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The Horrific Processes of Reciprocal Self Destruction   Source
The Horrific Processes of Reciprocal Self Destruction
guernica - pablo picasso
Guernica by Pablo Picasso
hangs at the United Nations building [1]

“… it was possible sometimes to observe very strange manifestations of theirs, that is, from time to time they did something which was never done by three-brained beings on other planets, namely, they would suddenly, without rhyme or reason, begin destroying one another’s existence. … from this horrible process of theirs their numbers rapidly diminished. …” (Beelzebub’s Tales, p. 91)

“I must tell you that the chief particularity of the psyche of your favorites, namely, the ‘periodic-need-to-destroy-the-existence-of-others-like-oneself,’ interested me more and more with every succeeding century of theirs, and side by side with it the irresistible desire increased in me to find out the exact causes of a particularity so phenomenal for three-brained beings.” (Beelzebub’s Tales, p. 318)

Human Psychopathology & the Causes of War

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… on that strange planet alone in the whole of the Universe does that horrible process occur among three-brained beings which is called the ‘process of reciprocal destruction of each other’s existence,’ or, as it is called on that ill-fated planet, ‘war.’ (p. 107)

The Chief Particularity of their Strange Psyche

In a sense, Beelzebub and Gurdjieff are characters from a higher dimension and time, and they provide a shocking portrayal of human psychopathology or insanity from an extraterrestrial and cosmic perspective. Gurdjieff’s mastery of language empowers Beelzebub to depict most succinctly the strangeness of the psyche of those three-brained beings on planet Earth and the horrors of warfare.

At various times, Beelzebub discusses the “process of reciprocal destruction” and he attempts to elaborate upon the causes of warfare to a somewhat disbelieving Hassein, who simply cannot imagine such terrors. Beelzebub explains that by the end of his investigations, he concluded that there is a “periodic arising in them of what is called the ‘urgent need to destroy everything outside of themselves.’” This periodic urgent need is one aspect of “the chief particularity of their strange psyche” and is described as now “completely crystallized and an inseparable part of their common presences.”

Beelzebub briefly elaborates upon such archcriminal processes:

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The point is that when, during the apogee of the development of such a peculiarity — terrifying to every Reason — of the psyche of the three-brained beings, they begin to manifest outside of themselves this phenomenal peculiarity of their common presences, that is to say, when they begin to carry out on some part of the surface of their planet the process of reciprocal destruction, then, at the same time, without any deliberate aim, and even without what is called ‘organic need,’ they also destroy everything which chances to come within the sphere of the perception of their organ of sight. During the periods of this ‘phenomenal psychopathic apogee,’ they destroy also all the objects in the given place and at the given time which these same beings themselves, between whom this terrifying process proceeds, have intentionally produced as well as the productions which have chanced to survive and to reach them from the beings of previous epochs. (pp. 312-3)

Beelzebub depicts human madness so succinctly, as the strange three-brained not only destroy each others’ existences but also everything that they see. He quotes the saintly Ashiata Shiemash, who refers to the “degree of that psychosis of theirs called the ‘destruction-of-everything-existing-within-the-sphere-of-the-perception-of-visibility,” which accompanies their process of reciprocal destruction. (p. 519) Elsewhere, Beelzebub describes these processes as

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such an unimaginable horror and such a hideousness that no name can even be found for it. (p. 1057)

In explaining the nature of a ‘revolution’ to Hassein, Beelzebub notes how these processes not only result in the destruction of each other’s existence, but also in the destruction of properties, artefacts of earlier ages, as well as of accumulated knowledge, and especially, the destruction of those three-brained beings who happen to be freer of the consequences of the organ Kundabuffer:

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… during their later revolutions of this kind, almost all the three-brained beings there or at least the overwhelming majority who begin to fall into such a ‘psychosis,’ always destroy for some reason or other the existence of just such other beings like themselves, as have, for some reason or other, chanced to find themselves more or less on the track of the means of becoming free from the crystallizations in themselves of the consequences of the properties of that maleficent organ Kundabuffer which unfortunately their ancestors possessed. (p. 119)

Such processes have recurred throughout of human history while the psyche of the three-brained beings degenerated further along with their religions. The only progress humankind apparently makes is to devise ever new inventions to apply during such wars, revolutions and the like.

