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Embarrassed Generals   from: Zero Hedge

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Nearly 100 retired generals and admirals are demanding that US Defense Secretary (and former Raytheon board member) Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley resign immediately over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

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The retired Flag Officers signing this letter are calling for the resignation and retirement of the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) based on negligence in performing their duties primarily involving events surrounding the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,…

As principal military advisors to the CINC (Commander in Chief)/President, the SECDEF and CJCS should have recommended against this dangerous withdrawal in the strongest possible terms, …

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flag officers

Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals

Regarding Afghanistan

The retired Flag Officers signing this letter are calling for the resignation and retirement of theSecretary of Defense (SECDEF) and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) based onnegligence in performing their duties primarily involving events surrounding the disastrouswithdrawal from Afghanistan. The hasty retreat has left initial estimates at ~15,000 Americansstranded in dangerous areas controlled by a brutal enemy along with ~25,000 Afghan citizens whosupported American forces.

What should have happened upon learning of the Commander in Chief’s (President Biden’s) plan toquickly withdraw our forces and close the important power projection base Bagram, withoutadequate plans and forces in place to conduct the entire operation in an orderly fashion?

As principal military advisors to the CINC/President, the SECDEF and CJCS should haverecommended against this dangerous withdrawal in the strongest possible terms. If they did not doeverything within their authority to stop the hasty withdrawal, they should resign. Conversely, if theydid do everything within their ability to persuade the CINC/President to not hastily exit the countrywithout ensuring the safety of our citizens and Afghans loyal to America, then they should haveresigned in protest as a matter of conscience and public statement.

The consequences of this disaster are enormous and will reverberate for decades beginning with thesafety of Americans and Afghans who are unable to move safely to evacuation points; therefore, being de facto hostages of the Taliban at this time. The death and torture of Afghans has already begun and will result in a human tragedy of major proportions. The loss of billions of dollars inadvanced military equipment and supplies falling into the hands of our enemies is catastrophic. The damage to the reputation of the United States is indescribable. We are now seen, and will be seen formany years, as an unreliable partner in any multinational agreement or operation. Trust in the UnitedStates is irreparably damaged.

Moreover, now our adversaries are emboldened to move against America due to the weaknessdisplayed in Afghanistan. China benefits the most followed by Russia, Pakistan, Iran, North Koreaand others. Terrorists around the world are emboldened and able to pass freely into our countrythrough our open border with Mexico.

Besides these military operational reasons for resignations, there are leadership, training, and moralereasons for resignations. In interviews, congressional testimony, and public statements it has becomeclear that top leaders in our military are placing mandatory emphasis on PC “wokeness” relatedtraining which is extremely divisive and harmful to unit cohesion, readiness, and war fightingcapability. Our military exists to fight and win our Nation’s wars and that must be the sole focus ofour top military leaders.

For these reasons we call on the SECDEF Austin and the CJCS General Milley to resign. Afundamental principle in the military is holding those in charge responsible and accountable for theiractions or inactions. There must be accountability at all levels for this tragic and avoidable debacle.


