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AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, & Empire:The Deadly Virus of International Greed Source
AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire: The Deadly Virus of International Greed

It is a mistake to think that wars only concern armies involved in active engagement. Nothing is farther from the truth. The real forces of evil wage a financial war. The dark princes of debt finance have gained leverage over every important social, economic, and political institution-including the health care delivery system.

In AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire, author Nancy Turner Banks draws the connections between free market strategies, the destruction of national sovereignty by the process of globalization, and AIDS as one of the health consequences of a neo-Darwinian philosophy. Through meticulous research, Banks found a medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex that was taken over one hundred years ago by the titans of financial capitalism. Their aim was to create profit, not to conquer disease. This book of social history points to a cauldron of historical events that contributed to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire tells the dramatic story of a financial ideology that is damaging to everything that it means to be human. It is the story of profits over people. In the end, it is the story of hope and how we can regain our sanity and our health in a world gone mad.


This book is dedicated with endless love and gratitude to my mother,

Martha Smith, who taught me the lesson of unconditional love.

And to my friend Eugene Wyatt who came into my life

to share his boundless energy and joie de vivre.

They both left much too soon.


  • Factors Known to Cause False-Positive HIV Antibody Test Results … ii
  • Soft Money Contributions … iii
  • AIDS: A Small Timeline of a Large Syndrome … iv
  1. The Big Lie and the Art of War … 1
  2. Silent, Weapons … 9
  3. The Brothers Flexner, Allopathic Medicine, Lessons Learned from the British East India Company … 16
  4. HIV/AIDS: Sloppy Science or the Art of Deception? … 23
  5. The Deindustrialization of the Economic Core, More Immune Toxins, How China Fits into the Big Picture and the Death Knell for Dollar Hegemony … 32
  6. The British East India Company, Opium is King … 41
  7. Jackic-O’s Men, Drugs, Diamonds, and Oil for Empire, the AIDS Crucible … 49
  8. Maurice Tempelsman, HIV/AIDS and the U.S.—Israeli African Geopolitical Strategy … 58
  9. Kissinger and Nixon: China, Vietnam, Drugs, Cancer, and the HIV Connection … 65
  10. Iran-Contra and the Politics of Neighborhood Destruction and Cultural Disintegration, Oxidative Stressors and African AIDS … 73
  11. SMON, Pellagra, The Eugenics Blueprint for Creating and Sustaining a Medical Crisis … 79
  12. Burroughs Wellcome, the Eye of the Storm, Why Aids Drugs Cause AIDS … 86
  13. Why HIV is not Transmitted Sexually … 92
  14. What You Don't Know About the HIV Antibody Test Can Kill You … 99
  15. What Is Causing Immune Deficiency? … 106
  16. Overcoming the HIV/AIDS paradigm by using “The Secret” … 113
  17. Therapeutic Considerations for HIV Positive and Aids Patients … 121
Factors Known to Cause False-Positive HIV Antibody Test Results1

1 Christine Johnson, “Whose Antibodies Are They Anyway?” Sept./Oct., 1996, Continuum. [LINK]
  • Anti-carbohydrate antibodies
  • Naturally-occurring antibodies
  • Passive immunization: receipt of gamma globulin or immune globulin (as prophylaxis against infection which contains antibodies)
  • Leprosy
  • Tuberculosis
  • Mycobacterium avium
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Renal (kidney) failure
  • Hemodialysis/renal failure
  • Alpha interferon therapy in hemodialysis patients
  • Flu
  • Plu vaccination
  • Herpes simplex I
  • Herpes simplex II
  • Upper respiratory cract infection
  • Recent viral infection or exposure to viral vaccines
  • Pregnancy in multiparous women
  • Malaria
  • High levels of circulating immune complexes
  • Hypergammaglobulinemia (high levels of antibodies)
  • False positives on other tests, including RPR (rapid plasma reagent) test for syphilis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Tetanus vaccination
  • Organ transplantation
  • Renal transplantation
  • Anti-lymphocyte antibodies
  • Anti-collagen antibodies (found in gay men, haemophiliacs, Africans of both sexes and people with leprosy)
  • Serum-positive for rheumatoid factor, antinuclear antibody (both found in rheumatoid arthritis and other autoantibodies)
  • Autoimmune diseases: Systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, connective tissue disease, dermatomyositis
  • Acute viral infections, DNA viral infections
  • Malignant neoplasms (cancers)
  • Alcoholic hepatitis/alcoholic liver disease
  • Primary sclerosing cholangitis
  • Hepatitis
  • "Sticky" blood (in Africans)
  • Antibodies with a high affinity for polystyrene (used in the test kits)
  • Blood transfusions, multiple blood transfusions
  • Multiple myeloma
  • HLA antibodies (to Class I and II leukocyte antigens)
  • Anti-smooth muscle antibody
  • Anti-parietal cell antibody
  • Anti-hepatitis A IgM (antibody)
  • Anti-Hbc IgM
  • Administration of human immunoglobulin preparations pooled before 1985
  • Haemophilia
  • Haematologic malignant disorders/lymphoma
  • Primary biliary cirrhosis
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome
  • Q-fever with associated hepatitis
  • Heat-treated specimens
  • Lipemic serum (blood with high levels of fat or lipids)
  • Haemolyzed serum (blood where haemoglobin is separated from the red cells)
  • Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Globulins produced during polyclonal gammopathies (which are seen in AIDS risk groups)
  • Healthy individuals as a result of poorly-understood cross-reactions
  • Normal human ribonucleoproteins
  • Other retroviruses
  • Anti-mitochondrial antibodies
  • Anti-nuclear antibodies
  • Anti-microsomal antibodies
  • T-cell leukocyte antigen antibodies
  • Proteins on the filter paper
  • Epstein-Barr virus
  • Visceral leishmaniasis
  • Receptive anal sex
Soft Money Contributions

2 Herron, Robert, “Why Are The NSC and CIA Managing America’s Global Campaign Against Aids?”
“The US Governments Worldwide Campaign Against AIDS Will Kill Millions of People with the Side Effects of Highly Toxic Anti-HIV Drugs,” Oct. 2001. [LINK]

Soft Money Contributions by Anti-HIV Medication Producers to the Democratic and Republican Parties in the 1997-1999 Election Cycle2

Pharmaceutical Company

Democratic Party

Republican Party

Abbott Laboratories
Bristol-Myers Squib
Eli Lilly
Glaxo Wellcome



AIDS: A Small Timeline of a Large Syndrome

1931: The Nobel Prize in Biochemistry awarded to Otto Warburg for his proof of the fermentative energy production of cancer cells.
1930s: Antibiotics are manufactured for the first time.
1961: Introduction of the birth control pill jump-starts the sexual revolution.
1966: Otto Warburg speaks at the conference of the Nobel Prize winners in Lindau and explains that "the cause of no illness is known better than cancer...” [i.e. inhibition of the oxidative mitochondrial respiration]
Since 1960s: Azathioprine given after organ transplantations, in order to inhibit the cellular immunity and thus the rejection of the transplanted organ.
1961: Azidothymidine (AZT) is found in herring sperm, with identical azide group as azathioprine.
1964: AZT is synthetically manufactured.
1965: AZT tested as an anti-cancer chemotherapy in rats with leukemia. The animals further developed lymphatic cancer, which made plans for clinical trials in humans grind to a halt.
mid-1960s: Respectable cancer researchers stop their search for cancer-causing viruses.
1969: The antibiotic Bactrim (aka Septra/Septrin) entered the pharmaceutical market, at first hailed as a miracle drug because of the dual-punch combination of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole, by which it was hoped to sidestep the problematic development of microbial drug-resistance.

1970: In animal experiments it was proven that the trimethoprim in Bactrim suppresses the cellular immune function, and that this immunosuppressive power is comparable to that of Azathioprine. Additionally it was shown that after a normal therapeutic dosage and duration, systemic Candida fungal infections occurred (one of the most frequent AIDS indicator diseases).
1970: US researchers discover the enzyme Reverse Transcriptase (RT). It was wrongly assumed to occur exclusively in RNA tumor viruses, which were subsequently called retroviruses. It was maintained that a retrovirus would transcribe its RNA into human DNA, which could then result in cancerous cellular transformations.
1971: Just before the Watergate scandal exploded, Nixon proclaims the War on Cancer. The largest investment of funds in the history of medicine to date became focused on the hunt for cancer retroviruses.
1971: Publications of several different research groups prove that RT occurs in nearly all forms of cellular life, and is not specific to retroviruses. Under the direction of Luc Montagnier at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, accurate rules were codified for the proof and the isolation of retroviruses in human tumor cells. RT and other indirect and nonspecific markers no longer applied as proof of isolation.
1974: The first medical cases of microbial resistance against Bactrim are published.
1975: Bob Gallo of National Cancer Institute in the USA claims the first isolation of human retrovirus in leukemia cells, HL23V. Scientific peer-review showed that the previously codified rules had not been followed, and his proof of isolation was declared invalid. After close examination with electron microscopy, it was shown that the alleged retroviral particles emerging from the leukemia cells were nothing more than cellular waste and stress proteins. [Also the antibodies were shown to cross react with a wide variety of nonviral stimuli] The rules of the Pasteur Institute were designed to prevent such mistakes as this. Bob Gallo was humiliated as a scientific counterfeiter, and hurried to correct his “mistake”.
1977: In the US under President Carter, and soon after in the UK, patent protection was granted for manipulations of natural cell properties. With this downfall of humankind began the race to profit from the building blocks of life itself.

Early 1980s: Trimethoprim, azathioprine and NO gas (the active substance inhaled in ‘poppers’) are shown in animal experiments to have an identical immunotoxic profile, and also to be responsible for cancer cell transformation, particularly in Kaposi's sarcoma. This carcinogenic power of nitrogen derivatives is based on, amongst other things, their ability to bind to iron-containing ‘heme’ groups in the cell organelles of the mitochondria, with associated inhibition of ATP synthesis (H. Kremer, "The Perversions of the AIDS Medicine")
1980/81: The billion-dollar Nixon project was terminated, as Retrovirus-Cancer researchers had nothing to show after a decade of work. For the second time Bob Gallo claims the alleged isolation of a human retrovirus (HTLV). Again the Pasteur rules were not followed, and again only surrogate markers were presented. (Two years later at the historic 1st International Symposium on AIDS, these laboratory artifacts of human leukemia cells were presented, then however “isolated” from T-cells of apparent homosexual AIDS patients. In each case only nonspecific surrogate markers were observed.)
1981: Studies prove that Bactrim/Septra causes substantial DNA damage in human cells after even a short duration of ingestion. Nonetheless it is still prescribed to approximately 5% of the global population.
1981: Since 1981, the distinct causal relationship between the toxic burden profile and the occurrence of the so-called AIDS-indicating diseases (opportunistic infections and Kaposi's sarcoma) was denied, albeit arbitrarily, in favor of the hypothesis of a "new type of microbe”. (H. Kremer)
1981: The historical start of the AIDS avalanche. The June 5th issue of MMWR, the monthly medical report of the CDC, outlined 5 diagnoses of pneumonia in Los Angeles. The patients did not suffer from the typical bacterial pneumonia, but rather from a rare form (PCP) caused by the pathogen Pneumocystis carinii, a ubiquitous fungal microbe that is inhaled by breathing. It has been shown that over 90% of normal children and adults have antibodies against this fungus. All of the PCP patients were treated with the chemoantibiotic Bactrim/Septra.
1982: AIDS is introduced as clinical term, and spoken of as a gay plague: an absolutely deadly epidemic, which from homosexuals to bisexuals would spread, and then on to women and their unborn babies in the womb. Reagan exclaimed that the AIDS virus, which to date nobody had actually found, was Public Enemy #1. “It was the birth of an epidemic dictate without an epidemic agent, however its discovery was imminently expected after the allotment by the Reagan administration of the largest investment of funds in medical history.” (H. Kremer)
1983: Montagnier and Gallo maintain that they both isolated HIV independently, and with it found the AIDS agent. The French team had also not applied the rules regarding the correct isolation of retroviruses, which they made at their own Institute back in 1972. Both teams published only nonspecific surrogate markers as proof. A female employee of the Montagnier team had studied isolation techniques in the laboratories of Bob Gallo. The electron micrograph (EM) photo from the French team showed a particle budding from a fetal umbilical blood cell, not from a T-cell, yet this did not raise the eyebrows of their scientific colleagues. At this point in time the French team did not state that the AIDS virus had been found, but rather spoke of the discovery of a new human retrovirus. Today, Luc Montagnier is nevertheless considered the discoverer of HIV, in reference to this publication.
1983: An International Symposium on AIDS was held at New York University Medical Center, during the month of March. It was distinctly dominated by Retrovirus-Cancer researchers, rather than epidemiologists. By some wondrous mutation, the alleged HTLV retroviruses from Bob Gallo's laboratories, which were previously defined as leukemia agents (and actually, as mentioned above, merely constituted transport-capsules of cellular waste), transformed into to AIDS microbes that destroy T-4 lymph cells, rather than transform them into rapidly multiplying cancer cells, as was previously published.
1983: At the same conference, the prominent Retrovirus researcher Lewis Thomas, head of the New York Sloan Kettering Institute (of one the main profiteers of the Nixon Cancer-Virus project), gave a keynote address and literally called for "a series of human experiments, planned and executed” in order to observe whether after blocking the cellular immunity with drugs, cancer developed or already existing tumors worsened. Hence the already dying AIDS patients were surrendered without opposition into the Retrovirus-Cancer researchers’ systematic experiments with immunotoxic chemotherapy.
1984: Bob Gallo announces his creation of an HIV antibody test. Due to their short life span, the T-cells of the AIDS patients were not suitable for mass production of similar natured antigens, and an actual retrovirus could not be isolated, so immortal human leukemia cells were co-cultivated and co-stimulated with the cell culrure. Gallo claimed that the allegedly isolated retrovirus had passed into the leukemia cells; the end result was that these normal human stress-proteins could be mass-produced and sold as test-kit antigens. This deceptive procedure was patented by Bob Gallo.
1985: The HIV antibody tests were marketed worldwide by five pharmaceutical corporations, including Eli Lily with particularly close connections to President Bush Sr.
1985: Colleagues of Bob Gallo at the US National Cancer Institute publish lab tests that showed AZT was an effective weapon against HIV. However, in accordance with Gallo's method, they had again only used overstimulated T4-lymph cells, over which they proclaimed the still unproven statement "infected with HIV". Thereafter, the first brief pilot study tested AZT on AIDS patients as "anti-HIV therapy”, with further studies on AZT treatment following. As expected, a relatively small rate of opportunistic infections occurred in the medicated group, as compared to the control group—at least in the early stages of the trial. However this was not proven beyond eight weeks of drug therapy; the study was prematurely aborted due to "ethical concerns" for the control group, and no long-term effects were studied.
1986: It was discovered that T4 cells can be separated into two types: those that produce NO gas (TH1) and those which inhibit it (TH2) [Overview with Mosmann and Coffman 1989]. Only a delicate balance of these sub-groups, between the cellular (inflammatory) immunity and the humoral (antibody) immunity, can guarantee an effective immune defense.
1987: In record time, the FDA approved AZT for use in AIDS patients by the spring. Committee members spoke of substantial political influence on the approval process.
1987: AZT fulfilled all the requirements that the Retrovirus-Cancer researchers had sought in a substance, to enable a series of planned human experiments (L. Thomas). They needed a substance that restrained the surrogate markers provoked in the test tube, in order to be able to state that this substance was effective as an anti-HIV medicine, because this was necessarily for the permission of clinical pilot studies with patients stigmatized as "HIV positive’. At the same time, this substance had to serve the actual research purpose of provoking cancer genesis via suppression of the cellular immunity. The AIDS patients should not die too rapidly from opportunistic microbes, at least not before cancer could develop. Thus this substance had to also exhibit an antimicrobial effect against opportunistic microbes, anyhow such an effect had to be at least temporarily demonstrated in clinical studies with the usual control groups. The immunotoxic, cancer-promoting effects of the substance could only be illuminated after a certain period of delay. Thus they needed a substance with an immune devastating effect similar to azathioprine, but which was not yet publicly documented. With AZT, such a substance was ripe for the picking! "The aza-group of azathioprine and the azido-group of azidothymidine (AZT) are analagous by their 3 nitrogen atoms..." (H. Kremer) After the devastating effects of AZT—which was until recently considered as the AIDS-drug par excellence and is still seen that way in Africa—had been documented, the "AIDS Cocktails” came onto the market; in which AZT is combined with a small arsenal of some 12 other substances.
1989: AZT is approved for the preventative treatment of symptom-free "HIV positives” in the USA, and a little later in Europe.

1990s: Fundamental research occurs outside the scope of AIDS, that corroborates the toxic origins of AIDS. Many human cell systems synthesize cytotoxic NO gas, in order to eliminate opportunistic microbes. Several groups of researchers proved that with too strong and/or prolonged stimulation of inflammatory (Th1) T4 cells, a counterregulatory inhibition of cytotoxic NO gas production occurs. The formation of these Th1 cells is inhibited and persistently switched in favor of Th2 cells, which do not produce NO gas but instead migrate from the bloodstream to the lymphoid organs in order to support the B cells in antibody production.
1991: It was found that T4-helper cells produce NO gas via a calcium-independent method, so that it can be produced in sustained quantities for cytotoxic (cell-killing) purposes, providing that enough of the amino acid arginine is available.
1992: Clerici and Shearer published the first paper which suggests a switch from Th1 to Th2 dominance during AIDS progression.
1993: Kary Mullis is awarded the Nobel Prize for his invention of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), a genetic laboratory method for DNA amplification. (Later this method would be used for the construction of the alleged "viral load" assay in HIV positives, which Mullis continues to sharply reprimand. In addition, the PCR method is not suitably reproducible. Becoming conscious, he further engaged the contradictions of the HIV/AIDS medical profession and until today holds to the fact that there is no publication in the scientific literature to reference as proof that "HIV is the probable cause of AIDS.")
1996: Sen and Packer publish an overview of research on the relationship between cell redox balance, inflammatory cytokines, and the transcription of DNA into proteins; this shows how cell stress can actually switching on or off certain genetic programs.
1997: Two research teams [Gluschankof et al, and Bess et al.], 14 years after the alleged discovery of HIV, for the first time apply the standard rules of retrovirus isolation. The published results shocked the scientific community: the EM photos of the concentrated "pure HIV" showed excessive cellular waste and some blister-like vesicles of completely different size and shape, which did not correspond with the characteristics maintained for many years by Gallo and Montagnier. To this day, no further EM photos allegedly showing an HIV concentrate have been published in the scientific literature, purified according to the standard rules of retrovirus isolation.
1997: In an interview with Luc Montagnier, Djamel Tahi asks why he did not follow the standard rules of the retrovirus isolation. Montagnier responds that "after a Roman effort" he could only find four nonspecific surrogate markers.
1998: The Nobel Prize in Physiology is awarded to Furchgott and Ignarro for the 1987 discovery that different body systems produce their own NO gas as a messaging chemical. Also in this same year, the Peterson/Herzenberg team discovered that the Th1/Th2 switching is controlled by intracellular glutathione (i.e. cell redox balance).
1999: After the use of about a dozen different substances in combination therapy, those similar to AZT and an entirely new substance class, the so-called protease inhibitors, exploded into an unparalleled excess of medical intoxication; the prominent "HIV" researchers admitted thar the “eradication of HIV” by means of “highly-active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)" would take 10-60(!) years. At the same time however, other HIV/AIDS researchers published that as a result of HAART itself, apart from substantial liver damage, disturbances of fat metabolism, diabetes, and various forms of multiple organ failure, above all severe DNA damage had developed within the mitochondria.

2000: "Mythos HIV" by Michael Leitner was published: an excellent, well-readable, late-breaking book.
2001: In November, "The Silent Revolution of Cancer and AIDS Medicine” by Heinrich Kremer comes on the scene and suddenly changes the whole situation. It is the first scientific documentation on the current status of the realization, a perhaps quiet, but nevertheless enormous revolution and a milestone of medicinal history.
2002: Heinrich Kremer presents at the "Congreso Mundial por La Vida" (World Congress for Life) in Barcelona, before more than 60 Spanish and international groups, a critical analysis of the prior 20 years of HIV/AIDS medicine.
2002: Meanwhile the 14th International Congress on AIDS meets in Barcelona, parallel to the alternative Congreso. It was announced that HIV could not be "defeated" by the past strategies of experimental chemotherapy. This outcome of nearly 20 years of chemotherapeutical “virus hunting” (Dr. Gallo), would only have depressed those medical doctors, who, due to lack of foundational knowledge and through the ignorance of the biotechnical lab-trickery of the inventors of the "HIV"-epidemic theory, did not see through the real intention.
2002: Deutsches Ärzteblatt, a German doctor's newsletter, gives further misconception to their professional audience, reinforcing the HIV/AIDS assumption. Under the heading “HIV, on the track for the vaccine,” the search for a so-called “naked vaccine" was publicized, a phrase that masks the fact thar it is actually applied gene therapy. In popular fashion, the title photo flaunted the absence of genuine photos, instead presenting an imaginative computer graphic of the virus. Without special training, most physicians cannot recognize that the "HIV" glycoproteins and "HIV" DNA sequences are in reality laboratory constructs, accomplished via further refinement and application of the same techniques which Bob Gallo and Luc Montagnier had already applied with the alleged "HIV" isolation.
2002: Many scandals rock the world, yet it still remains hidden to the public eye that the HIV/AIDS assumption represents a contrived house of cards that will collapse—and the sooner, the better. The knowledge around the amply investigated causes of cellular immune weakness syndromes and the knowledge around the effective balancing/compensation therapy remain suppressed. The establishment aims to 2002: mass-inoculate the globe far and wide with “HIV DNA Vaccines”, with special focus on the underdeveloped nations as risk groups. In reality, contact with tuberculosis, malarial, fungal, protozoan and worm infections is endemic in these countries. After the predictable "innoculation failure" of the mass vaccination, these peoples will conveniently be the perfect candidates for treatment with the full spectrum of experimental chemotherapy.
2006: A study is published which demonstrates a lack of correlation between so-called "viral load" and AIDS progression—one of the most common reasons for recommending antiviral drug therapy [Cohen J. Study says HIV blood levels don't predict immune decline. Science 313(5795):1868, 2006; Rodriquez B, Sethi AK, Cheruvu VK, et al. Predictive value of plasma HIV RNA level on rate of CD4 T-cell decline in untreated HIV infection. JAMA 296(12):1498-506, 2006]. Another long-term study is released that concludes that while "viral load" is made “undetectable” by HAART medication, such numerical improvements have not translated into a decrease in mortality, thus refuting the claim that long-term treatment with the newer anti-HIV medications are the reason why people with AIDS are now living longer [Lancet 368:451-58]. A more plausible explanation is that those who were most severely ill and glutathione-depleted died the earliest, leaving a remaining population of hardier AIDS patients.

For more detailed information, please read Kremer’s “The Perversions of AIDS Medicine.”

About the Author
Nancy Turner Banks, MD, MBA [Source]

Nancy Turner Banks
Nancy Turner Banks, M.D.

Dr. Nancy Banks is a graduate of Hunter College and Harvard Medical School. As a senior medical student she was awarded a scholarship from the American College of Surgeons to study surgery and tropical medicine at the Benin Medical College in Benin, Nigeria. She completed her internship and residency in general surgery and obstetrics and gynecology at St. Luke’s and Mt. Sinai Hospital and Medical Center. She was a Galloway Fellow in gynecological oncology at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Banks has a master’s degree in finance from Pace University.

Dr. Banks spent twenty-five years practicing general obstetrics and gynecology during which she was also the director of outpatient gynecology at The North General Hospital in Harlem, New York and served as an attending physician at not only North General, but Nyack Hospital in Nyack, New York, the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and the Mt. Sinai Hospital and Medical Center. She felt that it was an honor and a privilege to attend to the thousands of women who trusted her with their care as their primary care physician or as their obstetrician or their surgeon.

During her years of practice Dr. Banks was daily confronted by a caravan of drug representatives in her office and at medical conferences. She became aware of not only how the pharmaceutical industry controls the practice of allopathic medicine but specifically how the industry targets women and increasingly their children. This industry more through propaganda than science has cleverly medicalized normal life processes and transitions and has promoted the use of drugs when additional non-patentable nutrient replenishments are indicated. By reading original journal reports she learned how the industry used its money and its might to suppress countless medical discoveries. Had these discoveries not been suppressed we would not be facing the terrible current health challenges and skyrocketing costs of the insurance industry. Finally, she became acutely aware of the deception and fraud in the deliberate suppression of information about the adverse effects of their products to physicians and by extension to the public.

After being challenged with two back-to-back life threatening illnesses, Dr. Banks realized that she would have to look outside of her own discipline of allopathic medicine to learn how to heal. This was her personal “dark night of the soul”. It was a journey that gave her the courage to question the fundamental assumptions and mythologies of western medicine. Her passion has become supporting others in their search for health knowledge that is both consonant with the laws of nature and life affirming. She does this by lecturing and writing on current health, social, political and economic topics. She at one time was host of her own radio program called “Connect the Dots”.

Dr. Banks wrote AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire as a tool for all Americans to gain insight into the historical events that were planned to lead this country and indeed the global economy to the enormous social upheavals and economic crisis being currently experienced. She shows how the HIV/AIDS crisis developed from the consequences of global financial decisions made at the highest levels as the result of the Bretton Woods Agreement following WWII and the doping of America following Vietnam. She shows how these changes were planned and developed in plain sight by a “secret” high cabal. But more than anything, the book is dedicated to Africans, Africans of the diaspora and survivors of the Maafa in hope that they will at long last begin to understand the world and their place in it from a longer historical perspective than four hundred years and that the only way to take command of your future is to take control of your history--not with hesitancy, but with conviction.

Another MD Busts AIDS Clerics [Source]

Since 2006, Mexican cartels have killed 28,000 men, women and children in drug-related violence. As troubling as these numbers are, those deaths and injuries represent a fraction of those who are negligently killed or injured by US doctors and drug companies every year. Based upon admissions information, 3,607,000 patients suffered adverse drug reactions in 1994 alone.

Unlike the Mexican police forces that stage captured suspects and their profits before the international media, the pharmaceutical industry routinely pays off regulators, prosecutors and victims for their silence. Since 2004, companies like GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and Pfizer have paid $8 billion to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints after killing or injuring millions. But when a drug like Seroquel generates $4 billion/year, a $520 million fine becomes nothing more than a business expense.

To facilitate America’s progressive eugenics, drug companies pay basketball players and actors to push deadly drugs – especially in black and gay communities. But when licensed investigators and scientists question those efforts, PharmaSluts like and Jeanne Bergman rent their unused diplomas to give legitimacy to the criminal enterprise while attacking real scientists and reporters with harassing letters, gay porn and meritless complaints.

Unfortunately for Bergman and her peers, another real doctor has broken ranks with what Shannon Brownlee (author of Overtreated) identifies as drug whores.

Unlike Bergman, Nancy Turner Banks MD has actually practiced medicine and treated patients for 28 years. The Harvard Medical School graduate trained in surgery, obstetrics, gynecology and gynecological oncology and has practiced general obstetrics and gynecology for twenty-five years. She also earned an MBA in finance.

In her recently published book AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, Dr. Banks exposes the AIDS religion for the pseudoscience that it is:

It is a great mistake to think that wars only concern armies, regulars or guerillas, involved in active engagement—blowing people and things to smithereens. In today’s world, nothing could be farther from the truth. The real forces of evil wage another kind of warfare. This warfare is principally financial. The dark princes of debt finance have gained practically unopposed leverage over every important social, economic and political institution, including and especially the health care delivery system.

As a result, death by iatrogenic medicine kills more people in a year than either cancer or heart disease. The demons of capital and “free market” ideology have gained control of the pharmaceutical industry, the teaching of physicians, the major media, including medical journals and the flow of research dollars. They control a clandestine intelligence agency, the Epidemic Intelligence Service that has silently infiltrated every major health department, hospital, newspaper and medical journal across the nation enabling the control of information and the mounting of a consolidated response on a moments notice. These dollars determine if there is going to be a “war on cancer” or a “war on AIDS.”

These wars are planned and mounted with the same organizational strategic planning as the Pentagon. What this ultimately leads to is the development of bad science and toxic drugs that are created ostensibly to fight cancer and AIDS, but in effect cause more cancer and more AIDS—and that is the point of the war. People die in war and the profiteers substantially increase their wealth and power.

Dr. Banks draws the connections between free market strategies, the destruction of national sovereignty by the process of globalization, and AIDS as one of the health consequences of a neo-Darwinian philosophy. Through meticulous research, Banks found a medical-pharmaceutical- industrial complex that was taken over one hundred years ago by the titans of financial capitalism. Their aim was to create profit – not to conquer disease. This book of social history points to a cauldron of historical events that contributed to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire tells the dramatic story of a financial ideology that is damaging to everything that it means to be human. It is the story of profits over people. In the end, it is the story of hope and how we can regain our sanity and our health in a world gone mad.

Nancy Banks MD: Vaccines “Totally Useless” 2 Jan 2 2012 [Source]

After years of additional academic research, Dr. Banks published AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire, which later earned top honors as “the most progressive health book,” by the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

She recently sat down with Gary Null Ph.D. to discuss unresolved questions about vaccines, autism, allergies, HPV, immunity, and the history of pharmaceutical warfare.

Copyright © 2010 by Nancy Turner Banks

AIDS, Diamonds, and Empire: The Deadly Virus of International Greed

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  Chapters 1-8

1 – The Big Lie and the Art of War

Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur.
The world wants to be deceived so let it be deceived.

Racket: (a) a fraudulent scheme, enterprise, or activity; (b) usually an illegitimate enterprise made workable by bribery or intimidation; (c) an easy and lucrative means of livelihood.

A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.

— Saul Bellow, To Jerusalem and Back, 1976

You should never believe anyone, not even me. You can only trust your own research. If you just comfortably lie on your back and let people tell you everything then you'll get some sort of answer, mostly the wrong one.

— Dr. Kerry Mullis, Nobel Prize winner and inventor of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test
3 From the Greek iatros [physician] combined with genic [to induce or cause by physician or medical treatment).
4 Gary Null et al., “Death by Medicine.” They estimate that 783,936 people are killed annually by iatrogenic medicine. [LINK]

It is a great mistake to think that wars only concern armies, regulars or guerrillas, involved in active engagement—blowing people and things to smithereens. In today’s world, nothing could be farther from the truth. The real forces of evil wage another kind of warfare. This warfare is principally financial. The dark princes of debt finance have gained practically unopposed leverage over every important social, economic, and political institution, including and especially the health care delivery system. As a result, death by iatrogenic3 medicine kills three quarters of a million people annually—more people in a year than either cancer or heart disease.4

* The Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) is a program of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The modern EIS is a two-year, hands-on post-doctoral training program in epidemiology, with a focus on field work.
     Creation of the Epidemic Intelligence Service was proposed by Dr. Alexander Langmuir, chief of epidemiologic services, communicable disease center at the U.S. Public Health Service on March 30, 1951. Dr. Langmuir said that it was of utmost importance to planning of appropriate defense measures against biological warfare germs, development of new detection devices, and train laboratory workers for rapid recognition of biological warfare germs. It arose from biological warfare concerns relating to the Korean War.
     The Epidemic Intelligence Service was organized on September 26, 1951, with the purpose of investigating disease outbreaks that are beyond the control of state and local health departments, enforcement of interstate quarantine regulations, and providing epidemic aid at the request of state health agencies. The Epidemic Intelligence Service's first staff members consisted of 21 medical officers from the U.S. Public Health Service. [LINK]
5 Jordan Lite, “Influenza drug Tamiflu ineffective against most U.S. infection,” Scientific American, 9 Jan. 2009. [LINK]
6 Causes lung spasms, disorientation, and suicidal ideation. Not recommended for children and seniors.

The demons of capital and “free market” ideology have created an information monopoly by gaining control of the pharmaceutical industry, the teaching of physicians, the major media, including medical journals, and the flow of research dollars. They control a clandestine intelligence agency, the Epidemic Intelligence Service*, which has silently infiltrated every major health department, hospital, newspaper, and medical journal across the nation enabling its control of information and the mounting of a consolidated response at a moment’s notice. The research dollars determine if there is going to be a “war on cancer,” or a “war on AIDS,” or the promotion of the latest viral scare to sell more vaccines or worthless “anti-viral” products such as Tamiflu5 or Relenza.6 Such wars are planned and mounted with the same organizational and strategic planning as the Pentagon employs. What this ultimately leads to is the development of bad science and toxic drugs that are created ostensibly to fight cancer and AIDS but in effect cause more cancer and more AIDS—which is the point of the war. People die in war, and the profiteers substantially increase their wealth and power. The object of war is twofold: to establish power relationships and profit.

7 The Stevenson-Wydler Act required that U.S. federal laboratories actively transfer technology to American private industry and the Bayh-Dole Act allowed the recipients of government grants and contracts to patent any resulting inventions.

A more pernicious outcome of these medical wars has been the silent loss of personal sovereignty and the loss of the most sacred and inalienable right to the sanctity and security of our own bodies and the free choice and right to select the medical treatment that we deem best. Information is power, bur access to accurate medical information has become “proprietary” because of the privatizing of public resources.7 The idea that an individual has the right to be adequately informed to make a medical decision has become an arcane notion.

Centralized command and control industrial cartels have mastered the art of privatizing profits and rewards and socializing risks and obligations. Over the last one hundred years, as the result of rapid industrialization combined with cartelization, and particularly during the last fifty years, we have witnessed an unprecedented event in evolutionary biology—the massive toxic poisoning on an unimaginable scale of the human metabolic system not only from industrial products but also industrial waste and increasingly from powerful electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phone towers and other electronic devices. This pervasive human poisoning is a corporate cost that is passed on to individuals and their communities. The entire planetary biosphere is under continual siege from the widespread release of medical and industrial pollution, including heavy metals (mercury, aluminum, lead, and arsenic), carcinogens, electro-magnetic radiation and hormone disrupters. The sacred bloodstreams of our newborn infants are violated with the putrescence of contaminated vaccines of dubious effectiveness as soon as they leave the womb. This has put increasing and unremitting pressure on the human energy and immune systems and has shifted the immune system in such a way that it is less responsive to external threats and more likely to see the self as other, thus creating a rising tide of auto-immune diseases in which the body attacks itself.

Chemoantibiotics (anti [against], bio [life]), liberally given to both humans and domesticated animals, destroy the normal gut flora that aid in digestion and assimilation of our food and make it impossible to utilize the nutrition that is taken in. Many antibiotics and environmental toxins also damage a cellular organelle known as the mitochondria. It is in the mitochondria that our energy is produced in the form of a molecule of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). These fascinating organelles that at one time were ancient bacteria have their own DNA separate from nuclear DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited through the maternal germline. Because of the intentional industrial attack of these organelles with drugs and toxins, not only is permanent genetic damage being passed on to future generations but this practice is also creating a significant rise in current chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and acquired immune deficiency.

Because of the inevitable rise in environmental oxidative and nitrosative stressors, most people are in need of increased intake of certain nutrients called anti-oxidants to combat this problem. This has become more of a challenge, however, because of alterations in life style, dietary habits, farming policy and animal husbandry. Farming has been seriously altered by the application of industrial methods to large agri-businesses that process and change our food until it has lose its sacred nature. Food is now genetically modified, fertilized with artificial chemicals, irradiated, and shipped unripe thousands of miles from where it was grown. It is then gassed and colored to make it look real, and then sprayed again with more chemicals in order to preserve its shelf life. In all of this processing, much nutritional value is lost.

Domesticated animals are injected with hormones to increase their growth rate and fed antibiotics to keep them from infection while they are penned into crowded stalls on factory farms and forced to live in their own excrement. They are stuffed with feed that is unnatural to their digestive systems, which leads to unnecessary illnesses. They are brutalized by their living conditions and slaughtered using the most mindless and unsanitary methods. The spirit of the animal is destroyed.

The same financiers who took control of the nation through the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and cartelized the medical industry have done the same to agriculture. The family farm is a memory. By taking control of the food supply, they can sell genetically modified seeds and the chemical fertilizer to make the seeds grow. Their “technology agreements” have reduced many once proud and independent farmers to a state of virtual feudalism. The result of all of this adulterated food is an explosion of obesity, depression, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and cancer. The number of chronic diseases is skyrocketing even among children.

Free capital flows, liberalization of capital markets, privatization of public assets, and debt creation are not the only weapons in the armamentarium of financial warriors. They have used the untraceable flow of commodities, oil, gold, diamonds, and drugs to amass wealth, and to buy the loyalty of enemies, the silence of friends, and mercenaries to neutralize adversaries when necessary, They strategically use the import of illicit drugs to draw community resources away from hospitals, schools, libraries, and playgrounds and toward the increasing militarization of law enforcement and an ever expanding prison population. More than anything, they have used the cumulative massive intake of environmental pollutants, of toxic drugs, both legal and illegal, and the unprecedented stressor accumulation of modern life on sub-segments of the population to create the illusion of a new disease that they call AIDS—acquired immune deficiency syndrome. However, AIDS is not a disease; it is a syndrome—a collection of twenty-nine old diseases, clustered together, re-branded, and given a new scary label. It is a product marketed by fear, deception, and the creation of mass hysteria. It has been selling well for twenty-five years.

AIDS is a tragedy in two parts. The first act was created by the foreign policy decisions of the state apparatus and its historical connection to the international criminal underworld. The second act was written by the pharmaceutical industry itself. The pharmaceutical industry developed several drugs designed intentionally to suppress the immune system as well as others that had the same effect because of a similar chemical configuration. Several of these drugs were released to the mass market and were used extensively and inappropriately by an underground sector of the homosexual community who were simultaneously experimenting with psychotropics and narcotics that were illegally imported and released into the general population by the clandestine agencies of the U.S. government in league with international organized crime syndicates through foreign policy initiatives.

After years of use and abuse of these environmental toxins, some of the young men began to show up in Emergency Rooms during the late 1970s and early 1980s in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Instead of using the new environmentally created mass poisoning as a clarion call to awaken the medical community to the public health threat of environmental toxins, it was used as another marketing opportunity to identify a phantom virus and create a broader market to sell more of the same kind of toxic drugs that were so harmful.

Meanwhile, on the African continent, there was a mad race for the continuing theft of her resources. Civil strife and social disruptions were created to facilitate this process. With the fall of the minority white apartheid government of South Africa, thousands of black gold and diamond miners who had sustained lung injuries because of substandard mining conditions now had the possibility of having their day in court. The mining industry led by the DeBeers Anglo-American Corporation and other extractive industries were in a panic. Reimbursing the millions of injured black workers who had developed asbestosis and silicosis and subsequently tuberculosis from unsafe mining conditions would create an enormous unfunded expense. From a financial warrior point of view, profits, which transcend human life, had to be protected. With the fall of the Botha government, pulmonary tuberculosis suddenly became an AIDS defining disease.

8 The predominant system of medicine today that uses drugs, radiation and surgery as their means of therapy. It was a term coined by Samuel Hahineman, the father of homeopathy to indicate how these doctors used methods that had nothing to do with the symptoms of disease and would be ultimately harmful.

AIDS was created to cover both of these health crises—the toxic poisoning of young people in the West and the industrial poisoning and social disruption in Africa. It was pure insanity, bur it worked. People began to die because they were toxic from a chronic onslaught of environmental oxidative stressors. Because allopathic8 physicians are trained in recognizing and treating the infectious problems of the 19th century, the 20th century problem of systemic toxicity was misdiagnosed. What compounded the problem was an error of tragic proportions. As a result of misdiagnosis, the patients were then given more drugs with a similar chemical profile to those that were already poisoning them. The CDC in their infinite wisdom and eye for improving drug sales in service to big Pharma, then seized upon the excess deaths to publicize the lethality of a never isolated virus. It has been a high crime against humanity. A central player in this drama has been the British pharmaceutical concern Burroughs Wellcome.

9 L. Margulis et al., “Kaposi’s sarcoma in renal transplant recipients,” South African Med J, 1994
(84): 16-17. [LINK]
* This volume examines the complex medical, social, ethical, financial, and scientific problems arising from the AIDS epidemic and offers dozens of public policy and research recommendations for an appropriate national response to this dread disease. [LINK]

Burroughs was the innovator of a stable of drugs that contained the nitroso chemical group structure as a common characteristic. This is a chemical compound with a nitrogen and oxygen attachment (for example, R–NO). These particular compounds can form nitrosamines that have long been known to cause oxidative and nitrosative stress and DNA damage. These compounds are also known to be both immunosuppressive and carcinogenic. One of the Burroughs’ compounds, Azathioprine was used expressly as an immune suppressive drug for organ transplant patients so that they would stay sufficiently immune suppressed to accept a foreign graft without a rejection response. Azathioprine was known to trigger opportunistic infections, Kaposi’s sarcoma, and lymphomas in such transplant patients. These were the same diseases that were presenting in the original cohort of AIDS patients. It was also known from the transplantation literature that these cancers can spontaneously regress and the opportunistic infections improve after cessation of the drug.9 Since Burroughs Wellcome produced this drug and had access to some of the best chemists on the planet, it is unlikely that they were unaware of the innate nature of this particular class of compounds to produce transplantation AIDS. The literature was solid that azothioprine could cause an acquired immune deficiency syndrome and that the condition was reversible even in very ill organ transplant patients. It certainly was known by the boys and girls at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) when they released a rather macabre committee report titled Confronting AIDS* that outlined the strategy for selling a new sex and blood plague to the nation and for using it as a model for developing future epidemic opportunities.

Two other nitroso compounds from Burroughs Wellcome were introduced to the market and directed largely at the homosexual community who more than willingly used these chemicals to support their lifestyle choices. One was amyl nitrite, a medication that had been released as a blood vessel dilator for patients with angina, a heart condition in which contracted blood vessels cause intermittent chest pain. This drug was used more creatively in the homosexual community as a sexual doping agent because it gave a transitory high, sent blood to the penis, and relaxed the rectal sphincter, facilitating anal intercourse. The other Burroughs’ drug was Trimethaprim/Sulfamethoxazole (T/S), an antibiotic that acted as both a folate and a DNA inhibitor. The drug was often used indiscriminately and prophylactically in the sexually promiscuous gay community before a night on the town in hopes of preventing sexually transmitted diseases from multiple anonymous sexual partners in one night. In essence, this community was known to have indulged over a prolonged period in lifestyle choices and activities that included the massive ingestion of immunosuppressive and carcinogenic drugs.

While the homosexual community was being flooded with Burroughs’ immune suppressing drugs, the intelligence agencies of the United States government in league with international crime syndicates were flooding Western markets with heroin, cocaine, LSD, and a variety of psychotropic and immunosuppressive drugs as well as crack cocaine. When the young people who were generally born after WWII began to show up in clinics and emergency rooms, toxic and oxidized, they were traumatized with the idea of a deadly virus. Terrified and organized with money from the pharmaceutical industry, they clamored for the quick release of a drug that could save them. Violating all principles of safety in human experimentation, the FDA quickly approved azidothymidine (AZT). The young, frightened, and organized homosexuals, not being careful what they wished for, got their wish! Unfortunately, it was another drug from Burroughs Wellcome that had the same nitroso chemical configuration. The new toxin tipped thousands over the edge into irreversible pathology and left a generation of young people who spent the 1980s attending funerals, saying goodbye to friends and loved ones, and wondering if they were going to be next.

10 The electrical potential in the living cell that controls the initiation of many cellular processes.

So, historically, it must be understood that the medical profession was already inducing AIDS in renal transplant patients as a “side effect” of azothioprine and that immune suppressed patients were not a medical anomaly. But within an unimaginably short time frame and without a real placebo controlled double blinded study, a shelved cancer causing drug from this same nitroso stable, azidothymidine (AZT) was approved for use in “AIDS” patients. This drug simply finished what the fast tract life style and use of amyl nitrate, T/S, and multiple other drugs these young men were taking had started—an immune imbalance as the result of an oxidative alteration in the cellular redox potential10 and toxic suppression of their mitochondrial energy production at the cellular level. IV-drug users and hemophiliacs, both of whom were highly toxic from the long use of oxidative stressors, were thrown in for good measure and a bit of diversion. Over a hundred years of medical literature supported the immune suppressing effects of opiates, but IV-drug users, many of whom were black, would be the gateway to target black women as an update on the eugenics agenda. Both IV-drug users and hemophiliacs were immune stressed from long-term use of foreign proteins (hemophiliacs), and the injection of foreign substances, immuno-suppressive opiates and in the case of drug addicts, poor nutrition and repeat and chronic infections. To act dumbfounded and confused by looking for a single viral etiology of multiple diseases in the face of this “new” medical crisis was a brilliant diversionary tactic. This was simply an astounding break from precedent. Viruses have very little genetic material and it was known that one virus was associated with only one disease. Now one virus would be claimed as the cause of multiple diseases—even diseases claimed to be caused by other viruses!

This is free market capitalism! This is an economic system that sells anything—people, human organs, drugs, war, and plagues. It does not matter as long as it can be done and someone can make a profit. It is the ugly underbelly of the Adam Smith philosophy of “free markets,” and it needed a justification. They called it AIDS.

It has been more than two decades since the bureaucrats from the Reagan administration and the politburo at the Center for Disease Control claimed to have “isolated” a virus, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that was then fraudulently promoted as the cause of AIDS. They sent an ocean of fear through the universe by making an unfounded claim that AIDS was the result of this new and deadly sex and blood plague caused by HIV and was always fatal. It did not matter that the inevitability of fatality was more from a lack of medical insight than from physiological certainty. In the ensuing twenty-five years, the predicted pandemic never emerged. The theory of the virus can no longer stand up to scientific scrutiny, and in multiple studies from around the world, HIV has been shown not to be sexually transmitted. What is called HIV can barely be found in a white blood cell called a lymphocyte. The accurate “HIV” antibody test has been shown to cross-react with 70 different entities. More people are dying from the consequences of antiretroviral therapy than from AIDS, and the problems have remained confined to the original risks groups—polydrug users in the West and the poorest in Africa. HIV/AIDS is a failed theory.

11 Christine Johnson, “Factors known to cause false positive HIV antibody test results,” Continuum,
Sept.-Oct., 1996. [LINK]

The crisis that began in the early 1980s reached a peak a decade later. Just as the number of “classic” AIDS from the original cohort began to decline, the definition was suddenly expanded, thereby greatly enlarging the pool of targeted victims who were scared into the AIDS pharmaceutical nightmare as the result of an HIV antibody test. The release and promotion of the antibody tests have been the foundation of an unprecedented reign of medical terror. The first test was patented and quickly sent to market by Robert Gallo, a research scientist of questionable integrity who claimed he had “isolated” this new virus. The test was initially only designed to screen the blood supply, but was soon put to use in clinical application, thus enlarging the target market. It was never really important that this antibody test accurately predicted an early demise. It was only important that people were made to believe that this was so. While claiming the test was highly specific, it was found to react with more than 70 different conditions from tuberculosis, and malaria to pregnancy.11 This information was knowingly kept from public awareness.

In retrospect, the “AIDS” crisis never seemed to be about science. It was more about human experimentation with genotoxic drugs, about creating and expanding markets, and about using AIDS as an escape valve for corporate negligence that might mount into the billions of dollars. AIDS was a created crisis that allowed the expediting and commercialization of drugs such as AZT, a known carcinogen that should never have been approved for human use to get to market. It also was the excuse to allow an unevaluated medical product—the “HIV antibody” test—to contain those who would become victims of a massive state sanctioned poisoning of millions of people. The fraud that passes for “scientific medicine” was brought to the world courtesy of the new face of the eugenics movement. Eugenics is a point of view that believes the world would be better off by culling by various means including genocide, what they consider excess population—the useless eaters. Their programs have been funded by the same foundations, financial organizations, and people who have been promoting this elitist philosophy for well over a hundred years and who totally control the medical industry.

The official public relations campaign to convince the world of this new deadly “virus” began on May 4, 1984, when the prestigious journal Science published the first of a series of four papers by a group of scientists under the leadership of Dr. Robert Gallo that claimed the probable cause of AIDS was a new retrovirus, HTLV-III, later called the Human Immunodeficiency Virus—HIV. Gallo had previously worked under contract for Litton Bionetics, a major defense contractor involved in the development of bio-weapons. He had also been part of the vainglorious virus hunters in the failed Richard Nixon “War on Cancer” project. He was one of the same geniuses who had spent years and lots of taxpayers’ money claiming but never proving that retroviruses were causing massive cellular proliferation (cancer). Yet he would turn on a dime and say that the same type of retrovirus that had never been shown to be pathogenic in humans was now causing cell death. Money and deep politics have a way of making illogical science pass muster.

12 Janine Roberts, Fear of the Invisible: How Scared Should We Be of Viruses and Vaccines, HIV and AIDS? (Impact Investigative Media Productions, 2008). [LINK]

The original papers published in Science on which rests the entire AIDS industry, were subsequently found to have a significant number of unreported deletions and alterations that made the claim of viral isolation an absolute fraud.12 In infectious disease, the isolation of a new organism must follow precisely recognized and agreed upon protocols. Robert Koch published the basic protocols to isolate infectious bacteria in the 1890s, and they were refined in the 1960s to accommodate the isolation of viruses much smaller than bacteria that require additional isolation techniques and a photograph made by an electron microscope.

13 “Offer of Proof,”, Office of Research Integrity, US Dept. of Health and Human Services, 1993. [LINK]

Gallo never followed these protocols. One of the project researchers, Dr. Mikulas Popovic, wisely kept a duplicate of his original typewritten paper and the handwritten changes made by Gallo, after the fact of the original research and before submitting the manuscript for publication. The original research and the typewritten duplicate were produced by Popovic while Gallo was in Europe. On his return, Gallo changed the original research document by hand a few days before it was submitted to Science on March 30, 1984. According to the Office of Research Integrity of the US Department of Health and Human Services, “Dr. Gallo systematically rewrote the manuscript for what would become a renowned Laboratory of Tumor Cell Biology paper.”13 To change information in a scientific experiment that was not actually observed is an absolute lapse of scientific integrity.

The duplicate revealed that Popovic had used the specimen sent to their lab by a French research team, Luc Montagnier and Frangoise Barré-Sinoussi, of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, and renamed it Gallo’s “virus,” or HTLV-III (which eventually was changed to HIV). Further, the document revealed that Gallo had deleted this bit of scientific thievery. What has not been reported until recently (and this is the blockbuster), is that on page 3 of the same document, Gallo also deleted Popovic’s unambiguous statement that “[d]espite intensive research efforts, the causative agent of AIDS has not yet been identified” (emphasis added) and replaced it in the published paper with a statement that said practically the opposite: “That a retrovirus of the HTLV family might be an etiologic agent of AIDS was suggested by the findings.”

14 Letter to the Editor of Science, Bruce Alberts, and the CEO Alan Lechner from a group of prominent and well-respected scientists and physicians. Dated December 1, 2008. [LINK]

What is clear is that the rest of Popovic’s typed paper is entirely consistent with his statement that the cause of AIDS had not been found. At no point in his paper did Popovic attempt to conceal that he was using the specimen obtained from the Paris lab or to prove that any virus caused AIDS. It is evident that Gallo concealed these key elements in Popovic’s experimental findings.14 Popovic’s final conclusion was that the culture he produced “provides the possibility” for detailed studies. There was nothing more.

Finding and isolating a virus by the most rigorous scientific standards for making pronouncements that would have such profound life and death consequences were never the point. AIDS has become an enormous profit center buttressed by a splendid psychological operation designed to put fear into the target population and to neutralize the opposition, including injured South African mine workers who were told that the tuberculosis they suffered was the result of an acquired sexual disease instead of lung disease acquired in the mines.

In the early 1980s when a cluster of opportunistic infections and a cancer called Kaposi’s sarcoma began to show up in a small group of fast-track homosexuals the medical community missed an opportunity to connect the dots because the same problems had been seen in renal transplant patients on azathioprine. Those MDs who worked in big city Emergency Rooms had also seen the immune suppressive effects in patients who were admitted with the sequelae of chronic IV drug use, and surgeons were well aware of the probability of a poor recovery in patients who had suppressed cellular immunity as demonstrated by the inability to mount a reaction to a DTH (delayed type hypersensitivity) skin test. Physicians did not ask if there was a common link between the transplant AIDS patients, the chronic IV drug users, the anergic surgical patients, and the new AIDS patients. They did not link the fundamental problem of opiate toxicity of IV drug patients with the drug toxicity of the new AIDS patients. They did not link the defect in cellular immunity of anergic surgical patients to the same defect in the new AIDS patients. The obvious links for immune suppression were in the social history—the chronic use of nitrite inhalants, antibiotics, narcotics, and a much stressed lifestyle with a history of multiple sexually transmitted infections and bowel diseases as well as a history of poor nutrition. Physicians accustomed to looking for infections missed that these patients were toxic and highly oxidized and in a hypercatabolic state. Instead of detoxifying their patients by correcting the underlying metabolic disorders while acutely attending to the various infections, the findings were seized upon by the pharmaceutical industry and the researchers from the failed “War on Cancer” to create a marketing opportunity that has successfully enriched and allowed the unthinkable—real time human experimentation with no fear of reprisal.

15 After the Korean War there was an up tick in heroin use that was largely concentrated in minority communities of large metropolitan areas.

A targeted psychological operation was mounted that cleverly positioned AIDS as a sex and blood plague to draw attention away from “free market” policies that were allowed to develop from the aftermath of two military adventures—WWII and Vietnam.15 It was known that these policies, once initiated, would ultimately manifest in large populations as unexplained disease clusters. The policies made exquisite “free market” financial sense, but they were divorced from any semblance of human compassion.

The baby boom generation is the last large living cohort to have grown up in an America that was relatively drug free, highly industrialized, and with a modest prison population. In the 1950s, the Dow Jones Industrials were in the 200s, drug trafficking was virtually unknown, the U.S. had the world’s largest gold reserves, was the world’s largest creditor nation and an unparalleled industrial giant.

This was also a time when Africa was striving for reprieve from colonial strangulation. Countries from Algeria to South Africa and Ghana to Kenya and the Congo were asserting their yearning for sovereignty and the idea of a pan-African union. The impact of WWII on Africa and WWII and Vietnam on the industrialized West would change all of that. The outcome of these two conflicts would be to set in place policies that would provoke the greatest stress on the human immune/energy systems of large populations yet seen in human evolution.