The history of such processes of reciprocal destruction has also led to the murder of genuine initiates, the loss of their manuscripts and artefacts, and a loss of human history. Beelzebub explains:

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… during the processes of reciprocal destruction, that is during what are called ‘wars’ and ‘popular risings,’ a great number of initiated beings of all degrees are for some reason or other invariably destroyed, and, together with them, there are also destroyed forever very many Legominisms through which alone various information about former real events on Earth is transmitted and continues to be transmitted from generation to generation. (pp. 455-456) [2]

The history of the planet Earth has been marred by these most horrific processes, involving such mass deaths, violence and terror, pillaging and destruction, the murder of genuine initiates and the loss of their knowledge.

Another of Beelzebub’s interests in his studies of the strange human psyche concerns how their means for producing such horrific processes of reciprocal destruction changed through the centuries. Before Beelzebub’s sixth and final descent to the Earth, he had been observing your favorite from the planet Mars, when he noticed something quite new to him: That,

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… without moving from their place, they did with a certain thing something which resulted in a tiny puff of smoke, whereupon a being from the opposite side immediately fell down either totally destroyed or with one or other part of his planetary body mutilated or destroyed forever. … Such a means of reciprocal destruction I had never seen before… (pp. 525-526)

Beelzebub is depicting the invention of fire-arms and his comments illustrate horror of it all – that someone over here does a little something with a finger and a man over there falls down dead or mutilated. Hasnamussian scientists on Earth in fact are always manufacturing new means to enable their processes of self-destruction, so that they can proceed most simply and with the least sweat or effort.

On another occasion, Beelzebub is describing his observation of a chemical experiment where red copper was produced and spread through a substance. Beelzebub compared this chemical reaction to his observations of the accumulation of ‘corpses’ among your favorites:

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A rough parallel can be drawn between the occasional proceedings on your planet and the proceedings then in that small fragment of copper, if you imagine yourself high up and looking down upon a large public square, where thousands of your favorites, seized with the most intense form of their chief psychoses, are destroying each other’s existence by all kinds of means invented by them themselves, and that in their places there immediately appear what are called their ‘corpses,’ which owing to the outrages done to them by the beings who are not yet destroyed, change color very perceptively, as a result of which the general visibility of the surface of the said large square is gradually changed. (p. 174)

When talking about the Hasnamussian sciences in Germany and their studies of ‘chemical substances,’ Beelzebub mentions the use of ‘neutralizing gases,’ described as ‘indiscriminate-destroyers-of-the-already-arisen.’

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… there was then proceeding in the presences of the beings of their community, consequently in them themselves, what is called ‘the-most-intense-experiencing’ of the chief particularity of the psyche of the three-brained being of your planet, namely, ‘the-urgent-need-destroy-the-existence-of-others-like-themselves’ — and indeed, the beings of that community were then fully absorbed in their process of reciprocal destruction with the beings of neighboring communities — these others thereupon at once ‘enthusiastically’ decided to devote themselves entirely to finding ways to employ the special properties of that gas for the speedy mass destruction of the existence of the beings of other communities. (pp. 427-8)

Beelzebub explains to Hassein how at the same time in the community of England, the beings who had become “expert in inventing and distributing to the beings existing over the whole surface of your planet, vast quantities of every kind of metalwares called there locks, razors, mousetraps, revolvers, scythes, machine guns, saucepans, hinges, guns, penknives, cartridges, pens, mines, needles and many other things of the same kind,” were able to use their talents for inventing and distributing ‘metalwares’ to enable these processes of reciprocal destruction to proceed more easily.

Beelzebub explains how both of these maleficent inventions were both used in what your favorites called the “World War:”

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It was plainly owing to the fact that during the said process what is called ‘poison gas’ was invented by beings called ‘Germans,’ and what are called special ‘rapid-fire machine guns’ by beings called ‘Englishmen,’ that the amount of Rascooarnos or deaths unforeseen by Nature took place on this occasion and in a far greater quantity than was then required by Her, or, as the candidates for Hasnamuss there, namely, the commercial businessmen, would say, ‘overproduction’ occurred in respect of the deaths of the three-brained beings required there. (p. 1115)

A primary result of the fantastic sciences and inventions was the increasing ease with which your favorites could manifest that monstrous particularity of their psyche.

