn't! Ford Mustangs are still motor vehicles! Start calling spades, spades! It takes planning to effect this "management;" and as the outcome has been bad for the world, conspiracy is the most pinpoint accurate description! Spiriting off metals to other jurisdictions to avoid nationalization speaks of people who have decided they are beaten because the bad people have convinced them the political battle in their own nation can't be won! The tide of darkness can be reversed in 2011 by Ron Paul and his effort to audit United States gold; denial of the audit will tell Americans it's gone, and the public should be in an implacable uproar over it! WHY GIVE UP WHEN WE CAN WIN? Pull the pants down around the bad boys ankles; spread word of the existence of this Pilgrims Society! They can't function in the dark!

People who sell precious metals are great guys; they helped me acquire what I have. As a group they tend to dispute the idea that the government will (for the second time) nationalize gold and silver; they have this stance because otherwise it places a damper on their business! Instead of being in denial, rather than thinking the nature of the beast has changed, WHEN IT CAN NEVER, EVER CHANGE … let's ready to counter nationalization plans! We do so simply by spreading about information concerning who the metals suppressors have been all these long years. They can't stand publicity. In this case, the pen is mightier than the sword!

James Turk is proof that having previously held positions in corrupt entities such as Chase Manhattan Bank need not spoil a man's morals; however, that is not the question! The question is if you have physical precious metals in Hong Kong, Zurich; or in London, the home base of silver suppression since the 16th century and Sir Francis Drake seizing Spanish silver on the high seas; how will you be able to take delivery of these precious metals if the United States government sets up an interception system in its Customs Department; the Postal Service (both of which took place under FDR); FEDEX; or other delivery service? Capital controls could consist of many atrocious measures, including, you enter a sell order for your metal overseas, funds are remitted to you electronically, but the Treasury automatically withholds a windfall profits tax on the transfer! Suppose you want to reside overseas and your passport is revoked, the State Department giving any reason it cares to?

After listing objections to holding metals overseas there remain reasons for doing so, but they apply to an ever diminishing faction … high fliers and people in the export-import business; remember, it costs money to travel, and the more of your overall budget it requires, the less sense it makes. I have no connection to any numismatic coin dealers and that area has nothing to do with my motive for this presentation.

Holding metals in other political jurisdictions is a concept with merit and disadvantages. There remains NOTHING like the real thing in your hand, passed directly to another citizen. In an emergency, what will you do? Offer a certificate to metals overseas, or the actual metal, to people who have what you need? Mr. Turk is certainly not the only metals personality to promote the holding of wealth abroad. When you read the rationale of "hold gold overseas" promoters, it boils down to one reason … the United Snakes Government (credit to David Bond) may criminalize gold ownership here, so plan for that by holding it elsewhere. This indicates an attitude of capitulation concerning reforming our own government by having more free market proponents holding elected and appointed positions! Why, I ask, should we give up? WOULD ANDREW JACKSON HAVE EVER GIVEN UP?

Would Andrew Jackson Have Ever Given Up?

general jackson slaying the many headed monster
General Jackson Slaying
the Many Headed Monster
(Not Original Content)

I sincerely submit to you that people holding their metals here will have the advantage over those holding most or all of it elsewhere. A gold nationalization could also take place on the part of Great Britain, in which case your chances would also be better here! I also would not trust the Swiss government, as for example large quantities of silver coins were shipped out for eventual delivery as bullion to the Silver Users Association, before an export ban was imposed, a token gesture in 1968 after the bulk was spirited out! Reality also compels mention of yet another risk of holding metal overseas … suppose the vault keeper's family is kidnapped, what then? Can your custodians demonstrate immunity? It doesn't make me a heel to bring these things up; I'm trying to protect you. In considering where to hold metals there is validity in determining which jurisdictions have the greatest gun ownership rights; that may not apply elsewhere! This argumentation of where to hold metal must stand on its own merits, and not be judged in terms of prestige comparisons with high flying metals personalities! How are we making our country's future more secure by expatriating our specie?


— American Magazine, June 1950, page 122.

U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania David A. Reed, a trustee of the Mellon influenced University of Pittsburg, who called silver "inflationary," denounced (New York Times, December 24, 1933, section IV, page 4):


A.M. Sakolski of the C & F Chronicle, April 27, 1944, pages 1706, and 1718-1719, in an article titled, "The Menace Of Post-War Silver" called silver a …

MONETARY INCUBUS (a demon who rapes sleeping women!)

He was a member of the Vanderbilt sponsored American Economic Association.

Nationalization could take various forms; all must be opposed with the frenzy of someone fighting for his life! Coin dealers, jewelers, metals dealers, gold and silver exchanges could be dictated to that all metal they buy from the public must be remitted to the Treasury Department, minus strictly accounted for amounts processed into value added jewelry, that is, altered away from traditional monetary forms of coins and bars. The Treasury could attempt to ration silver to "legitimate consumers" (Wall Street Journal, May 22, 1967). The evil 50% tax on silver profits imposed under FDR was abolished in 1963, allowing silver trading to resume on June 12.

