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  The Apocalypse of Yajnavalkya  

And now fear not,
ye righteous,

when ye see the sinners growing
strong and prospering in their ways:

be not companions with them,
but keep afar from their violence;

for ye shall become companions
of the hosts of heaven.

~ Enoch ~

Humanity stands on a precipice. The final judgment draws near, when all the works of evil will be destroyed, and the world made new. Wickedness has been present since the beginning of human history but is now more visible than ever; why is civilization being hastened toward this annihilation? Who is guiding this destruction? What can you do to prepare yourself and your loved ones to live well in this tumultuous time?

In The Apocalypse of Yajnavalkya, an ancient sage returns to take you on a four book journey that answers these questions and more. Prepare to be simultaneously enlightened and surprised, challenged and awakened. In considering the truths presented here, you will have the information you need to endure the coming destruction and become a fully actualized, powerful human being in the process.



These are the words of Yajnavalkya. May they be a blessing for the righteous and a curse upon the sinners of the earth.

The time has come, oh Seeker of Truth, for you to awaken to the reality of your existence, a reality that has been hidden from you for many millennia. For you find yourself at the end of an age. The final judgment is at hand, wherein all the works of evil shall be destroyed, and the world shall be made new again. I have returned to open your eyes and to deliver a message to those with the courage and faith to see it for themselves.

Perhaps my name is a stranger to you. Know that, in the last age, Yajnavalkya wrote books to aid in the spiritual elevation of earthly humans such as yourself. By way of those books, you were introduced to your divine self, the ãtman, and were charged with discovering it through practices that I shall briefly discuss again in this text. In making this discovery, you shall be transformed, elevated, and freed from the attachments, sufferings, and anxieties that plague the minds of many who dwell upon the earth today. The great and divine Matsya Purãna foretold the return of Yajnavalkya as the harbinger of the hosts of heaven, who are coming with irresistible might to destroy the armies of evil.

What follows are four distinct but interrelated stories that together reveal the true nature of the reality in which you find yourself. As you look out upon the chaos and insanity of your world, you, no doubt, feel a certain trepidation, anxiety, and confusion. With each passing day, events are becoming more and more extreme. Tyranny and war are consuming the nations of the earth, and billions cry out for the blood of billions more. How, then, to make sense of it all?

First, you must recover the past you have lost. The impoverished history you know is far removed from the true story of humanity. Your ancestors trace a path not of thousands of years, but hundreds of thousands, and the record of this history has been written in stone, ice, clay, papyrus, and parchment for all to see. The voices of your forebears cry out and you must hear them now, for in hearing and understanding lies the foundation for what is to come next.

Second, you must discover the true nature of God, the cosmos, and yourself. Know that religion has blinded you to God by separating you from Him. You must realize that no intercessor is required, for God is within you and all around you. The limitless power of Infinity and Eternity generate and sustain all Creation, even your body and mind, and you must understand their paradoxical workings if you are to realize your highest potential.

Third, you must see your enemy, the one who seeks to turn you away from the true nature of God, the cosmos, and yourself. These insidious, cunning beings have spent millennia developing their science of ruling you, a science you shall learn for yourself. Their power grows by way of lies and fear, and the refusal of the masses to see those beings for what they are allows them to continue, unimpeded, with their destructive plans. But fear not, for they are possessed by cowardice and hubris, both of which increasingly expose their presence and their evil ways with each passing day. Damned by God during a bygone age, they plot to ruin the earth and humanity, making it impossible for you to join His kingdom. They will fail, for the righteous shall learn how to find salvation and grow beyond the reach of the evil ones.

Fourth, you must find and walk the Path of Righteousness. You will learn how to purify your body and mind, freeing yourself of a host of afflictions. Then, you shall turn this recovered vitality towards awakening and elevating your spirit, which is the course of evolution that has been set before you, and precisely that from which your enemy seeks to keep you. For herein lies true liberation, wisdom, light, and love beyond anything you have yet experienced. Know ye not, ye are a god? You are His child, after all, and beyond the veil of your material body lie wonders and an existence free from the grasp of those who seek to bind you in servitude for all time.

The goal of this work is to prepare you for the great battle that draws nigh. For events are upon you that bewilder the ignorant, driving terror into their hearts and turning them against their brothers and sisters in humanity. Know this, that long ago your ancestors in the remotest antiquity took to the heavens, escaping obliteration by a celestial event far beyond their control. The human forces of all the cosmos have now turned their gaze back towards Planet Earth, for they know the evil that is consuming it, and the time of their return is at hand. You must be ready to join them in the spiritual and technological bounty they bring with them, or be annihilated for choosing the evils of ignorance and materialistic greed.

There will, doubtlessly, be moments where your deepest-held, most cherished beliefs will be challenged, even shattered. Such is the way of truth, for against its light no shadows or ignorance can stand. Your task is to persevere and have faith that you will not be led into darkness and sin. As you read, listen to your heart, for it shall provide you with the courage required to cast out your demons and embrace the truth. Though you may, at times, feel completely untethered, know that a new foundation rises to meet your feet, one that will support you for all eternity in truth and righteousness.

Let us proceed now, for time is a precious resource you can no longer afford to waste.


Introductiom … ii

Book I The Ages Of Man … 1

  • Chapter 1 The Dawn Of Humanity … 2
  • Chapter 2 The Golden Age … 9
  • Chapter 3 The Silver Age … 19
  • Chapter 4 The Bronze Age … 35
  • Chapter 5 The Iron Age … 44
  • Chapter 6 The New Age … 59

Book II The Divine quaternity … 73

  • Chapter 7 Infinity … 74
  • Chapter 8 Eternity … 78
  • Chapter 9 Mind … 83
  • Chapter 10 Matters … 87
  • Chapter 11 Maya … 89
  • Chapter 12 The Eightfold Way … 94

Book III The Shadow of Death … 98

  • Chapter 13 The Ivory Tower … 99
  • Chapter 14 Making a New Man … 106
  • Chapter 15 Defiling the Innocent … 112

Book IV The Path of Righteousness … 120

  • Chapter 16 Feast and Fast … 121
  • Chapter 17 The Power of Breath … 126
  • Chapter 18 Awaken the Sleeper … 131
  • Chapter 19 Personal Apotheosis … 135

Conclusion … 142


The Apocalypse of Yajnavalkya

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