By 2007, the Dow Jones had reached 10,000, and drug use and trafficking were so common that two generations had come to believe that this was normal. The U.S. government had stopped talking about the gold at Fort Knox, the country had been systematically deindustrialized and it had become the biggest debtor nation on the planet.

By 2007, all of Africa’s progressive leaders who espoused pan-Africanism had been assassinated or deposed. The continent was flooded with guns and corporate mercenaries. Her wealth was once again being systematically stolen, and externally fostered wars and genocide were the facts of life. South Africa no longer had apartheid as a social or political system, but the financial system and land wealth of the country remained solidly in the hands of the white minority.

How did all of this evil come to pass in the span of fifty years? An outcome of WWII was the Bretton Woods agreement that created the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and the National Security Act of 1947. The National Security Act created the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. In 1951, the Epidemic Intelligence Agency was born. These institutions have largely been run as protection and extortion rackets to reduce developing nations to beggary and destitution and to transform the armed forces of developed nations into itinerant mercenaries in service to private capital expansion.

After Vietnam, the drugs formerly run into Southeast Asia since the days of the British East India Company would now, with the help of the CIA, international organized crime networks, and other international clandestine agencies, be massively imported into Western countries, the U.S. being the largest target market. The deliberate policies of creating accelerated over consumption of drugs and of other immune toxins in the West while simultaneously creating the economic conditions for the dumping of environmental pollutants and the under consumption of basic sustenance in less developed countries could not have but shocking and enormous public health and social impacts.

At the cellular level of human metabolism, the consequences of these macroeconomic policies—over consumption of drugs and environmental toxins as well as infectious and psychological stressors in the developed world and nutritional deprivation, psychological trauma, chronic infections, and miners’ lung in the developing world have led to the same outcome—environmentally induced excessive reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, As a result, both nitric oxide (NO) and glutathione (the master anti-oxidant) levels were reduced leading to energy deficiency and reduced redox capacity in the cells energy factories, the mitochondria. Because nitric oxide is the poison gas produced by Th1 cells that kills intracellular parasites, patients presented commonly with opportunistic infections. These biochemical deficiencies ultimately lead to reduced energy production, immune dysfunction, and even cancer. The health consequence of cellular energy deprivation arising from parasitic macroeconomic policies is the perfect metaphor. The abject poverty on the African continent can be directly traced to the policy of structural adjustment programs as a condition for loans by the international banking houses. Both planned policies—massive illegal drug importation and economic structural adjustment programs—have had predictable physiological impacts on a subset of predisposed individuals within societies. The medical consequences arising from these physiological stressors have a rational, logical, scientific explanation that has nothing to do with a phantom virus and everything to do with what is known as deep politics.

All the conundrums of the AIDS theory, the missing virus, the nonexistent pandemic, the opportunistic infections, the Kaposi’s sarcoma, and the elevated antibody titers—can be explained logically and scientifically without having to get involved in Gallo’s delusional whimsy. The development of opportunistic diseases and of Kaposi's sarcoma was a predictable consequence of chronic and irresponsible use of nitroso and other immune suppressing drugs combined with a lifestyle choice. The diseases were not widespread in the homosexual community, only in a subset described as “fast track.”

16 Thiols are compounds that contain a sulfur and a hydrogen molecule and are referred to as mercaptans. They maintain the redox environment that allows cellular mechanisms to function properly.

When there is a massive accumulation of oxidizing environmental stressors and the immune system has been depleted of the master antioxidant glutathione and other thiol-containing proteins, an evolutionary biologically programmed counterbalance will occur. As a result of the depletion of the glutathione/thiol16 pool in the T-helper immune cells and other cell systems, there is a switch in the biologically programmed T cell counter regulatory balance from the T cells (Th1) that produce nitric oxide—a poisonous gas that kills intracellular opportunistic infections—to the T cells (Th2) that target extra-cellular organisms with a heightened antibody response. This Th1 to Th2 counterbalance of the immune system is what the virus hunters called AIDS. The death prognosis was an expression of the limited application of knowable medical information.

The condition of acquired immune deficiency is not new. What is new is the level of destruction that globalization and “free market” policies are having on individuals, communities, countries, ecosystems, and the entire planet. Because those who institute these policies are cleverly psychopathic, they have become expert at diverting attention from the fruits of exquisite financial decisions by deftly shifting the blame from themselves, the predators, and using their vast resources to create phantom villains or to play the “Blame the Victim” game.

17 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, claimed to be caused by a coronavirus.

The villains in this war psychodrama change frequently. At one time it is communism. Next it is terrorism. It could be a War on Drugs or perhaps Cancer. One day it is Noriega, and the next it is Saddam. Perhaps it will be the impending doom of a mushroom cloud. This year it is the bird flu, last year it was SARS.17 Who can forget the Gerald Ford swine flu fiasco? And, of course, when the drug epidemic in the West and the starvation epidemic in less developed countries exploded into collective consciousness through the speed of modern mass communications, a new villain had to be found. This time it was a nonexistent virus. But whether HIV exists and works as stated is not the point. Like all villains created for mobilization purposes, truth suffers the first great defeat. Selling the world on a particular point of view is what matters.

18 Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace, 29. [LINK]

HIV fit perfectly the war model of social organization at the foundation of modern Western civilization. War, subversively, has been declared the basic social system within which other secondary modes of social organization conflict or conspire.18 Allopathic medicine as a fundamental part of that system logically conspires. The virus was the enemy. Creating an enemy and making the people believe that they are under attack has become standard operating procedure of the massive government bureaucracies controlled by special corporate interests. Another mobilization for another profitable war could be mounted to attack this new enemy and wipe it out. That some would die was inevitable. Some always die in war, either directly or as “collateral damage”. It has been twenty-five years, and the war is dragging on with no end in sight.

2 — Silent Weapons
19 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, “Operations Research Technial Manual TM-SW7905.1” [LINK]

… In the interest of future world order, peace, and tranquility, it was decided to privately wage a quiet war against the American public with an ultimate objective of permanently shifting the natural and social energy (wealth) of the undisciplined and irresponsible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible and worthy few. … In order to implement this objective, it was necessary to create, secure, and apply new weapons which … were a class of weapons so subtle and sophisticated in their principle of operation and public appearance as to earn for themselves the name “silent weapons”.19

As the world was transformed by the utopian vision of centralized resource control and of free capital flows unrestrained by the barriers of sovereign statehood and the rule of law, it became necessary to neutralize the possibility of concerted group action against the consequences of this consolidation. With the use of strategically precise silent weapons, individuals within sovereign states were neutralized and weaned from notions of individual sovereignty. Medicine is a perfect instrument to use for this strategy because it is easy to make people believe that draconian measures are necessary to protect the public health, especially if the public is primed with the right climate of fear.

Silent weapons are tools of social engineering used by the war state that evolved from operations research in England during WWII from the master British social engineering think tank Tavistock Institute. Tavistock supports the entrenched social and economic position of the British oligarchy and their international social class. The Tavistock Institute has a long history of designing programs for control of the mass behavior of civilian populations. The Institute became expert at using psychological warfare during WWII to attack the vitality, options, and mobility of individuals within a society. A plan was developed for Britain’s Royal Air Force to bomb German worker housing while leaving military targets, such as munitions plants alone. The idea behind the saturation bombing was to break the morale of the German worker. Between February 13th and February 14th 1945, widely ranging estimates from 35,000 to 100,000 people were intentionally killed in a raid on the non-military target of Dresden, Germany.

Tavistock’s research and access to high-speed computers has allowed members to amass a wealth of knowledge that they use to understand, manipulate, and alter the sources of natural and social energy in societies. They have mastered the art of social engineering by learning how to tap into and undermine people’s physical and mental strengths and use their emotional weaknesses against them. AIDS is only one of such weapons. This book is an exploration of the history, politics, economics, science and spirituality that intersect at the junction of this disease.

The AIDS story cannot be understood without exposing the means by which Rockefeller interests cartelized and gained master control of the medical hierarchy in the early part of the 20th century. As a result, profitability and not public health drives where heavy research dollars are spent. The concentration of power and the scramble for research dollars have corrupted the medical hierarchy as it has corrupted Congress. So no one should have been surprised when a scientist who did not have the best reputation for running his research laboratories with integrity publicly proclaimed a scientific feat that he had not accomplished. What was even more outrageous, he developed an ill-conceived and intentionally fraudulent antibody test, patented it, and brought it to market before he had isolated the virus that the test is said to identify. This fraudulent antibody test has been used as the foundation for the creation of new medical profit centers—HIV tests anti-retroviral drug development and sales, and a bevy of do-gooders who work with the World Health Organization and multiple nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Their sole mission is to run around the planet claiming the benefits of abstinence and/or “safe sex” by demonstrating how to masterfully shove condoms onto bananas. While the birth rate in Europe is declining, the birth rate in “AIDS-plagued” Africa is growing at a steady 3 percent a year although there are areas that are being depopulated for private industry.

Robert Gallo’s original research that led to the development of the AIDS industry was published in the prestigious journal Science in 1984. These papers were used to justify the river of government money that flowed into the research and development laboratories of the same scientists who had wasted a fortune looking for a viral cause of cancer in Nixon’s barren “War on Cancer” campaign. AIDS was a lifeline for those researchers whose grants would otherwise have been drastically reduced after years of effort looking for “oncoviruses.” They were not about to reject the opportunity for a secure income. Failing to find a viral cause of cancer, they were more than willing to turn their attention to the new villain “HIV” to continue the influx of research money

Several years after the shock had subsided in the medical community of the premature announcement of the finding of a “probable” cause of AIDS and there was some time for sober reflection, thousands of physicians, scientists and Thabo Mbeki, former President of South Africa, openly challenged the conclusions of the viral/AIDS hypothesis. There were too many unanswered questions in this thesis. The challenge for an open scientific debate was deemed outrageous and irresponsible by those who had vested interests in the profits and the control that came with supporting the hierarchical position. The voices of those who called for transparency and open debate on the most important medical issue of the day were intentionally silenced by the usual counterinsurgency techniques of slander, derision, name calling, intentional medical perjury, and distortion of scholarly based counter-analysis. All of this was buttressed by the hysteria of the gay community who preferred to live in denial rather than face their own culpability in the self poisoning that led to the creation of the crisis.

20 Janine Roberts, Fear of the Invisible: How Scared Should We Be of Viruses and Vaccines, HIV and AIDS? (Impact Investigative Media Productions, 2008). [LINK]

Janine Roberts, one of today’s most solidly grounded investigative journalists has uncovered incriminating evidence that clearly proves that the original papers published in Science in 1984 that made the world think that a terrible new sex and blood virus was poised to wipe out billions were based on fraud and unfounded conclusions.20 Robert Gallo, the government scientist who led the team that published the original papers that spawned the AIDS industry, had never isolated a virus. Not only had Gallo not followed the standard protocols for viral isolation but what he described in those original papers were indirect surrogate markers that might indicate a viral presence but could not be conclusively proven to represent a unique virus and certainly not one that was infectious without the gold standard of isolation. There was absolutely no evidence of proof of either isolation or infectivity, yet researchers and physicians, who have never bothered to read this original research or engage themselves in the controversy that surrounds it, use it to justify all sorts of medical mischief.

21 Roberto Giraldo, “Everyone Reacts Positive to the ELISA Test for HIV,” Continuum Midwinter 1998/9. [LINK]

The indirect surrogate markers that they claimed indicated a unique viral presence in the blood of ill patients were an enzyme called reverse transcriptase, a few non-specific regenerative stress proteins, and some unidentifiable cellular debris on electron microscopy—none of which are viral specific. In fact, what Gallo really found were the ubiquitous cellular breakdown products of oxidative and nitrosative stress. This metabolic stress is caused by an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and the biological system’s ability to detoxify the reactive intermediates or repair the damage to cell function, structure, and organization caused by these reactive products. Gallo identified an enzyme and cellular proteins as well as “viral like particles” that can be expressed in anyone’s cells chat are undergoing excessive bio-electric stress. Everyone can be shown to have the so-called HIV proteins at some level depending on the arbitrary dilution of the testing reagent.21

22 Enzymes are proteins that speed chemical reactions in cells.
23 An oxidizing agent that stimulates mitosis or cell division.
24 In 1976, Gallo stressed that the detection of particles and RT, even RT inside particles, are not proof of the existence of retroviruses because many such particles exist that totally lack the ability to replicate. “Some evidence for infectious type C virus in humans,” Animal Virology (New York: Academic Press, 1976).
385-405. [LINK]

The identified enzyme,22 reverse transcriptase, is, however, not a uniquely retroviral enzyme, and for this reason cannot be used to claim the discovery of a new virus. Reverse transcriptase (RT) transcribes a single strand of RNA into DNA and helps in the helix formation of the double stranded DNA. RT is a DNA repair enzyme and can be isolated from everyone’s blood. Finally, electron microscopy of cellular debris from mitogen23 stimulated cultures is not evidence of viral isolation or infectivity. In fact, what Gallo was describing was not the cause of anything but the result of an evolutionary response against prooxidative and nitrosative stress. Gallo’s limited knowledge allowed him to act as if the rules set up to define true viral isolation did not apply to him,24 and he was clearly ignorant of the rules of evolutionary biology. By not recognizing these natural laws, he and those who support the AIDS paradigm placed themselves above the laws of nature. Millions have suffered and died because of such hubris.

25 Letter dated December 1, 2008 from scientists to editors of Science. [LINK]

Another document originating from Gallo’s laboratory was a letter from Dr. Matthew A. Gonda and dated four days prior to Gallo’s submission to Science. Gonda was then head of the Electron Microscopy Laboratory at the National Cancer Institute. An integral step in viral isolation is an electron micrograph of the isolated specimen and Gallo had sent his specimens to Gonda to validate isolation. However Gonda responded to Gallo that “I do not believe any of the particles photographed are of HTLV-I, II or III (HTV).” According to Gonda, one sample contained cellular debris, while another had no particles near the size of a retrovirus. In spite of this very clear rejection of “isolation”, Science published on May 4, 1984 papers attributed to Gallo et al. with micrographs attributed to Gonda and described unequivocally as HTLV-III (HIV).25 This was an outrageous scientific fraud that has created unspeakable harm.

26 Changes in the gene expression not caused by changes in the DNA sequence.
27 Catabolism is the breakdown with a release of energy of larger molecules into smaller units.

Simply put, Gallo cheated in both claiming isolation and identification of a new virus and in the development of his antibody test that could not possibly identify a virus that he did not isolate. Concerning the antibody test; Gallo adjusted his test substrate for his patented antibody test to especially high antibody amounts. Antibody elevation is indicative of what is now known as a Type 2 (Th2) switch in the immune system, which is programmed to produce an increased antibody response. The genetic expression of pathological proteins (e.g., HIV1, TAT) by dysfunctional cells was an unrecognized symptom of intracellular/systemic imbalance. Because it was the epigenetic26 oxidative mechanisms that resulted in unusual gene transcription, Gallo and other “HIV” researchers confused cause with effect. The “HIV” antibody test was the measurement of a particular effect of oxidative/nitrosative stress. Unfortunately it is not the optimal indicator of the functional cellular problem. More clinically relevant indicators are finding reduced glutathione (an antioxidant consisting of three amino acids) and nitric oxide levels, diminished cellular immunity as indicated by an anergic response to a DTH skin test and resultant cellular catabolism.27

The HIV antibody test is characterized by an arbitrary measuring threshold. In this way the test was able to identify, not HIV, but people whose immune cells form particularly high levels of antibodies; who may be undergoing an increased amount of oxidative stress from long-term drug use or from chronic exposure to environmental toxins, antibiotics, psychic trauma, vaccines, nutritional deprivation, etc. In other words, the “HIV antibody” tests measure an antibody reaction against what Gallo put into the test substrate: indeterminate proteins excreted by repeatedly stressed human immune cells that had been co-cultured with cancer cells. The proteins that Gallo identified were not the cause of immune deficiency, but the consequence of severe long-term immune stress that had nothing to do with an “HIV infection.” Most of the original patients from Gallo’s studies remained HIV negative although they developed one or more of the AIDS indicator diseases.

HIV religionists have never explained why many people who died from “AIDS” were HIV negative. How could that be—unless there really was some underlying metabolic problem that they were unable to define that had nothing to do with a virus? The people stigmatized with a positive HIV antibody test simply have higher antibody levels than the arbitrary threshold set for the test. This will become important for people of African descent who have, given the same medical history, tested positive more often than their white counterparts. This in part is due to the genetic predisposition to make more antibodies to the same stimulus than whites. There was also another genetic marker used to create the illusion of HIV being more commonly found in people of African descent and will be discussed in the chapter on HIV testing.

This does not mean that people who are HIV positive may not be ill or become ill, but the antibody test is not the determinant for the progression to disease. That determination should be made by other measurements of cellular immune Type 1 dysfunction. In addition, a positive antibody test does not mean that a person is harboring an inevitably lethal virus. This, of course, has profound implications for treatment protocols.

It is now abundantly clear, especially because of recent research into the elucidation of the mechanisms by which immune cells are counterbalanced, that AIDS is a disease of systemic toxicity from an overload of environmental stressors and not a unique retrovirus. What Gallo did in his lab was determine the antibody threshold through which people would enter the gates of hell.

The HIV antibody test is a uniquely pernicious silent weapon, and silent weapons always have two reasons: the one that will be presented to the public to make it palatable and the real social engineering reason. This book is an exploration of the less palatable option.

Giving highly toxic, experimental and carcinogenic drugs to people who were told they were going to die anyway became palatable. Giving the same drugs that were known to cause genetic damage to unborn babies also became palatable. Rushing drugs to market with poorly designed and executed clinical trials without controls became the norm, Suppressing information about drug toxicities became a matter of course. The profits generated by the pharmaceutical industry were astronomical, and the cover story for elite drug running and economic genocide became HIV/AIDS. This is the underbelly of the “free market” system that is precluded from examination. A few intrepid journalists have ventured into this morass and have lost not only their livelihoods but sometimes their lives. HIV is an invented virus that has served multiple purposes in much the same way that the story of the weapons of mass destruction, mushroom clouds, yellow cake uranium and “Axis of Evil” inflamed the sentiment of a nation to prosecute the ill-advised Iraq War.

28 Gary Webb, Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion (New York: Seven Stories Press, 1999). [LINK]

Gallo’s thesis of a viral cause of what became known as AIDS was given impetus by the Reagan administration, the same administration that was filled with the very players who were importing large quantities of toxic drugs into the country in what became known as the Iran-Contra affair.28 Because of the long history of drug running of a subset of the political class, it was known that the level of newly introduced toxicants would produce a wave of illness that would require an explanation. This was not a historical surprise, nor did the idea of promoting a disease for political or profit-driven reasons begin with the Reagan administration. They were following a long tradition in certain circles of using human misery to create a profitable enterprise. Gallo’s misleading antibody test and the industry it spawned were an updated version of an old and well-worn medical swindle brought to perfection in the 1940s under the skillful management of Harry L. Hopkins.

29 Advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt and one of the architects of the New Deal.
30 Emmanuel Josephson, Your Life Is Their Toy: Rackets, Social Service and Medical (New York: Chedney Press, 1940). [LINK] Also [LINK]

In his 1940 book Your Life Is Their Toy, Dr. Emmanuel Josephson presciently observed, “An individual disease permits ruthless but effective play on human dreads and sympathies. This device is familiar to every quack. … The credit for the introduction of disease exploitation as a ‘social service’ device and a means of tapping an endless flow of alms and tribute from the public purse probably goes to Harry L. Hopkins.29 First tried on the public on an extensive scale by the New York Tuberculosis and Health Association of which Hopkins was guiding genius and Director, it proved an instant and lucrative success for the organizers. … The use of the fear of disease as a political device has now become accepted practice in radical circles.”30 Josepheson revealed how the Tuberculosis Association mounted a very successful Christmas Seal campaign that netted millions of dollars, little of which went to direct care for patients with consumption. Most of the money was spent on employees’ salaries and press censorship.

31 Polyphenols are a group of chemical substances found in plants known to reduce the risk of heart disease, other inflammatory diseases, and cancer.

Press censorship of medical news was and is used to silence rational discourse for the purpose of controlling the lucrative business of medicine. This is the expertise of the Epidemic Intelligence Service—the management of public perception. If AIDS can in fact be reversed with standard antimicrobials augmented by appropriate biological compensatory therapy with targeted, specific antioxidants, minerals and polyphenols31 as well as other appropriately targeted nutrients, how much profit would have been lost to the pharmaceutical industry? Wars, including silent wars are always about power and profits.

Hopkins’ Christmas seal strategy has morphed into red ribbons and red products to promote the AIDS industry. As in Hopkins’ day, press censorship of those who do not harbor mainstream views, along with large doses of derision and scorn are heaped on the thousands of physicians and scientists who hold alternative views on HIV and AIDS science and therapy. The epithet denialist is used liberally as a derisive characterization. To protect a racket, the nature of public debate must be limited from access by the people whose lives are most affected. Truth becomes the first victim of a silent war. The “experts” decide the limits of debate, and no heresy is tolerated. In the meantime, people are stigmatized and dying unnecessarily while the pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune promoting HIV antibody test kits and selling “anti-retroviral” drugs. The AIDS believers are no closer to a cure than they were twenty-five years ago. AIDS has become their golden calf.

Although billions have been spent on HIV research looking for this virus, it simply cannot be found. The most obscure technology is used to dazzle the public and to hide the fact that the virus has never been isolated. Billions more have been spent on the central theory that a virus type that was said to cause cell proliferation suddenly changed its “mind” and reversed course and was now causing not proliferation but the destruction of CD4+T lymphocytes. The mechanism cannot be explained. The WHO (World Health Organization) has advised doctors to stop looking for HIV in AIDS patients consonant with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) 1994 AIDS Testing Manual that states, “The virus cannot be detected directly by conventional molecular biology techniques.” A rational scientific approach would be to suggest an alternate theory, especially if the one being used is failing to meet the bare minimum of usefulness in design and execution of effective therapy. But nothing about HIV/AIDS has been rational. It has been medicine by hysteria and decree. The medical establishment has shunned alternative theories that make scientific sense. Millions have been harmed. When the dust finally settles on this sad chapter in medical history, who knows how many bodies will have fallen to the unremitting arrogance of the AIDS religion.

32 In sub-Saharan Africa, about 60 percent of the population lives and dies without safe drinking water, adequate food, or basic sanitation.

Although other writers have connected the development of immune deficiencies to the drug epidemic in the West, and still some others have looked at the poverty epidemic in Africa,32 no one has considered that the immune deficiencies are medical consequences of critical historical events that have been a gradual process of global economic consolidation through free market strategies. While these strategies have brought enormous wealth to some, they have brought misery to many more. Half of the planet's six billion people go to bed hungry each night, not because the planet lacks resources but because those whom we have allowed to lead us are soulless creatures driven by greed and lack both compassion and imagination.

33 Peter H. Duesberg, Inventing the AIDS Virus, (Washington DC: Regnery USA, 1996). [LINK]

I will make the argument (and I am not the first)33 that the AIDS epidemic is a subset of the drug epidemic in the West. The drug epidemic in the West has it roots in the British East India Company. It is historically myopic to consider the current drug epidemic without taking a look backward to the British East India Company (BEIC) and the profits they secured with the underlying theory of free markets. The rise of capitalism was financed by enormous drug profits the BEIC “earned” from addicting the Chinese to opium. Once the European and American elites entered the drug trade, they never left it. These drugs were not massively imported into the West until the Vietnam era. As a coda to the Vietnam War, the tide turned, and the drugs that formerly flowed eastward now flowed westward.

As Henry Kissinger, Nixon’s Secretary of State, opened trade with China, industries that developed the middle class in the West were moved wholesale to areas where workers had been neutralized by Communism or neo-liberal shock programs developed at the University of Chicago, Harvard University, the School of the Americas and in the nation’s numerous, but not exclusively, right-wing think tanks. The United States was slated for de-industrialization, and while industry was moving out to cheaper and less organized wage markets, drugs in large quantities were being shipped into the country.

Bringing drugs into this society is having the same effect they had on imperial China—an internal disintegration from the corruption that came with the opium cancer. When China finally mounted a resistance it was too late. They were overpowered twice. The free marketers in the BEIC, as all free market capitalists must do to support their economic endeavors, called in the apparatus of the tax-supported state military to assure that their “free market” stayed open. When the dust settled, Britain was free to push dope among the Chinese and to export goods at fixed tariffs. They seized Hong Kong in the first Opium War, and the rest of that colony, Kowloon, in the second Opium War. It has been a major drug money laundering center every since.

34 James L. Jones, “Remarks by national security adviser Jones at 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy,” published Feb. 8, 2009, [LINK]

In Africa, AIDS is an epidemic of the “structural adjustment programs” and resource wars given impetus by Western governments operating at the behest of private corporations and banking institutions using clandestine agencies and private militias to foment chaos and social disruption. The Africa story takes place against the backdrop of the WWII Bretton Woods Agreement that created the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. The net result of bank “structural adjustment” policy is resource theft, widespread poverty, starvation, and social disruption. In the South African region, AIDS is also the cover story for the multitude of diamond and gold miners who are dying from lung diseases as a result of deliberate corporate policies to forgo the expense of handling mine dust in a responsible manner. The rise of the drug epidemic in the West and the post colonial poverty epidemic in Africa are linked inextricably to three important historical events—the Bretton Woods Agreement negotiated by a group of international bankers who had funded both sides of the war and by the economists and accused Communist Harry Dexter White as well as John Maynard Keynes. It was signed while WWII was still being waged by soldiers on the ground; the assassination of John F, Kennedy that led to the prolongation of the Vietnam conflict that resulted in massive drug addiction of American GI’s., and finally, the last but perhaps the most important was the rise of Henry Kissinger as the mastermind of U.S. foreign policy initiatives and interventions, especially prolonging the Vietnam War and the opening of trade with Communist drug-exporting China. Kissinger may still be running U.S. foreign policy.34 Kissinger is not even the top of the pyramid. He too is merely a gopher.

3 — The Brothers Flexner, Allopathic Medicine, Lessons Learned from the British East India Company
Three Brothers

By 1940, the literacy figure for all states stood at 96 percent for whites, 80 percent for blacks. Notice that for all the disadvantages blacks labored under, four of five were nevertheless literate. Six decades later, at the end of the 20th century, the National Adult Literacy Survey and the National Assessment of Educational Progress say 40 percent of blacks and 17 percent of whites can’t read at all. Put another way, black illiteracy doubled, white illiteracy quadrupled. Before you think of anything else in regard to these numbers, think this: we spend three to four times as much real money on schooling as we did sixty years ago, but sixty years ago virtually everyone, black or white, could read,

— John Taylor Gatto, The Underground History of American Education
35 Morris A. Bealle, Super Drug Story (Washington, D. C.: Columbia Publishing Company, 1962), 5-6. [LINK]

Corruption in the medical business has been a recurrent theme throughout the course of American history. It is likely that John D. Rockefeller learned how lucrative the patent medicine business could be from his father “Old Bill” Rockefeller. “Old Bill” was a known philanderer and itinerant salesman who pawned himself off as a doctor and joined the ranks of patent medicine fakers who hawked their wares from the backs of wagons. Bill’s product was a bottle of raw petroleum that he called Nujol [new oil]. He sold it to those who had cancer and those whom he could make fear they would have it. For every penny invested the return was approximately 160 times as much. These profits were breathtaking and made inevitable the addition of chemical drug trafficking business to the already vast production and sales domain of America’s largest and most ruthless industrial combine (the Rockefeller Empire).35 To consolidate the power of their pharmaceutical business and to extend their international reach, the Rockefeller cartel enlisted the support of three brothers.

As the 20th century unfolded, the three brothers, Abraham, Simon, and Bernard Flexner, were selected to represent international banking and corporate power. They were strategically placed in pivotal societal institutions to create an American counter-revolution. The idea of free people, independent of banker and state interference, was intolerable and contrary to their “free trade” philosophy. The idea was to create a society in which the development of mind and character of the young were less important than training and molding so that the young would become willing instruments for use by others. They early on envisioned turning the country from a production economy to a consuming economy that would be enfolded into a global financial network. This would be managed in stages. The first stage was to gain control of the levers of power in banking, education, including medical education, the pharmaceutical industry, and the affairs of the state.

Abraham and Simon altered and set in place the controls to direct the orientation of medical education and research away from human physiology towards pharmacology. Bernard, who is less well known, was a powerful political manipulator. He was charged with taking control of the affairs of State of the United States. Under the direction of the organization he helped found, the Council on Foreign Relations, both the vast resources and the democratic institutions of the United States have been purposely squandered and assaulted piece by piece in a lateral multi-pronged persistent attack to create a utopian dream, the new world order. This new world order was described by Georgetown Professor and historian Carroll Quigley in his 1975 book Tragedy and Hope as follows:

“The powers of financial capitalism had a far reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.”

Bernard was also a representative of World Zionism at the Versailles Peace Conference following WWI. He was part of a contingent that demanded impossible financial reparations from the German people, thereby setting the conditions for WWII. However, there was another aspect to the treaty negotiations at Versailles that is seldom discussed. Germany had been winning the war until the United States entered the conflict. President Woodrow Wilson had pledged to the American people to keep them out of this uniquely European affair, but, as usual, an incident was created to inflame the people and push the President into engaging the military.

36 Benjamin Friedman, “Why Congress is Crooked or Crazy or Both.” [LINK]

Germany was blamed for an attack on the SS Sussex passenger ferry plying between Dover and Calais with the loss of 38 American lives. This incident led to the declaration of war by the USA against Germany, on April 6, 1917. The SS Sussex had actually been concealed in a small port in the north of England, and no American lives had been lost. This intentionally staged deception aligned the USA with Great Britain in World War I and resulted in the crushing defeat of Germany in 1918.36

37 Lenni Brenner, Zionism in the Age of Dictators. [LINK]

Wilson was not particularly politically astute and fearful that an illicit affair that he had while at Princeton might become common knowledge capitulated to the pressure to enter the war. With public pressure mounted in the media as the result of the Sussex “incident,” Wilson was unable to resist the warmongers against the will of the American people. He took the country to war. At Versailles, when the Zionist delegation produced what has become known as the Balfour Declaration, Germany realized how she had been betrayed. British Lord Balfour (who had no conceivable right to do this), a member of the secret British Round Table group, agreed to cede Palestine to the Zionists for using their influence to bring America into the war.37 The empire would continue.

Twelve years after the end of this first world conflict, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was established in Basle, Switzerland by Charles Dawes (Vice President under Calvin Coolidge), Owen D. Young (founder of RCA and GE chairman, 1922-1939) and Hjalmer Schacht, president of the German Reichsbank. The BIS is referred to by bankers as the “Central bank for the central banks”—the BIS only deals with other central banks. All of its meetings are held in secret and involve the top central bankers from around the world. Former head of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, would go to the BIS headquarters in Basel ten times a year for these private meetings.

38 Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, The Synagogue of Satan (London, September 11, 2006) 106-108. [LINK]

Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee from 1920 to 1931 commented that during the first depression, American dollars were being spent on rebuilding Germany: “After World War I, Germany fell into the hands of the German International Bankers. Those bankers bought her and now they own her, lock, stock and barrel. They have purchased her industries, they have mortgages on her soil, they control her production, they control all her public utilities. … Through the Federal Reserve Board 30 billion of dollars of American money … has been pumped into Germany … the spending that has taken place in Germany … modernistic dwellings, her great planetariums, her gymnasiums, her swimming pools, her fine public highways, her perfect factories. … All of this was done with our money. All this was given to Germany through the Federal Reserve Board.”38 On October 3, 1936 Congressman McFadden suddenly succumbed to an “intestinal flu”. He had two previous attempts on his life. He had suffered an earlier poisoning and he had shots fired at him.

39 Charles Callan Tansill, Back Door to War: The Roosevelt Foreign Policy 1933-1941 (Chicago: Henry Regnery Company, 1952), 9. [LINK]
40 Anthony C. Sutton, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (GSG Publishers, 2002). [LINK]
41 Ben, Airs, Duncan and Campbell, “How Bush’s Grandfather Helped Hitler's Rise to Power,” The Guardian, 25 Sept. 2004. [LINK]

American intervention in WWI established a pattern that led America into the Second World War in 1941. If the United States had not entered the war in Europe in 1917, WWI would likely have ended in a stalemate that would have engendered a balance of power in Europe. American intervention completely shattered the old balance of power and sowed the seeds of inevitable future conflict in the dark soil of Versailles.39 The resentment from conditions set by this treaty, the economic hardships created by the conditions of the Dawes Plan (followed by the Young Plan) and finally the financing of Hitler and the re-arming of Germany by Wall Street Bankers,40 including Prescott Bush, the father of George H. W. Bush and grandfather to George W. Bush, led directly to the outbreak of WWII.41 WWII led directly to more world financial consolidation that occurred at a meeting held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.

Bretton Woods

Possibly the most significant and least discussed outcome of WWII was the Bretton Woods Agreement. Before the ink was dry on the peace treaty, 730 delegates from 44 Allied nations met at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, to set up a structure for a central world bank that would eventually come to dominate and control the financial markets of the entire planet. The Bretton Woods Agreement established a postwar international monetary system of convertible currencies, fixed exchange rates, and “free trade.” However, an underlying reason for this agreement was to build an international system for currency speculators to take advantage of interest rate differentials among nations. This open system would allow any speculator who had the means (think of George Soros) to attack and devalue the currency of any country. The agreement was set up in such a way that the institutions it established had not only enormous leverage over debtor nations but also a way to attack the sovereignty of almost any nation by providing credit financing,

To facilitate these objectives, the agreement created two international institutions: the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the World Bank). It also established the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which Congress approved in 1947. The GATT would later become known as the World Trade Organization. What the IMF and World Bank essentially did was repeat on a world scale what the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 had done in the United States.

42 Stephen Zarlenga, The Lost Science of Money (Valetie, NY: American Monetary Institute, 2002). [LINK]

As the old military forms of colonialism were no longer useful, the Bretton Woods Agreement put a new more sophisticated and damaging form of financial colonialism in place. These agreements were the stepping-stones to a new world economic order that would plunge formerly sovereign and emerging nations into debt slavery to the financial institutions controlled by European and American central bankers. The Bretton Woods Agreement has allowed a small number of bankers to run a worldwide fraud, extortion, and protection racket called globalization. The agreement was designed to free the international banks from the constraints of national democratic interference. Using the might of the Bretton Woods Agreement to concentrate wealth into fewer and fewer hands, the international banking institutions have come to determine the internal domestic policies of practically every nation on the globe in favor of global corporate structure.42 What they cannot obtain by economic extortion, they use the military apparatus of states to take by force. This international white collar crime network has become expert at propping up savage local talent such as Mobutu Sese Seko in the Congo, Suharto in Indonesia, Pol Pot in Cambodia or Pinochet in Chile, whom they have trained to carry out their will and to take the blame when their policy initiatives become intolerably oppressive. It is a cleverly ruthless system.

Bretton Woods and the Transference of Wealth

43 MIT Press Journals, “The Insider: Joseph Stiglitz, Ex-World Bank Chief Economist, Speaks Out Against the IMF,” The Ecologist, September 2000. [LINK]

Joseph Stiglitz was chief economist of the World Bank from 1997-99. He was forced out for criticizing several key IMF-US policies. His observation on the World Bank’s impact on democracy is telling: “The IMF likes to go about its business without outsiders asking too many questions. In theory, the fund supports democratic institutions in the nations it assists. In practice, it undermines the democratic process by imposing policies. Officially, of course, the IMF doesn’t ‘impose’ anything. It ‘negotiates’ the conditions for receiving aid. But all the power in the negotiations is on one side—the IMF’s—and the fund rarely allows sufficient time for broad consensus-building or even widespread consultations with either parliaments or civil society. Sometimes the IMF dispenses with the pretense of openness altogether and negotiates secret covenants.”43

Stiglitz’s criticism is not unfounded because the consequence of the Bretton Woods Agreement in the development of these über banking structures was the refinement of a very simple technique which has been consistently and successfully employed to transfer wealth and commonwealth into fewer hands and to ignore public needs so that the public has a negative return on investments without having participated in the decisions that directly impact their current and future lives.

The technique employed—fractional reserve banking—is fairly straightforward. Money, in the form of credit (most of which is created out of thin air), is loaned to various countries with the assumption that the money that never existed will be repaid by the countries, with interest. A portion of the money flows through a designated corrupted leader installed or controlled by the powers of the lending institution. The lending institution insists that the borrowing country use and pay for “advisors” recommended by the bank. The leaders of the various countries are drawn into the scheme by a system of kickback payments and other perks that bring them considerable wealth and an escape plan to a safe haven or an American or European jail cell when they start skimming the profits or begin to lose control of the country as must inevitably happen because of the harsh policies they must implement.

44 William Blum, Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower (Monroe, Maine: Common Courage Press, 2000). [LINK]
45 In 1992, George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order 12803, which gave D.C. the authority to sell America’s infrastructure. They called this authority “Infrastructure Privatization.” E.O. 12803 tells us this power cleared the way for the “disposition or transfer of an infrastructure “asset” such as by sale or by long-term lease from a Stare or local government to a private party.” [LINK]

Most of the money never goes to the borrowing country but to corporations of the “former” Western colonial power who contract to do the required work. Few of the work projects develop improvements for the ordinary citizen who pays the tab in excess taxes and fees. The penalty to leaders who refuse to cooperate is assassination, covertly initiated civil disturbances or war.44 Such counterinsurgency techniques are masterfully orchestrated and usually successful. The ordinary people of the country receiving the loan are left to pay the debt, which becomes increasingly burdensome. The lending institutions demand that the countries institute “structural adjustment programs” to repay loans. The demand always includes the provision that the countries drastically cut social expenditures, especially in health, infrastructure, and education. A predictable downward economic spiral ensues. The IMF and World Bank have the leverage to wreck the economy of any target country, as they are currently doing to the United States45 and as they did to Argentina in 2001. This is called “spreading democracy” or, in international terms, “the Washington consensus.”

Stiglitz could have been talking about the 2008 congressional approval of the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street financial firms whose mechanisms of implementation have been shrouded in secrecy when he commented on just that problem with the World Bank:

46 The Insider: Joseph Stiglitz, op. cit.

… bad economics was only a symptom of the real problem: secrecy. Smart people are more likely to do stupid things when they close themselves off from outside criticism and advice. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in government, it's that openness is most essential in those realms where expertise seems to matter most. If the IMF and Treasury had invited greater scrutiny, their folly might have become much clearer, much earlier. Critics from the right, such as Martin Feldstein, Chairman of Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers, and George Shultz, Reagan’s Secretary of State, joined Jeff Sachs, Paul Krugman, and me in condemning the policies. But, with the IMF insisting its policies were beyond reproach—and with no institutional structure to make it pay attention—our criticisms were of little use. More frightening, even internal critics, particularly those with direct democratic accountability, were kept in the dark.46

This scenario has been played out again and again over the last fifty years as the anticipated result of the Bretton Woods agreement that created a world economic order. This new world order has been structured in such a way that it undermines the sovereignty of every nation in their grasp. The World Bank and the IMF now dictate how public money is spent. Their structural adjustment programs have intentionally left most of the planet's people mired in abject poverty and living in shanty towns on the outskirt of Oz. Half of the planets 6 billion people go to bed hungry each night.

Scorecard of Daily Deaths:

47 Estimated during 1990 World Summit for Children at the United Nations with more than fifty heads of state in atrendance.
1. Terrorism
2. Starvation/malnutrition under age 5  

From its founding in 1920 until 1961, every Secretary of State was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations except Cordell Hull and James Byrnes, Other more recent members include, Hillary Clinton, Condeleeza Rice, Madeline Albright, Christopher Warren, James Baker, III, Lawrence Eagleberger, George Shultz, Alexander Haig, Cyrus Vance and Henry Kissinger. This list of characters goes far to explain how the United States went from the Monroe Doctrine to a world empire. It also explains why American foreign policy may meander from President to President, but its trajectory remains constant. These selected few have involved the American people in international intrigues that shocked the country out of her isolationist cocoon and robbed her of her resources. By following the policies and involving themselves in countless foreign intrigues that benefit a set of privileged utopian elitists, the United States has gone from being the biggest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation in history.

The Council on Foreign Relations has persisted in gradually advancing a globalization, capital market liberalization, and privatization agenda. They have managed to succeed by strategic deception against the American people. They consistently promote various trade agreements that have subverted the Constitution and neutralized the power of the representative body of the people—which is easy enough to do since the Congress has been self-emasculated by its own corruptibility. The Council has succeeded in making the idea of the sovereignty of the people an arcane notion. During the autumn of 2008, there was a collective realization in the United States that the country was in the most serious fiscal crisis since the Great Depression. The heads of countries that expanded from the G7 to the G20 descended on the capital city of this weakened nation to demand oversight of U.S. domestic financial structures. This would have been unthinkable just ten years ago.

Current financial difficulties will soon be the excuse to dismantle the social safety net of the nation, including social security and government health programs that have caused so much consternation since they were instituted under Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. The same structural adjustment that has hindered much of the developing world has hit the shores of the United States like a tidal wave. The people of the U.S. still think they won WWII. It has taken them sixty years and the collapse of their economy to come to an understanding that they are at the mercy of the Bretton Woods Agreement and the same bankers who are killing the aspirations of developing world economies.

This is the legacy of Bernard Flexner. It will come to have great meaning once one begins to understand that the abject poverty of half of the planet's people has been systematically planned. Over 100 million Europeans were killed during the last century (and possibly twice as many other people) in the two major wars used to create the climate for the rise of these new world structures and organizational institutions. If the European elite would initiate wars that killed 100 million of their own people to establish this system, why would they not continue to eliminate others who stand in the way of their long held plans? They destroyed the city of Dresden, a nonmilitary target, and dropped two atomic bombs on Japanese civilians. More recently they have killed millions in Iraq and Afghanistan and in the ongoing wars in the Sudan and Congo.

Simon Flexner

Simon Flexner was trained as a pathologist and was installed as director of the laboratories at the newly formed Rockefeller Institute. The Rockefeller Institute, from its inception, was deeply involved in the racist and elitist eugenics movement that changed its most overt tactics (but has never ceased to exist) after the excesses of its ideology were exposed to the world in the aftermath of WWII. Rockefeller money supported the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics and Human Heredity that spearhead the ethnic cleansing movement in Germany.

Simon was a forerunner in positioning 20th century medical research to focus on “viral” causes of disease. The obsession with viruses led directly to the failed Nixon “War on Cancer” and the failed “HIV causes AIDS” hypothesis. There will be further discussion about Simon and the men he hired to work at the Rockefeller Institute and their association with the eugenics movement in the chapter on pellagra.

48 John Taylor Gatto, The Underground History of American Education (New York: The Oxford Village Press, 2003). [LINK]

The last brother, Abraham, became an education expert for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. This organization set in motion the downward spiral of the quality of U.S. education, including medical education.48

The Flexner Report on Medical Education

* Flexner Report on Medical Education, [LINK]

It has been almost a hundred years since Abraham Flexner, who had never set foot inside of a medical school, was called on to produce a document for Rockefeller and Carnegie interests evaluating the teaching of medicine in the U.S. He prepared a report in 1910 that is known as the Flexner Report on Medical Education in the United States and Canada: A Report to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.* By 1918, of 650 medical schools, only 50 remained—mainly those that would agree to promote pharmaceutical drugs as the mainstay of therapy.

The report did point out many of the inadequacies of medical education at the time, and it proposed changes, some of which were sound. But from the beginning the emphasis was placed on pharmacology, radiation, and surgery. All other modes of therapy that would in any way compete with this model would thereafter be branded as “quackery,” even when and especially if they worked. Of course, the Carnegie and Rockefeller people made sure that they only hired to the top positions of the medical campuses those who by temperament and interest were ideal propagators of the drug-oriented “science” that dominates American medicine.

The end result of this report was to congeal the “philanthropy” of the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations into a money mafia and radical monopoly that crushed healing modalities that would not subscribe to their use of chemical drugs and their “scientific medicine.” Rockefeller and Carnegie money was used to develop medical schools that are experts at psychological conditioning of white coat repeaters who have been trained by long years of study and chronic fatigue to engage comfortably in totalitarian behaviors that would be criminal without the sanction of the State. Their role is handmaiden to the pyramidal pharmaceutical industry whose goals they are unwittingly trained to serve.

49 The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is a federal project that began in 1986. It relieves vaccine manufacturers, doctors, and hospitals from liability for vaccine damage. VICP has paid over $500 million taxpayer dollars to compensate families for damage and death caused by vaccines that were also paid for by your tax dollars.

Enormous iatrogenic mischief and health damage have been caused by intentionally creating a widespread belief among ordinary people that they cannot cope with their own illnesses except by calling on the ministrations of a trained and duly state licensed medical “expert.” As a result, many aspects of traditional folk medicine, homeopathy, and naturopathy are shunned by people who continually seek relief only from the neighborhood pharmacy with its various patented nostrums. The loss of faith in the healing power of nature and a dose of common sense has given the medical and pharmaceutical industries a license to kill and the money to buy get out of jail free cards. The pharmaceutical industry literally gets away with murder by spending massive amounts of excess profits lobbying politicians at every level to ensure their indemnity from adverse consequences of their products.49 As a result, over 100,000 Americans are killed on an annual basis by their products. Over the last ten years, about 3,000 Americans have died from terrorist attacks, but during this same period over a million died as the consequence of taking a pharmaceutical drug.

50 Jennifer Block, “Big Medicine’s Blowback on Home Births,” L.A. Times, July 9, 2008. [LINK]

The medical profession’s drive to restrain people’s health freedom has extended to the AMA’s (American Medical Association) call for legislation that would challenge home birth (which has been proven safe) by women and could result in criminal child abuse or neglect charges leveled against them.50 Children have been snatched from parents who refused vaccinations or a recommended medical therapy, especially toxic and deadly HIV drugs. At least since 1996 parents have been charged with child neglect for failing to vaccinate their children with all government-recommended vaccines and the CDC has used taxpayer dollars to mount assaults to counter parent-led. informed consent initiatives in several states.

51 A member of the Washington, D.C City Council, David Catania, a self professed homosexual, in spite of overwhelming evidence presented of the harm and lack of necessity for mandating the HPV vaccine to prepubescent girls, used his position to mandate this vaccine. Shortly thereafter he introduced a bill co legalize gay marriage. The irony that he should want civil rights for one community while denying them to another was simply too complex for him to comprehend.

Children are regularly denied access to state schools if their parents have challenged the ever-expanding roster of vaccines they are required. to take. For girls, with the latest push for a mandatory HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine, the total comes to 56 shots for 22 vaccines. Government allocation of police powers to public health officials to enforce mandatory vaccinations have given drug companies the assurance of predictable rising profits—more of the “free market” at work.51

52 The 4th Amendment asserts the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. [Author, is this a direct quote, if so, “ “?]. [LINK]

This is a prime example of how the so called free enterprise system uses the state to insure its profitability at the expense of the most vulnerable population. Forced use of drugs and vaccines on children is coercive, draconian, and patently anti-democratic and unconstitutional health policy.52 Giving the state authority and access where it does not belong—in the most sacred of spaces, your blood stream—is a creeping encroachment on individual sovereignty. The power that the state has allocated to the pharmaceutical industry now threatens our privacy, our liberty and the biological integrity of future generations.

53 Andrew, H. Weiss, “The Wholesale Sedation of America’s Youth,” Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, Nov/Dec. 2008. [LINK]

In 1950, approximately seventy-five hundred children in the United States were diagnosed with mental disorders. As the number of drugs directed at children for mental disorders increased, the number so diagnosed has risen concomitantly. That number is at least eight million today, and most receive some form of medication.53

54 John Taylor Gatto, Weapons of Mass Instruction (BC: Canada: New Society Publishers, 2009), 5-6. [LINK]

John Taylor Gatto an experienced but currently retired New York City teacher and social commentator, noted in his book, Weapons of Mass Instruction, the terrible effect of a milestone that has transformed American education: The Behavioral Science Teacher Education Project or BSTEP for short. This program clearly sets down government policy for compulsory schooling and outlines intended reforms for enforcement in the US after 1967. Institutional schooling will be required to “impersonally manipulate” the future of an America in which “each individual will receive at birth a multi-purpose identification number” that will enable “employers” and other “controllers” to keep track of the common mass and to expose it to “direct or subliminal influence when necessary … few will be able to maintain control over their own opinions … chemical experimentation” on minors will become normal procedure, a pointed foreshadowing of Ritalin, Adderol and other chemical interventions.54

By 1988 the government began pushing parents to request to have social security numbers assigned to their children at the time of completion of the birth certificate. It is still currently claimed that the assignment of SSNs to infants is “voluntary”, but like the income tax, because it was neither ratified nor an apportioned tax started out as a “voluntary” tax, this SSN business will soon have the force of law.

This covert control of the population with forced vaccinations and mandated medical treatments was the objective of Abraham Flexner’s intended goal in his educational reform work for Rockefeller interests. It has been useful to dumb down and infantilize society into docile complacency for use as pawns in the service of both business and the political state. Once the “dumb” are wished into existence as was expressed in Rockefeller’s General Education Board’s Occasional Paper Number One, they serve valuable functions: As a danger to themselves and others, they have to be watched, classified, disciplined, trained, medicated, sterilized, ghettoized, cajoled, coerced, and jailed—all at a profit. Thus, their needs demand the creation of a new level of bureaucracy that serves no productive purpose.

The General Education Board’s Occasional Paper Number One was first published in 1912 as an essay, “The Country School of Tomorrow”:

55 This statement was first publicly disclosed in an obscure book The World’s Work, 1912. It was republished as part of a collection printed by Rockefeller’s GEB in 1913 for its selective readership. Its original date is uncertain. [LINK]

In our dream … people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present educational conventions (intellectual and character education) fade from our minds, and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have ample supply. The task we set before ourselves is a very simple as well as a very beautiful one … we will organize our children … and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way.55

56 John Taylor Gatto, The Underground History of American Education (New York: Oxford Village Press, 2003), 46. [LINK]

The Flexner report on medical education was another level in this planned restructuring of society. It was based on the German model of “scientifically” based medical training. The great facade behind this vaunted policy was immensely more complex. It included adopting an “amalgam of ancient religious doctrine, utopian philosophy, and European/Asiatic strong-state politics mixed together and distilled. … (however), Modern German tradition always assigned universities the primary task of directly serving industry and the political state, but that was a radical contradiction of American tradition to serve the individual and the family.”56

The medical, pharmaceutical and insurance industries were organized early in the last century by complicit minions of Rockefeller and Carnegie to serve the interests of the corporate state rather than individual Americans. By now, such thinking seems mundane, but they kept their purpose well hidden, because Americans at that time knew that these were incendiary ideas designed to undermine civil society.

Not understanding how these systems were intentionally developed brings consternation and grief to many whose only option in resisting the excesses and failures of this established order is to wage long and expensive fights through an increasingly antagonistic court system. This sets a high barrier to imposing limitations on corporate criminal behavior that can only be addressed in civil courts. While the system is designed to catalogue the life and movement of the individual from birth until death with a series of numbers and ratings, there is no reciprocal oversight of the watchers. The idea of contracts freely executed between free men has become history.

The problem is that through political bribery, called lobbying, the political class has long ago abdicated its responsibilities to the people. No one is watching the watchers. According to Gary Null in Death by Medicine, iatrogenic medicine is the number one cause of death in the United States—outpacing both cancer and heart disease. That is a statistic that will never be allowed to seep into the consciousness of the American psyche.

57 Ashley Seager, “Development: US Fails to Measure Up on ‘Human Index’” The Guardian, July 17, 2008. “Despite spending $230m (£115m) an hour on healthcare, Americans live shorter lives than citizens of almost every other developed country. And while it has the second-highest income per head in the world, the United States ranks 42d in terms of life expectancy.” [LINK]
58 CIA World Fact Book 2009.

At the top of the pyramidal structures that control the banking, military and medical industrial complexes are the interests that currently control medical education, the pharmaceutical industry, the Public Health sector via the Department of HEW (Health Education and Welfare), the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and the Department of Agriculture—all of which are contributing to the continuing decline of the general health of the American people.57 Although the U.S. spends more per capita on health care than any other country on the planer, it ranks 50th of 223 countries in terms of life expectancy.58

Since the beginning of the last century, the dynamic of the United States has been away from representative democracy and limited capitalism to more and more centralized control in every aspect of the society. The country has been weaned away from the values of self-reliance and independent thinking to become a nation who demands experts to guide their every move.

The idea of self-selected oligarchs making decisions for the masses was spelled out by Walter Lippman in two books, Public Opinion (1922) and The Phantom Public (1925). These books called for a restriction on public debate because Lippman, speaking for the political class, concluded that it was impossible for the (dumbed down) public to know what its best interests were. The common public would have to be neutralized in the name of democracy for this expert society. In the Lippman world view, common people traded in their right to be heard on policy matters in exchange for being taken care of. Nowhere was this paternalistic philosophy instituted with more vigor than in the training of allopathic physicians.

Allopathic Medicine

Farben was Hitler and Hitler was Farben. (Senator Homer T. Bone to Senate Committee on Military Affairs, June 4, 1943).

59 Anthony Sutton, op cit.

Abraham Flexner was recruited by Rockefeller interests to specifically promote allopathic medicine and turn it into a very clever marketing vehicle to sell the overpriced patented and anti-life pharmaceuticals largely controlled today by the spawn of Rockefeller interests. The combine became globalized after they partnered with Germany's I.G. Farbin. On the eve of WWII, I.G. Farbin was the largest chemical manufacturing enterprise in the world and enjoyed a monopoly on chemical products manufactured in Germany. Without the capital supplied by Wall Street, there would have been no I.G. Farben, no Hitler, and no WWII.59 I.G. Farben is of particular interest in the formation of the Nazi state because Farben directors materially helped Hitler and the Nazis to power in 1933. Directors of the firm included not only German but also American financiers. Their assignment was to make Germany self-sufficient in rubber, gasoline, lubricating oils, magnesium, fibers, tanning agents, fats, and explosives.