Also be aware of the Department of Homeland Security and its concern for the Silver Users Association. (See: The Silver Users Association and Homeland Security)

In “Our Monetary Crisis and Gold,” Percy L. Greaves Jr. wrote in the Mining Congress Journal, February 1962, page 115 …

They want to achieve national economic goals by keeping interest rates below free market rates where savings equal borrowings. They thus create a greater demand for borrowing, which is promptly met by printing more dollars or opening more accounts in the banking system. There you have it. We are heading into a controlled economy—one in which politicians control our money. They do not want Americans to be free to own gold, and we’re not free unless we can own gold. If we are to remain free, we must regain the right to own and use monetary gold and never again let politicians print money. That would quickly put an end to the spending policies. But that is probably not the way we are going to go. Nobody knows the future, but HISTORY INDICATES THAT THEY WILL CREATE AN EMERGENCY OF ONE TYPE OR ANOTHER AND GO INTO CONTROLS.

The Engineering & Mining Journal, April 1965, page 22, reported that the Johnson administration was considering …

controls on "hoarding" of silver coins.


States can resist and counteract unconstitutional federal laws, contact your state legislators and send them a copy of this documentary on the silver and gold stealing activities of The Pilgrims Society or a link to it! View link here.

Increasing awareness of this predatory shadow organization hovering above the White House, the Federal judiciary and Congress will tend to prevent recurrence of Franklin Roosevelt’s abominations. Beyond nationalizing silver, a 50% transfer tax was slapped on silver, sending futures trading North into Canada, with penalties of up to six months imprisonment for nonreported transactions; unlicensed export of silver carried a fine of up to $10,000 and 10 years imprisonment. FDR’s rationale for nationalizing silver barely 7 weeks after the passage of the Silver Purchase Act of 1934 was to have 75% of the total monetary base of the United States in gold and 25% in silver, by values at that time; and silver was more depressed than gold. President Jackson’s intention to guarantee convertibility of notes into gold and silver, was to totally eliminate the use of paper notes! That’s the system that can be relied on!

You need to monitor twice daily news concerning mining shares and be ready to enter sell order fast. If the United States nationalizes metals, nations south of here are likely to move against mining concessions. Assuming plans are in place to do so, it's reasonable to believe such plans won't be implemented until after the mines are built and in operation. A first move against our rights by "our" government could negate that and constitute cause to sell sooner. They have an arsenal of sabotage. Remember the November 2007 raid in Indiana on the Liberty Dollar people? If you missed it see this: U.S. Raids Issuer of Ron Paul Coins. The Justice Department and the Treasury Department had joint purview. Attorneys General and Treasury Secretaries both have an (unknown) history of being Pilgrims Society members.

The Wall Street Journal, February 23, 1968, page 13, had this to say:

Internal Revenue Service officials have expressed that the Treasury could put special taxes on silver investments.

The New York Times, March 6, 1933, page 12 cited a Columbia University law professor who called for a personal property tax on gold hoarding!

Robert M. Morgenthau, son of the Pilgrims Society member who stole gold and silver from Americans in the FDR administration and was associated with James D. Zirin, currently on The Pilgrims executive committee, is currently an advisor to Global Financial Integrity whose aim is to prevent illegal cross-border money transfers; and money could be such commodities as diamonds and metals; in this capacity he also serves with John Cunningham Whitehead, of The Pilgrims executive committee, former head of Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and a liaison between the Rockefeller and Mellon fortunes. The Society is concerned about preventing those outside its circles from being able to transmit wealth from one nation to another. Why not just hold your wealth here and fight for Constitutional concepts? See this link.

Ronald M Freeman
Ronald M. Freeman

At World Economic Forum sources from the New York Federal Reserve Bank and JPMorganChase tout the present synthetic money system which excludes gold and silver. Ronald M. Freeman, current chairman, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, who holds dual U.S. and British citizenship, is senior advisor to the World Economic Forum of Davos Switzerland. The WEC has some 1,000 member corporations, most of which have annual volume exceeding $5 billion (See:  World Economic Forum) Rockefeller agent, Pilgrims Society member Henry Kissinger is a prominent WEC personality.

Freeman is a governor of the U.S./United Kingdom Fulbright Committee (after an Arkansas Senator who was a Rhodes Scholar); a trustee of the American University in Paris; he was a long time executive of Salomon Brothers investment bankers; formerly with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; director of The Atlantic Council, Crown front seeking to bring America back under British rule; director of Volga Gas; Polish Telecom; Troika Dialog; Kamaz, the largest automobile and heavy truck manufacturer in the Russian Federation; and Severstal, steel producer with 92,000 employees; MMC Norilsk Nickel; advisor to Climate Change Capital; executive with Citigroup Capital Markets in London.

Rockefeller - Soros and Whitehead
Rockefeller, Soros and Whitehead

The Society is concerned about preventing those outside its circles from being able to transmit wealth from one nation to another. Why not just hold your wealth here and fight for Constitutional concepts?

At right: David Rockefeller (former director of Federal Reserve Bank of New York), Daisy Soros (sister in law of George Soros) and John C. Whitehead (former chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of New York) and chairman since 1999 of the Goldman Sachs Foundation.

Wherefore do the wicked live, become old, yea, are mighty in power?

— Job 21:7

Rigged Game

What Investigation
What Investigation!

