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An Initiative to Protect Private Property Rights of American Citizens

“THE SEIZURE OF THE WEALTH NECESSARY” – Review of Reviews, May 1902, page 557!

“I am convinced of your work on The Pilgrims and their control of the precious metals.” – email from SRS Rocco on 2/16/2013

“Charles Savoie has released an encyclopedia on the Texas Bullion Depository and cover to cover it goes over facts of what no one else is talking about!” – Kenneth Ameduri Crush The Street

“A Gigantic Conspiracy Was Formed in London and New York to Demonetize Silver” – Martin Walbert, “The Coming Battle — A Complete History of the National Banking Money Power in the United States” (1899)

Welcome to the most censored, blacklisted and coverage-refused site in precious metals!

To date, no sites refusing coverage to these findings has attempted any refutation; they merely ignore it. This website is completely UNCENSORED and is completely FREE! No coverage on the You Tube interview circuit! Not on Greg Hunter USA Watchdog! Not On Dave Janda! Not on X-22 Report! Not on $$ SGT Report (1 session is not “coverage!”) Not on Silver Doctors! Not on Sarah WINDFALL show! Not on The Daily Coin! Not on World Alternative Media! On and on, name any show you can name — CENSORS & BLACKLISTERS! Why zero coverage? Haven’t you noticed? Interviews are ONLY for guests selling $$ newsletters, coin and bullion, mining shares, books or other! Then the hosts and guests all LIE and insist guests aren’t $$ PAYING for these obvious marketing promotions!! Never any admission these are $$$ paid sessions! Then hosts want you to subsidize these merchandisers selling $$$ things to you, by tossing MONEY to their channel! Please don’t donate MONEY $$$ to LIARS! GREG HUNTER’S FAVORITE SITES ARE THOSE HAVING WHAT?

Click HERE to see in dramatized terms the enemy we are facing!

Received from Bill Haynes of CMI in Phoenix on 4/28/2013 — "Incredible research. I’ve been doing silver bullion for 40 years and have never seen what you uncovered.” (CMI best rated dealer; even their doormat is likely to be a genius!)

The Pilgrims Society has been “keeping the world on the right track” (Congressional Record, August 19, 1940) and it is “the most powerful international society on earth” and is “so wrapped in silence that few Americans know of its existence since 1903” (“The Empire of The City — World Superstate,” 1946). It holds the management reins of Bilderberg, Trilaterals, CFR and many more!

“If you took the time to read everything Charlie has written on the silver market and particularly the price suppression schemes that have been going on for a very, very long time, you would probably be as knowledgeable about the silver market than nearly anybody on the planet” — video interview statement by David Morgan 1/4/2015. (I have a WAV file of this statement! In fall 2018, I withdrew my huge free Archives from Morgan’s site due to his refusal to admit he pays for You Tube interviews. Really, he expects people to believe he gets free business promotions to help him market a paid subscription newsletter at $997 a “pop!” Then his interviewers want listeners to toss money to them, denying guests are paying to be interviewed! Why would you subsidize anyone exclusively boosting merchandisers to you? The interview channels are, by their actions, telling you “People without things to market to you for purchase price CANNOT have any interesting CONTENT!” This is why so many first time visitors at Silver Stealers have NEVER heard of this free research project, done with the objective of shielding private property rights of investors in precious metals!)

“I mentioned your name to Thom Calandra. I said you were the best silver researcher on the planet.” – email from Jason Hommel of Silver Stock Report & JH Mint 5/23/2009.

“Thanks Charles for so much information. I may need to contact you later.” – Tennessee State Representative Bud Hulsey on state bullion depositories, message 11/27/2016.

Mike Maloney’s “Hidden Secrets of Money” is good! However, where does he mention ANY of the info at Silver Stealers? He doesn’t, and he won’t either. You won’t ever hear word one from Choir Boy Mike Maloney about The Pilgrims Society. Maloney has no qualifications to probe so deeply, otherwise we’d have seen it years ago. Could be his metals dealings would suffer from sources hovering above.

These are examples of history being erased/re-written of which we are aware, and then only thanks to the diligence of Charles Savoie.” — Jeff Nielson at Sprott Money News.

“Charles Savoie has written the best researched and documented case on silver and the banking establishment going back into history.” — David Morgan in 'Get The Skinny On Silver Investing' - see page 3. Yeah! And that’s why the You Tube interview shows don’t want me on! Because I’ve presented “the best researched and documented case on silver and the banking establishment.” No, they don’t want me on because they’re running paid advertising businesses and people with 100% free info DO NOT FIT IN! Friends? Do you believe people are out to boost people’s sales and do it for them as a free service? Are you OK with interviewers and guests all lying to you and denying the guests pay to be interviewed? The facts say these are paid sessions, as very nearly 100% of guests are selling paid newsletter subscriptions, bullion, coins, mining shares, books, site memberships and more. We aren’t against selling, nor against advertising! We are against denials that the guests are getting free promotions. Human nature says no! What percent of their guests aren’t marketing something? See, it’s why Spend Grabber Totally Report (SGT) had Andy Hoffman on at least 62 times to my ONE! Hoffman’s spiels contained none of my content. You’d never learn from his kind what I present here — EVER! You also can’t get it from Cathy Money Fits, regardless that she was mere window dressing at Dillon Read. She was in close proximity to Pilgrims Society members and can’t even tell you which Dillon Read figures were members and which ones later became members! She’s too poorly connected to have the leaked rosters! But be sure to buy her newsletter subscription so she can “harvest” you! Greg Hunter LOVES PAY WALLS!