60 Morris A Bealle, Super Drug Story (Washington, D. C.: Columbia Publishing Company, 1962), 8-9.

German I.G. made an alliance with Rockefeller’s Standard Oil in order to control important patents and to cover Standard Oil’s support for Hitler's Reich. After Pearl Harbor, American I.G. decided to camouflage its German parentage and sympathies with the help of Standard Oil. After purchasing an undisclosed number of shares in the Ozalid Corporation, Schering & Company, Mission Corporation, Monsanto Chemical, Aluminum Corporation, Drug (Incorporated), Dow Chemical, Antidolar Indiana, Standard Oil of California and the Du Pont Company, it changed its name to General Aniline & Film Corporation. It took over bodily the privately-owned Hoffman LaRoche Company and multiple other smaller drug companies.60

61 Ivan Illich, Limits to Medicine, Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health (New York: Marion Boyers, 1976), 43. [LINK]

Now Rockefeller interests were positioned to do what they did best, create another cartel. This time it was the dual control of allopathic medical colleges and the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. It was a masterful hegemonic stroke—the empire of allopathic medicine was created. It is the dominant medicine practiced in the United States and has been exported to most of the world. Few traditional cultures have been spared the rampage of this “civilizing” force. Ivan Illich observed thirty years ago that iatrogenic medicine is “a radical monopoly which feeds upon itself … [It] reinforces a morbid society in which the social control of the population by the medical system turns into a principle economic activity.61 Illich’s observations have proved prescient because in 2008, expenditures on health care accounted for 16 percent of GDP and are expected to rise to $4.2 trillion in 2016 or 20 percent of GDP.

Like the banking cartels created at Bretton Woods need ever expanding markets and manufactured wars to keep their debt-based fiat monetary system alive, the allopathic medical cartel needs manufactured diseases to sustain the profits they have come to enjoy. It is such an imbalanced system that it disseminates false information about the nature of some pathologies under the rubric of the scientific method and uses the power of government agencies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to limit consumer access to information about the health benefits of natural products and appropriate biological compensatory therapies.

62 Senate testimony by the FDA’s own senior drug safety researcher, Dr. David Graham.

The FDA has been accused of running an extortion racket against the natural products market. Cherry products, for example, cannot link to scientific articles explaining the simple biological fact that cherries ease inflammation in humans. When cherry growers began to cite this research, the FDA came down hard on twenty-nine of them and threatened legal action if they did not remove the scientific evidence about cherries from their Web sites. Such links are considered “drug claims” by the FDA. At the same time that the FDA was harassing cherry farmers, it was approving the Merck drug Vioxx that led directly ro 100,000 heart attacks and to 55,000 deaths.62

Congressman Ron Paul, who is also an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, introduced a bill that would curb restrictions imposed by the FDA and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regarding health claims for dietary supplements. The Health Freedom Protection Act would prevent the FDA from censoring truthful claims about the curative or preventive effect of dietary supplements. Only with extreme pressure from constituents would such a bill have a hope of passing in the current climate of unregulated corporate money flowing into Congress.

63 Carl A. Trocki, Opium Empire and Global Economy: A Study of the Asian Opium Trade, 1750-1950 (London: Taylor and Francis, 1999), 28 [Author, is this the study?]. [LINK]

The constructed medical system thrives on treating the symptoms of chronic diseases with toxic and expensive chemicals while ignoring the body’s natural biochemistry, biorhythms, and electrical conductivity. The current system was created from the knowledge gained by ruling elites through the management and development of the first major global corporation, the British East India Company. Modern history cannot be understood without gaining insight into the dynamic role that this company played in the industrial development of the West, the rise of communist China, and the initiation of a global agenda espoused as inevitable by intellectual, political, and business elites. It is noteworthy that the most important commodities for capitalist growth were exotic chemicals and drugs from tobacco to opium. Without drugs and drug economies, financial capitalism, in its present state, could not have come into being.63

British East India Company and Opium

THE BEIC’s premier product was opium. The British had nothing to trade that the Chinese people wanted or needed, but British avarice was boundless. Britain is an island that has been able to buy the veneer of civility. However, beneath this thin veneer pulses the heart of their barbarian ancestry. When the Romans first encountered them, they had no written language, wore trousers at a time when men in the civilized world wore tunics, were loud and ferocious, painted their bodies blue, and with their white faces and red hair were said to look as bad as they smelled. Their pretense at civilization is only outpaced by their penchant for political intrigue.

Their desire for the sophisticated Chinese products of fine tea, silks, and pottery created an enormous trade imbalance for them. They had nothing but silver with which the Chinese cared to barter. Unable to curb their appetite for Chinese material goods and seeking a way to bend the Chinese to their will, they hit upon the idea of creating a demand for the addictive drug opium. The Dutch East India Company had earlier done this “free trade” in Malaysia. Opium was a product that brought grief to the user and social disruption to targeted cultures. Heavy users of opium had an average life expectancy of five years. It is now known that opiates have an inhibitory effect on the immune system. They can decrease the production of lymphocytes and have been shown to increase cancer progression in animals. Opiates activate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis that causes production of noradrenalin and glucocorticoids that can cause more stress on the immune system.

While 18th century “businessmen” did not know the science of the metabolic consequence of chronic opium use, they were aware of its addictive qualities and the deleterious effects it had on the user’s health. The product was chosen for commercialization for these very reasons.

64 Catherine Austin Fitts, “Narco-Dollars for Beginners: How the Money Works in the Illicit Drug Trade,” Narco News Bullitin, 2001. [LINK]

The people running the opium enterprise learned two major lessons from addicting the Chinese to opiates—that narcotizing drugs can weaken an otherwise impermeable society and corrupt it internally making it ripe for control and that enormous profits can be made by creating two types of addicts: those who physically crave your product and those who financially crave perverse rewards from destroying others. These were lessons not lost on the elites of Britain and the United States who ran this dirty business and who have been in charge of one of the largest global enterprises ever since—the worldwide control and distribution of narcotics. Both drug cultures, legal and illegal, as well as the global monetary system that uses drug profits to prop itself up64 promote poverty, war, and genocide as an economic model. Given this economic model and the physical and psychological devastation that it created for the Chinese and is now creating in the United States and around the world, it should come as no surprise to any who have bothered to observe its far-reaching consequences that creating a disease category—AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome—was predictable. When the products of the global drug trade started to be marketed in a spectacular way during and after the Vietnam War to the baby-boom population and their offspring, some explanation would be needed for why so many young people in the prime of their lives would become sick and die.

The baby-boom generation was the age cohort that had first been introduced to the birth control pill and the idea of sexual freedom. This was a social revolution that altered and loosened social mores. The sexual revolution combined with the drug epidemic was bound to lead to medical consequences. There was no better way to camouflage the consequences of these social phenomenona than by hiding behind a sex and blood plague, especially one that came out of Africa. The nature and expansiveness of the drug economy and its deep penetration into American culture had to remain hidden.

AIDS is a syndrome that arose out of the confluence of global drug running and global medical, social, and economic policies created with intent and malice aforethought at the highest levels. It is the result of the Bretton Woods agreement signed in New Hampshire in 1944 that came about because of the Versailles Treaty negotiated by Bernard Flexner; the eugenics policies begun under the tutelage of Simon Flexner of the Rockefeller Institute; and the development of allopathic medicine that evolved from Abraham Flexner’s Rockefeller Report on Medical Education. The policies set in motion by the Flexners continue to create more problems for the world than they have solved.

4 — HIV/AIDS: Sloppy Science or the Art of Deception?

Much of what folks think is conspiracy is really many people acting in concert to make or protect their money.

— Catherine Austin Fitts, former undersecretary of HUD

Unconventional warfare is waged “upstream” with the assistance of those with the means, motive and opportunity to massage consensus opinion. Where are modern day battles fought? Not on the ground nor in the air nor on the seas. The mindset is the primary theater of operations. The first battlefield is the public’s shared field of consciousness. The death and destruction come later.

— Jeff Gates, Vietnam veteran, attorney, investment banker and former counsel the U.S Senate Finance Committee
65 Barbara Loe Fisher, “The National Electronic Vaccine Tracking Registry, How the Plan to Force Vaccination Gave Birth to the National ID, a Government Health Records Database, and the End of Medical Privacy.” [LINK] [VIDEO]

Beginning in 1913, the Rockefeller backed General Education Board (GEB) gave millions of dollars to medical schools that disregarded naturopathy, homeopathy, and chiropractic, or any nontoxic healing modality in favor of medicine based on the use of surgery, radiation, and especially chemical drugs. Aided by the AMA, a medical monopoly was created. One of the most cleverly diabolical educational schemes was the ingenious marketing technique of training a cadre of unsuspecting physicians as a sales force for the drugs manufactured by the Rockefeller Trust. The system allows the doctor to remain aloof from the dirty business of selling while giving him the special privilege of writing prescriptions for nostrums he has been trained by the very drug companies who manufacture them to prescribe. Many of these drugs are used for the relief of chronic symptoms. They are not meant to cure, and they must by chemical composition and electron rotation patterns counter the body’s basic biorhythms, internal bio-electric conductivity and biochemical systems. As a result, they have multiple deleterious effects, including death. The effects lead to thousands of deaths a year and untold disabilities. The culture has become anesthetized to this level of human waste and accepts it as “the cost of doing business.” As a result of this utilitarian mind set the metrics for measuring the value of a life become no more than an actuarial notation in a drug company ledger. In the case of vaccine damage, the cost is passed indirectly onto the taxpayer and directly onto the parents, who bear the brunt and the cost of each damaged child. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (PL99-660) was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. In essence the law tacitly acknowledged that vaccines can injure and kill individuals by creating a federal vaccine injury compensation system. However, federal health officials at the HHS have moved to systematically gut the law by using tax supported lawyers from the Department of Justice to fight these claims. The taxpayers are paying government lawyers to protect the profits of the drug industry rather than the lives and health of American children. Three out of four vaccine injured children are turned away, and more than $1 billion sits idle in the vaccine injury trust.65

The impression is created by the medical establishment that diseases such as adult onset diabetes, hypertension and even cancer cannot be cured and must be managed with lifelong drug intervention. Not fully understanding that many chronic diseases can be reduced or reversed with lifestyle and diet modifications as well as biological compensatory therapy, many people accept the irreversibility of their disease diagnosis. This creates a practically limitless repeat customer base for both physicians and the drug companies.

For profitability, diseases are managed, they are not cured. Just as the British East India Company learned from selling opium to the Chinese—creating a market with repeat customers who demand and need your product is immensely profitable. It is the essence of “free trade.” Medical myths are then created with aggressive enthusiasm, while denying the public accurate information about less expensive, but more valuable compensatory therapies.

Disintegration of Public Health and the Rise in Modern Diseases

66 Ivan Illich, Limits to Medicine, Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health (New York: Marion Boyers, 1976), 21. [LINK]

This philosophical framework has had profound consequences on the cost and quality of medical care, including its current inflated price and diminishing quality of care. In contrast with environmental improvements and modern nonprofessional health measures, the medical treatment of people is never significantly related to a decline in the compound disease burden or rise in life expectancy.66 Adequate food, shelter, clothing and a stable society are far more essential to good health than the best medical care. These are public health measures that can no longer be controlled domestically by local governments because of their indebtedness to central banks and the new zero-sum religion of globalization and privatization of public assets that has gripped elites like an intractable fever.

The logical consequence of the limited philosophical worldview of allopathic medicine as a subset of the drive for global dominance is the scourge of chronic diseases that are plaguing Western societies: autism, developmental and learning disabilities, auto-immune diseases, asthma and obesity in our children; and cancer, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes in adults; and drug addiction to both legal and illegal drugs in both populations. This medical model subsumed under the domination of the military structure has led to the outbreak of laboratory created super diseases, such as Marburg and Ebola, which kill horribly and are being used as offensive weapons, most often in Africa. It has also lead to the creation of an idea, without scientific merit, that a single retrovirus that has never been adequately isolated, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is sexually transmitted, conclusively lethal, and the cause of 29 different diseases. This idea is so preposterous that if there were truly an independent scientific intellectual elite, free from the burden of the church of money, this idea would have been laughed out of existence when it was first proposed by Robert Gallo and Margaret Heckler, Secretary of Health Education and Welfare under the presidency of Ronald Reagan in 1984.

HIV/AIDS—Sloppy Science

67 Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos et al., “Mother to Child Transmission of HIV and Its Prevention with AZT and Nevirapine: A Critical Analysis of the Evidence,” The Perth Group, 15-16. [LINK]

It has been twenty-five long years since medical and political interests in this country promoted an unproven theory as fact—that a tiny retrovirus, which has never been adequately isolated, that has come to be known as HIV and is the cause of a collection of 29 disparate well-known diseases now recognized in a certain targeted subset only as the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS. One of the diagnostic criteria for stating that someone has AIDS is by being associated with or part of a “high-risk group.” High-risk groups are men who have sex with men, IV drug users, hemophiliacs, heterosexual Africans, and now African American women. Although AIDS is sold as a sexually transmitted disease, long-term prospective studies of discordant partners have shown that HIV is not sexually transmitted. Further, what is called HIV is only found 15 to 20 percent of the time in the semen of HIV-positive patients.67 If there is no trace of “HIV” 80 to 85 percent of the time, there is little possibility for sexual transmission.

68 Mark Prashne, A Genetic Switch (Cambridge, MA: Cell Press and Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1992). [LINK]

The high-risk groups do share a common factor, which is being exposed to excessive amounts of particular oxidative or nitrosative stressors. In the West, it is poly-drug use, repeated infections and indiscriminate antibiotic use, and rectally deposited semen from multiple anonymous donors. In Africa, it is poverty, malnutrition, social disruption, and a host of long-known endemic diseases, as well as environmental toxins and vaccines. Many of the exogenous stressors are genotoxins, the exposure to which can appear as novel “RNAs” and have been misinterpreted as HIV protein templates. When a cell is critically threatened by oxidative/nitrosative stressors, genetic recombination (which may include virus proliferation) is one set of events that occurs as an emergency response.68 Finding endogenous viruses in cells that are undergoing oxidative stress is an expected cellular repair mechanism not the cause for inventing a new viral plague.

The theory advanced by the AIDS religionists is that a tiny HIV retrovirus causes an infection that leads to immune deficiency characterized by a depletion of CD+ T lymphocytes, and then the immune deficiency leads to one of multiple old well-known diseases. This was the old equation: Tuberculosis — HIV = Tuberculosis. This is the new equation: Tuberculosis + HIV = AIDS, or in Africa Tb — HIV = AIDS. Everything is different in Africa. Just having tuberculosis is enough for a diagnosis of AIDS if the patient has the requisite weight loss, fever, and diarrhea of one month’s duration. Additionally in Africa, a man or woman is said to have acquired HIV/AIDS by heterosexual contact even if the partner is HIV negative or if he/she has never had sexual intercourse. The skewed definition makes the correlation with HIV inevitable, regardless of the facts. Further complicating this lymphocyte destruction theory is the fact that many people who have AIDS do not show a decreased lymphocyte count until after the onset of one of the defining diseases.

69 Bård Røsak, et al., “Correlates of Latent and Productive HIV Type 1 Infection in Tonsillar CD4+ Cells” 19 Aurgust 1997 PNAS, v.94 (17): 9332-9336. [LINK]

After the Gallo-Heckler announcement, an AIDS industry was created overnight that has given employment to thousands. For starters, Reagan released about a billion dollars to give the AIDS private sector industry more government money for the development of their “free enterprise” anti-retroviral drug products. Suddenly, old cancer virus hunters from the National Cancer Institute whose work was dwindling as a result of the failed cancer/virus theory became AIDS researchers. Years and billions of dollars have been spent trying to find this virus in the immune cells that the virus is claimed to be killing. Big problem—among the HIV positive, less than one in 1,000 of their CD4 immune cells normally show any “signs” of possible infection.69 This is much too low of an infection rate to explain any decrease in circulating CD4+T cells. However, as will be shown, the theory of oxidative/nitrosative stress leading to a Th1/Th2 counterbalance of the immune system does.

In the positive people, the T cells are predominantly maturing into Th2 cells that do not live in the blood stream. The Th2 helper cells migrate to the bone marrow where the B cells live so that they can stimulate the production of antibodies. There is a concomitant decrease in the production of Th1 cells and the function of cell mediated immunity, This accounts for the increase in antibody levels in AIDS patients, the simultaneous reduction in cellular mediated immunity, and the rise of opportunistic infections. This evolutionary biologically programmed counterbalance of the immune system offers a coherent scientific explanation. It is simple and elegant because it adequately explains the pathophysiology of the problem and offers rational treatment methods. However, it is not profitable.

In the meantime, by creating the illusion of hunting for a cure, the AIDS industry becomes a shield for the deteriorating health of disparate populations who bear the brunt of global drug running and/or economic hit men—the viral invaders from global corporations and banking structures—who leave behind a trail of graves.

70 Robert Giraldo, “Everybody reacts positive on the ELISA test for HIV, Continuum, Midwinter 1998/9. [LINK]

When researching the literature on HIV, what I found was absolutely startling. When HIV/AIDS proponents were speaking about HIV, they were not speaking about a virus because they never isolated a virus. What they were calling HIV was nothing more than certain cellular characteristics and activities of cells in a laboratory setting produced under very special conditions. In other words, HIV is a chimera, an imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts. As will be discussed in a later chapter, the proteins claimed to be specific to HIV can be found at some level in everybody.70 This is not because everyone has been exposed to HIV, but because what they identify as HIV proteins are unlikely to be retroviral but cellular in origin.

Numerous scientists and researchers have written countless articles and a plethora of books, all politely civil in assuming that a great mistake has been made. AIDS is not a mistake, and there is nothing civil about its creation and promotion as an idea. It is no less than an act of war. HIV/AIDS is a false construct patched together with sloppy science used by former Nixon’s War on Cancer virus hunters to transition from one failed medical venture to a new money pit. Overnight, a virus type that was said to cause cell proliferation (cancer) was now claimed to cause cell death (AIDS). It was a lazy and profitable way of explaining the body’s response to physiological pro-oxidative stressors that overwhelm the function of the intracellular energy factories, or mitochondria. It is a politically useful tool employed by the recurrent destructive energy predictably arising from an underground cesspool of utilitarian eugenics misfits. It is at best an idea promoted to cloud the consequences of elite high crimes and economic exploitation as they constantly create new and enlarging markets to stay ahead of their expanding empire of debt. Sooner or later every imperial structure becomes too big and too expensive for its own creators to maintain. European empires have depended on the super profits of monopolizing long-distance trade. Illegal drugs are one of the monopoly profit centers, and their long-term use leads to more than individual destruction.

Reverse Transcriptase Enzyme and Retroviruses

HIV/AIDS experts claimed to have made identification of the new sex and blood plague virus by finding an enzyme known as reverse transcriptase (RT) in the culture medium of cells taken from some of the first identifiable patients. However, Gallo combined the cells of multiple patients and mixed these cells with strong oxidizing agents and a leukemia cell line in his culture medium. The strong oxidizing agents damage DNA and would naturally lead to the increase of the enzyme RT because RT is necessary to make DNA repairs. He also neglected to mention in his original papers that he added hydrocortisone to the cell culture as well. Hydrocortisone inhibits nitric oxide (NO) gas produced by Th1 cells and promotes the formation of regenerative proteins. Regenerative proteins, also known as virus-like particles, are what Gallo called HIV.

71 Mae-Wan Ho, Living with the Fluid Genome, (Institute of Science in Society, Penang, Malaysia 2003) 49. [LINK]
72 Transcription is the synthesis of RNA under the direction of DNA.

The occurrence of cellular damage and the response of genetically programmed cellular repair mechanisms should have been anticipated. Since 1970, it had been known that the reverse transcription enzyme was capable of transcribing a molecule of RNA into DNA. The researchers who discovered this won a Nobel Prize for the importance of this finding. Before the discovery of this enzyme it was thought that the flow of cellular information was one way from nuclear DNA to cellular RNA and was never reversed. Whenever and wherever reverse transcriptase activity was detected, it was assumed that retroviruses were at work. It was soon discovered that this enzyme was ubiquitous and was in no way unique to what was called a retrovirus. About fifty percent of the human genome is now known to consist of virus like sequences,71 Evidence has accumulated showing that RTs are involved in a surprisingly large number of RNA mediated transcriptional events.72 These endogenous so-called nonsense genes exist in the thousands, and some can replicate independently and jump within and between chromosomes. For this reason, they were called by a variety of names and are vitally important in intercellular communication. In the laboratory they can be made to migrate, and when this happens, reverse transcriptase is invariably detected—which underscores that reverse transcriptase is not unique to retroviruses per se.

73 Peter H. Duesberg, Inventing the AIDS Virus (Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publishing 1996), 127. [LINK]

All of this was well known to Gallo’s group in 1983 when he used the finding of reverse transcriptase to claim he had isolated a new virus. The world forgot that he had already tried to pull the same scam two previous times with HTLV-I and HTLV-II.73 He claimed that these were leukemia viruses, or cellular proliferation viruses. When that charade fell apart, he simply found a new disease pattern to blame on one of his elusive retroviruses, this time it was HTLV-III, which eventually came to be known as HIV—the human immunodeficiency virus. This time the virus was said to have an exactly opposite effect.

74 D.R. Lucey et al., “Comparison by race of total serum IgG, IgA, and IgM with CD4+T-cell counts in North American persons infected with the human immunodeficiency virus type 1,” J Acquir Immune Defic Synd 5 (1992): 325-32. [LINK]

The challenge is for the HIV-causes-AIDS proponents to prove in fact that HIV is an infectious virus and not a laboratory artifact. People who are HIV positive do have elevated antibodies, but these antibodies are consistent with a Th2 shift in the immune response. In fact, they are an anticipated internal physiological response to persistent external physiological challenges—such as narcotics, steroids, prescription drugs, nutritional deprivation, and other biological stressors. And with all environmental stressors, some people are more predisposed than others to express such conditions. In the population of African descent, it is related to the expression of a human lymphocyte antigen—HLA DR5—and the fact that blacks make more IgG and IgA antibodies to the same stimulus than whites.74 Both of these genetic factors were exploited in the development of the “HIV” antibody test, which has made it appear that blacks who take the test are more than five times as likely as whites from the same risk groups to test positive. (See the chapter, on the HIV antibody test.)

There are now thousands of people who have refused anti-retroviral drugs, have changed their lifestyles and their state of mind and spirit, have altered their nutrition and are alive and well today—many are HIV free as well. The science that is calling HIV an exogenous or infectious deadly virus has yet to prove that (a) it is infectious and (b) that it is the cause of AIDS. This may seem surprising, but much of science is based on a theory that works until it reaches the limits of its theoretical possibilities. When the theory reaches its limits of explanation and a new understanding of observed phenomenon is ardently resisted, great damage ensues. People who do not have a terminal illness are told they are going to die, and sometimes they do from fright and cell damaging drug therapy. Today, most of the people dying of AIDS die from the complications of misguided, anti-retroviral therapy and the failure of medical practitioners to institute appropriate and timely compensational therapy. The phenomenon of HIV believers shouting down an alternative hypothesis and of labeling prominent and thoughtful scientists and physicians denialists is the antithesis of open scientific discourse. HIV/ AIDS is a theory that needs open and rational discussion rather than the strident hysteria that has been called medical discourse.

Theories are simply attempts to explain how observed phenomena may work, but the HIV/AIDS theory has devolved into religious dogma. It has to because the science is so weak it cannot and will not bear the light of public scrutiny. As a disease being exploited for profit and political purposes, its exposure must be addressed. Numerous authors have addressed the scientific questions and the fraud of Gallo and his original papers published in Science that started this terrible mess. None has looked at the context that has created this disaster—until now.

False Constructs and Evolutionary Biology

75 Mae-Wan Ho, “Bioenergetics and the Coherence of Organisms,” Neuronerwork World 5 (1995): 733-50. [LINK]
76 LabNotes: Moving Traffic Inside the Cell, Fall 1992,

The human genome and extra-genomic cellular processes are absolutely brilliance. Each tiny cell in the body is alive with activity and has developed over the course of evolutionary eons the most marvelous method of communication. X-ray crystallography has demonstrated that living cells pulsate with energy color and movement.75 Cells communicate by means of viral-like particles, electric currents, chemical emission, photons, and magnetic fields. There are about 100,000 reactions per second in all of our cells. Each cell is constantly making hollow particles or vesicles. The tiny particles are sent out carrying cargo along intricate microtubule roads.76 The microtubule roads are linked to a finer network of actin threads. Both networks carry thousands of moving particles. Cells also make particles that travel through extra-cellular space to other cells, not to attack them, but to pass on information. The little particles have become known as retroviruses. The observation of the work and function of retroviruses is very important because it is relevant to classical mechanistic genetic theory, namely, that nuclear DNA is the master controller of the cell and works in a unidirectional manner by giving orders to RNA to make protein. The idea that RNA could be responding to DNA and giving it orders never occurred to the early genetic theoreticians. However, the nature of living organisms is radically anti-mechanistic.

77 Mae-Wan Ho, The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organism, 92. [LINK]

Pyramidal and mechanistic systems work by a hierarchy of controllers and the controlled that returns the systems to set points. One can recognize such mechanistic systems in the predominant institutions of our society. They are undemocratic and non-participatory. Bosses make decisions and workers work, and in between the top and the bottom are “line managers” relaying the unidirectional chain of command. Organic systems, by contrast, are truly democratic. They work by intercommunication and total participation.77 This is the new paradigm and understanding coming out of the laboratories of some of the most forward thinking scientists. This is the idea of intercommunication and total participation at the micro-gaian environment of the cell structure that those schooled in and wedded to the notion of hierarchical systems are struggling to come to terms with. Some may never make the transition into 21st century medicine because these new ideas challenge the very world view that is wedded to the notion of pyramidal social structures and the need for controllers and gatekeepers to keep the masses dependent and complacent.

Finding the reverse transcriptase enzyme was a major blow to the hierarchical theory of DNA dominance because it showed that the total activity of the cell controls the action of DNA and that communication is constant and bidirectional, Recent experiments with cloning confirm this observation. When genetic material was transferred to a new egg, information from changes in the cytoplasm initiated the functional capabilities of the DNA rather than the DNA initiating the functions in the cytoplasm as had been previously thought to occur. But it was the interaction of the DNA and the cytoplasm that created the energy flows in the living organism.

In 1970, the discovery of the reverse transcriptase enzyme was a revolutionary idea. This discovery was made when the Nixon’s War on Cancer effort was spending mountains of money to find a cancer causing virus. The virus cancer theory never made much headway, but Gallo and the virus hunters did not let all of that research money go to waste. Instead of acknowledging that the RT enzyme was a DNA repair mechanism, they instead postulated that it belonged to a new category of viruses which were then called retroviruses. Today it is recognized that retroviruses are a normal part of the cell’s repair and communication mechanism.

78 Stefan Lanka, “HIV: Reality or Artifact?” Continuum, April/May 1995. [LINK]

A whole body of literature supporting the evidence on the reverse transcription enzyme and the bidirectional communication of cellular DNA and RNA (mainly from Europe) was suppressed by researchers engaged in the Nixon’s War on Cancer virus hunt.78 Bidirectional synthesis requires reverse transcriptase. The enzyme, therefore, is not unique to infectious retroviruses but is common in all forms of life. This very basic science renders Robert Gallo’s claim in the original papers of having discovered a new retrovirus because he found reverse transcriptase suspect at the very least.

79 Peter Duesberg, Inventing the AIDS Virus. (Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publishing, 1996), 119. [LINK]

World-renowned virologist Peter Duesberg has raised another very important issue concerning retroviruses. Retroviruses were never known to be killer viruses in man. They had been classified as benign passenger viruses. According to Duesberg, “Even very few oncogenic retroviruses—those endowed with cancer genes—hardly play a role as carcinogens for two reasons. First, viral cancer genes accidentally acquired are never kept by retroviruses after they are generated because they are entirely useless to the virus. … Second, even if a rare oncogenic retrovirus infects an immuno-competent animal, a small tumor will appear within days after the infection, only to disappear again as the animal develops antiviral immunity. Antiviral immunity kills both the virus and all virus-infected cells.79 In other words, retroviruses do not kill the cells in which they reside as HIV/AIDS proponents claim that HIV does to T cells.

80 Press Release, Gary Null 30 September 2000: A leading American scientist—honored as “The Discoverer of AIDS” and “The father of AIDS Research”—is shown to have falsely claimed that he had detected and isolated an aids-causing retrovirus, Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, “AIDS: A Second Opinion – Part 1”. [LINK]

By now you are probably asking, “So what exactly did Gallo find in his lab?” Very simply, in the old phrase from the early days of computers, GIGO—garbage in, garbage out. What Gallo was calling a new unique retrovirus or HIV was no more than a laboratory artifact. He created the conditions for the cells in his experiment to mount a heightened biochemical response (elevated cellular breakdown “viral like” products) by adding strong oxidizing agents as well as hydrocortisone to the mixture. The oxidizing agents cause cellular damage that led to the need for DNA repair, which is accomplished with the enzyme reverse transcriptase. The break down products from the damage caused by the added oxidizing agents that created the tiny non-specific vesicles of various sizes seen extruded from cells under electron microscopy, he called HIV. There is no picture of a distinct isolated “HIV” to this day. Even a high school student would know that this is bogus science. But Gallo did something even more evil. He patented a test for the “HIV antibodies” (which in effect was cellular debris) before he isolated and identified HIV as a unique virus.80 From the beginning, it was unconscionable. For Gallo it was the glory, and for the boys at the top of the pyramid it was about social control and money.

81 Eleni Papadopoulis-Eleopulos, “Reappraisal of AIDS: Is the Oxidation Induced by the Risk Factors the Primary Cause?” Medical Hypotheses (1988) 25:
151-62. [LINK]

By 1988, an Australian researcher, Eleni Papadopalos-Eleopulos, unveiled an explanation of AIDS based on the process of oxidative stress. According to Papadopulos, the stimulants used to induce “HIV” phenomena (retrovirus-looking objects plus certain proteins that may or may not be affiliated with those objects) in cultures are oxidizing agents, as are the factors uniting American AIDS patients, including street drugs, hemophilia treatments, and rectally deposited semen. Papadopulos proposed that both “HIV” phenomena and AIDS conditions are consequences of these and other stressors she would introduce in later papers (such as blood transfusions, anti-AIDS pharmaceuticals, including AZT, and antibiotics).81

Non-specific Antibodies Not a Virus

Even more important, when independent researchers were finally able to get access to Gallo’s original research, they discovered that no virus was found in any of Gallo’s patients—only antibodies against something he was calling HIV. Antibodies are traditionally a sign that the immune system has rejected the virus. Gallo turned the function of the immune system upside down, and the medical community let him get away with that nonsense for three years before they began to speak out. He made the world believe that having immunity to a virus would lead to a disease. From the beginning, HIV science was a giant mind game designed to pacify a desperate and irresponsible homosexual community and to frighten the rest of the world into submission to the tyranny of the medical establishment. Even the selling of AZT, a failed cancer drug developed from a herring sperm extract, was a stroke of mass marketing genius.

Simple minds like simple solutions. When the “anti-retroviral” drug AZT was presented to the public, this simply reinforced that HIV was a virus, and the “experts” in government and medicine had done their work and quickly and brilliantly solved the problem with this new medicine—another magic bullet. We could all go back to sleep. There could have been nothing further from the truth.

Nixon’s War on Cancer and the Wild Virus Chase

Nixon’s 1971 declared War on Cancer was not only effective in suppressing pre-WWII cytogenetics research but was also equally successful at suppressing the work of Otto Warburg, a German scientist and winner of two Nobel Prizes and nominee for a third for his research. Warburg demonstrated that cancer was not an infectious disease but a metabolic problem that arose as a result of chronic oxygen deficiency. At the cellular level, chronic oxygen deficiency causes the replacement of the oxygen respiratory cycle of energy metabolism that takes place in cellular organelles called mitochondria with a less efficient energy production mechanism called aerobic gycolysis that occurs in the cells cytoplasm. Such energy transformation can lead to apoptosis of cells (a die off) and the development of chronic diseases including AIDS, if it happens acutely, it leads to necrosis—dead tissue as occurs in an acute myocardial infarction. If it occurs chronically over a long period of time, the mature cell has the evolutionary programmed option of reverting to a self-preserving embryonic state which is called cancer. More will be discussed on this in the chapter that considers the impairment of biological mechanisms underlying immune deficiency and the brilliant strategy cells have devised over billions of years of evolution to function in both optimal and hostile environments. Cancer is a mechanism of cellular self-preservation when chronically faced with a sub-optimal redox state.

The uptake of an electron (as well as a positively charged hydrogen ion aka proton) by a receiving molecule is called reduction. Conversely, the donation of an electron (as well as a hydrogen ion) is called oxidation. In living cells, the effective proportion of reduced substances to oxidized substances is called the redox balance. The redox potential is measured in millivolts. A distinguishing feature of living cells is the dynamic maintenance of energy flows away from thermodynamic equilibrium. This is accomplished by constant electron transfer, which, at the same time, produces proton gradients to decrease or increase the electromotive force. The movement of these electrons and protons creates energy in the form of light emissions (photons) that are reabsorbed in the healthy cell. While normal cells emit less light, cancer cells are decoupled from this photon field and show an exponential increase in light emission (energy loss) with increasing cell density. This correlates with the observation that cancer cells have a diminished capacity for interccommunication.

82 Heinrich Kremer, The Silent Revolution in Cancer and AIDS Medicine, new fundamental insights into the real causes of illness and death confirm the effectiveness of biological compensation therapy, (Xlibris 2008). [LINK]

A fundamental principle of evolutionary biology states that the more complex an organism’s evolution, the more reduced it must be. In the reduced state, there are more electrons available for energy production. In order to insure the necessary predominance of the reduction status, any oxidation of a molecule or atom must be quickly reduced again. In living cells this takes place particularly by means of sulfur containing amino acids, sulfurous peptides with low molecular weights and other sulfurous molecules.82

83 T.J. Schulz,  et al., “Induction of Oxidative metabolism by mitochondrial frataxin inhibits cancer growth, Otto Warburg revisted,” J of Biol Chem
281(2) 977-981. [LINK]

Mounting evidence from recent research has confirmed Warburg's findings and has further shown that chronic deficits in the more efficient mitochrondrial oxidative metabolism are factors in the development of many chronic diseases. One area of research has evaluated an autosomal recessive inherited condition known as Friedreich ataxia. This disease is an inherited neurogenerative disorder caused by a deficiency of a mitochondrial protein known as frataxin. Because of the inherited defect, people with Friedreich ataxia are subject to premature death due to cardiac failure, diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance, all due to the impaired synthesis of the energy molecule ATP. The life expectancy of those with this inherited disease is only 38 years on average, and the genetic defect leads to an increase of oxidative stress demonstrated by reduced levels of free glutathione.83 Just as a diminished level of this important antioxidant leads to premature death in Freidrich’s ataxia, reduced glutathione levels are similarly found to be abnormally low in AIDS patients who experience the most serious complications.

84 A. Ramanathan, C. Wang, and S.L. Schreiber, (2005) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 102, 5992-5997.
85 Also known as the tricarboxylic cycle or the citric acid cycle which is envolved through a series of enzyme catalyzed reactions in the use of oxygen for cellular respiration and energy production.

Otto Warburg’s work suggests that malignant growth might be caused by a decrease in mitochondrial energy metabolism paralleled by an increased gylocolytic flux. The new research suggests that it is not so much the increase in glycolysis that may be the primary cause of malignant growth, but the reduced efficiency of mitochondrial energy conversion as the result of oxidative/ nitrosative stress. Numerous cancer specimens exhibit mitochondrial DNA deletions, reduced mitochondrial content, altered mitochondrial morphology, and impaired oxidative capacity as well as an increase in glycolytic rate and. lactate production.84 What is becoming imminently more difficult to suppress is the evidence that impaired mitochondrial metabolism, and specifically the Krebs cycle85 activity, may promote malignant growth, and that oxidative stress is also responsible for the CD4 imbalance in the Th1/Th2 cell population in favor of the Th2 profile and increased antibody production found in AIDS patients. Th2 shift is the consistent metabolic finding in AIDS patients. No virus need apply.

Understanding these metabolic pathways is vitally important in understanding AIDS. People diagnosed with AIDS are in a hypercatabolic low oxygen state where the body becomes exhausted in attempting to repair itself. Instead of being given the appropriate antimicrobials along with compensatory nutrients and antioxidants to help the repair process, people who are HIV positive are treated with drugs that bring about the slow asphyxiation of cells that are already oxygen deprived—thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. People are dying from iatrogenic AIDS. Anti-retroviral drugs cause AIDS.

Antibodies and Immunity

The HIV antibody tests are another scientific conundrum never fully explained. An elevated antibody count has been historically used to identify those who have developed immunity to a disease. For example, after you receive a measles vaccine your anti-measles antibody count rises. This elevated count is claimed to indicate that you have developed immunity from being exposed to that particular virus. This is the underlying theory of vaccines. If your antibody count drops, you are to said to need a booster shot for the specific purpose of raising your antibody levels called titers. It is claimed that the vaccine will raise your immunity to the disease by increasing your antibodies against this pathogen. The immune system is imminently more complex, but this is the theory that has been rolled over from the 19th century to justify the every expanding roster of mandated vaccines.

Yet in the case of HIV, when your antibody titers are already elevated, indicating that your body is working normally and has developed immunity to HIV, you are said not to be immune and are subject to the development of AIDS—a scientific wonder never explained by those promoting this theory. Yet the AIDS promoters are promising a vaccine against AIDS although they know that any vaccine would produce the exact antibodies, in which case people would be said to be immune from AIDS. Needless to say, the vaccine trials have all been gigantic failures. If you are already confused, that seems to be the point of HIV “science.” Thus far, there has been no viable vaccine produced, and it will be interesting to see just how long that charade continues. (Note: It will continue as long as the money flows to this misguided research.)

Epidemic Intelligence Service and AIDS

The Epidemic Intelligence Service was founded in 1951 by Alexander Langmuir, a professor of public health. It is referred to as the “medical CIA” and was first designed to act as an elite biological warfare counter-measures unit of the CDC. Langmuir also served as an advisor to the Defense Department's chemical and biological warfare programs, was part of the eugenics movement that supported the work of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, and involved the EIS in the population control movement of the 1960s.

Since 1951, graduates of the two-year program have returned to society in various positions in state and local health departments, hospitals, government positions, the World Health Organization, universities, pharmaceutical companies, tax exempt foundations, and in the media as staff writers, editors and TV anchor men and women. EIS alumni are not disinterested parties on the look out for potential biological threats. Their job is to promote CDC policies. They remain as secretive about their membership in this agency as are members of other clandestine agencies, and because of their frontline positions have promoted fear of impending disaster to boost drug sales when no peril is imminent. Recently they have promoted SARS, smallpox, swine flu and the bird flu. The promotion of AIDS as a sex and blood plague has been one of their long-term projects.

86 “Disease Politics,” ABC News 20/20, 10/11/99.

The scientific facts about HIV and AIDS have not gotten in the way of the disease purveyors of the EIS and the marketing mavens of the pharmaceutical industry selling drugs to the medically hexed that in fact ultimately contribute to their demise. One must ponder why millions of dollars of government and private money have poured into AIDS research so out of proportion to the number of people who die from this disease in comparison with heart disease or cancer. Since 1980, more people have died each year in car accidents, and four times more Americans have been killed by prescription drugs than from AIDS. According to a 1998 ranking of U.S. fatalities, AIDS was number seventeen with 16,685 deaths compared with heart disease (725,790 deaths), diabetes (62,332) or Alzheimer’s disease (22,527). Despite the small number of cases and deaths, federal funding for AIDS has been disproportionately excessive compared with other ailments that kill more Americans. For example, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) allocates $2,400 per patient in research money to AIDS compared with $230 for breast cancer, $108 for heart disease, and $28 for diabetes. Moreover, under the pretext of a growing pandemic, those with AIDS receive special emergency funds through the Ryan White CARE Act and ADAP that people with other diseases do not.86 I am not implying that people with a positive HIV test should be ignored, but one must consider that there is always more than one agenda being served. There are political reasons for keeping HIV/AIDS on the public’s mind. There are political and economic reasons that are being promoted as a Herculean problem in Africa. There are political reasons why it has become a problem among black American women, who have likely as a result of its eugenics origin always been one of the ultimate targets. Drug use among young black women has been rapidly rising consonant with their rising risk for testing HIV positive.

As an allopathic physician, when the AIDS story broke, I believed it. I lived in New York, and I had friends who had supposedly died of the dreaded disease. I was busy finishing my residency and starting my practice, and I trusted what the “experts” were telling me at medical conferences. It was not until I faced my own health challenge, unrelated to HIV, that I began to look for alternative ways to heal myself. I began to examine the history and dynamics of the profession I had chosen. My studies brought me to the realization that the allopathic medical profession is controlled from the top by the same interests that control banking, oil, precious metals, the military and associated intelligence agencies, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the various foundations and think tanks that frame and limit all level of intellectual inquiry in the United States and throughout their empire.

I found a 1989 report by the National Research Council that more explicitly revealed the hidden agenda behind AIDS. Originally sponsored by the Rockefeller and Russell Sage Foundations and then funded by the Public Health Service, AIDS: Sexual and Intravenous Drug Use laid out a plan for yet another social engineering scheme on a massive scale—using AIDS as the excuse. “The devastating effect of an epidemic on a community can evoke strong political and social responses,” the committee noted. “An epidemic necessitates the rapid mobilization of the community to counter the spread of illness and death.” The power of such a method to force cultural values is an extension of the shock doctrine based on manipulation and fear. “Ideally, health promotion messages should heighten an individual’s perceptions of threat and his or her capacity to respond to that threat, thus modulating the level of fear … What is not yet known is how to introduce fear in the right way in a particular message intended for a particular audience. Acquiring that knowledge will require planned variations of AIDS education programs that are carefully executed and then carefully evaluated.” The report went on to express how to attack societal moral values related to speaking and writing about sexuality in explicit terms. Again they were advocating a direct attack on our children when they stated: “Despite recent indications of greatly increased tolerance for sexual explicitness in the media and literature, that reluctance remains strong in much of the population; it is particularly strong in instances that involve the education of children and adolescents.” The fear of this created AIDS epidemic would be used to fix this problem. The report continued: “The committee believes that during an epidemic, politeness is a social virtue that must take second place to the protection of life.” Just as Harry Hopkins used tuberculosis as a public boondoggle, Donald Francis, an Epidemic Intelligence officer and officer of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta (CDC), saw the possibilities in harnessing other epidemics to advance similar agendas. He shamelessly declared, “If we establish new mechanisms to handle the HIV epidemic [these] can serve as models for other diseases.”

This is why the rational voices of Peter Duesberg, the Perth Group, Stefan Lanka, Henreich Kremer and countless other researchers calling for reasoned scientific discussion about AIDS were silenced. AIDS was intended to be used as another mass social engineering program. It was never designed to answer the obvious medical questions. The Rockefeller sponsored National Research Council’s report AIDS: Sexual and Intravenous Drug Use makes it clear chat this crisis would be used to undermine the sexual mores of the culture. Just as opium was used to destroy China, the drug culture is being used to destroy the social fabric of the United States.

I am now old enough to remember a time when as a child I felt perfectly safe going alone to the corner store to buy a Popsicle. On a scale of one to ten, my safety factor was 10. Today, what Catherine Austin Fitts, former undersecretary of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Department, calls the Popsicle Index has been completely reversed. The Popsicle Index is the percentage of people in a community who believe that a child can leave the home, go to the nearest place to buy a Popsicle, and come home alone safely. The influx of drugs leading to the AIDS crisis combined with the deindustrialization of the economic core and the religion of globalization are the continuum of the same process that has been driving down this index of community safety and quality of life factors over the last forty years. We now have two generations of Americans who think that drug-infested communities and gun violence are a normal way of life.

The history of the families and their extended business relationships that seek profit by unhinging cultures through flooding them with drugs and shocking people into submission with contrived events runs back at least to the horrible savagery of the British East India Company and its drive for global resource domination. The BEIC was responsible for millions of deaths in India, Africa, China, and the United States. Their “free trade” policies constricted the life blood of the fledgling colonies and ultimately led to an uprising—the American Revolution.

In order to understand the development of the AIDS crisis, one must look back to the importance of the BEIC, their drug running in the development of Western capitalism, and the transition of the United States into the United States Empire.

5 — The Deindustrialization of the Economic Core, More Immune Toxins, How China Fits into the Big Picture and the Death Knell for Dollar Hegemony

Cul-de-sac neighborhoods once filled with the sound of backyard barbecues and playing children are falling silent. Communities like Elk Grove, Calif., and Windy Ridge, N.C., are slowly turning into ghost towns with overgrown lawns, vacant strip malls and squatters camping in empty homes.

— The Final Stage in the De-industrialization of America 5 April 2009, “The Economic Populist”

In a graphic illustration of the new world order, Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading.

— Robert Fisk, The Demise of the Dollar 6 October 2009

Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?

— Maurice Strong, globalist 1992

Human beings evolved an immune protective bio-energetic system over millions of years. The system was designed to cope with bacteria, parasites, viruses, solar radiation, and the waste products of our own daily turnover of 1012 cells. We have survived plagues, famines, wars, and bad governments. The question remains about our survival from the central bankers and their globalized technological corporate state unfettered from local controls of the democratic process. It is a sinister force that is bent on the total defilement of the mother, Earth. Of the 100 largest economic units, 49 are countries, and 50 are corporations. The parasite is in control of the host.

Industrial, medical, and military pollution began to increase rapidly with the onset of the industrial revolution, but chemical, biological and electric pollution has been increasing exponentially over the last sixty years. The cumulative effect of toxic waste, electrical and chemical products has created a whole new set of biological stressors not experienced before in such a massive and concentrated form. Unfortunately, the human organism has had little time to adapt to this burden, which has resulted in a significant rise in modern chronic disease states. Corporations in league with the government have used the mighty megaphone of the public relations Wurlitzer to spin us into believing that the nuclear fallout and toxic sludge they produce are actually good for us and have successfully dumped the waste of civilization in our rivers, lakes, oceans, our drinking water supply, on our agricultural products, and in the air we breathe. At the same time, they are destroying the earth’s lungs—the tropical rain forests. Amazingly, half of the forests have been destroyed in the last fifty years.

Many humans have maladapted to the mounting and cumulative external environmental stressors by developing skyrocketing numbers of cancers and chronic autoimmune diseases in which the body begins to attack itself. Studies on the cumulative effects to human health of the myriad pollutants dumped into the environment on a daily basis as waste from manufacturing, military weapons development, medical intervention, and now genetically modified food have been blocked by the active intervention of corporate lobbyists and their public relations firms.

87 Pat Ortmeyer, and Arjun Makhijani, “Let Them Drink Milk,” The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Nov./ Dec. 1997. [LINK]

During the atomic bomb testing period in the 1950s, most of the baby boomers were fed on a diet of radioactive milk and milk products.87 Many of the manufacturing waste compounds are also endocrine disruptors that polarize the evolutionary biologically programmed immune balance to Th2 predominance as well as mimic natural hormones. Because of this property, such chemicals are able to displace our naturally produced hormones in our endocrine system and to disrupt normal physiological functions. This can lead to the premature development of secondary sexual characteristics, reproductive difficulties, immune system problems, and cancer.

88 Geoffrey Lean, “Why Boys are Turning into Girls”, 23 October 2009, Telegraph. [LINK]

A 326 page report published by he environment protection agency in Denmark discovered that ubiquitous chemical contamination is driving sperm counts down and feminizing male children in all of the developing world. The report noted that sperm counts are falling so fast that young men are less fertile than their fathers and produce only a third as much sperm, proportionately as hamsters. The birth ratio for boys is also falling.88

The toxins used to create plastic, pesticides, cleansers; dyes; flame retardants, and white paper, among other products are the most troublesome. These compounds have become ubiquitous over the last sixty years. As environmental stressors, these chemicals are relevant to the AIDS story because the cohort of affected men who were first diagnosed were born after WWII and were exposed to a level of oxidative stressors that was an entirely new physiological phenomenon. Because the allopathic medical system was still operating under the 19th century paradigm of the infectious disease model, doctors were accustomed to looking for isolated pathogens and a magic bullet solution to eradicate the problem. As a result, the rise in diseases resulting from environmental toxins including vaccines and antibiotics has been downplayed or ignored.

Large campaign contributions from corporate donors to national politicians that make this massive public poisoning possible has been well chronicled. Some campaign contributions can be viewed at and other public interest web sites. But even this minimal transparency of formalized bribery to compliant legislators goes largely unchecked. Because there is so little significant scrutiny of the serious consequences of unregulated money funneled into the political system, corruption has become an endemic and intractable problem. What is puzzling is the tepid response that has been mounted to this corruption by the public. It may be reasonable to consider that the radioactive fallout from the development of the nuclear bomb project, including the fluoridation experiment of the water supply has worked to diminish the IQ of enough people so thoroughly that the country has become immobilized and confused while becoming enveloped by the dark forces of history.

During the eight years of the George W. Bush presidency, mounting and troubling medical warning signs of a country in economic decline began to breakthrough in the headlines. Although the process was accelerated under this particular kleptocracy, it did not start with his regime. Like any cancer, the disease process of social disruption had been ongoing for many years before it erupted as a metastatic transformation on 9/11.

89 “Healthy Economy,” OECD Observer, October 2008. [LINK]

One way to evaluate the well being of a society is to look at some overall health trends. Whether the health of a people is improving or declining is evidence of the general well being of that society. Unfortunately, America’s health has been on a downward trend. In 2008, America’s Health Rankings report, issued at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting, indicated that the life expectancy for Americans reached 78.1 years but ranked 50th behind Japan and most of Europe. A 2008 study published by the Harvard School of Public Health found that life expectancy for American women is declining for the first time since the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. Life expectancy for 1 in 5 American women is either going down or remaining stagnant. Most of the excess deaths are related to smoking. The CDC reported that type 2 diabetes is up 90 percent since 1997, which may be an underestimate because the numbers come from self-reported surveys conducted by the CDC in 1995-97 and in 2005-07. At least 20 percent of adults are obese in every state except Colorado. A 2008 report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on the per capita expenditure of pharmaceuticals revealed that while France and Spain consumed the highest number of pharmaceuticals per person, the U.S. spends more than any other industrialized nation—nearly twice the amount of the thirty countries considered in the assessment,89 yet has comparatively poorer healthcare outcomes that do not justify the expenditure.

90 High fructose corn syrup has been linked to an increase in obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Half of the samples tested have been shown to contain another serious toxin—mercury.

Twenty-eight countries that spend far less per capita on healthcare and pharmaceuticals, including Britain, France, Germany, and Japan are ahead of the United States in life expectancy. The United States ranks last among industrialized countries in preventable mortality. Although U.S. researchers considered the rising rates of obesity and lack of health insurance, they made no mention of increased consumption of processed foods containing multiple chemical additives, some of which are neurotoxic as well as high fructose corn syrup,90 artificial sweeteners and processed vegetable oils. The level of obesity has risen to epidemic proportions. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2/3 of adults are overweight, and 1/3 are obese. The variety and quality of food Americans eat have been altered substantially over the last forty years, and they are having a major negative impact on overall health. Portions have become gigantic.

At the other end of life’s spectrum, it was noted in 2006 that the United States as a whole, ranked 27th among industrialized countries in its infant mortality rate, well behind Israel and several countries that have only recently emerged from behind the Iron Curtain. This is in spite of the fact that the United States spends 16 percent of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on health care—more than any other country. The next closet country is Germany with 10.5 percent.

Infant mortality is a critical indicator of social progress. As the CDC report explains, “Infant mortality is one of the most important indicators of the health of a nation, as it is associated with a variety of factors such as maternal health, quality and access to medical care, socioeconomic conditions, and public health practices.” Infant mortality rate in the U.S. is now worse than twenty-eight other countries.

91 Frosty Wooldridge, “Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis Rising Fast in the U.S,” American Chronicle, 31 May 2007. [LINK]

Diseases of poverty that were unheard of, or practically extinct, are on the ascendancy. Tuberculosis and hepatitis are rising, and leprosy, virtually unknown to Americans over the last century, exceeded 7,000 new cases brought in on the backs of newcomers since 2001.91 The Washington Post reported that the use of antidepressants is soaring, with 1 in 10 American women using an antidepressant drug, such as Zoloft, Paxil, or Prozac. The use of these drugs has tripled in just a decade. Antidepressants have been linked to hundreds of cases of suicide and violence, including many recent school shootings.

92 Shankar Vedantam, , “Anti-depressant Use by U.S. Adults Soars,” Washington Post, 3 December 2004. [LINK]

The number of children using psychiatric drugs has soared. In 2002, about 6 percent of all boys and girls were taking antidepressants, triple the rate in the period 1994-96. About 14 percent of boys—nearly one in seven—were on stimulant drugs in 2002, double the number in 1994-96, the report found. Stimulant drugs are usually used to treat attention deficit disorder.92

With America’s general overall health declining, their options for access to care are rapidly diminishing as well. There are reports from New Jersey to California of hospitals and emergency rooms closing and providers shutting their doors to the poor whether uninsured or covered by Medicaid or Medicare. Reimbursement levels for these programs are no longer keeping pace with the inflationary costs of either office or hospital care or pharmaceuticals, especially very expensive cancer therapy drugs. Private insurers consistently deny payment for standard of care as a method of wealth transfer from communities into the coffers of HMOs’ CEOs—who take little risk and add a net negative value to the overall quality of living standards by rewarding themselves so generously by denying their clients care that they are paying to receive,

93 Allen Marshall, “Providers Close Doors To Poor, Medicaid Cuts Leave No Choice, Says Doctors, Hospitals,” Las Vegas Sun, 16 November 2008. [LINK]
94 Levey Noam, “Struggling States Cut Healthcare Costs for Poor before Obama Can Bolster Coverage,” Los Angeles Times, 14 January 2009. [LINK]

In Las Vegas, cancer patients who were receiving outpatient treatment at the University Medical Center have to seek treatment elsewhere as Medicaid cuts no longer cover the cost of expensive cancer drugs. Low-income children with bone and spine problems may even need to leave Las Vegas altogether for treatment because pediatric orthopedists are no longer accepting payment from Medicaid because reimbursements no longer cover the rising cost of care.93 Senior citizens in Illinois are facing the traumatic prospect of being moved from nursing homes teetering on the edge of bankruptcy as the homes wait for months to be paid by the floundering state government. South Carolina has cut treatment for low-income women under 40 with breast or cervical cancer and stopped providing nutritional supplements for people with kidney failure.94

95 The Miller Center of Public Affairs has this audio recording (conversation number 450-23. “Richard Nixon—Oval Office Recordings. [LINK]

One can begin to understand the process of this devolution by examining formerly secret government documents. The unearthing of classified government records and of other documents in the public domain has shown that there were decisions made intentionally at the highest levels of government in response to the call to protect the profits and hegemonic aspirations of certain corporate and military interests. It was known at the time that such decisions were made that there would be adverse effects on the public’s health. An audio tape was unearthed in the National Archives in which John Erlichman who was counsel and assistant to the president on domestic affairs, explains to Nixon how by passing HMO legislation, HMOs will make money by denying care.95 It has been well documented that this is how they have become so very profitable. Some HMO CEOs are worth billions because they are the most efficient at harvesting their profits from the fields of misery of people who are denied necessary care. This is called rationing and it has been going on for some time.