Silver manipulation lawsuits have been filed in United States Federal district court in the Southern District of New York against Pilgrims Society institutions, JPMorganChase and HSBC Bank. Who appoints Federal judges? The President, who is always a Pilgrims Society member!

It appears a "fix" is in at this courthouse; a review of the 38 judges there (See: List of U.S. District Court judges) shows three judges were previously with Debevoise & Plimpton (Pilgrims Society law firm); 2 were either with David, Polk & Wardwell (Pilgrims Society law firm) or were married to a partner therein; 2 judges were with Cahill, Gordon, Reindel (Pilgrims Society law firm); of three other judges, each was with either White & Case (Pilgrims Society law firm); Willkie Farr & Gallagher (Pilgrims Society law firm); or Stroock, Stroock & Lavan (Pilgrims Society law firm). Several other judges have past employment as counsel to Pilgrims Society interests such as Marsh & McLennan Companies; Time Incorporated; several judges are Yale graduates - signifying they may be members of such Pilgrims Society conduits as Skull & Bones Society; Scroll & Key Society; Book & Snake Society; Berzelius Society; or Wolf's Head Society.

Judge Louis L. Stanton Jr. appears in the 1980 leaked Pilgrims list! Judge Peter K. Leisure is the son of Pilgrims Society member George Stanley Leisure, who was associated in the early 1950's with the CIA and was a law partner in Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Irvine from 1957-1993. Leisure Senior was counsel to Du Pont (silver stealers) in 1934; counsel to Rockefeller oil interests in 1937 and was president of Harvard Law School Association (Who's Who, 1971, page 1340). Peter Leisure was with Breed, Abbott & Morgan (Pilgrims Society law firm). Judge Robert P. Patterson Jr. has silver lawsuit, case #10-8146 and Judge George B. Daniels (Yale 1975) has silver lawsuit, case #10-8157. Patterson was with Donovan, Leisure (Pilgrims Society law firm) 1950-1951. He was chairman of National Citizens for Eisenhower, 1959-1960 (Ike was a Pilgrims member) and was a member of Rockefeller University Council, 1986-1988. He was also, 1987-1993, a trustee of George C. Marshall Foundation, after a prominent Pilgrims Society member who helped reshape Europe with the Marshall Plan after WWII.

Paul Austin Crotty
Paul Austin Crotty

Lastly, Federal judge Paul Austin Crotty presides over chambers in this courthouse, and his name appears in the leaked 1980 list of The Pilgrims!

See his resume MINUS MENTION of his Pilgrims Society membership (silver stealers) at Biographical Information of Paul Austin Crotty.

He's in the tradition of Federal Judge Harold R. Medina, Pilgrims Society, who in the Investment Bankers Case, an antitrust lawsuit against the 17 most powerful Wall Street Investment banks, ruled in favor of the defendants (1952) (See: United States v. Morgan et al.).

It is no wonder as the investment banks were well represented in The Pilgrims Society, and he was in their hip pocket!

With one judge a Yale graduate and the other (senior) judge a Rockefeller associate, how can we expect them to be impartial towards the silver plaintiffs? At a courthouse habituated by judges replete with connections to The Pilgrims Society, the silver stealers?

The 1970 Who’s Who, page 294, shows Frederick Van Pelt Bryan, “United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York starting in 1956; director American Judicature Society; member Order of the British Empire; trustee, Columbia University; member The Pilgrims; office U.S. Courthouse Foley Square New York.”

So insinuated into our legal system is this secret organization that even the Supreme Court building in the District of Columbia was the creation of architect Cass Gilbert (1859-1934), Pilgrims Society, who was on their executive committee, and designed the U.S. Treasury Annex in D.C.; the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in D.C.; the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis; the University of Minneapolis; the Gibraltar Building; New York Life Building; West Virginia State Capitol; Arkansas State Capitol; University of Texas at Austin; and many others. His father was a Union general during the Civil War. Supreme Court justices known to have been members of The Pilgrims Society include William H. Taft; Charles Evans Hughes; Warren Earl Burger; William Rehnquist; and Sandra Day O’ Connor.

pilgrim list page 10

The Silver Stealers have rigged the game since way before any of us were born. They always use the power of government to steal silver. The only way they can be stopped from stealing silver (and gold, and everything else, like private home ownership in America) is to have their identities, and their organization, to become known. Their organization is The Pilgrims Society! You can knock yourselves out just researching the excerpt from the list. Shelby Cullom Davis was an Ambassador to Switzerland and in a 46 year period increased his firm's capital 8,480 to one (See: Shelby Cullom Davis' Obituary).

Winthrop Murray Crane 3rd was profiled in "The Paper Hangers" (Archives) as the provider of currency paper for Federal Ripoff Notes.

Eli Whitney Debevoise, superlawyer, was an associate of Nelson Rockefeller; his son is currently the United States director for the World Bank!

Here and Everywhere

Jarvis Cromwell, a financier, was a trustee of Roosevelt Hospital for 40 years. Emilio Gabriel Collado, a Rockefeller oil trust employee, was eulogized as "A Creator of the World Money System" (See: Emilio Gabriel Collado's Obituary).

Arthur H. Dean arranged a $9 billion deal with Japan at age 30 and was an advisor to three Presidents and a creator of the Securities Exchange Commission and a paper hanger himself as a director of American Bank Note Company (See: Arthur H. Dean's Obituary).