RADM Philip Anselmo, USN, (ret)
MG Joe Arbuckle, USA (ret)
BG John C. Arick, USMC (ret)
BG Billy A. Barrett, USAF (ret)
RADM Jon Bayless, USN, (ret)
BG Charles Bishop, USAF (ret)
BG Don Bolduc, USA (ret)
MG William Bowdon, USMC (ret)
LTG William Boykin, USA (ret)
MG Edward Bracken, USAF (ret)
VADM Toney Michael Bucchi, USN (ret)
MG Bobby Butcher, USMC (ret)
BG Jim L. Cash, USAF (ret)
LTG James E. Chambers USAF (ret)
MG Carroll D. Childers, USA (ret)
RADm Arthur Clark, USN (ret)
VADM Ed Clexton, USN, (ret)
MG John J. Closner III, USAF, (ret)
BG Peter b. Collins, USMC (ret)
MG David L Commons USAF (ret)
MG James l. Dozier, USA (ret)
BG Keith B. Connolly USAF (ret)
   BG Bob Floyd, USA (ret)
MG Larry Fortmer, USAF (ret)
BG Jerome V. Foust, USA (ret)
BG Jimmy E. Fowler, USA (ret)
BG Jerome V. Foust, USA (ret)
RADM J. Fraser, USN (ret)
MG John T. Furlow, USA (ret)
MG Francis C. Gideon, USAF (ret)
MG Lee V. Greer, USAF (ret)
BG John H. Grueser, USAF (ret)
MG Ken Hageman, USAF (ret)
Gen Alfred Hansen, USAF (ret)
MG Bryan G. Hawley, USAF (ret)
MG John W. Hawley, USAF (ret)
BG Norman Ham, USAF (ret)
RADM Donald Hickman, USN (ret)
MG William B. Hobgood, USA (ret)
MG Bob Hollingworth, USMC (ret)
MG Jerry D. Holmes, USAF (ret)
ADM. Jerome L. Johnson USN (ret)
RADM John King, USN (ret)
BG Douglas E. Lee, USA (ret)
   MG J.S. Lynch, USMC (ret)
RADM(L) Grady L. Jackson USN (ret)
RADM Ronny Jackson USN (ret)
MG Anthony Kropp USA (ret)
RADM Chuck Kubic, CEC, USN (ret)
MG James E. Livingston, USMC, MOH (ret)
MG John D. Logeman, USAF (ret)
MG Jarvis D. Lynch, USMC (ret)
LTG Fred McCorkle, USMC (ret)
LTG Thomas McInerney, USAF (ret)
BG Michael P. McRaney, USAF (ret)
BG James M. Mead, USMC (ret)  
BG Joe Mensching, USAF (ret)
MG John F. Miller, USAF (ret)
RADM John A. Moriarty, USN (ret)
RADM David R. Morris, USN (ret)
BG Ben Nelson, USAF (ret)
BG Joe Oder, USA, (ret)
MG Ray O’Mara, USAF (ret)
MG Joe S. Owens, USA (ret)
BG John a. Paterson, USAF (ret)
RADM Russ Penniman, USN (ret)
   MG Richard Perraut, USAF (ret)
VADM John Poindexter, USN (ret)
RADM J.J. Quinn, USN (ret)
LTG Clifford H. Rees, USAF (ret)
BG Teddy E. Rinebarger, USAF (ret)
RADM Norman Saunders, USCG (ret)
LTG Hubert G. Smith, USA (ret)
MG James Stewart, USAF (ret)
RADM Jeremy D. Taylor, USN (ret)
LTG William Thurman, USAF (ret)
BG Robert Titus, USAF, (ret)
LTG Lansford E. Trapp Jr, USAF (ret)
BG Richard J. Valente, USA (ret)
MG Paul Vallely, USA (ret)
BG William L. Welch, USAF (ret)
MG Kenneth W. Weir, USMCR (ret)
MG Mike Wiedemer, USAF (ret)
MG Richard O. Wightman, Jr. USA (ret)
BG Robert E. Windham, USA (ret)
RADM Denny Wisely, USN. (ret)
BG Robert V. Woods, USAF (ret)

If they did not do everything within their authority to stop the hasty withdrawal, they should resign.

Dude 3

Macho Latte

There is no honor in the military anymore. There is no loyalty to country. There is only following orders and being a good little Prog waiting for advancement and that coveted after-retirement job with a defense contractor or consulting firm.

The entire upper level of the Pentagon, the entire upper level of DOD, the entire staff of the Central Command which was running the Afghan war and the entire JCS should be busted to privates and then summarily shot. There is no excuse for what they did. It is not incompetence, it is dereliction of duty and manslaughter and possibly treason. A first year law student could prosecute them.

Dude 3


Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is not a coward, but those that fired him and those staying silent certainly are.

[Editor's note: See HERE and HERE for more on Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller]

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Grave Dancer 22

Couple interesting tidbits. Austin graduated #770 in his west point class (bottom 25%).   Mr. "woke" Milley went to a elite prep school and played on the football team with transvestite Rachel "Richard" Levine Bidens assistant secretary of health. Maybe they hooked up in high school???

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It all started with 9/11. How many of these generals were active duty then? How many of those actually knew who did 9/11? And, out of that number, how many spoke out?

Some knew. They said nothing. They got to retire. They got their pensions. That should answer the question. Like the Mafia, they live by omerta, the 'silence'.


Somewhat Unisex

Kinda hard to argue with that one.

What these generals are really peeved about is that they're embarrassed big time. They look like (and are) incompetent fools

That's the real issue the MIC has with this. They were made to look bad.

They can always go find somebody else to bomb. They have since WW2.

But a humiliation? That's nearly impossible to recover from.


Lionel Mandrake

Same people responsible for 9-11 are responsible for the Afghan withdrawal, along with "The Wandering Blinken". These generals are all accomplishes.

