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Excerpts related to the word, "soul", taken from:

  • The Fourth Way  —  (9) instances of the word soul.
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  • Beelzebub's Tales  —  (85) instances of the word soul.
From: The Fourth Way
The Fourth Way p. 187

Man is divided into four parts: body, soul, essence and personality. We have already spoken about essence and personality. The term 'soul' is used in the system in the sense of life-principle. The soul may be described as a cloud of fine matters or energies connected together and bound to the physical body. As long as it is in the body, the body is alive and body and soul make one thing. When they separate, we say that the body dies. It is this that distinguishes a piece of dead meat from living flesh.

When a centre is working well, the soul is concentrated there. But in an ordinary man the soul has no psychic qualities, nor is it any use your knowing anything more about it. I only tell you this from a theoretical point of view; it is simply material, although of a finer materiality than the body.

The Fourth Way p. 205

The action of the moon on our life is purely mechanical. It acts by sheer weight, and it receives higher energies which little by little make it alive. If you remember the four kinds of energy: mechanical energy, life energy, psychic energy and conscious energy, then the moon acts with mechanical energy, like a huge electro-magnet, attracting the matter of the soul. When it gets this matter its temperature changes. The moon is in a very low state, much lower than the earth.

The Fourth Way pp. 220-222

Lateral octave
p. 220

I want to give you one more diagram that may help you to understand things. I said that organic life is a special adaptation filling the interval between the planets and the earth. It is created in the form of a lateral or an additional octave beginning in the sun, sol. Sol becomes do and produces si on the level of the planets, and then three notes, la, sol, fa, which are organic life on earth. Then mi of this lateral octave enters into the earth and re into the moon. So organic life belongs not to the main octave but to this special octave which begins in the sun. We do not know what do and si of this octave mean. Out of all this octave we know only la, sol, fa and mi. Even about re all we know is that when anything dies — whether man or a cockroach — its soul goes to the moon.

p. 221

Q. When you say that we know what mi is, do you mean the earth?
A. No, all that goes into the earth — the physical body, all physical matter at death goes into the earth.

Q. Are souls created for every organism?
A. The body is born and at the same time the soul is born too; it is simply part of the body, invisible, unknown to medicine, physics and chemistry But without it the body cannot exist. When the body dies, the soul is free and is attracted by this big electromagnet — the moon.

Q. I still do not understand the influence of organic life between planets and earth. Does it act in both directions?
A. Try to begin from what you can understand, and later your understanding will increase. No one can understand everything at once To understand means to connect. Organic life transfers planetary influences to earth.

As a matter of fact the process does go both ways, but we cannot see either. We must take it as a theory, but analogies can be found. We can see how organic life transforms influences coming from the sun and what a great part it plays in the structure of the earth's crust. For instance, black soil is the result of earth worms, oil is the result of an agglomeration of fishes and sea organisms, coal is the result of forests; chalk, coral islands, all these are results of organic life which remain in the earth.

This shows how mi enters into the earth. All this is mi of the lateral octave of which la-sol-fa is organic life when it is alive This shows how organic life transforms the sun's influences. We do not see how it transforms planetary influences, but we can take the analogy of the sun's influences This shows that organic life is connected with both the planets and the sun and transforms planetary influences) just as it transforms solar influences.

Q. Is the Ray of Creation mechanical?
A. Not the whole Ray. When it comes to us, certainly all the laws are mechanical on our plane.

Q. How is it possible that a mechanical Ray can create a machine which is capable of achieving a permanent will?
A. You must remember that the Ray of Creation starts consciously, and in the starting point there are evidently plans of everything, or some plans may gradually develop further down. But in the forty-eight laws that work on the earth there are three laws from World 3, which is under the direct will of the Absolute. Laws coming from different planes are not equally mechanical; some are more mechanical, others less. If we take the lateral octave starting from the sun — the octave of organic life — we shall see that the sun is much higher than the earth and it is evidently possible to create in this octave possibilities of development. Thus man, if he can be regarded as a seed, has in himself the possibility of growth He is not only what he looks, there is something in him which cannot be seen — this hidden possibility of evolution. We can understand this relation of more mechanical and less mechanical only in ourselves. We know how mechanical we are and that if we work we can become less mechanical. This is the only way to study mechanicalness.

p. 222

Q. If man, as part of organic life, fulfils a purpose in the scheme of the universe, what further purpose can he serve by gaining consciousness?
A. That depends on what we want. You may be satisfied with certain purposes of nature, or you may have your own ideas. By becoming conscious you may serve your own purpose, but if you are not conscious, you only serve the purposes of nature. Nature wants man to be as he is in this place. This is the reason why only a few can escape, and they can escape because man is very small.

Q. Then would you say that ninety-nine people out of a hundred have the dice loaded against them?
A. There are no definite statistics about it. A very small minority has the possibility of development.

The Fourth Way p. 240

Q. If we use the emotional centre at its highest speed, can we have positive emotions?
A. Then we become connected with higher centres and can have positive emotions. But we must be conscious first, because it can happen only when we have a sufficiently complete control over consciousness.

Q. The Food Diagram shows that there is very high matter in man as he is. How does it show itself?
A. Without higher matters man would not be able to live. The soul, which consists of higher hydrogens, must be fed. Essence must be fed. Even personality must be fed, although personality lives on something different. As I said, higher hydrogens can be extracted from air, but impressions — special, purified impressions — can give much more. The human organism is built on cosmic principles, so quantity is very important.

The Fourth Way pp. 361-362

Q. Could you tell me the difference between two men on their death-bed, one of whom has learnt the art of self-remembering and one of whom has never heard of it?

A. No, it needs an imaginative writer to describe this. There are many different possibilities—the men may be very different and there may be different circumstances.

I think I had better tell you a story. It is an old story, told in the Moscow groups in 1916 about the origin of the system and the work and about self-remembering.

It happened in an unknown country at an unknown date that a sly man was walking past a cafe and met a devil. The devil was in very poor shape, both hungry and thirsty, so the sly man took him into the cafe, ordered some coffee and asked him what the trouble was. The devil said that there was no business. In the old days he used to buy souls and burn them to charcoal, because when people died they had very fat souls that he could take to hell, and all the devils were pleased. But now all the fires in hell were out, because when people died there were no souls.

Then the sly man suggested that perhaps they could do some business together. 'Teach me how to make souls', he said, 'and I will give you a sign to show which people have soul made by me', and he ordered more coffee. The devil explained that he should teach people to remember themselves, not to identify and so on, and then, after some time, they would grow soul.

The sly man set to work, organized groups and taught people to remember themselves. Some of them started to work seriously and tried to put into practice what he taught them. Then they died, and when they came to the gates of heaven, there was St Peter with his keys on one side and the devil on the other. When St Peter was ready to open the gates, the devil would say, 'May I just ask one question—did you remember yourself?' 'Yes, certainly', the man would answer and thereupon the devil would say, 'Excuse me, this soul is mine'. This went on for a long time, until they managed somehow to communicate to the earth what was happening at the gates of heaven. Hearing this, the people he was teaching came to the sly man and said, 'Why do you teach us to remember ourselves if, when we say we have remembered ourselves, the devil takes us?'

The sly man asked, 'Did I teach you to say you remember yourselves? I taught you not to talk.' They said, 'But this was St Peter and the devil!' and the sly man said, 'But have you seen St Peter and the devil at groups? So do not talk. Some people did not talk and managed to get to heaven. I did not only make an arrangement with the devil, I also made a plan by which to deceive the devil.'

See also: The Sly Man and the Devil.

The Fourth Way pp. 414-415

Returning to the idea of God, an idea which is inseparable from religion and religious language, we must first ask ourselves how religions can be divided in a general or historical way. They may be divided into religions with one God and religions with many gods. But even in this division it must be remembered that there is a great difference between the ordinary understanding of monotheism and polytheism and the system understanding of the same ideas. Although there are certain differences between gods — as, for instance, in Greek mythology — in the ordinary understanding of polytheism all gods are more or less on the same level. From the system point of view, which includes the idea of different scales and different laws on different levels, one has quite a different understanding of the interdependence of gods.

If we take the Absolute as God, we can see that it has no relation to us. The Absolute is God for gods; it has relation only to the next world, that is, World 3. The World 3 is God for the next world, that is, World 6, and also for all the following worlds, but in a lesser and lesser degree. Then the Galaxy, Sun, Planets, Earth and Moon are all gods, each including in itself smaller gods. The Ray of Creation as a whole, taken as one triad, is also God: God the Holy, God the Firm, God the Immortal.

So we may choose on which level we wish to take our God if we want to use the word 'God' in the religious sense, that is to say, in the sense of a God having immediate access to our lives. From the system point of view we have nothing to prove that any of these worlds may have a personal relation to us; but there is a place for God in the system.

In the lateral octave which begins in the Sun as 'do' there are two quite unknown points about which we have no material for thinking. The octave begins as do in the Sun, then passes into si on the level of the Planets. On Earth it becomes la-sol-fa, which constitutes Organic Life including man. When each individual being in the human, animal and vegetable kingdom dies, the body — or what remains of the body — goes to the Earth and becomes part of the Earth, and the soul goes to the Moon and becomes part of the Moon. From this we can understand mi and re; but about si and do we know nothing at all. These two notes may give rise to many suppositions as to the possible place of a God or gods having some relation to us in the Ray of Creation.

From: In Search of the Miraculous

"In our system the end of the ray of creation, the growing end, so to speak, of the branch, is the moon. The energy for the growth, that is, for the development of the moon and for the formation of new shoots, goes to the moon from the earth, where it is created by the joint action of the sun, of all the other planets of the solar system, and of the earth itself. This energy is collected and preserved in a huge accumulator situated on the earth's surface. This accumulator is organic life on earth. Organic life on earth feeds the moon. Everything living on the earth, people, animals, plants, is food for the moon. The moon is a huge living being feeding upon all that lives and grows on the earth. The moon could not exist without organic life on earth, any more than organic life on earth could exist without the moon. Moreover, in relation to organic life the moon is a huge electromagnet. If the action of the electromagnet were suddenly to stop, organic life would crumble to nothing.

"The process of the growth and the warming of the moon is connected with life and death on the earth. Everything living sets free at its death a certain amount of the energy that has 'animated' it; this energy, or the 'souls' of everything living — plants, animals, people — is attracted to the moon as though by a huge electromagnet, and brings to it the warmth and the life upon which its growth depends, that is, the growth of the ray of creation. In the economy of the universe nothing is lost, and a certain energy having finished its work on one plane goes to another.

"The souls that go to the moon, possessing perhaps even a certain amount of consciousness and memory, find themselves there under ninety-six laws, in the conditions of mineral life, or to put it differently, in conditions from which there is no escape apart from a general evolution in immeasurably long planetary cycles. The moon is 'at the extremity,' at the end of the world; it is the 'outer darkness' of the Christian doctrine 'where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'

"The influence of the moon upon everything living manifests itself in all that happens on the earth. The moon is the chief, or rather, the nearest, the immediate, motive force of all that takes place in organic life on the earth. All movements, actions, and manifestations of people, animals, and plants depend upon the moon and are controlled by the moon. The sensitive film of organic life which covers the earthly globe is entirely dependent upon the influence of the huge electromagnet that is sucking out its vitality. Man, like every other living being, cannot, in the ordinary conditions of life, tear himself free from the moon. All his movements and consequently all his actions are controlled by the moon. If he kills another man, the moon does it; if he sacrifices himself for others, the moon does that also. All evil deeds, all crimes, all self-sacrificing actions, all heroic exploits, as well as all the actions of ordinary everyday life, are controlled by the moon.