Norris Darrell of Schroders Bank London and a Churchill family in law was longtime president of the American Law Institute and was responsible for the Internal Revenue Code of 1954; Covering up these and many more details with silence was news commentator Walter Cronkite, Gardner Cowles of Look Magazine and Robert Devine of Readers Digest!  Ask any major news commentator about the organization and a typical comeback would be …

Pilgrimgs Society? Oh that doesn't exist! Are they still out there on the Mayflower?
Lammot Du Pont Copeland
Lammot Du Pont Copeland

Also in the list note silver suppressor Lammot Du Pont Copeland (Du Pont, Silver Users Association, silver stealers), who was decorated by Belgium and France.

Copeland was a Chemical Bank director; his daughter Louisa married James Biddle, of the same Pilgrims Society family as Nicholas Biddle, head of the second United States Bank on whose board a Du Pont appeared! Copeland was rated the 12th wealthiest inheritor in America as of 1957 ("The Rich and the Super Rich," 1969, page 139).

Du Pont, cover man for Time Magazine, November 27, 1964, founded the Population Crisis Committee in 1965, to work with governments to find ways to reduce overpopulation. The Du Pont Company, long nicknamed "merchants of death" for gunpowder and explosives, has facilitated the deaths of tens of millions, and is a major scale groundwater polluter.

See if your Congressman or Senator has received gifts from the Du Pont Good Government Fund.

Richard A Boucher
Richard A. Boucher

Richard A. Boucher, Pilgrims Society, multiple position office holder in the State Department, is now Deputy Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, based in Paris. It has 34 member nations, 8 of which are first to second tier silver producers. The OECD adopted its name in 1961; previously it was known as the Organization for European Economic Cooperation & Development, since 1947, when it was founded to administer The Marshall Plan for European Reconstruction. The Marshall Plan allowed for the looting of U.S. taxpayers for benefit of Pilgrims Society interests under the guise of humanitarianism. General George C. Marshall, Pilgrims Society, was Secretary of State, 1947-1949 and Defense Secretary, 1950-1951. According to the George C. Marshall Foundation:

George C. Marshall was a man of towering stature whose contributions to our nation and the world cannot be overstated.
A can with a sinister label, bulging at both ends!
This is The Pilgrims Society, they aren’t our friends!
Many links to The Crown, tyranny it portends!
Secrecy and power is what the devil commends!

This Pilgrims Society member Marshall was at the Yalta Conference and the Potsdam Conference after World War II, at which Britain and America allowed multimillions of people to be turned over to Soviet Communist control, from the partition of Germany, to Poland and all of Eastern Europe except Greece; Marshall sure did make towering contributions to infamy! At Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, we see the view of Boucher’s organization that gold is a “shackle;” and silver is even unmentionable! Marshall chaired the U.S. delegation to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953, Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society.

Sir Julian  Crossley


Queen Elizabeth  II
Queen Elizabeth II
Tobie Roosevelt
Tobie Roosevelt
bruno schroder
Bruno Schroder
Baron Peter Levene
Baron Peter Levene

Sir Julian Crossley was a Barclay’s Bank official; a perennial gold and silver antagonist!

London’s Cayman Islands: The Empire of the Hedge Funds reports CIMA, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, subject to The British Crown, Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society, oversees $29.6 Trillion in banking, insurance and hedge funds!

Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society, London and New York, is seen here on May 7, 2007, at a state dinner in the White House with President George W. Bush, Pilgrims Society. During the Bush Senior and Junior years, neither Bush made any move to end the suppression of silver and gold prices.

5 dolllar Canadian

The Crown very perversely still insists an ounce of pure silver is only worth $5 Canadian! It could be spent there for face value only in typical situations, but if sold for silver content they want taxation on any gains (same as in USA); while their paper “money” skids daily in purchasing power.

Tobie Roosevelt, widow of Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. says of herself at Northwood University that “She is a member of The Pilgrims of the United States of America and The Pilgrims of Great Britain headed by the Queen of England.”


She is co-chair of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute and runs with members of the Royal Family including The Duke of York (Pilgrims of Great Britain). Recall that New York is named after York, England! Bloomberg News, April 1, 2013, reported one of FDR’s grandsons, Elliott Roosevelt Jr. of Dallas, (probably a Pilgrims Society member and possibly with partners) got control of an oil area in West Texas potentially worth $58 billion. “Seizing the wealth necessary” is a very familiar theme among families represented in The Pilgrims Society!

Bruno Schroder, Pilgrims of Great Britain, is listed as holding the world's 292nd largest private fortune - probably an underestimate (See: Bruno Schroder & family, The World's Richest People) as media sources these people control have motive to minimize alleged wealth of the old rich - they are those in control.

Schroder's London manages $186 billion and dates to 1804.

It has relationships with major silver suppressors as the Rockefellers and the Bank of England.

Baron Peter Levene of Portsoken, chairman of Lloyd’s of London since 2002, director of China Construction Bank since 2006, former Lord Mayor of London, is a descendant of British financial collaborator Alexander Hamilton (See: NZ Corporate Interests In Japan Whaling?) and alleged to have huge holdings in Unilever, is most likely a member of The Pilgrims of Great Britain.