Neurotoxicity of Fluoride

As an example of only one of the many decisions, it is helpful to discuss why and how it was resolved to dump fluoride, one of the most toxic chemical waste products from the manufacture of atomic weapons, aluminum and other industrial products into the public water supply. The government and private industry colluded by falsely claiming that fluoride was beneficial because it protected children from getting cavities.

The water fluoridation decision can be traced to Harold Hodges, a toxicologist by training, who worked on the Manhattan Project. Harold Hodges was also named by John Marks in his 1975 book The Search for the Manchurian Candidate as one of the CIA’s leading research pioneers on the mind-altering drug LSD, which was also surreptitiously given to many unsuspecting victims, some of whom were psychologically damaged permanently and some of whom committed suicide.

President Eisenhower, in his farewell address to the nation, warned the people of the rising power of the military-industrial complex. It was indeed WWII and the development of the atomic bomb that unleashed a new more potent variation of a killing machine on the world. While most were terrorized by the possibility of mass annihilation from the power of the bomb, thanks to Harold Hodges and our protectors in the Pentagon, not only was the toxic residue from aerial fallout allowed to rain down on an unsuspecting population, the toxic residue from its manufacturing process was released into the water supply as one of the first experiments in mass public poisoning.

The Manhattan Project was a top secret government program responsible for constructing the ultimate horror weapon, the atomic bomb. During the project, Hodges was chief of fluoride toxicology. His laboratory was located at the University of Rochester in upstate New York. Declassified documents of the U.S. atomic bomb program indicate that both the scientists and the military knew that fluoride caused central nervous system damage yet they intentionally colluded with industry to hide this danger from the public. Public exposure of this harm became a very real possibility after they were confronted with the possibility of damning lawsuits from New Jersey farmers who themselves, their crops, and their live stock had been damaged by a fluoride spill into their water supply.

The information that the military had obtained from the number and types of illnesses to their civilian employees about the severe damage that fluoride causes to the central nervous system remained so well hidden that a generation of trained scientists were unaware of the original government research until the 1980s when Phyllis Mullenix was asked to evaluate if this chemical was harmful to children.

Phyllis J. Mullenix, is a pharmacologist and toxicologist by training. In 1987, while on the staff in the Department of Psychiatry of Boston Children’s Hospital, she and her colleagues were given the task of investigating the neurotoxic effects of fluoride. She and her team were not particularly excited about the prospect of studying the effects of this chemical because they, like so many others, were under the impression from their training and the U.S. scientific literature that there would be nothing untoward to find. After all, it had been in the U.S water supply for years, and she trusted the experts who put it there. She was in for a bitter surprise. All the more so, because a now elderly senior scientist by the name of Harold Hodges worked in her laboratory and was aware of her research and never admitted that the government already knew that fluoride was damaging to the Central Nervous System (CNS) of humans. Unbeknownst to Mullenix, Hodges was the scientist from the Manhattan Project charged with deliberately hiding the damages that this substance caused from public perception. Although most industrialized countries have banned fluoride from their water supplies, it is found in 67 percent of U.S. water systems.

96 Statement from Phyllis Mullenix on the Neurotoxicity of Fluoride, 14 Sept. 1998.

The Mullenix research was very disquieting. She found that fluoride contributed to motor dysfunction, decreased IQ, and learning disabilities, including attention deficit disorder.96 Her group soon found that two epidemiological studies from China showed IQ deficits in children overexposed to fluoride via drinking water or soot from burning coal. Although they could find no case controlled studies, a literature review of central nervous system individual case reports in humans revealed that numerous neurological effects had been reported to be caused by fluoride: impaired memory and concentration, lethargy, headache, depression, and confusion. The same theme was echoed in once classified reports about workers from the atomic bomb Manhattan Project. These reports had been willfully suppressed from the public domain by none other than the elderly Harold Hodges who worked in her lab and remained silent to the horror he had created.

However, like so many silent weapons, mass fluoridation of the water was never about children’s teeth. If this were indeed the case, why not give it only to children in children’s toothpaste or another delivery system? The true purpose of the water fluoridation program is spelled out in a now declassified 1948 report. The military, knowing the true physiological problems caused by this product, was worried about litigation coming from farmers in New Jersey who had been harmed by a fluoride spill from a Du Pont plant. It reads: “To supply evidence useful in the litigation arising from an alleged loss of a fruit crop several years ago, a number of problems have been opened. Since excessive blood fluoride levels were reported in human residents of the same area, our principal effort has been devoted to describing the relationship of blood fluorides to toxic effects.”

In order to enhance the government's position in claiming that low levels of fluoride were safe, studies were conducted on two New York Hudson River towns and Grand Rapids, Michigan. The two New York communities chosen for the original studies of water fluoridation were Newburg and Kingston, both along the west bank of the Hudson River north of West Point. Newburg’s water was fluoridated while Kingston’s water, as the matched control, was not. In a statewide survey conducted in 1954, J. A. Forst, M.D., a New York public health official, reported observing one-third more dental defects, including malposition of teeth, in fluoridated Newburgh, New York, than in the non-fluoridated control city of Kingston. In spite of these very damning results disproving any dental improvement in children, the decision had been made to dump this poison into the nation’s water supply and the people would be programmed to accept this decision.

Because Edward Bernays, the master propagandist and Sigmund Freud’s nephew, had been so successful at selling WWI to the justifiably resistant American people and cigarette smoking to women; he was conscripted to sell the idea that putting rat poison in the public water supply was good for developing healthy teeth. This became a fairly easy task once dentists were persuaded that fluoride had dental benefits. The research showing the harmful effects of fluoride was strenuously suppressed (for national security reasons, of course) and the corporate data showing any benefit was promoted as the earnest effort of honest scientists. Dentists were targeted to become the unwitting proponents of feeding this toxic waste to the American public in the name of reducing dental caries.

Capsule News, a now defunct weekly newspaper, noted in its 4 February 1956 edition, “The claim is that only 1 part of sodium fluoride to 1,000,000 parts of water will “not hurt a fly.” So—if it isn’t strong enough to damage the delicate membranes of the stomach and intestines (of a fly), only a nitwit would believe it would have any effect on the hard enamel of teeth.” The article further stated, “The only use for sodium fluoride heretofore has been (a) as a rat poison; (b) by cattlemen to partially de-sex their bulls so they will be more tractable; (c) by the Russian secret police to make their prisoners stupid so they can be more easily brainwashed.” Fluoride was being dumped into the water just as television was becoming a consumer product found in almost every home. The combination of fluoride and television has been truly successful in mind numbing an entire country.

97 X.S. Li, G.H. Lang, et al., “Effect of a High Fluoride Water Supply on Children’s Intelligence,” Fluoride 29 (4), 190-192. [LINK]

In addition to being harmful to the central nervous system, fluoride has numerous other deleterious side effects in humans. According to Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, a biochemist and member of the Consumer Health Organization of Canada, fluoride is used as an insecticide and roach killer. As little as one tenth of an ounce of fluoride can cause death in humans. It is more poisonous than lead and slightly less poisonous than arsenic. Fluoride weakens the immune system and may cause allergic type reactions, including dermatitis, eczema, and hives. It causes birth defects and genetic damage, and because it can leach lead out of pipes, it can lead to lead toxicity which is characterized by anemia and mental retardation. Fluoride is likely to aggravate kidney disease, diabetes, and hypothyroidism. Fluoride crosses the placenta and Chinese studies indicate that the influence of a high fluoride environment on intelligence may occur early in development during embryonic life or infancy. Ultramicroscopic study of embryonic brain tissue obtained from termination of pregnancy operations in endemic fluorosis areas showed “differentiation of brain nerve cells were poor and brain development was delayed.97 In numerous animal studies, fluoride has been shown to decrease fertility.

98 “Thyroid medications can have harmful interactions with other drugs,” 3 September 2008. Public Citizen. [LINK]

Fluoride is a known endocrine disruptor, and fluoride preparations were used in the 1930s to treat overactive thyroid illnesses. Patients either drank fluoridated water, swallowed fluoride pills, or were bathed in fluoridated bath water; and their thyroid function was, as a result, greatly depressed. Fluoride is an enzyme poison. Enzymes are complex protein compounds that vastly speed up biological chemical reactions. Their optimal function is what maintains our health at the cellular level. More than 75 million Americans use some form of thyroid medication.98

99 J. Yiamouyiannis, D. Burk, “Cancer from our drinking water?” Congressional Record, Proceedings and debates of the 94th Congress, 1st session, 1975. [LINK]

Fluoride also causes the breakdown of collagen which results in wrinkling of the skin and the weakening of ligaments, tendons, and muscles. When fluoride was left in the phosphate that was sold to farmers, it killed their crops and livestock.99

Fluoride was removed from livestock feed after the New Jersey farmer's sued the government for loss of crops and livestock from a fluoride gas spill during the Manhattan Project development. The farmers’ animals received more consideration than people because the lawsuit won by the farmers did not stop industry from giving fluoride to humans—only livestock.

100 A. Taylor and N.C Taylor. “Effect of Sodium Fluoride on Tumor Growth,” Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med, 119 (1965): 252. [LINK]

Fluoride actually causes gum damage at the concentrations used in fluoridated toothpaste at 1,000 ppm. At the cellular level, fluoride has been shown to release superoxide radicals that poison enzyme activity and slows down the ability of the gums to heal. In the 1970s fluoride was linked to an increase in cancer. Taylor and Taylor from the University of Texas published a study in 1965 that was based on millions of subjects and showed a 5 to 10 percent increase in cancer death rate within 3 to 5 years after fluoridation was put into the water after correcting for various demographic factors, such as age, race, and sex.100 Fluoride has also been associated with an increased risk for the development of osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer that occurs mostly in children and young adults.

These harmful effects will continue because fluoride is also produced as a toxic waste byproduct of many types of heavy industry, such as aluminum, steel, fertilizer, glass, cement, and other industries and must be disposed of somewhere. If it’s not used as an additive to water, manufacturers would have to pay millions of dollars to dispose of it properly, so the pressure to keep fluoride listed as a healthy additive to water, and not as an environmental toxin that requires costly disposal, is great, and political pressures to keep fluoride in the drinking water is strong. The bureaucracies of various U.S. government agencies remain a key supporter of water fluoridation.

The importance of the fluoride incident illustrates how the private sector will use the apparatus of the government to close ranks to protect their economic and political interests at all costs and against the general welfare of the American people. Suppressing evidence of medical and environmental crimes under the banner of state secrets is simply pro forma. The development of the atomic bomb was considered vitally important to a small group of elites because it meant U.S. hegemony during the cold war. But the truth was that it was as much about profits as power because the Cold War was used as an excuse to siphon plane loads of public money into private hands through massive and wasteful Pentagon projects. The Pentagon has been a sinkhole ever since.

101 “War on Waste,” 29 January 2002, CBS News. [LINK]

During the 1980s, they were caught paying $435 for a claw hammer, $640 for a toilet seat, and $7,600 for coffee makers. By 2001, on the eve of 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld, then Secretary of Defense, made an announcement that the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 trillion.101 However, this shocking news was upstaged by a bigger shock the next day, and this report of a $2.3 trillion heist of taxpayer money all but disappeared from the media and down the rabbit hole as if it had never happened.

Fluoride is just one toxin, but thousands of chemicals have been dumped in our water supply, released into the atmosphere, and plowed into our soil. Antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers, sex hormones, pesticides, fertilizers, and over-the-counter drugs, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, are all turning up in drinking water in cities from California to New Jersey. Contamination is not confined to the United States. More than a hundred different pharmaceuticals have been detected in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and streams throughout the world. Studies have detected pharmaceuticals in waters throughout Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe—even in Swiss lakes and the North Sea.

In 2005, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a study that found American babies are born with an average of 287 chemical contaminants in their bloodstreams. The findings were based on tests of 10 samples of umbilical-cord blood taken by the American Red Cross from across the country. The most prevalent chemicals found in the 10 newborns were mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and the Teflon chemical PFOA—perflourooctonoic acid. One hundred eighty of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests. A study of the cumulative effect of multiple pollutants on human health has never been undertaken.

People of the late 20th and early 21st century have literally been bathed in a sea of toxic soup from conception until death, and so it is understandable that a toxic factor, for political and economic reasons, was quickly dismissed in favor of a viral hypothesis in the 1980s when young men began to show up with damaged immune systems. Examining toxic stressors causing immune system breakdown would inevitably lead to questions about the corporate takeover of the American state and the consequences of policies that allowed long-term pollution, vaccines, and drugs, both legal and illegal, to be dumped into the bodies of our already stressed-out children. Promotion of the general welfare is not a notion the corporate state is prone to support. It also might raise profound ethical questions about the way in which the society pays lip service to the sanctity of human life while continually creating systems and programs that are decidedly anti-life.

As the American manufacturing core began to unravel as the result of policies favoring economic trade agreements that shunted factories to cheap labor markets with even worse environmental records, so did the bodies of the most affected. It was as if we were watching the slow disintegration of our country by way of the deteriorating health of our children. Anyone paying close attention would not have been surprised that dumping a plethora of drugs and an attendant stressful lifestyle into the bloodstreams of a fragile population would produce an environmental epidemic that needed an explanation. The epidemic cohort of AIDS patients were largely born after WWII. It was more comforting to claim that there was an attack on the immune system by a viral invader rather than by an internal fifth column. A viral cause was chosen as the culprit for both political and economic reasons.

Classical AIDS as described in the literature was beginning to decline rapidly and was making the earnest pronouncements of a worldwide pandemic overwrought and premature when, surprisingly, the definition was expanded in 1992, The CDC published a new expanded surveillance definition of AIDS that included all HIV positive adults and adolescents who had less than 200 CD4+T lymphocyte/microliter, a total CD4+T lymphocyte percent of less than 14, or who had been diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis, invasive cervical cancer, or recurrent pneumonia. The expanded litany of diseases made it seem that the epidemic was expanding, rather than rapidly contracting.

The first definition of AIDS appeared in the 24 September 1982, issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report published by the Centers for Disease Control. From the beginning, the CDC admitted that there was a defect in cell mediated immunity, but instead of considering the cellular mechanisms that led to this defect, CDC pinned the blame for all of these diseases on a single virus. The idea of assigning a grab bag of unrelated diseases to one virus was preposterously lazy science that had about as much validity as the evil humors theory of disease.

102 Centers for Disease Control. “Update on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)-United States.” MMWR 31 (1982): 507-08. [LINK]

CDC defined a case of AIDS as a disease, at least moderately predictive of a defect in cell mediated immunity, occurring in a person with no known cause for diminished resistance to that disease. Such diseases include KS [Kaposi’s sarcoma], PCP [Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia], and serious OOI [other opportunistic infections], which include pneumonia, meningitis, or encephalitis due to one or more of the following: aspergillosis, candidiasis, cryptococcosis, cyromegalovirus, norcardiosis, strongyloidosis, toxoplasmosis, or atypical mycobacteriosis (species other than tuberculosis or leprosy); esophagitis due to candidiasis, cytomegalovirus, or herpes simplex virus; progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, chronic enterocolitis (more than 4 weeks) due to cryprosporidiosis; or unusually extensive mucocutaneous herpes simplex of more than 5 weeks duration. Diagnoses are considered to fit the case definition only if based on sufficiently reliable methods (generally histology or culture). However, this case definition may not include the full spectrum of AIDS manifestations, which may range from absence of symptoms (despite laboratory evidence of immune deficiency) to nonspecific symptoms (e.g. , fever, weight loss, generalized, persistent lymphadenopathy) to specific diseases that are insufficiently predictive of cellular immunodeficiency to be included in incidence monitoring (e.g., tuberculosis, oral candidiasis, herpes zoster) to malignant neoplasms that cause, as well as result from, immunodeficiency.102 This catchall was including in the AIDS definition the diseases that caused immunodeficiency? Were they not claiming that HIV was the cause of these diseases?

The defining phrase that allowed the entire AIDS system to be set up as it has been was the claim that the men who presented with these illnesses had no known cause for diminished resistance to these diseases. Were they kidding? A reading of these early cases reveal that most of the men had, for almost ten years or more, been using massive amounts of drugs, including poppers, the antibiotic T/S, cocaine, and heroin; had been chronically ingesting a range of prophylactic antibiotics to ward off the numerous sexually transmitted diseases they were prone to; had had recurrent sexually transmitted diseases, including viral hepatitis; had had multiple partners in a single night; had engaged in sexual activity fit for the Marquis de Sade; and had often been exhausted, stressed out, and malnourished. The CDC then stated that they had no known cause for a defect in their cell mediated immunity. What planet were the people at the CDC living on?

103 Additives to the vaccine said to boost the immune response.

Finally, vaccines and the adjuvents103 added to them and the ever rising numbers of vaccines that are mandated for children and people whose immune systems are already compromised create immuno-suppression and a rising tide of autoimmune diseases and allergies. All of this was known to physicians trained to take this type of history in the 1980s and to put it into the context of the physical presentation of the disease process. The idea that they could only come up with one theory of the disease and spend twenty-five years in blind pursuit of a phantom virus when the answer was in front of them is illogical, irrational, and inexcusable.

Unfortunately, this is the end result of the reductionist training of allopathic medicine that looks for one problem to be solved with one solution—usually the magic bullet of a pharmaceutical drug. It is also the persistence of an outmoded 19th century paradigm of disease causation. In the world of Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, two well known 19th century scientists, the infecting organism takes center stage, and the host is the bit player. Yet, it is well known that the healthier the person, the less likely to become infected in community outbreaks of infections diseases. The narrow focus on disease causation rather than on host resistance has backed modern medicine into an inescapable corner as bacteria mutate faster than the human thought process. Unfortunately, the medical system as developed under the auspices of Rockefeller and Carnegie money established the educational principles that manipulate physicians into unquestioning handmaidens. However, the response to the AIDS outbreak rises not just to the level of negligence, but to criminal negligence. The idea that doctors spend four years studying various sciences and mathematics in undergraduate school, two more years of science in medical school, and then promptly forget the processes that are so important to the functioning of a living organism by the assignment of a name—AIDS, diabetes, hypertension—is simply lazy and unconscionable. Every patient with AIDS, diabetes, and hypertension has a history that is unique. When that history confronts the doctor, the trust or expectation is that the physician will see the history, the human person, and not the person’s AIDS, diabetes, or hypertension. By not doing so, physicians fail both themselves and the patient. When the organizing powers of the medical establishment proclaimed that AIDS was caused by a virus, the programmed automatons stopped looking for the processes. They not only put themselves in a very deep hole, they dragged their patients into the bottom of the pit with them.

The common factor linking the diverse stressors that were overpowering the immune and energy systems of these AIDS patients was that they are all strong oxidizing agents or had that effect at the cellular level. Oxidizing agents are substances that have a deficit of electrons and because of their reactivity are known as free radicals. Free radicals alter the redox status of the cellular milieu and have been shown over time to create tissue damage that results in disease. Such damage, if caught early, can be neutralized and reversed by the introduction of appropriate reducing agents, such as vitamins and other nutritional compounds: polyphenols, trace minerals, various amino acids, and peptides, such as N-acetyl-cysteine or the master antioxidant, glutathione. In other words, many of the diseases classified as AIDS can be either halted or reversed by appropriate chemotherapy along with detoxification and appropriate biological compensatory therapy. These natural therapeutic modalities are not part of the modalities employed by traditionally trained physicians who matriculate into the Rockefeller allopathic system. It is not that they do not want to help, it is because by their training, they don’t know how and many are unwilling to learn.

Sadly, many Americans are toxic, overstuffed, and undernourished. They have become accustomed to eating hollow food from which spirit, essence, and life have been extracted. After a lifetime devoid of sufficient clean water and air, vitamins and nutrients, the ability to neutralize the demands of ever-increasing toxic loads from the waste of civilization, diminishes—sometimes reaching a breaking point. This is when diseases begin to be expressed. Where and how they are expressed depends on the disposition of the individual.

AIDS has never been a widespread problem among male homosexuals. It has been limited to a small subset who engaged in a particular lifestyle. The young people who were in the original AIDS cohort were fast-track homosexuals who used multiple drugs, engaged in indiscriminate bathhouse sex, and often had multiple sexual encounters in a single night. Others in this high risk group were IV drug users who were poorly nourished, under constant stress looking for the next fix, and subject to multiple infections from needles that were not sterile. The last group, identified as high risk, were hemophiliacs who had received massive amounts of foreign proteins from repeated transfusions of blood products that were culled from multiple donors, many not in the best of health. All of these factors, cumulatively and chronically, led to the breakdown that Gallo claimed was caused by a virus attacking the immune cells.

104 Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (Middlesex, U.K.: Penguin Books, 1970), 13. [LINK]

This AIDS catastrophe is the forward projection of Simon Flexner’s (the first director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research—a hotbed of eugenicists) contribution to the eugenics movement into the 21st century. One can no longer directly call people unnecessary; one can simply make them so by using the media to give them the image of having a deadly and contagious plague. As Zbigniew Brzezinski stated in his musings about the new technotronic society, media will be used “to manipulate emotions and control reason … language … is replaced by imagery …104 He further posits that with “persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the steppingstones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society … and its humane and individualistic qualities would thereby be lost.”

A United States that placidly accepts torture as necessary to extract information, not from the convicted, but from the accused; that accepts the bombing of women and children and the guests of wedding parties; that accepts the tasering of children and of the elderly and wheel chair bound; that accepts stripping American citizens of their rights by accusing them of being terrorists—before they have been tried in a court of law before a jury of their peers; and that accepts a return to medieval savagery, is an America that has lost its way. Its humane characteristics cannot be repaired. Such actions are the precursors that turn into shouts for the rise of a fascist/ socialist state. This is the absolute best that the visionaries and arbiters of globalization have to offer. Brzezinski and his group think-tank cousins have nothing to contribute to lifting mankind to a higher plane of existence. They offer nothing to make the spirit soar and the mind expand. Their putrescent ideas simply foment war, disruption, and social chaos in pursuit of their control of a utopian nightmare. The media will never evaluate how people like Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger have sought to destroy intentionally what they call the fiction of sovereignty and have been active and up front in undermining U.S. national sovereignty in pursuit of a one-world economic order. With the intentional worldwide economic meltdown of 2007-2009, their plans are on schedule.

The United States has become a rusting shell of its former industrial self. Its economic growth, which at one time was created by the land and its people, has been stunted and drained of vitality by the concocted illusions of Wall Street hedge funds and ephemeral derivative products based on the Black—Scholes equation. This mathematical model made the absurd assumption that it is possible to borrow and lend cash at a known, constant, and risk-free interest rate. This entire high-level, unbalanced mathematical exercise in high stakes derivatives and hedge funds has turned out to be nothing more than a Vegas bet that has shorted the real wealth of the nation. Wild Wall Street betting based on computer generated assumptions of this model was a free ride for Wall Street insiders, win or lose. Wall Street insiders knew that guessing correctly would net great wealth and that making the wrong guess would net great wealth. It was a rigged system in which it appeared that Goldman Sachs was the manipulator and AIG was the underwriter of last resort—but, in fact, it was, as always, the taxpayers of the United States who once again have been sucker punched into the position of becoming the underwriters of last resort.

105 David Goldman, “Jobs loss in 2008: 1.2 million,” CNN Money, 7 November 2008. [LINK]

The United States lost 2 million jobs the first three years of the Bush presidency and a total of 2.7 million manufacturing jobs after Bush allowed the 2001 entry of China into the WTO. Michigan lost 400,000 jobs, most in the automotive sector. By the year 2008, the stream of job losses had turned into a raging torrent of 2.6 million. As of November 2008, the unemployment rate rose to 6.5 percent,105 and by 2009, the rate reported was 9.5 percent and rising with wide regional variations. The phony derivatives bird of Wall Street had come home to roost on Main Street. Wall Street put a gun to the head of the American people and threatened to collapse the economy if the people did not bail them out. Congress obliged and gave them $700 billion of taxpayer dollars with little oversight and no strings attached. That was such a successful heist they came back to the same bank. After the heist, the economy remained on the brink.

Exactly two people in Congress, libertarian Republican Ron Paul and progressive Democrat Dennis Kucinich had the strength to stand up and tell the American people the truth about the Federal Reserve and the monetary system. Paul and Kucinich were both presidential candidates for their respective parties in the 2008 election. Both were denied air time, denied access to the debates, and generally were not allowed a public platform. Paul’s people mounted a strong Internet campaign, but his voice was never given a fair hearing by the controlled media.

106 As I write this, Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank in the country, has filed for bankruptcy, and the United States Congress is about to give the thieves another trillion in taxpayer dollars.

The largest group of organized terrorists operates with government sanction on Wall Street and in the City of London. Make no mistake. Financial instruments that have been devised to extract wealth and drain nations of their creativity and resources are acts of terror. The profits made from stolen equity from unregulated derivative products, fractional reserve banking and usury, with no oversight have brought more destruction to the planet than some disgruntled peasant with a homemade bomb. Wall Street's weapons of mass destruction of derivatives and usury are wealth creating for a chosen few and wealth draining not just for this country but for the entire global economy. Hedge funds drain corporations and labor of their productive wealth for short-term gain with consequent great harm to the nation’s long-term interests. The financial investors do not waste thought on the people and lives they destroy, nor on the stability of the country that has allowed them to prosper. They are now globalists who have overcome the “fiction of national sovereignty” and use the specter of brown people blowing things up and newly identified diseases as a smoke screen for their fraud. The only allegiance these monetary terrorists have is to profit. Profit leads to temporal power, and power is their god.106 They intend to get it by any means necessary. This concept seems to be very difficult for ordinary people to comprehend. It is a financial war without mercy and ordinary people are the targets.

* Fat and Mean: The Corporate Squeeze of Working Americans and the Myth of Managerial Downsizing. [LINK]

In Fat and Mean: The Corporate Squeeze of Working Americans and the Myth of Managerial Downsizing,* David Gordon reports that while the American economy had grown massively through the 1960s, real working-class wages had not grown at all for thirty years. During the boom of the 1980s and 1990s, purchasing power had risen steeply for 20 percent of the population bur had actually declined for all the rest by 13 percent. After inflation was factored in, purchasing power of a working couple in 1995 was only 8 percent greater than for a single working man in 1905! How did this transition occur with so few, until the recent economic crisis, even having a clue as to how this massive wealth transfer was taking place?

107 Russell Mokhiber, and Robert Weissman, Corporate Predators: The Hunt for Mega-Profits and the Attack on Democracy (Monroe, ME: Common Courage Press, 1999), 75. [LINK]
108 1984 Grace Commission Report completed by Ronald Reagan and never released. Most Federal tax receipts go not to infrastructure but to pay the debt to the private bank, the Federal Reserve.

The WWII Bretton Woods Agreement led to the development of super bank IMF. The IMF not only strangles the economies of developing nations but their policies also directly leads to unfavorable trade agreements that shift strategically necessary manufacturing jobs out of the United States and puts downward pressure on the wages of jobs that remain. According to Corporate Predators: The Hunt for Mega Profits and the Attack on Democracy: “Big business has made IMF expansion a priority because, for them, the IMF is a multi-pronged welfare machine. First, the IMF bails out big banks and foreign investors when they make bad loans in developing countries—investments that are understood to be risky at the time they were made, and earn more as a result.107 In other words, the profits of globalization are privatized and flow upward, but the risks are socialized and flow downward. What Mokhiber and Weissman do not tell the reader is that taxpayers’ taxes go directly to the Federal Reserve, a private bank, to support interest payments on unnecessarily created national debt and any loss on the risky loans made by private banking corporations.108 It is one of the longest running boondoggles in history. As a sovereign nation, the United States has the power to print debt-free money that is not borrowed from a private bank, which would be less inflationary and would make capital available at a reasonable cost to farmers and entrepreneurs.

In addition, trade agreements, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), have served to destroy the barriers that protect domestic commerce and agriculture—the lifeblood and true wealth of the nation. America’s rise to post-WWII power was fueled not by free trade but by the logical protection of domestic strategic industry, mining, and agriculture. Congress and the various U.S. Presidents gave Wall Street the power to fritter away domestic wealth on “sophisticated financial instruments” that were no more than wild bets with taxpayers left holding the empty bag and foreigners holding our assets.

This is why the levees are breaking, the bridges are falling, the roads are full of potholes, the schools are falling apart, and the electric grids are in disrepair. The bankers will not stop until they turn the entire country into New Orleans, post-Katrina. The most productive country on the planet is feeding a tapeworm. According to Catherine Austin Fitts, former undersecretary of HUD, “In a tapeworm economy a small group of insiders centralize political and economic power at the expense of people, living things and the environment, in a manner that destroys real wealth. A tapeworm economy is one in which it is considered acceptable to make money from our [safe living standards] going down. In investment terms, it is an economy with a negative return on investment. It is parasitic in nature.”

The way an actual tapeworm operates is to inject its host with a chemical that makes the host crave what is good for the tapeworm and bad for the host. So the Tapeworm Economy is adept at using media and education and numerous financial incentives to get us acting against our own strategic interests and instead supporting and depending on the tapeworm.

109 Catherine Austin Fitts, “The Tapeworm Economy, Understanding the Drain; Case Study of Dillon, Reed and Company and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits.” [LINK] also [LINK]

The symptoms of the Tapeworm Economy are many—narcotics trafficking that targets our children, runaway exploitive and predatory corporate practices, such as the patenting of life, terminator seeds, and the destruction of our topsoil and food supply, fraudulent inducement of debt to homeowners, students, and consumers, suppression of renewable energy technology, suppression of knowledge of cancer cures, criminal mismanagement of government credit and resources, black budget operations, and the manipulation of currency, financial and precious metal prices and markets. All of such practices introduce organized crime in all aspects of our lives, and the various transactions drain our families and neighborhoods on a daily basis, much like a tapeworm drains its host.109

The United States has been systematically de-industrialized and mired in a sea of red ink. The dismantling of the manufacturing base has proceeded apace. The seeds of the industrial destruction were sown by the perpetrators of the Kennedy assassination and the failure of the rule of law to bring the perpetrators to justice in that high crime. The weeds took root with the ascendancy of Richard Nixon and his controller, Henry Kissinger, and their plan to promote the expansion of China at the expense of the United States.

Nixon and Kissinger Turn the U.S. over to Communist China for the Central Bankers

Kissinger and Nixon, the self-professed “Red hater,” traveled to the Far East in 1972, to prepare the opening of relations with the totalitarian Chinese state. This was happening against the backdrop of Cold War tensions with the then communist enemies in Russia, China, and in the hot Vietnam War that encompassed Laos and Cambodia as well. Nixon’s China visit was a major exercise in perception management. Just five short years before the president’s visit to China, Time Magazine reported that China was supplying 80 percent of the weapons used against American forces to the Vietcong. The Vietnam War was still raging when Nixon was on this China visit. As expected, this treachery was portrayed in glowing terms by the compliant media as they beamed back photo ops of Nixon shaking hands with Chairman Mao and Chou En Lai. Communist China and its one billion people would be marketed in the U.S. as a nation waiting to be democratized through the mechanisms of “free trade.” Chairman Mao’s Red Brigades would be forgotten. The Cultural Revolution that brought death, imprisonment, and social disruption to millions was just a memory. Tiananmen Square, when it occurred, would be smoothed over by the vision of a democratized China opening her markets to Mickey Mouse and McDonald’s. The overthrow of Tibet was just a blip on the radar screen. Russia had been a diversion all along. It was not the crumbling Berlin Wall that symbolized the end of Communism; it was the treacherous Nixon handshake with Chairman Mao that symbolized the end of the American Republic,

110 Philip Jessup, The International Problem of Governing Mankind (Claremont CA: Claremont College, 1947), 2. [LINK]

The way had been prepared for the United States Republic to bring Communist China into her fold years before when Philip Jessup, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a World Court Justice, and communist, wrote The International Problem of Governing Mankind, in which he stated: “I agree that national sovereignty is the root of the EVIL. The question of procedure remains. Can the root be pulled up by digging around it and cutting the rootless one by one?110 The events of 2008 and the further centralization and consolidation of the banking empire answered this question.

111 Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 936. [LINK]

Jessup was a member of the Institute of Pacific Relations, which was cited as follows in Senate Report 2050, 82nd Congress, second session: “[T] he Institute of Pacific Relations was a vehicle used by the communists to orientate American far eastern policy toward communist objectives.” Carroll Quigley, of course, understated their intent when he wrote, “Many of these experts which were favored by the Far East ‘establishment’ in the Institute of Pacific Relations were captured by communist ideology. Under its influence they propagandized, as experts, erroneous ideas and sought to influence policy in mistaken directions. For example, they sought to establish, in 1943-1950, that the Chinese communists were simple agrarian reformers rather like the third party groups of the American Midwest.”111 It certainly must be argued that the support of the China lobby was not a “mistake,” but a deliberate attempt to bring the United States to the position it is in today with respect to its indebtedness to China. The results speak for themselves. Those who create these policies and then get caught with their words, actions, and results can no longer scream conspiracy theory when they have been engaged in intrigue of this kind as a way of life.

112 1952 Senate Internal Security Subcommittee Hearings, Institute of Pacific Relations, 4938. [LINK] also [LINK]
* “The Hard Road to World Order,” By Richard N. Gardner, Foreign Affairs, April 1974. [LINK]

Jessup also helped prepare the State Department's infamous White Paper on China. This report lavishly praised the Communists and condemned the then current U.S. ally Nationalist China under Chiang Kai-shek. Later, Jessup became one of the early advocates for the admission of Communist China to the United Nations.112 It is clear as Richard Gardner wrote in his 1974 Current Affairs article “The Hard Road to World Order,” that these transitional processes are planned well in advance of execution.*

I harbor no animosity to China per se. China did not ask to enter the stream of European history. Europe knocked at her door and hooked her on opium. While she was smoking opium, she forgot Confucius and her leaders became corrupt as was inevitable. China, in losing what was sacred to her past and because of her own internal corruption, lost the power to resist the violence and materialism of the West.

The idea that Jessup, Quigley, Brzrezinski, Kissinger, and others seek to suppress from the people is that there can be no sovereign state that cannot control its own destiny, and a people can only control their own destiny if they retain control of the state’s right to create money and control its value. Once the banking system was given over to a central private authority, namely, the Federal Reserve, it was only a matter of time before that authority had control of the levers of power. As predicted, the people are alienated from their government and stripped of their wealth. Over the eight years of the Bush presidency, the United States witnessed the acceleration of the concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a plutocracy with no accountability. The Obama administration is filled with a new set of members from the same Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission that controlled the Bush presidency. The style, but unfortunately, not the substance is the only change this man brings to Washington. This is the true EVIL that Jessup was working for—the process of wealth concentration that destroys the prospect of social justice and a passive government that supports the destruction of its own state. This is why public officials are no longer held to account for crimes against the state. Unfortunately, without social justice, a society is on the path to self-destruction. It does not matter who controls the government; it is who controls the money.

113 Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 53.

Carroll Quigley identified the perpetrators of this great conspiracy whom he admired when he wrote, “The influence of financial capitalism and of the international bankers who created it was exercised both on business and on governments, but could have done neither if it had not been able to persuade both these to accept two ‘axioms’ of its own ideology. Both of these were based on the assumption that politicians were too weak and too subject to temporary popular pressures to be trusted with control of the money system; accordingly, the sanctity of all values and the soundness of money must be protected in two ways: by basing the value of money on gold and by allowing bankers to control the supply of money. To do this it was necessary to conceal, or even mislead, governments and people about the nature of money and its methods of operation.”113 (Emphasis added) The concealment of how the monetary system works so that few, even Wall Street players and certainly not Congressmen or Senators (with the exception of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich), have a clue how the fractional reserve system functions and how it parasitizes the wealth of the state by creating inflation. One Congressman, Keith Ellison, when asked by a caller on C-SPAN, a public events viewer call in show, about the parasitism of the Federal Reserve and why the U.S. Congress does not exercise its constitutional prerogative to control the value of money, he responded that he considered the topic so unimportant that it could be discussed over coffee but had no relevance to the current financial crisis. Congressmen like Ellison have succeeded in making themselves irrelevant.

After WWII, Communist China began moving into the global monetary system. In so doing, the American people were being programmed in a step-wise manner to accept this reality even before China was established as a state in 1949. In 1947, Congressman Richard Milhouse Nixon first introduced a motion and later introduced House Concurrent Resolution 68 stating the Congress and the President should take the initiative to call for a general conference of the United Nations “for the purpose of making the United Nations capable of enacting, interpreting, and enforcing world law to prevent war.” It seems that Nixon was knee deep in the Communism and globalization business from the very beginning of his career—preparing the way to integrate the economy of the United States with the world economy and the economy of Communist China. Nixon’s anti-Communist stance was a mask for public consumption. Kissinger would make sure he played ball.

The coda to this China symphony was played shortly after the 9/11 tragedy on 11 November 2001, when President George W. Bush, quietly and without great fanfare, allowed the entry of Communist China into the WTO (World Trade Organization). By 2007, China outpaced the United States in exports and, according to the WTO, at the current rate of growth, will outpace Germany by 2008. Communist China has become so economically powerful that the country has threatened a nuclear option of dollar sales against the U.S. if its trade demands are threatened. China and Japan combined control 40 percent of U.S. debt. If China carries out its threat to liquidate their vast holdings of treasury bonds, it could plunge the United States into more prolonged recession or worse. China has signaled to the world that it wants a new global currency, the translation of which is that she will likely begin limiting her purchase of American debt.

Bur one must nor think about this because the obvious inference is that the United States has lost its autonomy and has become a debtor nation that uses the Federal Reserve to print money for the armies and navies necessary to ensure profitable markets, dollar hegemony and cheap resources. The United States must use force to finance more economic waste. As the U.S. steals from the healthy to finance the unhealthy, there is more death—of people, healthy enterprises, animal species and the environment. The model is working for the international bankers, but the U.S. is reaching its limit of useful primacy to the empire system.

As financial investment bankers promoted the economic rise of China, they simultaneously limited capital availability to onshore productive American business. Limiting capital for productive ventures has encouraged corporations to export their factories to low-wage countries. Available money is then used by the bankers for speculation rather than for investment in productive enterprises. Corporate executives blame the high cost of American labor, and labor blames corporate executives for being short-sighted and unimaginative. Neither of them stops to consider that their lives have been controlled all along by conditions set by banks in making sure that almost every company listed on an exchange is saddled with enormous debt.

Thanks to junk bond king Michael Milkin and the corporate raiders of the high flying ‘80s, there is barely a concern in the United States that is still standing that can use its own profits to plough back into the company free of bank debt. This is a zero-sum game in which the object of winning is stealing the most without productive activity, and those who actually produce are the losers. It is an upside down world!

Tapeworm bankers are draining the host of its health and energy. As a result of the philosophy and the implementation of globalist policies, the United States is in economic decline. Real wages continue to fall even as productivity gains rise. In 2004, the median income for a man in his 30s, a good predictor of his lifetime earnings, was $35,010, 12 percent less than for men in their 30s in 1974—their fathers’ generation—adjusted for inflation. A decade ago, median income for men in their 30s was $32,901, 5 percent higher than 30 years earlier. The working class has long seen their jobs off-shored. The phenomenon has now moved to highly-trained, highly-skilled workers as well. Income gaps between to top 1 percent and all others are rapidly widening.

State of Black America

A report from the State of Black America 2007 is even more disheartening. Black men are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as white men and make only 74 percent as much a year. Black men are more than six times as likely as white men to be incarcerated, and their average jail sentences tend to be 10 months longer than those of white men.

At the end of 2001, 16.5 percent of the black male population had been to prison compared to 7.7 percent of Hispanic, and 2.7 percent of white men. Young black males between the ages of 15 and 34 years are nine times more likely to be killed by firearms and nearly eight times as likely to have a positive HIV test.

Of single parent black households in 2005, only 12 percent were led by men. More than two-thirds of black children lived in one-parent households in 2005, the majority headed by women.

More than 42 percent of female-headed black households with children were poor, compared with slightly more than 9 percent of married black households. The pressure on the black community is unremitting. A 2008 report on the sub-prime mortgage crisis discovered that African Americans were intentionally targeted by lending institutions for fraudulent and inflationary products, and they have experienced the greatest loss of wealth in American history. A daily radio and television program, Democracy Now, reported that the mortgage crisis will cause people of color to lose as much as $213 billion in assets.

Effect of Globalization on Middle America

Another study from Duke University and Booz Allen, a well-connected consulting firm, noted that companies are increasingly moving sophisticated, mission-critical functions, such as product design and research and development to China, India, and other offshore locations primarily because these countries can provide highly skilled scientific and engineering workers said to be in short supply in the U.S. and Europe. Economic disparities continue to accelerate as the global agenda advances.

Consider this from the June 2007 edition of Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in which global plutocrats speak to each other:

114 Samuel Palmisano, “The Globally Integrated Enterprise,” Foreign Affairs 130, June 2007. [LINK]

Between 2000 and 2003 alone, foreign firms built 60,000 manufacturing plants in China. European chemical companies, Japanese carmakers, and U.S. industrial conglomerates are all building factories in China to supply export markets around the world. Similarly, banks, insurance companies, professional-service firms, and IT companies are building R&D and service centers in India to support employees, customers, and production worldwide.114

115 During the first year of NAFTA, wages in Mexico declined 40 to 50 percent, but the cost of living rose 80 percent. Over 20,000 small and medium businesses failed, and more than a thousand state-owned enterprises were privatized. As one scholar observed, “Neoliberalism means the neo-colonization of Latin America.”

Jessup was not mistaken. The plans he made in the 20th century to root out the EVIL of state sovereignty are bearing fruit as we cyclone into the 21st century. The result is that states like Michigan and Ohio, two of the heartland states important to the industrial age, are in an economic depression and will remain so for the foreseeable future because of the China and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) trade policies.115 Most of the factories that created the mid-century American dream are now shuttered—permanently. The promise of an American economic dynamo based on a service economy model hyped by supply-side zealots and protégés of Milton Friedman from the University of Chicago school of thought has morphed into what the elite knew was coming all along: a lower wage, lowered expectations, and debt-filled nightmare for millions of working Americans. Middle-class dreams are being deferred. Americans who sought to limit global trade for more favorable terms were shouted down with the isolationist epithet. At the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, in the spring of 2007, corporate executives were heard talking enthusiastically about outsourcing 40 million high-skilled American jobs co other countries. In 2008, a year of presidential politics, neither candidate expressed a vision for a sound economic future for the United States. President Bush, a so-called economic conservative, spent public money like a drunken sailor. President Obama is continuing the trend.

116 Graham Parerson, Timesonline, 16 September 2007.

The people of the United States have been so mired in a sea of conflicting interests that while they quibble and harp at each other about being on the right or on the left, the country’s wealth is being shifted away from them to the top 1 percent of the population by tax schemes, legal loopholes, and outright fraud that is endorsed by both major political parties. They seethe in frustration as cities drown, bridges crumble, electricity grids fail, as drugs and illegal immigrants, refugees from the economic policies implemented by their government, flood their communities, as their jobs get shipped offshore, and their children die in foreign lands while the oil revenue that was promised to pay for this grand folly is siphoned off un-metered and unpaid for by oil cartels with soaring profits. Former head of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, stated unequivocally that the Iraq War was waged for oil, and it barely created a whisper among the chattering class.116 A country without a vision is a country without a future!

Coda: Infant Mortality and Illegal Drugs: The Canary in the Coal Mine

Some medical outcomes are powerful indicators of the economic and social well being of a people. One such indicator is the infant mortality rate. The rate is calculated in deaths per 1000. By 2007, infant mortality rates, declining or stagnant for many years, began to climb. The infant mortality rate in the Mississippi Delta for African American babies is 17 per 1000, as high as Sri Lanka or Russia. Smaller rises were also seen in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and South Carolina. In 2003, the national average for blacks (14) was more than twice the rate for whites (5.7). These increases can be directly tied to the deteriorating economic conditions in the region and to cutbacks in Medicaid and welfare reform.

The betrayal of American people and their potential is a bipartisan agenda. NAFTA, the trade agreement that hastened the demise of the industrial base was overwhelmingly passed by a Republican Congress headed by Newt Gingrich and signed into law by Democratic President Bill Clinton. This trade agreement was supported and promoted by the Business Roundtable made up of about two hundred corporate executives who disavow commitment to national interests (just as advocated by Communist Phillip Jessup) and are largely white, male, and over fifty. Under this ongoing treaty arrangement, they have proposed a superstate structure, the North American Union that would legally supersede the U.S. Constitution and would be leap years removed from the bothersome rabble. Democracy would remain in form but not in function. The criminal element posing as businessmen and bankers that have historically functioned in the shadows or under the cover of law have become emboldened by their successes.

The “giant sucking sound” (alluded to by Ross Perot during his 1992 presidential bid) of jobs whirling down the drain of free trade and across borders as a result of multiple business friendly trade agreements has come to pass. Mexico has become a narco-state with an estimated 12 percent of its GDP accruing from the illegal drug trade. The Mexican—US border is porous to narcotics trafficking. The New York Times reported that up to 70 percent of the cocaine consumed in this country is slipped across the U.S.—Mexican border by smugglers working with Colombia’s drug cartels. Today, it is claimed that much of this drug movement is executed by illegal immigrants carrying contraband across the border. Drugs are also smuggled under the border through tunnels. However, illegal immigrants do not own planes, ships, and trucks, nor do they control the various alphabet agencies that are trained to look the other way when a drug bust leads to a big fish. They also do not control the military bases and supply terminals where these drugs are held for transfer to the street and they certainly do not control the banks and businesses through with drug money is laundered.

In February 2007, Daniel Hopsiker reported in The Mad Cow News, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, that “four more American planes were seized from the 50-plane fleet of drug running aircraft amassed by Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel. Coincidentally or not, the American owners of the four planes (like the two busted earlier) were largely people and companies with special relationships with U.S. political movers and shakers, including the CIA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Court filings indicated that the money to purchase the planes was laundered through a bank, whose Chairman, Dennis Nixon, is the South Texas Co-chair of John McCain's campaign. Nixon was a Bush Pioneer and Ranger in George W. Bush’s two presidential campaigns. He raised $300,000 in one night for Bush’s re-election bid in the Texas border town of Laredo.117 This story will never make the nightly news. The paper of record, The New York Times, will never find this major news story “fit” to print.

118 Gary Webb, Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion, (Seven Stories Press, New York 1998). [LINK]

There is historical precedence for this silence, especially since during the Reagan years it is now known that the then vice-president, George H.W. Bush, was working with Oliver North who was arranging drug deals to pay for Iran-Contra, an illegal operation run out of President Reagan’s White House. Unlike people who live in lower-income public housing, he did not get evicted for that crime, he got promoted to President.118

119 Daniel Hopsicker, Welcome to Terrorland: Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-up in Florida (Eugene, Oregon: The Mad Cow Press, 2004). [LINK]

The beauty of NAFTA for drug smugglers is that there is now less constraint on them to import their product. They can simply carry their illegal goods across the border in trucks and on ships and planes, and can do so with little fear of being caught. U.S. customs officials are already so overworked that they often have less than five minutes to inspect cargo in trucks crossing the border from Mexico. The shipping ports and private airports are free-for-all, with little oversight inspection. The 9/11 hijackers were linked to a narco-airport in Venice, Florida.119

The Department of Homeland Security should be renamed the Department of Drug Running Security. Lax border security is an open invitation to smuggle. American, Colombian, and Mexican drug traffickers all accept the invitation. Dealers with lucrative profits have bought planes, factories, and trucking companies that they can use as fronts for smuggling operations. However, their most important acquisitions are politicians, members of enforcement agencies, judges, and the media. When government officials claim that stopping this traffic is nearly impossible, it must be remembered that during WWII there was a moral will to stop contraband and spies from entering the country. The borders and ports were tightly controlled. Drug running declined precipitously.

Free trade and drug smuggling are not new phenomena supported by the economic and political structure of the United States. It is an old story that harks back to the British East India Company. To understand what is going on today, it is necessary to consider the long history of narco-trafficking and the central roll it has played in the economic development of Europe and the United States.

The history of drug smuggling as a standard business practice is a history some would like to keep well hidden. A review of this hidden history gives a deeper insight into the thinking and strategy of a small number of elites who have managed to engage most of the world in their maniacal financial and opium/cocaine-filled schemes. The ultimate goal is to control the world’s destiny by controlling its finances through central banking structures and with scarlet money they leach tax free by bringing the misery of drug addiction as part of their globalized free-trade deals.

The American people are under attack, and their country is in decline, They know something is wrong. They can see the changes. Their education system has robbed them of their analytical ability, and mass media have phased their brain waves into a permanently hypnotized alpha state. It seems unlikely that they will awaken from their hypnotic trance in time to save themselves, When the ultimate collapse comes, perhaps they will rouse from their slumber and take to the streets like the Argentineans in 2000-01 when their economy collapsed. They forced out a procession of four presidents in three weeks. Their uprising was not directed at a particular party but at corruption in the abstract and the current economic model of deregulated capitalism. In the streets, they used pots and pans to create a cacophonous noise while they shouted: “¡Que se vayan todos!” All of them must go!

6 — The British East India Company, Opium Is King

It seems that despite the advantages Europeans gained in “discovering” the New World and in developing a global trading system, that nothing much changed until global productive forces were significantly rearranged, and that did not take place until Europeans began to develop the global drug trade that gave them the clear edge. Even then, with their dominance over sugar, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea, it was still not enough to crack Asian resistance. Asia had to be brought down by something else, and that was opium

The decision by a state to sell opium to its subjects always took place in situations of political decline or at least weakness

— Carl A. Trocki, Opium, Empire and the Global Political Economy

According to the United Nations, total worldwide revenues of the “transnational criminal organizations” (TCOs) are of the order of one trillion dollars, representing an amount equivalent to the combined GDP of the group of low income countries (with a population of 3 billion people).

— Michel Chossudovsky, The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order

Free trade is an interesting concept and a perfect example of Orwellian double-speak. At best, it means letting the state apparatus allow business to make its own rules free of state intervention, but it is more insidious than that. It is a philosophy that considers protection of domestic manufacturers by prohibitions, discriminating duties, and commercial regulations as has been historically practiced by every successful nation adverse to business interests. Free trade is an aggressive policy of foreign traders whose arrogant and grasping spirit of monopoly determines business practices by elevation of one national interest to the detriment of other nations’ interests and ultimately the elevation of banking and financial interests to the exclusion of all others.

In today’s world, free trade is exemplified by the machinations of financial institutions using creative financial instruments and corporations using the taxpayer funded state apparatus including the military and taxpayer supported mercenaries to capture global markets to create monopolies by contract or the barrel of a gun. It has even been referred to rather tongue in cheek as “gun-boat diplomacy.” Free trade encompasses piracy, dope pushing, human organ trafficking, slavery, and mass murder in pursuit of economic goals supported by a state structure. Britain’s economic strangulation of its colonies in accordance with this philosophy ultimately led to the American Revolution, but British polices were hardly a new phenomenon.

The Dutch East India Company was one such successful crime syndicate until it was outmaneuvered by the more powerful British East India Company. The Dutch had pacified Indonesia with opium. The British would do the same thing on a much larger scale to China—and eventually to the United States. The China trade, like slavery, had nothing to do with morality, but with economic interests. It had nothing to do with vice or virtue, but with profit.

120 The U.S. Labor Party Investigating Team, Dope, Inc.: Britain’s Opium War Against the U.S. (New York: Benjamin Franklin House New York, 1978), 12-13. [LINK]

To reverse the exodus of silver from the China trade, which threatened the financial underpinnings of the British state, King George III mandated the East India Company to ship large quantities of opium from Bengal in the British Crown Colony of India to China. The dual objective was to alter the balance of payments deficit in Britain’s favor and to foster drug addiction among China’s mandarin class. By the time of the American Revolution, East India Company opium trafficking into China was officially reported to be twenty times the absolute limit of opium required for medical and related use.120

121 Robert Trout, “The Chinese Opium Wars,” Adam Smith, Critical Assessments, edited by John Cunningham Wood (New York: Routledge, 2004). [LINK]
122 Ibid., 13.

In a very direct sense, the Founding Fathers of the United States fought against the British Crown’s opium policy during the American Revolution. Adam Smith, so venerated by today’s global peddlers, argued in his book Wealth of Nations that opium, like corn and tobacco, was a legitimate product, the same as these other commodities, and that the objective laws of the “invisible hand” must be allowed to determine all economic activity. Anything which stood in the way, such as other national governments, was an obstacle which must be removed.121 Smith advocated a massive increase of East India Company opium exports to China. The money from opium trading made up a sizable portion of the war chest that financed Britain’s deployment of Hessian mercenaries into North America to crush the rebellion.122 The rebellion was caused in part by the 1773 passage of the Tea Act, a tax from which the British East India Company (BEIC) was exempted. What is remarkable is that drug money is still used by clandestine international agencies to crush democratic aspirations around the globe.

123 John Coleman, The Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Committee of 300 (Las Vegas, NV: Global Review Publications 2006), 51. [LINK]

The British East India Company ascended to power through bribery, corruption, and murder, all sanctioned by the state. It trafficked in both drugs and humans. In 1661, King Charles (Stuart) II granted the East India Company power to add to its charter the right to make peace or war with sovereign nations. This was an extraordinary, without parallel concession. Here was a private company given the power to make war with a sovereign nation!123 The BEIC never employed more than 150,000 mercenaries, but the power of the company was so great that they had at their disposal the British Army to fight two opium wars. They were successful in forcing opium into China, and their free trade policy, sustained by the barrel of a gun, successfully destroyed the economies of both India and China. Under British rule, just one state in India, Bengal, recorded at least 10 million deaths from starvation in 1769-70. Before the British demanded expanded cultivation of poppies for export, this area of rich delta river soil had supplied much of India with agricultural products.

