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the old site back together.

Joseph Campbell maybe said it best, "Follow your Bliss."  Throughout my life, for me this has meant "just be yourself." Somehow, I learned at an early age to not follow the crowd and to do things differently, not simply to be contrary, but more-so to follow my conscience.

I've created this website for several reasons:

  • as part of my ongoing effort to not inner consider
  • to aid in revealing Deception-Division-Domination
  • to provide background information about my life
  • a venue to explore unusual events and extraordinary coincidences
  • the backstory of conclusions expressed at Gaian Corps
  • to try to pay back for all I've been given
  • to remember always and everyday that one day I will die.

As all of this website – a work in progress.

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What's New

Born in Akron, Ohio

Born in Akron, Ohio I was born in Akron General Hospital on August 15, 1950. My birth certificate says it was at 11:53 pm. At that time, I had two older brothers, Rick who was 3-1/2 and Bob who was 9. My father's name was Robert Reese Lutz, and my mother's maiden...

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Holiday Inn Express

No, I'm not really an engineer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night GE WattHour Meter  … or Part 1 of avoiding being drafted into military      service during the Vietnam War. In my senior year in high school )1968-1969), I was forced to think about what I would do, once I...

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Tuckerman's Ravine

I skied here two different times – spring '68 and spring of '69 – both years were years of exceptional snowfall, with a record 566.4 in (1,438.7 cm) during the 1968-69 season. Not nearly as many people were skiing as is evidenced in these videos.

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Cub Reporter

Cub Reporter I do not remember how I got started, but while I lived on King Street, I published a one page neighborhood newsletter. Not much to it, I'd go around and talk to people and ask them what's new, or if they had plans for some event or whatever. …

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Move to the South

In the summer of 1961, the family moved from Michigan to High Point, North Carolina. My dad quit his job at Woodard Furniture Company (he thought the brothers that owned it were "pricks") and took a job as vice-president and sales manager of Hatteras Yacht Company – a newly formed...

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Homemade Go Cart

Homemade Go Cart When I was nine years old, and soon after moving from East North Street in Owosso, to the house on King Street, my father brought home a go cart one day. If I remember correctly, he picked it up at a boat show, and was probably some kind...

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The Wanderer

My first year in High Point was 1961. I was in the 6th grade. The Wanderer made it to the top of the charts in December 1961. I remember going to a party at the house of my first friend in High Point (it was about 2 blocks from my house). This...

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Needles & the house on M…

Needles & the house on Maple St My earliest memories are of Manistee, Michigan and the house on Maple Street, where we lived from 1954 to 1955. It was a large, two-story house with a basement and a huge, multi-story (3) garage. A doctor owned the house, and my parents only rented...

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Hatteras Yachts History

From: Yacht Forums Hatteras Yachts is a legend that began on the shores of North Carolina. Willis Slane’s vision became a reality when their first sportsfishing yacht was launched in 1960. Breaking with all tradition, Slane chose a new material – fiberglass – to build the noteworthy yachts that launched...

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