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  • This is Joomla 2.5/3.x module based on beautiful "Responsive Slides" (
  • In this module you can easilly manage slider features (choose slides, set up captions, links)...

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This is Joomla 2.5/3.x JomSocial module which has great features:
  • Show Name/Avatar;
  • Show/Change Status;
  • User Search Module;
  • Beautiful Menu;

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Welcome to "JF Chrome" Kunena Template Adminside

  • Clean Professional Style
  • Unlimited Colors
  • FontSize Changer Feature
  • Sticky Header Feature
  • Sidebar Module Position SlideToggle
  • Redesigned Profile Page
  • Beautiful Quick Navigation (With Simple Joomla Menu)
  • Quick Preview on Topics
  • Responsive Layout
  • Beautiful Forum Mobile Toolbar (With Simple Joomla Menu)

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This is Joomla 2.5/3.x JomSocial module which has great features:
  • Show Name/Karma;
  • Show/Change Status;
  • Show/Change Avatar;
  • Beautiful Accordion Menu;

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Welcome to "JF Chrome" JomSocial Template Adminside

  • Unlimited Colors
  • Beautiful Activity Stream
  • Beautiful PiroBox on Stream
  • Redesigned Profile Page
  • Styled ShareBox
  • Full Controll On Profile Elements
  • RTL Support
  • Styled JomSocial ToolTips
  • Extended JS Frontpage Videos (Added JS Popup)
  • Extended JS Frontpage Photos (PiroBox)
  • Sticky JS Toolbar
  • Mobile Support
  • Styled JS Top Search Module
  • Cool JF JS ProfileBar Module
  • Amazing JF JS BottomPanel Module

What's New!

Early years images

Early years images Following my mother's death in 2010, my brother went through all her photos, and forwarded those of me to the Philippines. Below is are (3) image galleries of photos from those "early years".

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Cub Reporter

Cub Reporter I do not remember how I got started, but while I lived on King Street, I published a one page neighborhood newsletter. Not much to it, I'd go around and talk to people and ask them what's new, or if they had plans for some event or whatever. …

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Homemade Go Cart

Homemade Go Cart When I was nine years old, and soon after moving from East North Street in Owosso, to the house on King Street, my father brought home a go cart one day. If I remember correctly, he picked it up at a boat show, and was probably some kind...

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Where I've Lived

Where I've Lived When I was young my family moved many times.  I was always "the new kid." Then in the '70s, I found myself in many different settings, also. 1980 was the beginning date for a 27-year span of living in the same local!(that would be Ketchum, Idaho – my last...

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Needles & the house on M…

Needles & the house on Maple St My earliest memories are of Manistee, Michigan and the house on Maple Street, where we lived from 1954 to 1955. It was a large, two-story house with a basement and a huge, multi-story (3) garage. A doctor owned the house, and my parents only rented...

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Born in Akron, Ohio

Born in Akron, Ohio I was born in Akron General Hospital on August 15, 1950. My birth certificate says it was at 11:53 pm. At that time, I had two older brothers, Rick who was 3-1/2 and Bob who was 9. My father's name was Robert Reese Lutz, and my mother's maiden...

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