He fits the pattern very decisively, but due to the Society’s refusal to allow a roster into the public domain, he can only be regarded as a highly likely member, probability almost 100%. He’s held a bewilderingly extensive constellation of positions capable of influencing events at a high level, including member Worshipful Co of Information Technologists, a City of London guild; decorations from France, Germany, Hungary, honorary citizen of Rio De Janeiro Brazil; advisor to Prime Minister; advisor to Board of Trade; advisor to Secretary of State for Defense; chairman General Dynamics United Kingdom since 2001; chairman Defense Manufacturers Association; director United Scientific Holdings; Haymarket Group; Canary Wharf; Docklands Railway; Sainsbury PLC (19 million customers weekly); Alcatel (78,000 employees in 129 countries); Total SA (5th largest international oil & gas producer, 96,387 employees, operations in 130 countries); U.K. National Armaments; European National Armaments; advisor to Morgan Stanley; chairman Bankers Trust International; vice chairman Deutsche Bank; chairman, 2000-2010, International Financial Services Group of 90 member institutions including The City of London Corporation and the Bank of England.

Sir Robert Worcester
Sir Robert Worcester

Sir Robert Worcester, formert chairman of The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain.

Worchester is a governor of the English Speaking Union (please see) and a governor of The Ditchley Foundation, the pro-fiat, anti-silver London School of Economics & Politics (9,000 enrollment) and a trustee of the Magna Carta Trust. (Frost over the World - Robert Worcester and Ruth Lea - YouTube)

Head of the London School of Economics is probable Pilgrims Society member Sir Howard Davies, a director of silver suppressor Morgan Stanley.

Current President of The Pilgrims New York is “international financial adviser” Miner Warner, a second generation member whose father was with European American Banking Corporation, a megabank consortium.

Sir Augustine Thomas O’Donnell
Sir Augustine Thomas O’Donnell

The Independent, March 19, 2011, said of Sir Augustine Thomas O’Donnell “No wonder they call him God,” and omitted to state his membership in The Pilgrims of Great Britain. He was the United Kingdom’s executive director of the gold and silver antagonistic International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, 1997-1998, and according to Wikipedia, “returning to the Treasury to serve as both Director of Macroeconomic Policy and Prospects and also Head of the Government Economics Service, with overall responsibility for the professional economists in her Majesty’s government. In 1999 he was appointed Managing Director of Macroeconomic Policy and International Finance, with responsibility for fiscal policy, international development, and European Union economic and monetary affairs.” If the elitists decide to state “we need to return to a precious metal monetary system” their meaning won’t be for metals to circulate as money in public hands! They’d put it all away in vaults and leave us stuck with inky ass-wipe paper and digital currency. Then they could say, “your money is wiped out due to the power failure” (of utilities owned by Pilgrims Society members!) He’s currently Home Secretary in charge of all government bureaucrats in the U.K.

Current Officers

Sir Jeremy Greenstock
Sir Jeremy Greenstock

Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was British Ambassador to the United Nations during 1998-2003, attending over 150 meetings of the Security Council and chaired its Counter Terrorism Committee. He was United Kingdom special representative to Iraq in 2003-2004. On May 14, 2008, he stated definitely that American and U.K. leadership knew that Saddam Hussein had no nuclear capability and no nuclear program. He was a Ditchley Foundation trustee from 2004-2010, an entity subversive of United States national independence, and has served as advisor to British Petroleum. He’s currently a director of De La Rue, founded in 1821, which is the world’s largest supplier of currency paper and note printing to 145 nations, having 4,000 employees in 24 countries (See: De La Rue from Wikipedia).

Flimsy irredeemable multicolored inflatable paper notes have been inflicted on the world’s people by silver stealers whose home base is in Britain, with Americans like Crane & Company (Pilgrims Society), suppliers of Federal Reserve note paper in second place.

Baron Robert Fellowes
Baron Robert Fellowes

Baron Robert Fellowes, currently on the executive committee, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain.

Fellowes was director of Allen Harvey & Ross, investment bankers, from 1968-1977. He was assistant private secretary to Queen Elizabeth, patron of The Pilgrims Society, from 1977 to 1986, when he became deputy private secretary into 1990. He became Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in 1989 and a member of the Privy Council to the Crown in 1990, and was private secretary to Queen Elizabeth, 1990-1999 and inducted into the Order of the Bath in 1998, becoming a director of South African Breweries in 1999.

In 1978 Fellowes married Lady Jane Spencer, elder sister of Diana, Princess of Wales. He is first cousin once removed of Sarah, Duchess of York. In October 1999 Fellowes became a member of the House of Lords and became vice chairman, then chairman, of silver antagonist, Barclay’s Private Bank of the huge Barclay’s organization. He became president of Degremont U.K., a water treatment concern, and has served as vice chairman of the Commonwealth Institute, and is president of the advisory council to Goodenough College. He’s a trustee of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, the Mandela Rhodes Foundation, the Rhodes Trust (Rhodes Scholarships) and the Waddeson Trust which is a Rothschild operation showing the five arrows the family incorporates into its crest.