“I salute the author for this magnificent piece of research. This will FOREVER change my own writing about silver. I will be referring to it again and again in the future, and those who are too lazy to do their "homework" will NEVER be able to extract as much benefit from my future work as those who do.” — Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada.

“I was introduced to Charles Savoie and his research through David Morgan in 2002. Charlie is, in my opinion, the most knowledgeable silver/gold manipulation researcher that I am aware of, anywhere.” — Kenny Parsons, Silver Bear Cafe. Note that I have cited only very brief excerpts from Morgan, and NOT any entire essay of his! His previous acknowledgements of my work STAND, but no explanation as to why he got unlimited interviews and I had nearly zero. It’s about MONEY, friends! People with things to SELL can and do get interviews on X-22 Report, USA Watchdog Silver Doctors, Gold Seek Radio and all the rest!

“Charles Savoie is pretty much BLACKLISTED in the silver community because he talks about the CONSPIRACY” — Brother John F, 11/18/13 youtube


This documentary has been refused coverage by your "good friends" running the Gold Anti-trust Action Committee (GATA). GATA has zero input into this documentary and receives zero credit for presenting it to you. Here you won't find suits, ties, or a bloated personality parade. What you will find here is hard hitting information not available anywhere else in the precious metals sphere. And unlike Mister Bill MURPHY, I have never been hit with a $275,000 FINE for SHADY commodity trading practices. And unlike GATA “favorite” Thom Calandra, I have never been assessed a $540,000 FINE for an “illegal trading scheme” After MURPHY disgraced himself, why is anyone listening to him spout? And all he ever spouts is kid stuff! Ever hear Murphy mention The Pilgrims Society? And you will NOT! And not from “Connecticut Chris” Powell either while Powell boosts the DISGRACED Calandra. Aww gee, I just should have set the baby Jesus on fire rather than fault find GATA! After all, no gold would ever have been mined without the GOD Bill Murphy and the SEEDY FLAKE Chris Powell! Hey Chris! Are you in contact with any Pilgrims Society members? Connecticut “Colony” is crawling with them! Come clean, Chris! We’d like to know! Squint those beady eyes, CHRIS! Friends? Since Chris Powell runs with these characters who’ve racked up $815,000 in FINES, why is 24 Hour Gold giving Powell a sounding platform? What makes these website operators and You Tube interview hosts “tick” that they have no qualms about giving FLAKES so much coverage? Especially when they have really no penetrating info on our REAL problem in precious metals — the role of “by invitation only” membership organizations! Silver Seek, why host them? The record of $$$$$ fraud does not trouble these site operators nor the “interview” hosts but it should be very disturbing to the rank and file.

“The Silver Stealers,” currently 525 pages — is a free read — “Metals Confiscation, Facts and Prospects,” 312 pages — another free research from me to the metals community — my “Britain Against Silver Series,” tallying 1,020 pages — also free to the community, can’t get mentioned due to some concept of favoritism! Plus almost 225 other research pieces (many lengthy documentations) — all free reads I sacrificed long portions of my life to produce for the metals community — and many sites (GATA, 24 Hour Gold, Silver Seek and more) refuse any mention of the huge trove of free historical research — all heavily documented and cross-referenced — on silver, with extensive coverage of gold also.

Note that in 2018, I asked the LAUGHABLE Silver Doctors site (long boosted QUACKS like Bo Polny) to delete the few articles by me there, which ONLY got into the site “piggy backed” on one of their favorites, SRS Rocco, because this amounted to mere insulting TOKEN coverage and BURIED obscurely in their site, while the personalities they’ve promoted are all SELLING things (not wrong to sell; but surely “free info” can’t be squeezed out!) Another of the SD personalities I’ve seen jokingly referred to as “Cathy Money Fits” selling her “Sunburn Report” for $375! Coverage? Interviews? ONLY if you have something for PURCHASE! That applies at USA Flea Dog Greg Hunter; SGT Report (Spend Grabber Totally Ripoff), Your Street For Jason’s Street, Sarah WINDFALL, Silver QUACKS, The Daily SLUG Coin etc. Now you say, “You’ll never get interviews after offending them.” HUH? I was never going to get interviews in the first place no matter what! They ONLY interview people SELLING things! FREE INFORMATION PROVIDERS ARE BANNED! I was on SGT Ripoff ONCE as “filler” material as he had a gap in his schedule of merchandisers!