Beelzebub describes the English as having become not only the inventors of such machine guns, but also as being “expert … in distributing” their metalwares. In fact, in the topsy-turvy reality of modern times, the ‘philanthropic aid’ of community of England to other communities largely consists in distributing the means to enable such processes of warfare and reciprocal self-destruction:

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The beings of that contemporary community have been the benefactors of the other contemporary beings of your planet, offering them, as they say there, ‘philanthropic aid,’ especially as regards their first being-duty, namely, the duty of carrying out from time to time the process of ‘reciprocal destruction.’

Thanks to them, the discharge of that being-duty of theirs has gradually become for your contemporary favorites, the ‘merest trifle.’

In the absence of those inventions it used to be exceedingly arduous for these poor favorites of yours to fulfill that being-duty, because they were formerly forced to spend a great deal of sweat for it.

But thanks to the adaptations of every kind invented by those contemporary beings, it is now as again our esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin says, ‘just roses, roses.’

The contemporary beings now scarcely need to make any effort whatsoever in order to destroy completely the existence of beings like themselves.

Sometimes sitting quietly in what they call their ‘smoking rooms’ they can destroy, just as a pastime, as it were, ten and sometimes even hundreds of others like themselves. (p. 433)

Imagine what Beelzebub would think of modern warfare with its arsenals of weapons for remote mass murder at the hands of the ‘power-possessing beings’ among us; all while the masses periodically feel such “urgent needs” to destroy the existence of other breathing creatures by one means or another. Further, the powerful nations of the world give exactly such ‘philanthropic aid’ to lesser or third world countries to enable the power-possessing beings there to more simply carry out their Hasnamussian aims on local citizenry or against other communities.[3]

Cowardice and Fear

Beelzebub wanted to understand how in those men-beings’ “essence is gradually brought to such a phenomenal being-ableness to destroy, for no rhyme or reason, the existence of other beings similar to themselves.” (p. 526) He concludes that this “terrifying periodic being-need” to destroy each others’ existence had been acquired over centuries due to the abnormal conditions of existence established there by past generations and which are perpetuated through the falsity of the educational system and within a society preoccupied with Hasnamussian sciences and inventions. Beelzebub explores also the role of the moon, planetary influences, the role of Hasnamusses and power-possessing beings, and more, as all play some role in the perpetration of such horrors of warfare through the life of humankind.

When it comes to the role of psychological factors, Beelzebub elucidates the role of their dual consciousness system and crystallized egoism, with its associated cunning, envy, greed, haughtiness, servility, and all such unbecoming being-impulses. However, Beelzebub also emphasizes the role of cowardice and fear:

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… during these processes, they usually instinctively at first refrain from such an unnatural manifestation, but later when every one of them already in the environment of the process itself willy-nilly sees and becomes convinced that the destruction of the existence of those similar to themselves proceeds so simply, and that the number of the destroyed always grows — well then, each of them involuntarily begins instinctively to feel and automatically to value his own existence. And having become persuaded by his own eyes that the possibility of loosing his own existence depends, at the given moment, absolutely only on the number of beings of the enemy side not destroyed, then in consequence of the … impulse called ‘cowardice,’ and on account of the impossibility at each moment of reasonable deliberation by his being-mentation, weakened already without this, he begins from a natural feeling of self preservation to strive with all his Being to destroy as many as possible of the existences of the beings of the enemy side in order to have the greater chance of saving his own existence. And gradually progressing in this feeling of self-preservation of theirs, they then reach that state, as they themselves say, of ‘bestiality.’ (p. 527)

The barbarous processes of reciprocal destruction are perpetuated through the instinctive fears and cowardice of the masses and a psychosis will spread through the population as they “eye that possibility of loosing their own existence."

Elsewhere, Beelzebub comments on the ‘cowardice’ within your favorites, even in their dealings with other one and two-brained beings:

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… your favorites, thanks always to the same abnormal conditions of existence, have gradually become, as they themselves say, ‘cowardly’ from head to foot, and because at the same time the need of destroying the existence of others has been inculcated in them, also from head to foot. And so, when they being already cowards ‘of the highest degree,’ are about to destroy the existence of the beings of these other forms, or when they chance to meet such beings … then they become ‘afraid,’ as they say there in such case, ‘to the point of wetness.’