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"Raytheon board member"
That's all you need to know.

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Please, enough with the incompetence & stupidity talk. These people are not dumb. This is a Controlled Demolition of the US and Western Civ as we know it. These swine-generals are not dumb men, they are traitors, corrupt to the core. Just spend some time listening to or reading Clause Schwab. He succinctly lays out the whole agenda. Destroy this corrupt power structure by 2025 in the most spectacular manner and the sheep will clamor for the Great Reset, which is to say, Soviet Earth. This regime, the global regime, is completely corrupt, which appears to the gullible as incompetence. Biden & Harris are obvious examples of this. The Pentagon has detailed plans to invade every country on the planet, including Canada. They know how to propdraw down an occupation. This fiasco could not have been planned better.


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US Defense Secretary (and former Raytheon board member) Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley should face immediate suspension of duties and face criminal charges. They should be under military arrest.

The wrong man is in prison  from: xymphora

The most fitting end  from: xymphora

I have to say when Biden announced revenge it occurred to me that they would just pick a random Afghan family to slaughter, a last 'fuck you' to civilized behavior (I also thought, wrongly, that they wouldn't half-ass the cover-up):

Warlords  from: xymphora

"America’s Original Sin in Post-9/11 Afghanistan" (Hughes): 

"The tragedy begins at the now infamous 2002 Emergency Loya Jirga in Kabul where three-fourths of delegates voted in favor of bringing King Zahir Shah back from exile to serve as Afghanistan’s interim head of state. The strategy to unify the fractured country around this symbolic figurehead made sense given Afghanistan saw 40 consecutive years of relative peace and stability during the king’s reign before a coup exiled him to Rome in 1973.

The vote that emanated from the jirga, a council of elders then still deemed a sacred vehicle for expressing the will of the Afghan people, astonishingly cut across the country’s deep ethnosectarian and tribal lines. Moreover, the plan reportedly was supported by some senior Pakistani military leaders and even key figures within the just-ousted Taliban movement.

So, hopes were high that the king – supposedly still seen as a beloved figure by most Afghans – could temporarily keep the country together until a legitimate and inclusive political solution was formed.

However, this window of opportunity to unite the country for the first time since the 1970s was slammed shut in a painful twist of historical irony. Back at the jirga meeting in 2002, the very same U.S. envoy who helped negotiate the Doha deal with the Taliban in 2020, strong-armed the king into withdrawing so Washington could install Hamid Karzai as president. In addition, the U.S. handed out ministry posts to warlords for their role in helping to overthrow the Taliban.

Former EU political adviser Lucy Morgan Edwards said she witnessed the incident firsthand and how the United States gave the warlords political legitimacy.

“The US ambassador, Zalmay Khalilzad, sidelined the popular former king and made a Faustian bargain with the warlords to allow them into the meeting,” Edwards wrote in a 2013 piece for The Guardian. “This paved the way for them to hijack the state-building process.”

The move instantaneously transformed Karzai into a Western puppet in the eyes of most Afghans. The Karzai government turned out to be rampantly corrupt and incompetent – and to such an extent that the Taliban soon began to look like an appealing alternative. The Ghani administration, of course, would continue this pattern and, as many predicted, the dysfunction and unabashed graft culminated in the Taliban lightning seizure of power."


“The elimination of the monarchy under the new Afghan constitution was very likely the single greatest mistake made by the United States and the United Nations after 2001 – admittedly a high bar in a full field of contestants,” Mason and Johnson wrote in 2009. “As an unrecoverable strategic error, it is the Afghan equivalent of the CIA-inspired coup against Diem in Vietnam in November 1963.”

One could argue that the U.S. decision to install Karzai against the will of the Afghan people, in addition to empowering warlords, planted the seeds that guaranteed a Taliban comeback.

In fact, in a new report – issued two days after the collapse of Kabul – the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) blasted the United States for “legitimizing” Afghan warlords with political and financial support and underscored the damage rendered by this strategy.

“The United States helped to lay a foundation for continued impunity of malign actors, weak rule of law, and the growth of corruption,” the report, published on August 17, said.


"Meanwhile, despite all of this, U.S. President Joe Biden – rather than acknowledging any role the United States might have played in the entire fiasco – has so far chosen to point the finger at the Afghan army’s lack of willingness to fight.

In other words, the United States is blaming Afghan troops for refusing to risk their lives defending a predatory regime the United States helped create in the first place."