24 Hour Gold
24 Hour Gold website

24 Hour Gold site which boosts peddlers and merchandisers exclusively, posted something WRITTEN BY ME, CHARLIE SAVOIE, on their start page in March 2019, in such a way as to make my former associate David Morgan, appear as if HE wrote this which I released in February 2013! When you clicked on the link it finally showed my name, but misleading nonetheless as credit for MY WORK is being SIPHONED OFF for the benefit of someone I ended connections with in fall 2018! I tried over and over to message 24 Hour Gold and it’s set up so that it was impossible! 24 Hour Gold is a FLAKY, UNPRINCIPLED SITE that they’d do this to me! I never claimed or implied credit for anyone else’s research! 24 Hour Gold has never invited me to any participation and like Silver Doctors, I could only get mention if one of their “Us Four And No More” favorites walked me in like a dog on a leash subordinated under egotistical auspices of puffed-up personalities they gratuitously laureate! NO THANK YOU to such a basis! 24 Hour Gold is happy to boost money grubbing promoters like Jim Willie, another pathetic figure renown for very bad silver price predictions. On June 8, 2017, Silver Doctors had Willie and in the comments someone said Willie predicted $400 silver by year end 2017. I made screenshot months ago, just checked and Silver Doctors deleted comments criticizing Willie! So I can prove they are deleting bad feedback on their precious, coddled favorites!

Trump with Woody
Trump with Woody Johnson

Trump with his pal Woody Johnson of The Pilgrims NYC executive committee:

What would happen if there was a secret society called "The Pilgrims" (there is) and it planned and caused both World Wars and blamed it on Germany (it did) and it used America to fight for the British Empire (it did) and it caused the Great Depression by destroying the silver money of the entire Far East (it did) after which USA exporters had to lay off millions of workers (it did) and built up Russia and China as enemies (it did) and is planning to bring world population down below 500 million Crown serfs (it is) by means of a Third World War? What would happen if exceptionally strong documentation was presented on these matters?

THE ALT MEDIA WOULD REFUSE ANY AND ALL COVERAGE, that's what has happened! Silver Stealers site and its companion No Silver Nationalization have nothing to sell and are 100% free access. Interview hosts are lying when they say guests don’t pay! My work is deemed unsuitable for coverage as I “erred” by making it all free access!

pilgrims cover 240
Honorary Pilgrim Members

The Fact That The USA President Regardless of Party Is Under Cover With These British Empire Conspirators Is Of ZERO INTEREST to You Tube Interview Shows! Reason Being, Since I Make All Info Available FREE They Have No Way To Make Money Having Me On As An Interview Guest Since I’m Not Selling Anything To You! So They TOTALLY BLACKLIST this ULTRA-VITAL Information!

What is the USA President doing in bed with this nearly unknown organization linking us to Old World tyranny and monetary subversion based in London? Page 141 of the short run 2003 book, “The Pilgrims of the United States” features this:

nixon letter

After Nixon became a Pilgrims member, he halted gold conversion for foreign dollar holders and capped domestic mined silver at $1.61! Comes now Trump in a meeting with Texas sheriffs in February 2017 in which he offered to destroy the career of a Texas State Senator wanting to abolish civil asset forfeiture! This is not a President who will protect rights to own gold and silver; our War of Independence was fought in large part because the British trashed due process and wantonly seized property! Trump even made the remark in the infamously named Roosevelt room in the White House, after FDR who seized gold and silver, 1933-1934! He confirmed that his voters chose the lesser evil!

I publicly accuse The Pilgrims Society of conspiring to use Trump to sign Executive Orders parallel to those of FDR grabbing gold and silver from Americans — gold under color of monetary emergency and silver under color of military industrial crisis! This is in step with the Royalist organization’s intent to establish Crown serfdom for all Americans — POVERTY! If Congress won’t do its lawful job of investigating this most dangerous of organizations, state legislatures must take up the effort. Texans, get your precious metals into New Mexico where civil asset forfeiture was rescinded and stay OUT of the new Texas Bullion Depository until Texas gets rid of CAF! Feeding tax consumer greed only makes them worse! IMO Trump wants to reindustrialize America, not to help workers, but so we can build a more powerful military so we can help his British senior “Pilgrims Partners” of the Commonwealth/NATO countries to stage a third World War, probably centered in the Middle East, with a possible attempt to drive a wedge between China and Russia.

The War Plotters of Wall Street, by Charles Collman (1915) Quote from pages 96-97:

“Enough has been shown here to demonstrate the great peril to our country of THIS SINISTER ORGANIZATION, THE PILGRIMS OF THE UNITED STATES. I address my countrymen to warn them of the dreadful consequences that will ensue if this English banking group of Wall Street is permitted to continue in power. Their coordinated operations are of so menacing a character, their combined power is so vast, their control of funds so immeasurable, that if we do not combine against this association, a catastrophe will certainly come upon our country that has no parellel in history.” This was just before they dragged us into World War One so they could attempt world government with the League of Nations, World War Three is in their hideous plans! Is Trump against vaccines? He wants all workers healthy so he can increase military power for the next Pilgrims Society war!

