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  Update: Nov. ’17  

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Following about six weeks of back and forth with the template developer (customizing this installation), I've had about a month to "try it out" and am now very happy with the results! Also:

  • One new ebook (The Rape of the Mind).
  • Four new import/updates from Gaian Corps.
  • Quick tour of a few new fun features.
  • Club 451.
  • Update on Perpetual Presence.
  • Beginning analysis of "the Public Domain".
Posted on 04 Nov 2017
New fun features
The Tabs

The biggest change is in the number of tab sets. In the previous version, and as a result of publishing Xenology, I had set up (100) sets of tabs (90 sets actually used in Ver1). Even with 100 sets, I had to ration them, and could have used more. With the new version of the template, and with the developers assistance, there are now an unlimited number of tab sets. The same tabs were coded differently and really have no upper limit on the number of sets available. Xenology Ver2 will use over 150 sets, and probably more.

Also with this new version, there are a few tabs that are narrower than the standard width


5px padding-1

5px padding-2

5px padding-3


10px padding-1

10px padding-2

10px padding-3


15px padding-1

15px padding-2

15px padding-3


18px padding-1

18px padding-2

18px padding-3

Also, I am aware of the problem of the tabs sometimes overlapping when the page narrows, as in the image at right.

I've put in a request with the template developer to see if there is a solution to this problem, and did reveive a response about the issue. The solution they came up with does not reduce the size of the tabs, but it does keep them from overlapping on each other. Good enough for now.

ReadMore ReadLess

After a short time using the two column format to display articles, I wished I had something that would flip open some addition text — mainly to use in the IntroText of an article — to make it easier to keep the displayed text short in length, and equal to its opposing article's length. I asked the developer if they could make such a thing, and they came up with the ReadMore / ReadLess function.

The "slide" as it is called works fine in the IntroText section of an article, if you go to any section, the HomePage for example, you can find many examples of the ReadMore function operating properly — displaying text hidden until ReadMore is clicked. In all of these examples, the "data-height" variable is set to "0".

However I can't figure out how to make it work when the slide is located in the main body, as in this example.

I made this as an example to use for trying to figure out how to get it to work here. I think the problem is how the "data-height" variable works?

In the IntroText, I am not using the "slide" the way it was designed, but it works for me in the way I want, so good enough (maybe someday I'll figure out the variable).

In this instance, the variable is set to 80

But as you can see, clicking ReadMore causes text to disappear. This is the same text which is contained in the slider, which is supposed to be hidden until being displayed when clicking ReadMore.


image 1

The previous version came with four different styles of toggles, as does the current version.

I used this toggle to display a larger image, as does the example on the rigjt.

However, when the larger image was clicked, the smaller image remained, at the bottom of the large image.

However I requested a couple of changes

First was to reduce the height of one toggle, as in the example on the right

image 1

The second change was to make another, new toggle with a disappearing row

The bottom toggle on the right has this "disappearing image" feature.


Finally on today's tour is the "LightBox" — a function that displays a larger image in a popup "lightbox".

Not as much need to use the toggle as in the previous example to display larger images.

This function works great!

Club 451

Club 451 is an idea to setup a trust or nonprofit whose purpose is to publish and maintain a library of books in html, using the tabbed-pages format.

In the movie, Farenheight 451, each member of the outcast community committed to memorize one book, and in the final scene of the movie, an old guy is seen reciting to and teaching a youngster about the book he has memorized.

In Club 451, a person could donate to provide for a book being published and maintained, for example.

Perpetual Presence

Haven't made much progress here, other than to mostly rule out anything that is available on the internet. What I'm seeking for this website, does not exist as a commercial enterprise — at least as far as I can determine.

Probably need at least a trust, if not a nonprofit, to accomplish what I'd like to see. At some point, I'll have to learn more.

"the Public Domain"

What is the Public Domain for published material? For now, all I've got is what's at Wikipedia.

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