Monday, September 25, 2023
  The Virus Misconception     By Dr. Stefan Lanka

Contrary to what most people believe, pathogenic viruses do not exist. The claims about the existence of viruses and viral diseases are based on historic misinterpretations and not, as I thought in the past – on fraud or deliberate deception. We now have new, better, and in the positive meaning of the word “scientific” discoveries and explanations for the origin, therapy and prevention of many diseases, some of which are still called “viral” today.

The phenomenon of simultaneous or subsequent appearance of symptoms in different persons, which has been until now interpreted as contagion and was believed to be caused by the transmission of pathogens, is now also easy to understand through new discoveries. Thus, we now have a new view of life (which in reality is an old view) and of the cosmological integration of biological processes.

The “new”, but in reality only re-discovered perspective could only originate outside of the official “science”; one of the reasons for this is that the people involved in scientific institutions do not fulfil their first and most important scientific duty – to permanently doubt and question everything. Otherwise, they would have already discovered that the misinterpretation had been taking place for a long time already and had become a dogma only by means of unscientific activities in the years 1858, 1953 and 1954.

The transition to a new explanation of health, disease and healing will only succeed because all the concerned therapists and scientists can save face with it. From history and within the new perspective on biology and life, we now also have explanations of emotions, ignorance and all kinds of human behaviour. This is the second optimistic message. Turning around and forgiving the errors of the past can take place even more effectively, the more one understands what happened and learns for the future.