At the same time, thanks to the inherent need in their presences to destroy the existence of other beings breeding on their planet, they at such moments contrive with their whole Being how to destroy the existence of these beings of other forms. (pp. 877-8)

Certainly there are a variety of unbecoming being-impulses formed within your favorites, destroying not only each others’ existence, but also that of the one and two brained beings.

Power-Possessing Beings, Special Societies & the League of Nations

On hearing of the horrors of war from his grandfather, Hassein is shocked that this “need for periodically occupying themselves with the destruction of each other’s existence” ran “like a crimson thread through all your tales.” Hassein wonders:

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Don’t they really see that these processes of theirs are the most terrible of all the horrors which can possibly exist in the whole of the Universe, and don’t they ever ponder on this matter, so that they might become aware of this horror and find a means of eradicating it? (p. 1056)

Beelzebub answers Hassein by elaborating upon why nothing is ever accomplished either by individuals or through their ‘special societies’ to eradicate warfare. Beelzebub explains that partly nothing is ever attained due to

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the absence there, as is usual, of one common-planetary organization for a single line of action.” (p. 1056)

However, Beelzebub then characterizes the psychological development of those “power possessing beings,” who might assume a role in eradicating such horrific processes of reciprocal destruction and the nature of the ‘special societies’ which they form. Beelzebub draws this portrait of the power-possessing beings among your favorites:

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… I must tell you that thanks to the abnormally established conditions of being-existence there, the ‘waking psyche’ as it is expressed there, of each one of them gradually becomes from the very beginning of responsible existence such that he can ‘think sincerely’ and see things in the true light exclusively only if his stomach is so full of the first being-food that it is impossible for what are called ‘wandering nerves’ in it to move, or, as they themselves say, he is ‘stuffed quite full;’ and besides, all his needs already inherent in him which are unbecoming to three-brained beings and which had become the dominant factors for the whole of his presence, are fully satisfied, of course, only for that given moment. …

When these three-brained beings of your planet, particularly of the present time, who have the means of gorging to satiety and of fully satisfying all their other needs and who perhaps could do something for the struggle against this phenomenal evil prevailing on their planet, are satiated, and their mentioned needs are satisfied, and they are seated on what are called their ‘soft English divans’ in order, as is said there, ‘to digest it all’ – they do not profit, even during this time so suitable for sincere thinking … but indulge instead in the maleficent self-calming. …

Gorging to Satiety

For instance, when after gorging and satisfying themselves these important and power-possessing beings of the Earth are seated on their said divans, the associative thoughts which ought inevitably to flow in them receives shocks from the reflexes of their stomach and sex organs and wander freely in all directions, as they say there, ‘to their hearts content,’ and so pleasantly free and easy, as if they, that is these thoughts of theirs, were ‘strolling of an evening in Paris along the Boulevard des Capucinus.’

When these power-possessing beings of your planet are seated on their soft divans, subjects like the following a-think in them.

For instance, how to get his revenge on that acquaintance of his, John Smith, who a few days before looked at a woman he ‘liked,’ not with his right eye but wit his left.

Or this ‘digesting’ terrestrial power-possessing or important being thinks: ‘Why did not my horse come in first yesterday at the races as I expected, but some other?’

Or, ‘Why do those stocks which are in fact quite worthless, go up every day on the market, higher and higher?’

Or, finally, he thinks something of this kind: ‘If I were in John Smith's shoes who invented a new method of breeding flies for making ivory from their skeletons, then from the profits obtained I would do this, that, and the other, and not as that fool, who, like a dog in the manger, will neither himself eat nor let others eat,’ and so on in the same strain.

Still, it does occasionally happen there, that some power-possessing or important being of the Earth suddenly chances to think not under the influences of the reflexes of his stomach and sex organs, but thinks sincerely and quite seriously about these or other questions, with particular regard to this terrifying terrestrial question. (pp. 1057-61)

This vignette illustrates how when such ‘power-possessing beings’ ponder on such issues, “their thoughts flow in all directions without any intentional exertion of any part whatsoever of their presence.”

