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Xenology - An Introduction to the Scientific Study of Extraterrestrial Life, Intelligence, and Civilization

Xenology ♦ Notes
© 1979 Robert A. Freitas Jr. All Rights Reserved

  Appendix A ♦ What To Do If You Encounter Alien Beings or Their Craft   
In General

  • Remain calm and objective. Quiet others around you who are hysterical. Your observations will be more credible if you do not panic.
  • If alone, try to get witnesses, the more the better.

Flying Objects

  • If in car, pull over and get out as soon as you can safely do so, to eliminate possible reflections.
  • Consider possible alternative explanations, such as normal aircraft, balloons, satellites, etc.
  • Make careful note of exact time and place of sighting (when object appeared, when vanished). Note street or highway, weather conditions (cloudy, misty, rainy), normal celestial objects (sun, moon, planets, stars).
  • Estimate position of object relative to yourself by sighting on fixed ground objects (height over trees, houses, mountains). Mark own position carefully (kick furrow in grass, gravel, or dirt, drop coin or pen on ground, etc.).
  • Estimate size of object (measure with something held at arm’s length, such as coins, pens, hand).
  • Estimate velocity of object
    • time of flight between two fixed ground points (treetops, telephone poles, mountain peaks, tree and house, buildings, etc.) or against stars/celestial constellations.
  • Use binoculars to check for exterior details.
  • If you have a camera, take pictures.
    • Don’t forget to remove lens cap and wind film.
    • Don’t hurry or shake on first shot, take time to get it right (exposure time, clear focus).
    • Get normal object in photo if possible (car, tree, mountain) for size comparisons.
    • If possible, primary photo should include effects on immediate environment (unusual shadows, dust whirls, exhaust plumes, etc.).
    • After the primary shot, concentrate on taking as many different angles and details as possible, using wide variety of camera settings (f-stops, exposure times, other lenses).
    • If you have polarizing filter, use it.
  • If you have access to any other equipment (pocket spectroscope, tape recorder, motion picture camera, Questar telescope, prism, Geiger counter, pocket rangefinder, compass, shortwave receiver, stopwatch, Fresnel lenses, diffraction grating, infrared Sniperscope, directional antenna, colored filters for lenses), use it!
  • Never stand directly beneath an alien craft hovering at low altitude. Never touch a landed craft.
  • If object appears to be landing, get away quickly and notify authorities (police, military, etc.).
Contact with Extraterrestrial Beings

  • Presumption of Purposive Neutrality
  • There are only four possible reasons why the ETs are here:
    • Accidental landing (engine failure, repairs)
    • Purposive landing, with:
      • Neutral purpose (reconnaissance mission)
      • Friendly purpose (initiate contact)
      • Hostile purpose (invasion, extermination)
    • In absence of clear evidence to the contrary, alien beings should be presumed to know what they are doing (purposive) and to have neutral intentions.
  • Leave the area at once and immediately notify the proper authorities, if possible. (This is the easiest course of action.)
  • If you cannot escape, try to suppress any xenophobic reactions to the ETs’ appearance or behavior.
  • Photograph only from a distance, without a flash, then hide camera in bushes where you can find it later
  • Try to keep the subject in sight, while staying out of sight of the subject. Be very quiet.
  • If your presence Is detected by the alien beings:
    • Make no move in their direction
    • Retreat to a safe distance and wait, walking backwards so you can keep an eye on the ETs.
    • Make no sudden fast movements (unless absolutely necessary), to avoid startling the alien.
    • If the creatures move toward you, move backwards to show you don't want them close to you (mere physical proximity may be hazardous to human life, e.g., pathogens, radiation, etc.).
    • If ETs continue to approach, do not act physically aggressive, fight with or shoot at them.
    • Lay aside any hand-held or worn object that appears weaponlike or could be construed as a weapon (cameras, flash attachments, pocket pens, hat, motorcycle or bike, sidearm, fishing pole, hunting rifle, baseball bat, football, etc). Never aim or point any object at the ETs.
    • Be as cooperative as is possible under the circumstances, and your chances of getting hurt will be minimized.
    • Offer the space beings any material object in your possession (wristwatch, keys, wallet, clothing, etc.); any alien artifact proffered in return would be priceless.
  • If the extraterrestrial craft appears to have had an accident, or its occupants appear to be in trouble:
    • Offer assistance in simple chores (carrying buckets of water from nearby stream. collecting wood for fire).
    • Any more complicated assistance should be rendered with extreme caution, and only if obviously and directly requested.
    • If ETs are injured, follow their instructions to the letter no matter how strange.
      • Assume the creatures’ present condition is not too far from normal (e.g., water-filled helmet implies a water-breather).
      • Use no human drugs or chemicals on the ET without its conscious approval.
    • If the space being is unconscious when you find it, place it in flat prone position as comfortably as possible, then go for help (call police, ambulance, military).
After the Encounter

  • Make a WRITTEN record.
    • Write down date, time, and place of sighting, weather conditions, stars, etc.
    • Dictate to tape recorder or stenographer or type up your description of events while they’re still fresh in your mind.
    • Describe what you saw and felt.
    • Note if you observed phenomenon through a window pane, glasses, binoculars, etc. Provide exact specifications for each.
    • General description of flying object (light or dark, color, reflective or self-luminous, spinning or stationary, solid or transparent, sharp or fuzzy edges, comparisons with objects in field of view).
    • Specific details (surface markings, port holes, antennae, radio dishes, spotlight).
    • Draw pictorial description of events, even if you feel you are a poor artist. Draw in vanes, fins, vapor trails, reference points, and proper size relationships.
    • What did the object do? (Arcs or linear paths, hovering, landing, high accelerations, sharp turns, changes in color or transparency, break-up or explosion, shape or brightness change, flickering).li>
    • What did aliens look like? What did they do? Drawings would be helpful, with information on size, gait, proportions.
    • Describe any odors, noises, heat, lights, or other perceptions or effects on yourself, animals, machinery, or plant life.
    • If there are other witnesses, have them sign your report or write their own.
    • Notarize all documents when completed.
  • Preserve the PHYSICAL record.
    • If there is any physical evidence after the encounter (broken tree branches, blood stains, liquid puddles, landing pad depressions), seal off the area, cover to protect from the elements, and make full written description of the evidence.
    • Containerize samples to the best of your ability.
    • If possible, photograph the evidence.
  • Develop the PHOTOGRAPHIC record.
    • Give your camera intact to the authorities and let them unload it, develop the film, print it, and analyze the images.
  • Avoid the PUBLIC record.
    • You are within your rights if you refuse to talk to reporters (recommended if disclosure will harm personal life).
    • Avoid writing books, articles, or giving public lectures. The more dignity you lend to your experience the more credible it (and you) will appear.
  Appendix B ♦ Conferences, Symposia, and Red-Letter Dates through 1979   

appendix b-1

appendix b-2

appendix b-3

appendix b-4

appendix b-5


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