Fellowes is another instance of transatlantic genealogy in this twisted organization — William Fellowes Morgan (1861-1943), Pilgrims Society New York, pioneered the use of refrigeration in warehouses with Merchants Refrigerating Company, and had interests in insurance, banking and sugar refining.

He was also a member of the Jekyll Island Club.

What his Who’s Who listing in 1940, page 1867, didn’t mention, was his Pilgrims Society status; that came out in Congressional testimony on August 19, 1940, by Congressman Thorkelson of Montana, a silver advocate! It was inescapable that Thorkelson was smeared by the Pilgrims Society controlled media network.

Lord Kerr of Kinlochard
Lord Kerr of Kinlochard
Ian E Barlow
Ian E. Barlow
Baron Robert Janvrin
Baron Robert Janvrin
Baron Colin Sharman
Baron Colin Sharman

Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, Pilgrims Society, Order of St. Michael and St. George, chairs (other Pilgrims are present) the fiat money aligned Centre for European Reform and is a member of the House of Lords, deputy chairman, Royal Dutch Shell; he was with the Exchequer, 1981-1984; United Kingdom representative to the European Union, 1990-1995; Ambassador to United States, 1995-1997; director Scottish Power and RTZ Group. He’s also chairman of the council of Imperial College and Patron, Aston Centre for Europe.

Ian E. Barlow, current treasurer of The Pilgrims of Great Britain.

Barlow is also a director of Brunner Investment Trust, which recently reported holding 2.4% of HSBC Group, a leading precious metals suppressing bullion bank. Barlow holds other positions including chairman of Think London, which has formed connections with 1,600 plus companies in 40 nations since 1994.

Ian is a Chartered Accountant and has had extensive financial experience both internationally and in the UK. Prior to his retirement in 2008, he was Senior Partner, London at KPMG and previously Head of their UK tax and legal operations. During his career with KPMG, he acted as Lead Partner for many large international organisations operating extensively in North America, Europe and Asia. Other Directorships - Chairman of WSP Group plc - Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of the PA Consulting Group - Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Brunner Investment Trust - Chairman of The Racecourse Association - Non-Executive Director of the Board of Her Majesty s Revenue and Customs

Baron Robert Janvrin, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, career diplomat to North Atlantic Treaty Organization, succeeded Lord Fellowes as private secretary to The Crown, 1999-2007.

He married European aristocrat Isabelle de Boissonneaux de Chevigny.

In January 2008 he became deputy chairman of HSBC Private Bank, of the silver and gold suppressing HSBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, Britain’s old opium bank for China), whose U.S. subsidiary has been listed on the roster of the plundering Silver Users Association.

Baron Colin Sharman of Redlynch  became treasurer of The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain in 1997 (2002 book, page 178). Also in 1997 he became chairman of KPMG International, the world’s largest accounting firm and in October 1999 he became a member of the House of Lords. A prominent figure in the British Institute of Management and a member of the Securities Institute, he is an advisor to the George Washington Institute for Management. The Baron chairs the ominously named Foresight Crime Prevention Panel – does that mean they will imprison persons merely alleged as suspected of planning crimes? What about the biggest pack of criminals in world history – The Pilgrims Society? Additionally he was the top figure in a supposed audit of the entire British government! In January 2006 he became chairman of Aviva Group. As of current info (12/10/13) I see he is a director of Young’s Brewery; Colgate Palmolive India; AEA Technology; BG International; Group 4 Securicor; Reed Elsevier; Phocis PLC; and chairs Le Gavroche Limited and chairs the advisory board to Good Corporation. His name appears on The Times of LondonPower 100” list.

Group 4 has some 620,000 employees in 125 countries and operates assorted “security services” which includes a bewildering and frightening spectrum of “services” Reed Elsevier reports over 32,000 employees in the information providing technology business. BG Group operates petroleum extractive activities in 25 nations producing 680,000 equivalent barrels of oil per day and as of July 2012 had the seventh largest capitalization of any company on the London Stock Exchange. Aviva operates in 43 countries with 40,800 employees and is the world’s 6th largest insurance company measured by premium income, and operates pensions – which doubtless for the small folks, will be “Pilgrimized” until they evaporate! Le Gavroche is an exclusive French themed restaurant in London which is incredibly expensive! In September 1997 three diners rang up a tab of $20,945 for one meal. Young’s Brewery, dating to 1831, operates a chain of 220 pubs; the share price as of 12/10/13 I see is quoted as $1,664.60 per share after the currency conversion! On July 25, 2009, The Telegraph (London) said “Lord Sharman Peers Into the Future of Finance.” Indeed! Good Corporation is involved in “checking and measuring corporate behaviour” Perhaps this means corporations not part of the influence circles of The Pilgrims Society are frowned on! AEA is about “advanced testing solutions” and among the markets its involved in is the RFID (radio frequency identification) market. Phocis PLC I haven’t determined its activities; it appears named for an 819 square mile area of Greece.From 1999 to 2006 he chaired Aegis Media, which now operates in 110 countries; you can see why The Pilgrims Society is the most globalist group of all. The Baron is mentioned at the Institute of Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances.