124 Ibid., 257.

The spread of opium use among the Chinese was facilitated by the China Inland Mission, protestant missionaries, who taught the Chinese “coolies” how to smoke opium for recreational purposes. In true Adam Smith style, by first creating an economic demand and then filling it, a vast opium market was created and met by the BEIC, which brought enormous fortunes to its shareholders.124

By forcing opium on China, the British altered the centuries old social dynamic of culturally acceptable drug use. Since human life evolved, most cultures have made use of naturally occurring chemical substances for mind- or mood-altering properties. Almost every human culture made use of some drug, including opium. Its use was most often within the context of a highly ritualized religious, social, or medical practice. Whether it was opium, cannabis, coca, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, betel, or one of the many other vegetable products, humans have regularly had recourse to some selection of them as use to soothe their bodies and spirits. Drugs, used in this social context, were controlled by the cultural dynamics of each society. All of this changed dramatically with the British importation of opium into China.

Before British commercialization of opiates, populations and nations were not habituated to the use of drugs, nor were they used as a product of commerce requiring vast production and distribution channels. The introduction and promotion of an addictive substance for use outside its cultural context as a commercial product is perhaps one of the most pervasive evils introduced by Western civilization to the world. The destructive nature of opium was well known at the time of the opium wars. Opium is highly addictive and induces passivity into the smoker. Addicts seldom lived past age fifty; heavy smokers had a life expectancy of only five years after becoming addicted.

125 Carl A. Trocki, Opium, Empire and the Global Political Economy: A Study of the Asian Opium Trade 1750-1950 (New York: Routledge, 1999), 101. [LINK]
126 Trocki, 113.

The most famous and lasting of the opium trading houses was the firm of Jardine and Matheson. By the 1830s, they reportedly handled 6,000 chests per year for an annual profit of $100,000.125 Jardine’s main competition was from David Sasson, who belonged to a Jewish trading family that had long been established in Persia and was recorded to have shipped opium to Canton on his own account as early as 1834.126 After the second Opium War, once opium was legalized, locally based traders, among whom were Parsi, Armenians, Jews, and Muslims, also played an important role in the trade.

127 Trocki, xii.

What the British did was to commercialize drug production, trade, and marketing, which links these drugs to the development of capitalism. Addicting large populations to drugs has been associated with a number of fundamental transformations in human life, one of which was the appearance of large plantations worked by slave labor where a drug is produced for sale at some distant location. The trade in drugs usually results in a monopoly, which not only centralizes drug trafficking but also restructures the social and economic terrain in the process. Two major effects are the creation of mass markets and the generation of enormous cash flows. The accumulation of wealth created by this historic and successive drug trading was among the primary foundations of global capitalism and the modern nation-state. However, Henry Carey, an American economist who believed in appropriate trade barriers to protect the development of national industries, observed that the system was essentially unstable and contained an inherent tendency toward bankruptcy, which required it to constantly find mew sources to loot. It may be argued that the entire rise of the West, from 1500 to 1900 depended on a series of drug trades.127 The drug trade has never ceased being an important part of global capital flows.

The cash flow out of China from this product into the hands of British and American merchants provided the financial capital to bankroll their own transition to modern industrial and corporate capitalism. The money from drugs has also financed the transition of the U.S. economy to the current phase—financial capitalism and the parasitic tapeworm economic model. The parasitic model has been so effective in destroying the energy and vitality of other nations, it is now being employed successfully in the United States to bring her ultimately into a global centralized banking structure.

The BEIC initiated and mastered the concepts of the free trade movement, just as their global counterparts are implementing them currently. To accrue large capital assets, an investor must depend on cheap labor. Current prices are kept low by the use of cheap labor pools in South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America as the result of trade agreements, such as NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), GATT (General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade) and the WTO (World Trade Organization). When BEIC ruled world trade, the slave labor of India and the American South and the underpaid workers of industrial cities in major European urban areas provided low labor costs. Forcing people to work for nothing naturally pushed wages to rock bottom for those workers with the illusion that they were free. The slave and cotton trade in the South was run to a significant degree by the same families that also operated the opium traffic in the Orient. It was just business. One such family was the Dulles family, who produced the first director of the CIA and a secretary of state.

According to Anton Chaiken, “The Dulles family’s upper class-status in America began when ancestor William Dulles arrived in South Carolina from India. With a fortune made in India by providing financial and security services for the British East India Company army, he bought a slave plantation which the family held through the American Civil War. The family’s mental life was always that of the British Empire and its American colonial subordinates.

128 “British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination,” Executive Intelligence Review, 21 (30 July 2002), 40. [LINK]

Allen Dulles’s main corporate activity was as a director of the J. Henry Schroder banking company in London, a prime instrument in Montagu Norman’s nazification of Germany. As partners in the Sullivan and Cromwell firm, Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles represented the Rockefeller-Harriman-Warburg combination, I.G. Farben, and virtually every other Nazi corporate organization that danced on London’s marionette strings.”128

129 Carolyn Baker, U.S, History Uncensored: What Your High School Textbook Didn't Tell You (Lincoln, NB: iUniverse, 2006), 41. [LINK]

The East India Company flooded the Indian market with inexpensive cotton goods from the slave plantations of the American South. This effectively killed the Indian cotton industry and put thousands of Indian farmers out of business. In 1810, India was exporting more textiles to England than England was exporting to India. By 1830, the trade flow was reversed. The British had put up prohibitive tariff barriers to shut out Indian finished goods and were dumping their commodities in India, a practice backed by British gunboats and military force. Within a matter of years, the great textile centers of Dacca and Madras were turned into ghost towns. By 1850, India’s debt had grown to 53 million pounds. Between 1850 and 1900, the per capita income dropped by almost two thirds.129 Does any of this seem eerily similar to China dumping cheap goods in the United States while keeping their tariffs high to U.S goods, with the result that major economic centers, such as Detroit and Youngstown, are turning into ghost towns? Recent trends show that Michigan and Ohio have been battered by both escalating job and population losses as automobile manufacturing is shipped abroad. The steel mills have been gone for more than twenty years, and Akron has long since stopped making rubber. The textile mills in the Carolinas are shuttered.

130 Today’s headline might read, “The U.S. Expands Mission in Afghanistan to Increase Poppy Production to offset the decline in Tax Revenues.”

BEIC chose to expand opium production to offset the decline in tax revenues.130 They expanded the opium business out of Bengal and surrounding States and fought two wars with China so that they could dump this poison onto their markets. Thus, four main workforces bent to their will—the laborers in Britain, the laborers and the enslaved in the United States, the peasant farmers of India, and the laborers in China. Opium was the tool the merchant classes used in transforming landless peasantry into proletarians and in monetizing their subsistence lifestyle. Opium created pools of capital and fed the institutions that accumulated it—the banking and financial systems, the insurance system, and transportation and information infrastructures. Those structures and that economy have, in large part, been inherited by successor nations of the region today.

Selling opium was highly profitable and reversed the trade imbalance between China and England, with England (and New England) growing wealthy from the violent projection of their one competitive advantage—unbridled savagery.

The enormous profits generated by opium exports had disastrous social and political effects on China and India, but British and American manufacturers came to depend on this profitability. The opium trade created profound dislocations throughout Asia. In 1770, at least 10 million people, one third of the population of Bengal, perished from starvation under British rule as a result of drought, food exports, and land cultivation in poppies for maximum profit.

In Java and the Malay Peninsula opium created a class of consumers, elite and subaltern, whose dependency on the drug boded ill for the stability of existing structures of civic and political authority. Opium consumption subverted the social fabric of indigenous society in Southeast Asia, much as its conditions of production under British East India Company rule wrought a violent transformation to the life and labor of peasants in Bengal and Bihar. The use of force by the British, through two opium wars, to push this product into China simply underscores that social values are malleable against powerful instruments of the market system. Nevertheless, a drug epidemic took hold, and it was profitable.

It is clear that many drugs, legal and illegal, are poisons when used chronically or inappropriately, and they can kill or seriously impair the user's health. Opium possessed the additional quality of being addictive. Thus addicts require a regular and often continually increasing supply of the substance. At some point, where the use of the drug becomes habitual, the user suffers not only loss of wealth, but ill health, apparent loss of “free will,” and death may shortly follow. Heavy opium smokers had a much shortened life span.

131 N.P. Plotnikoff et al., Cytokines: Stress and Immunity (New York: CRC Press, 2006), 258. [LINK]

By the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, physicians had begun to make note of infectious complications among opiate addicts. The involvement of the immune system in various aspects associated with the chronic use of opioids was suggested as early as 1844. The cells of the immune system possess opiate receptors that, when activated, induce a variety of functional modifications, such as the establishment of profound immune suppression.131

132 Herman Freedman, Thomas Kline, Steven Specter, Drugs of Abuse, Immunity and Infection (New York: CRC Press, 1996), 5. [LINK]
133 Freedman et al., 5.

By 1916, the use of the term infectious diseases as a common cause of opiate addiction was doctrine. Physicians were also beginning to note the effect of morphine on the immune system.132 Cloetta, in a study done in 1902, showed that chronic morphine injections resulted in leucopenia (decrease in white blood cells) in rabbits, and leucopenia in morphine addicts was described as early as 1901 by Archard and Loeper. In 1898, Cantacuzene showed that morphine modulated the expression of chemotactic and phagocytic activity both in vitro and in vivo experimental systems. He also showed that morphine-treated guinea pigs had a greater mortality rate than controls after peritoneal (intra-abdominal) injection of cholera bacilli.133 Thus, it is clear that the immune-suppressive effects of opiates and the associated infections were well known for almost a hundred years and were well described in the literature,

Opium prepared the ground for the rise of capitalism by creating mass markets and proletarian consumers while undermining the morale and morality of political elites throughout Asia. Drug trading destabilizes existing societies not merely because they destroy individual human beings but also, and perhaps more importantly, because they have the power to undercut the existing political economy of any state.

134 Brian G. Martin, “The Green Gang and the Guomindang State: Du Yuesheng and the Politics of Shanghai, 1927-1927,” Journal of Asian Studies 54 (1) February, 1995, 82-3. [LINK]

By the early 20th century, Chinese warlords had adapted the pattern pioneered by the East India Company. They dragooned communities of peasants or tribal peoples into the cultivation of opium so they could market it to soldiers and bureaucrats at a profit in order to supply themselves with weapons. After 1927, Chiang Kai-shek, in his drive to unify China, embraced the warlords of Sichuan and Yunnan but did little to alter the economic base. In fact, when he took over Shanghai in 1927 he joined forces with gangster Du Yuesheng. Not only did Du aid Chiang in his massacre of the Communists and the Guomindang left wing but he also helped finance the fledgling Nationalist regime with his control of the area’s opium revenues.134

135 J. Marshall, “Opium and the Politics of Gangsterism in Nationalist China, 1927-1945” Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars 8 (3), July-Sept. 1976, 20-2. [LINK]

The alliance between Chiang and Du’s Green Gang was a very profitable one. In the very first year after the success of the Northern Expedition, the new Nationalist government gained $40 million in opium revenue, and by 1933, the income had jumped to $30 million monthly.135 At that time, China was producing seven-eights of the global opium supply and both Du’s Da Kongsi [The Big Company] and the Japanese in Tianjin had set up laboratories producing both morphine and heroin. In fact, the production levels of opiates now gave China a surplus that made it possible for China to turn the tables on the Western powers and begin exporting drugs to the United States and Europe.

136 Ibid., 29-30.

American gangsters, beginning with Arnold Rothstein and going on to Meyer Lansky, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, and Jasha Katsenberg, forged links with Chinese drug lords, both in Shanghai and California, to obtain supplies for the growing American narcotics market.136 The association with these gangsters makes sense when one considers where the money comes from to support a drug habit. It is not through street muggings or well-paying jobs but substantially from organized crime activity: the numbers racket, bookmaking, protection rackets, auto theft, stolen auto parts distribution, prostitution, pornography, arson-for-hire, and similar illegal activities. Drug addiction could not exist without organized crime to provide the means of financing it.

137 U.S. Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, “The World Opium Situation” (Washington, DC, Oct. 1970), 10; [LINK]
        U.S. State Department Bureau of International Narcotics Matters, International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (March 1990, No. 9749): 19-20. [LINK]

The CIA’s alliance with drug lords in the late 1940s came at a time when the global opium trade was at a two-hundred years’ nadir as a result of WWII, which had disrupted international shipping and imposed tight waterfront security that blocked the smuggling of heroin into the United States. As America’s narcotics use fell to its lowest level in half a century, the purity of imported heroin packets dropped from 28 percent in 1938 to only 3 percent three years later. America’s addict population plummeted from 200,000 in 1924 to a tenth of that figure in 1944-45.137 As a result of this decline, the possibility existed that heroin addiction might eventually disappear as a major social problem in the United States. Heroin supplies were small, international criminal syndicates were in disarray, and the American addict population was at a level where treatment was finally possible.

138 Alfred W. McCoy, The Politics of Heroin; CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade (Chicago: Lawrence Hill Books, 1972), 18. [LINK]

Within a decade, with the help of the aforementioned gangsters and the clandestine agencies of Britain and the United States, including a CIA headed by Allen Dulles whose family had a historical tie to the drug trade, the heroin industry had revived. By the early 1950s the global drug syndicates were again in operation. The Southeast Asian poppy fields were expanding, and heroin refineries were multiplying in both Marseille and Hong Kong. Many of the reasons for the revival of the illicit narcotics trade lie with the conduct of U.S. foreign policy and its covert action arm.138

During the post-WWII years, which have come to be known as the Cold War, Communism was used as the foil against which the U.S made alignments with international gangsters. From 1948 to 1950, the CIA allied itself with the Corsican underworld in its power grab against the French Communist Party for control over the strategic Mediterranean port of Marseille. With the help of the CIA, the Corsicans gained control over the Marseille waterfront, and for the next quarter of a century used that control to export heroin to the U.S. market.

139 Alfred W. McCoy, 18-19.
140 Ibid.

Meanwhile, the CIA was also busy running covert operations in Southeast Asia along the China border in an area that has become known as the golden triangle. This is one of the most productive poppy-growing regions in the world. In 1951, the agency supported the formation of the Nationalist Chinese army for a covert invasion of southwestern China. When the invasion attempts failed in 1951-1952, the CIA installed Nationalist troops along the Burma—China border as a tripwire for an anticipated Communist Chinese invasion of Southeast Asia. Over the ensuing years, the Nationalist Army transformed Burma’s Shan states into the world’s largest opium producer.139 The same tactics were applied to Laos. The CIA worked with Hmong tribesmen and used the CIA airline Air America to transport opium from Hmong villages to laboratories in the golden triangle. In their first years of operation, the laboratories exported high-grade heroin to U.S. troops fighting in Vietnam. After the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, the laboratories in the golden triangle exported heroin directly to the United States and captured one-third of the American heroin marker.140

141 U.S. Labor Party Investigating Team, Dope, Inc.: Britain’s Opium War Against the U.S. (New York, New Benjamin Franklin House, 1978). [LINK]

The Vietnam War compounded the drug epidemic in the United States that had begun with the CIA's exploration of LSD and other psychotropic drugs in the 1950s and 1960s. After the Vietnam War, the drug epidemic exploded from the urban centers and college campuses to small cities and towns throughout the entire nation. Only since Henry Kissinger’s 1972 trip to China during the Vietnam conflict has the Chinese Communist role in the world opium trade been out of the headlines. The American, European, Japanese, and Soviet authorities had long insisted that Peking was a major primary producer and exporter of opium and its derivatives. According to Dope, Inc., Peking makes its real profits not from exports, but from wholesaling, retailing, and financing the opium traffic, mainly through Hong Kong where the big money is made, and Peking is a 40 to 60 percent partner with the British oligarchy in the far Eastern narcotics trade.141 Just as in Southeast Asia, the flood of drugs, both legal and illegal, into America has not been without severe medical and social consequence. AIDS is just one of those consequences.

In 1981, six years after the end of the Vietnam War and four years before the Iran-Contra drug running, illegal weapons sales, and money-laundering scandal erupted, the CDC reported about five cases in Los Angeles of patients who suffered from the known fungus pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. Pneumocystis carinii lives quietly in 20 percent of the population without causing disease. A fungal overgrowth is characteristic of a metabolic system that is oxidized and acidic and may also arise from an overuse of antibiotics. Instead of focusing on these reversible metabolic anomalies, the CDC used this opportunity to raise an epidemic alarm to terrorize the entire world into believing that there was a new virus that was sexually transmitted, incurable, and could possibly kill off a substantial number of the world’s population.

The CDC and the mainstream media began to claim that this new virus was transmitted by homosexual activity and through blood products in the West, but that the disease originated in Africa where it was transmitted by heterosexual sex. This new “sex plague” terror was the perfect opportunity to transfer the funds from Nixon’s dying, wasteful and illusory war on cancer to the new war on AIDS. Fighting AIDS would be the pretext and cover story for the consequences of dumping drugs, both legal and illegal, onto the Western market. The only problem was that there was no AIDS epidemic; it was a drug epidemic. The medical consequences of two epidemics, drugs and poverty, would be turned into another profit center. The same people who could not find a viral cause of cancer would now proclaim that the same type of benign passenger RNA virus that they could not prove caused cancer could cause a selective immune deficiency that eventually expanded to cover twenty-nine different diseases. It was a rebranding stroke of genius, but it was a BIG LIE from the very beginning.

Just Who Is in Charge? — New England Opium Lords

There were families in New England who participated in the China trade. Many historians have asserted that the economic fortunes of this nation were built on the backs of imported Africans. Court historians have removed the story from the American narrative about many of the same slave-trading families involvement in another sordid history, that of narcotics smuggling. Many of the families have been able to buy respectability. They have become some of the most prominent and revered American icons for their ability to accumulate enormous capital and their participation in public life. The methods used to accumulate the capital through the free trade sale of humans and drugs have been conveniently removed from “responsible” historical records.

142 Trocki, 105.

The beautiful clipper ships out of New England were racing on the high seas not only with cargoes of tea, silks, and porcelain but also and mainly with opium. The clipper ships changed the China opium trade completely. They could make three voyages per year from either side of India, and they did not have to stop along the way to buy or sell miscellaneous cargo as did the local country ships. Their loads of opium and specie were so valuable that they could afford to be dedicated to them alone.142 Jardine Matheson, Dent & Company, David Sassoon and the American firm Russell & Co., quickly emerged as the dominant houses in the China opium trade.

143 Michael Ruppert, “CIA, Drugs and Wall Street,” From the Wilderness. [LINK]

Opium was the premier cash crop that fueled the British Empire to supremacy, brought fortunes to New England and endowments to the great eastern universities: Yale, Princeton, Harvard, and Columbia. It was opium rather than cotton that was truly king of the international commodities trade. From this money born of misery descended the masters of global business interests and intrigue that ultimately morphed into the clandestine intelligence agencies typified by the CIA and the British MI6. Wall Street lawyer and banker Clark Clifford formulated the National Security Act of 1947 that created the CIA. Clark Clifford is the man who brought the ClA-backed drug bank BCCI into the United States. Allen Dulles, who virtually designed the CIA and served as its director, and his brother John Foster Dulles, who served as Eisenhower's secretary of state, were Wall Street lawyers from the firm Sullivan and Cromwell. Dwight Eisenhower's personal liaison with the CA was none other than Nelson Rockefeller. William Casey was chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission under Richard Nixon. Former CIA Directors from William Raborn, Jr. to William Webster to Robert Gates to James Woolsey to John Deutch all sit or have sat on the Boards of the largest, richest, and most powerful companies in America.143 General Walter Bedell Smith served as ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1946 to 1948. He was director of Central Intelligence from 1950 to 1953. All seven persons who are known to have served as deputy directors of the CIA under Truman and Smith came from New York legal and financial circles. Frank G, Wisner (OSS) came to the government in 1948 from the Wall Street legal firm of Carter, Ledyard, and Milburn, which represented various Rockefeller, Whitney, and Standard Oil interests. As director of the Office of Policy Coordination, which became the CIA’s Plans and Division, on 4 January 1951, Wisner was in charge of the CIA's covert operations.

William Harding Jackson was Smith’s deputy director in 1950~51. He had been with Carter, Ledyard and Milburn from 1934 to 1947 and was at the time of his service an investment partner of John Hay Whitney on the board of Banker's Trust.

Allen Welsh Dulles was a wartime director of J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation whose funding of I.G. Farben and of steel magnate Fritz Thyssen helped finance Hitler’s rise to power. As noted, he was a longtime partner of Sullivan and Cromwell.

Murry McConnell was president of the Manufacturers Capital Corporation on Wall Street and CIA depury director for administration in 1950 and 1951.

Walter Reid Wolf was a vice president of the National City Bank of New York and its investment affiliate City Bank Farmers Trust. He was CIA deputy director (presumably McConnel’s successor) from 1951 to 1953.

Robert Amory Jr. (son of a New York manufacturer who was a co-director of at least three Boston firms with directors of United Fruit) came to the CIA as deputy director for intelligence in 1952 (according to Who’s Who).

Loftus E. Becker was with the Wall Street law firm Cahill, Gordon, Reindel, and Ohl (representing the investment firms of Dillon Read and Stone and Webster). He went on leave to the CIA in April 1951 and was named deputy director for intelligence (according to the Martindale-Hubbard Law Directory, 1965, 4707) for a year beginning 21 January 1952.

144 Peter Dale Scott, Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Columbia, and Indochina (Lanham, MD: Rowman Littlefield, 2003), 200-201. [LINK]

All of these men except Becker were listed in the select New York Social Register. Thus, they were members not only of New York’s financial and legal elite but also its hereditary upper class. The importance of this is the known links between CIA and Civil Air transport-Air America planes flying drugs in Southeast Asia that date from this period when New York finance enjoyed a monopoly over the CIA’s top civilian appointments.144

As times changed, the family trade went from clipper ships on the high seas to cargo ships, and then transport planes that could cover much more territory and allowed the drug trade to explode world wide and for profits to amass and to be laundered through Wall Street Banks and corporations traded on the stock exchanges.

145 Alfred W. McCoy, The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade (Chicago: Lawrence Hill Books, 1991), 15-16. [LINK]

Americans have been taught that the various U.S. intelligence agencies are ostensibly public enterprises designed to protect the public good. The sad fact is that their primary mission has always been to protect private business interests at public expense. These agencies have demonstrated a natural affinity for working with criminal syndicates. Both are practitioners of “clandestine arts”—the basic skill of operating outside the normal channels of civil society. In some instances, the CIA undermines the activities of other government agencies: “… CIA covert operations have often overwhelmed the interdiction efforts of the weaker U.S. drug enforcement agencies. In Southeast Asia, for example, the U.S. Bureau of Narcotics opened its first office in Bangkok with just three agents in the late 1960s, more than a decade after a major CIA covert operation—backed by several hundred agents and a fleet of aircraft—had installed a 12,000-man opium army in the mountains of northern Burma. While a handful of drug agents worked out of lowland offices trying to intercept drug shipments or discover the names of smugglers, the CIA’s massive covert apparatus had been operating in the opium highlands allied with the very drug lords that the U.S. drug agents were trying to arrest.145

146 U.S. Labor Party Investigating Team, Dope, Inc.: Britain’s Opium War Against the U.S. (New York, New Benjamin Franklin House, 1978), 37. [LINK]

The drug running families that were the impetus for establishing the clandestine services have had a long history in this underhanded business and have long known the social, economic, and physiological damage that opium did to China and the Chinese people. For two centuries, they were unable to create a major marker for their product in the United States. There was an effort to bring opium into the United States when Chinese laborers, so-called coolies, were used to build the intercontinental! railways, The first large-scale importation of opium into the United States was referred to as the coolie trade by its British, Hong Kong, and Shanghai sponsors. Even before the Civil War, the same British trading companies behind the slave trade into the South were running a huge market in Chinese indentured servants into the West Coast. In 1846 alone, 117,000 Chinese were brought into the country to feed an opium trade estimated at nearly 230,000 pounds of gum opium and over 53,000 pounds of prepared (smoking) opium. Although Lincoln outlawed the “coolie” trade in 1862, the black marketeering of Chinese continued at an escalating rate to the end of the century.146

American labor was very cheap at the time. The reasons the Chinese were brought to the U.S. was to quell the anxiety of those who saw the rising number of Africans as an internal threat that needed to be dampened and, secondly, to create a demand for opium in the United States. Opium use became widespread by the middle of the nineteenth century, but by the 1890s the United States still had the political will to successfully reduce opiate consumption and place legal restrictions on the trade and on drug use in general, and the laws were actually enforced.

147 McCoy, 18.

World War II disrupted international shipping and, unlike the current Homeland Security Department, America still had the moral will to have tight waterfront security that blocked, with the aid of organized mobsters, the smuggling of heroin into the United States. The U.S. addict population dropped from 200,000 in 1924 to about 20,000 in 1944-45.147

Opium and cocaine were used in patent medicines at the beginning of the 20th century, and some heroin was imported into the inner cities of the North. However, illicit drugs were never as widely and systematically imported into the United States until Kissinger prolonged the Vietnam War and began to trade openly with China.

148 J. Marshall, “Opium and the Politics of Gangsterism in Nationalist China, 1927-1945,” Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars 8 (July-September 1976): 29-30. [LINK]

By the early-1950s, the global drug syndicates were again operating, but the flourishing of this trade was linked to the covert arm of United States foreign policy. Chinese opium production levels increased, and it was possible for China to turn the tables on Western powers. China began exporting drugs into the United States and Europe with the help of the CIA and home-grown mobsters. As noted, American gangsters, including Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lansky, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, and Jasha Katsenberg, forged links with Chinese drug lords, both in Shanghai and California, to obtain supplies for the growing American narcotics market.148

The trade exploded after the Vietnam War and the initiation by Nixon and Kissinger of a more open policy with China. Both the Chinese Communists and the Chinese Nationalists used opium to finance their movements. From the time of the BEIC, the Chinese never discontinued the profitable drug business with their Western partners. The upshot of the Vietnam War was the U.S. intelligence community taking charge of the golden triangle by controlling installed proxy drug lords. Hollywood even made a movie about this called Air America that starred Mel Gibson. The real Air America was no Hollywood story. It was at the eye of the storm of contrived wars for control of the opium trade in the golden triangle, which is an overlapping area of five countries: Vietnam, Laos, Burma (Myanman), Thailand, and Yunnan Province, in China. This is one of the main regions, along with the golden crescent (Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran), where opium poppies are harvested on a large scale.

149 In the opinion of future U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, who researched the incident as coauthor of Clark Clifford’s memoirs: “What the Nixon people did (was) perhaps even a violation of law. They massively, directly and covertly, interfered in a major diplomatic negotiation … probably one of the most important negotiations in American diplomatic history” (BBC interview, 2000; quoted in Anthony Summers (with Robbyn Swan), The Arrogance of Power (New York: Viking, 2000), 306. [LINK]
150 Chennault, hailing from a slave-owning family had been an aviator in WWII. He was responsible for the creation of Civil Air Transport, which later became Air America—the drug running air fleet in S.E. Asia.

During and after the Vietnam War, the United States became flooded with drugs. Many soldiers returned from Vietnam addicted to heroin. It has been suggested that the war was kept going longer than necessary for this reason. In the Arrogance of Power, Anthony Summers reports on a conspiratorial and possibly illegal diplomatic intervention in 1968 by Henry Kissinger on behalf of presidential candidate Richard Nixon to extend the Vietnam War.149 Just before the election, with General Chennault’s150 widow, Anna, as an intermediary, Nixon (Kissinger) persuaded the head of the Saigon regime to refuse to participate in the Paris peace talks arranged by President Johnson. Nixon’s (Kissinger’s) intrigue helped secure his election and also fruitlessly increased the loss of both American and Vietnamese lives.

However, extending the war had another purpose. Each year more and more addicted veterans were returning all across America to almost every, city, town, and hamlet. They had a disease that would spread like a cancer into every social institution and structure and break down society and undermine the rule of law. They provided the base for the retail trade—the addicted selling drugs to support their habit. Addicted veterans returned to small towns and hamlets where people had no idea of the drug-fueled nightmare the war in Vietnam would unleash on them.

Conveniently timed in 1970, just before the return of the heroin-addicted, strung-out Vietnam veterans and about the time that the CIA was running MK-ULTRA—a mind control and chemical/torture interrogation “research” program that was pumping mind altering drugs such as LSD into America’s youth scene—Nixon declared another war, this time on drugs. The soldiers who had just defended corporate interests half way around the world would now begin to fuel another burgeoning enterprise—the prison industrial system. The following year, Nixon declared the war on cancer. Both the war on drugs and the war on cancer, as will be shown, have been sterling successes for financial interests and relate directly to the development of the HIV/AIDS crisis. The drugs and environmental toxins helped to create an oxidative stress crisis, and the war on cancer created the cover story with the virus myth.

It was at this time, during and after the Vietnam War, that a profusion of illegal drugs, experimental drugs such as LSD, and legal drugs used in an irresponsible manner, such as amyl nitrite, valium, Quaaludes, steroids, and antibiotics were targeted at the explosive baby boomer population subset that was experimenting with alternative life styles: the hippie, women’s lib, and sexual revolution movements. The drugs and alternative life styles were used to induce a generation to freely take these poisons into their bodies. It was a generation that was being taught the hedonist principles of free trade: nothing was sacred; all values were relative; and if it felt good, just do it. Thus, physical and psychological poisoning and social dislocation created the crisis of immune destruction, especially at first in the sexually promiscuous gay community who seemed the most prone to excessive poly drug use. As CDC records indicate, the doctors who saw the first cases of AIDS recognized it as a problem of toxicology, of system poisoning. Their good medical judgment and sane scientific observations were soon brushed aside for a more lucrative market strategy.

The virus hunters, ego-deprived of the glory that eluded them from the failed war on cancer, were ready to bask in the accolades that they felt they deserved. Focusing on drugs that elites were supplying to America’s children and youth was not going to happen. It was easier to blame the problem on a viral terrorist. The bug was easy to understand; it could be attacked with new drugs, and it was going to be very profitable. The virus hunters failed effort at finding a bug that caused cancer would be vindicated; they would simply make a collection of stress proteins, find an enzyme, reverse transcriptase, and identify some “viral like particles” in their laboratory witches’ brew and call it the “isolation” of a new virus—HIV. It was alchemy that had nothing to do with the rules of the natural world, but it was a perfect match—made in hell!

151 Branko Milanovic, “Globalization and Corrupt States,” YaleGlobal, 2 November 2007. [LINK]

It is now well accepted and understood that the illicit drug trade is a $400 to $600 billion a year international business and is protected at the highest levels by Western governments. Trade in illegal drugs is estimated at from 5 to 8 percent of overall world trade, which is slightly larger than the combined global trade in agricultural products and cars.151

152 Ambassador Craig Murray, “,” Times on Line, 21 July 2007. [LINK]

Craig Murray, a former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan from 2002-04, has stated that he personally witnessed Jeeps with darkened windows bringing heroin through from Afghanistan, en route to Europe, while tankers of chemicals went roaring into Afghanistan. His pleas to Great Britain to intercede fell on deaf ears.152 He clearly did not know the history of his own empire.

The only good thing to be said about the Taliban is that by 2001 they had stamped out the opium trade. Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar drastically reduced opium production in Afghanistan during his last year in power, issued a religious edict banning the crop, and threatened harsh punishments in areas the movement held under its strict control. This was an affront to British and U.S. covert drug policy. As Jane’s Intelligence Review (22 October 2001) noted, “[T]he ban imposed by Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar in July 2000 … resulted in some 70% of the world’s illicit opium production being wiped out virtually at a stroke.” The U.S. drug proxies would now become the Northern Alliance who responded to the Taliban’s ban on opium cultivation in 2000 by trebling output in their sector of northeastern Afghanistan. According the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, by 2007, Afghanistan was back to producing 93 percent of the world’s opium.

153 John K. Cooley, Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America, and International Terrorism (London: Pluto, 2000), 17. [LINK]

From 1979 to 1991, the United States supplied direct support for the Afghan mujahedin. By providing funds for Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a drug trafficker selected for support by Pakistani intelligence (the ISI), the CIA helped propel Hekmatyar into becoming, for a while, the largest heroin trafficker in Afghanistan and perhaps the world.153 During this period when U.S. interest in Afghanistan surged, Afghanistan became the world’s major heroin source.

The British and American invasion in October 2001 supported the drug lords who have turned Afghanistan into a narco-state. General Dostrum (a known narco-terrorist) who began as a communist boss in the 1970s became head of the Afghan armed forces and deputy minister of defense. Ambassador Murray states that Dostrum is known for tying opponents to tank tracks and running over them. He crammed prisoners into metal containers in the searing sun and caused scores of them to die of heat and dehydration. He cooked them alive! Dostrum is Uzbek, and his heroin passes over the Friendship Bridge from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan where it is taken over by President Islam Karimov’s people. According to the U.N. Drug Control Program, the biggest heroin and cocaine trading institutions in the world are the Burmese, Pakistani, Mexican, Peruvian and Colombian militaries (and now Afghanistan's), all armed and trained by U.S. military intelligence, in the name of the anti-drug effort, which is simply make work for a multitude of alphabet agencies as they look the other way when big shipments are encountered.

154 Michacl Ruppert, “CIA, Drugs and Wall Street,” From the Wilderness. [LINK]

The United States has lost the political will to deter this plague. How did this happen? The top four states for drug importation are New York, Florida, California, and Texas. The top four money-laundering states are New York, Florida, California, and Texas. Eighty percent of all presidential campaign funds come from New York, Florida, California, and Texas.154

155 Bruce Campion-Smith, “Troops Lured by Drug Trade, Report Warns,” Toronto Star, 2 January 2009. [LINK]

The U.S. military with all its high-tech gizmos and bunker busters cannot find Osama (who has been reported by many sources including the assassinated Benazir Bhutto, as dead), but the poppy fields are blooming. In January 2009, the Toronto Star reported that “there is a ‘high probability’ some Canadian troops serving in Afghanistan—one of the world’s biggest sources of illegal drugs—will get involved in the drug trade. …”155

Clipper Ships and University Endowments

Certain families from around the Boston area made fortunes trading not only in slaves but also in opium. Possibly the best sea-faring families of New England, including but not limited to the Peabodys, Russells, Lows, Delanos, Forbes, Cabots and Perkins, and John Jacob Astor of New York were involved in the trade. There were huge profits to be made, and it was not ethics but supply that kept them from doing even better. The British owned their own poppy fields in India, while their American competitors had to purchase Turkish opium or sell drugs on consignment for British or Indian firms.

* Linda Minor, “Why the Harvard Corporation Protects the Drug Trade,” Part-1, Part-2, Part-3. See also “What is The Harvard Corporation?,” at

Linda Minor, in her three-part series Why the Harvard Corporation Protects the Drug Trade,* found that … “the successors of the opium smuggling companies in America quickly established a system to use their dirty profits as “venture capital” for direct investment in strategic industries and, secondly, that they funneled “charitable” donations into educational institutions to control both the huge tax-exempt endowments and to create a mask of respectability and generosity to hide the true nature of their character.” It has also been well established as noted above that such clandestine business alliances led directly to the establishment of the OSS and the CIA and that the knowledge of the drug trade, its profits, trade routes, and distribution channels became part of what has become known as black ops funding—it has been a way of getting around the democratic process of congressional oversight for the perpetuation of clandestine wars, in country coup d’états, and assassinations in furtherance of a global economic agenda of free trade and centralized banking control—drug money funds the secret government that commits high crimes and treason against the state and remains well hidden and outside the rule of law.

Allen Dulles, the first CIA director, was the direct descendant of a family that obtained its start with the British East India Company. He was schooled by the British Intelligence Services during WWII as a member of the OSS. This was fitting, as one of the end products of WWII was the transference of the costs of running the British colonial empire to the clueless American taxpayer—who was happy to take on these expenses because they had been brilliantly programmed to think that they had won a hard fought and just war.

** Martha Bebinge, “How Profits From Opium Shaped 19th-Century Boston,” WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station, July 31- August 01, 2017. Part-1, Part-2. Also see “LaRouche Explains: Why We Don’t Need Wall Street.” [LINK]

Profits from the opium trade helped to establish AT&T and The United Fruit Company, the Texas Mexican Railway Company, and The Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad. During 1873 these venture capitalists, formerly known as the Boston Concern,** including John Murray Forbes and Thomas Jefferson Coolidge, started expansion of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad, which expanded across Kansas to Colorado. Their securities were marketed by the Baring Brothers bank in England, sponsor of the world’s narcotics traffic throughout the 19th century.

To gain respectability, many of these well-heeled drug dealers donated large sums to various East Coast universities. John Cleve Green gave a fortune in opium profits to Princeton in the financing of three buildings, four professorships, and the Princeton Theological Seminary for a twenty-five year endowment. Abiel Abbott Low’s fortune financed the construction of the Columbia University New York Campus. The Russell money went to Yale and to the establishment of the Skull and Bones society from which has come many members of the banking and clandestine services as well as politicians including both Presidents Bush and Senator John Forbes Kerry, whose ancestor was drug dealer John Murray Forbes. Warren Delano who was a partner in the opium trading house of Russell and Company was the grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States.

The Drugging of America

By controlling the history departments of the major universities through their endowments and selection of ‘appropriately inclined’ department chairs, elite families have managed to keep this rather ignominious history from general discussion. By controlling the mainstream media and showing a steady stream of young African American and Hispanic males arrested for street-level drug dealing, they have been able to maintain their mask of respectability. Many street-level drug pushers can hardly read a newspaper. To think that they would be in charge of a worldwide business, establish protection and distribution networks, pay off police departments, politicians, and judges, run international covert operations with coordinated logistical support from the Pentagon and the FAA as well as assorted foreign clandestine services operating front businesses, including airlines and insurance firms, as well as launder the proceeds of at least 6 percent of the global economy is ludicrous. Yet this or some hapless Latin American peasant rather than the dapper Clark Clifford or the urbane George H.W. Bush is the vision of the average American when he/she thinks about the drug trade.

As will be shown in the chapter on Jackie-O and her paramours, the public slaying of her first husband, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, paved the way for the ascendancy of the old crime families to total control of the state apparatus. There has been a steady decline in the social fabric of the country since that fateful event. Having been subjected to a steady barrage of crimes in high places, plus the trauma of the Vietnam War, the attack on Panama, Grenada, Nicaragua, Serbia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, the nation seems to no longer want the truth. We seem to wane the government to shield us from the sad truth as we continue to look to the same people who have been complicit in creating the problems to solve them.

Prior to Vietnam there was Korea and, as the Korean War drew to a close, the French began to lose their grip on Southeast Asia. The transfer of colonial domination of the region from France to the United States arose from U.S. counterinsurgency measures that were ongoing well before the Kennedy era. The development of the chaos in Southeast Asia both Korea and Vietnam had been decided before the conclusion of WWII. The Vietnam War was instigated behind the scenes and erupted as a subterfuge, among other things, to gain control of the opium trade in the golden triangle. American was slated to be de-industrialized and America’s youth were targeted as the next big market for these odious products.

* Peter Van Buren, “The Other Virus: Learned Helplessness,” The American Conservative, May 17, 2021. [LINK]

The explosion of the drug culture and the failure of the war on cancer gave rise to what has become HIV/AIDS. AIDS is another long-standing, low intensity battle of psychological warfare against the American people. Subjected to a steady stream of trauma-based, mind-control techniques through the visual medium of television, they have been conditioned by this shock and awe program of chronic violence and human degradation to be confused and immobilized. Predictably, they are shell shocked. The Tavistock Institute calls such a psychological state the maladaptive response.*

The technique of psychologically demoralizing and neutralizing the collective energy of the population began in earnest and accelerated with the public assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

7 — Jackie-O’s Men, Drugs, Diamonds, and Oil for Empire, the AIDS Crucible

It’s just a handful of people that run everything. … No matter what promises you make on the campaign trail—blah, blah, blah—when you win, you go into this smoky room with the twelve industrialists, capitalists scum f…ks that got you in there, and this little screen comes down … and it’s a shot of the Kennedy assassination from an angle youve never seen before, which looks suspiciously off the grassy knoll. … And then the screen comes up, the lights come on, and they say to the new President, ‘Any questions?’

— Comedian Bill Hicks

Assassination is the business of business.

— Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
156 Peter Dale Scott, Drugs Oil and War (Oxford, UK: Rowman & Littlefield, 2003), 4. [LINK]

An underreported factor in the political corruption of U.S. Asian policy has been the input of money, including drug money, from foreign governments through their lobbyists and PR firms … at the origins of this insidious influence one finds the undoubted drug involvement of the CIAs airline CAT (later Air America).

— Peter Date Scott156

Although John Fitzgerald Kennedy was indeed President of the United States, a position some claim the most powerful position in the world, his brutal and public execution and his wife’s refuge in the arms of men with more power than he suggests otherwise.

The center of the cyclones of shock of mid-20th century history that led to the current AIDS medical crisis was not so much John F. Kennedy as it was his wife, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. This siren drew a trio of men into her life, each of whom played a starring role in the high drama, criminal activity and international intrigues that led to the development of the theory of HIV/AIDS. To understand the rearrangement of power alignments that occurred as a result of the Kennedy assassination, it is necessary to examine the lives and roles the men Jackie chose and their family, business and political relationships that played publicly and privately on the international scene.

The Sport of Social Climbing

157 Gore Vidal, Palimpsest: A Memoir (New York: Penguin Books, 1995), 309. [LINK]
158 Gore Vidal, Ibid, 309-310.

Gore Vidal gives a rather different version of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis than the world has come to know. He writes that, “She had lost her virginity to a friend of mine in a lift that he had installed in a pension on Pariss Left Bank. They had discussed marriage. He came from a better family than hers … but he had no money.”157 She is said to have loved money more than publicity, and her life was dedicated to acquiring it through marriage, just as her social climbing mother, Janet Lee (née Levy) had groomed her.158

Her ambitions took her into the beds of three international power brokers whose lives and ambitions shaped the world of mid-20th century America and postcolonial Africa. The story that links these men is one of high crimes, greed, corruption, and intrigue—the world of “deep politics” and what Nietzsche calls historia abscondita, or concealed history.

Understanding Jackie’s ambition for money allows for deeper insight into the greed and corruption that pervades the power elite and the women that are attracted to the men for that very reason. When fellow Roman Catholic Jack Kennedy, also on the make for glory, if not money, came her way, her desire to marry well was realized. Jack had income from a $10 million trust fund. Adequate income at the time, but, according to Gore Vidal in his memoir Palimpsest, hardly the amount that she would later need to live like her role model, Bunny Mellon. Vidal goes on to explain that, “When she told her lift lover that she was going to marry Jack, he was appalled and said, ‘You can’t marry that … that mick.’ She, coolly to the point: ‘He has money and you don’t.”

159 Gerald A. Carroll, Project Seek: Onassis, Kennedy, and the Gemstone Thesis (Carson City, NV: Bridger House Publishers, 1994). [LINK]
More about The Gemstone File: [LINK]

Jackie’s men were her two husbands, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping tycoon and possibly a capo de tuti capi,159 and her lover until her death from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 64, Maurice Tempelsman, a diamond merchant, major Democratic Party fundraiser, and economic hit man for the very powerful Oppenheimers of South Africa who, unlike the African National Congress, actually control the destiny of that country.

160 William Reed, “South Africa: Worse Now Than Under Apartheid?” Black Press International, 5 October 2007. [LINK]

The African National Congress (ANC) is the African face of the new South Africa, but the Oppenheimer family is still the power that controls the economics of the South African state. In Oppenheimer-controlled South Africa, 96 percent of South Africa’s arable farmland is still owned by whites, and 61 percent of people live below the poverty line, with more than a third subsisting on less than $2 a day.160 Unfortunately for the people of South Africa, and perhaps because of Maurice Tempelsman, the ANC demanded neither reparations nor justice for the theft of their land, its rich resources, and the murder of their people. Instead of reparations, they got “truth and reconciliation.”

Examining the lives and events of these three power brokers introduces the currents and countercurrents, the deep politics and international intrigues that created the history of the Cold War period and the history that leads directly to contemporary headline news.

161 Gore Vidal, op. cit. 310.

Jackie’s first husband, Senator Jack Kennedy who later became President Kennedy had a father, Joseph who had long and deep ties to the mob, including transport king Aristotle Onassis who would later become Jackie’s second husband. Onassis was a shipping magnate who wielded enormous power, but had a murky business background that entwined surprisingly with the gangster pedigree of her father-in law, Joseph Kennedy. According to Vidal, “the marriage to Onassis was cold blooded but necessary.” He states that, “… actually Ari was more charming and witty than she, and in the glittering European circus where, to her credit, she did not particularly want to shine, the word was, “What does he see in her?”161

The mob had enormous cash flows from the illegal drug business. The CIA protected and used illegal cash flows for clandestine operations. However, in the end, it was diamond merchant Maurice Tempelsman who may have had access to even greater hidden cash flows who won the Jackie prize. Her choices in succession speak volumes about her understanding and knowledge of deep power politics. Each of her men was more powerful than the former.

From the actions of these men, their families, business associates and surrounding politicians came the intrigues, power politics, and resource wars, the drug running, and the high crimes against the state, postcolonial African coups, and the consequent degradation of the human psyche, energy, and immune system that erupted like a pustule in the 1980s. Another MK-Ultra mind game unfolded that was given a title and frozen in place: AIDS.

Who Was Jackie Kennedy?

162 Gore Vidal, Palimpsest.

Jackie Kennedy portrayed herself as a staunch Catholic, and so her last alliance with Maurice Tempelsman, a Jewish diamond merchant and power broker for the Zionist cause, seemed more perplexing until one unearths the shadowy part of her history and the shadowy part of the history of the very powerful Maurice. According to another astonishing revelation made by Gore Vidal: Janet, Jackie’s mother, was Jewish. She divorced Jackie’s father, “Black Jack” Bouvier—a known affable womanizer and alcoholic—and eventually married Hugh Auchincloss. Auchincloss was also at one time married to Vidal’s mother, Nina. Vidal writes, “One should note that the first of Hughdie’s (Hugh Dudley Auchincloss) three high-powered wives was Russian, the second my mother, the third Jackie’s mother, Janet, born Lee or, as my mother used to observe thoughtfully, Levy.” Vidal continues, “Apparently, Janets father had changed his name in order to become the first Jew to be a vice president of the Morgan Bank. My mother wondered how Hughdie, a quiet but sincere anti-Semite, would respond when he found out.” As for Janet Lee, he writes. She used to say she was “of the Virginia Lees … until the real Lees ordered her to shut up.”162

Maurice Tempelsman, Jackie’s last liaison, is a major fund raiser and one of the most formidable behind the scenes movers in Democratic power politics. He has had a profoundly retrograde influence on recent African history and uses his gravitas for the promotion of HIV/AIDS as a politically useful tool and a cover for the industrial degradation caused by the South African Oppenheimers. The Oppenheimers control the world’s supply of diamonds and much of its gold and have been represented by Tempelsman in the United States since he was in his twenties. One of the ways in which he fulfills this roll is in his capacity as a board chairman of the Harvard School of Public Health AIDS Initiative. It is in the interests of his business association with the Oppenheimer DeBeers Industries and the parent company, the Anglo-American Corporation, that face massive liability from thousands of injured mine workers to keep this AIDS myth going for as long as possible.

DeBeers Consolidated Mines were founded in South Africa by Cecil Rhodes to fund the extension of the British Empire where they were neither wanted nor belonged. DeBeers has been to Africa what the British East India Company was to China. Just as the BEIC used their enormous profits to pay for their military to expand their reach into South East Asia, Rhodes created an artificial scarcity in diamonds to drive up the price of this commodity. This monopoly expression of free trade was another tool to pay for the bureaucracy and the troops needed for the expansion of the British Empire in Africa and abroad.

Deep Politics and the Death of JFK

Peter Dale Scott is a soft spoken former Canadian diplomat and poet who teaches English at the University of California, at Berkeley. Scott has written extensively on the interplay of crime networks, covert operations, and drugs. He is the author of a rather far-reaching exposé on the control of international narcotics smuggling and its relationship to the cancer of destruction that is the heart and soul of Western economic life. Understanding the relationships that he outlines in his work Drugs, Oil and War provides the foundation for understanding the events of the last sixty years. To ignore the significance of the China Lobby and of drug smuggling and all of its attendant corruption is to ignore the history of the rise and fall of the British and American Empires and the consolidation of power by extra-state banking and corporate structures ruled by a mere handful of men from a shadowy world of pure evil.

163 Peter Dale Scott, Drugs, Oil, and War (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2003), xiii. [LINK]
164 Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (Berkeley and Los Angeles CA: University of California Press 1996), xi. [LINK]

Scott distinguishes between what he terms parapolitics and deep politics. According to Scott, parapolitics is the work of covert agencies and similar organizations where secrecy is adapted as a matter of deliberate policy whereby accountability is consciously diminished. The U.S. parapolitical use of Mafia figures like Vito Genovese in postwar Italy is one example. This was a conscious operation that led to the political dominance of Italian party politics by a Mafia out of control.163 Deep politics, as opposed to conspiracy theory, happens when there is habitual resorting “to collusive secrecy and law-breaking … these deep processes are not brought to the public eye: for example, the way in which major drug traffickers are recurrently protected by the U.S. Justice Department, or the way in which some of the top traffickers have been recurrently named in connection with the systematic sexual corruption of members of Congress. Such arrangements are in fact, widely known, but rarely written about.”164

Deep politics led to the assassination of JFK, and Scott gives ample evidence of this entrenched pattern of criminal activity by the ruling elite, for which they are seldom held accountable. Assassinating relatives for political and economic control had been practiced by the European aristocracy for centuries. However, assassination of political leaders became increasingly more frequent in public life since the 1960s. Scott also makes it patently clear that these patterns are rooted in the core of society and are neither aberrant nor unexpected. Criminal activity in fact is the usual way in which global business is done. It is why the United States has continually supported a series of strong men with disastrous consequences for countries but great profit for the global corporate structures: Somoza, Diem, Ne Win, Chiang, the Shah, Marcos, Salazar, Papadopoulos, Stroessner, Mobutu, Amin, Videla, Noriega, Cedras, Samper, Salinas, Suharto, Fujimori, Pinochet, Osama, Saddam, and Dostrum. Every one of these dictators and misfits had their rise to power as the result of Western intervention in local affairs for the “strategic interests” of U.S. corporate and banking businesses and their allies. Ongoing support for identifiable sociopathic personalities who are more than willing to suppress their own populations to implement and promote global business and banking interests is an endemic cultural problem that is deeply predatory, pathological and antisocial, yet it is the accepted and expected behavioral norm. Naomi Klein calls the phenomenon disaster capitalism—the rapid-fire corporate reengineering of societies that are reeling from shock—which she contends owes its intellectual origins to the University of Chicago Department of Economics under Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman. She is mistaken. The origins go back to Adam Smith who wrote Wealth of Nations and was a strong proponent of the free market system and Thomas Malthus, economist for the British East India Company.

165 Erick Black, “Investigative Reporter Seymour Hersh Describes Executive Assassination Ring,” 11 March 2009, MinnPost. [LINK]

Seymour Hersh, a leading investigative journalist, made an assertion, at a lecture given at the University of Minnesota that during the Bush II administration there was a Joint Special Operations Command with no congressional oversight. It was an executive assassination ring that reported directly to Dick Cheney.165 The idea that the Vice President of the United States was allegedly running an assassination squad out of the White House received a really big yawn from the mainstream media who were, at the time of this incredible announcement, more bent on shocking people into preparing for compulsory vaccinations to withstand claims of a swine flu “epidemic.”

There are enormous consequences from business crimes supported by laissez-faire politics. Domestically, white collar crimes account for nearly 30 percent of case filings in U.S. District Courts—more than any other category of crime, The combined burglary, mugging, and other property crime losses engendered by the country’s street thugs pale in comparison with the losses from thugs masquerading as upstanding citizens. Street crime losses reach about $4 billion a year; whereas corporate losses bilk us of $40 to $200 billion a year—and that is not counting the number of lives lost by defective products and instigated resource wars. The most recent crime wave has culminated in 2008-2009, with the bail out of Wall Street banks at over $1.4 trillion and counting

166 9/11 was forshadowed by unprecedented put options placed on United and American Airlines. The Security and Exchange Commission refused to identify who placed the options, They were however traced back to the Deutsche Bank Banker’s Trust, which was formerly headed by then Director of the CIA, Buzzy Krongard.
167 Michael Ruppert, “Suppressed Details of Criminal Insider Trading Lead Directly into the CIAs Highest Ranks—CIA Director “Buzzy” Krongard Managed Firm that handled ‘put’ options on UAL. [LINK]

After several deregulation laws were passed, including the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 designed to control speculation, Wall Street was a disaster waiting to happen. George W. Bush added fuel to the fire after 9-11 when he used “terrorism” to transfer more than 500 FBI agents away from bank terrorism to brown-skinned people terrorism. This diversion of resources away from the massive put options that were placed on the airlines before the event of 9/11166 allowed the controlling financial terrorists to continue their planned economic warfare without disruption.167

The most egregious consequence of elite crimes is the erosion of democracy and incremental enhancement of police powers, with the people who commit the greatest crimes in positions of authority. With the exceptions of Jack Abramoff and Bernie Madoff, who seem to have been the designated fall guys, not one high-level banker or bureaucrat has been charged with fraud or conspiracy to commit fraud—and it is doubtful that they ever will be. In fact, several of the people who were directly connected to the banking crisis (e.g., Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers) have prominent positions in the Barack Obama administration.

The most productive crimes are those in which the state structure is called to arms in support of a desired objective. Crimes created by this class bubble up through history often as cataclysmic events which are designed to alter the social, economic, political, spiritual, and medical status of large populations. Such events are proposed in position papers and developed in think tanks. They are articulated in books, such as Carroll Quigiey’s Tragedy and Hope and or Zbigniew Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard. They are discussed in the classrooms of major institutions and they are printed in Viral Speeches of the Day; yet, when such an event materializes, it is always through some miracle of coincidence and feigned bureaucratic incompetence. Yet few, except whistleblowers, are ever fired.

