Sunday, May 26, 2024
  Napalm Girl: Anti-War Film     Source
napalm girl

by Ray Jason

With our world drowning in so much senseless war and bloodshed, I have recently been thinking about finishing a project that I began several years ago. It is a short but powerful anti-war film that combines my personal Vietnam experience with the immortal message of the Napalm Girl.

However, my film-making skills are very limited. But Fate smiled upon me, and a professional film editor anchored near me a few weeks ago. After developing a friendship, I mentioned my long-dormant project.

He agreed to assist me at a very reasonable fee, and we spent a few days seated at his editing console, piecing together this little film. Even though it is only 14 minutes long, my hope is that it is Powerful, Poignant, Poetic and Persuasive.

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  War in the New Normal     Source
New Normal War

There was a discussion on OffG recently under the latest column by CJ Hopkins, about whether the current spate of wars were “real”.

Opinion was sharply divided. Binary you might say.

On reading it the thing that occurred to me was that before you can have a meaningful discussion about whether or not a thing is “real” you need to agree upon a definition for that word.

What is “real” in terms of war?

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  Scorched Earth   Source
US Air Force takes flak in new Korean War film
The horrors of US bombing are grimly captured in the latest work to challenge the ‘good vs evil’ narrative of the Korean War

image 03

SEOUL: At a time when Russian missiles are thundering down upon Ukraine and North Korean missiles are hurtling through Asian skies, a searing new documentary captures the demonic impact of an air campaign upon those at ground zero.

In this story, however, it is Americans who are the villains.

The feature Scorched Earth, which premiered last week at the Busan International Film Festival, was shown on Thursday to foreign correspondents in Seoul. The 90-minute work covers the US tactical air campaign in South Korea, and its strategic bombing of North Korea, during the 1950-53 Korean War. [Click Here for video in a popup]

[The post-strike photo taken west of the Naktong River near Waegwan in South Korea shows where US B29 heavy bombers made a mass strike on August 16, 1950. Note the density of the bombing pattern, with craters from the 500-pound bombs after 99 planes bombed an area of about 5.5 by 12 kilometers, unloading more than 3,400 bombs. Image: Wikimedia Commons/ Air and Space Museum]

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Information Blockades - How and Why?   Source
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We are all aware of the ability of the Anglo-Zionist International Cabal of Gangsters (ICG) to propagate the preferred story-line for every occasion, as with the Russia/Ukraine conflict today. Generally, they employ the power of the Western media to overwhelm the world’s publics with the accepted version of events. But how do the US and Israel, and the ICG, manage so well to avoid the negative publicity from their own foreign policy adventures? Most of us would instinctively believe we have the easy answer to this question, since it appears to hinge simply on media censorship, but we might be mistaken. There is more to a successful information blockade than is superficially obvious.

The first part of course is the nearly-universal control of all Western media by a relatively small handful of people, all Jews. This includes first the news services like AP and Reuters, then the newspapers plus most recognised magazines, radio and TV stations and networks, virtually the entire book publishing industry, all of the social media and related internet platforms like Wikipedia and Google, “fact- checkers” like the despicable Poynter Institute, as well as 90% of Hollywood which includes both motion pictures and television programs. Their control on information is nearly total.

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Did Russia Surgically Strike 8 Secret US Run Bio Labs In Ukraine?

Regarding Thermobaric Missiles: The Texan vid posted (PB) was interesting, one thing he discussed was these thermobaric missiles like the TOS-1a being used against the biological sites. Research indicates this IS INDEED PLAUSIBLE.

Refer to the following two articles describing the development of a class of weapon the US calls ADW, which means "Agent Defeat Weapon", as in biological agent. These began to be researched and developed around the Gulf War 2 time frame, as a way to destroy biological sites without contaminating the area.

One of the ways to do it is…. you guessed it…extremely high heat fireball that vaporizes everything. In fact, the TOS-1a sounds like the perfect ADW weapon, among its other uses.  (Click Here for map of Ukrainian Bio Labs in popup)

Regarding the legitimacy of the bio-lab claim, a Bulgarian lady who has done shit-tons of research on this with documentation to back it up. This may have been covered here yesterday.

The story does add up, and the 'surgical strikes' on 'military related' targets make perfect sense in conjunction with these Russian Thermobaric missiles. It is the tool you would need to do it.

The Horrific Processes of Reciprocal Self Destruction   Source
guernica - pablo picasso
Guernica by Pablo Picasso

“… it was possible sometimes to observe very strange manifestations of theirs, that is, from time to time they did something which was never done by three-brained beings on other planets, namely, they would suddenly, without rhyme or reason, begin destroying one another’s existence. … from this horrible process of theirs their numbers rapidly diminished. …” (Beelzebub’s Tales, p. 91)

“I must tell you that the chief particularity of the psyche of your favorites, namely, the ‘periodic-need-to-destroy-the-existence-of-others-like-oneself,’ interested me more and more with every succeeding century of theirs, and side by side with it the irresistible desire increased in me to find out the exact causes of a particularity so phenomenal for three-brained beings.” (Beelzebub’s Tales, p. 318)

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  War is a Racket   Source
war is a racket cover

Published in 1933 by retired Marine Major General Smedley Butler, War is a Racket is a classic exposé of the role of Wall Street profiteering in instigating war.

  • Butler’s book begins with the startling statistic that World War I created 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires.
  • President Woodrow Wilson borrowed (from Wall Street banks) the $50+ billion to pay for World War I, increasing the national debt from $1 billion to $52 billion.
  • Of this amount, $16 billion was pure profit.
  • Butler lists specific companies, starting with Du Pont and US Steel, and the obscene profits they made from World War I.

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Generals live by Omerta   Various
austin - milley

Nearly 100 retired generals and admirals are demanding that US Defense Secretary (and former Raytheon board member) Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley resign immediately over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

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