Click HERE to see Trump in 1988 with Pilgrims member Brooke Astor, widow of inner circle Pilgrims member Vincent Astor, descended from John J. Astor (1763-1848), the “landlord of New York” who was the main domestic power in the gold and silver stealing second United States Bank (1816-1836). Vincent Astor had Franklin Roosevelt on his 264 foot yacht for an 11 day cruise in February 1933, on taking office in March 1933, Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102 within one month and stole gold from Americans; and stole silver in August 1934 by E.O. 6814! FDR and Astor were cousins several times removed. Vincent Astor was a director of numerous corporations in communications, agriculture, finance, real estate, railroads, construction, hospitals, ocean freight and the silver suppressing Chase National Bank! Brooke Astor was a close friend of Pilgrims member David Rockefeller and was on Rockefeller University Council. Trump is cozy with Pilgrims member Ivan Obolensky, who has Russian royal roots and is an Astor relative; see #32 Silver Squelchers.

Click HERE to see Trump with inner circle Pilgrims member Crown Prince Charles. Click HERE to see Donald Trump in 1993 with Paul Volcker (Pilgrims 1980 roster) who led the destruction of the Hunt/Arab silver play and broke the Hunts out of around 60MOZ silver by 1986! Click HERE to see Trump with hedge fund operator Dixon Boardman (Pilgrims 1990 list) who married into European royalty. THE PRESIDENT CAN ORDER US INTO WAR AND SEIZE YOUR GOLD AND SILVER AT THEIR SIGNAL ON NATIONAL EMERGENCY DECLARATION, AND MAJOR SITES DEEM “NO NEWS TO HIGHLIGHT HERE, GIVE SOFT DRINK TAXES REVVED-UP HYPE COVERAGE INSTEAD!” Same scandalously neglectful situation over the Texas Bullion Depository and the severe corruption issues surrounding it! What’s the use of having the same hobby horse figures on a merry go round all the time, and they never mention this Pilgrims group interfering with our lives from the top down????? TRUMP IS ALLOWING VANDERBILT FAMILY AGENT CHRIS GIANCARLO TO HEAD THE CFTC. TRUMP (PILGRIMS SOCIETY) HAS NO PLANS TO SEE GOLD AND SILVER IN FREE MARKET TRADING.

If during a time of war the president expressly chose to restrict the hoarding of gold or silver, he could do so.

— Sean Thornton, Chief Counsel to Treasury Department, August 2005.

Union News
The Pilgrims U.S. Presidental Election Panel

This image is from English Speaking Union News (Pilgrims Subsidiary, New York) January 2009, page 6; elitist publication. Silver Stealers has been up since January 2011 and still INFOWARS, Zero Hedge, King World News and other major sites refuse any coverage! My requests were disregarded and I know some of their readers have asked for this topic to get coverage! Remarks posted by readers at such sites do not constitute coverage! So according to such sites, it’s not newsworthy that the President from either party is in bed with this group still unknown to the great majority of people? Not only that, but the Silver Stealers documentary shows the top metals suppressors for over a century have been members, and leaders, of this master group that founded other groups (Bilderberg & Trilaterals etc.) people worry so much about! And the President who is in their vest pocket can, and already did in 1933-1934, issue Executive Orders seizing gold & silver from Americans! Still not newsworthy! I ask their readers to lobby them to do the right thing and allow coverage! Mine is a specialty and not a news aggregator site — theirs are! Like John Wayne said in “The Comancheros” (1961), “Texas needs every man and every gun,” we need all alt media voices campaigning against The Pilgrims Society so our private property rights can be shielded! Allington Castle owner Sir Robert Worcester (below right, standing) is The Pilgrims official who DISSED my research in January 2012!

How long has The Pilgrims Society been influencing Presidential outcomes? Click HERE Click HERE to read about Trump's cabinet picks.

world money power


seize the wealth

The Silver Stealers are also the Gold Grabbers. Silver only and gold only investors are jointly and equally at risk! “Silver Stealers” calls to mind the Silver Users Association. Yet, this isn’t primarily about them. There’s a far more powerful group of Silver Stealers to neutralize!

My credentials are:

  • My near monthly research pieces since year 2001 were hosted at Silver Investor David Morgan until fall 2018 when I asked they be deleted due to I could no longer “run” with him; too many failed and useless silver price predictions; much negative public feedback on Morgan at Silver Doctors and in You Tube videos due to his fall 2012 prediction “silver will never trade under $30 again;” and since so many interviewers were hosting him, and ignoring me, I decided to let Morgan and his interviewers HAVE each other!
  • Private placement participant for Diablillos Argentina acquisition by the world’s largest silver holding company
  • Major holder of physical (off premises);
  • One of two commentators on the long side ever cited by the Silver Users Association (January 2006 Washington Report; Butler is the other);
  • Quoted by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India in “Silver—Prospects and Perspectives” by Janardhan Rao

Two chapters of Rao’s book are based on my pre-existing work, along with two chapters each based on Ted Butler’s and David Morgan’s work respectively. The Silver Stealers documentary is easily my most important offering as it concerns our property rights to silver and gold! No property rights – no nothing! I am an historian, not an analyst. Excluding history from our awareness makes us vulnerable!