"The liberation which comes with the growth of mental powers and faculties is liberation from the moon. The mechanical part of our life depends upon the moon, is subject to the moon. If we develop in ourselves consciousness and will, and subject our mechanical life and all our mechanical manifestations to them, we shall escape from the power of the moon.

From: Beelzebub's Tales pp. 3-310
Beelzebub's Tales p. 3


(Written impromptu by the author on delivering this book, already prepared for publication, to the printer)

According to the numerous deductions and conclusions resulting from my research concerning the profit contemporary people can obtain from new impressions coming from what they read or hear, and also according to the thought of one of the sayings of popular wisdom I have just remembered, handed down to our days from very ancient times, "Any prayer may be heard and granted by the Higher Powers only if it is uttered thrice:

  • First — for the welfare or the peace of the souls of one's parents,
  • Second — for the welfare of one's neighbor,
  • And only third — for oneself personally.

I find it necessary on the first page of this book, now ready for publication, to give the following advice, "Read each of my written expositions thrice:

  • First — at least as you have already become mechanized to read all your contemporary books and newspapers,
  • Second — as if you were reading aloud to another person,
  • And only third — try to fathom the gist of my writin.

Only then will you be able to count upon forming your own impartial judgment, proper to yourself alone, on my writings And only then can my hope be actualized that according to your understanding you will obtain the specific benefit for yourself which I anticipate, and which I wish for you with all my being.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 23-24

The point is that in this fashionable language the word for "soul" and the word for the bottom of the foot, also "sole," are pronounced and even written almost alike.

I do not know how it is for you, who are already half a candidate for a buyer of my writings, but as for me, no matter how great my mental desire, my peculiar nature cannot avoid being indignant at this manifestation of people of contemporary civilization, whereby the very highest in man, particularly beloved by our Common Father Creator, can be named and often understood as that which is lowest and dirtiest in man.

Beelzebub's Tales p. 27

The first of these three data, from the moment of its arising, became as it were the chief directing lever of my entire whole, while the other two became the "vivifying sources" for the nourishing and perfecting of the first.

This first datum arose in me when I was still, as is said, a "chubby mite " My dear, now deceased, grandmother was then still alive and was a hundred and some years old.

When my grandmother — may she attain the Kingdom of Heaven — was dying, my mother, as was then the custom, took me to her bedside and, as I kissed her right hand, my dear grandmother placed her dying left hand on my head and said in a whisper, yet very distinctly:

"Eldest of my grandsons! Listen and always remember my strict injunction to you: In life never do as others do."

Having said this, she gazed at the bridge of my nose and, evidently noticing my perplexity and my obscure understanding of what she had said, added somewhat angrily and imperiously:

"Either do nothing — just go to school — or do something nobody else does Whereupon she immediately, without hesitation and with a perceptible impulse of disdain for all around her, and with commendable self-cognizance, gave up her soul directly into the hands of His Faithfulness, the Archangel Gabriel.

I think it will be interesting and perhaps even instructive for you to know that all this made so powerful an impression on me that I was suddenly unable to endure anyone around me, and as soon as we left the room where the mortal "planetary body" of the cause of the cause of my arising lay, I, very quietly, trying not to attract attention, stole away to the pit where, during Lent, the bran and potato peelings were stored for our "sanitarians," that is to say, our pigs.

Beelzebub's Tales p. 58

"Yes," replied Beelzebub, "three-brained beings dwell on almost all planets of that solar system also, and higher being-bodies can be coated in almost all of them.

"Higher being-bodies or, as they are called on some planets of that solar system, 'souls,' are coated in three-brained beings inhabiting all the planets except those before reaching which the emanations of our Most Holy Sun Absolute, through repeated deflections, have gradually lost the fullness of their strength and no longer contain the vivifying power needed for coating higher being-bodies.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 200-204

p. 200

"In the course of further observation and impartial reflection, the king realized that these seeds contained a certain 'something' which, when introduced into these beings, had the power to change completely, for the time being, all the established habits of their psyche, so that they saw, under-stood, sensed, and acted quite otherwise than they were accustomed to do.

p. 201

"When the wise King Koniutsion finally became convinced that he could not root out the passion of chewing 'gulgulian' seeds through fear of punishment, and saw that the only result of his measures had been the death of some of those punished, he repealed all the orders he had previously issued and once again began to think seriously about how to find a really effective means of destroying this evil, so lamentable for his community.

p. 202-204

". . . The beings who were addicted to this passion had almost ceased to work; the now of revenue into the communal treasury had entirely dried up; and ruin stared the country in the face.

"Finally, the wise king decided to deal with this evil indirectly, by playing upon the weaknesses in the psyche of his subjects. With this aim he invented a most original 'religious doctrine,' corresponding to the psyche of the beings of that time, and he propagated this invention of his by every means at his disposal.

"In this religious doctrine it was held, among other things, that far from the continent of Ashhark lay a large island on which there existed our 'Mister God.'

"You must know that in those days not one of the ordinary beings was aware of the existence of any cosmic concentrations other than their own planet Earth. They were certain that the scarcely visible 'white points' far away in space were nothing more than the pattern on the 'veil of the world,' that is to say, of their planet; for in their notions the 'whole world' consisted, as I have just said, of their planet alone. They also believed that this 'veil' was supported like a 'canopy' on special 'pillars,' the bases of which rested on their planet.

"Well, it was asserted in that ingenious doctrine of the astute King Koniutsion that Mister God had intentionally attached to our 'souls' the organs and limbs we now have, in order to protect us against our environment and enable us to serve Him effectively and profitably, and not Him alone but also the 'souls' already taken to that island of His.

"When we die, and our 'soul' is liberated from all these specially attached parts, it becomes what in reality it should be, and is immediately taken to this island where, in accordance with how it has existed with its organs and limbs on our continent of Ashhark, our Mister God assigns to it an appropriate place for its further existence.

"If the 'soul' has fulfilled its duties honestly and conscientiously, Mister God leaves it to continue its existence on His island, but the 'soul' that here on the continent of Ash-hark has been idle or discharged its duties indolently or negligently, existing only for the gratification of the desires of its attached parts, or finally, has not kept His commandments, such a soul our Mister God sends to a smaller neighboring island for its further existence.

"Here on the continent of Ashhark exist many 'spirits' attendant upon Him, who walk among us wearing 'caps of invisibility,' thanks to which they can constantly watch us unnoticed and report all our doings to Mister God, or inform Him on the 'Day of Judgment ' We can conceal nothing from them, neither our actions nor our thoughts.

"This doctrine also said that our continent of Ashhark and all the other continents and islands of the world were created by our Mister God only to serve Him and the meritorious 'souls' already dwelling on His island All the continents and islands of the world are, as it were, places of preparation and storehouses for everything needed for this island of His.

"This island where Mister God Himself exists with the meritorious 'souls' is called 'Paradise,' and existence there is just 'roses, roses ' All its rivers are of milk, and their banks of honey, no one there needs to toil or labor, everything necessary for a happy, carefree, and blissful existence is to be found there, supplied in superabundance from our own continent and the other continents and islands of the world This island of 'Paradise' is full of young and lovely women from all the peoples and races of the world, and any one of them belongs for the asking to the 'soul' that desires her.

"In certain public squares of that superb island are great heaps of jewels, from the most brilliant diamonds to the deepest turquoises, and every 'soul' can take anything he likes without the least hindrance In other public squares of that beatific island are piled huge mountains of sweetmeats prepared with essence of 'poppy' and 'hemp,' and every 'soul' may help himself to as much as he pleases at any hour of the day or night. "There are no diseases there, and of course none of those 'lice' or 'fleas' that give us all no peace here and blight our whole existence.

"The other, smaller island, where for the rest of their existence our Mister God sends the souls whose temporary physical parts have been lazy here and have not existed according to His commandments, is called 'Hell ' All the rivers on this island are of burning pitch, the whole atmosphere stinks like a skunk at bay Swarms of horrible beings blow police whistles in every square, and all the 'carpets,' 'chairs,' and 'beds' are made of fine needles, with their points sticking out.

"One very salty biscuit is given to each 'soul' once a day, and there is not a single drop of drinking water on the island There are also innumerable other torments that the beings of the Earth would not wish to undergo for anything in the world, or even to imagine.

Beelzebub's Tales p. 229

. . . what he actually said was as follows:

If this most sacred Prana is crystallized in you, with the conscious or unconscious participation of your  "I,"  you must without fail bring the perfecting of the individual Reason of this totality of most sacred atoms to the required gradation, otherwise this most holy coating, changing from one exterior coating to another, will suffer and languish eternally.

Here it is interesting to recall that the beings of that planet were given the same warning by another Sacred Individual, also a genuine Messenger from Above, Saint Kirmininasha, who expressed it in these words:

'Blessed is he that hath a soul, blessed also is he that hath none, but grief and sorrow are the lot of him who hath in himself only its conception.'

Beelzebub's Tales p. 239

"It turned out that the leaders of the sect, while they were still in Pearl-land, had pledged themselves to withdraw completely from beings like themselves, and to stop at nothing in order to attain liberation from the consequences of the properties of that organ of which the divine teacher, Saint Buddha, had spoken Their pledge committed them to exist in a certain way until their planetary bodies were completely destroyed, in other words, until their death, and the purpose of this special form of existence was to 'purify' what they called their 'souls' of all the alien deposits due to that organ kundabuffer which, as Saint Buddha had told them, their ancestors had once possessed And having freed themselves from these consequences, they would acquire the possibility, as the divine teacher had also said, of reblending with the all-embracing Holy Prana.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 303-304

"The learned beings thus assembled from almost the whole of the planet in the city of Babylon often used to meet together, and of course, as is proper to 'learned' beings on the planet Earth, they discussed among themselves questions immeasurably beyond their comprehension, from which they could never derive anything useful whatsoever, either for themselves or for the ordinary beings there.

"Well, it was precisely during these meetings and discussions that there arose among them, as generally happens with terrestrial learned beings, a 'burning question of the day,' which this time in some way or other stirred them, as they say, 'to their very marrow. '

"The question that chanced to become the 'burning question of the day' so vitally affected the whole being of every one of them that they even 'climbed down from their pedestals' and began discussing it not only with the 'learned' like themselves, but here, there, and everywhere, with anyone they happened to come across.

"As a result, the interest aroused by this question gradually spread among all the ordinary three-brained beings then existing in Babylon, and by the time we arrived it had become the 'question of the day' for everyone there.

"Not only did the learned beings themselves talk about and discuss this question, but similar conversations and arguments raged like fury among the ordinary beings there also.

"It was talked about and discussed by young and old, by men and women, and even by the Babylonian butchers.

"And all, especially the 'learned,' were exceedingly anxious to know more about this question.

"Before our arrival there, many of the beings existing in Babylon had even lost their Reason over it, and many others were already candidates for losing theirs.

"This 'burning question of the day,' which both the 'sorry scientists' and the ordinary beings of the city of Babylon wanted to resolve, was whether or not they had a 'soul.'

