Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Technology of the Soul

contexts1From: Open SETI

Technology of the Soul. Technology, Soul. Now there is a provocative juxtaposition of terms. The reader (that is, you) likely wants to know WHAT these two words are doing together like that. What could they have to do with one another?

Before attempting to reply, I would like to place before you an article by Paul Davies40 (2003): E.T. and God (Could earthly religions survive the discovery of life elsewhere in the universe?). Get it? God:Soul. E.T.:Technology. Davies' topic is grander than mine, which by comparison is a mere detail.

But Davies' is somehow more acceptable, isn't it? Why is this?

Please take a few breaths here.

In the Introduction to Open SETI I did say that we would approach our subject on the level of myth, and that our modern world view is but one possible myth. People, I said... not know that they have simply chosen their myth. They believe that they possess knowledge of their general cosmic situation, so far as is possible for anyone to obtain such knowledge, and that there is little point attempting to learn any more about it. People are also being taught, usually subliminally, about what is important and what is not. In fact, people's beliefs about what is true and what is important are fed to them by society's institutions. Thus people in their beliefs are vulnerable to manipulation at every level.

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