The next step

The next step in this cosmic tragedy is the complete degradation of the objectives of these individual as they find their way back to their self interest and greed: Beelzebub continues:

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… no sooner do the stomachs of these sincere agitated beings become empty or no sooner do they recover a little from these externally arisen impressions which had dejected them, than they not only instantly forget their vow, but even they themselves again begin consciously and unconsciously to do precisely everything which is generally the cause of the outbreak of these processes between communities. …

Such a monstrous need arises in their abnormal psyche because they expect certain egoistic profits from these processes … and with their degenerated mentation they even hope that the greater the scale of the next processthe greater the extent of the said profits to be obtained, either personally for themselves or for their nearest.

It even happens there, my boy, that certain of the power-possessing and important beings among your favourites unite and form a special society with the aim of jointly finding out and actualizing in practice some possible means for the abolition of this archcriminal property of theirs. (pp. 1061-2)

Power-possessing and important beings have united at times to form “special societies” for the eradication of warfare. Beelzebub briefly summarizes the results of one such historical society:

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But owing to their various personal egoistic and vain-glorious aims, the ordinary terrestrial important and power-possessing beings who had then assembled, very soon quarrelled among themselves and went their ways home without accomplishing anything. (p. 1063)

Beelzebub reports to Hassein that during his last visit to Earth, such a new society was being talked of, called the ‘League of Nations’ (the precursor to United Nations). According to Beelzebub, the problem is that “the beings with objective Reason do not happen to be in these societies,” because they are not ‘important.’ And what does it mean to be ‘important’? Beelzebub explains:

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In the course of observations during my last sojourn there I cleared up, among other things, that the beings with objective Reason do not happen to be in these societies for the following reasons:

The point is that in order to participate in any society whatsoever, a being must always of necessity be important and such a being there among them, thanks once again to the abnormally established conditions of being-existence, can only be one who either has a great deal of money or who becomes what is called ‘famous’ among the other beings there.

And since especially during recent times only those beings can become famous and important among them in whom the mentioned sacred function, namely ‘being-conscience,’ is entirely absent, then in consequence of the fact that this sacred function in the presences of beings is in general always associated with everything that represents and is Objective Reason, then, of course, those three-brained beings with Objective Reason always have conscience as well, and consequently such a being with conscience, will never be ‘important’ among the other beings.

That is why the beings with Pure Reason there never have had and never will have the possibility of taking part in the societies of beings who are formed of important and power-possessing beings. (pp. 1069-70)

No one with Objective Reason or ‘conscience’ would ever be ‘important’ among the other power possessing beings on that ill-fated planet, and hence, they would have no chance of ever taking part in such ‘special societies.’ Instead, Beelzebub characterizes the emotional developmt of the power possessing beings, who

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in respect of Being are only perfected to the degree … defined by the notion expressed in the following words: ‘Look! Look! He already begins to distinguish mama from papa'. (p. 1066)

In reference to the meetings of the League of Nations, Beelzebub predicts that “nothing effective will come of it.” Instead, he suggests that the members of the society:


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… will achieve personally for themselves by this new contrivance of theirs one ‘most formidable’ and ‘most useful’ result, namely, thanks to this ‘official society’ of theirs, they will have still another as it is said very plausible excuse for drawing wool over the eyes of their what are called ‘proprietresses,’ who are for these terrestrial contemporary power-possessing beings either their ‘wife,’ ‘mistress,’ ‘mother-in-law,’ or finally, the ‘assistant’ in some large store, and so on.