"All sorts of fantastic theories about this question existed in Babylon, and at every moment new theories were being 'cooked up'; and of course, each of these 'catchy theories' had its devotees.

"In spite of the number and variety of these theories, they were all based upon two quite opposite assumptions One of these was called the 'atheistic' and the other the 'idealistic,' or 'dualistic.'

"All the dualistic theories maintained the existence of the 'soul,' and of course its 'immortality,' as well as every conceivable 'tribulation' it might suffer after the death of the being, man.

"And all the atheistic theories maintained just the opposite.

"In short, my boy, when we arrived in the city of Babylon, there was then taking place what is called the 'building of the Tower of Babel.' "

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 306-307

"Shortly after our arrival in Babylon, I began going with this Hamolinadir to various 'meetings' of the learned beings I have mentioned, where I listened to every imaginable kind of what they called 'report' upon the very subject that was then the 'question of the day' and the cause of such 'agitation of minds' throughout Babylon.

"My friend Hamolinadir was also very wrought up about this burning question.

"He was agitated and perplexed by the fact that the numerous theories on this subject, the new as well as the old, were all, in spite of their entirely contradictory proofs, equally plausible and convincing.

"The theories proving that we have a soul, he said, were very logically and convincingly expounded, but equally logical and convincing were those proving quite the contrary.

"So that you can put yourself in the place of that likable Assyrian, I shall explain to you that in general on your planet — then in Babylon as well as at the present time — all the theories on a question such as that of the 'beyond, or any other 'detailed clarification' of some particular fact, are nearly always invented by those three-brained beings in whom most of the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer have been completely crystallized, so that there actively functions in their presence that being-property they call 'cunning ' Owing to this, either consciously, of course with that sort of Reason which they alone possess, or automatically, that is of itself, they gradually acquire in their common presence the capacity for 'spotting the weaknesses' in the psyche of beings like themselves, and this capacity gradually forms data in them for the ability to sense and at times even to understand the peculiar logic of the beings around them, and according to these data they invent and elaborate some 'theory' concerning this or that question And as I have already told you, because of the gradual atrophy of the being-function called the 'instinctive sensing of cosmic truths' in most of the three-brained beings there — also owing to the abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence established by them — if one of them happens to devote himself to an intensive study of any of these theories, he is bound willy-nilly to be convinced by it with the whole of his presence.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 309-310

"At this point in the speech of this likable terrestrial three-brained being, an attendant offered him a bowl of water, and after he had eagerly gulped it down, he continued to speak, but now more calmly.

"He said further: " 'Take myself as an example I am not just an ordinary learned man I am known all over Babylon and in many other cities as an exceedingly learned and wise man.

" 'I completed the highest course of study that has ever existed on Earth, and the like of which will probably never exist again.

" 'But what has this highest development given my Reason with respect to that question which, for the past year or two, has been driving all Babylon insane?

'During this general dementia over the question of the "soul," this Reason of mine, in spite of its high development, has brought me nothing but "five Fridays a week. "

'Over this period, I have followed with the greatest attention and utmost seriousness all the old and new theories about the "soul," and there is not a single one of them with whose author I do not inwardly agree, for all these theories are very logically and plausibly expounded, and such Reason as I have cannot but agree with their logic and plausibility. 'I myself have written a very lengthy work on this "question of the beyond" and no doubt many of those present are familiar with the logic of my thought, and probably there is not one of you here who does not envy this logical thinking of mine.

" 'Yet now, I honestly and sincerely declare before you all that, regarding this "question of the beyond," I, with all the knowledge accumulated in me, am neither more nor less than an "idiot cubed."

" 'At this moment in the city of Babylon what is taking place among us is the collective building of a tower by which to ascend to Heaven and see with our own eyes what goes on there.

" 'This tower is being built of bricks that outwardly all look alike, but that are made of quite different materials. 'Among these bricks are bricks of "iron" and "wood," and also of "dough," and even some of "eider-down."

" 'Well then, with these bricks an immensely high tower is now being built right in the center of Babylon, and every more or less conscious person must realize that sooner or later this tower is certain to fall and crush not only all the people of Babylon but also everything else there.

" 'Personally, as I still wish to live, and have no desire to be crushed by the Babylonian tower, I am going away from here at once . . . And as for all the rest of you, do as you please!'

"He uttered these last words while leaving, and ran off. "And from that time, I never saw that likable Assyrian again.

"As I learned later, he left the city of Babylon that same day forever, and went to 'Nineveh' and existed somewhere there to a ripe old age I also ascertained that this Hamolinadir never again occupied himself with 'sciences' and spent the rest of his existence in growing 'choongary,' which in contemporary language is called 'maize.'

From: Beelzebub's Tales pp. 312-638
Beelzebub's Tales pp. 312-314

"As I already told you, among the many teachings then current in Babylon concerning the 'question of the beyond,' there were two, having nothing in common with each other, that had a large number of adherents.

"And it was precisely these two teachings, passing from generation to generation of your favorites, which began to confuse their 'sane beingmentation,' already muddled enough without that.

"Although the details of both these teachings underwent changes in the course of their transmission through the generations, the fundamental ideas contained in them remained the same and have even reached contemporary times.

"One of these two teachings with adherents in Babylon was the 'dualistic,' and the other, the 'atheistic', thus one of them proved that beings have a 'soul,' and the other, quite the opposite, namely, that they have nothing of the kind.

"In the 'dualistic,' or 'idealistic,' teaching it was said that within the coarse body of the being-man there is a fine and invisible body, which is the 'soul.'

"This 'fine body' of man is immortal, that is to say, it is never destroyed. "It was said further that this 'fine body,' or 'soul,' has to make a corresponding payment for every action of the 'physical body,' whether voluntary or involuntary, and that every man, at birth, already consists of these two bodies, the 'physical body' and the 'soul. '

"According to this teaching, as soon as a man is born, two invisible 'spirits' perch upon his shoulders.

"On his right shoulder sits a 'spirit of good' called an 'angel,' and on his left, a 'spirit of evil' called a 'devil. '

"From the very first day these spirits record in their 'notebooks' all the manifestations of the man, the spirit sitting on his right shoulder recording all his so-called 'good manifestations' or 'good deeds,' and the spirit sitting on his left shoulder, his 'evil' ones.

"It is among the duties of these two spirits to prompt a man and compel him to carry out as many manifestations as possible in their respective domains.

"The spirit on the right constantly strives to make the man refrain from those acts which are in the domain of the opposite spirit, and perform as many acts as possible in his own domain.

"And the spirit on the left does the same thing, but vice versa.

"In this strange teaching it was further said that these two rival spirits are always contending with each other, and that each strives with 'might and main' to make the man perform more of those actions which are under his charge.

"When the man dies, these spirits leave his 'physical body' on the Earth and take his 'soul' to 'God,' who exists somewhere 'up in Heaven.'

"There 'up in Heaven' this 'God' sits surrounded by His devoted angels and archangels, with a pair of 'scales' suspended in front of him.

"On each side of the scales spirits stand on duty On the right stand the spirits who are called 'servants of Paradise,' and these are the 'angels', and on the left stand the 'servants of Hell' — these are the 'devils. '

"The spirits who have been sitting on the man's shoulders all his life bring his 'soul' after death to 'God', and 'God' then takes from their hands the 'notebooks' where the notes of all the man's actions have been written down, and places them on the pans of the scales.

"On the right pan He puts the notebook of the angel and on the left the notebook of the devil and, depending on which pan sinks lower, 'God' commands the spirits on duty on that side to take this 'soul' into their charge.

"In the charge of the spirits on duty on the right is the place called 'Paradise.'

"This 'Paradise' is a realm of indescribable beauty and splendiferousness. It abounds in magnificent fruits, and innumerable fragrant flowers. Enchanting sounds of cherubic songs and seraphic music constantly echo in the air. And many other marvels were enumerated whose outer effects, according to the perceptions and cognitions abnormally inherent in the three-brained beings of that strange planet, were likely to evoke, as they say, 'great satisfaction' in them, that is, the satisfaction of those needs that are unworthy of three-centered beings, which drive from their presence everything, without exception, that was put into it by our Common Father which is imperative for every three-brained being to possess.

"The spirits on duty to the left of the scales, who, according to this Babylonian teaching, are the 'devils,' are in charge of what is called 'Hell.'

"As for 'Hell,' it was said to be a place without a trace of vegetation, always unimaginably hot, and without a single drop of water.

"In this 'Hell' there constantly echo sounds of frightful 'cacophony' and furious 'insults.'

"All around stand instruments of torture of every conceivable sort, from the 'rack' and 'wheel' to machines for 'lacerating bodies' and rubbing them with salt, and so on and so forth.

"In this Babylonian 'idealistic' teaching, it was explained in detail that for his 'soul' to enter 'Paradise,' a man must constantly strive while on Earth to provide as much material as possible for the 'notebook' of the spirit-angel perched on his right shoulder, since otherwise there would be more material for the record of the spirit on his left shoulder, in which case his soul would inevitably be cast into that most awful 'Hell. ' "

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 316-318

"The second Babylonian teaching, which had many followers and, passing through the generations also reached your contemporary favorites, was based on one of the atheistic theories of that period.

"In this teaching of the terrestrial hasnamussian candidates of that time, it was stated over and over again that there is no 'God' in the world, much less any 'soul' in man, and that therefore all the arguments and discussions about the 'soul' are nothing but the delirium of sick visionaries.

"It was further maintained that there exists in the world only one particular law of mechanics, according to which everything that exists passes from one form into another, that is to say, the results arising from any preceding causes are progressively transformed and become the causes of subsequent results.

"And therefore man also is a result of some preceding cause and in his turn must serve as the cause of some kind of result.

"Moreover, it was said that all 'supernatural' phenomena — even those actually perceptible to most people — are also nothing but results ensuing from this particular law of mechanics.

"The full comprehension of this law depends on the progressive, impartial, and all-round knowledge of its manifold details, which can be revealed to a pure Reason in proportion to its development.

"But as regards the Reason of man, this is merely the sum of all the impressions he has perceived, from which there gradually arise in him data for the possibility of comparisons, deductions, and conclusions.

"As a result of all this, he obtains more information concerning various facts around him repeatedly occurring in the same way, which in their turn serve in the general organization of man as material for the formation of definite convictions. And from all this is formed man's Reason, that is to say, his own subjective psyche.

"Whatever may have been said in these two teachings about the 'soul,' and whatever maleficent means were prepared by those 'learned' beings, assembled there from almost the entire planet, for the gradual transformation of the Reason of their descendants into a veritable 'mill of nonsense,' the outcome need not have been, in the objective sense, a total calamity, but the full objective terror lay in the fact that there later resulted from these teachings a great evil, not only for their descendants, but maybe even for everything that exists.

"The point is that during this great 'agitation of minds' in the city of Babylon, when these learned beings, through their collective wiseacrings, had acquired in their presences a mass of new data for hasnamussian manifestations — in addition to those they already had — and when they dispersed and went home to their own countries, they began, of course unconsciously, to propagate everywhere, like contagious bacilli, all those notions which together finally and utterly destroyed the last remnants and even the traces of the results of the holy labors of the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash.