Since 2012 the Baron has been the British Trade Envoy to Morocco; The Pilgrims Society may have him eyeing In 2003 Baron Sharman joined the supervisory board of ABN AMRO Bank, merged from the earlier Amsterdam-Rotterdam Bank and Algemene Bank Netherland. ABN AMRO defaulted on physical gold deliveries as reported on April 3, 2013 by The Examiner. “Lord Sharman has been a member of the ABN AMRO Supervisory Board since 2003”.

Al Gore, David Schiff and Ward Woods
Al Gore, David Schiff
and Ward Woods

Political demagogue Al Gore seemingly gets marching orders from David Tevele Schiff, currently in 2011 on the executive committee of The Pilgrims New York. Schiff, center, is grandson of Jacob Schiff, charter Pilgrims Society member who opposed silver as money, and in association with Lord Alfred Milner, Pilgrims Society, helped finance the Red Revolution in Russia in 1917.

David’s father, John, was treasurer of The Pilgrims circa late 1960s into the 1970s and a director of Kennecott Copper Corporation, which has silver supply contracts with Tiffany & Company, Silver Users Association members; he was also a board member of Getty Oil; Westinghouse Electric; CIT Financial; Madison Fund; Uniroyal; Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad; Provident Loan Society of New York; Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea; advisor to Chemical Bank. John (Yale 1925) married Edith Baker, daughter of Pilgrims Society member George F. Baker Jr. of First National City Bank and enormous railroad interests. George Baker III appeared in the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims. Ward Woods, right, who could easily be a member, is like Gore, on the warpath of using environmental issues to wreck national sovereignties. (See: Stanford Woods Institute)

Woods was with such Rothschild affiliates as Kuhn, Loeb & Company and Lazard Freres & Company, and has been associated with Bessemer Securities & Trust, a Phipps family interest tracing to the old Carnegie Steel and Pilgrims Society family; he has chaired The Freshwater Initiative. Al Gore’s daughter Karena Gore-Schiff married into David’s family. This is another case in point of The Pilgrims Society “managing” major Presidential contenders who, when elected, will unknown to the public, be “honorary” members of the tyrannical monopolistic Society. David has been associated with entities including Crown Life Insurance, another manifestation of the organization being the Crown’s financiers.

Joseph Hooley
Joseph Hooley

Joseph Hooley chairs State Street Corporation in Boston which manages $2.1 trillion (2,100 billion) in investments, and as this is written is the single largest holder at 3.72% of the silver price suppressing CME Group, owner of the notorious COMEX. He’s a member of the Financial Services Forum in the District of Columbia, representing 18 of the largest financial services groups in the United States (all anti-silver); additionally he’s a member of the advisory council to the anti-silver Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. I’d bet money that Hooley is a member of The Pilgrims as he’s too big a wheel to not be, and State Street is too influential to not be represented. We await some recent leaked list to surface, or a list gained by means of Congressional subpoena. Hooley is a trustee of The Prince of Wales International Business Forum, named for England’s Prince Charles, a leading member of The Pilgrims of Great Britain, suggesting how a member of the Royal family can suppress silver by hiding behind layers of front men. One of the Prince’s snow ski partners is known to be Peter Munk of Barrick Gold, which played a prominent role against rising gold quotes! (once again another indicator surfaces that London is the home base of global silver suppression).

Sir Peter Sutherland
Sir Peter Sutherland

Sir Peter Sutherland, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, is a top tier globalist. He’s a Knight Commander of St. Michael and St. George, a military order the Crown established in 1818 after the Napoleonic Wars. He chaired the huge British Petroleum, world’s 5th largest industrial company, through August 2009, having led the corporation for 13 years. He’s chairman of Goldman Sachs International, savage opponent of precious metals; Gary Gensler came to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission from Goldman Sachs and abets short sellers with endless stalling! The Sutherland School of Law at the University College of Dublin bears his name. He chairs the European section of the Trilateral Commission and is on the Bilderberg conferences steering committee, another signal that The Pilgrims Society is the master organization back of more widely known globalist groups. He’s a director of KOC Holdings, Turkey’s leading conglomerate with some 90,000 employees; of Allianz in Munich, Germany, the world’s 12th largest financial services group; he holds interests in the Chinese construction industry; he chaired Allied Irish Banks from 1989-1993 and more recently was a board member of Royal Bank of Scotland Group. He’s been decorated by Spain, Belgium, France, Morocco, The Vatican, Brazil and New Zealand and holds 15 honorary degrees. He was director general of GATT, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, from 1993-1994, becoming director general of the WTO, World Trade Organization in January 1995, and has been admitted to practice law before the United States Supreme Court. GATT has had interlocks with the British North American Committee, another front for The Pilgrims organization. He’s on the advisory board of Eli Lilly & Company, giant pharmaceutical (“HARMACEUTICAL.”) His career started as Attorney General of Ireland, 1981-1982. He received the David Rockefeller Award.

