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The font & spacing in this example appears to me to be the same font as in the IntroText, but there does not appear to be any extra spacing after the paragraph.

Estenim sed amet adipiscing ultricies. Porta urna ac scelerisque! Vel magna, in est. Dapibus pulvinar nunc adipiscing. Magnis augue pellentesque amet.

The Tabs

The first (20) tabs are working, but when I tried to add another (20) tabs, they do not work.

When I add the second set of (20) tabs to mod_old_jf_chrome_typo, all of the v.1 features quit working. Below is a copy of the mod_old_jf_chrome_typo with (40) sets of tabs (that does not work).

http://tonylutz.com/modules/mod_old_jf_chrome_typo/assets/css/40 tabs-jf_chrome_old_typo.min.css

Also, I tried to get the tab-style you sent (tab-style21) to work, but could not get it to work.

Below is a link to the custom.css file that I tried.


Default font and paragraph spacing

The default font is too small. I would like the default font to be the same as in text-style3. Also change the default font color to #000.

This is the default font

This is text-style3-black

There appears to be little or no paragraph spacing within the tabs.

If there is some spacing defined, it is too little. I'd like the paragraph spacing within the tabs to be the same as the spacing in the IntroText.  (except make it 1.6em instead of 1.7em)

The paragraph spacing in the example at the top of the IntroText gives a little too much space. I think it is 1.7em in the IntroText example.

I think that it is set at 1.6em at the Gaian Corps website (whatever it is … I would like to duplicate whatever the setting is at GaianCorps).

Category layout

Click to view larger image

Click [HERE] to view image at 1349 × 2425

Sample Pages 1
Sample Pages 1

This is the image you made of a revised Category layout.
I've made some changes marked in red.

The measurements indicated in red are pixels in the image.
For example reduce the outside margin by 1/2
and reduce the inside margin by 1/3.

Not related to Category Layout, but related to my use of the toggle – for example in the image on this page.

If you notice, by clicking to view the larger image, the smaller image is still there, in the lower row of the table. Can you make this lower row/smaller image disapper when clicking to view the larger image?


Click to view larger image

Click [HERE] to view image at 1600 × 1232

facelift 01
facelift 01

I don't know how easy it is to make the changes to the layout of the top portion of the page, but these are the revisions I'd like to make, if it is not too difficult.

Also, here in particular, I'd like to know where these setting are — in case I want to make other changes to these settings.

Category: Select a template

Click to view larger image

Click [HERE] to view image at 1920 × 1537

996px template
996px template

Can you make a template — available in "Edit category/Display Settings/Select a template" — that I can use with articles at Gaian Corps that would require too much work to import the html into a template with a different width than used at Gaian Corps (960px wide).

Also, the templates that are available in "Edit category/Display Settings/Select a template" do not appear to be working properly?

I don't think I need so many different styles of templates — only one default, plus this other 960px template.

New Toggle
toggle tab

Can you make a new toggle – the style used in v.2 – that is similar to toggle4, but with the changes indicated in the image at right? If so, call it "jf_typo_toggle style5".

Title table - black box

The black box with whith text used as the title for most of the pages you see is also used quite extensively at Gaian Corps. For some reason, the v.2 template does not fill in the background with black, as the v.1 template would. The example below is from v.2 and you can see all the white space inside of the cell.

  Preface: The Greatest Standing Errors in Physics and Mathematics  

Below is a screen shot from the same table at Gaian Corps. Can you do anything to fill in the background with black?
You can view this example from Gaian Corps [HERE]

title table

Also, if you zoom in on the screenshot of the Title Box from Gaian Corps, you will notice that the black from the background color is darker/deeper shade of black then the Black Highlight Text used in the title. If you can fix this, can you make the colors match?

Related to this, I have "adjusted" the code for "highlight-style3-black" to compensate for this, an example of which when used in the "Title Box" you can view [HERE} but this is not an exact fit, and it is only with style3, and in the example above, style2 highlight text was used. So overall, this is not a good fix.


Click to view larger image

Click [HERE] to view image at 1600 × 383


I'd like to adjust the margins for "Blockquote" tag as in the image on right.


If you notice in the .css file, I have eliminated all but legunds #1 and #3. I have also eliminated all titles for legunds, including for #1&#3

I want to make (2) new legunds, which duplicate #1&#3 but with the changes indicated in the image at right. Maybe name the new ones #2 & #4.

I do now want to change legunds #1 & #3 because of the numerous times they are used at Gaian Corps, in which I will not want to disturb the existing layout/spacing.

New old-style toggle
new old toggle style

I would like to make new toggle in the style of the old toggles from v.1 Name it "jf-chrome-toggle-style4".

Basically, shrink the container by about 40% and also reduce the font size by a point or two.

Again, I need a new toggle so that the old toggles from v.1 at Gaian Corps are not changed.

Gif's in .css

Click to view larger image

Click [HERE] to view image at 1849 × 1017

gif in css
gif in css

Can you get rid of this and the other .gif's embedded in the .css file. The one depicted in the image at right is at the very bottom of the .css. Can't this (and the other) embedded .gif's be removed and linked to a file on my server?

Misc. other changes

Change the header – "h3" – tag to #000000 from the shade of blue it currently is.

Change the K2 image from displaying above the text to being alined right within the text. In other words, in the same position that I place images in all my articles – on the right with text aligned left.

Get rid of as much of Kunena and JoomSocial as possible. Also the same for pricing tables.

The URLs for pages at the website are not very user friendly, for example, the URL for this page is:
Is there some setting to change which will make the URLs a little easier for the average person to read and understand? Also, when giving a page link, the current URLs are too long ...

I'll probably think of a few other changes, but for now, that is all that I can come up with.

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