The remnants, that is to say, of those holy labors, 'consciously suffered,' which he intentionally actualized in order to create the special external conditions of ordinary being-existence in which alone the maleficent consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer could gradually disappear from the presence of your favorites, so that in their place there could gradually be acquired those properties befitting every three-brained being — whose whole presence is an exact likeness of the whole Universe.

"Another result of the diverse wiseacrings on the 'question of the soul' by those 'learned' beings in the city of Babylon was that, soon after my fifth appearance in person on the surface of your planet, this 'center of culture' of theirs, the incomparable and indeed magnificent Babylon, was in its turn, as is said there, 'completely swept surface of your planet, this 'center of culture' of theirs, the incomparable and indeed magnificent Babylon, was in its turn, as is said there, 'completely swept from the face of the Earth,' down to its very foundations.

"Not only was the city of Babylon itself destroyed but also everything acquired and accomplished by the beings who had existed there for many of their centuries.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 333-334

"Even those unfortunates who, either by chance or owing to a conscious action from outside, become aware through their Reason of their complete nullity and begin to sense it with all their separate spiritualized parts, and who happen to learn what being-efforts must be made, and how to make them, in order to become such as is proper for three-brained beings to be — even these beings, by putting off 'from tomorrow till tomorrow,' almost all arrive at the point that one sorrowful day there arise and are manifest in them those forerunners of old age called 'feebleness' and 'infirmity,' which are the inevitable lot of all cosmic formations, great and small, toward the end of their completed existence.

"Here I must not fail to tell you about the strange phenomenon I noted during my observations and studies of the almost entirely degenerate presence of those favorites of yours — that is to say, I definitely established that in many of them, toward the end of their planetary existence, most of the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer crystallized in their common presence atrophy of their own accord, and some of them even entirely disappear, thanks to which these beings begin to see and sense reality a little better.

"In such cases there appears in the common presence of these favorites of yours a strong desire to work upon themselves — to work, as they say, for the 'salvation of their souls.'

"But needless to say, nothing can result from such desires of theirs simply because it is already too late, the time allotted them for this purpose by Great Nature having already passed, and although they see and feel the necessity of making the required being-efforts, yet for the fulfillment of these desires they now have only 'ineffectual yearnings' and the 'lawful infirmities' of old age.

Beelzebub's Tales p. 363

"Well, when this unprecedented kashireitleer was ready, the future great Lentrohamsanin inscribed upon it his invention concerning a question that indeed had never entered anybody's head before, nor was there any reason why it should have.

"That is to say, in these wiseacrings of his he criticized in every way the prevailing order of collective existence.

"This kashireitleer began thus:

" 'Man's greatest happiness consists in not being dependent on any other person, whoever it may be, and in being free from the influence of anyone whatsoever!'

"Some other time, my boy, I will explain to you how your favorites on the planet Earth generally understand 'freedom.'

"The inscription of this future Universal Hasnamuss went on as follows:

" 'Undeniably, life under the present state organization is far better for us than it used to be, but where then is that real freedom which we need to bring us happiness?

" 'Don't we work and toil as much now as we did under any former state organization?

" 'Do we not have to labor and sweat to get enough barley to keep us alive and not starve to death-like chained dogs?

'Our lords and masters and pastors are always harping upon some other world, supposedly so much better than this one, where life is wholly blissful for the souls of those men who have lived worthily here on Earth 'Don't we live here worthily now? 'Don't we constantly labor and sweat for our daily bread?

'If all that our masters and pastors tell us is true and if their own way of living here on Earth really corresponds to what is required of their souls for the other world, surely God ought to, and even must, give them more possibilities in this world than to us ordinary mortals.

" 'If everything that our leaders and counselors tell us and try to make us believe is really true, let them prove it to us ordinary mortals by facts.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 369-370

"At the !general planetary conference' of all the learned beings on the famous 'question of the beyond,' which was organized in Babylon, it happened that among those who went there of their own accord was the great-grandson of Lentrohamsanin, who had himself become a 'learned being. '

"He brought with him an exact copy on papyrus of his great-grandfather's famous kashireitleer, the original of which he had received by inheritance And at the very height of the 'frenzy' unleashed by the 'question of the soul,' during one of the last big general meetings of the learned beings, he read aloud the text of that maleficent 'invention' of his great-grandfather, whereupon it occurred, as had become proper to the strange Reason of these 'sorry scientists,' that from one question that interested them they at once passed to quite another, namely, from the question of the 'soul' to the question of what is called 'politics.'

"Then, all over the city of Babylon meetings and discussions again began on the subject of various kinds of 'state organizations,' those already existing and those which in their opinion ought to be formed.

"Of course, all their discussions were based on the 'truths' expounded in the invention of Lentrohamsanin, as reproduced on the papyrus brought by his great-grandson, a copy of which almost every learned being then in Babylon carried in his pocket.

"For several months they discussed and argued, and they ended up by splitting into 'parties', that is to say, all the learned beings then in the city of Babylon split into three independent sections, under the following names:

"The first the section of the 'Legomonists', "The second the section of the 'Neomothists', "The third the section of the 'Paleomothists ' "Each of these sections soon had its adherents among the ordinary beings of Babylon, and once again things would certainly have ended in civil war if the Persian king, getting wind of all this, had not immediately cracked them on their learned noddles.

"On his orders some of these learned scientists were executed, others were imprisoned with lice, and still others were banished to places where even now, as Mullah Nasr Eddin would say, 'French champagne cannot be found ' The few who were shown to have been mixed up in all this only because they were obviously mad were permitted to return to their own countries, while those who had taken no part whatever in 'political questions' were not only given full liberty to return to their native lands, but by order of the Persian king, their departure was even conducted with 'full honors.'

"And so, my boy, those Babylonian learned beings who for various reasons survived and were scattered over almost the whole surface of the planet continued by momentum to wiseacre, taking as their basis — not consciously, of course, but simply mechanically — the two leading questions that had arisen during those Babylonian events and had become the 'theme of the day,' namely, the famous questions concerning the 'soul of man' and 'internal state organization.'

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 373-376

"And now, my boy, after my tale about this Lentrohamsanin — thanks to which you have received a concrete picture of the consequences for later generations of the activities of a typical representative of Eternal Hasnamuss Individuals — it will be opportune to explain a little more in detail, as I promised you, the significance of the word 'hasnamuss.'

"In its widest sense the word 'hasnamuss' designates any three-brained being — whether he has already coated his highest being-parts or consists of his planetary body alone — in whose common presence, under the influence of certain 'individual impulses,' a certain 'something' arises which participates in the 'completed formation' of his independent individuality.

"This 'something' arises in these cosmic individuals and, during the process of the transformation of substances, blends with the crystallizations resulting from the action of the entire 'spectrum' of what are called 'naloo-ossnian impulses. '

"In accordance with the chief cosmic law, the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, this 'naloo-ossnian spectrum of impulses' in its original essence consists of seven heterogeneous layers, from the point of view of their engendering as perception and resulting manifestation.

"And if these different aspects of the entire 'spectrum of naloo-ossnian impulses' were described according to the notions of your favorites and expressed in their language, they might be defined as follows:

  1. Every kind of depravity, conscious as well as unconscious,
  2. The feeling of self-satisfaction from leading others astray,
  3. The irresistible urge to destroy the existence of other breathing creatures,
  4. The inclination to free oneself from the necessity of making the being-efforts required by Nature,
  5. The tendency to make use of every kind of artifice to conceal what in the opinion of others are one's physical defects,
  6. Serene enjoyment in the use of what is not personally deserved,
  7. The striving to be not what one is

"This 'something' which, together with these 'naloo-ossnian' impulses, arises in the presences of specific individuals not only is the cause of 'painfully retributive consequences' for these individuals themselves but also has the particularity that, whenever one of these 'imperious tendencies' ceases to act in their presences, the radiation proper to one or another aspect of the manifestation of this 'something' has a greater effect on surrounding beings, and becomes a factor for engendering the same in them.

"In the common presence of every three-brained being, there can arise during the process of his planetary existence any one of four kinds of independent hasnamuss individual.

"The first kind of hasnamuss individual is a three-brained being who, while acquiring this 'something' in his common presence, still consists only of his planetary body and who, during the process of the sacred rascooarno is subject to the consequences of the properties of this 'something' in him and is thus destroyed forever such as he is.

"The second kind of hasnamuss individual is a three-brained being in whose common presence the 'kesdjan body' has already been coated with the participation of that same 'something', and, as is proper to such a cosmic arising, having acquired the property of 'toorinoorino,' that is, 'nondecomposition' in any sphere of that planet on which he arose, has to exist such as he is, undergoing certain transformations, until this 'something' has been eliminated from him.

"A hasnamuss individual of the third kind is a three-brained being in whose common presence the highest being-body, or 'soul,' has been coated, again with the participation of this 'something', and this highest being-body also acquires the property of toorinoorino, but this time corresponding to this highest coating, that is to say, it is not subject to decomposition, either in the spheres of that planet on which he arose, or in any other sphere of the Great Universe.

"The fourth kind of hasnamuss individual is like the third, but with this difference, that the hasnamuss of the third kind has the possibility of at some time becoming so to say 'cleansed' from this 'something,' whereas for the fourth kind this possibility is lost forever.

"That is why the fourth kind of hasnamuss is called an 'Eternal Hasnamuss Individual.'

"For these four kinds of hasnamuss individuals who have this 'something' in their presence, the 'retributive consequences' I have mentioned do not entail the same suffering, but correspond to the nature of each as well as to the 'objective responsibilities' flowing from the original foresight and hope of our Common Father for these cosmic actualizations.

"For the hasnamuss of the first kind, who acquires this 'something' while consisting only of a planetary body, the decomposition of his planetary body does not proceed according to the general rule, that is to say, all the various sensed impulses in his organism do not stop functioning simultaneously at the approach of the sacred rascooarno, that is, death.

"But the process of the sacred rascooarno already begins in him during his planetary existence and proceeds in stages, that is, one by one his 'separate spiritualized localizations' gradually cease to function in his common presence — or, as your favorites would say, in such a being first one of his brains with all its functions dies, later on, the second one dies, and only then does the final death of the being occur.

"In addition to this, after the final death, the disintegration of all the active elements of which the 'planetary body' was formed proceeds much more slowly than usual, and is subject to the inextinguishable action — lessening only in proportion to the volatilization of the active elements — of the 'naloo-ossnian impulses' sensed during his life.

"For the second kind of hasnamuss individual, in whose common presence the 'kesdjan body' has already been coated, the 'retributive consequences' are that, on the one hand, such an indeed unfortunate arising, freed from the planetary body of a three-brained being, and not having the possibility of perfecting himself independently without a planetary coating, does not succeed in eliminating from his presence this maleficent 'something,' which is not necessarily acquired by his own fault, and which always and in everything in the Universe is an obstacle to the correct flowing of the 'common-cosmic trogoautoegocratic process', and on the other hand, owing to the property of 'toorinoorino,' that is, not being subject to decomposition in any sphere of that solar system in which he arose, he must inevitably be coated in a new planetary body, usually with the exterior form of a being of a one-or two-brained system, and in view of the generally brief existence of such beings and of his not having time to adapt himself to any one exterior form, he must constantly begin all over again in the form of another being of that planet with all the uncertainty as to the result of this coating.