168 “Rebuilding America’s Defenses, Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century:” A Report of the Project for the New American Century, September 2000, 51. [LINK]
169 N.H. Harrit et al., “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe,” Open Chem Physics J, 2: 7-31. [LINK]

The Project for the New American Century’s document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” written by a group of aggressive, former Trotskyite neocons seeking to position the United States as the world’s dominant military power, states that “the process of transformation even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely co be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.168 Exactly one year after this document was widely distributed; the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked by jets and building number 7 in New York collapsed by controlled demolition. Coincidence? In spite of another multimillion dollar investigation, there is ample evidence to question the findings of the official 9/11 report. Hundreds of well-qualified, independent researchers have done so besides the self-selected Washington Beltway mandarins. In a peer reviewed journal, nine physicists concluded that active thermitic material was present in dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center catastrophe. This strongly indicates the presence of pre-planted explosives was responsible for both the towers and building 7, which was not hit by a plane, collapsing in a controlled fall in 6.5 seconds.169

Contrary to the contrived consensus of the court historians, such shocks or political upheavals (the assassination of JFK or the 9/11 scenario) are never spontaneous events that happen by coincidence or are the product of a lone patsy. They are planned with an uncanny degree of sophisticated knowledge of the workings of highly classified internal systems along with the power to alter or to shut those systems down as needed. Such shocks have the intent and outcome of rapidly altering the social order in a desired direction. The assassination of President Kennedy was one such event. His death unleashed a torrent of demons from dark hiding places and set the world on a trajectory in which each subsequent event has become more spectacularly absurd and has led to ever more economic denial, human sacrifice, expansion of state-corporate powers, and diminishment of civil and human rights.

The deep political connections of JFK’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., and his son’s attempt to change the course of history led directly to his assassination and almost total control by a power center bent on world economic and military domination through the creation of global monopolies.

Current history cannot be contextualized without understanding the role in this drama played by an economist who has had much more influence than Milton Friedman, a prominent economist who worked out of the University of Chicago. Thomas Malthus, was the economist for the drug-pushing British East India Company. His philosophical ideas have been refined, but they remain the current thinking of the group who run and profit from man-made catastrophic events.

Malthus and the Economics of Scarcity

Thomas Malthus studied Latin, Greek, and mathematics at Cambridge and became an Anglican country parson before joining the British East India Company. The East India Company, one of the first global corporations to promote free trade, employed Malthus as their resident political economist. He taught at their employee training center, the British East India College.

The British East India Company, which started as a trading venture, was granted a charter in 1600 by Elizabeth I. By 1750, the company controlled the Bengal and Bihar opium-growing regions of India, and British ships dominated the opium trade out of Calcutta to China. By 1767, BEIC was importing two thousand chests of opium to China, and by 1793 they had established a monopoly in the opium trade.

While Malthus was the economist of the British East India Company, he developed a theory of supply which eminently appealed to the rather unsavory characteristics of the organization. Malthus postulated that the Earth, being round and finite, was not big enough to sustain a growing population. Malthus, a rather avaricious and unimaginative sort, theorized that world population would increase logarithmically against a projected limited food supply, which he thought would only grow arithmetically. He concluded that the only way to reduce an unnecessary population was by creating the conditions for vice and misery by actively inducing wars, famine, and disease. This incipient eugenics theory on the necessity of population reduction was more of an apologia in support of the perversions and plundering of the British East India Company. The theory has been proven to be eminently wrong, yet population reduction has been incorporated into the conventional wisdom of Western culture and is still a significant factor in U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

The overt and gross expression of these policies has gone underground since WWII, along with the ethnic cleansing excesses that took place in Germany under the direction of Ernst Rudin, a psychiatrist and president of the Rockefeller sponsored International Federation of Eugenics Organizations. It has become more subtle, sophisticated, and lethal. It is couched in the language of social science and such benign sounding phrases as “family planning.” It is hidden by the introduction of new diseases that seem to target selected populations. Currently and domestically, the Rand Institute has been one of the military think tanks that develop policies for quiet wars directed at the mostly civilian minority poor in urban areas. They are masters of silent terrorism. The eugenics movement never died. It simply took another form.

The Rand Institute Echoes Malthus

The ideas of Malthus are still very much operational and are often expressed and refined in various policy papers that spew from many of the nation’s think tanks. Like the British East India College, these think tanks funded by wealthy elite as part of the tax shelter boondoggle and are used as public relations propaganda organs where hired intellectuals are paid to give a providential spin to the social and economic policies that this class seeks to implement. These planned schemes are often intentionally designed to disrupt the social fabric of the nation’s urban poor. In fact, they have been structured to undermine the entire social fabric of the nation. The urban poor have been used as beta testers for social engineering programs that are eventually directed outward from urban centers into middle class neighborhoods.

In 1966, for example, a Malthusian idea was articulated by Roger Starr who headed a bogus citizens’ group funded by the real estate industry when he used the Rand Institute’s theory of “planned shrinkage” to justify the denial of public services to poor, largely minority communities. The stated objectives of this policy were to disrupt the neighborhoods, the economic base, and the cultural ties that had made these areas viable community neighborhoods and a potential political threat to the established order. The long-standing community support organizations and residents were to be decentralized and displaced so as to weaken their burgeoning political power.

170 Deborah Wallace and Roderick Wallace, A Plague on Your Houses: How New York Was Burned Down and National Public Health Crumbled (London, UK: Verso, 1998). [LINK]

This policy was set in motion so that the valuable property that they sat on could be reincorporated into high rent districts.170 This was accomplished by destroying and eliminating housing in poor neighborhoods. This had the effect of increased crowding and homelessness, which became quite visible during the Reagan administration when many homeless people started sleeping on the streets of metropolitan areas. Many of the homeless were psychiatric patients who had been dumped into these communities from expensive institutional settings. From 1955 to 1992, the state mental hospital census declined 82 percent.

Industrial production was relocated farther and farther from urban centers leaving those without access to transportation, jobless. Finally, as a result of the MK-Ultra and Vietnam experience, the communities were flooded with drugs at the same time that the supportive police and fire services were drastically diminished. Crime rates predictably soared. The media ran a fear campaign about the rise of the new urban criminal class, and politicians who had contributed to the creation of the problem began to run on the promise of restoring “law and order”. Wall Street responded with investments in a new profit center—private prisons built at taxpayers’ expense.

Former Undersecretary of HUD Catherine Austin Fitts encountered the same social pattern in 1996 in the development of her Community Wizard Program. The Community Wizard computer software program developed by Fitts was able to track high-home foreclosure rates in neighborhoods targeted with crack cocaine distribution during the Iran-Contra era. This resulted in HUD’s securitizing the defaulted mortgages and selling them to selected insiders at pennies on the dollar. The mortgage products then went into financial portfolios where they rose in value when community renewal programs began. Insiders who were connected to HUD had the information from government sources that made the securitization process a sure bet.

Communities, such as the South Bronx in New York, began to burn down after fire stations were intentionally closed based on a policy of “benign neglect” set forth by the Rand think tank. This policy was also advocated by so-called liberal Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan from New York State. The policy took root during the Nixon administration and, as the planned shrinkage took hold, communities were disrupted by deliberate denial of services. The controlled media took the opportunity to blame the people who lived in the communities for the results of the destruction. This was the beginning of a policy of deliberately disrupting social networks that led to widespread urban displacement and homelessness, as well as an increase in drug use, disease, and mortality among the dispossessed. This was the era when Nixon, the “Red Hater,” and Kissinger, his controller, opened China to trade; when the Vietnam vets were returning strung out on smack, or their dead bodies were returned, hollowed out, and desecrated a second time with the filth of heroin packets. This was the time when illicit drugs began to flood these neighborhoods, and the factories that provided jobs began to close, and be shipped wholesale, first to the union-free American South, and then to Latin America that had been purged of its grassroots leaders by successively sponsored American coups, and again later, to desperately impoverished or Communist-controlled Southeast Asia.

Contrary to popular thought, these were not isolated events. The public destruction of Kennedy as an impediment opened the door for these events to happen. After his assassination, the empire hastened its expansion and power consolidation.

Jackie’s Men: John, Aristotle, Maurice

171 L.J. Davis, Onassis: Aristotle and Christina (London, UK: Grafton, 1988), 13. [LINK]

Aristotle Onassis was Jackie’s second husband. He was born in Turkey of Greek parentage and is said to have arrived penniless in Argentina as a young man. In a very short period of time he is recorded to have made a fortune in the tobacco business. The story floated of making a fortune in a business in which he had no particular competitive advantage and in which there was already an established supply is not very plausible. However, if the notion that he was actually selling oriental tobacco, better known as opium, is considered, it does begin to make sense.171

According to the Associated Press Biographical Service:

The Onassis story began January 15, 1906 when he was born in Smyrna, Turkey, the son of Homer Socrates and Penelope (Dologlou) Onassis. His father was a wealthy and influential Greek tobacco merchant whose family had lived in the city for generations. Because of social upheavals, the family’s fortunes were reversed, and they returned to Athens in drastically reduced circumstances.

172 Sketch 4364, Associated Press Biographical Service, 1 February 1969. [LINK]

In 1923 the 17 year old youth sailed for Argentina, arriving in Buenos Aires with $60 in his pocket. … His firs job was as a telephone operator, working nights. … He used his daytime hours to set up a modest tobacco importing industry. From money saved he expanded trading to grains, hides and whale oil. By the time he was 25 he had made his first million.172

173 Gerald A. Carroll, Project Seek: Onassis, Kennedy, and the Gemstone Thesis (Carson City, NV: Bridger House Publishers, 1994). [LINK] also [LINK]
174 C. Lamour and, M.R. Lamberti, The International Connection: Opium from Growers to Pushers (New York: Pantheon Books, 1974), 201. [LINK]

This is a good story, but the numbers are improbable. “Onassis only had menial jobs on the surface—telephone operator, tobacco salesman making only five percent commissions, electrician at $25 per week, and cigarette vendor. Parlaying those occupations, and on his own initiative, he is supposed to have transformed $60 into over a million in a mere eight years.173 In the 1920s, this was highly unlikely, unless the tobacco business involved the opium trade. It was legal at this time in many nations and the Onassis’ family had been based for many years in Smyrna, a major port for the export of Turkey’s major cash commodity—opium. At one time, the Turkish government encouraged the development of the industry by remitting the tithes on opium and poppy-seed for one year on lands sown for the first time, and by distributing printed instructions for cultivating the poppy and preparing the opium. In these directions it was pointed out that the opium crop is ten times as profitable as that of wheat. Until the Limitation Law of 1933, opium could be exported from Turkey virtually without restriction.174

With opium going for about $100 per pound, compared with $0.25 per pound for tobacco, it is easy to comprehend how he could have made his first million selling “Turkish tobacco.”

175 Stephanie Caruana, The Gemstone File: A memoir (Victoria, BC: Trafford Publishing, 2006), 61. [LINK]
The Gemstone File and Freemasonry [LINK]

The Gemstone File links Onassis to John Kennedy’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, and to the deep politics which led to Kennedy’s election as the first Irish Catholic President of the United States and his demise in Daley Plaza. According to the File, in 1932, Aristotle Onassis struck a deal with Meyer Lansky, Eugene Meyer, and Joseph Kennedy to ship illegal liquor into Boston during prohibition.175 In 1973, mob boss Frank Costello confirmed that he and Joseph P. Kennedy had been boot-legging partners.

176 Caruana, Gemstone File, 68.

These early relationships would continue to be intertwined.176 These relationships are critical in illuminating the theory of deep politics Peter Dale Scott advocates in his book Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, where he observes: “Dishonesty, manipulation, and even self-deception are widespread in our nominal political democracy. So little of what really goes on is acknowledged that the notion of deep politics as earlier defined, political practices and arrangements that are usually repressed rather than acknowledged … [to be understood one must] … look beneath public formulations of policy issues to the bureaucratic, economic, and ultimately covert and criminal activities which underlie them.”

177 Nicholas Gage, “How One Gang Leader Thrives While Others Fall by the Wayside,” Wall Street Journal, 19 November 1969.
178 Curt Gencry, J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and His Secrets (New York: Penguin, 1991), 531-32. [LINK]
179 Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, 7. [LINK]

Meyer Lansky ran the casinos in Cuba where he established Havanas dominant role in the gambling, prostitution, money laundering, and international narcotics smuggling traffic. “During the 1930s … with the repeal of prohibition, activities such as prostitution, hijacking, gambling, narcotics and extortion became more important to the mob. Lansky, Siegal, Luciano and Lepke set up a factory to process drugs.177 Lansky had a direct link to the CIA and who by the ‘60s enjoyed protection and virtual immunity from prosecution by both the FBI and the CIA.178 Paul Heliwell who was an OSS veteran and eventual CIA officer was counsel to Meyer Lansky’s Miami bank.179

180 Carroll, Project Seek, 61.

No drug trade however could survive long without an extensive distribution network, and Onassis could not have been in a better position. His ships were already plying waters around the globe, the Caribbean and southern U.S. …”180

181 Carroll, Project Seek, 59.
182 Eustace Mullins, The Federal Reserve Conspiracy (Melrose, FL: Common Sense Press, 1954), 56. [LINK]

Eugene Meyer came from a prominent banking family. His father was a partner in Lazard Frères and unless the theory of “deep politics” is applied, his connections to the mob seem tenuous at best, but in 1933, he bought a struggling newspaper called the Washington Post and in 1944 the Post bought WINN, a minor radio station which had been used by numbers racketeers to calculate daily winning numbers.181 Meyer became head of the Federal Reserve in 1930. The banking system is the laundry for drug and crime money, and drug money is used to prop up the price to earnings ratio of publicly traded corporations. Eustace Mullins stated that “Bernard Baruch, Eugene Meyer, Jr., and Paul Warburg … exercised more direct power over the American people than any president, because back of these men was the strength of the financial oligarchy which had maintained undisputed sway in this country since 1863.”182 Meyer has been blamed for being one of the architects of prolonging the Great Depression. Under his direction, the Federal Reserve contracted the money supply by 30 percent at a time when the money supply needed to be expanded.

Meyer turned the Washington Post into one of the leading propaganda arms for the global elite. Meyer’s daughter was Katharine Graham. For many years her husband, Phil Graham, ran the Washington Post and is credited with putting together the Kennedy—Johnson ticket.

183 “Keep America Out of War,” San Francisco Examiner, 14 April 1939.
184 Greg Palast, “The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold,” Observe-Guardian, 10 October 2001. [LINK]

Meyer was also accused of being a war profiteer by members of the Senate and House of Representatives. A Senate subcommittee in the mid 1920s investigated charges that Meyer got a “rake off” on bond stabilization operations of the War Finance Corporation and that he had taken an active roll in undermining the Federal Farm Loan system during and just after WWI. In the late 1930s he was pushing the United States into WWII long before the general population accepted the idea. William Randolph Hearst’s San Francisco Examiner pointed this out in a 14 April 1939 editorial: “Mr. Meyer’s newspaper, the Washington Post, usually represents the attitudes of big business and the banks, and usually attacks President Roosevelt. Tuesday morning, however, Mr. Meyer’s newspaper printed an editorial asserting that American involvement in the impending war was inevitable, and even desirable.”183 Promoting WWII was a successful strategy for Meyer because as a result of this horrendous war President Truman appointed him the first director of the World Bank, one of the institutions established by the post-war Bretton Woods Agreement. The loan policies of the World Bank altered the overt form of colonial domination and instituted a more pernicious form of tribute and extraction. Their policies have produced a net negative growth rate in nine of ten borrower nations and have contributed to stagnation and slide into deeper poverty of many less developed countries (LCDs), especially on the African continent. One of the World Bank’s former Nobel Prize-winning chief economists, Joseph Stiglitz, criticized the World Bank’s one size fits all four-step strategy to economic damnation and stated that the World Bank “has condemned people to death.” Stiglitz says without a hint of irony, “They don’t care if people live or die.”184

Step one is privatization. This is where national leaders are convinced with the prospect of receiving a 10 percent commission (kickback) to sell national assets to private concerns. In Russia, U.S.-backed oligarchs stripped the country of its industrial assets. This led to nearly a 50 percent cut in national output and caused a depression and widespread starvation.

Step two is capital market liberalization. In theory this allows investment capital to flow in and out. Mostly the money ends up flowing out. This allows currency speculators like George Soros to attack any nation’s currency.

Step three is market-based pricing, a fancy way of saying that prices on basic necessities like food, water, and cooking gas, rise precipitously, which leads to step three-and-a-half. Step three-and-a-half is what Sriglitz calls the IMF riot. This is when people become so destitute by imposed austerity that they explode into riots. IMF documents have revealed that unrest is expected, and the IMF assistance plan calls for facing down civil strife and suffering with political resolve and still higher prices.

185 Gregory Palast, “Stiglitz vs. the Bloodsuckers, IMFs Four Steps to Damnation,” The Observer, 29 April 2001. [LINK]

This leads to step four, which is what the IMF and World Bank call their poverty reduction strategy: free trade. This is free trade by the rules of the World Trade Organization and the World Bank, which Stiglitz likens to the Opium Wars: “That too was about ‘opening markets,’” he said. As in the nineteenth century, Europeans and Americans today are kicking down barriers to sales in Asia, Latin American, and Africa while barricading our own markets against the Third World’s agriculture—except opium and cocaine,185

This is simply a logical extension of the Malthusian worldview projected onto current political and social realities. Information travels much faster, and the great masses, imbued with the democratic ideal, might take offense at this consolidation of financial capital and corruption unless they can be brought into the corruption as a belief that they are part of the great fight against Communism, or drugs, or cancer, or terrorism. There is always some contrived calamity, each besting the last in scope and horror that is a consequence of intended shock therapy. HIV/AIDS is more of the shock doctrine of social control. Not only is it a cover story, it is a means to an end. As social conditions deteriorate, adverse medical conditions are going to rise and are going to be exploited. But for the masters of the universe, disease is just another business opportunity.

Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.

186 “U.S. Sells Old Ships,” San Francisco Examiner, 22 October 1937.
187 Carroll, Project Seek, 57.

During the 1930s, while Eugene Meyer was running the Federal Reserve Bank and the Washington Post and pushing for U.S. entry into WWII, President Kennedy’s father, Joseph, who had been a big Wall Street speculator in the 1920s was parlaying his wins into political influence. By 1937, he headed the U.S. Maritime Commission. Collaboration between Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis is likely to have occurred when Kennedy was head of the commission. On 21 October 1937, the Maritime Commission announced the acceptance of bids totaling $991,111.93 for the purchase of 22 of 25 “obsolete vessels in the commissions laid up fleet. … Four of the old ships were bid in by a New York concern for a Greek customer who will use them with the pledge that they will not be operated in competition with American shipping,”186 There was only one Greek customer doing that at the time in this county—Aristotle Onassis.187 During the Truman administration, through a series of dummy companies and the help of former Representative Joseph E Casey, one of Kennedy’s longtime associates, Onassis was able to buy American Liberty ships, many at scrap-metal cost. These less than ethical and perhaps illegal deals (Onassis was not an American citizen, which was a requirement) helped Onassis to expand his shipping empire, in which he was aligned with the Rockefeller seven sisters oil cartel.

Joseph Kennedy went on to become U.S. Ambassador to Britain, and two of his sons, with the help of his mobster ties and support of the Washington Post, went on to become the President (and Jackies first husband) and Attorney General respectively of the United States. The ties that Joseph P. Kennedy had to mob and banking elite friends led first to the White House but would ultimately lead to the shot that rang out in Dealey Plaza, on 22 November 1963.

After his father’s disabling stroke in 1961, John F. Kennedy began making moves that his father’s banker and mobster ties would regard as double-crossing actions. Joseph P. Kennedy knew the rules of the game of deep politics. John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert began to violate the rules that govern this serious informal alliance. As will be discussed. below, in their attempt to save the American Republic, they were killed and the dream died.

It was not news that Joseph P. Kennedy had ties to the mob, and the mob had ties to the various intelligence agencies. The public execution of his son made it clear where the real power centers, supported by drug money, were and how they collaborated at the highest levels to hold politicians, even the President of the United States, under their control—especially when he was interfering with business as usual. These power relationships more than anything else were at the core of the deep politics and macro-social evil that led to the death of JFK and the death of the myth of the American Republic. It opened the floodgate for heroin, cocaine, gambling, pornography, repeal of banking usury laws, integration of the economic system into the world system, and the disintegration of stabilizing social structures and of the economic core.

John Kennedy Double-Crosses Father’s Mob and Fed Buddies

188 Donald J. Barlett and James B, Steele, “The Silent Partner of Howard Hughes,” Philadelphia Inquirer, 14-20 December 1975. [LINK]

Washington is a place of intricate deals, shadowy alliances and quiet understandings, a place from which the millions of dollars flow forth in a never-ending stream—and a place where even law itself has been suspended and none of the usual requirements of accountability or performance or competition seem to hold sway. … all of this takes place against a shadowy backdrop of occurrences that include: secret political contributions, business dealings punctuated by suicides, stated campaigns to buy and control politicians, sharply inflated markups on government contracts …188

* L. Fletcher Prouty The Secret Team, 1973-1997. [LINK]

There were several moves that Jack Kennedy was making that angered real management and have been well described by Col. Fletcher Prouty and many others. Prouty spent nine of his twenty-three-year military career in the Pentagon (1955-64): two years with the Secretary of Defense, two years with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and five years with Headquarters, U.S. Air Force. In 1955, he was appointed the first ”Focal Point” officer between the CIA and the Air Force for Clandestine Operations per National Security Council Directive 5412. He was Briefing Officer for the Secretary of Defense (1960-1961), and for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Prouty’s book The Secret Team* is an insider’s view of how clandestine operations are arranged and executed. His book begins by observing: “The most remarkable development in the management of America’s relations with other countries during the quarter-century since the end of World War II has been the assumption of more and more control over military, financial and diplomatic operations at home and abroad by men whose activities are secret, whose budget is secret, whose very identities as often as not are secret—in short, by a Secret Team whose actions only those implicated in them are in a position to monitor and to understand.” From his vantage point as an ultimate insider, Prouty had access to the behind the scenes decision making of some of the most momentous events in the nation’s history. He understood that assassinating a president took enormous planning, flawless execution, enormous resources, access to classified information and the authority to override system protocols—none of which support the lone-nut theory.

According to Col. Prouty, The secret team had reason to want Kennedy neutralized—he was acting outside of his pay-grade. Kennedy was attempting to make major changes that would have impacted the incomes and power base of some very influential people, people who are able to mobilize with the greatest secrecy any team necessary to carry out their agenda.

189 Burton Hersh, The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA (St. Petersburg, FL: Tree Farm Books, 1992). [LINK]

“Financially the CIA was conceived in sin. Before there was a CIA, there was an OSS, the Office of Strategic Services. The OSS was the evil spawn of British Intelligence. The OSS’s parent, the Coordinator of Intelligence, was authorized by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941, in good part to permit the Roosevelt administration to support its friends around the world no matter what the laggard and frequently isolationist Congress might prefer.”189 It must be remembered that the CIA was founded by Wall Street bankers and. lawyers who were in league not only with the mob, but with foreign intelligence services who could supply assassination teams and who were not averse to doing what they felt was necessary to protect their business interests and power dynamics. These long and significant ties to the mob gave them great leverage in their ability to conduct combined worldwide clandestine and narcotics businesses.

Kennedy was trouble for them. He had vowed to break the CIA into a thousand pieces. This would threaten the power base of Allen Dulles and the Wall Street lawyers and bankers whose interests Dulles was protecting. He was changing the way large military contracts involving billions of dollars were being handled, and he was considering de-escalating the Cold War by beginning disarmament of the nuclear weapons arsenal—removing some insiders from this lucrative loop. One such insider was Col. D. Harry Byrd, a leading defense contractor, a Dallas/Houston oil and gas man, an adherent of radical right policies, and the owner of the Dallas Book Depository. After the assassination, he had the window from which Oswald supposedly took the shots at Kennedy framed and hung on his wall as a trophy.

190 Kennedy was killed on 22 November. NSAM 273 replaced 263, but it was prepared on 21 November, the day before Kennedy’s death by McGeorge Bundy, who was at a conference in Honolulu on the 20th and was flying back on the 21st! It became official policy on 26 November, only four days after the assassination.

Kennedy was determined to draw down rather than escalate U.S. involvement in Vietnam. This was spelled out in his last National Security Action Memorandum 263,190 dated 11 October 1963. This would have undermined the plan to introduce massive narcotics into the United States and would have threatened Wall Street portfolios that use drug money to beef up their price to earnings ratios, and therefore CEO pay. He was committed through executive order 11110 to return the power to the United States Treasury to create debt-free money and to determine its value back from the private banking institution called the Federal Reserve. This would eliminate numerous banking frauds and frequent devaluation of the currency. This sound money policy would have allowed the rational growth of the United States economy without becoming indentured to central banks, and it would eliminate the type of financial meltdown that occurred in 2008. But more than anything, it would have hindered the now occurring consolidation of global financial power that was begun at Bretton Woods. These actions infuriated the military, parasitic military contractors, the CIA, and the international bankers.

191 “We put Castro in power,” flatly stated former U.S. Ambassador to Cuba Earl T. Smith during congressional testimony in 1960. He was referring to the U.S. State Department and CIA’s role in aiding the Castro rebels, also to the U.S. arms embargo on Batista, also to the official U.S. order that Batista vacate Cuba. Ambassador Smith knew something about these events because he had personally delivered the messages to Batista.
192 Chuck Giancana, Double Cross: The Explosive, Inside Story of the Mobster Who Controlled America (New York: Grand Central Publishing, 1993). [LINK]
193 David Barrett, “The Two Stories About the Bay of Pigs You Never Heard.” History News Network, George Mason University. [LINK]

Kennedy was blamed for withdrawing air cover for the disastrous Bay of Pigs incident that had been planned during the latter days of the Eisenhower administration by Allen Dulles, by which the CIA would make another attempt to overthrow Castro. The mob hated Castro, not because he was Communist after all it was the CIA who had helped him gain power,191 but because he had put the kibosh on (Onassis?) Lanskys Cuban Mafia dominated gambling and drug-running enterprise. This was a huge money laundering business for Wall Street and their mob friends. According to Sam Giancana, “In exchange for his underworld services, Mooney (Sam Giancana) said the CIA looked the other way allowing over $100 million a year in illicit drugs to flow through Havana into the United States. It was an arrangement similar to all the rest theyd made, he said. The CIA received 10 percent of the take on the sale of the narcotics, which they utilized for their undercover slush fund. Such illegally earned monies were stashed away by the CIA in Swiss, Italian, Bahamian, and Panamanian accounts.”192 Because Castro did not play by Wall Street rules, companies, such as Standard Oil of N.J., Domino Sugar, the American and Foreign Power Company, the Freeport Sulphur Company, and ITT met with Allen Dulles days before Christmas in 1960 suggesting that it was time for the U.S. to take direct action against Castro.193 Castro was getting in the way of business as usual.

194 How he operated privately on matters involving Africa conformed to the dictates of Tempelsman.
195 Although he was murdered on 17th January, the news of his death did not reach Washington until 13 February 1961. Jim DiEugenio, “Dodd and Dulles vs. Kennedy in Africa,” Probe 6 (January-February 1991). [LINK]

The anti-Communists were infuriated with Kennedy for his lack of enthusiasm for taking out Castro. This was the height of the Cold War, and many were fearful of having a Communist country ninety miles from U.S. shores. Kennedy publicly supported,194 after the Eisenhower-Dulles orchestrated murder of Congolese President Patrice Lumumba (which occurred three days before Kennedy was inaugurated as President),195 the nationalist ambitions of the Congolese people as they struggled to free themselves from the chains of Belgium and mining concerns, such as Union Minière that had a vested interest in splitting that nation apart. And finally, the Israelis were not happy because Kennedy was also putting pressure on Prime Minister Eshkol about commencing inspections at their illegal top secret nuclear installation at Dimona. In other words, Kennedy made a lot of very powerful enemies of suit-wearing psychopaths who operate in the shadows of the deep politics of world events and who wield the power and the means and the ability to shape these events in their favor.

A decision was made at the highest levels to neutralize him. The assassination occurred in a very public venue as a warning to any future president who might step out of line with the economic and political goals of this powerful global elite. It was a very public statement of power relationships. Lyndon Johnson got the message. The Vietnam War was expanded, and the direction of the country was returned to the status quo ante. As the war continued for a total of twenty years, the drugs increased slowly at first and then exponentially with the returning veterans. The bankers were happy. They retained control of the U.S. money supply and the U.S. Congress. The CIA was happy because they could continue their clandestine work in service to financial capital without interruption, and the military-industrial complex was happy because taxpayer money was funnelled into their expensive cost overrun projects and endless wars.

After John Kennedys death came the public executions of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy. A decade of social protests involving dogs, cannons of sprayed water, lynchings, bombed churches and dead children, and murdered civil rights workers, murdered college students from Jackson State in Mississippi to Kent State in Ohio, murdered Black Panthers in their homes in their beds, urban riots, and a paroxysm of violence culminated in the beating of demonstrators at the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention. The baby boom generation was traumatized by the onslaught of recurring “future shock” so that when the heroin-filled body bags returned from Vietnam and the CIA/Mob dumped LSD and other psychotropic mind-altering drugs amid college students and social outcasts, they were programmed to “turn on, tune in, and drop out.” The Tavistock inspired MK-Ultra mass mind control program was entirely successful.

196 Gerald A. Carroll, Project Seek, 21.

A further note on Jackie: She was a visitor on Onassis’ ship the Christina a month before her husband’s slaying and was consoled by him immediately after her husband’s murder.196 Because of the deep connections to the Kennedy family through Joseph P. Kennedy, some found this rather odd. Others did not.

The opium trade was built around the functions of banking, shipping, and insurance. With profits amassed from the sale of tobacco during the 1920s, Onassis built a fleet of cargo ships and an international empire. His shipping business was expedited with the help of Joseph P. Kennedy when he was head of the U.S. Maritime Commission. Onassis was soon shipping seven sisters’ oil around the globe.

197 Stephanie Caruana, Gemstone File, 61.

In the Gemstone File, Stephanie Caruana alleges that during WWII Onassis was “selling oil, arms and dope to both sides … and went through the war without losing a single ship or man.”197 He was either protected or had an enormous streak of luck for four years because in that period there were almost four hundred other Greek ships that were sunk at sea.

The tobacco salesman and shipping magnet had relationships with some of the most powerful people of the time. Many were seen boarding his floating office on his yacht Christina, One of his alliances was with Hjalmar Schacht, president of Hitler’s Reichbank, whom Onassis hired after WWII. Schacht helped Onassis build tankers in Germany after the war. Onassis was reportedly very close to Winston Churchill as well.

Maurice Tempelsman

Maurice Tempelsman has had such a profoundly negative influence on the recent history of many African nation states that he warrants his own chapter. To summarize here, he was Jackie’s last liaison prior to her death. Tempelsman is less well known generally than Kennedy and Onassis but has nonetheless been a significant force on the Washington, D.C. scene for almost six decades. He has been the wizard behind the curtain orchestrating much of the sad and terrible drama that has played out in Africa in favor of the South African Anglo-American Corporation, the DeBeers Diamond cartel, and related industries and interests. He is a diamond merchant and economic hit man for the Oppenheimers, owners of DeBeers Diamonds and world class manipulators. Why was he uniquely important to DeBeers?

198 Janine Roberts, Glitter & Greed: The Secret World of the Diamond Cartel (New York Disinformation Company, 2003), 161. [LINK]

In the 1940s, DeBeers was indicted by the U.S. Justice Department for price fixing under the Sherman Act. The U.S. also believed DeBeers had rationed the supply of tool diamonds to the U.S. during the Second World War and had severely damaged the war effort. In attempting to prohibit this from happening again, the United States passed legislation to set up a national diamond stockpile. DeBeers, despite its despicable behavior and indictment during the war, needed a way to ensure it was the source of this stockpile. The company sought a middleman to manage its business deals with the U.S. government. Early in the 1950s, Tempelsman met with the Oppenheimers who rule DeBeers and became its middleman.198 He was uniquely supplied with millions of diamonds to sell to the U.S. as its strategic reserve. Most of these diamonds came from the Congo and South Africa, two of the countries claimed to be hardest hit by HIV/AIDS.

Jackies men were a study in contrasting, opposing, and interwoven powers that have driven major events over the last fifty years. Each man was more powerful than the last. The death of her first husband lifted the veil on the demonic energy vying for global control. Kennedy’s public execution was the opening gambit in a series of unfortunate incidents that led to an expansion of the Vietnam War. The consequence of this war was a burgeoning drug trade and the development of new oil fields off the Vietnamese coast. These developments would be of great benefit to the expansion of Onassis’ shipping empire. Tempelsman emerged as a power player in the Democratic Party and became a back-door ambassador for protecting the economic interests of foreign businesses ruled by the Oppenheimers and like-minded resource thieves largely centered in Israel and the U.S. These banking and mining interests have caused enormous economic destruction in many of the emerging African nations as a result of strategies orchestrated by Tempelsman on behalf of the Oppenheimer family businesses. The coups against and assassinations of the brightest of Africa’s leaders have allowed Tempelsman to enrich himself and his patrons, the Oppenheimers, while he pours blood-tainted funds into the coffers of the Democratic Party. The funds assure that politicians like Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright look the other way when genocide, such as occurred on their watch in Rwanda, takes place. Tempelsman has made it easier for global corporations to plunder the African continent.

The men who were drawn to Jackie created the Malthusian world that needs explanation in a time of instant communication. The explanation for their carnage must naturally lead away from the power players who create it and point in the direction of the “present preference,” oversexed victims of anomie and a nonexistent virus. HIV/AIDS would take the blame. All of this misery needs a coherent cover story, why not a bio-weapon “idea” as a politically useful tool? It was as good a cover story as any, and it certainly made impeccable business sense.

8 — Maurice Tempelsman, HIV/AIDS and the U.S.—Israeli African Geopolitical Strategy
President ‘Ordered Murder’ of Congo Leader

Forty years after the murder of the Congolese independence leader Patrice Lumumba, evidence has emerged in Washington that President Dwight Eisenhower directly ordered the CIA to “eliminate” him. The evidence comes in a previously unpublished 1975 interview with the minute-taker at an August 1960 White House meeting of Eisenhower and his national security advisers on the Congo crisis. The minute-taker, Robert Johnson, said in the interview that he vividly recalled the president turning to Allen Dulles, director of the CIA, “in the full hearing of all those in attendance, and saying something to the effect that Lumumba should be eliminated.” Mr. Johnson recalled: “There was stunned silence for about 15 seconds and the meeting continued.”

— Martin Kettle, Washington Guardian, 10 August 2000

The South African Mail and Guardian reported that there is an international scramble for the wealth of the Congo and that “billions of dollars will be made.” There is a vast contrast between the billions to be made and the estimated $1 billion that left Katanga province in 2005 and the unending suffering of the average Congolese. One Congolese miner interviewed by Global Witness says, “We know that the Congo is rich. But despite this—we do not even have enough to eat. Only one category of people profits.” Congolese live on an average of $100 a year, and 80 percent of the population lives on 30 cents a day. The Congo is a classic case of modern day serfdom and the depravity of those seeking to benefit at the expense of others even if millions more Congolese must die. Surely, King Leopold II would have a wry smile on his face knowing that over a hundred years later the plunder and pillage that he began continue uninterrupted with impunity.

Drugs, Diamonds, Gold, and Deep Politics

* The Kimberley Process, Global Witness, April 1, 2013. [LINK]

All diamonds currently on the market are blood diamonds—all of them. There are few if any exceptions. Like opium and cocaine commodities, they are used to purchase arms and finance civil wars, extralegal covert activities, land theft, and genocide. Like opium, the profits are laundered through international banks. There is no such thing as conflict-free stones, in spite of the whitewashing of the World Diamond Congresses’ Kimberly Process*. After Janine Roberts published her exposé of the diamond industry, Glitter and Greed, and made the explosive documentary The Diamond Empire, depicting atrocities as routine business practice committed by the international diamond business, the industry was nervous to protect its image, profits, and monopoly control. In 2003, the U.S. Congress, which easily bends to the will of Maurice Tempelsman money and Israeli pressure, passed the Clean Diamond Act, which was intended to sweep the idea of conflict diamonds into the mineshafts of history. The General Accounting Office noted in 2006 that the law was weak and deeply flawed. Since at least 1996, Russ Feingold (D-WI) who co-sponsored the Senate version has been heavily funded by Leon Tempelsman & Son.

The Kimberly process was partially instituted through the work of Robert Rotberg at Harvard University where Maurice Tempelsman chairs the International Advisory Council at the Harvard AIDS Institute of the School of Public Health. Rotberg and Tempelsman shared a panel at the Council on Foreign Relations with people like Walter Kansteiner, National Security Director under Bill Clinton and director of a gold company involved in Congo's bloody eastern zone. With the help of Oprah publicizing the Kimberly process and the Hollywood propaganda film “Blood Diamonds,” diamond sales in the U.S. actually improved. The clueless hip-hop cultural icons epitomized by the vapid Kimora Lee Simons consider these blood diamonds a necessary statement to announce their total cooperation by the most degenerate elements of society.

199 “Israel’s Dynamic Diamond Industry,” Diamond, 23 August 2006. [LINK]

Diamonds are common and cheap. Their value is created by market control, well-placed propaganda and market manipulation. Since the time of Cecil Rhodes, there have been millions of these worthless stones locked in the vaults of diamond bourses to insure the artificially high, monopoly-fixed prices of such “demon worthless rocks of desire.” This is a commodity that is tightly controlled by a small group of individuals who form a spider web of misery and intrigue that leads from South Africa to Tel Aviv to Brussels and New York. These sparkling gems are not a girl’s best friend, but a warmonger’s best asset of untraceable funds to pay for guns, corrupt politicians, assassins, and chaos in the pursuit of an agenda run out of Israel.199

When Jackie’s second husband died, she fell into the bed of Maurice Tempelsman, a man with deep links to the CIA, whose path was lined with blood diamonds, the apartheid system, and a holocaust of dead Africans. Maurice Tempelsman, Jackie’s last lover until her death, is one of the men in the shadows who play the game of deep power politics.

Tempelsman is a diamond trader and an economic hit man for the Oppenheimers who control most of the diamond and many of the gold concessions in Southern Africa. Although he was born in Belgium, he is part of a small group of individuals largely originating out of Israel and the United States who have ushered in an unimaginable reign of terror and genocide in Africa that goes largely unreported or is grossly distorted by the Western media. The Tempelsman empire remains rock solid behind Leon Tempelsman & Sons, DeBeers, and Lazare Kaplan International—supplier of Tiffany's and Cartier’s diamonds.

200 John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (San Francisco: Berrett-Kohler, 2004). [LINK]

An economic hit man is a highly paid professional who cheats countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other foreign aid organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet’s natural resources. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that since 9/11, has taken on new and terrifying dimensions for people in the first world.200 These (mostly) men, such as Tempelsman, are the true face of terrorism. They are highly paid middlemen, agents of business interests that choose to use terrorism and repression to shock populations into submission for the purpose of hijacking their natural assets.

It was noted during the truth and reconciliation commission in South Africa that “Captains of Industry, particularly those associated with diamond and gold mining (such as those represented by Tempelsman) pioneered many of the core features of what later came to be known as apartheid.” These entrenched racist practices allowed firms to earn excess income by paying low wages and transferring the costs of ill-health, old age, and work related injuries to the workers themselves and to the women caregivers in the distant “Bantustans.”

The problem of worker ill-health stems from the hazardous and dirty businesses that diamond and gold mining are. These commodities are often embedded in asbestos or silica, two substances that form fine particles during the mining process and are damaging to lung tissue. Both of these substances can form inflammatory scar tissue in the lung that can lead to cancer, respiratory diseases, and tuberculosis. Respiratory problems have been somewhat reduced in the U.S. mining industry because of Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Division (OSHA). The apartheid system deliberately supported hazardous mining conditions. It has taken a serious toll on the overall public health of Southern African countries and directly relates to what is called AIDS in this area.

Oppenheimer Anglo-American Corporation

201 John Summa, “Anglo American Corporation: A Pillar of Apartheid,” Multinational Monitor, September 1998. [LINK]

Sir Ernest Oppenheimer and Lincoln William Honnold established the Anglo-American Corporation in 1917 with J. P. Morgan Finance. Morgan was the American agent for the English Rothschilds. In 1929, the company bought DeBeers from successors of Cecil Rhodes. Through Anglo, the Oppenheimers own shares in all of South Africa’s mining houses. The Oppenheimers also own the nation’s largest steel works, travel agency, brick factory, discount house, automobile dealership, and computer software firm. Anglo-American has become South Africa’s largest banking concern.201

202 “Diamonds, Gold and South Africa,” Univ. of California, Davis, Geology Dept., March 2000.

Anglo-American and DeBeers control all of the diamond and gold mines in South Africa as well as copper and coal. As of 2000, they controlled 80 percent of the world diamond market and almost half of the capitalization of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.202 Even in post-apartheid South Africa, they reportedly run their mines like slave plantations and have doggedly refused to institute even minimal mine safety standards. Wherever DeBeers, Anglo American, and their partners such as Dan Gertler and his partner Beny Steinmetz and their company DGI—do business these substandard conditions are reported to occur.

203 Jock McCulloch, “Counting the Cost: Gold Mining and Occupational Disease in Contemporary South Africa,” African Affairs 108 (431): 221—40. [LINK]

In 1995 the Leon Commission on occupational health published its report. The commission found that dust levels in the mines have not changed in half a century. The implication is that many thousands and perhaps millions of miners have died uncompensated of silicosis, asbestosis, tuberculosis and cancer. The mining company knew that the risk of silicosis could be reduced by preventing the release of dust during mining or by providing miners with respirators. It should have provided clean overalls and adequate washing and laundry facilities. Finally, Anglo American should have removed all dust from the miner’s hostels,203 but protected by the apartheid system they helped introduce, the company did nothing. There are mining engineering companies that provide a variety of methods to control dust particles: wet dust suppression systems, dry dust suppression systems, foam or fog suppression systems, dust residual systems, and water cannon systems. Reportedly, these systems have seldom been effectively used in South African mining. In 1983, the chief safety engineer of an unnamed South African mining corporation told the Economist that “production is more important than safety.”

204 Amnesty International, “Diamonds Cost Lives,” October 2001.
205 “Diamond miners killed in DR Congo,” BBC News, 7 August 2006. [LINK]

Société Miniére de Bakwanga (MIBA), an Oppenheimer offshoot business, has been cited for shooting “illegal” diamond workers on its concessions in Mbuju Mayi, the diamond capitol of the Congo. “Every day, hundreds of unemployed Congolese take similar risks in the diamond fields of Mbuji-Mayi,” wrote Amnesty International in 2002. “And every day, dozens of gunshots ring out as guards employed by MIBA seek to deter ‘illegal’ miners.”204 The BBC reported in August 2006 that MIBA security guards were sniping unemployed diamond miners.205

206 Rafael Marques, “Operation Kissonde: The Diamonds of Humiliation and Misery,” 8 July 2006. [LINK]

The average life expectancy of Congolese miners is about 42 years. In Angola the people are literally mining for their lives: Miners in Angola are forced into “illegal” mining because Angola’s mining security companies push people off their own land. While agriculture and commerce in the region require the direct authorization of the Provincial Governor, not one miner has been granted a license for diamond exploration or subsistence agriculture. The “legitimate” government of Angola forces desperate people to resort to “illegal” activities to survive.206

207 R. Marques, “Operation Kissonde: The Diamonds of Humiliation and Misery.”

Three private military companies (PMCs) have been targeting miners in Angola. The mercenary firms Alfa-5, Teleservices, and K&P Mineira defend Angola’s big diamond firms like Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Mineiro (Sodiam), Sociedade Mineira de Cuango, and Sociedade Mineira Luminas. Human rights researcher Rafael Marques documented case after case of PMCs arresting, beating, and torturing local people. They stop locals from fishing in their rivers, growing their own food, or living traditional lives; they have forced sexual relations on family members, including same-sex rape and sodomy.207 The PMCs operate behind Angola’s public diamond company, Endiama, and have exclusive rights to Angola’s diamonds. Endiama owns 99 percent of the shares in Sodiam, which has a joint venture with Lazare Kaplan International (LKI), a Tempelsman family company.

In South Africa, DeBeers diamonds are embedded in asbestos, and hundreds of thousands of miners have suffered miserably or died of asbestos related diseases—cancer and leukemia, with development of secondary tuberculosis. Diamond dust is extremely toxic and, as noted by the Leon Commission, Anglo-American and DeBeers took no action to protect their workers. As long as the system of apartheid was in place, they did not have to worry about black workers rights—they had none. It was not until 1994, when the African National Congress gained political traction that the mining companies began to contemplate their possible legal liabilities. This is when pulmonary tuberculosis suddenly became an AIDS-defining disease.

208 Janine Roberts, Glitter and Greed: The Secret World of the Diamond Cartel (St. Paul, MN: Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, 2003), 2003. [LINK]
209 Janine Roberts, Fear of the Invisible: How Scared Should We Be of Viruses and Vaccines, HIV and AIDS? (Bristol, UK: Impact Investigative Media Productions, 2008), 159, 204. [LINK] also [LINK]

DeBeers claims that toxic dust in their mines is harmless and has refused to improve worker safety. Tony Davies, Professor Emeritus of Occupational Health, reported that “when 200 retired miners from the Premier Diamond Mine were tested, every single one was found to have asbestosis. Yet very few know the danger. It has been hidden for decades.208 The company obtained legal exemptions from this dangerous feature of their mine operations on the basis that the dust in their mines is uniquely safe! It thus conducts what is called “dry mining”209

210 Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica, DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 2002-129, April 2002. [LINK]

A CDC report from the Division of Respiratory Disease Studies estimated that the rate of pulmonary tuberculosis in South Africa rose from less than 40 per 1000 in 1975 to 150 per 1000 in 1998—an increase of 375 percent in twenty-three years.210 It is not surprising, according to reports, that the company has since blamed this rapid rise in the incidence of tuberculosis on AIDS, inferring that working conditions are irrelevant. The cynical use of AIDS as a method to neutralize potential legal action against Premier Diamond’s sub-standard mining practices is rather typical of the ”impeccable business decisions” of this organization. What possible liability could accrue to a company that has a graveyard full of dead workers and cities full of injured workers who have a disease that was “sexually acquired”?

211 E. Hnizdo and J. Murry, “Risk of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Relative to Silicosis and Exposure to Silica Dust in South African Gold Miners,” Occup Environ Med. 55 (July 1998): 496-502. [LINK]

Exposure to silica dust is a risk factor for the development of pulmonary tuberculosis in the absence of silicosis, even after exposure to silica dust ends.211 It is not a coincidence that mycobacterium tuberculosis is the biggest killer in South Africa and that the HIV antibody tests cross reacts with mycobacteria to make it appear that HIV is running rampant in South Africa. In Africa, all the rules of medical diagnosis have been changed. In the U.S., a test known as ELISA is considered very inaccurate, and no diagnosis of HIV infection is made without performing another antibody test known as the Western Blot for confirmation. However, for the most part, Africans are not even tested. It is too expensive. When they are tested, the least accurate ELISA is used. HIV ELISAs are not accurate enough to diagnose an American, yet it is deemed accurate enough for Africans who are much more likely to test positive because of the cross reactivity of the test to diseases like Tb, malaria, leshmeniasis and measles—diseases that have been common in Africa for generations. More on the cross reactivity of HIV rests will be presented in the chapter on HIV Testing.

To compound the problem, in Africa, AIDS is usually not diagnosed with an antibody test at all, the diagnosis is instead based on nonspecific clinical symptoms. This is called a “clinical case definition,” and was originally developed by the WHO in 1985. It consists mainly of persistent fever, cough, and diarrhea and weight loss. It is nearly impossible to distinguish these symptoms attributable to AIDS from those of malaria, tuberculosis, or malnutrition. Diarrhea and weight loss are common problems in areas where there are both poor sanitation and lack of adequate running water. In the townships, where the miners live, there are miserable squalid conditions, poor infrastructure including open sewers, squatters, high unemployment, and hardly any home-grown vegetables. Enteropathogens contracted as a result of such environmental conditions are directly associated with increased permeability of the small intestine, which leads to diarrhea and severe wasting and what has become known as slim disease.

212 New Scientist, 18 February 1988. [LINK]

So, in Africa, the bar has been set extremely low to make an AIDS diagnosis. Contrast this with Europe and the United States where AIDS is defined by a series of specific diseases or laboratory findings and a positive HIV test, often more than one. Contrary to all of the rules of medical observation and diagnosis, the WHO “Bangui” rules exist conveniently only in Africa. This has led to an era of medical abstraction and blunder, unprecedented in scope. The lack of any requirement for such a test in Africa means that, in practice, many traditional African diseases can be and are reclassified as AIDS. Even Myron Essex of Harvard, whose work speculated on the African origin of HIV, states that “malnutrition and general lack of medical services contributed to diarrhea, tuberculosis, and other common African diseases that signify AIDS.”212

Old disease dressed up as AIDS lead people to be stigmatized and isolated by their social group in such a way that the overwhelming nature of the diagnosis itself can lead to death. The rules are so arbitrary that if African patients left Africa, very few would remain AIDS cases. Postmortems are seldom performed in Africa to determine the actual cause of death. According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, Africa maintains the lowest levels of reliable vital statistics of any continent—a microscopic 1.1 percent. When AIDS experts are asked to prove actual cases of AIDS, terrifying numbers dissolve into vague estimates of HIV infection.

This politicization of medical diagnosis has been a great economic benefit to the DeBeers Anglo American enterprise. Instead of their workers having plain old work-related Tb they are now cursed with an AIDS diagnosis. It is not a coincidence that Templesman chairs the International Advisory Council at the Harvard AIDS Institute of the School of Public Health. It makes good business sense. It is a way of protecting his profits by way of protecting the profits of the Oppenheimer companies. If the company had to pay living wages, correct its mine hazards, improve the living quarters of its workers, and pay restitution for the number of injured and dead workers that result from their standard business practices, the cost would certainly limit their obscene profits. In this respect, HIV/AIDS is as stated in the PNAC document, a “politically useful tool.”

213 Christine Johnson, “Why the “AIDS Test” doesn’t work in Africa,” Rethinking AIDS, January 2001. [LINK]

The scientific literature on HIV antibody testing produced references to seventy diseases or conditions that could possibly cause false-positive reactions on HIV ELISA and/or Western Blots. Many of the conditions are quite prevalent in Africa, including tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, Q-fever, tapeworms or other parasites, as well as leishmaniasis.213 What was very interesting and worrisome to me as an obstetrician is that when the HIV tests are done in Africa at all, they are often done in prenatal clinics with the ELISA test, which is known to give frequent “false positive” results. One of the conditions that can trigger a false positive result is pregnancy! Even the packet insert in the ELISA test kit from Abbott Labs contains the disclaimer: “There is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of HIV-1 antibody in human blood.” Furthermore, the placenta is full of what are called retroviruses—not to cause problems, but likely as messenger molecules involved in DNA replication and repair.

214 Paul D. Van Helden, “The Economic Divide and Tuberculosis,” European Molecular Biology Organization Reports 4 (September 24-28, 2003). [LINK]
215 “Trends in Tuberculosis Incidence—United States, 2006,” JAMA 297 (April 25, 2007). [LINK]

In 1999, of 10 countries with the highest incidence rate (per 100,000) of tuberculosis, 7 were in Africa: Zimbabwe 584; South Africa 526; Kenya 484; Mozambique 433; Ethiopia 397; Uganda 351; and the Democratic Republic of Congo 320.214 This is in comparison with U.S. rates reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, in 2006, as 4.6.215 Tuberculosis began to decline in Western countries as a result of improved socioeconomic conditions that led, in turn, to better nutrition and living and working standards; application of primitive public health measures; and the dawning realization that tuberculosis was probably an infectious disease and beginning sequestration of (contagious) consumptives in hospitals and sanatoriums. Rising rates of tuberculosis, like infant mortality, are indications of economic deterioration within a given society.

All of the defined Bangui symptoms and African AIDS diseases have been endemic in Africa for generations. Kaposi’s sarcoma, an AIDS indicator disease, was described by physicians of Kemet about 1600 B.C. and described in the Ebers Papyrus stored in the library at the University of Leipzig, Germany. According to Professor P.A.K. Addy, head of Clinical Microbiology, University of Science and Technology in Kumsi, Ghana: “Europeans and Americans came to Africa with prejudiced minds, so they are seeing what they wanted to see. … I’ve known for a long time that AIDS is not a crisis in Africa as the world is being made to understand. But in Africa it is very difficult to stick your neck out and say certain things. The West came out with those frightening statistics on AIDS in Africa because it was unaware of certain social and clinical conditions. In most of Africa, infectious diseases, particularly parasitic infections, are common. And there are other conditions that can easily compromise or affect one’s system.”

216 Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Valender Turner, “Aids in Africa,” Rethinking AIDS (January 1995). [LINK]

Dr. Konotey-Ahulu from the Cromwell Hospital in London expresses a similar view: “Today, because of AIDS, it seems that Africans are not allowed to die from these conditions (from which they used to die before the AIDS era) any longer. If tens of thousands are dying from AIDS (and Africans do not cremate their dead) where are the graves?” According to him, the uppermost question in the minds of intelligent Africans and Europeans in that continent is: “Why do the world’s media appear to have conspired with some scientists to become so gratuitously extravagant with the untruth?”216

The answer is fairly straightforward. AIDS is part of the business model being used by the West to explain away the numerous atrocities committed by extractive corporations as a part of their routine business practices on this continent. Maurice Tempelsman, an icon of such business interests, has invested his entire life in supporting this business model whereby workers’ lives are ended abruptly by deliberate business decisions that privilege profits over human life. The accumulating corpses of the dead become part of the mounds of human detritus left behind with the toxic sludge from the mines. It’s just business.

217 Janine Roberts, Glitter & Greed: the Secret World of the Diamond Cartel (St. Paul, MN: Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, 2003), 174. [LINK]
218 Ibid., 170.

Templesman has played a key role over the course of the last six decades in the destabilization and economic ruin of several African countries. He has moved for years in the most powerful political circles and has counted the Roosevelts, Kennedys, and Clintons as friends.217 He arranged a meeting for Harry Oppenheimer with President-elect John Kennedy. He has helped to shape U.S. foreign policy in Africa in DeBeer's favor for a long time. According to letters found in Justice and State Department files, “Maurice had become Mr. Oppenheimer’s unofficial U.S. representative in the 1950s, when he was still in his twenties. He still visits Congress and the White House and has long been a powerful advocate for diamond cartel interests.”218

By sitting on the board of the Harvard School of Public Health’s AIDS Initiative, Templesman has made sure that the atrocities he instigates in Africa as a staunch advocate for mining interests are misconstrued as the HIV/AIDS crises. They list him as follows:

Maurice TEMPELSMAN, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lazare Kaplan International Inc., the largest cutter and polisher of “ideal cut” diamonds in the United States. He also is senior partner in the firm of Leon Tempelsman & Son, a company active in mining, investments and business development and minerals trading in Europe, Russia, Africa, Latin America, Canada and Asia. Mr. Tempelsman serves on the International Advisory Council of the American Stock Exchange.