The large gold purchase by the University of Texas Endowment Fund has been cited as a reason the Feds won’t nationalize gold a second time. However, they sure could make a distinction between institutions and individuals. Only Ron Paul could have been trusted and the Silver Stealers and Gold Grabbers (PILGRIMS SOCIETY) are counting on the others as cutthroat shills!

More comments received from others regarding my work:

A major figure in silver called me “the best silver researcher and expositor of silver in history” printed in my paper files.

On May 16, 2008, a rising star in silver commentary listed me as one of five “world renowned experts on all aspects of silver.” However, we had a falling out regarding him charging people to read something I wrote for FREE distribution, and SEE what this CREEP did!

At Chris Duane (“Silver Shield”) remarked — “Charles Savoie has put together an incredible piece called the Silver Stealers about the true history of the Elite bankers control over silver. This well documented magnus opus of silver history is a must read for anyone who is doubtful of the true role silver will play in our future. This is the most complete history of the secret role the Elite have played in the suppression of silver. Their goal is to secretly steal the wealth of the world. Their game is a multi-faceted plan that spans over a century. The Elite take real assets and give us paper assets. With our debt/money system they will seize our real assets when we cannot pay our paper debts. Their secret plan is only effective when people unsuspectingly play their role and invest in paper assets. The Silver Stealers is an incredible compendium of information that people must read. Please spread this article around and take time to read this huge free article.”

At Johnny Silver Bear remarked — “We recently published an incredibly well researched exposé entitled "The Silver Stealers" by our good friend, Charles Savoie.”

Jeff Nielson of no pulled punches Bullion Bulls Canada remarked “Charles Savoie has just let me know that he has finished his most recent "updates" of the body of work he has titled "The Silver Stealers" - something which I have strongly recommended to our readers since Segelarsch first posted it here several months ago. It has had a MAJOR influence on my own work since that time, ESPECIALLY relating to the issue of silver confiscation (and it's likelihood in the U.S. in the FUTURE). I encourage readers to spend as much time as they are able in familiarizing themselves with these historical materials, since the "history" we have been "taught" (deliberately) omits many of the events discussed in Charles' work.”

Received from Bill Haynes of CMI in Phoenix on 4/28/2013 — “Incredible research. I’ve been doing silver bullion for 40 years and have never seen what you uncovered.”

In “Silver Gurus” on YouTube Brother John F remarked, “Charles Savoie, wow, this guy’s a classic. This guy talks about stuff in history, you had no idea. You could get lost in this guy’s stuff for years. It’s just fantastic stuff.” In “Silver Devils” Brother John F also remarked, “Make sure that these Charles Savoie articles are preserved for future generations because these are very, very important historical documents that Charles has created. It would take years of your life to study everything he’s done. This was almost 10 years ago and he called the CFTC for what they are — “an infested hotbed of subversion for silver shorts.”

Resource Investor referenced my work — “In another article entitled "Precious Metals Emergency” Charles Savoie calls The Silver Institute a "near comatose organization, mainly for statistics.” According to Savoie, a silver producers association is desperately needed. “We could have more than one lobby. We could have one representing corporate members, and another for rank and file shareholders and investors. If things go that way, as much mutuality as possible should be sought, the better to influence legislation,” Savoie writes.

Friends, I have done it all for you at not the cost of a zinc cent to you because what happens to you matters to me, and I am in this also. The central objective is protection of our Constitutional private property rights. We are facing threats from a Secret Society that wants to use government power to dispossess us. I have no book to sell you. Your time is your only cost. I am stunned that many in the hard money camp have refused to cover these findings. Note carefully, they haven’t attempted refutation of any scintilla — they simply black it out. Is that why I don’t get invited to conferences? No matter as this leaves me with more time to serve as your information miner and there remains much to be done, especially finding one courageous soul in Congress who will assist with a certain subpoena I have in mind. We may recall how Georgia Congressman Larry McDonald’s life abruptly ended on September 1, 1983.