"And as for a hasnamuss individual of the third kind, namely, a three-brained being in whom the highest being-body has been coated, but with this 'something' participating to the extent that he has not lost forever the possibility of freeing himself from it, his fate is still more terrible For, as a higher cosmic arising predetermined by the foresight of the First Principle of everything existing to serve as a help in the administration of the enlarging world — who from the moment of his completed formation, even before being perfected in Reason, was held responsible for every subjective manifestation, voluntary or involuntary — he has the possibility of eliminating this 'something' from his presence, but solely through the action of the results of intentionally actualized partkdolgduty, that is to say, of conscious labor and intentional suffering.

"Such a higher being-body must therefore suffer unremittingly, according to the degree of 'cognizance of his own individuality,' until this 'something' is entirely eradicated from his common presence.

"As a place for the suffering existence of the high orders of hasnamuss individuals, the Higher Sacred Individuals have intentionally allotted from all the large cosmic concentrations four small planets, disharmonized in their subjective functioning and situated in various most remote corners of our Great Universe.

"One of these four disharmonized planets, called 'Retribution,' is specially prepared for the Eternal Hasnamuss Individuals, and the other three for the higher being-bodies of hasnamusses who still have in their presence the possibility of ridding themselves at some time or other of this maleficent 'something. '

"These three small planets exist under the names of:

  • Remorse of Conscience
  • Repentance
  • Self-Reproach

"Here it is interesting to note that from all the highest being-bodies that have been coated and perfected in every kind of exterior form of three-brained being of the whole Universe, only 313 have, so far, reached the planet Retribution, two of whom had their arising on your planet, and one of these is the highest being-body of precisely this Lentrohamsanin.

"On that planet Retribution, the Eternal Hasnamuss Individuals must constantly endure those incredible torments called 'inkiranondel,' which are like the suffering of 'remorse of conscience' only much more intense.

"The greatest anguish of this state of the highest being-bodies is that they must always endure these terrible sufferings, fully conscious that there is no hope whatever of their coming to an end. "

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 415-417

"Now as regards the second fact I mentioned, this was due to the following events:

"You must remember that among the learned beings who were then gathered in Babylon from almost the whole planet, some had been brought there by coercion by the aforementioned Persian king, and others had come of their own accord, drawn by that famous question of the 'soul And among the beings brought there by coercion were some who were not, like the majority, 'learned beings of new formation,' but who, with a sincerity proceeding from their separate spiritualized parts, strove for high knowledge with the sole aim of self-perfection.

"Owing to their genuine and sincere strivings, to the corresponding manner of their existence, and to their being-acts, this small number of beings, even before their arrival in Babylon, had been considered 'initiates of the first degree' by those terrestrial three-brained beings worthy to become 'all-rights-possessing initiates according to the renewed rules of the Most Saintly Ashiata Shiemash.'

"And thus, my boy, when I began frequenting this club, it became evident to me, both from conversations with its members and from other data, that these few terrestrial learned beings, who were sincerely striving to perfect their Reason, had from the beginning kept to themselves in the city of Babylon, and never mixed in any of the affairs in which the general mass of Babylonian scholars very soon became involved.

"These few learned beings kept themselves apart, not only in the beginning when all the others established a meeting place in the very heart of Babylon, where for their better mutual support, both material and moral, they founded a central club for all the learned beings of the Earth, but also later on, when the whole body of learned beings split into three separate sections, each having its independent club in a different part of the city, these initiated beings identified themselves with none of the three sections.

"They existed in the suburbs and scarcely ever met any of the main body of learned beings, and it was only a few days before I was admitted as a member that they united for the first time for the purpose of organizing the club of the 'Adherents of Legomonism. '

"These few learned beings I am speaking of had all without exception been brought to the city of Babylon by coercion and were for the most part among those taken by the Persian king from Egypt.

"As I learned later, this union of theirs had been brought about by two learned beings who were 'initiates of the first degree.'

"One of these two terrestrial initiates, who had his arising among a race of beings called the 'Moors,' was named Kami el-Norkel. The other learned initiate was named Pythagoras, who had his arising among the Hellenes — those who were afterward called 'Greeks.'

"These two learned beings, as it later became clear to me, happened to meet in the city of Babylon and, during what is called an 'ooissapagaoomnian exchange of opinions,' that is, during one of their conversations, the question arose, 'Which forms of being-existence can serve the welfare of beings of the future?' They came to the conclusion that in the course of changing generations of beings on the Earth a very lamentable phenomenon occurs, namely, that for some reason or other during the processes of reciprocal destruction called 'wars' and 'popular uprisings,' numbers of initiated beings of all degrees are invariably destroyed and, together with them, there are also destroyed forever many legomonisms — the sole means by which information about former real events on the Earth is transmitted and continues to be transmitted from generation to generation.

"When these two sincere and honest terrestrial beings ascertained what they considered so 'lamentable a phenomenon,' they deliberated a long time and decided to take advantage of the exceptional gathering of so many learned beings in the same city to confer together for the purpose of finding some means of averting at least this distressing phenomenon, which proceeded on the Earth owing to the abnormal conditions of the life of man.

"And it was for this very purpose that they organized that club and called it the 'Club of the Adherents of Legomonism.'

"So many like-thinking beings at once responded to their appeal that two days after my admission, the enrollment of new members was closed.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 521-524

"You should know that in general the quality of the composition of the blood in the common presence of your favorites, as in all three-brained beings, depends on the number of being-bodies already completely formed in them.

"Blood, in the presence of three-brained beings, may be composed of substances arising from the transformation of three distinct and independent 'cosmic sources of actualization.'

"The substances of that part of the being-blood designed by Nature for serving the planetary body arise from the transformation of substances of that planet on which the given being is formed and exists.

"But the substances designed for serving the kesdjan body of the being, which in their totality are called 'hanbledzoin,' are obtained from the transformation of elements of other planets and of the sun itself of that system where this three-brained being has the place of his arising and existence.

"Finally, that part of the being-blood which almost everywhere is called the sacred 'aiëssakhladonn,' and which serves the highest part of the being called the 'soul,' derives from the direct emanations of our Most Holy Sun Absolute.

"Substances required for the blood of the planetary body of beings enter into them through their 'first being-food' or what your favorites simply call 'food. '

"But the substances needed both for coating and for perfecting the 'higher being-body,' that is, the 'kesdjan body,' enter into their common presence through their 'breathing,' and through certain what are called 'pores' of the skin.

"As for the sacred cosmic substances required for the coating of the 'highest being-body,' which they call the 'soul,' these substances can be assimilated and correspondingly transformed and coated in them, just as in us, only through the process of what is called 'aiësiritoorassian contemplation,' actualized in their common presence with the conscious participation of their three independent spiritualized parts.

"You will be able to understand about all those cosmic substances with which the three independent being-bodies are coated and perfected in the common presences of certain of your favorites only when, as I have already promised, I tell you about the fundamental cosmic laws of world-creation and world-existence, nevertheless, to throw more light on our present subject, it is necessary to explain a little about the changed form of actualization in the common presence of your favorites of the 'second being-food' automatically taken in by them.

"At first, after the destruction of the organ kundabuffer, when they, like all the other three-brained beings of our Great Universe, had a 'fulasmtamnian existence,' this second being-food was transformed normally, and all the principal elements composing it — those which arise from transformations on their own planet and those which flow into their atmosphere from transformations in other concentrations of their solar system — were assimilated by their common presences according to definite data already in them, and the surplus of certain of the component elements of this food, not used by individual beings, passed automatically, as with us, into the possession of meritorious beings around them.

"But later, as I have already said, when most of them began to exist in a manner unbecoming to three-brained beings, Great Nature was constrained to change their 'fulasmtamnian existence' into an existence according to the principle of itoklanotz And from then on, in the presence of most of them, owing to their abnormal being-existence, those definite crystallizations foreseen by Great Nature which compose the most important part of the second being-food and which, when assimilated by beings, are transformed into substances for the coating and perfecting of their 'kesdjan body,' gradually ceased to be assimilated either consciously or automatically for this purpose And since these substances, transformed in other cosmic concentrations, kept on flowing all the time into the atmosphere of their planet, there arose in recent centuries among your unfortunate favorites yet another new 'disease' with a specially harmful action upon them.

"The point is that, not being used up for their predetermined purpose, these definite cosmic crystallizations, in the course of displacements of the atmosphere, concentrate in certain atmospheric strata and enter into your favorites, from time to time, in accordance with external surrounding conditions as well as with the inner state of their common presence, which by the way depends chiefly on the form of their mutual relationships And so these cosmic crystallizations enter into them as into apparatuses foreordained by Nature for the transformation of cosmic substances needed for serving the aims of the Most Great Common-Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat and, not meeting with 'substrata' to this planet, even before these transformations are complete, produce upon planetary bodies the action which is characteristic of this specific new disease.

"Here perhaps I should add that this disease, with such a definite cause, was given different names by your favorites at different times on various parts of the surface of your planet, and the contemporary beings likewise give it different names and wiseacre in all sorts of ways to explain its origin "Among the many names for this disease of theirs the most widely used at the present time are 'grippe,' 'influenza,' 'Spanish influenza,' 'dengue,' and others.

"As regards the second kind of being-food, the absorption of which continues among beings even until now, ever since your favorites lost the possibility of existing according to the fulasnitamnian principle certain of its elements continue to serve only for assisting the transformation of the first being-food and for removing from the planetary body certain elements that have already been utilized.

Beelzebub's Tales p. 638

"Although these numerous 'havatviernonis,' or 'religions, ' have absolutely nothing in common, they are all built upon religious teachings, which in turn are based solely on that, in the objective sense, maleficent idea that your favorites call 'Good and Evil ' This idea, which strictly speaking was the chief factor in the gradual dilution of their psyche, has quite recently been the cause of grave events among the blissful 'highest being-bodies' or, as they are called there, 'souls,' who dwell on that holy planet toward which we are falling at the present moment.

From: Beelzebub's Tales pp. 645-822
Beelzebub's Tales p. 645

"The 'Fathers of the Church' in the Middle Ages probably concocted this mixture for the benefit of their own 'shops' and the 'shops' of their assistants, because of the famous 'Paradise' and 'Hell' contained in that doctrine.

"So at the present time, in place of the teaching of the divine teacher Jesus Christ, which revealed the power of the All-lovingness and All-Forgivingness of our Creator suffering for beings, a teaching now exists that our Creator torments the souls of His followers. "

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 666-667

"But probably, my dear boy, you know nothing as yet about this sacred process?

"The sacred 'almtznoshinoo' is the process by means of which certain three-centered beings, who have been able to attain the coating of their own kesdjan bodies up to completed functioning and to a definite degree of Reason, intentionally bring about the coating or, as is otherwise said, the 'materialization' of the 'kesdjan body' of a being whose planetary body has ceased to exist, up to such a density that this second body regains for a limited time the possibility of manifesting through certain functions proper to its former planetary body.

"This sacred process can be carried out upon the kesdjan body of a being who during his existence has also brought his higher being-body up to completed functioning, and in whom the Reason of this body has been brought up to the degree called the sacred 'being-mirotzinoo. '

"In our Great Universe, besides the process of the materialization or intentional coating of the kesdjan body of a being whose planetary body has ceased to exist, there is another process called the most sacred 'djerymetly'  And this other most sacred process consists in this first of all the highest being-body, namely, the 'body of the soul,' is intentionally coated, and only after that, as in the first case, is the sacred 'almtznoshinoo' actualized.