Whereupon, thanks to this new official society of theirs, they will have the opportunity of passing the time tranquilly among their friends, important and power-possessing beings like themselves, and at these official ‘five o’clocks’ which without doubt will be very often arranged ostensibly for affairs connected as it were with the aims of this important official society of theirs, they will be able to pass the time without the silent though terrifying glances and watchfulness on the part of their ‘proprietresses.’ (pp. 1066-1067)

In addition to escaping the watchful eye of their proprietresses, enjoying ‘five o’clocks’ and ‘Don-Quixoting,’ and the advantages of being with other power possessing beings, Beelzebub suggests that such a society will also offer other advantages:

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From this contrivance of your contemporary favorites some advantage might be derived, even quite a great one, but only for their inevitable newspaper, for drawing-room conversations, and, of course, for the various Hasnamussian manipulations of the terrestrial as they are called ‘stock-jugglers.’ (p. 1070)

Beelzebub explains that such societies may begin with some individuals who actually do feel some ‘resurrected conscience’ over previous wars, particularly when they happen to have suffered personal loses, but then very soon, the society has to involve new members:

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These latter enter and take part in the tasks of such societies not because their conscience also begins to speak — far from it. They join only because, according to all those same abnormally established conditions of ordinary being-existence, they, being important and power possessing, must as a matter of course be members of and participate in every ‘important’ society.

When these other terrestrial important and power-possessing beings enter such societies and also begin to participate in their affairs, then they, with their personal egoistic and vainglorious aims, as a rule not only very soon send all the tasks of the society and everything that has been done by the beings with ‘resurrected consciences’ as is said ‘flying up the chimney,’ but as a rule, they also very soon, as it is also said there, ‘put genuine spokes into the wheels of the first founders of these societies.’

And therefore, these societies of beings which are formed there for common-planetary welfare always quickly die — and die, as I already told you, even without ‘death agony.’ (p. 1068)

Beelzebub’s tales are rich in such surrealistic humour and portray most vividly the horror of the situation and the strangeness of the human psyche as evident on that ill-fated planet Earth. Serious undesirable qualities have become crystallized in humans, who are no longer capable of sincere and active mentation but controlled by the reflexes of the stomach, sexual itching, self-calming, greed and the need to escape the watchful eye of their proprietresses.

Gurdjieff, as Beelzebub, provides a dismal view of the psychopathology of humankind, the causes of war and your favorites’ inability to eradicate it. Beelzebub explains simply that any three-brained being who had attained Objective Reason and experienced Objective conscience, “will never be ‘important’ among the other beings” and hence such societies are doomed to failure. [4]

Beelzebub explains to Hassein that in former times on Earth there had existed special societies of genuine initiates, who had acquired in their presences “objective data” — as a result of their own conscious labors and intentional suffering, and which could be sensed by those around. However, during the last two centuries, the term ‘initiate’ came to mean something quite different:

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… those beings call each other by this name who belong to those what are called there ‘criminal gangs’ which in the said period have greatly multiplied there and whose members have as their chief aim to ‘steal’ from those around them only ‘essence-values.’

Under the pretence of following ‘supernatural’ or ‘mystic’ sciences, these criminal gangs there are really occupied, and very successfully, with this kind of plunder.

And so, any and every genuine member of such a gang there is called an initiate.

There are even ‘great-initiates’ among these terrestrial initiates, and these great-initiates especially at the present time, are made out of those ordinary initiates of new formation who in their ‘virtuoso-affairs’ pass, as is said there, through ‘fire-water-copper-pipes-and-even-through-all-the-roulette-halls-of-Monte-Carlo.’ (p. 350)

Beelzebub’s remarks suggest that the special and secret societies devolve into criminal gangs, robbing the common peoples of ‘essence-values’ while plundering them. Beelzebub’s final cryptic references to the ‘great-initiates,’ their ‘virtuoso-affairs’ and the roulette halls of Monte-Carlo, would seem to be in reference to the Rothschild dynasty of European bankers, infamous for just such affairs, for owning many such halls and for concocting innumerable wars and rebellions, while deceiving the populace through their own media and propaganda. [5] [6]

Such important new initiates and power-possessing beings in fact do nothing to help eradicate such processes of reciprocal destruction, but instead help to finance them. As Beelzebub notes:

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These terrestrial power-possessing and important beings, particularly the contemporary ones, at times do not frustrate such national affairs from which they might expect considerable gain personally for themselves or for the beings of their own caste. (pp. 1064-5)

My goodness, how things change and yet remain the same.


1 The opening illustration, Guernica is by Pablo Picasso, hangs at the United Nations building in New York City, U. S. A. An interesting historic note is provided online:

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In an act with extraordinary historical resonance, United Nations officials covered up a tapestry reproduction of Pablo Picasso’s anti-war mural “Guernica” during US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s February 5 presentation of the American case for war against Iraq.