Mr. Tempelsman served as Chairman of the Corporate Council on Africa until 2002 and is now Chairman Emeritus.

A member of the Board of Trustees of the Africa-America Institute (and a past Chairman), Mr. Tempelsman is also a Director of the National Democratic Institute of International Affairs, the Center for National Policy and the Business Council for International Understanding.

219 Keith Harmon Snow, “Chloe’s Blood Diamond, Angola Rock sold for $16 million to GUESS jeans founder,” Global Research, 24 November 2007. [LINK]

This résumé omits that Tempelsman is chairman of the American Jewish Congress, a Zionist pressure group that claims it works closely with the Israeli military. SEC filings show that Lazare Kaplan International (LKI) directors are high-rolling lawyers and investment bankers. One director belongs to the law firm that once represented President Kennedy. LKI is also connected to the euphemistically named United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a front group used to control food politics.219

Tempelsman’s participation in the National Endowment for Democracy is even more problematic. NED and its partners facilitate political interventions in foreign countries. The NED’s core affiliate, the Center for International Private Enterprise, works, for example, with USAID in Afghanistan (opium, oil), and is linked to Bechtel. NED’s core affiliate the National Democratic Institute counts Maurice Tempelsman and Madeleine Albright as directors. Richard Gephardt has served on the boards of NDI and NED, both of which funded Congo's “historic national elections” from 2004 to 2006 and have been funding the opposition MDC Party in Zimbabwe for years. This has led to continuing destabilization and stalled land reforms.

220 Rick Hines and Keith Harmon Snow, “Blood Diamonds, Doublethink, and Deception over Those Worthless Little Rocks,” Z Magazine, 1 June 2007, 22. [LINK]
221 After Gary Webb published his exposé of George H. W. Bush running drugs from the White House during Iran Contra, Deutch, director of the CIA, made an unusual trip to Watts to speak with neighborhood residents.
222 Lake was Clinton’s National Security Advisor who, somehow, happened not to call any high-level cabinet meetings to discuss the ongoing genocide between the Tutsis and Hutus.
223 Hines and Snow, “Blood Diamonds,” 22.

NED directors tied to Tempelsman include: Howard Wolpe; Richard Holbrooke; and Morton Abromowitz. Wolpe was Clinton’s Special Envoy to Africa’s Great Lakes Region and director of the “Africa and U.S. National Interests” Project of the Ninetieth American Assembly, where some sixty-nine representatives from elite military, intelligence, and corporate interests attended closed door think-tank proceedings: Maruice Tempelsman funded it.220 Holbrooke, Wolpe, Abramowitz, John Deutch221 are “experts” for the intelligence consulting firm, Intellibridge, founded by Tempelsman’s confidante Anthony Lake.222 Wolpe was on the board of Africare, as well as Joseph Kennedy and former Senator Bill Frist. Holbrooke is president/ CEO of the Global Business Council on AIDS, whose director Mark Moody Stuart is a director of Anglo-American mining and former director of Royal Dutch Shell (ret. 2005). Holbrooke and Tempelsman are on the board of the Africa-America Institute, along with former USAID official Gayle Smith, Clinton’s National Security negotiator for Rwanda and Uganda, member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Corporate Council on Africa whose chair is Maurice Tempelsman.223

This is the rest of the Maurice Tempelsman story. Belgian-born Maurice has a long history of association with the turmoil in the Congo (and Central and Southern Africa) that goes back to their initial independence from Belgium and the assassination of their nationalist first Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba, and subsequent instillation of the chosen strongman—Mobutu. Tempelsman became a key supporter of this dictator before the murder of Patrice Lumumba by arranging the funding that flowed to Moburu. When the newly independent Congo’s first premier Lumumba pledged to return diamond wealth back to the Congo in the early 1960s, Tempelsman, helped engineer the coup d’état that consolidated the dictatorship of 29-year-old Colonel Mobutu. He also was involved in facilitating another coup, this one against Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah. Diamonds were at stake in each.

224 John Coleman, Diplomacy by Deception (Carson City, NV: Bridger House Publishers, 1993), 218. [LINK]

The Congo is the second largest country in Africa. For decades, under Belgium rule, it was ruthlessly stripped of its natural resources: copper, tin, rubber, zinc, ivory, and agricultural products such as cacao, coffee, and palm oil. King Leopold claimed that everything in the Congo belonged to him. This was certainly true, as the Belgium government ran the country’s railroads, mines, smelters, cacao and palm oil plantations, factories, and hotels through front corporations. The corporations answered to King Leopold,224 and Leopold answered to the Rothschilds who became the court bankers in 1853. All of that was threatened by an aspiring political leader by the name of Patrice Lumumba who, in 1959, announced the formation of a national political party to oppose Belgium rule of his country.

image 01
Indeed, hands and other limbs were routinely hacked off the living, smoked, and brought forth in baskets at the feet of officers to extract more bullets or prove that native ’sloth’ had been duly punished. Many units on patrol had a designated “keeper of the hands.”

The Congo suffered years of unspeakable brutality under Belgium rule, especially the savagery experienced under Leopold II. Leopold’s people committed gruesome horrors and turned the whole of the Congo into a massive slave-labor camp. Leopold’s people brutalized millions and slaughtered at least 15 million people. In just twenty-three years, Leopold’s agents managed to kill half of the population. There was no Nuremberg for his crimes against humanity! There is no holocaust museum for the people of the Congo for this disaster! At the famous colonial Tervuren museum in Brussels, there is no mention of Leopold’s crimes. Perhaps the Congo was the laboratory and prelude to what Europeans did to other Europeans during WWII.

Lumumba made the naive mistake of announcing to the world that he intended to nationalize the Congo’s rich natural resources for the benefit of the embattled Congolese people. He was well aware how wealthy in natural resources his country was and how this wealth had been stolen to enrich the Belgium crown and their investors. His idea of using the resources of the Congo for the Congolese people was anathema to the global economic power and especially to the Oppenheimers. Within seven months of Lumumba’s election, he was liquidated. His body was hacked to pieces and stuffed in a vat of acid. To this day, he was the only truly democratically elected leader of the Congo.

Tempelsman was also behind the coup to overthrow another popular African leader, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana. Nkrumah made several strategic moves that irritated the DeBeers diamond cartel. The first was the marketing of Ghanaian diamonds outside the control of apartheid South Africa and DeBeers. The second and probably the most frightening to European/Israeli interests was his pan-African vision of forming a defensive union of African states.

225 Kwame Nkrumah, Challenge of the Congo: A Case Study of Foreign Pressures in an Independent State, (London: Panaf Books, 1967), 30-21. [LINK]

On 8 August 1960, Nkrumah made a secret formal agreement with Lumumba to form a joint federal state of Ghana and the Congo. It was to have a common currency and joint foreign affairs and defense departments. It was going to be called the African Union Government. Other African states were to be invited to join “with a view to liberate the whole continent of Africa from colonialism and imperialism.”225 This pact was made during the Cold War when Communism was the convenient foil. Nkrumah sought development aid from both camps. The CIA made their usual move; hand picked former Ghanaian finance minister Gbedemah and laid plans for a coup.

Letters found in the State Department from George Ball castigated Tempelsman for the careless leak of the coup plans. The CIA’s hand-picked Ghanaian successor, the finance minister Gbedemah, used Tempelsman’s office in Accra rather than the U.S. Embassy to communicate covertly with the U.S. government. Even though the coup was mismanaged and evidence pointed directly to Tempelsman, U.S. President Kennedy, while publicly supporting the drive for Ghanaian independence, remained “more appreciative” of Tempelsman’s role than Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs Ball, and he recommended that Tempelsman not be “downgraded.”

226 Janine Robercs, Glitter & Greed, 218. [LINK]

Shortly afterwards, Kennedy approved legislation to allow diamond barter deals to be done for reasons of political advantage rather than U.S. stockpile requirements. This was effectively a permit for Tempelsman to arrange deals intended to support covertly pro-American-Israeli African politicians, such as Mobutu.226 This was the private, behind the scenes, deep political machinations characteristic of every U.S. president toward the African continent. Kennedy was no different from the rest. Templesman paid his way in blood diamonds for the Democratic Party to look the other way as the diamond industry commits genocide and land theft as routine business practices.

227 Seymour Hersh, “CIA Said to Have Aided Plotters Who Overchrew Nkrumah in Ghana,” Dirty Work 2: The CIA in Africa, edited by Ellen Ray et al., (Secaucus, NJ: Lyle Stuart, 1980). [LINK]

Nkrumah was eventually overthrown in a CIA-backed coup in 1964. The new government predictably gave back to DeBeers the exclusive marketing contract for their diamond production.227

Occasionally, Tempelsman is a big donor to the Republican Party, but he has predominantly been a deep pockets contributor to the Democratic Party. He has been a regular supporter of the campaigns of John Kerry (D), Ed Royce (R), Tom Daschle (D), Barack Obama (D), Maxine Waters (D), John Rockefeller (D), Richard Gephardt (D), Howard Wolpe (D), Patrick and Edward Kennedy (Ds), Hilary Clinton (D) and the 1988 win of George H. W. Bush.

228 Keith Harmon Snow, and Rick Hines, “Blood Diamond, Doublethink & Deceptions over Those Worthless Little Rocks of Desire, 20 July 2007. [LINK]
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[LINK] also Part 1 [LINK]

Tempelsman also exploited ties with Anthony Lake, Clinton’s national security advisor, who intervened at the U.S. Export-Import Bank on Tempelsman’s behalf.228,229 Lake’s influence allowed Tempelsman to gain U.S. Ex-Im Bank and U.S. overseas Private Investment Corporation backing for multimillion dollar diamond projects in war-torn Angola and Congo. Templesman’s interests in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo—DRC) were negotiated through Lawrence Devlin, longtime former station chief in Zaire, who helped to arrange the assassination of Patrice Lumumba and the coup by a junior U.S. trained officer, Mobutu Sese Seko. Develin retired in 1974 but intervened with Mobutu’s gang to insure the prosperity of Templesman’s diamond syndicate.230

231 Samantha Powers, “Bystanders to Genocide,” September 2001. [LINK]

Lake was a former Peace Corps volunteer to Ethiopia and once served on the national security staff of Henry Kissinger during the Nixon administration. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation at Princeton on Nixon’s Africa policy, with the title: “The Tar Baby Option.” Lake returned to government in the Carter administration where he helped shape Africa policy. Lake recycled again as a national security advisor in the Clinton administration during the Rwandan genocide when, according to Samantha Power, “During the entire three months of the genocide Clinton never assembled his top policy advisers to discuss the killings. Anthony Lake likewise never gathered the “principals”—the Cabinet-level members of the foreign-policy team. Rwanda was never thought to warrant its own top-level meeting. When the subject came up, it did so along with, and subordinate to, discussions of Somalia, Haiti, and Bosnia. Whereas these crises involved U.S. personnel and stirred some public interest, Rwanda generated no sense of urgency and could safely be avoided by Clinton at no political cost. The editorial boards of the major American newspapers discouraged U.S. intervention during the genocide. They, like the Administration, lamented the killings but believed, in the words of an April 17 Washington Post editorial, “The United States has no recognizable national interest in taking a role, certainly not a leading role.”231 However, this was less than the truth. There were U.S. footprints all over this orchestrated slaughter.

232 Michael Chossudovsky, The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order (Quebec, Canada: Center for Global Research, 2003), 111. [LINK]

From the beginning of the Rwandan civil war in 1990, Washington's hidden agenda consisted in establishing an American sphere of influence in a region historically dominated by France and Belgium. The U.S. planned to displace France by supporting the Rwandan Patriotic Front and by arming and equipping its military arm, the Rwandan Patriotic Army.232

233 Wayne Madsen, Jaded Tasks: Brass Plates, Black Ops and Big Oil (City?: Trine Day, 2006). [LINK]

The genocide was sparked by the terrorist downing of a plane carrying two African heads of State, the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi, both Hutus, as well as many French officials. Wayne Madsen revealed that a French investigation in 2004 discovered a connection to an organization that goes by the name of the International Strategic and Tactical Organization (ISTO), which represents political and corporate interests, including Armitage Associates, founded by George W. Bush’s first Deputy Secretary of Defense Richard Armitage and Kellogg Brown & Root, then a subsidiary of Halliburton.233

234 Michael Chossudovsky, “Rwanda: Installing U.S. Protectorate in Central Africa,” Global Research. [LINK]

Paul Kagame, who headed the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), a militant organization formed in Uganda, had been trained at the U.S. Army Command and Staff College in Leavenworth, Kansas. The College focuses on fighting war and military strategy. Kagame returned from Leavenworth to lead the RPF shortly after the 1990 invasion.234 The Africa Direct submission to the UN Tribunal on Rwanda reported: “From 1989 onwards, America supported joint RPF [Rwandan Patriotic Front]—Ugandan attacks upon Rwanda. … There were at least 56 ‘situation reports’ in [U.S.] State Department files in 1991. As American and British relations with Uganda and the RPF strengthened, so hostilities between Uganda and Rwanda escalated. … By August 1990 the RPF had begun preparing an invasion with full knowledge and approval of British Intelligence.”

235 Glen Ford, “A Tale of Two Genocides, Congo and Darfur: The Blatantly Inconsistent U.S. Position,” 18 July 2007, [LINK]
236 David Blair, “British Ally behind world’s bloodiest conflict”, UK Telegraph, April 29, 2006. [LINK]

After the slaughter, among the ninety-nine person entourage who accompanied Clinton to Africa in 1998 was Maurice Tempelsman. Clinton reportedly came to review his diamond investments in Africa. This was exactly so. The blood diamonds had paid many to shut their eyes and hearts to the people of central Africa, and slaughter was orchestrated to advantage American and Israeli business interests. The U.S. did nothing to interfere, because they had three actors in the game: Laurent Kabila who replaced Mobutu in the DRC, Yoweri Museveni in Uganda and Paul Kagame in Rwanda. Tutsi Rwandan exiles, headed by Paul Kagame, were an integral part of Museveni’s army. As the genocide began, Kagame’s forces launched an offensive from Uganda into Rwanda. It did not halt the massacre of Tutsis, but it succeeded in driving the disorganized Hutus into neighboring Congo. This was an excuse to invade the eastern Congo. The whole exercise was to destabilize and take control of the eastern Congo border contiguous with Uganda and Rwanda that is resource rich. The Americans were assured of their player in this contrived tragedy, the new head of the Rwandan Tutsi-dominated state, Paul Kagame. His forces then invaded eastern Congo, chasing the fleeing Hutus.235 Uganda and Rwanda are two of the largest recipients of U.S. and British military aid in Africa.236

237 Keith Harmon Snow, op cit.

Behind the local African warlords are the real players: Exxon Unilever, Branch Energy, and Bechtel and the diamond cartels among others. These are secretive corporations that, with the support of the U.S., U.K., and French Governments, fund, arm, and train private mercenary armies. Players like Hans Van Lujik and Bernard Legrand of Royal Dutch Shell; General Ed Soyster of Military Professional Resources; and even covert U.S. forces are deployed. With their secret backers and alliances, African leaders like Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, and their many jungle warlords, have waged war-as-cover for private profit. These proxy armies are depopulating parts of Africa.237

238 Florence Hartmann, Paix et chatiment les gueres de la politique (Flamarion, Paris 2007) and Del Ponte, War Criminals and Me (2008).
239 ICTR defence evidence in Military-1, Exhibit DNT 365. March 8, 2007 Affidavit of QC Michael Hourigan (and supporting affidavit of Amadou Deme). [LINK]

In 2003, UN Chief Prosecutor Del Ponte described how she was told that she must drop all investigations of Kagame’s crimes, or risk being removed from office. When Judge Del Ponte insisted that the evidence required that he be prosecuted for war crimes and genocide, she was removed from her office at the Rwanda Tribunal within 90 days, at the insistence of the U.S. and Britain.238 The ICTR (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda) has evidence, military-1 exhibit DNT 365 that specifically implicates the direct involvement of President Paul Kagame and his military in the 1994 fatal rocket attack the killed two presidents and French nationals.239 To show how selectively the United States pursues the so called war on terrorism, Kagame who seems to be Africa’s version of Pol Pot lectured and was honored in 2008 at MIT and he was 1 of 100 Time finalists for 2009 of the most influential people in the world.

According to the CIA Factbook, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) abounds with “cobalt, copper, niobium, tantalum, petroleum, industrial and gem diamonds, gold, silver, zinc, manganese, tin, uranium, coal, hydropower, timber.” All of these resources are exploited by European, Israeli and American corporations that maintain their own mercenary armies to guard the extraction fields. For generations they have run their patches of Congolese land like governments, with the support of France, Belgium, the United States, Israel, and other powers. The so-called civil war effectively gave them full autonomy in the wake of Mobutu’s corrupt demise, as the power of the central government in Kinshasa, crumbled. Mass carnage raged around them, but did not interrupt the extraction process. As the Washington Post concurs, the Congolese genocide has not become part of the American political discussion. It is just business and a lucrative one at that.

240 Roberts, Glitter and Greed, 216.

Since the initial coups to topple Africa’s postcolonial pan-African leaders, diamonds have been extensively used to discreetly fund wars, coups, repression, worldwide terrorism, and dictatorships in Africa and abroad. In a Green Paper on “Private Military Companies,” 30 August 2002, the U.K. government accused DeBeers of employing such military companies for “covert reconnaissance” in Botswana, Namibia, and Angola. DeBeers was listed five times. No other company was listed more than once.240

241 Ibid., 216.

Fouad “Fred” Kamil, a Lebanese mercenary, was hired by Percy Stilltoe a former British MI5 agent who established a security service for the Oppenheimers. Kamil, in turn, recruited and organized more armed agents. When interviewed for the documentary The Diamond Empire, Kamil alleged that he and his recruits set up ambushes in Sierra Leone to kill diamond traders not authorized by DeBeers and the local government. He also said he laid minefields to kill smugglers and independent traders—and thus, in practice, indiscriminately killed many innocent people.241

242 I. J. Cilliers Douglas,, “The Military As Business” Military Professional Resources, Inc., edited by J. Cilliers, and P. Mason, [LINK]
Peace, Profit or Plunder? The Privatization of Security in War-Torn African Societies (Institute for Security Studies, 1998). [LINK]

Diamonds can pay for a lot of private military contractors (PMC). Such private armies are popping up all over Africa. The use of PMCs enables governments and corporations who use these contractors to cover their tracks and avoid accountability. These groups seem to be operating at will and outside local or international law. Evidence that may otherwise be made available to the public under freedom of information legislation is impossible to obtain from private contractors. The Vinnell Corporation was the ground-breaking PMC directly involved in military and intelligence operations in South East Asia from 1965 to 1975. At the height of the Vietnam War, it had more than five thousand employees in Vietnam. A Pentagon official described the force as “our own little mercenary army in Vietnam. … We used them to do things we either didn’t have the manpower to do ourselves, or because of the legal problems.”242

243 “International Cooperation at a Crossroads: Aid, Trade and Security in an Unequal World,” UNDP Human Development Report (New York, 2005), chapter 5. [LINK]
244 2006.

Africa is plagued by poverty as a consequence of assault from the slave trade; years of colonial rule, World Bank and IMF loan policies, and now these PMCs. The PMCs bring more war, a chief cause of poverty. War completely undermines a country’s development prospects by destroying schools, hospitals, and vital infrastructure. The poisons used to kill in war take fertile agricultural land out of use for years to come. Eighty percent of the world’s poorest countries have suffered a major war in the last fifteen years, and nine of the ten countries with the highest child mortality rates have suffered from conflict in recent years.243 Nine of the ten countries are in Africa: Angola (187.5), Sierra Leone (140), Mozambique (137.2), Liberia (125.7), Guinea (123.), Niger (119.5), Somalia (118.5), Malawi (117.5) and Mali (115.9).244 A white paper produced by a U.K. group, “War on Want” noted that there were private military contractors who have worked recently or are currently working in the Congo (where between 5 to 10 million people have been killed), and in Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Liberia, the diamond rich Kono District of Sierra Leone, and Nigeria.

The mercenary companies provide a wide variety of services previously carried out by national military forces. However, they remain outside the law and because they have no national allegiance constitute a threat not only to the countries in which they operate but also to every country on the planet. The services they provide include direct combat, intelligence, training, security in conflict zones, consulting and planning, maintenance and technical assistance, operational and logistical support, and post-conflict reconstruction.

To the people who come in contact with these landlocked privateers, there is little to distinguish between such soldiers and the country of origin soldiers where their headquarters are located. This has been a very big problem in the Iraqi conflict.

Cynthia McKinney Uncovers Foreknowledge of Genocide in Congo

According to a Congressional hearing chaired by former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) on “Covert Action in Africa: A Smoking Gun in Washington, D.C.” evidence was presented that implicated the U.S. Government, the UN, private militias, and Western economic interests of having complete foreknowledge of pending civil unrest in Africa, and they all refrained from action prior to the Rwandan genocide. An estimated 800,000 or more people were killed in this paroxysm of insanity. The goals in letting this slaughter happen were to use war, disease, hunger, and poverty to cover up the centuries-old exploitation of the African continent. As a SAIC (Science Application International Corporation) report stated, “Displacing people has become a goal of war, not just a consequence.” This is the definition of terrorism.

In his role as middleman for the DeBeers cartel, Maurice Tempelsman, according to submitted evidence, helped shape practically every major covert action in Africa since the early 1950s. Declassified memos and cables between former U.S. presidents and State Department officials over the last four decades implicate Tempelsman as having direct input in the destabilization of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Rwanda, and Ghana. The hearings confirmed that he was directly involved in the overthrow of Ghana’s first elected President, Kwame Nkruma, and the CIA-backed assassination of Congo’s first elected President, Patrice Lumumba.

The Western countries now have practically unrestricted access to diamonds, gold, cobalt, manganese, petroleum, natural gas, timber, uranium and columbium tantalite, a strategic and scarce mineral found almost exclusively in Eastern Congo and used by Western nations in computer chips.

Project Censored 2007 reports that an estimated six to seven million Congolese have perished in the West’s accelerated pursuit of the Congo's wealth since 1996—and the world remains silent because the media that is controlled by the same interests who profit by plunder has led the world to believe that Africa is dying from the ravages of AIDS. AIDS is the subterfuge for the economic destruction of a continent and psychological warfare against the African people of the Diaspora. Tempelsman as chairman of the Harvard School of Public Health’s AIDS Initiative intends to keep it that way. It’s just business!

9 — Kissinger and Nixon: China, Vietnam, Drugs, Cancer, and the HIV Connection

Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes … known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. … No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.

— James Madison Political Observations, 1795

Some of them (U.S. troops in Vietnam) are trying opium. And we are helping them … Do you remember when the West imposed opium on us? They fought us with opium. And we are going to fight them with their own weapons. … The effect this demoralization is going to have on the United States will be far greater than anyone realizes.

— Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, in conversation with Egyptian President Gamal Abed Al Nasser, June 1965

We know now that limelight and a brass band do more to persuade than can be done by the most elegant train of syllogisms. It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young enough and is provided by the State with money and equipment.

— Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society

“U.S. policy toward the third world should be one of depopulation.”

— Henry Kissinger, 1978

When honest historians begin to ruminate about how the constitutional structure and the economic dynamism of America were undermined by a parasitic element that maneuvered themselves to the center of political and economic power, the starring roll will go the 20th century version of the David Copperfield character Uriah Heep—Henry Kissinger, one of the most odious cold-blooded creatures on the planet.

The question I always had about Henry Kissinger was where did he come from? He clearly had no pedigree. He was certainly a nobody. However, he is smart, amoral, and ruthless—all of the characteristics that would have been nurtured by his mentors for his role on the world stage. Unless his tutelage at Tavistock, the major British mind control think tank (psychological warfare unit) and the influence of Sir John Rawlings-Reese who pioneered research on psychological warfare against civilians are examined, his meteoric rise is inexplicable.

245 Executive director of the CFR from 1953-71.
246 Editor of Foreign Affairs who was bent on the destruction of U..S. sovereignty by articulating a globalist vision.

Before he was unleashed on America, Kissinger received training under John Wheeler Bennett, top intelligence director of the British Round Table and chief of MI6 field operations—a very high powered world player. He then moved on to Harvard University where he and fellow student Zbigniew Brzezinski were schooled in monetarist policies under British-educated William Yandell Elliott, a great defender of the British Empire and the Southern Confederacy. Finally, he rounded out his education in being groomed as a front man for the ruling elite by serving under George Franklin245 and Hamilton Fish Armstrong246 at the Council on Foreign Relations.

247 Christopher Hitchens, “The Case Against Henry Kissinger,” Harper's Magazine, March 2001. [LINK]
248 CIA released documents, “Sources of Military Equipment to the Vietcong and North Vietnamese Military Forces,” November 1, 1968. [LINK]

Clearly, since he has yet to go prison, he is still being protected at the highest levels from the consequences of his numerous crimes against the people of this planet from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos to East Timor and Chile.247 Kissinger was the central figure in opening trade negations with China at the height of the Vietnam War when China was supplying weapons to the Vietcong for use against U.S. soldiers. Documents released by the CIA indicate that China was supplying most of the infantry weapons, mortars, and rockets used in South Vietnam as well as Antiaircraft artillery, ammunition for Howitzers field guns, and light tanks.248

According to the documentary “The Trials of Henry Kissinger,” Kissinger was directly involved in deliberately prolonging the Vietnam War. The film’s producer asserts that Kissinger conspired to sabotage the developing Vietnam peace accord in 1968 brokered by Lyndon Johnson and his chosen successor, Hubert Humphrey.

249 Robin and Laura Clifford, “The Trials of Henry Kissinger.” This is a review of a documentary by filmmakers Alex Gibney and Eugene Jarecki based on Christopher Hitchens’ book The Trial of Henry Kissinger. [LINK to video at Bitchute]

While Kissinger worked unofficially as an advisor to the American negotiators, he secretly funneled sensitive information to the Nixon campaign that served to discredit the peace talks and helped to get Nixon elected president. This treachery allowed the war to continue for five more years and for tons of heroin to be imported into the United States.249 Ironically, Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 for hammering out a deal almost exactly like the one he scuttled at the LBJ-initiated Paris peace talks in 1968.

250 MK-ULTRA was a mind control and chemical interrogation research program that was responsible for introducing drugs such as LSD on a massive scale to the civilian population. [LINK to: CIA Project MK-ULTRA]

Understanding Kissinger’s role in the prolongation of the Vietnam War and his simultaneous push to open trade with China is central to understanding both the steps put in place to de-industrialize the United States and how massive amounts of heroin began to flow into the country. Kissinger’s actions did not start the flow of illegal narcotics into the country; they simply accelerated and amplified a trend that had taken shape with a CIA/Tavistock program under code name MK-ULTRA.250

251 Victims would have loudspeakers hidden under their pillows or through unremovable earphones. Tapes would be played over and over again to burn phrases into what was left of their mermory—many had had numerous electric shocks, been sleep deprived, and sometimes had partial lobectomies.

MK-ULTRA was organized mass psychological warfare directed against civilians. Psychological warfare is done to foster disruption in such a way that makes it difficult for any individual to understand just how he or she is under attack. These tactics were developed to an art form by the British Tavistock Institute. Ultimately, the MK-ULTRA program was attempting to do to the US. in a more scientific way what the British East India Company had done to China in an effective but less scientific way. It involved the use of drugs, torture, and “psychic driving”251 in an attempt to control human behavior as predictably as a rat in a maze. It also involved the introduction to white youth the use of drugs and of unrestrained sexual mores.

252 Anton Chaitkin, “British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination,” Executive Intelligence Review 21 (30 July 2002). [LINK]

The Tavistock Institute had been long interested in the psychological control of civilian populations for military purposes. In 1948, Montagu Norman, one of the British bankers who financed Hitler’s rise in Germany, sponsored a gathering for the National Association for Mental Health in the U.K. At this International Congress on Mental Health, the World Federation of Mental Health was formed to determine the direction of world psychological services. Norman picked chief of the British military's psychological warfare department and Tavistock Institute chief Brig. Gen. Dr. John Rawlings-Rees as president of the World Federation.252 Rawlings-Rees was one of Henry's mentors, and he was responsible for ushering in a new eta of the eugenics movement by using the cover of psychology and psychiatry as social and medical disciplines. This new strategy, disguised as scientific medicine allowed the eugenicists to distance themselves from the atrocities that one of their disciples, Rockefeller-supported Ernst Rudin, had so successfully orchestrated in the death camp slaughters for Nazi Germany.

Rawlings-Rees was the perfect man for the job. He had outlined his broad objectives at a speech he delivered to the Annual Meeting of the National Council for Mental Hygiene in June 1940:

Especially since the last world war we have done much to infiltrate the various social organizations throughout the country, and in their work and in their point of view one can see clearly how the principles for which this society and others stood in the past have become accepted as part of the ordinary working plan of these various bodies. That is as it should be, and while we can take heart from this we must be healthily discontented and realize that there is still more work to be done along this line. Similarly we have made a useful attack upon a number of professions. The two easiest of them naturally are the teaching profession and the Church: the two most difficult are law and medicine. … If we are to infiltrate the professional and social activities of other people, I think we must imitate the Totalitarians and organize some kind of fifth column activity!

Rawlings-Rees and the roster of mental health professionals from these organizations have been some of the most exotic collection of enemies of humanity on the planet. Understanding the motivation and objectives of Rawlings-Rees gives a glimpse of what Kissinger was sent to the United States to do. It helps to explain the development of U.S. foreign policy under his direction and the people who have followed in his footsteps. Rawlings-Rees did not shrink from this public admission of the infiltration of fifth column activity into democratic societies. Kissinger was his point man in America.

253 Jim Kieth, Mind Control, World Control (Kempton IL: Adventures Unlimited Press, 1998). [LINK]

Another psychiatrist from the Tavistock Institute was German Kurt Lewin, who became director in 1932. Lewin developed a social engineering strategy that has become known as the shock doctrine. Lewin is credited with much of the original Tavistock research into mass brainwashing and applying the results of repeated trauma and torture (of individuals) in mind control to the society at large.253 Of course such work was couched in more benign language. Lewin is credited with the model of the change process of human systems. The key to Lewin’s theory was to see that human change, whether at the individual or group level, was a profound psychological dynamic process that involved painful unlearning without loss of ego identity and difficult relearning as an individual cognitively attempted to restructure his or her thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and attitudes.

254 Ibid., 44.

In short, Lewin was postulating that if terror was used on a widespread basis then control could easily be exercised from an external point. Another way of stating this is that through controlled chaos, the populace can be brought to the point where it willingly submits to greater control. Lewin contends that society must be driven into a state equivalent to an “early childhood situation.” He calls such societal chaos fluidity.254 Individuals would then willingly give up more of their freedoms for what they consider greater security and submit themselves willingly to greater controls. Nothing illustrates this point better than the augmented state powers that were swiftly instituted following 9/11: surveillance systems, a stampede to war, enactment of prepared legislation (the Patriot Act) that altered the tenants of the Bill of Rights, internal domestic spying, elevation of the presidential role to the status of monarch by the issuance of a multitude of executive orders, and the ever diminishing rights of the individual.

The Tavistock Institute is linked into many high-powered elitist groups and think tanks—Bilderberg group, the Stanford Institute, the Institute for Social Relations, the Hudson Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Hoover Institution, the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Rand Corporation, of which Zbigniew Brzezinski is a member.

Lewin’s work in the development of rapid change strategies is now the standard way governments do business. Political strategists and business people have recognized that by exposing a whole nation to unexpected massive trauma, a society can be sufficiently overwhelmed to give up willingly more and more of their freedoms for what they perceive as greater safety. In the United States, such mass psychological traumas began in earnest with the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert Kennedy, and the wholesale slaughter, even in their beds while sleeping, of members of the Black Panther Party. These traumas were heightened and seared into the minds of ordinary Americans by television, which had become a standard appliance in most homes. The public executions of notable people who were bothersome to the elite agenda occurred against the backdrop of daily horrors in the Vietnam War shown on nightly news—the war that was needlessly prolonged by Kissinger’s machinations. Because these public assassinations were real world exercises in mass mind control, the real perpetrators, for political reasons, were never brought to justice. Using shock and awe strategies to coerce populations into whimpering submission has become standard operating procedure. And of course, there can be no better way to disrupt societal norms than to concoct a war on terror and then proceed to blow things up.

It should be no surprise that the HIV/AIDS travesty has been used as another exercise in traumatic mass mind control. Those hexed by the HIV antibody test, to their detriment, run willingly into the arms of the very people who created the problem. The fear generated from the diagnosis keeps rational thought at bay. People are victims of incessant propaganda campaigns by drug companies that profit mightily from human misery. Through constant use of fear and disinformation people become alienated from their own spirit. They become like those in the T. S. Ellior’s poem The Hollow Men:

We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats’ feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar.

Shape without form, shade without colour,
Paralyzed force, gesture without motion;

Those who have crossed
With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom
Remember us–if at all–not as lost
Violent souls, but only
As the hollow men
The stuffed men.

No better control of the disembodied mob has been devised than to delude them into accomplishing their own subjugation and enslavement.

255 Michael E. Kreca, “How the U.S. Government Created the ‘Drug Problem’ in the USA,” April 19, 2001, Lew Rockwell. [LINK]

During the Vietnam era, Timothy Leary, with the help of the CIA's Cord Meyer, worked out of Harvard and vigorously promoted the use of the drug LSD. These “teachers” preyed on their vulnerable and impressionable students. One of Leary’s grad-school classmates, CIA contractor Frank Barron, in 1960 with government funding, founded the Harvard Psychedelic Drug Research Institute. Another of Leary’s Harvard associates included OSS psychologist Harry Murray. One of Dr. Murray’s many test subjects was a Harvard undergraduate math major, Theodore Kaczynski who became known as the Unabomber.255 The media never told Kaczynski’s side of the story. Kaczynski was an experimental subject in the investigation of how to dissociate people from themselves in such a way that they would become unquestioning automatons in service to the state. Kaczynski was portrayed as a madman. Perhaps he developed a psychiatric illness as a result of such unethical experiments, but his observations on technological society proved he had not lost his powers of intelligent observation. He actually agreed with the conclusions reached by Bzrezinski in Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, namely, that freedom and technological progress are incompatible.

256 Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (New York: Viking Press, 1970). [LINK]
257 Robert O’Harrow, Jr, “The Machinery behind Healthcare Reform.” Washington Post, May 16, 2009. [LINK]
258 Jim Edwards, “Microchip Implant to Link Your Health Records, Credit History, Social Security”, BNET, 5 October 2009. [LINK]

According to Bzrezinski, “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”256 This data retrieval system was immediately implemented by the change president, Barak Obama. It must be remembered that Brzezinski has been an advisor to President Obama and one of Obama’s first acts as president was to push for a second bank stimulus bill which was approved for $787 billion in February 2009. There was an earmark in that bill for $36.5 billion to create a nationwide network of electronic health records—which will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.257 This coincides with the push by the drug companies Novartis, Proteus Biomedical and VeriChip to have patients implanted with microchips ostensibly so that they can be monitored for compliance with their drug regimes. But VeriChip announced at a presentation to investors that they are designing their implanted chip to link to online databases containing all your medical records, credit history and your social security ID.258 Welcome to the world of Big Brother.

259 Anton Chaitkin, “British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination,” [LINK]
260 Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair, “CIA’s Sidney Gortlcib: Pusher, Assassin, Pimp, U.S. Official Poisoner Dies,” Counter Punch. [LINK]

The Harvard-inspired human experiment continued for almost twenty-five years under the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program. Columbia University also had a unit run by Harold Abramson who first “turned on” Frank Fremont-Smith. Abramson also gave LSD for the first time to British anthropologist Gregory Bateson, sometime husband of Margaret Mead. Then in 1959, Bateson gave LSD under controlled experimental conditions to Beat poet Alan Ginsburg at Stanford University. Subsequently, Dr. Leo Hollister at Stanford gave LSD to mental patient turned author Ken Kesey and others, and thus it was said to have spread “out of the CIA’s realm.”259 These human experiments resulted in several deaths, many psychiatric problems and the conditioning of a generation to the casual use of drugs, both legal and illegal. The millions in payout for damages in tort costs naturally were born by the U.S. taxpayer. Sidney Gottlieb, a main researcher and poisoner-in-chief for this project conveniently died in March 1999 just as several new cases involving victims of his experiments were being pursued.260 Gottlieb presided over the CIA’s technical services division and supervised preparation of lethal poisons, experiments in mind control, and administration of LSD and other psycho-active drugs to unwitting subjects.

261 John Coleman, Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 (Las Vegas: Global Review Publications, 1997). [LINK]

CIA perpetrators of the MK-ULTRA civilian project, as usual, walked, including the Swiss drug company Sandoz AG that was responsible for the development and distribution of lysergic acid (LSD). Sandoz was owned by S.G. Warburg, of London. This drug company was part of the wide-ranging Warburg banking family assets. During WWII, one arm of the family, James Paul Warburg, was an advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt while another Warburg, Max, was one of Hitler's financial backers. James’s father, Paul Warburg, was sent to the United States to write the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. James Paul Warburg also financed and co-founded, with Marcus Raskin, the Institute for Policy Studies that promoted the new left counter-culture and the use of LSD,261 a drug his family’s company manufactured.

262 Bryon T. Weeks, “Tavistock, The Best Kept Secret in America,” July 31, 2001. [LINK]

The introduction of LSD was a new social phenomenon with two obvious impacts: the drug counter-culture of the 1960s and the student revolution, both of which were associated with widespread use of mind-altering substances. Both of these projects that targeted American youth were financed with $25 million by the CIA.262 During the British East India era, the Christian China Inland Mission introduced opium to the Chinese on a large scale. Two centuries later, rock musicians (Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.), and the music industry in Western countries brought the rapture of drug use and sexual promiscuity and made it socially acceptable to the young fans of this genre.

263 Salvador Astucia, Opium Lords, Israel, the Golden Triangle and the Kennedy Assassination. [LINK]

This cultural revolution of the 1960s, the brain child of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program, paved the way for the widespread introduction of hard drugs—heroin and cocaine—into the United States. The introduction of these drugs had been planned to happen as a result of the Vietnam War and the re-emergence of China as a world power. Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai made very clear the intentions of the Chinese when he stated, “Do you remember when the West imposed opium on us? They fought us with opium. And we are going to fight them with their own weapons. … The effect this demoralization is going to have on the United States will be far greater than anyone realizes.”263 In this goal, he was facilitated by the work of Henry Kissinger.

Wherever Henry Kissinger has gone, the stench of death and destruction soon follows. This has been his mission, his life’s work. This vile mass of spiritless form has served his elite masters well. Kissinger has been a skillful manipulator at upholding the delusional utopian vision of creating a world with a unitary government and economic system—the new high-tech feudal society. He describes the process by which this macabre nihilist vision is being brought to fruition, as “the birth pains” that of necessity must be experienced to lead to the development of this new world order. This man’s background and connection to much of the social chaos and war that have characterized the last fifty years and his status as an elder statesman whose wise council is sought in times of crisis simply underscore the moral decay of the controlling financial interests that have seized the reigns of the United States government.

264 John Coleman, Conspirarors’ Hierarchy: Commiteee of 300 (Las Vegas: Global Review Publications, 1997), 25. [LINK]
265 John Coleman, Diplomacy by Deception (New York: Bridger House Publishers, 1993), 155. [LINK]

Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, was the chief theoretician of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. His job was to define methodologies to shape and form public opinion. Bernays devised a method whereby agents, such as Kissinger, would be brought into the scheme of things to promote the New World Order secretly as the actual agenda of the United States. Kissinger’s role in planning wars in the Middle East, Korea, and in Vietnam is well known; as is his role in fomenting the first Gulf War.264 Kissinger’s “Energy Security” plan was adopted by Bush I and applied to Iraq. Kissinger reasoned that seizing Middle East oil as a preventive measure would be acceptable to the people of the United States, and an idea that could easily be sold to the Congress.265 He was right on both counts.

266 F. William Engdahl, A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Policits and the New World Order (London: Pluto Press, 2004). [LINK]

During May 1973, the Bilderberg Group held its meeting at Saltsjoeban, Sweden under the chairmanship of Nazi Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Its purpose was to impose the “oil shock” of 1973, which was blamed on OPEC. That too was crafted by Henry Kissinger.266 In 1973, the price of crude oil was about $1.70 a barrel. The oil companies were making from $15 to $18 billion a year in profit. Those were enormous profits. However, by 1980, without increasing output or the cost of production, the same oil companies were making $300 billion in profit. The oil embargo was a tactical maneuver in the art of worldwide economic warfare with the end goal of massive wealth transfer to a chosen few. The embargo was blamed on the Arabs, but this was nonsense. Oil was their only source of income. Testimony recorded in the Congressional Record at the time indicated that the storage tanks in the oil-producing nations were full. They were waiting for tankers to take the oil. Simply put, the oil industry was creating its own shortage to raise the price drastically and was making the Arabs and OPEC the designated patsies. The ultimate goal was to raise the price of oil that the consumer paid, get the Arabs to deposit their increased earnings in thirty year certificates in U.S. Banks, then use those certificates to lend money to third world countries knowing that they would default on their loans. Because the banks put the certificates in subsidiary holding companies, when the loans defaulted the holding companies could declare bankruptcy and the Arabs were bilked out of their principle. In the meantime, the defaulting countries were made to turn over their hard assets (arable land, old growth forests, water rights, minerals, oil etc.) to the lending institutions in perpetuity.

The Bilderberg Group, with Kissinger as their middleman, was simply declaring economic warfare on the entire planet. Clearly, it was a highly profitable war. Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, who was Saudi Arabia's OPEC minister at the time, corroborated this account a few years ago: “I am 100 percent sure that the Americans were behind the increase in the price of oil. The oil companies were in real trouble at that time, they had borrowed a lot of money and they needed a high oil price to save them.” Yamani says he was convinced of this by the attitude of the Shah of Iran, who in one crucial day in 1974 moved from the Saudi view, that a hike would be dangerous to OPEC because it would alienate the U.S., to advocating higher prices.

“King Faisal sent me to the Shah of Iran, who said, ‘Why are you against the increase in the price of oil? That is what they want? Ask Henry Kissinger—he is the one who wants a higher price’.”

267 F. William Engdahl, Ibid.

Yamani contends that proof of his long-held belief has recently emerged in the minutes of a secret meeting held on a Swedish island, where U.K. and U.S. officials determined to orchestrate a 400 percent increase in the oil price.267

Kissinger was the central player orchestrating world events during the Nixon administration. It was unlikely that Nixon had either the sophistication or the contacts of a world politician to control Kissinger. It is much more likely that it was Kissinger who controlled Nixon.

* Out of Debt, Out of Danger, 1943. [LINK]

Nixon started his career as a pawn of the banking cartel when they sponsored him to defeat the troublesome California Congressman Jerry Voorhis. Voorhis was one of the few congressmen who had a clue about the scam known as the Federal Reserve. He wrote an insightful little book, Out of Debt, Out of Danger,* in which he advocated issuance of non-interest bearing national bills. He was one of the few that understood the irony of the notion that sound money was created through the government or the individual going into debt. However, money that was debt and interest free as the result of the government itself was not sound money and a very dangerous thing. Voorhis, an independent thinker, was anathema to the banking industry. Nixon was not.

268 The ONLY only record of the 16th Amendment having been confirmed was a proclamation made by Secretary of State Philander Knox on 25 February 1913, wherein he simply declared it to be “in effect,” but never stated it was lawfully ratified. [LINK]

Edward Mandell House, an unelected advisor to President Woodrow Wilson encouraged Wilson to use the American military to enter into a strictly European conflict, WWI. This was done after Wilson won his election by pledging in his campaign to keep the country out of war. To make sure the bankers could make their profit on the backs of American people from this little venture, the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 and the Income Tax law was passed (but never ratified),268 essentially making the entire U.S. work force and their progeny collateral for government borrowing from these banking privateers.

Nixon had his Kissinger, who kept the Vietnam War going beyond any reason except the known outcome—the addiction to narcotics of thousands of U.S. GIs, the embrace of Communist China, the offshore oil wells, and the bankrupting and the planned deindustrialization of the U.S. economy by members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

269 U.S. Labor Party Investigating Team, Dope, Inc.: Britain’s Opium War Against the U.S. (New York: The New Benjamin Franklin House Publishing Company, 1978), 51. [LINK]

It is not widely known that President Nixon was a casualty in the war against the drug invasion of the United States. Had Nixon not taken up the most basic interests of the nation in launching a wholesale effort to shut down drug trafficking—from the top down—it is likely that he would not have been unceremoniously forced out of office by Henry Kissinger. Documents are available in the public domain from the Drug Enforcement Administration and other executive agencies showing that Nixon’s “War on Drugs” was directed at the top—at the banking institutions, the transportation grids, and only then at the distribution channels delivering the volumes of drugs onto the streets and country.269 But Nixon was not entirely innocent. He used the specter of widespread drug use in the “lawless” African American community to run a strong “law and order” campaign that pushed the race button of many white voters. Nixon, like so many politicians who fail to read and learn from history was an easy mark to take down. His hubris and his need to record his deeds for posterity was his own undoing. Ironically, Kissinger went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize whereas Nixon barely escaped going to jail. That in itself speaks volumes about who had the real power in that relationship.

In April 1968, a group of financiers, economists, politicians, scientists and industrialists met at the Rockefeller estate in Bellagio, Italy to promote the aims of the one world economic order. Out of that conference developed another organization, the Club of Rome. In line with their Malthusian roots, the Club of Rome published a series of papers advocating a new world economic order and a deliberate shrinking of world population. In one of their landmark studies, “The Goals of Mankind,” they attacked the idea of further industrial expansion and urban growth in Western nations, particularly the United States. It was a plan to end both industrial and agricultural expansion in the country. According to Stanford Professor Paul Erlich, “A massive campaign must be launched to de-develop the U.S. De-development means bringing our economic system into line with the realities of ecology and the world resource situation.” Erlich simply updated the Malthusian theme of population overload he first proposed in a 1968 book, The Population Bomb. His book predicted that hundreds of millions would die from famine and starvation in the 1970s and 1980s. His wishful thinking proved wrong. However, the theme of population reduction (and U.S. deindustrialization) continues to be promoted as policy initiatives toward less-developed countries. The current Obama White House Science Czar John Holdren co-authored a book with Erlich in the 1970s, Ecoscience: Population, Resources, and Environment that advocates forced population reduction.

By 1974, after the Club of Rome made population reduction part of the global agenda, the United States National Security Council under the direction of Henry Kissinger developed its own version of the Club of Rome documents, National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200), This memorandum explicitly discusses a strategy by which the United States would aggressively promote population control in developing nations to have access to natural resources thought necessary to protect the U.S. and Western corporate strategic interests. Kissinger claimed that burgeoning populations in the Less Developed Countries (LDCs), especially those that had natural resources coveted for U.S. strategic interests, were a national security threat. This becomes important in the understanding of how the AIDS crisis has been construed and used as a “politically useful tool” in resource rich areas of Africa.

270 Reuben Keyamaand Donald McNeil, Jr., “Distribution of Nets Splits Malaria Fighters,” International Herald Tribune, 9 October 2007. [LINK]

It must be understood, however, that when these documents refer to U.S. strategic interests, they are not referring to the people of the United States, but to those Americans who dominate, control, and own the American economy. As usual, because of these goals, American people were propagandized about the extensive foreign aid sent to these poor countries. The public was led to believe that their leaders were sending massive humanitarian aid overseas. This, of course, is sheer nonsense. Most taxpayer funded foreign aid is spent on the military, the clandestine agencies, and on projects managed by Western companies. Little aid is funneled to the local economies of developing countries. Foreign Aid is often just another wealth transfer boondoggle and crony payoff. There was quite a scandal in 2005 when it was revealed that the United States Agency for International Development, or USAID, which distributes foreign aid, was spending 95 percent of its malaria budget on consultants and 5 percent on goods, such as nets, drugs, and insecticide.270

According to a 2008 Friends Committee on National Legislation Report, of the total taxes collected in 2007, 43 percent went for military expenditure and 1 percent was used for foreign aid. Israel is still the top recipient of taxpayer largesse by receiving an acknowledged $3 billion per year and possibly as much as $15 billion from beleaguered American taxpayers who cannot even get their own bridges, levees, and energy grids repaired.

271 “Malaria’s Impact Worldwide,” CDC. [LINK]

Keeping the Club of Rome depopulation agenda in mind, very little foreign aid actually goes to countries in desperate need in a way that would improve infrastructure, hygiene, sanitation and nutrition. Condoms and vaccines and are not what the third world needs. The UN has reported that 40,000 people still die each day from starvation and that a million people die on an annual basis from malaria—largely infants under one year of age.271 Why promoting AIDS and allowing foreign aid to be funneled into the coffers of the politically connected continues to be policy is revealed in the infamous Kissinger National Security Memorandum 200:

In order to assist the development of major countries and to maximize progress toward population stability, primary emphasis would be placed on the largest and fastest growing developing countries where the imbalance between growing numbers and development potential most seriously risks instability, unrest, and international tensions. These countries are: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia, and Colombia. Out of total 73.3 million worldwide average increase in population from 1970-75 these countries contributed 34.3 million or 47%.

According to NSSM 200, the following elements would need to be implemented to affect this plan:

  1. Legalization of abortion—which was accomplished in the U.S. in 1973;
  2. Financial incentives for countries to increase abortion, sterilization, and contraception-use rates;
  3. Indoctrination of children;
  4. Mandatory population control and coercion of other forms, such as withholding disaster and food aid unless the LDC (less developed country) implements population control programs.

NSSM-200 indicates that the image of the United States must be maintained as a benign observer rather than the instigator of these population control policies. This was done through the auspices of the World Bank and IMF as well as NGOs (non-governmental organizations) such as the USAID (United States Agency for International Development), the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and the UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population Activities).

272 John Coleman, The Committee of 300, 319. [LINK]

The foreign policy imperative of NSSM-200 was codified on 26 November 1975, when Brent Scowcroft who followed Kissinger as National Security Advisor after Gerald Ford replaced Richard Nixon. According to John Coleman, Nixon was likely out maneuvered and set up for disgrace by Kissinger because of his preference for going after the top drug dealers and for his reluctance in the bombing of Cambodia and Hanoi.272

Not only did they not get approval from Congress for bombing Cambodia but they also tried to conceal the truth from Congress and the American people that there were 3,500 bombing sorties that killed 600,000 people who still tilled the soil with water buffalos.

To bolster the argument of future population conflicts and the need for population reduction in the Less Developed Countries, Kissinger cites numerous global conflicts, most of which were confirmed to have been supported by covert intelligence agencies of the United States and/or Israel in support of global commercial interests. Nine years after this policy paper went into effect, the global AIDS scare was manufactured.

The use of fear of disease and the subsequent creation of a “philanthropic” response to gain the public’s goodwill has been a long-term strategy of the Rockefeller-controlled medical cartel.

Opening Trade with China and the Globalization Scam

While thousands of Americans and millions of Vietnamese were dying to “save the world from Communism,” Kissinger was making secret trips to China, the world’s most populous Communist country, to meet with Premier Zhou Enlai to begin trade talks. That China was supplying the Viet Cong with weapons, including opium, to use against American soldiers was just part of the birthing pains for the new world order. Kissinger, instead of being tried for treason for this venture, was hailed as a hero who opened up trade with China. Good propaganda creates its own parallel reality. It was only after Kissinger’s 1972 trip to China that the Chinese role in the world opium trade ceased to make world headlines. The spin the media gave to the American people after Kissinger’s secret meetings with Chinese premiere Zhou Enlai paved the way for Nixon’s visit to China was that the diplomatic exchange would normalize relations with the world’s most populous country and trade would create a more “democratic” environment in China. This sounded reasonable, even enlightened, as this was spun as a strategy for nuclear deterrence in the Cold War with Russia. The spin was interesting since the policy from WWII until Nixon’s China trip had been to promote fear of Communism. After the Nixon trip, in an Orwellian about face, the world was told that Chinese Communism would uniquely surrender its harsher elements to the magic of McDonalds, Coca Cola, and free marker economics. However, there was another free market policy that was being put into place by the Vietnam War.

273 New York Times, 6 June 1971, 2.

The sudden burgeoning of heroin addiction among Gls in 1970 was the most important development in Southeast Asia’s narcotics traffic since the region attained self-sufficiency in opium production in the late 1950s. By 1968-1969, the Golden Triangle region was harvesting close to one thousand tons of raw opium annually, exporting morphine base to European heroin laboratories, and shipping substantial quantities of narcotics to Hong Kong, both for local consumption and re-export to the United States. Although large amounts of chunky, low-grade no. 3 heroin were being produced in Bangkok and the Golden Triangle for the local market, there were no laboratories anywhere in Southeast Asia capable of producing the fine-grained, 80 to 99 percent pure, no. 4 heroin. However, in late 1969 and early 1970, Golden Triangle laboratories added the final, dangerous, ether precipitation process and converted to production of no. 4 heroin. Many of the master chemists who supervised the conversion were Chinese brought in especially from Hong Kong. In a June 1971 report, the CIA said that conversion from no. 3 to no. 4 heroin production in the Golden Triangle “appears to be due to the sudden increase in demand by a large and relatively affluent market in South Vietnam.”—meaning the American soldiers. By mid-April 1971, demand for no. 4 heroin, both in Vietnam and the United States, had increased so quickly that the wholesale price for a kilo jumped to $1,780 from $1,240 the previous September.273

274 Capt. Gary C. Lulenski (MC), Capt. Larry E. Alessi (MC) and Sp4c Charles E. Burdick, “Drug Abuse in the 23rd Infantry Division (Americal),” September 1970, 9.