"Of course it is possible to carry out these processes only if such higher being-bodies are still in those spheres which are in contact with the atmosphere of the planet where these 'holy sacraments' are performed.

"Furthermore, these 'materializations,' evoked intentionally and consciously by certain beings, can exist, and a connection and communication with them can be maintained, only as long as these beings consciously feed the kesdjan body with their own sacred 'aiëssakhladonn.'

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 698-699

"And now, my boy, after everything I have just explained to you we can return to the question of why and how the 'highest being-bodies' or, as your favorites call them, 'souls,' began to arise in our Universe, and why our Uni-Being Common Father turned His divine attention particularly to these cosmic arisings.

"The point is that when the 'common-cosmic harmonious equilibrium' had been established and regularized in all the cosmoses of different scales, then in each of the tetartocosmoses, that is, those relatively independent 'aggregates of microcosmoses' that had their arising on the surface of the planets — where the surrounding conditions accidentally corresponded to certain data present in these cosmoses, enabling them to exist for a certain period of time without 'seccruano' or, in other words, without 'constant individual tension' — the possibility appeared of independent automatic movement from one place to another on the surface of these planets.

"Thereupon, when our Common Father Endlessness perceived this automatic movement of theirs, there arose in Him for the first time the divine idea of making use of it as a help for Himself in the administration of the enlarging world.

"From that time on He began to actualize everything for these tetartocosmoses along such lines that the inevitable 'okrualno,' that is, the periodic repetition in them of the completing process of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, could be accomplished in such a way that, under the conditions of a certain kind of change in the functioning of the common presences of some of them, there would be transformed and crystallized, in addition to the crystallizations that had to be transformed for the purpose of the new common-cosmic exchange of substances, also those active elements from which new independent formations could be coated in them with the inherent possibility of acquiring 'individual Reason.'

"That this idea arose then for the first time in our Endlessness we can also hear from the words of the sacred canticles with which, at all divine solemnities, our cherubim and seraphim extol the marvelous works of our Creator.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 701-704

"Now I must explain to you in greater detail in what sequence this sacred rascooarno occurred to these first tetartocosmoses and how it occurs now to the three-brained beings.

"At first the 'second being-body,' or 'kesdjan body,' and 'third being-body' separate themselves from the fundamental 'planetary body' and, leaving it behind on the planet, rise together to the sphere that is the place of concentration of those cosmic substances from which the 'kesdjan body' of a being is formed.

"And only at the end of a certain time does the principal and final sacred rascooarno occur to this 'two-natured arising,' after which the 'highest being-part' becomes an independent Individual with its own individual Reason.

"Formerly, that is, prior to the 'chootboglitanical period,' it was only after the second process of the sacred rascooarno that this sacred cosmic actualization became worthy of being united with the presence of our Most Most Holy Sun Absolute or went to other cosmic concentrations where such independent holy Individuals were needed.

"And if at the approach of the final process of the sacred rascooarno these cosmic arisings had not yet attained the required gradation of the sacred scale of Reason, these 'highest being-parts' had to exist in that sphere until they had perfected their Reason to the required gradation.

"Here it is impossible not to take notice of the objective terror of the already formed 'highest being-parts' who, owing to all the results unforeseen from Above in new cosmic processes, have not yet perfected themselves to the necessary gradation of Reason.

"The fact is that, in accordance with various second-order cosmic laws, the 'kesdjan being-body' cannot exist long in this sphere, and at the end of a certain time must decompose, even if the 'highest being-part' existing within it has not by that time attained the requisite degree of Reason As long as this 'highest being-part' has not perfected its Reason to the requisite degree, it must always be dependent upon some kesdjanian arising or other, so that immediately after the second sacred rascooarno every still unperfected 'highest being-body' enters a state called 'teshgekdnel' or 'searching for a similar two-natured arising corresponding to itself,' in the hope that as soon as the highest part of another two-natured arising perfects itself to the required degree of Reason and undergoes the final process of the sacred rascooarno, and before the rapid disintegration of its kesdjan body is clearly sensed, this first 'highest being-body' might instantly enter that other kesdjan body and continue to exist in it for its further perfecting, a perfecting which sooner or later must inevitably be accomplished by every arisen 'highest being-body.'

"And that is why, in the sphere to which the higher being-parts rise after the first sacred rascooarno, that process takes place called the 'okipakhalevian substitution of the external part of the soul,' or 'substitution of a new kesdjan body for the old one.'

"Here it might as well be mentioned that your favorites also have a representation somewhat similar, as it were, to the 'okipakhalevian substitution ' They have even invented very clever names for it, 'metempsychosis' and 'reincarnation,' and in the last century have created around this question a branch of their famous 'science' which gradually became, and still is, one of those minor maleficent factors which in their totality are making their Reason, already strange enough without this, always more and more 'shooroombooroom,' as our dear Mullah Nasr Eddin would say.

"According to the fantastic theories of this branch of their 'science,' now called 'spiritualism,' they assume among other things that each of them already has a 'highest being-part' or, as they call it, a 'soul,' and that this soul is constantly undergoing reincarnation — something like this 'okipakhalevian substitution' of which I have just spoken.

"Of course, if these unfortunates were to take into consideration that, according to the second-order cosmic law called 'tenikdoa,' or 'law of gravity,' this being-part, in the rare cases when it does appear in them, rises from the surface of their planet immediately after the first rascooarno — or as they express it, after the 'death' of the being — they would perhaps understand that the explanations and proofs given by this branch of their 'science' for all sorts of phenomena supposedly produced among them by these fantastic 'souls' of theirs are merely the fruits of their idle fancy; and they would then realize that everything else 'proved' by this 'science' is nothing but Mullah Nasr Eddin's 'twaddle.'

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 730-735

"Now let us talk about the perfected 'highest being-bodies,' or 'souls,' who came to this Holy Planet Purgatory, to which all my explanations have referred.

"Well . . .

"At the beginning, when all the higher being-parts arose and were perfected in beings up to the required sacred gradation of Objective Reason — that is to say, when in accordance with the 'lower Mdnel-In' of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, thanks to the second being-food the 'kesdjan body' was formed in beings, and in accordance with the 'higher Mdnel-In' of the same sacred law, thanks to the third being-food the third and highest 'being-body' was coated and perfected — then these completely perfected highest being-parts, after their separation from the lower being-parts, were deemed worthy to be immediately united with the Most Most Holy Prime Source and began to fulfill the purpose divinely foreordained for them.

"And thus it continued right up to the time of that terrifying cosmic event which, as I have already told you, is now called the 'chootboglitanical period'

"Before that common-cosmic misfortune, all the 'highest being-bodies' that arose and were perfected in certain tetartocosmoses and in their first descendants were immediately united with the Most Most Holy Protocosmos itself, because their common presences were still actualizing the results fully corresponding to it.

"Before this terrifying cosmic event, the sacred Theomertmalogos that issued from the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute was still in a pure state, without any admixture of extraneously caused arisings having their own subjective properties, and when this sacred Theomertmalogos entered the spheres of those planets on which the sacred crystallizations arose, whose transformations through 'beings-apparatuses'' served for the coating and perfecting of higher being-bodies, these latter acquired presences exactly corresponding to the required conditions of existence in the sphere of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute.

"But after that common-cosmic misfortune, on account of which the sacred Theomertmalogos began to issue from the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute with the admixture of subjective properties coming from extraneously caused arisings, from that time on, the sacred 'highest being-bodies' no longer had the possibility of corresponding to the required conditions of existence in the sphere of the Most Most Holy Prime Source.

"This admixture of extraneously caused arisings took place in the sacred Theomertmalogos owing to the following and, I must add, unforeseen causes.

"When each perfected 'highest being-body' becomes an independent Individual and acquires its own law of the sacred Triamazikamno, it begins to emanate similarly to the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, but in miniature And when a great many of these perfected independent Sacred Individuals had been assembled on the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, then between the emanations of these Sacred Individuals and the atmosphere of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute there was established what is called a 'geneotriamazikamnian contact, ' which brought on this terrible misfortune for the 'perfected highest being-parts' of which I have just told you.

"To be sure, the action of the results of this 'geneotriamazikamnian contact' soon became harmonized with the already existing action of our Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, and, from then on, the emanations of the sacred Theomertmalogos had to be changed, and the first consequences of this disastrous contact brought about a change in the harmonious movement of many solar systems and produced a disharmony in the inner functioning of certain of their planets.

"It was just then that there broke away from the solar system Khlartoomano that famous planet with quite exceptional particularities, which exists alone in space, at the present time this planet is called 'Remorse of Conscience. '

"This 'geneotriamazikamnian contact' consisted in this in the atmosphere of the Most Most Holy cosmos and reached certain planets on which highest being-bodies were continuing to arise in beings And these unusual vibrations began to be transformed and crystallized with the sacred Theomertmalogos, thus participating in the coating of the 'highest parts' of these beings.

"And from that time on, these sacred arisings contained special properties in their presences, due to the fact that certain manifestations of the other parts of the being in whom these sacred arisings were being coated began to enter and be assimilated in the composition of these higher parts, producing very unusual results which came to be called, and are called even now, 'sins of the body of the soul.'

"It was just on account of those unusual results that these cosmic formations, even if perfected to the required gradation of Objective Reason, ceased to correspond in their common presences to the conditions of existence in the sphere of the Most Most Holy Protocosmos, and from then on lost the possibility of being deemed worthy to unite themselves with it.

"Well then, as soon as the facts became known about the helpless position of these highest being-bodies who had become 'independent cosmic Sacred Individuals,' perfected in Reason, but whose presences no longer corresponded to the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, our All-Loving Creator, in His infinite justice and mercy, at once took all the corresponding measures demanded by this unforeseen and sorrowful phenomenon.

"This grievous phenomenon indeed placed these Sacred Individuals in a desperate situation because they had no possibility, on account of those 'sins' in their presences, of uniting with the Bosom of the Prime Source of the Great Whole, yet at the same time, having attained that gradation of the sacred Scale of Reason which subjects them to the second-order cosmic law named 'tetetzender,' they had lost the possibility of free existence on the surface of ordinary planets.

"Among the various divine measures undertaken was the issuance of His decree to choose the very best planet in the whole of our Great Megalocosmos, to adapt its surface in a special manner, and to reserve it for the further free existence of these highest being-bodies that were perfected in Reason, so that they might have all the possibilities of purifying themselves from the undesirable elements in their presences.

"It was then that for the first time this holy planet received the name of 'Purgatory,' and its chief organization and government were undertaken at his own wish by our All-Quarters Maintainer, the Great Arch-Cherub Helkgematios, that same great Helkgematios who after the creation of the world first merited the sacred Anklad, that is, first attained that degree of Reason which is the highest that can be attained by an independent Individual, whatever his nature, and which is the third degree below the Absolute Reason of our Endlessness.

"Although this holy planet is indeed the very best in every respect, as you have seen for yourself, and everything on its surface is of such a quality that it is always perceived, as I have already said, 'iskoloonizinernly,' in other words, 'bliss-fully-delightfully,' by each independent Individual, yet for these perfected highest being-bodies who exist there this is of no account, since they are always deeply absorbed in their intense work of purifying themselves from those undesirable elements which have entered their presences for reasons totally foreign to their individuality.