Picasso’s painting commemorates a small Basque village bombed by German forces in April 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. The painter, in desolate black, white and grey, depicts a nightmarish scene of men, women, children and animals under bombardment. The twisted, writhing forms include images of a screaming mother holding a dead child, a corpse with wide-open eyes and a gored horse. Art historian Herbert Read described the work as “a cry of outrage and horror amplified by a great genius.”

The reproduction has hung outside the Security Council chamber at UN headquarters in New York since its donation by the estate of Nelson A. Rockefeller in 1985. As the council gathered to hear Powell on Wednesday, workers placed a blue curtain and flags of the council’s member countries in front of the tapestry. (

It is interesting to note the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati portrayed in Picasso’s masterpiece, hanging over the war scene. Wars are the human sacrifices of the Illuminati and such Hasnamusses as the plutocrats, the power-possessing beings and the ‘stock jugglers.’

2 In response to Hassein’s inquiry regarding the meaning of this unusual term, Beelzebub explains: “This word Legominism … is given to one of the means existing there of transmitting from generation to generation information about certain events of long-past ages, through just those three-brained beings who are thought worthy to be and who are called initiates … devised by the beings of the continent Atlantis.” (p. 349)

3 In modern times, the United States and England, like China, Russia and others, have given just such ‘philanthropic aid’ around the world to create quite a contemporary cacophony of madness and terror. In modern times, such weapons of mass destruction are even more varied and horrific than Beelzebub portrayed. Now for instance, Bill Gates and fellow ‘philanthropists’ fund such mass extermination and population reduction within third world countries through their ‘inoculation programs.’ Gates boasts of being able to help reduce the emerging African population through such means and he works to devise ever more devious and cunning ways of delivering such poisons — including the Hasnamussian invention of modified mosquitoes. In modern times, the Hasnamusses have further devised ways to use the being-foods themselves as weapons, through genetically modified foods, poisonous additives and chemical water, and the poisoning of the air through chemtrail spaying and radiation. Even weather modification and earth upheavals can now be used as weapons to enable such processes of mass extermination and enslavement. It is possible to create famines, hurricanes and storms, earthquakes and tsunamis. The powerful nations and plutocrats take such roles in arming other power-possessing beings militarily or otherwise, so as to enable such processes of reciprocal self-destruction and mass exterminations. Hasnamusses devises offer ever more ‘cunning’ means for aiding Lucifer himself in the arch-criminal scheme to enslave humanity through their networks of criminal gangs and special societies.

4 In modern times, this same sentiment motivates the arch-cunning Lucifer with his ‘special societies’ to seek population reduction and to maintain the world under the financial control of certain ‘important’ and ‘power-possessing beings.’ The United Nations was proposed as such a special society to eradicate war and restore world order, but it was controlled from the outset by Hasnamusses, stock jugglers and important power-possessing beings emboldened with “Hasnamussian sciences” and seeking world domination and control. The UN produces good press and fancy words, but no results and does nothing even to expose all the lies and deceits upon which the wars are based. The UN now proposes to have its own supply of nuclear weapons, a means by which it might provide some ‘philanthropic aid’ to some of the ‘useless eaters’ and ‘breeders’ upon the planet — the goyem.

5 Beelzebub’s reference to the fire-water-copper-pipes is curious. The Rothschild family adopted the sacred symbol of the Star of David or the Seal of Solomon as their family emblem and the name Rothschild refers to this ‘red shield’ in German. The Star of David is composed of two triangles depicting the elements of fire and water. This Seal of Solomon ended up also on the flag of the state of Israel, which some also refer to as Rothschild Land.

6 In modern times, largely as a consequence of the truth movement over the internet, many more people have woken up to the powerful role played by secret societies within world affairs. These include such groups as the Illuminati, centred in the City of London, the Committee of 300, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, Masonic and Luciferian orders, the Skull and Bones society, the Bohemian Grove crew, the Jesuits and the Black Pope, Zionist, Talmudic and Kabbalist orders. These are all such secret societies of ‘initiates of new formation’ and Hasnamusses, ‘criminal gangs’ which scheme the affairs and fortunes of humankind.

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