Once large quantities of heroin became available to American Gls in Vietnam, heroin addiction spread like a plague. Previously nonexistent in South Vietnam, suddenly no. 4 heroin was everywhere: Fourteen-year old girls were selling heroin at roadside stands on the main highway from Saigon to the U.S. army base at Long Binh; Saigon street peddlers stuffed plastic vials of 95 percent pure heroin into the pockets of Gls as they strolled through downtown Saigon; and mama-sans, or Vietnamese barracks’ maids, started carrying a few vials to work for sale to on-duty Gls. With this kind of aggressive sales campaign, the results were predictable. In September 1970, army medical officers questioned 3,103 soldiers of the Americal Division and discovered that 11.9 percent had tried heroin since they came to Vietnam, and 6.6 percent were still using it on a regular basis.274

The real truth is that the opening of China by Kissinger was about business. Although it has had a profoundly net negative impact on the U.S. economy and social organization, it was very beneficial to Henry and the international peddlers. Henry heads China Ventures, a company engaged in joint ventures with China’s state bank. As its brochure explains, China Ventures invests only in projects that “enjoy the unquestioned support of the People’s Republic of China.” In September 1989, John Fialka wrote an article “Mr. Kissinger Has Opinions on China—and Business Ties,” for the Wall Street Journal, in which he explores the private business interests behind U.S. foreign policy—a very unusual step for this newspaper. What this article did not explain was that this was just more of the trade that the British East India Company had begun coming back into the open. Drug money had made Hong Kong fabulously wealthy, and all of that laundered money needed a place to invest openly. The drug money would go into China’s industrial development. This was good for business. American workers cost too much, and Chinese workers, sufficiently pacified by the brutality of the Communist regime in the slaughter of laborers, students, and intellectuals from the Cultural Revolution to the protest at Tiananmen Square in 1989 would work for slave wages. It has been estimated that up to sixty five million people were killed under the direction of Chairman Mao Tse Tung. The Chinese regime had also adopted a one-child per family rule. The Club of Rome’s plan was coming to fruition. Now the drugs would not only be flowing into China but also our of China and into the veins and bloodstreams of U.S. Vietnam veterans and America’s soon to be out-of-work, disengaged, infantilized, miseducated, and alienated youth.

275 “The Opium Kings,” PBS Frontline.

A 2008 report from the U.S. Council General’s office for Hong Kong and Macau states, “The People’s Republic of China is a major drug transit country to regional drug consumers in neighboring parts of Asia as well as for international drug markets (though not the U.S.).” The denial by the Council General, for political and economic reasons, of Chinese opium entering the U.S. as heroin is highly unlikely. China has been reported to still be a major exporter of heroin to the U.S. market.275

276 Carl Bernstein, and Bob Woodward, The Final Days (New York: Simon and Schuster, 2005).

In any event, addicting military men and using them as mules for the importation of heroin into the country was of no importance to Kissinger. They were simply pawns to be used and discarded after the war. Kissinger revealed his true feelings about the military when he stated that soldiers are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns in foreign policy.276 Turning them into drug addicts was of no consequence to him. It did have a great impact on the social fabric of American cities and towns, and it led to the next Nixon administration brain storm, the “War on Drugs” scam.

Nixon’s War on Drugs Scam

277 Correspondence from Col. F. Prouty to Jim Garrison. [LINK]
278 Alfred W. McCoy, The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade (Chicago: Lawrence Hill, 1991), 156. [LINK]

The Vietnam War was largely a turf war between two factions of Europeans, the Americans/British and the French, using Vietnamese nationals as their proxies, vying for territorial prerogative over the spoils of Vietnam and South East Asia. Colonel Edward Lansdale was the architect of this little escapade. Lansdale had mastered the CIA's repertoire of covert action techniques, including sabotage, psychological warfare, and counterinsurgency. When he arrived in Saigon in May 1954 on the orders of Allen Dulles who was reportedly working against the expressed wishes of President Eisenhower,277 he was fresh from engineering President Ramon Magaysay’s successfully executed and bloody counterinsurgency campaign against the Philippine peasantry. Now he would take on the French government and the Corsican underworld, which from the late nineteenth century onward had a thriving black market business in currency and opium smuggling.278 He began the same counterinsurgency measures in North Vietnam that he mastered in the Philippines committing political, psychological and terrorist acts designed to drive a wedge between the local population and Ho Chi Minh’s growing revolutionary movement. Ho had worked closely with the OSS during WWII against the Japanese who had invaded Vietnam. Because of his loyalty to the U.S. in support of their war efforts, he naïvely counted on U.S. support for his drive for an independent Vietnam. Plans had already been made after WWII to divide Vietnam into two sectors.

279 John Dumbrell, Vietnam: American Involvement at Home and Abroad. “BAAS” phamplet, 1992.

With an open checkbook from the U.S. taxpayer, 1.1 million frightened northern Vietnamese were resettled in the South: 660,000 were transported by U.S. Navy ships and the rest by CIA airline planes, The transported people, many of whom were Catholic, were recruited to become supporters of the U.S. backed Ngo Dinh Diem. From April 1956 the Military Assistance Advisory Group (who set up and trained Diem’s army) demolished any commitment to the Geneva agreement. Protesting that free elections would be impossible in the North, Diem and his American sponsors abandoned any prospect of free elections in the South. These developments along with increasing repression of the Viet Minh and their sympathizers provoked a communist response.279 The plan to divide Vietnam into two sectors was made by Truman, Churchill and Stalin in 1945 at the Potsdam conference. The north was to be controlled by the Chinese and the south by British interests. Landsdale was the facilitator.

280 The Soong family were Chinese agents of the House of Sassoon. With Sassoon/Rothschild money, they carved up China into drug regions dominated by warlords.
281 Prouty, Letter to Jim Garrison: Soong from prominent family, educated Harvard, Governor of Central Bank of China, Minister of Finance (note the Harvard, banking, opium, money laundering connection). [LINK]

Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, for multiple reasons as discussed earlier, but largely for his orientation away from S.E. Asia. A change in U.S. policy toward Vietnam would have altered the course of history in keeping with the plans made in 1943 in Cairo and Tehran by T.V. Soong280 and his Asian masterminds281 and in 1945 at Potsdam by Truman, Churchill and Stalin to divide both Korea and Vietnam into two zones for the deliberate purpose of strengthening China’s sphere of influence.

282 Col. Prouty identified Lansdale as one of the “tramps” in Dealey Plaza the day Kennedy was shot in Dallas.
283 New York Times, 6 June 1971, 2.
284 Alain Y. Dessaint, “The Poppies Are Beautiful This Year,” Natural History, February 1972, 31. [LINK]

The CIA team led by Lansdale282 had already been stirring up trouble in Vietnam for nine years without congressional approval or oversight. After Kennedy’s murder, the Vietnam War was escalated and allowed to continue for another eleven years. History fails to teach that this was a twenty-year-war—and for what? Each year of the conflict produced another crop of heroin addicted veterans returning to the United States. By 1971, a pure kilo of No. 4 heroin increased in price by 44 percent, from $1,240 in September 1970 to $1,780 in April 1971, despite a 30 percent decline in the number of GIs serving in Vietnam during the same period.283 Moreover, the rapid growth of exports to the United States spurred a dramatic leap in the price of raw opium in the Golden Triangle. One American trained anthropologist who spent several years studying hill tribes in northern Thailand reports that “between 1968 and early 1970 … the price of raw opium at the producing village almost doubled from $24 to $45 a kilogram.”284 Although the growing rate of addiction among remaining U.S. troops in Vietnam probably accounted for some increased demand, increased exports to the American domestic market provided the major impetus behind the price rise.

In anticipation of the addicted soldiers returning home en masse, the Nixon administration busied itself in 1971 declaring a War on Drugs. Coincidence? The Vietnam War ended rather ignominiously four years later. The United States lost 58,000 and had over 350,000 causalities. Some have estimated that as many as 3 million Vietnamese were slaughtered as well as hundreds of thousands in Laos and Cambodia. The Vietnam War had served it purpose—the oil companies got access to drilling rights off the coast of Vietnam, the drugs flowed, and China was strengthened by giving her a greater sphere of influence in the region. The psychological character of the United States had finally been penetrated and reduced to gelatin by a steady onslaught of assassinations: Kennedy, Malcolm X, King, Kennedy and the vile imagery from a savage war beaming nightly into people’s homes. A subset of the baby boomers was undoubtedly traumatized by the Tavistock Institute inspired shock and awe treatment to the point that with the aid of another Tavistock-inspired CIA program, MK-ULTRA, a home-grown underground drug culture began to permeate the society. The young people were unwittingly falling into the trap that had been set for them by Kissinger, Nixon, and the global elites who saw Vietnam as just another step in the “birth pains” of their utopian vision of a wholly integrated global state in which capital and goods would flow freely, but in which the rights of people would be significantly curtailed—the high tech technotronic state.

After Nixon’s declaration of a new drug war front, drugs and Uzis, both linked back to the CIA, poured over the United States borders and into all communities. The drug strategy had the greatest impact in minority communities that were already under attack by the DOD’s Rand Institute initiative of “planned shrinkage” and “benign neglect” policies. As communities of color were struggling to survive the Rand created onslaught, new drug terrors, first heroin and then cocaine from Latin America, were massively marketed to their children. This was followed by both Nixon’s and Reagan’s tough “law and order” politicking, the increasing militarization of the domestic police forces and the filling of private for profit jails with nonviolent American youth. The big new U.S. industries were drugs, policing, and prisons: drugs leading to crime, crime leading to increased spending on crime prevention, prevention leading to the rapid militarization of local police forces and more and larger jails as another profit center for Wall Street.

War on Drugs Spawns Prison Industry

285 “The Black and White of Justice,” Freedom Magazine, vol. 128. [LINK]
286 Ibid.

As the plan predicted, crime escalated. The controlled media, creating other psy-ops, made it appear as if the crime wave was largely a black problem. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, an estimated 12 percent of drug users are African American. Yet, predictably, they make up nearly 50 percent of all drug possession arrests in the U.S. that enter the penal system.285 According to the National Drug Strategy Network, African Americans make up less than one-third of the population in Georgia, but their arrest rate for drugs is five times greater than the white arrest rate. In addition, since 1990, African Americans have accounted for more than 75 percent of persons incarcerated for drug offenses in Georgia and comprise 97.7 percent of the people in thar state given life sentences for drug offenses. In six California counties independently surveyed in 1995, 100 percent of individuals sent to trial on drug charges were minorities, although the drug-using population in those same counties was more than 60 percent white.286

A CNN article in 1996 cited U.S. government figures that show more than 90 percent of all federal prosecutions for crack cocaine in 1995 were of African American defendants. In addition, unlike convictions for powdered cocaine and other drugs (which wealthier, white defendants are more likely to use), a conviction for selling crack cocaine can carry a lengthy prison term without benefit of parole.

The media hype about black men running wild with automatic weapons and drugs was another Tavistock-inspired shock treatment to instill fear in Middle America who was likewise being targeted by the same drugs. The big drug runners, including then Vice President George H. W. Bush and Oliver North were rich and free to run more drugs. That was the point. Drugs and Uzis were the perfect excuse to give rise to the national security state where citizens are now under constant surveillance, and police roll into American neighborhoods in armored vehicles with SWAT teams as if they were in Baghdad—the implementation of the law and order agenda was promoted most vociferously by the very politicians who were using drugs to support their political agenda.

Flooding working class neighborhoods with illegal drugs became the new method for urban renewal and pacification. As the jobs got shipped to Latin America and China, the workers were too dumbed down by an increasingly irrelevant secondary education system; were pacified and made docile by fluoride-laced drinking water; became obese and lethargic by the consumption of toxic and overprocessed food; were totally unaware of the history of the labor movement because of deliberate miseducation; and finally were just too stoned to mount an organized resistance. They were trapped by their own alienation as victims of this silent war.

As the industrial base was moved offshore, the drug war gave rise to a new private prison industry designed to control both the black and white communities. As factory jobs became scarcer, and farms had been mechanized and imported cheap illegal Mexican labor, blacks went to prison in record numbers, and whites got jobs as prison guards.

As drugs and guns flowed into neighborhoods, many homeowners abandoned their hard won working class homes for safer terrain. As drugs and guns moved in, property values began to fall. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) vultures scooped in to buy the abandoned properties for pennies on the dollar. HUD properties were then packaged as defaulted mortgage bundles and sold to corporate and university portfolios at deflated prices. Certain neighborhoods, especially in black and minority communities, were particularly targeted. The purchasers of these mortgage bundles seemed to have insider information and foreknowledge of investment appreciation as city planners made projections for development and urban renewal projects years in advance.

287 Uri Dowbenko, “BUSHWHACKED: HUD Fraud, Spooks and the Slumlords of Harvard,” Conspiracy Digest: Real News that Connects the Dots, 2000. [LINK]

Historically, the Chinese Opium Trade and the African Slave Trade provided the financial foundation for the Boston “Bluebloods.” It was not surprising that the Harvard Endowment Fund and the Harvard Management Corporation were involved in the insider HUD purchases.287 The key was the relationship between (1) government guaranteed/insured mortgages, (2) asset seizure/forfeitures, and (3) private companies that derive profits from an inside track with both government programs. Besides Harvard, the other primary investors in the funds were Capricorn Investments and Herbert S. “Pug” Winokur, Jr.

Winokur, former executive vice president and director of Penn Central Corp, CEO of Capricorn Holdings, and managing partner of three Capricorn Investors Limited Partnerships, was one insider who may have benefited from the assault against open bid auctions for defaulted HUD mortgages.

Not incidentally, from 1988 to 1997, because of his large investments, Winokur was also the chairman and CEO of DynCorp, a U.S. government contractor for the Department of Defense, NASA, Department of State, EPA, Center for Disease Control, National Institute of Health, the U.S. Postal Service and other U.S. government agencies. DynCorp was involved in the buying and selling of women and children for prostitution in the Bosnia conflict and was rewarded for human trafficking by the Pentagon with contracts to provide police advisors and trainers in Baghdad!

288 Uri Dowbenko, “BUSHWACKED.”

As pertaining to HUD mortgages, according to SEC registration documents (S-1), DynCorp was the prime servicer of the Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Fund, having procured a five-year contract with the Department of Justice worth $217 million from 1993 to 1998. The one thousand-person contract required staffing at over three hundred locations in the U.S. and involved support of DOJ’s drug-related asset seizure program.288 In other words, DynCorp, knowing beforehand that such assets would appreciate, was free to target the real estate assets it wanted to put into the portfolios of associated firms. It was a perfect insider's game.

289 Noam Chomsky, “American Foreign Policy,” delivered at Harvard University, 19 March 1985. [LINK]

The war on drugs had other benefits as well. It has allowed the various U.S. alphabet agencies to wage war against any constructive response by local Latin American campesinos to their feudal situation. It seems that there is a correlation between a poor human rights climate and U.S. aid. The worse the human rights climate, the more American aid increases. The worse the human rights climate, the better the business climate. According to Noam Chomsky, a plausible theory of U.S. foreign policy would contend that human rights are irrelevant but that improving the climate for foreign business operations is highly relevant.289 The war on drugs, now replaced by the war on terror, is used to continue the pattern of extractive capitalism, drug running, money laundering, and human trafficking. This is the dark side of free capital flows.

It should also be noted that the American economy itself is addicted to drugs. Drug money is essential to the health of what has become, because of banking policies, a parasitic tapeworm economy. Without drug prohibition, besides limiting the private prison business, insurance companies would be smaller and less profitable. The magistrates, judges, lawyers, police, prison guards, and foreign owners would be twiddling their thumbs. Hospitals would be closing down surplus beds. The entire AIDS industry would fold. Supplies of house security paraphernalia would collapse, and drug counselors and therapists would have to find new work. Purveyors of electronic equipment would be deprived of the business that comes from replacing stolen video recorders and computers.

290 Michael Ruppert, “The CIA, Drugs and Wall Street,” From the Wilderness, 29 June 1999. [LINK]

However, the most important issue is this: Estimates are that from $100 to $250 million in drug profits are laundered through U.S. banks every year. The multiplier effect (6×) of $250 million is $1.5 trillion per year in U.S. cash transactions. Corporations trading on Wall Street, including many implicated in money laundering schemes where products are sold with questionable bookkeeping throughout drug producing regions, all have stock values that are based on annual net profits. Known as price to earnings or the POP, the multiplier effect in stock values is sometimes as much as a factor of thirty. Thus, for a firm like General Electric or Piper Aircraft to have an additional $10 million in net profit based on the drug trade, the net increase in the company’s stock value could be as much as $300 million. If the drug trade goes, stock values would collapse.290

Katherine Austin Fitts, a former HUD undersecretary, once gave a lecture to over a hundred “spiritually inclined” Americans during which she revealed that the import of drugs plaguing their communities was being done deliberately to maintain the POP of stock values. She asked the people in the audience to raise their hands to indicate whether they would like to see drugs disappear and lose their stock value or keep the drugs and their stock values. Only one hand shot up for getting rid of the drugs. America lost its moral core on the way to the bank. Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai was correct. It would seem that the whole country is addicted to drugs or drug money.

Finally, because of the war on drugs, more than 5.6 million Americans are in prison or have served time, according to a report by the Justice Department, that is, 1 in 37 adults living in the United States. In the land of the free, this is the highest incarceration level on the entire planet.

291 Etienne de Harven, “Retroviruses: the recollections of an electron microscopist,” Reappraising AIDS (Nov./Dec. 1998). [LINK]

While an increasing load of toxic and highly oxidative drugs was attacking the mitochondria and energy and immune systems of America’s youth, another plan was hatched just in case someone might make the connection between poly drug use and these sick young people. This time a new war would be declared—Nixon’s war on cancer. As money poured into the hunt for the viral cause of cancer, science changed from making objective observations based on fact to fantasyland. It was known, for example, in the 1960s that viruses were often seen in cells undergoing mitotic division. This had no relationship to infection or cancer development. According to Etienne de Harven an electron microscopist, the 1970 to 1980 years were dominated by a series of ideas that would never have withstood scrutiny ten or twenty years before. It became acceptable to postulate that when viruses cannot be seen by electron microscope in cancer cells, biochemical or immunological methods supposedly identifying viral markers were enough to demonstrate viral infection of the cells under scrutiny. Such markers can be an enzyme (reverse transcriptase), an antigen, various proteins, or some RNA sequence. Never seeing the viral particles was conveniently explained by the integration of the viral genome into the chromosomes of the alleged infected cells. De Harven goes on to acknowledge that “to accommodate with such interpretations implied complete oblivion of all we knew from previous research on cancer in experimental animals.”291 Before then, visible steps of viral replication (for example, budding) were always observed and regarded as essential for the spreading of infection from cell to cell.

Another step in the HIV set up was put in place when another shortcut that has had disastrous consequences was proposed. It was assumed that any material banding at 1.16 gm/ml in a gel medium after centrifugation, represented retroviruses. This was sheer nonsense. True retroviruses might band around that density, but so do a lot of microvesicles and proteinaceous debris, making the isolation and identification of pure virus virtually impossible by taking shortcuts and not following standard proven protocols.

Finally, it was well known that viruses that infected cells have a marked cytolytic effect on the infected cell. By contrast, retrovirus carrying cells maintain excellent viability and released viruses can be easily recovered in the culture supernatant without the need to apply any growth factors stimulation to the cultures (as was done by Gallo).

292 Etienne, de Harven, “Retroviruses.”

So, first the logical rules for virus isolation were changed, and the next step in this empty cancer war was to pump money into the system and create large numbers of jobs for researchers who would hold to these false tenets. The intellectual freedom to think along other avenues of cancer research rapidly dwindled; especially when major pharmaceutical companies offered tantalizing contracts to support polarized retrovirus research. The priority was to demonstrate, at any cost, that retroviruses had something to do with human cancer, a hypothesis that did not receive the slightest support before the war on cancer. Such a misdirected research effort would have been relatively inconsequential as long as public health was not involved. Unfortunately, the emergence of immunodeficiency syndromes in 1981 gave the retrovirus establishment an opportunity to transform what could have been only an academic flop into a public health tragedy.292

From the empty hunt for a cancer-causing virus came the cover story that was given to the world. The cancer industry had spent fruitless years looking for a viral cause of cancer. When this boondoggle was reaching the limits of its viability, the effort was suddenly redirected to look for a virus as a rationale for widespread drug toxicity. Two scientists, Montagnier in Paris and Gallo in the United States, failures at finding the viral cause of cancer, complied. The cover story they willingly helped to contrive would be the phantom virus HIV. HIV, described as both a type-C virus and a lentevirus, (two entirely different types of viruses) was claimed to be the cause of twenty-nine different old diseases that were conveniently re-branded as the result of a fraudulent antibody test to nonspecific ubiquitous cellular proteins. Thus, the reason for millions dying around the globe would not be a collusion of government and private enterprise policies. It would not be the drug-running of the global elite. It would not be their extensive money laundering capacity. It would not be the industrial policies of South African plutocrats. It would not be the consequence of the structural adjustment programs of the World Bank and the IMF. No, the elite would be exonerated from their crimes. People would die because of their careless debased sexual mores. Sex would no longer be an expression of shared energy between two lovers. It would become a terrifying weapon—something else to spread mass fear and hysteria.

Millions of young people would become sick, thousands would die in the West, and millions would die in Africa. It would all be blamed on AIDS. In the West, the excess deaths would be from the rampant importation of toxic drugs and an associated MK-ULTRA induced lifestyle and the widespread irresponsible use of toxic antibiotics. In Africa, deaths would come from ideas emanating from the Club of Rome advocating a reduction in population in LDCs, a policy adopted by the U.S. and made public in two documents: Kissinger’s NSSM 200 and Scowcroft’s NSD 314. The poor, the sick, the dying would be blamed for the creation of their own misery. It’s just business.

The war on cancer had a bigger secondary reason for the virus hunt. Cancer is the most profitable disease for the big pharmaceutical cartels. One cycle of treatments with one drug can cost as much as $30,000. When you consider that one in three Americans can expect to have a cancer diagnosis at some point in life, a collapse of this paradigm would also collapse massive profits. The drugs purposely introduced for use by those unfortunate enough to fall into the HIV trap are all carcinogenic and organ toxic. People are dying from the very drugs that target the virus. Since the HIV virus has never been isolated, there is no gentle word for this—it is murder!

293 Hans Jochim Ehlers, “Interview Heinrich Kremer,” Raum + Zeit, Nov./Dec. 2001. [LINK]
294 O. Klepp, O. Dahl, and J.T. Stenwig, “Association of Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Prior Immunosuppressive Therapy: A Five-year Material of Kaposi’s Sarcoma in Norway,” Cancer 42 (Dec 1978): 2626-30. [LINK]

Cancer, like immune deficiency, is a functional disease of the respiratory enzyme systems in the mitochondria, an organelle found in the cell’s cytoplasm. It is not a structural DNA disease as the cancer industry has come to believe. If cancer is functional that also means that cancer is a reversible disease. That cancer is reversible has already been shown by certain clinical phenomenon demonstrated in organ transplant patients. During the 1960s and 1970s significant clinical observations were recorded with some organ transplant patients treated with the immune suppressing drug, azothioprine. The patients developed transplantation AIDS—Kaposi’s sarcoma and opportunistic infections. The tumors disappeared spontaneously without leaving a trace when the azothoprine drug was withdrawn.293,294

Corticosteroids and nitrite inhalers were two drugs widely used in the gay community, some of whose members were the first to be diagnosed with AIDS. Many developed Kaposi’s sarcoma. It seems that nitrites and the aza group of azothioprine have a comparable nitrogen action profile that block oxygen dependent cellular respiration that takes place in the mitochondria. If anyone had bothered to read the literature, this was a clue. There was no need to call up the ghost of a phantom virus to explain a phenomenon that had already been observed in another immune suppressed population.

The finding validated the work of Otto Warburg, a German biochemist and another member of the infamous Warburg banking family. In 1931, Otto was awarded the Nobel Prize for elucidating the mechanism for cellular respiration and its effect on the transformation of a cell to cancer. By the 1960s, when this work was coming to fruition and was making inroads into clinical practice, the research money was abruptly stopped and transferred to the virus hunters who got the research money from Nixon’s war on cancer. In 1960, the anaerobiosis of cancer cells was established as fact. This is when methods were developed to measure oxygen pressure inside tumors in the living body. Nixon’s war on cancer directed research money away from this promising area to a futile hunt for elusive viruses. Curing cancer was not going to happen. Cancer is too lucrative a business for the Rockefeller pharmaceutical syndicate to tolerate cures. The research money was withdrawn from the development of Warburg’s ideas of oxidative metabolism as the key to unlocking the cancer problem. Warburg’s research was not taught in medical schools and several generations of physicians were steered away from this line of inquiry. The usual characters began to call Warburg’s findings “quackery.” It has been almost thirty-six years since Nixon’s declared cancer war, and the end result has been approximately 21 million cancer deaths.

295 Ralph Moss, Townsend Letter for Doctors, June 2004.

Today … the cancer effort is utterly fragmented—so much so that it’s nearly impossible to track down where the money to pay for all this research is coming from. And what money! It is estimated that U.S. $14.4 billion is spent each year on cancer research. “When you add it all up, Americans have spent … close to $200 billion, in inflation-adjusted dollars, since 1971.” It is certainly justifiable to ask for an accounting of that one-fifth of a trillion dollars.295

Aids and the Winds of Change

The political, economic, and social changes initiated by Kissinger through Nixon have had profound consequences to the most vulnerable populations—minorities in the United States and Africans who had only recently come from under the yoke of colonial rule. Just as African Americans were demanding and gaining full constitutional rights and Africans were seeking independent governance including control of their own resources, HIV/AIDS bubbled up from the Kissinger/Nixon cauldron of evil—the cancer and drug wars.

Because of the planned de-industrialization in the U.S. and “structural adjustment” programs in Africa, both communities of Africans were becoming culturally dislocated by drugs and poverty in the U.S. and extreme poverty and land theft in Africa. The respective policy strategies of “benign neglect” in the U.S. and “planned shrinkage” in Africa were a new silent war front. Silent wars are covert and while their outcome is planned and predictable, their methods must remain obscure. The villain who would take the blame was a phantom virus grown in the squalid Petri dish of fear because fear is the preferred method of mass control and it was one more Tavistock-inspired future shock that is just business.

  Chapters 10-17

10 — Iran-Contra and the Politics of Neighborhood Destruction and Cultural Disintegration, Oxidative Stressors and African AIDS

The term “acquiescence” would imply that the government simply turned a blind eye. But when one looks behind that word and what the government's actions were, as well as what is already known as a matter of public record, these are not acts of “acquiescence.”

They are much more proactive, and they are tantamount to a conspiracy by the United States Government to traffic narcotics for the purpose of generating ongoing covert revenue streams.

U.S. Government sponsored criminal activities include:

  1. The appointment of CIA and FBI personnel to have direct contact with narcotics traffickers;
  2. The manipulation of US Customs to ensure certain aircraft and ships were not inspected; and
  3. The maintenance of secured shipping routes and narcotics storage facilities by the United States Military.
image 02
Al Martin, The Conspirators:
Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider
Richard Grasso. former head of the SEC, meeting FARC Ruerrilla leader in Columbia—San Francisco Examiner, 6 July 1999. On retirement from the SEC, Grasso received a $140 million cash payout.

As a second year medical student, having completed the grueling work of learning anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and related subjects, my classmates and I were now being prepped to practice our skills on real living patients. I remember the excitement, anticipation, and dread I felt at my own awkwardness in this new role as doctor-in-training. One of our first exercises in the art of medicine was an assignment to take a detailed history and to perform a physical examination of an assigned patient. To my chagrin, my very first patient was comatose, on a respirator and unresponsive to external stimuli. I believe the only reflex he demonstrated was the Babinski reflex. The Babinski reflex occurs when the great toe flexes toward the top of the foot and the other toes fan out after the sole of the foot has been firmly stroked. In a person over the age of two, this indicates damage to the nerve paths connecting the spinal cord and the brain. The prognosis is usually grim, and there is a differential diagnosis of about seventeen diseases that can present with this finding.

I remember standing dumbfounded in front of that patient, fearing that my first assignment in history taking would be a bust. I completed my physical examination and then turned to his very massive hospital chart. He had been on that ward for a long time. I reviewed the chart and made it back to rounds in time to recite my findings. Since that first patient, I have seen thousands of people and taken thousands of histories, but that first patient taught me a lesson I shall never forget. What if all of the historians who recorded in that man’s chart before I arrived were wrong? What if they were as confused as I was, but were simply more authoritative in the expression of their confusion? The man in the bed could no longer speak for himself, but perhaps there were clues suggesting the resolution to his predicament that we were all missing.

This indeed has been the problem with AIDS medicine and its contextual history. The people who are said to be HIV positive do not have the power to speak for themselves and to tell their histories. Because of the planned failure of the public school systems that are more concerned with social control and indoctrination than with educating the masses, Americans are not only economically and politically illiterate, they are even more scientifically illiterate. They know more about how their cars function than their own bodies. They are more concerned with the quality of gas that goes into their engine than the food that goes into their mouths. The fear of being HIV-positive is palpable, but an HIV-positive test is like a name tag on the toe of a dead man. It is nothing more than an identifier. It does nothing to tell the story of how he ended up on that slab and how he might have avoided that fate.

There is much confusion in AIDS medicine that is expressed authoritatively and if challenged defended with haughty anger and pomposity rather than facts. Much of it is scientifically improbable and leads to a dead end. The HIV theory was first proposed to explain three phenomenona in the original cohort of patients, mainly in gay men, IV drug users, and hemophiliacs: The high frequency of Kaposi’s sarcoma, a blood-vessel malignancy, a few opportunistic infections, mainly a fungus, pneumocystis pneumonia, and a decrease in serum T4 lymphocytes. It was clear that no single infection could cause this wide-ranging disease pattern so the theory proposed that the sine qua non of HIV infection was the destruction of CD4+ T cells by the virus and T cell destruction created the conditions for the diseases to occur. However, it was noted from the very beginning that the virus could barely be found in T cells and many patients did not exhibit a decrease in CD4+ T cells until after the onset of one of the AIDS defining infections—thus undermining the entire premise of the theory. This impediment was of no great importance. With the Epidemic Intelligence Service and the WHO hyping the plague angle, it was only the image, the illusion that mattered, because this is what would be remembered.

There was also a whole body of evidence showing that there were many factors from infections, to sun exposure and to a diurnal variation that could lead to decreased T4 cells. Because so many people developed AIDS before their T cells decreased, T4 cell decrease is neither necessary nor sufficient for the development of AIDS.

296 Mae-Wan Ho, The Rainbow and the Worm, the Physics of Organisms, (2006 World Scientific, New Jersey) 78. [LINK]

The problem, however, is that from both a biochemical and electromagnetic level of cellular function there is a big gap of unexplained phenomenon in getting from T cell destruction to the catalogue of AIDS defining diseases. The process has to be logically congruent. Retroviruses had never been shown to kill cells, and even if they did, there still had to be a biochemical or a bio-electric mechanism that initiated the process. The most common factor uniting the AIDS risk group was their long-term exposure to exogenous immunosuppressive agents that were also oxidizing, Oxidizing agents drain cells of potential energy stored in electrons in the thiol (Sulfur-Hydrogen bond) system, altering the redox potential of the cell and thus its efficient functioning. The key to understanding living organisms is the concept of energy flow. In living organisms, energy is trapped at the electron level. It is stored not only as vibrational and electronic bond energies, but also in the structure of the system. This allows energy to be mobilized coherently and make available the entire spectrum of stored energy for work, whenever and wherever energy is called for.296

297 Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, “A mitotic theory,” J. Theor. Biol. 96 (1982): 741—58. [LINK]

The redox potential is a way of measuring energy flows and storage. According to the redox theory of cellular function, potential energy is stored in electrons in the thiol protein/peptide system. For the individual cell and ultimately the organs to use this energy to perform various functions, some of the electrons must be transferred to oxygen. In the process the cell becomes oxidized (decreased energy potential). The cellular electrons are then replenished by electrons found in food (antioxidants), and the cycle can began again.297 If there is chronic overuse of the stored electron potential because of exposure to environmental oxidizing agents or malnutrition, then, depending on the disposition of the individual, diseases will begin to manifest.

The big question is how did so many people become comatose to the clues? Peter Duesberg in America, Hassig, Kremer and Lanka in Germany, the Nobel Laureate Kerry Mullis, the Australians out of Perth headed by Elani Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Val Turner, as well as many others had been for years making similar claims about the cause of AIDS, much different from the AIDS establishment.

Duesberg made the case in his book Inventing AIDS that the underlying cause of AIDS was the drug epidemic. The Perth group expanded this idea to the biological level and identified drugs as a category of oxidative stressors. Popadopulos, a physicist, understood the process in bio-electric terms. The Germans began to revive the ideas of evolutionary biology with the understanding that over the millennia the cell has developed predictable mechanisms for coping with external oxidative and nitrosative stressors, whatever their origin, and that the pattern of diseases called AIDS could be understood by exploring the predictable consequences of evolutionary biology and the nature of energy metabolism at the cellular level.

This notion of oxidative stress gave an explanation of the African AIDS problem, because illegal drugs were not a common factor on the continent. Essentially, what all of these respected researchers were considering is the roll of environmental stressors, which can be toxic, traumatic, infectious, nutritional, or psychic in the development of the new spate of immune deficiency. If there was something catastrophically happening environmentally to create this syndrome, then what was it? To identify the trends leading to AIDS, one had to leave the confines of the clinics and hospitals and delve into the murky history of international drug running, international banking, and the deep politics of espionage.

Opium and heroin were drugs imported from the East, but another drug imported from Latin America is even more damaging to the immune system, and that is the product that began to show up in a major way in the 1980s—crack cocaine.

Another important historical clue in the AIDS-drug crisis was the Iran-Contra Affair. The influx of narcotics has had significant impact through corruption of the legal system, the banking system, and legislative bodies, and the general decline in the economy and general health parameters of the country cannot be overstated. The trafficked drugs are oxidative stressors and, as such, a new theory of AIDS was proposed that could explain all of the diverse findings in the varied disease patterns.

298 Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, “Looking Back on the Oxidative Stress Theory of AIDS,” Continuum Magazine 5 (1998/99): 30-35. [LINK]

The oxidative theory predicted that AIDS would remain in the restricted risk groups; that the only sexual risk factor would correlate with receptive anal intercourse because sperm are highly oxidizing; that both antibody positive and antibody negative drug users would develop AIDS irrespective of whether the needles are clean or not or whether the drugs are used intravenously or not; that in Africa there was neither a new disease AIDS nor a new virus HIV; that the decrease in CD4+ T4 cells is not specific and is neither necessary nor sufficient for the syndrome to appear; that the tissues of AIDS patients and those at risk would be oxidized in general and that they would have a low sulphydryl (-SH sulfur-hydrogen) group levels; that AIDS can be prevented by stopping exposure to the oxidizing risk factors by using currently available therapeutic (anti-oxidants in general and SH containing, in particular) substances.298 The HIV/AIDS theory has predicted nothing correctly. The oxidative theory has been spot on and therefore useful as a therapeutic model.

299 J.A. Cook et al., “Crack Cocaine, Disease Progression and mortality in a Multicenter Cohort of HIV-1 Positive Women,” AIDS 22 (2008):
1355-63. [LINK]

Recent research has shown that crack users were over three times more likely than nonusers to die of AIDS-related causes, after controlling for age, race, use of HAART (antiretroviral therapy), problem drinking, income, education, duration of illness, and baseline virological and immunological indicators. Crack users had greater CD4 T cell loss and were more likely than nonusers to develop new AIDS-defining illnesses, and these results persisted when controlling for heroin use, any injection drug use, tobacco smoking, symptoms of depression, and hepatitis C virus co-infection. In other words, crack cocaine causes AIDS.299

300 Franziska Boess et al., “Effects of Cocaine and Its Oxidative Metabolites on Mitochondrial Respiration and Generation Of Reactive Oxygen Species,” Biochemical Pharmacology 60 (2000): 615-23.
301 W. Xu, et al., “Cocaine Effects on Immunocompetent Cells: An Observation of in Vitro Cocaine Exposure,” Int J Immunopharm 21 (1999):

Cocaine has been shown to affect immune function through the release of corticosterone. Acute administration of both cocaine and corticosterone produces an enhancement of the Th2 dependent antibody response and a rise in Th2 cytokines, a measure of humoral immunity and a propensity to shift the system toward Th2, possibly at the expense of Th1 cell-mediated responses. Cocaine is also known to produce severe damage to liver cells. This has been shown to occur because cocaine produces oxidative metabolites that inhibit mitochondrial respiration and lead to a depletion of the energy molecule ATP and to subsequent cell death.300 Cocaine is also known to reduce B cell function, natural killer cell function, with attenuated killing capacity and monocyte-macrophage function with decreased ability to inhibit the growth of tumor cells.301

So it must be understood that drawing attention to the Drug/Oxidative Stress hypothesis would also draw attention to the nature of the drug problem and the relationship between drugs and the clandestine agencies, drugs and the military, drugs and the banking and insurance industries, and drugs and political campaign contributions. The people involved in this business are slimy, but they are anything but stupid. Creating the AIDS crisis was both an economic and a politically useful tool. So when Iran-Contra erupted, it was more of the same.

Iran-Contra was an illegal covert operation run from the Reagan-Bush White House that involved the CIA in illegal arms sales to Iran in exchange for hostages, supplying weapons to the Nicaraguan Contra terrorists or freedom fighters in exchange for drugs that were then sold to Americans—mostly crack cocaine to African American and Hispanic neighborhoods. It also encompassed the Savings and Loan scandal and the destruction of this segment of the banking industry that ultimately once again, got dumped in the laps of defrauded American taxpayers.

Ronald Reagan was a disaster for the human family. His administration brought permanent revolutionary changes to the U.S. system of government that have only just become obvious to the oblivious. He was contemptuous of the environmental movement and once quipped, “If you’ve seen one redwood you've seen them all.” To the Interior Department, Reagan appointed James Watt who systematically opened millions of acres of government land to commercial exploitation. At the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ann Burford, his appointee, used her position to protect corporations that were dumping and poisoning the environment.

He willfully assaulted the human services infrastructure in the United States and boasted that he had eliminated over a thousand programs that served lower-income groups. He had his “Let them eat cake” moment when he proposed that ketchup and pickle relish would suffice for vegetables in school lunches. While raising taxes on the poor and middle class, he slashed them by 60 percent for the ultra-rich.

302 A Marxist and one of the leaders of the communist October Revolution in Russia. He was born Leyba Bronstein.
303 John Sockwell, The Praetorian Guard: The U.S. Role in the New World Order (Cambridge, MA: Southend Press, 1981). [LINK]

He put Elliot Abrams, one of Leon Trotsky’s302 wandering ghosts, into the Human Rights Division of the State Department with orders to dismantle it. The administration then sent files of confidential testimonies that Pat Derian, under President Carter, had obtained from refugees from repressive countries to the police in those countries. The Immigration and Naturalization Services subsequently deported many of the refugees to countries where brutal police were waiting for them at the airports.303

While he was stacking the benches with far right judges who were sympathetic to corporate interests and disdainful of the rights of citizens, his administration was importing massive amounts of cocaine and using their own created drug crisis to expand the Nixon War on Drugs program that ballooned the incarceration rate for nonviolent drug offenders and transferred substantial property of the poor and middle class to the state and private corporate entities under seizure laws. While Nancy Reagan was cynically telling America’s youth to just say no, her husband and his Vice President, George H.W. Bush (who had been head of the CIA and an ambassador to China), were using the created crisis of the War on Drugs as justification for the curtailment of civil liberties.

Iran Contra

Gary Webb is dead. His death was ruled a suicide even though it was reported that there were two gun shot wounds to the head. Webb will long be remembered for his book Dark Alliance, which was first published as a series of articles in the San Jose Mercury News in 1996, The story exposed what became known as the Iran-Contra drug scandal and the U.S. government's marketing of crack cocaine to its own citizens in South Central Los Angeles, in the 1980s. The CIA’s Inspector General Report Vol. II on Drug Trafficking confirmed the allegations.

304 William Huntington Russell was co-founder of the Yale Skull and Bones society. He was first cousin to Samuel Russell who made his fortune dealing drugs—opium to the Chinese.
305 A made man is a mafia term used to signify someone who has been officially accepted into the organization after committing the first contract killing referred to as “making your bones”.

According to Webb, during the 1980s, there were two covert operations overseen by the National Security Council of the Reagan administration. Essentially, the NSA was managing narcotics trafficking directly from the White House under the direction of Oliver North and then Vice President George H.W. Bush—an old Skull and Bones304 and CIA man. The operations involved the illegal sale of weapons to Iran and the provision of covert aid to the Nicaraguan Contra insurgency in contradiction to congressional authority. Fourteen people were eventually indicted or convicted of crimes. George H.W. Bush became a made man305 and was duly rewarded with the Presidency of the United States.

The caper involved not only arms sales to Iran but also the solicitation of funds from third-party governments as well as wealthy Americans to pursue a foreign policy agenda in Central America that was clearly illegal. During the course of the independent council’s investigation, persistent rumors arose that the administration had sanctioned drug trafficking as well in order to have another source of operational funding. The charges were successfully deflected until Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance exposé confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt the government’s links to drug trafficking in the United States.

According to Al Martin, a retired U.S. Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Navel Intelligence, who was intimately involved in the affair—Iran-Contra was just a “ruse.” The ruse was to arm a 50,000 man army in Nicaragua by means of (government) sanctioned trafficking in cocaine, by means of trafficking weapons, and by means of the intricate and complex network of State sponsored, State organized, and State protected fraud. Martin claimed that it was a huge conspiracy to commit wide-ranging frauds:

  • Fraud perpetrated upon savings and loans and commercial banks.
  • Fraud perpetrated on securities firms and insurance firms.
  • Fraud perpetrated on the Internal Revenue Service through a variety of illicit tax shelters.

This was a new and rather bold scheme operated at the highest levels of government. … It was an operation, Martin claimed, that, at its peak in 1985, involved over 5,000 individuals.

The essential concept was to refinance and to replenish the coffers of what constitutes, as the then Assistant Secretary of State Elliott Abrams said publicly, “a Shadow Government in the United States,” a government that the American government turns to when it wishes certain illegal covert operations to be extant pursuant to a political objective.

306 Al Martin, The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider (Pray, MN: National Liberty Press, 2002), 12. [LINK]

It’s been estimated by the Kerry Commission, and re-estimated by the Hughes Commission, that U.S. institutions and individuals were defrauded out of $5 to $7 billion. Most of the money was guaranteed by the U.S. treasury—the taxpayers. It is money that the taxpayers of the United States, having been defrauded by their own elected officials and employees, will ultimately have to pay.306

Iran-Contra was not the first time the government's direct involvement in narcotics trafficking was so ably chronicled. Alfred McCoy, writing in the 1970s, documented the involvement of the CIA and the military in heroin and opium trafficking in Southeast Asia. McCoy discovered that narcotics had been an ongoing source of covert funding for years.

307 Michael Ruppert, “Hostages: A multi-part FTW report—A.I.G.” From The Wilderness. [PART1] [PART2]

The War Conspiracy by Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D. of U.C. Berkeley is another exposé that traces the connections between drug trafficking in Southeast Asia and American Intelligence operations. Scott gives detailed references about two important players in the intelligence game, C.V. Starr and Paul Helliwell, both of whom have been tied to the drug trade.307 Helliwell pioneered the art of illegal financing of intelligence activity to avoid bureaucratic (congressional) oversight and accountability. He formulated techniques for creating banks and businesses to cover CIA operations. Those connections also led directly to the China lobby and firms identified as either CIA proprietaries or affiliates, such as Sea Supply, (run by Helliwell), Civil Air Transport (CAT), a CIA proprietary, Civil Air Transport Company, Ltd.,—a separate firm not owned by but affiliated with the CIA through CAT, and Air America, an evolution of Civil Air Transport.

C.V. Starr was a British insurance magnate who worked with OSS member “Wild” Bill Donovan to use his commercial and insurance connections in occupied China and Formosa to create deep cover intelligence network. He was the founder of Asia Life/C.V. Starr Companies in the 1930s that was incorporated as AIG in 1967, These relationships have a direct connection to the Wall Street banking crisis of 2008.

Unaware of heroin and opium trafficking from Asia as part of the Vietnam debacle and of the long history of global peddlers of international commerce in narcotics, many observers were taken aback by the scope of the Iran-Contra episode and of the financing operation involved. The operation reached into the American banking system (money laundering) and included various forms of financial fraud. Al Martin claimed in his book The Conspirators, that this fraud gave the operation a link to the scandals that enveloped the savings and loan industry in the late 1980s.

Before the 2008 Wall Street bail out, the Savings and Loan scandal was possibly the largest theft in the history of the United States. Essentially, the ploy was to get Congress to raise the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insured limit from $40,000 to $100,000 while simultaneously deregulating the industry. This two-part strategy allowed bank owners to lend themselves money knowing that they would never pay it back. This was akin to the banks suddenly opening their vaults and allowing every two-bit-swindler with a briefcase to walk through and take what they pleased—and they did!

308 Stephen Pizzo, Mary Fricker, and Paul Muolo, Inside Job: The Looting of America’s Savings And Loans (New York: Harper Collins, 1991). [LINK]

In essence, what happened in the S&L scandal was that a gang of criminals, including the CIA, the Mafia, Washington politicians, and others all participated in raping the nation’s S&L. industry, eagerly sidling up to the trough while it lasted. The politicians took away the controls over the S&L industry, while increasing the bag the taxpayer would hold if it all came crashing down. Selected S&Ls were randomly chosen to be investigated, but a common pattern was found, The same people would keep appearing, working at one S&L, looting it until it went under, then going to work for another, and repeating the same process.308

309 Prescott Bush, George's father, had worked for Brown, Brothers, Harriman one of the money-laundering banks used by Helliwell in the 1940s.
310 Wade Frazier, “The savings and loan scandal and public accounting,” A Healed Planet. [LINK]

The same people that figured so highly in the Iran-Contra scandal, where drugs were brought into the United States and arms shipped to U.S.-controlled mercenaries in Central America, were also laundering drug money through the S&Ls that were being looted, in George Bush’s backyard, by his buddies.309 Although the official investigation concluded that probably no more than 15 percent of the losses incurred in the scandal were due to outright fraud, official investigations always downplay or ignore fraud and corruption. While there is no doubt that numerous factors played their role in the scandal, fraud and corruption may have accounted for more than half of the losses. A U.S. Comptroller of the Currency Report, 1988 stated that less than ten percent of Savings and Loan failures were strictly due to economics, and the Government Accounting Office issued a report in 1989 that identified insider abuse and fraud at 64 percent of the banks that failed in 1987310

When Congress later held hearings on Iran-Contra, one of the most explosive documents revealed was a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) covering the period from 2 March 1982 to 3 August 1995. In March 1998, the CIA Inspector General testified that there had existed a secret agreement between CIA and the Justice Department, wherein “during the years 1982 to 1995, CIA did not have to report the drug trafficking by its assets to the Justice Department.” As Michael Levine, a former DEA agent commented, “[To] a trained DEA agent this literally means that the CIA had been granted a license to obstruct justice in our so-called War on Drugs; a license that lasted, so the CIA claims, from 1982 to 1995.”

The actual request from Central Intelligence Agency Director William Casey to then-Attorney General William French Smith is still not in the public domain. But two letters, one from Smith thanking Casey for his request and a follow-up by Casey, are both available on the Internet. They were released as part of an internal CIA report that explored allegations of CIA involvement in drug trafficking. In the first document, Smith thanks Casey for his letter (the one that is not public) and says: “… in view of the fine cooperation the Drug Enforcement Administration has received from CIA, no formal requirement regarding the reporting of narcotics violations has been included in these procedures.”—William French Smith, Attorney General.

Casey in return thanked the Attorney General for his understanding: “I am pleased that these procedures, which I believe strike the proper balance between enforcement of the law and protection of intelligence sources and methods, will now be forwarded to other agencies.”—William J. Casey, Director, Central Intelligence Agency

311 Martha Honey, “US, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” In These Times, May 1998.

Why would the CIA ask to be exempt specifically from drug enforcement laws? According to Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif), who at one time called for full disclosure of the facts, “The CIA knew that the Contras were dealing drugs. They made this deal with the Attorney General to protect themselves from having to report it.311

When this caper began to fall apart, Admiral Poindexter was the designated fall guy for the Reagan and Bush administration. Poindexter is an extremely smart but a rather unscrupulous character. He graduated in the top of his class at the Naval Academy and went on to earn a PhD in physics. He was National Security Advisor at the time. He was convicted of lying to Congress, destroying evidence and defrauding the government, behavior becoming an officer but clearly not a gentleman.

312 John Coleman, Diplomacy by Deception (Carson City, NV: Bridger House Publishers, 1993), 128. [LINK]

When the whole sordid Iran-Contra affair broke open, Reagan and Bush claimed to be shocked that such a thing could happen in their White House. However, Reagan had publicly extolled the virtues of the drug-running Contras as “freedom fighters.” Reagan may have been in the beginning stage of Alzheimer’s, but Bush was an old CIA operative, and it is highly unlikely that he did not have control over the military and intelligence departments as related to this operation. Had Poindexter not taken the stand to claim that he never informed Bush about the specifics of Iran/Contra, impeachment proceedings would have followed, which Bush with all of his powerful protection would not have been able to avoid. In this, Bush was assisted by Congressman Lee Hamilton, whose investigation of the covert action was so poorly carried out as to amount to a total whitewash of the guilty parties, including Reagan and Bush.312 Lee Hamilton did such a bang up job covering up Iran/Contra that he was assigned the same function for 9/11 as well.

I have put thousands of Americans away for tens of thousands of years for less evidence for conspiracy with less evidence than is available against Ollie North and CIA people. … I personally was involved in a deep-cover case that went to the top of the drug world in three countries. The CIA killed it.

— Former DEA Agent Michael Levine, CNBC-TV, 8 October 1996.
313 Catherine Austin Fitts, “Narco-Dollars for Beginners: How the Money Works in the Illicit Drug Trade, Part III, Drugs as Currency,” Narco News. [LINK]

The Clinton's rise to the White House was fuelled by Iran-Contra operations in Arkansas.313 The drugs and arms transshipments point in Mena, Arkansas had allegedly been one of the most significant operations occurring under the aegis of the National Security Council’s (NSC) Oliver North. According to reports, every month of the operation millions of dollars of arms and drugs flowed through the airport at Mena. The stories of drug-running escapades and the deaths of many people who tried to stop or expose them, including two teenage boys who witnessed such drops and were found dead on the train tracks near the airport, were explored endlessly on the Internet but were effectively suppressed from the “official reality” of national TV or newspapers. There were nine different official investigations into Mena after 1987, from allegedly compromised federal grand juries to congressional inquiries suppressed by the National Security Council in 1988 under Ronald Reagan to still later U.S. Justice Department inaction under George Bush. Officials repeatedly invoked state security to quash most of the investigations.

314 Sally Denton and Roger Morris, “The Crimes of Mena,” Penthouse, July 1995. [LINK]

Court documents do show clearly that the CIA and the DEA employed Barry Seal who was flying planeloads of cocaine into Mena, during 1984 and 1985, for the Reagan administration’s celebrated sting attempt to implicate the Nicaraguan Sandinista regime in cocaine trafficking.314

315 Katherine Austin Fitts, “The Myth of the Rule of Law, or How the Money Works: The Destruction of Hamilton Securities Group,” 12 August 2002. [LINK]

When the Clintons arrived in Washington, there were numerous efforts to investigate government narcotics trafficking and fraud. Sally Denton and Roger Morris probably got the closest. Their article on Mena was pulled by the Washington Post at the very last minute, eventually to run in Penthouse in the summer of 1995. However, the journalist who finally broke through the nation’s mass denial was Gary Webb, and he made it through, thanks to the Internet, a medium much harder to control than the broadcast or printed press.315

The year before Webb's story was released in the San Jose Mercury News, Katherine Austin Fitts, former Under Secretary at the Department of Housing and Urban Renewal (HUD) and former partner with the Wall Street investment company, Dillon and Reed, launched her own business, Hamilton Securities. The company, with satellites located in inner-city neighborhoods, developed a software program called Community Wizard. The software was designed for use by citizens to identify how government money is spent locally. It allowed ordinary citizens access to information about government expenditures and contract opportunities that were usually assigned to Washington insiders. It was a very powerful and threatening tool for those who wanted to continue operating shadowy criminal enterprises at government expense, free from the scrutiny of Congress and citizens. It gave ordinary people the same knowledge as insiders who were making a fortune on the aggregation and low-bidding and procurement of lucrative government contracts.

316 Catherine Austin Fitts, “The Myth of the Rule of Law or how the money works: the destruction of Hamilton Securities Group,” SRA Quarterly (London), November 2001; 12 August 2002. [LINK]

The software was able to identify neighborhood patterns of defaulted HUD mortgage loans for the District of Columbia, New Orleans, and South Central Los Angeles. At the same time that the Webb story broke, Hamilton Securities discovered, with the use of the Community Wizard software, high and expensive rates of HUD mortgage defaults within areas of heavy narcotics trafficking in South Central Los Angeles. The Community Wizard program was able to produce targeted community maps that highlighted the pattern of single-family foreclosures on single-family HUD-backed mortgages. What was surprising about these maps was that they serendipitously brought some very important but obscure information into focus. On careful examination, the maps disclosed that all of the HUD foreclosures were in the center of areas where the crack cocaine epidemic had occurred. What was further revealed by looking at the HUD data was that, during the 1980s, thousands of middle-class African American wage-earning families with mortgages lost their homes. Why? There were drive-by shootings, the whole neighborhood deteriorated, crack people moved in next door, the children were being gunned down or were going to jail, and so families were forced to leave the neighborhood. A house that had a value of $100,000 was suddenly appraised at $40,000 because nobody wanted to buy it. It could not be sold, so people often just walked away from the chaos, leaving their investment behind.316 This was more of what the Rand Institute had labeled as “planned shrinkage.”

Hamilton Securities’ place-based maps also showed that someone else came along and bought thousands of homes for 10 to 20 cents on the dollar in the years right after the crack cocaine epidemic. One of the large investors was the Harvard Endowment Fund, which was still beefing up a very large tax-free investment portfolio for short-term capital gains from the destruction of African American communities and asset forfeiture brought on by the drug trade.

Harvard University is governed by two boards: The Harvard Corporation comprising the president and seven Fellows of Harvard College and the Board of Overseers. The Corporation is self-perpetuating and fills its vacancies itself, with the consent of the Board of Overseers. Overseers are elected by the alumni at large. H