Thursday, July 25, 2024
  Information Wants To Be Free  
open access

Technically not a book, this compendium of articles about Open Access and ‘Information Wants To Be (Should Be) Free’ is included in the Latest eBooks section for its (hopeful) information value.

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TAB# 2: Information wants to be free (Wikipedia)
TAB# 3: “Information Wants to be Free”: The history of that quote
TAB# 4: “Hackers” and “Information Wants to Be Free”
TAB# 5: Information Wants To Be Free By Charles Warner
TAB# 6: Information wants to be free, but the world isn't ready
TAB# 7: Information wants to be free | part of the Visions of the Information Society project
TAB# 8: Everything You Need To Know About Book Sales Figures
TAB# 9: Book Royalties 101: How They Work (Complete Guide)
TAB# 10: How many books can you expect to sell?
TAB# 11: What is education? A definition and discussion
TAB# 12: Should Higher Education Be Free?
TAB# 13: Education should be corruption free
TAB# 14: Right to Education: Situation of children’s right to education worldwide