This documentary covers a bit more than the last century of silver suppressive activities that all trace to one elite organization that demonstrably pulls the strings of the United States President, who can nationalize precious metals and already did so in 1933 and 1934! While other organizations get attention in the precious metals camp, this one superintends the others and is the source of the suppression! The documentary is approximately 74,526 words and features well over 300 illustrations. It will require several hours time for average reading speeds. A “Jesus wept” presentation can in no sense be a documentary; extensive details are paramount! To everyone who reads this and senses its importance, I ask that you request your favorite sites to link it or explain why they won’t! Read the documentary and ask yourself — can anyone demonstrate a more bullseye case for the Federal Government nationalization threat to silver and gold ownership? The President, who can order metals nationalization, is in the vest pocket of The Silver Stealers and the Gold Grabbers (I introduced this image into the Web in my December 2004 presentation at Silver Investor, “Meet The World Money Power”):

tax filing
Pilgrims 2006 tax filing

At right, tax filing for 2006 by The Pilgrims Society, as seen at Guide Star (appears to have since been deleted due to age or cover-up), showing Paul Volcker as a vice president of The Pilgrims Society in New York. Obama’s top economic adviser in both administrations, Volcker was quoted in American Opinion Magazine, May 1978, pages 73-74 saying during the London Gold Pool days of the early 1960s, “if the United States quit supporting the price of gold at $35 an ounce it would go to $5 dollars.” Volcker started with the New York Fed Bank under Pilgrims Society member Alfred Hayes, then went to Chase Manhattan Bank under Pilgrims Society member David Rockefeller, then to Treasury posts, and was Federal Reserve Chairman, 1979 to 1987. As FED chairman he arranged deceptive bailout loans for the Hunts after their devastating silver margin calls due to ex-Treasury Secretary, gold antagonist, Pilgrims Society member William Simon, top man on the COMEX governing board, ordered liquidation only trading in silver. The Volcker loans led to the Hunts being dispossessed of some 60 million silver ounces by 1986! Obama is a gun grabber, he could become a gold and silver grabber the moment Volcker orders this puppet to issue Executive Order nationalizing precious metals. The Pilgrims Society came into existence to effect “the seizure of the wealth necessary,” (Review of Reviews, May 1902, pp 557-559) and Obama was their robot. Volcker presently chairs the Group of 30 in D.C. of key central bankers rigging the precious metals markets The G30 says — “The work of the Group of Thirty impacts the current and future structure of the global financial system by delivering actionable recommendations directly to the private and public policymaking communities.”

Would the gold and silver investing sites who have refused coverage to “The Silver Stealers” documentary PLEASE EXPLAIN to their readers why this is “too unimportant to mention?” Is it just a stupid personality issue? (They didn’t get to the information first therefore it will be refused coverage.) Ask them to put away their arrogance and cover this issue! Exposing the Silver Stealers / Gold Grabbers (aka...Pilgrims Society) is the best way to shield our Constitutional rights! Nationalization danger comes from the Pilgrims Society by using the President and/or Congress and federal courts as their tools to “seize the wealth necessary.”

At Deanna Spingola, Constitutional activist, citing my research posted on the web since December 2004 and that of my capable Dutch colleague Joel Van Der Reijden, stated — “The Pilgrim Society founded on July 24, 1902, with thousands of interlocking connections, is closer to the inner circle of the New World Order conspiracy than the CFR. The Pilgrim Society, initially funded by the Rhodes Foundation, is the most secretive and certainly the most dangerous such organization, and is in control of the world's money supply. The Pilgrim Society has controlled every president since Theodore Roosevelt.” (Pilgrims Society is the actual correct designation).

The great European researcher Joel Van Der Reijden, the only other major information source in the world on The Pilgrims Society (Silver Stealers and Gold Grabbers), in a message dated August 3, 2011, told me — “It’s quite obvious they hate your guts. You are one of the reasons they have been forced out into the open"”

Van Der Reijden also all too correctly concluded:

A TRULY AWFUL amount of influence is concentrated within this group.

Presented © January 2011-2019 by Charles Savoie

Interview with Charles Savoie

From: Bullion Bulls Canada

In the relatively short number of years in which I have been researching and writing about the silver market, I have benefited greatly from the work (and the wisdom) of a number of “pioneers” to the precious metals sector. With respect to silver in particular, the two people who have done the most to educate me, and shape my views on the silver market are Ted Butler and Charles Savoie. Thus it is with great pleasure that I present this written interview with Charles Savoie.

Charles is a private researcher/historian who has invested a considerable amount of time and effort in compiling a vast body of research which he has titled “The Silver Stealers”. His chronology originally dealt primarily with events taking place in the 19th and early-20th century. However, he has since updated and expanded upon that initial chronology to include further events (and the individuals behind those events) right up to the present day. He links a relatively small but extremely powerful group of individuals (and often their descendants) together through two common “threads”: their propensity for actions which were extremely detrimental to the silver market and/or the holders of silver; and their membership in a little-known organization which they have called “The Pilgrims”.

(1) What was it which first drew your attention to this particular era and the events which were taking place at that time? Was it your interest in the silver market, or is it your studies of this period which led you to become so bullish toward the silver market?

I did a multi-part series called “Britain Against Silver,” tallying over 324,000 words, which ran at Silver Investor site, beginning in August 2007.; I researched England’s activities globally against silver, using as reference resources The Times, London; the New York Times; Commercial & Financial Chronicle; Mining Congress Journal; China Weekly Review and many others.

