Sunday, May 26, 2024
  Grand Jury: Revealing the Agenda for World Domination     Source

Experts from the World Health Organization, United Nations, British Secret Services, the US & UK Military, the CDC, Pfizer & Governmental Health Agencies reveal a criminal agenda to implement worldwide tyranny, under the guise of pandemics.

'These are the worst crimes against humanity, ever committed', say lawyers & scientists

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and an international network of lawyers have interviewed more than 150 experts from every field of science. They have conclusive evidence that the pandemic and lockdowns are the worst crimes against humanity ever committed.

Proof that the pandemic was planned

Months of research have revealed an astonishing number of strong indications that the pandemic was planned, and is being meticulously orchestrated. This is not a conspiracy theory, but a review of undeniable evidence.

As you may know, the Corona Investigative Committee has recently disbanded in the wake of a financial scandal. While people are worrying about the claimed €1.35 million said to have gone missing, I have a more relevant question: is Reiner Füllmich really a fraud lawyer?

He is charming. He’s personable. He is admitted to the bar in California and, so far as we know, in Germany. But does he have a clue? Does he have his facts straight? I will not be considering his claims of victory over Volkswagen and Deutch Bank, but rather his thought process as an attorney — the one thing that nobody seems to be discussing.

Is Reiner Füllmich, formerly of the Corona Investigative Committee, really a fraud lawyer? Skip to 7:39 for more on Reiner Füllmich

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  Scientific response to the Corona Committee     Source

Recently, Dr. Lanka and Dr. Kaufman agreed to participate in a scientific discussion on the core question of virus existence. Unfortunately, not only were they treated rudely, they were kept waiting for over an hour, even though there was no real reason to do so. Thousands of live viewers got extremely upset with the hosts because this discussion has been overdue and also because my three guests are the spearheads of the truth movement.

What happened at the Corona Committee? Many people were extremely upset about Dr. Wodarg and Mrs Fischer, also some with R. Fuellmich. We discussed the thoughts on the Corona Committee and other similar organizations that represent opposition to Covid measurements and vaccine mandates but at the same time are quite resistant to talk about the main issue, which is the non isolation of a virus.

The spoken text at the end is from Prentice Mulford "Unserer Seele Kraft"