Obama QE II
President Obama &
Queen Elizabeth II
dees illustration


Council On Foreign Relations seal

President Obama, who with the stroke of a pen could become a silver and gold stealer like Franklin Roosevelt, is like other United States Presidents, an “honorary” member of The Pilgrims Society, of which Queen Elizabeth is Royal Patron. New President in 2012? No problem, unless it’s Ron Paul; I would NOT expect the Secret Service to regard his life with any seriousness! Her image is on the Canadian silver maple leaf .9999 coins, below which is the statement “5 Dollars.” No matter how many years pass, according to the Queen and her silver suppressing monetary minions, an ounce of silver should still be 5 dollars Canadian. Also seen is Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, decorated by almost 50 nations, who according to Wikipedia, is Royal Patron to over 800 organizations (yes---over eight hundred) and with a net that casts across so far encompassing a spectrum, it must very reasonably be assumed it includes silver stealing activities! The Prince in 1978 was a founder of The 1,001 Club, the “other” Trilateral Commission; it’s an alleged conservation organization, but active in seizing natural resources.

There are those who understand that Queen Elizabeth II is indeed the world’s most dangerous woman, and that she (and her Pilgrims Society) will get just about what she wants in Barack Obama or other cutthroat shill such as Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum.

Notice the “Ubique” in the seal of the much better known Council On Foreign Relations showing the same people 18 years later founded this outer extension of The Pilgrims, vastly increasing its influence without directly allowing membership in the concealed higher organization to several thousand additional persons in a nationwide network of astonishing influence.

Many important silver and gold suppressors have attained CFR membership but will never rise higher into The Pilgrims Society, which is the directing entity behind the entire monetary conspiracy!

Suppose due to publicity the Society decides to not stage a second gold and silver nationalization? We are under attack from all angles! The key to it all could come down to medicine and nutrition. Forced vaccinations, forced psychiatric drugging of school children, ever more toxic pharmaceuticals, prohibition against use of nutraceuticals due to the “CODEX” conspiracy of the United Nations, the Food and Drug Administration and the prescription drug industry, all portend to be instruments of population control and of draining wealth away from We The People to The Pilgrims Society whose “ethic” is to “seize the wealth necessary.” Columbia University dental research has recently made possible regrowth of natural teeth by placing a “scaffold” in the socket where the original tooth was, infusing the scaffold with growth factor to attract the body’s stem cells and activate them. In 63 days, a fully functional natural tooth forms. Patents and provider network are being organized. By controlling research and patents, the organization can soak the public. Imagine what they could charge for retinal restoration! By bringing nutraceuticals under CODEX control, prices can be raised 600 to 1,000% if these become available only by prescription! The Pilgrims Society has always had some MD’s as members, for three clear reasons — first, older members could be a risk of leaked information, and it’s highly likely the members rely on the MD’s in their ranks; second, they oversee the research and patenting process; third, they work with the members overlording the drug industry, to restrict or deny access to nutraceuticals, and require use of harsh drugs . Substances like cycloastragenol and pyrroloquinoline quinone, proven to increase the number of times cells can replicate themselves and regenerating mitochondria, greatly extending lifespan, are undoubtedly targets of Pilgrims Society control so they can bleed everyone white. Who wouldn’t give most of their net worth to feel like 45 at age 70? Will they make lemons available only by prescription, since lemons are high in citric acid, which can and will remove arterial calcium if used regularly? The war card is always in their perverse deck to play, giving them ever more power afterwards; the Southern border remains unofficially open, in keeping with their North American Union plans.

The Illustrious Silver Senator from Idaho

Idaho Senator William Borah
Idaho Senator William Borah

William Borah, the illustrious silver Senator from Idaho, sometimes called “The Lion of Idaho” and appropriately nicknamed "The Great Opposer," for fighting Roosevelt’s government power grabs and successfully blocking United States entry into the British controlled League of Nations, a patriot in the same spirit as General and President Andrew Jackson, quoted in The New York Times, October 13, 1932, page 4, remarked:


Senator Borah also said (New York Times, April 29, 1933, page 4):


— Oklahoma Senator Elmer Thomas, quoted in the Commercial & Financial Chronicle, December 21, 1935, page 3945:


— Congressional Digest, November 1931, page 286.

We didn't have the Internet over 78 years ago; we have it now; use it to spread about this documentary so that the greatest menace to our metals ownership rights may be checkmated! I regard this as easily the most meaningful research piece of my lifetime and consider it of such importance that I am requesting David Morgan to allow it to run for six months, which will take us to 78 years beyond the date of FDR's gold grab of March 1933.


Joel Van Der Reijden Institute for the Study of Globalization made this remark:

All of the most important globalists, even with incomplete membership lists, can be traced to only a handful of societies, ESPECIALLY THE PILGRIMS; all of the important globalists can be traced to the Rockefeller-Kissinger-Rothschild triumvirate; the influence of these organizations and people are seldom, if ever, mentioned by the mainstream news and has never been recorded in the history books; everyone, at least in the West, is afraid of the word "conspiracy" when the whole process of international relations seems to be one giant conspiracy, not to mention all the other areas that are being affected.


The National Review, March 23, 1965, page 237, commented:

If it is not made illegal to do so, American citizens will buy silver as a hedge against further deterioration of the dollar.

California gold mining operator Harry Sears, addressing the National Western Mining Conference at Denver on January 29, 1954 (recorded in Vital Speeches of the Day) stated:


In event of Presidential executive order nationalizing silver - or sickening Congressional action - due to this documentary, it will be KNOWN exactly WHO is back of the tyrannical theft!

17th century French writer Claude Montandre declared:


The President to alien invaders in "Independence Day" (1996):

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