I’ve been bullish toward the silver market since spring 1965, when as a boy of almost 11 years age I saw the first horrific debased cupronickel coins at a local laundromat. These coins were commingled with the traditional 90% silver coins. I implored my elder sibling who had charge of the excursion to secure as many silver coins as possible but was over-ruled.

I realized a major shift was taking place towards a cheapened currency medium, and that sensible persons would immediately hoard as many silver coins as they could afford.

2) What motivated you to undertake “The Silver Stealers”?

Apart from precious metals research, I knew something of The Pilgrims organization beginning with reading “Richard Nixon, The Man Behind The Mask,” 1971, by Gary Allen, Western Islands Publishers, Boston. On page 223 Allen was speaking of one of Nixon’s mentors and financial angels, Elmer Holmes Bobst of Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical Company and stated — “Bobst is listed as a member of the highly secret Pilgrim Society, which is even closer to the inner circle of the conspiracy than the CFR.”

That one statement started a fire in my thoughts that never stopped. I had to find out all accessible details of this organization which I possibly could. I spent hundreds of multi-hour sessions reading lengthy Who’s Who volumes, this was way before digital version existed. I compiled lists of members. I eventually realized that only 7 to 12% of members listed in Who’s Who volumes, identified themselves as members; knowing it would have no meaning to casual readers.

3) As succinctly as possible, who are “The Pilgrims”?

It’s a two branch organization, the London branch founded in 1902, the New York City branch in 1903. It constituted the organization dreamed about by South African diamond operator Cecil Rhodes in his vision of “a secret society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world.”

The organization is sponsored by the British Crown and drew into itself heirs of fortunes from the centuries old worldwide British Empire and the prominent North American “robber barons” of the 19th century — Rockefellers; Mellons; DuPonts; Astors; Vanderbilts and many others. Both branches feature roughly 700 unidentified persons each — diplomats, ambassadors, admirals, generals, chairmen of mega-banks and large corporations, corporate and banking directors, trustees of major universities, foundations, research institutions and organizations of every description — and high U.S. and U.K. government officials, and some highly placed Canadians.

Members of the organization constitute the leadership of better known globalist groups. Big “rich lists” put out by Fortune and Forbes are very likely misdirections, with persons who should be on those lists not there, and others intentionally ranked far down, with a bare fraction of their wealth visible.

4) Does this organization have any explicit theme or objective?

They speak about “promoting Anglo-American good fellowship” which itself can be accomplished totally outside the halls of state, yet they also speak of “the special relationship” between the U.S. and the U.K. Inescapably my conclusion early on was and has not changed, that they exist to re-take North America for the Crown; to use the United Nations as a base for World Government, under the Crown.

I have no speculation as to whether the Rothschilds tell the Crown what to do, or vice versa; the President and Secretary of State are always “honorary” members, and our ambassador to Britain; yet not one known textbook on government or political science mentions this fact!

5) How do individuals gain entry into the Pilgrims?

My deduction is by hereditary and marriage situations and men who can influence events at a high level are invited — key Ambassadors, generals, admirals, high government officials, Wall Street attorneys, corporation chairmen, megabank execs, managers of “think-tanks,” and large non-managerial shareholders.

6) Why is it that so few people have heard of this group (in comparison to other quasi “secret societies”), and what evidence do you have to document its existence?

There can only be one conclusion. They stand “atop the pyramid” to use mystical parlance. They form the management of many other globalist groups. Their secrecy cannot be compromised due to a list leaking out; but several have leaked, and this facilitates penetration of the wall of silence. Montana Congressman Jacob Thorkelson in the Congressional Record, August 19, 1940, referred to an address by Joseph H. Choate, Vanderbilt family operative, one of the founders of The Pilgrims, as saying that those members who would many years later celebrate the start of the second century of The Pilgrims in 2003 — will have cause to bless their fathers that they founded this Society and kept the world on the right track.”

Documentation of their existence is profuse enough; read The Silver Stealers. Enter on Google images “Pilgrims Society” or click on www.pilgrimsociety.orgThose with hundreds of hours of free time may care to start reviewing dozens of old Who’s Who volumes. However, I have already done this and concentrated the data.

7) Could you provide the motive or incentive which would explain the antipathy which the Pilgrims have had towards silver?

If an organization were conceived to “gradually absorb the wealth of the world” and existed to effect “the seizure of the wealth necessary” (American Review of Reviews, May 1902, especially pages 556-559) it follows they would have to destabilize historic money systems based on silver and gold, and supplant sound money with bogus currencies based on debt.

Silver represents monetary wealth outside their immediate control; they prefer investors to get into scams such as Iraqi dinars, or anything else unsound, in order to impoverish them. Poor folks are easier to control than those of means. Few economics texts even mention silver currency; they are content to have the public view silver merely as jewelry — preferably purchased from either of the two jewelry concerns currently members of the Silver Users Association!

8) What would you consider to be the first “major” initiative which the Pilgrims undertook in order to control or simply damage the silver market?