"In the common presences of these unfortunate highest being-bodies, perfected in Reason to the highest limit attainable by ordinary higher cosmic Individuals, there is one single datum which occasionally engenders in them the impulse of hope that they may at some time purify themselves and have the happiness of uniting with, and becoming a particle of, that 'Greatness' which our Omnipotent All-Just Common Father Endlessness actualizes for the welfare and happiness of everything existing in our Megalocosmos.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 737-738

"In spite of the fact that the initiates of that epoch were still relatively normal responsible beings who did not change their ideals as easily as most contemporary beings — for instance, as easily as the 'London fou-fou-klé'' change their gloves — yet the psychosis which then seized all these strange three-brained beings, in their desire to find out at any cost whether they had a 'soul' and whether it was immortal, was so strong and so widespread that this unhealthy need of their psyche stirred up and infected the minds of even the genuine initiates there, who under the influence of this psychosis introduced into the legomonism relating to the Holy Planet Purgatory such a 'khaboorchooboor' that, from sheer pleasure, the tail of our Lucifer turned a shade of the color 'tango.'

"The confusion in the minds of the initiated beings of the planet Earth at that time came about, in my opinion, chiefly because of that beautiful theory of the Babylonian dualists, according to which there exist in some other world a 'paradise' and a 'hell.'

"And it was just these two expressions, namely, 'paradise' and 'hell,' which in my opinion were the cause of all the subsequent twaddle.

"The point is that one of the legomonisms about the Holy Planet Purgatory indeed contained both of these words, 'paradise' and 'hell. '

"But I do not know whether the two words used by the Babylonian dualists were taken directly from the legomonism or whether they were used by coincidence.

"Be that as it may, in the legomonisms about the Holy Planet Purgatory these two words express the following concepts the word 'paradise' referred to the magnificence and richness of that holy planet, and the word 'hell' referred to that inner state experienced by the highest being-bodies who dwell there — that is, a state of constant anguish, grief, and oppression.

"One of the legomonisms even gave a detailed explanation of the causes of this state of theirs, it was said that these 'highest being-parts,' or 'souls,' having finally reached this holy planet after incredible sufferings and conscious labors, and having seen and understood the reality and significance of everything existing, and above all seeing our Common Father Endlessness Himself so near and so often, became aware that because of the undesirable elements present in them, they were still unable to help Him in the fulfillment of His most sacred tasks for the good of our whole Megalocosmos.

"And so, those two words were evidently just why the poor initiates of that time, infected by the general psychosis, imagined that in that fantastic and beautiful theory of the future 'Babylonian hasnamusses' the same things were spoken of, only more fully, and they then began half-consciously to insert certain details from this fantastic theory into the legomonisms concerning the holy planet.  After-ward, all this information, passing from generation to generation, blossomed out with such embellishments as our dear Mullah Nasr Eddin expresses by the one word, 'khralkanatonschachermacher. '

Beelzebub's Tales p. 811

"Having said this, Hadji Asvatz Troov rose and made a gesture of prayer, evidently for the repose of the soul of his friend, and then motioned with his head for us to follow him.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 821-822

"Then the dervish Hadji Asvatz Troov sat down beside us again and, having outwardly regained his calm, continued to speak:

" 'On the fourth day after the death of my dear mother, I was sitting in my room in despair, wondering what would become of me.

" 'Just then in the street near my window a wandering dervish began chanting his sacred canticles.

" 'Looking out of the window and seeing that the dervish was old and had a benign face, I suddenly decided to ask his advice, and immediately sent my servant to invite him in.

" 'When he had entered and, after the customary greetings, was seated on the "mindari," I told him of the state of my soul, without concealing anything at all.

'' 'When I had finished, the dervish became deeply thoughtful, remaining silent for some time, then he looked at me steadily and said, as he rose from his place.

"There is only one way out for you — devote yourself to religion."

" 'Having said this, he walked away intoning a prayer, and left my house forever.

" 'After he had gone, I again began to ponder.

" 'This time, the result of my pondering was that the same day I decided, irrevocably, to enter a "brotherhood of dervishes" — not in my native country but somewhere far away.

" 'The next day I began to divide and distribute all my wealth among my relatives and the poor, and two weeks later I left my native country forever and came here to Bukhara.

From: Beelzebub's Tales pp. 824-1134
Beelzebub's Tales p. 824

" 'Ekh! Friend of my friend! Now that you know the state of my soul, I beseech you, can you explain to me through what supernatural force the boil that should infallibly have been formed on your left leg did not appear?

Beelzebub's Tales p. 918

" 'It made provision, as is said, both for the soul and for the body, and even gave all the necessary indications for a peaceful and happy existence — and all this was foreseen with surpassing wisdom, in order that this religion might continue to be suitable for people even of much later epochs.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 949-953

"And so, my boy, soon after my friends, the senator and his wife, came back from Siberia and I was free from the obligations I had taken upon myself toward my pet, their youngest daughter, there took place the aforementioned incident which served as the starting point of my special observations and studies of this maleficent contemporary question.

"This sorrowful event occurred in St Petersburg, in another educational institution of the same kind.

"The headmistress of this institute, finding that one of her pupils had behaved contrary to their famous 'rules of decency,' reprimanded her so harshly and so unfairly that, as a result, the accused and her friend — two growing girls, having the germs of the data for becoming normal 'womenmothers '— hanged themselves.

"My investigations into this case brought the following to light.

"It seems that among the pupils of this establishment was a certain young girl named Elizabeth, who had been brought by her parents from their distant country estate to the capital in order that there, in this 'institution of higher learning,' she might receive the most modern education.

"At the boarding school in St Petersburg, this thirteen-year-old Elizabeth became great friends with another young girl, named Mary, who like herself was not yet developed.

"That year on the day of the 'spring holiday' or, as it is otherwise called there, 'May Day,' all the pupils of the institute were taken, according to custom, on an outing into the country The two 'bosom friends' happened to be in different groups which were walking at some distance from each other.

"Out in the fields Elizabeth happened to see not far off a certain quadruped animal called a 'bull,' and not wishing her bosom friend, Mary, to miss seeing this dear animal, she shouted, 'Mary! Mary! Look, there's a bull!'

"No sooner had she uttered the word 'bull' than all the what are called mistresses swarmed around this poor Elizabeth, vehemently upbraiding her.

" 'How dare you utter the word "bull"! Don't you know that that quadruped animal occupies itself with what no well-brought-up person would on any account speak of, still less a pupil of such a genteel institute as ours?'

"While the mistresses were berating this poor Elizabeth, all the pupils of the institute gathered around them, and the headmistress herself came up and, having learned what it was all about, began in her turn to castigate Elizabeth.

'Shame on you!' she cried, 'Using a word considered so very, very indecent.'

"At last Elizabeth could contain herself no longer and, bursting into tears, she asked:

'But what should I have called that quadruped animal if it actually is a bull?'

" 'The word you have used for that animal,' said the headmistress, 'is what the riffraff call it. But you, since you are here in the institute, are no longer one of the riffraff, so you should always find out how to call indecent things by names that do not sound indecent to the ear.

'For instance, when you saw that indecent animal and wanted your friend to look at it, you should have called, "Look, Mary, there goes a beefsteak," or "Mary, look, there goes something that is very good to eat when we are hungry," and so forth.

"All this made poor Elizabeth so distraught — especially as she was being reprimanded in the presence of all her friends — that she could contain herself no longer, and cried out with all her might.

" 'Oh, you wretched old maids! Striped hobgoblins! Spawn of deepest hell! Just because I called a thing by its name, you instantly begin to suck my blood. Be thrice damned.''

"Whereupon she fainted, at which the headmistress herself fainted, followed in turn by several class mistresses and inspectresses, who also fainted.

"As for the class mistresses and inspectresses of this genteel institution who had not fainted, they then raised such a hullabaloo as normally occurs only in the town of Berdichev when the Jewish women are bargaining in the marketplace.

"The upshot of it all was that when the class mistresses and inspectresses who had fainted recovered their senses, they held what is called a 'teachers council' then and there in the field, under the presidency of the headmistress, and it was decided that immediately on their return to town, they would telegraph Elizabeth's father to come for his daughter, as she was expelled from the institute with loss of the right to enter any other similar institution in the Russian Empire.

"That evening, an hour after the pupils returned, one of the porters of the institute happened to find in the woodshed these two young, as yet undeveloped future mothers, hanging by ropes fastened to the beams.

"In Mary's pocket a note was found with the following contents:

'I am heart and soul with my dear Elizabeth, and no longer wish to live with nonentities like you, so I am going with her to a better world.'

"This case interested me so much that I began, privately of course, to investigate psychoanalytically, from every aspect, the psyche of all those taking part in this sad story.

"I understood, among other things, that at the moment of her violent outburst, the psyche of poor Elizabeth was in a state of what is called 'chaos.

"And indeed it would have been astonishing if such 'chaos' had not existed in the psyche of this thirteen-year-old girl, not vet conscious of herself, who before this miserable event had always lived on her father's estate, where she had seen and felt the same richness of nature as on that day in the meadows near the city of St Petersburg.

"She had been brought to that stifling, noisy city and had been kept shut up for a long time in an improvised cage. Then suddenly she found herself in an environment where every fresh impression awakened memories in her of all kinds of wonderful sensations.

"On your planet, during the early days of spring there are sometimes scenes of almost irresistible loveliness Picture to yourself the following:

"In the distance, cows are at pasture, nearby, at one's feet, snowdrops shyly peep out of the earth, a little bird flies by one's ear, on the right a quite unknown bird is singing, and on the left, the sense of smell is quickened by the perfume of some hidden flower.

"In short, at a moment like this, a being as young as Elizabeth, finding herself in the midst of such an abundance of all kinds of rich impressions after a long period of oppressive existence in a suffocating city, would experience a natural being-joy which aroused in her a whole world of associations.

"And Elizabeth must have felt this especially keenly, since before attending the institute she had always lived, as I have already said, on her father's large estate, which lay far from the exceedingly abnormal conditions of urban life.

"Thanks to this, every new impression would naturally call up in her earlier childhood memories, connected in their turn with various other pleasant impressions.

"So it is not difficult to picture to yourself that the sudden appearance of that quadruped animal called 'bull,' reminding her of the one at home on the farm of her father's estate — and which had enjoyed the affection of all the children, who secretly even took it bread from the table — set off in this impressionable young girl an impulse for corresponding associations resulting in a feeling of sincere happiness, and since she was still unspoiled by the conditions of being-existence abnormally established there, she instantly wished to share her happiness with her bosom friend who was some distance off, and shouted to her to look at that dear 'bull.'

"Now I ask you, what should she have called this quadruped being, since it actually was a bull?

"Should it really have been 'beefsteak'? — as advised by the 'honorable' headmistress of this 'honorable' higher educational institution, created especially for the 'education of children' according to that barbarous system existing at the present time, to their misfortune.

