Monday, March 19, 2018

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Xeno worksheet

19-12-2017 Under Construction

  Chapter 26 ♦ worksheet     © 1979 Robert A. Freitas Jr. All Rights Reserved     

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20-11-2017 Under Construction

Many other imaginative and exotic energy systems have beenpostulated by various writers, including geothermal heat andvolcanism, piezoelectricity, solar wind ions...

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Chapter rebuild

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  Chapter XX ♦ Version 1    © 1979 Robert A. Freitas Jr. All Rights Reserved    XXX

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Chapter 26

31-10-2017 Xenology by chapter

 Xenology - Chapter 26  First Contact and the Human Response 26.1 Military and Political Response 26.1.1 Remote Contact 26.1.2 Direct Contact 26.1.3 Surprise Contact 26.2 Public...

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Chapter 25

31-10-2017 Xenology by chapter

 Xenology - Chapter 25  Theory and Practice of First Contact 25.1 First Contact and Metalaw 25.1.1 Basic Metalaw 25.1.2 Fasan's Metalaws 25.1.3 Universal Thermoethical Principles of...

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Chapter 24

31-10-2017 Xenology by chapter

 Xenology - Chapter 24  Interstellar Communication Techniques 24.1 The Cosmic Miracle 24.1.1 Eavesdropping 24.2 Extraterrestrial Signaling 24.2.1 Alternative Channels: Neutrinos, HEPs, Gravitons and Tachyons 24.2.2 Electromagnetic Waves...

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