Based on their founding year of 1902, the following — in British India, it would be the continuation of the closure of the mints to free coinage of silver rupees; in America, it would be the Panic of 1907, managed mainly by the Morgan interests to scare the public as a tactic to lobby for a central bank, which we hadn’t had since 1836!

Ancestors of members, and some of those who were charter members, were very active against silver well before 1902, in the U.S. and the British influence over China and their control over India.

9) Many people, including myself (until recently) believe what we have read in our history books: that “The Great Depression” was caused by the crash of the U.S. stock market in 1929. However, your own research has produced a much different cause-and-effect account of this economic episode. Could you briefly summarize those events?

Interests in Britain have worked for centuries to move the world towards a synthetic currency system. There is no better way to exploit nations than with debt based fiat “money.” On August 4, 1926, the Report of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance was submitted to Lord Irwin, British Viceroy of India.

The report urged demonetization of silver and featured other perverse recommendations. Viceroy Irwin then ordered the melting of Indian silver rupees to the extent of hundreds of millions of ounces. After conversion to bullion, the metal was dumped on world markets in terrific quantities. [emphasis mine]

The artificial oversupply caused the price of silver to start skidding. It reached an all time historical low of 24.5 cents per ounce by February 1931, down drastically from $1.34 in 1919. The purchasing power of India, China and the entire Far East failed, resulting in U.S., English and European industries idling many millions of employees. That was the sole cause of the Great Depression!

The Crown (or the Rothschilds) was forcing the world off silver money systems. This in turn led to the second World War, an event which had been planned for over a generation. The War yielded outcomes in keeping with the wishes of the elite. The purpose of the market crash in October 1929 was to shear back the wealth of the non-aligned rich.

The elite had advance warning as to Federal Reserve policies which intentionally caused the October '29 crash. But it did not cause mass unemployment. The loss of exports to the Far East was the cause. They couldn’t pay because England depressed the value of their silver money!

10) Many people are aware that the U.S. government essentially “confiscated” the gold of its citizens in 1933. Very few people know that in 1934 the U.S. government then proceeded to engage in silver confiscation as well. Could you identify that legislative act by the U.S. government for our readers, and a quick description of the pretext for this action?

The Silver Purchase Act of June 1934 helped provide Roosevelt with a “basis” for nationalizing silver, which he did with Executive Order 6814 on August 9, 1934, pursuant to which frightened Americans surrendered some 113,031,000 ounces to the Treasury Department.

The Act specified that the nation should seek to hold silver as part of its monetary base to the extent of up to one third of the value of the gold. Of course, such superb monetary Presidents as Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren and John Tyler would have never signed such an act, nor issued such an order, because they had unmatched comprehension of the fact that to serve as money, precious metals must be entirely free to circulate among the populace. Jackson stated his wish to completely abolish paper “money.”

After paying 50.01 cents per ounce to intimidated citizens, the world price moved up 40%! The Silver Purchase Act also had the effect of derailing China off its centuries old silver system as of November 3, 1935. Even after that capitulation, the Treasury Department sucked 565,855,000 silver ounces out of China (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, March 23, 1940, page 1859). These and other attacks on silver led to the second World War and the falling of China to Communism.

11) Would you care to speculate as to why this episode has essentially been erased from our history books?

In the 1870’s, Standard Oil Company was supplying editorials to over 300 newspapers to sway public opinion. The elite knew many generations past they could not maintain control without control over information.

That’s why Senator Jay Rockefeller wants the President to have emergency powers to shut down the Internet. There are an excessive number of non-censored sites in their view. The Money Power bought up publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, or in many cases founded them. It funded scholarships, fellowships, professorial positions, and economics departments at hundreds of universities. Information unfavorable to their operations has been blacked out from day one.

12) Are you concerned about the possibility of silver confiscation today, and in what form do you hold silver personally?

Absolutely I’m concerned; that’s why I created “The Silver Stealers” documentary; also in June 2009 I released at Silver Investor, “Precious Metals Confiscation — Facts And Prospects,” a 312 page presentation straight from the pages of the Commercial & Financial Chronicle, the New York Times and various other public record sources.

These items could receive much wider distribution if certain groups purporting to be out for our best interests would care to do so; they have not. The same elements back of Franklin Roosevelt still today hold the White House in a tight grip, and sabers are rattling more loudly against Iran. During wartime the President has vast emergency powers. All they have to say is “we have no silver stockpile, hoarders can’t be allowed to hold the nation hostage in wartime crisis” and the Executive Order is signed dispossessing us of our best means of protection against currency inflation the same interests use to make us poor!

I own mining shares in a top tier company and several juniors plus hard stuff — 100 ounce bars being the largest; 50’s, 10’s, 5’s, 2 ounce, one ounce, half ounce, and 90% coins. I acquired no numismatic coins except semi-scarce dates in nice condition when I could get them for the same rate as the commonest strikes. I recognize the flexibility of holding silver in the smallest units — dimes. My emphasis is on silver over gold as the price ratio is so wrong against silver.


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