Beelzebub's Tales p. 1011

"To tell the truth, my boy, I did not understand at once all that he told me, it all became clear to me only later when, during my studies of the fundamental cosmic laws, I learned that these sacred substances 'abrustdonis' and 'helkdonis' are precisely those substances which enter into the formation and perfecting of the higher being-bodies of the three-brained beings — that is, the 'kesdjan body' and the 'body of the soul' — and that the separation of the sacred 'askokin' from the two other substances proceeds when beings, on whatever planet they may be, transmute these sacred substances in themselves for the forming and perfecting of their higher bodies, by means of conscious labor and intentional suffering.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 1021-1022

Having said this, Beelzebub became silent and looked expectantly at his grandson who, as though talking to himself, asked very sadly in a voice of despair.

"How will it all end? Is there really no way out?

"Must those unfortunate souls who were formed on that ill-fated planet really remain eternally unperfected and be endlessly coated in various planetary forms, languishing everlastingly on account of the consequences of the properties of that accursed organ kundabuffer, which for reasons extraneous to them was implanted in the planetary bodies of the first three-centered beings of that ill-fated planet?

"Where then is that pillar upon which, as it were, our whole Megalocosmos rests, and which is called 'Justice'?

"No! . . . It cannot be! Something is wrong . . . because during the whole of my existence, not once has the smallest doubt ever crept into me that Objective Justice exists.

"I must see this clearly and understand it . . . why? why?

"At any rate, from this very moment, it will be the aim of my existence to understand clearly why the souls arising in those terrestrial three-centered beings are in such an unprecedentedly terrible situation. . . "

Having said this, poor Hassein, as though overwhelmed, bowed his head and became deeply thoughtful.

Beelzebub gave him a strange look — strange, because in this look his love for Hassein shone through, and at the same time it could be seen how glad he was that his grandson was experiencing such sorrow.

Their silence lasted a fairly long time At last Beelzebub heaved a deep sigh, as though from the depths of his being, and turned to his grandson with the following words:

"Yes, my dear Hassein . . .

"Certainly there is something not quite right here.

"But if nothing could be done by that Being who has now the Reason of the sacred 'Podkoolad' and is one of the first assistants of our Endlessness in the government of the world, namely, the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash — if even he could do nothing for the beings of that planet, what can we say, we whose Reason is scarcely higher than that of ordinary beings?

"Do you remember how the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash, in his deliberations under the title of 'The Terror of the Situation,' said.

" 'If it is still possible to save the beings of the Earth, Time alone can do it.'

"As for us, we can only say the same thing in regard to this terrible property of theirs we have just been speaking of, that is, their periodic need to destroy each other's existence.

"For the moment, we can only say that if this property of the terrestrial beings is to disappear from that unfortunate planet, it will be through Time alone, either under the guidance of a Being with very high Reason or thanks to certain exceptional cosmic events.

Having said this, Beelzebub again turned to Hassein with that same strange look.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 1027-1032

"Many years had passed since I began sending these etherograms to Tooilan, and I never knew what became of them until the day I was informed about those turbulent events on the planet Purgatory.

"It transpired that the high governor of the Holy Planet Purgatory, His All-Quarters Maintainer the Arch-Cherub Helkgematios, happening to learn that one of the assistant directors of the etherogram station, Tooilan, periodically received long etherograms from his father in the solar system Ors, expressed the wish to be made acquainted with their contents It turned out that he not only became much interested in them himself, but even requested your uncle Tooilan to reproduce their contents regularly on the 'toolookhtertzinek' — which is to a certain degree similar to what is called on Earth the 'radio' — so that some of the 'highest being-bodies' dwelling on the holy planet might, if they wished, by way of relaxation, listen to this information about the psyche of those peculiar three-brained beings inhabiting one of the very remote corners of our Megalocosmos.

"Your uncle Tooilan did as he was requested. Whenever he received etherograms from me he reproduced their contents on the common planetary 'toolookhtertzinek,' and in this way all those righteous souls dwelling on the holy planet were kept informed of my observations and investigations of that strange psyche of the beings of the planet Earth.

"From then on, certain of the highest being-bodies on the holy planet, who were following all my observations very attentively, began to ponder on this strange psyche.

"This pondering of the blessed highest being-bodies led them to understand that something was wrong with the psyche of the three-brained beings of the planet Earth, and they even became suspicious about the origin of this 'something wrong'; and ultimately many of them became seriously indignant at what first seemed to them to be an injustice from Above.

"The more these indignant 'righteous souls' shared their impressions with others, the greater their number became, so that everywhere in the 'zarooariakhs,' that is, the 'towns' and 'villages' of the holy planet, they thought and deliberated among themselves only about this.

"The result of it all was that the inhabitants of the holy planet chose fifty righteous souls to undertake a Joint investigation and to find out the true reason why such an absurdity existed in the psyche of the three-brained beings of the planet Earth, preventing all possibility of self-perfecting for the 'highest being-part' which, for various reasons, sometimes arises in certain of these beings also.

"The chosen fifty righteous souls were precisely those who had already become worthy to be candidates for returning to the Most Holy Source of everything existing.

"His All-Quarters Maintainer, the Arch-Cherub Helkgematios, the governor of the holy planet, not only sanctioned the choice of these fifty blessed souls but, by his own all-gracious decision, expressed the desire to help them in every way in fulfilling their undertaking.

"And so, my boy, when these fifty candidates for the Sun Absolute undertook their investigations, it became evident to them, after long and complicated research, that the fundamental cause of all the abnormalities in the psyche of the three-brained beings arising on this planet was a very definite concept, now rooted in them, that there exist, as it were, outside the essence of beings, two diametrically opposite factors — the principle of Good and the principle of Evil — which are the instigators of all their good and bad manifestations.

"They further established that this universally disseminated and maleficent idea, the data for which are gradually crystallized in each of these beings during their formation in preparatory age, alre  ady dominates their common psyche by the time they reach responsible age, so that on the one hand, it becomes a means of calming themselves and justifying all their manifestations and, on the other, it is the fundamental factor impeding the possibility arising in certain of them for the perfecting of their highest being-part.

"When the righteous inhabitants of the holy planet were convinced of all this, they began to consider and deliberate among themselves how to find a way out of the situation and what they could do on their part.

"As it was related to me, they began to hold meetings and conferences everywhere, in all the 'zarooariakhs,' to try by collective effort to reach some decision and, after long deliberations and complicated 'balloting' by the righteous souls of each zarooariakh, as well as between different zarooariakhs, in the end the following resolution was almost unanimously adopted.

" 'First, to lay a petition at the feet of our Maker Creator that He in His Providence send to the three-brained beings of the planet Earth a Messenger from Above with all the data corresponding to such Reason as could enable him to find on the spot a possibility of uprooting this idea, and second, inasmuch as the appearance on the Earth of so maleficent an idea was, and still is, the fundamental cause of the terrible fate of all the sacred highest being-parts arising there, to venture with contrition to ask of our Common Father not to allow the highest being-part of that terrestrial three-brained being who was to blame for the arising of that idea to be taken on to the holy planet, even if this highest being-body is perfected to the required gradation of Sacred Reason, but to doom it to exist eternally on the planet "Remorse of Conscience.

"Well, my boy, the dwellers on the holy planet had no sooner adopted this resolution than such a 'turmoil,' as I expressed it, broke out there that even now, not one of the Sacred Individuals who knows this epic story can recall it without shuddering.

"This turmoil began in the following way:

"As soon as the resolution was carried, it was decided, on the initiative of the fifty chosen candidates for the Sun Absolute, to undertake to find out just which terrestrial three-brained being — having perhaps his highest being-part already formed in him — was responsible for the arising on your planet of this maleficent idea.

"According to this inquiry, it turned out that the three-brained being who gave the first impulse toward the crystallizing of that maleficent idea was a certain Makary Kronbernkzion, whose highest being-part, perfected to the required gradation of Reason, was found worthy to go and was already dwelling on the holy planet, and was even considered as one of the first candidates to be taken on to the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute.

"As I afterward heard, when this became generally known, a 'groan,' so to say, went up over the entire holy planet, and not a single righteous soul there could think about this terrible fact without remorse.

"For nearly a quarter of a year they did nothing but debate this unprecedented calamity back and forth, and in each zarooariakh commissions and subcommissions of every kind again set to work to find a way out of the extraordinary situation that had arisen.

"The result of it all was that they adopted the following resolution, based on the same principles.

" 'To sustain the first common planetary resolution that was passed concerning the highest part of Makary Kronbernkzion, but to lay at the feet of His All-Gracious Endlessness the plea of all the dwellers on the holy planet to mitigate that terrifying sentence. '

"And so, at the next appearance on the holy planet of our All-Gracious Creator Endlessness, this request was laid at His feet.

"It is said that our Creator Endlessness thought for only a moment, and then graciously consented to command this deserving soul to continue to exist on the holy planet until the future results of his evil deed were fully known.

"In spite of the fact that this completely formed highest being-part was the fundamental cause of the impossibility of the complete self-perfecting for all the highest being-bodies that arise in the presences of certain three-brained beings of your planet, our Common Father evidently gave this merciful command because He hoped that these beings would perhaps finally realize their errors themselves, and begin to exist as is becoming to three-centered beings And in that case there would be no need to inflict this terrible punishment on the highest part of that being who, without yielding to adverse conditions independent of himself and much stronger than his possibilities, and struggling mercilessly with his own inevitable denying principle, had been able to perfect himself to a degree that permitted him to attain the threshold of the Principle of everything existing in the Universe.

"Owing to the command given by our All-Gracious Creator, the highest part of this poor Makary Kronbernkzion still exists on the holy planet and his future now depends exclusively on the three-brained beings who have taken your fancy.

Beelzebub's Tales pp. 1129-1130

The point is that these investigations and experiments showed me definitely and clearly that in her infinite care, Mother Nature has foreseen the possibility for beings to acquire the kernel of their essence, that is to say, their own "I," even after they have reached responsible age.

The foresight of our just Mother Nature consists in our case in this, that the possibility is given us, in certain inner and outer conditions, to cross over from one stream into the other.

The expression "the first liberation of man," which has reached us from ancient times, refers to just this possibility of crossing over from the stream that is predestined to disappear into the nether regions into the stream that empties itself into the vast spaces of the boundless ocean.

But to cross over into the other stream is not so easy "merely to wish and you cross " For this, it is first of all necessary consciously to crystallize in yourselves data for engendering in your common presence a constant, unquenchable impulse of desire for this crossing, and then afterward to undergo a long corresponding preparation. For this crossing you are required above all to renounce everything that you consider "riches" in this stream of life, but which in reality are automatically and slavishly acquired habits. In other words, you have to die to everything that makes up your ordinary life. It is just this death that is spoken of in all religions. This is the meaning of the saying which has reached us from remote antiquity, "Without death no resurrection," or in other words, "If you do not die, you will not be raised from the dead. "

It is not a question of the death of the body, since for such a death there is no need of resurrection. For if there is a soul and, moreover, an immortal soul, it can dispense with a resurrection of the body. Nor is resurrection needed for our appearance before the Last Judgment of the Lord God, as we have been taught by the Fathers of the Church. No! Even Jesus Christ himself and all the prophets sent from Above spoke of the death that can occur here in this life, that is to say, of the death of that "tyrant" from whom proceeds our slavery, and solely on the liberation from whom depends the first chief liberation of man.

Beelzebub's Tales p. 1134

The bottles of this divine liquid were buried in all probability by monks who had lived in this place, far from worldly temptations, for the salvation of their souls.

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