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  The High-Fivers  

It was the tail-end of a bleak November 2001: a pall of shocked numbness hung over the country, and a rising war hysteria had nearly everyone cowed. Americans were just beginning to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and focus on what had happened, and how to react. It was very early on the morning of the 23rd when, scanning the headlines, I came across a Washington Post story by John Mintz: “60 Israelis Detained on Tourist Visas Since Sept. 11.” Odd, I thought, why go after the Israelis, probably the least likely suspects?

The subhead was even more intriguing: “Government Calls Several Cases ‘of Special Interest,’ Meaning Related to Post-Attacks Investigation.” Apparently organized groups of Israelis had been arrested, and “dozens” held without bond. Inquiries to the Justice Department had yielded this response:

“In several cases, such as those in Cleveland and St. Louis, INS officials testified in court hearings that they were ‘of special interest to the government,’ a term that federal agents have used in many of the hundreds of cases involving mostly Muslim Arab men who have been detained around the country since the terrorist attacks.

“An INS official who requested anonymity said the agency will not comment on the Israelis. But he said the use of the term ‘special interest’ means the case in question is ‘related to the investigation of September 11th.’”

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  9/11 is the Litmus Test  

There is one thing that defines everyone over the course of these early years of this new century. That thing is the 9/11 attack.

Everyone in government and every field of endeavor the world over is defined by their position on this event. It is not necessary to know the truth. It is only necessary to know the extent of the lies in order to define any leader in any position anywhere in the world.

By what they have said and by what they have not said, one can accurately judge who is an enemy of the people's of the world. One can accurately determine who is a tool of the psychopaths or one of them.
(Video removed from youtube? Saved copy is below)

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 Eleven enduring mysteries of 9/11 

Today, as the world pauses to remember the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks on the United States, it is also important to remember the inexplicable things that happened – and didn’t happen – that tragic day.

After all, 9/11 is responsible for diminishing hard-fought US civil rights, as well as triggering wars around the world.

Without wandering into the deep grass of conspiracy theory, here are 11 well documented mysteries of 9/11 that warrant a real investigation into the two hours that changed the course of world history.

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  9/11 Pentagon Footage Fraud  
pentagon missile 01

I have been following this event for the past 10 years, but until today (September 14, 2011) I had never seen this footage in the video below which was taken by a helicopter flying over the Pentagon at the time of the impact on 9/11/2001.

While OutcastUNO's analysis of the Pentagon impact video is interesting and another piece of evidence of the fraud, the clip from the helicopter is what caught my attention.

Watch the video and beginning at 4:56 is shown the video taken from the helicopter. The best images begin at 5:09. Admitedly, it is from a distance and a little difficult to say exactly what it was that hit the Pentagon, but clearly it was not a Boeing 757. It looks like a missile to me!

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  Collateral Damage  
the sower

On September 11, 2001 three hijacked airliners hit three separate buildings with such precision and skill that many observers believe those flights were controlled by something other than the poorly trained hijackers in the cockpits.

This report contends that not only were the buildings targets, but that specific offices within each building were the designated targets.

  • These offices unknowingly held information which if exposed, subsequently would expose a national security secret of unimaginable magnitude.
  • Protecting that secret was the motivation for the September 11th attacks.
  • This report is about that national security secret: its origins and impact.
  • The intent of the report is to provide a context for understanding the events of September 11th rather than to define exactly what happened that day.

Initially, it is difficult to see a pattern to the destruction of September 11th other than the total destruction of the World Trade Center, a segment of the Pentagon, four commercial aircraft and the loss of 2,993 lives. However, if the perceived objective of the attack is re-defined from its commonly suggested ‘symbolic’ designation as either ‘a terrorist attack’ or a ‘new Pearl Harbor,’ and one begins by looking at it as purely a crime with specific objectives (as opposed to a political action), there is a compelling logic to the pattern of destruction. This article provides research into the early claims by Dick Eastman, Tom Flocco, V.K. Durham and Karl Schwarz that the September 11th attacks were meant as a cover-up for financial crimes being investigated by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), whose offices in the Pentagon were destroyed on September 11th.1

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  The Banality of Evil  
parasitic evil

9/11 and Al Qaeda: The price of victory … Is Al Qaeda finished? As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 nears, it would certainly be welcome news that the organization that carried out those attacks has been defeated. … On Sunday, The Times reported that Al Qaeda's reputed second in command, Atiyah Abdul Rahman, had been killed in Pakistan. … And what's the big picture? As the story says: Rahman's death is likely to lend credence to a view in some U.S. policymaking circles that Al Qaeda's defeat is within reach. – LA Times

Dominant Social Theme: Get 'em, and make sure they're dead. Then things will be all right again.

Free-Market Analysis: This blog opinion from the "Times Opinion Staff" offers nothing much new in this retrospective on 9/11. As the tale of 9/11 continues to "age out" such articles shall become more common. They partake of what was once called the "banality of evil" – as their starting point is the deliberate falsehood of the 9/11 myth itself.

This banality of evil is intensely dangerous. Inevitably, the lack of truth gives rise to subtle oppression, and then eventually to obvious genocide. Those leaders that have taken their countries down such a road cannot sleep well at night. They think of nothing but murder and retribution.

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  9/11 Airplane Video Composites  
pinocchio s nose 800

I bring 22 data sets to test two competing hypotheses:

  • The real airplane hypothesis – A real Boeing 767 airplane flew into WTC2 on 9/11.
  • The video composite hypothesis – The jet crash was faked by inserting airplane images into otherwise authentic video footage.

Each data set is considered under both hypotheses. I explore every explanation that has been offered by supporters of the real airplane. I apply the principles of video compositing, of Newtonian Physics, of logic, and of common sense.

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  September 11: The New Pearl Harbor  
investigate 911

September 11: The New Pearl Harbor is a 5-hour documentary that summarizes 12 years of public debate on 9/11. All the most important issues in the debate are presented in full detail showing both positions of those who reject the official version: the 9/11 Truth Movement and those who support it called "debunkers.

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  Katastrophic Treason  
katastrophē 800

When historians mark the day when America's constitutional republic was hijacked from within and manipulated to violate the American people's best interests they won't point to September 11, 2001. The American republic was overthrown long before Bush Jr. stole the White House in 2000. The government-orchestrated 9/11 attacks merely marked a new stage that is part of a longer bipartisan plot to overthrow America's system of government and bring it under a new world order with a whole new system of checks and balances in which the people and U.S. constitution play no part whatsoever.

Despite all kinds of evidence, people are quick to deny that high treason is happening in America. A lot of people, including educated professionals, never leave la la land, and continue believing government myths and the hijacked government's official history of events like the JFK assassination, the MLK assassination, and 9/11.

In any country and in any era it is important how we view history because our perception of the past is critical to understanding the motives and aims of our leaders and institutions, and what historical direction their policies are taking us.

Overthrowing a nation requires first and foremost the rewriting of its history, and the traitors and tyrants who stole America from the American people know this truth very well. They made sure to cover up big events and acts of national sabotage like the murder of John F. Kennedy in 1963, the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964, the sinking of the USS Liberty in 1967, and the false flag 9/11 attacks in 2001. The mainstream media and all the agencies of the U.S. federal government are all complicit in these acts of treason and war crimes.

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