The (((neocon))) plan to 'fix' this premature end to a War For The Jews is to sign on with another warlord!

Our Afghan Nightmare: Tanks For Nothin'

Afghanistan has been reinvented as the best-equipped terrorist nation in the world, basking in the prestige of humiliating the world’s superpower...

The Abandoned Arsenal

The administration never mentions the vast horde of U.S. weaponry that was simply abandoned to the Taliban. Why? Is it to be “$80 billion here, thousands of machine guns there—no big deal”?

Estimates of the trove’s value range from $70 billion to $90 billion. The stockpile likely includes 80,000 vehicles, including 4,700 late-model Humvees, 600,000 weapons of various sorts, 162,643 pieces of communications equipment, more than 200 aircraft, and 16,000 pieces of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance equipment, including late-model drones. Especially worrisome are the loss of night-vision equipment, 20,000-plus grenades, and 1,400 grenade launchers, as well as more than 7,000 machine guns—the perfect equipment for jihadist terror operations and asymmetrical street fighting.

We can look at this disaster in a number of depressing ways. One would be to compare this giveaway to military aid given to Israel over the last 70 years, which more or less has amounted to about an aggregate $100 billion. In other words, in one fell swoop, the Pentagon deposited into Taliban hands about 80 percent of all the military aid that we’ve ever given to Israel since the founding of the Jewish state. In terms of tactical and operational capability, the Taliban may now be the best-equipped terrorist force in Asia and the Middle East.

Assume that for the next quarter-century, Afghanistan will become not just the world’s training haven for Islamic terrorists, but an international, no-questions-asked, cash-on-the-barrel arms market for anti-Western terrorist cliques.

Or we can assess the damage psychologically. For the immediate future (possibly over the next few days or weeks), American soldiers could face the prospect of being attacked or killed by those who are outfitted in their own mirror image, and they might be blown up by their own former weapons.

Yet the media never asked for, nor did the Pentagon volunteer, any explanation of why such stocks were simply abandoned, or at least not destroyed before fleeing, or not later bombed. Since nothing makes sense, we must strain the imagination: was the $80 billion in arms given as de facto bribe money to get our own out?

In addition, the beefed-up U.S. embassy in Kabul reportedly cost nearly $1 billion, comparable to America’s most expensive embassy in London. It will now become a Taliban stronghold. Bagram Air Base—originally built with U.S. help and money during the Eisenhower Administration—has been updated with hundreds of millions of dollars of American investment in the last 20 years, in buildings, a new runway, personnel accommodations, detention facilities, and infrastructure.

Although it had been the target of several Taliban attacks, Bagram was largely considered defensible. It allowed coalition and Afghan forces to enjoy 100 percent air superiority over the entire country. Biden talks endlessly of the “over the horizon” capability of distant bases and ships, while omitting that he destroyed “right over the target” current capability. Why these vital American investments were simply surrendered in the dead of night to looters first, and Taliban second, will be an object of controversy and investigation for decades to come. To think of anything similar, imagine the British surrender of Singapore in 1942 or a combination of Fort Sumter, the burning of Washington in 1814, and Wake Island, December 1941.

Read more at Zero Hedge.

Taliban Army Surplus

Taliban Opens Chain Of U.S. Army Surplus Stores  The Babylon Bee

KABUL—Now that Allah has seen fit to bless the Taliban with bountiful weapons and equipment from the U.S. Military, terrorists around Afghanistan have built an already thriving chain of U.S. Army Surplus stores.

"We need weapons to kill and subjugate the Afghan people under Sharia Law, but there's just too much gear here!" said local Taliban leader Bob Muhammed. "There's, like, billions of dollars and 20 years worth of weaponry around here, and now I can build a thriving business out of selling my wares to other terrorist folk who happen to pass through! Allah be praised!"

Although the merchandise will not be available to the general public (for obvious reasons), Muhammed's Army Surplus will feature a full selection of deadly weaponry, ammunition, combat boots, MREs, helmets, hashish, and whatever else a soldier of Allah may need.

If successful, Bob Muhammed hopes to open more stores in Iraq and Syria.

The U.S. Government has taken note as new store locations open up for future drone pilot target practice.

Government & Media Ridicule  from: The Burning Platform

general malley outsmarted men sex with goats taliban

joe biden missing poster last seen head up ass

same people took 20 years replace with taliban war on covid lisa simpson

quote richard ojeda 2 trillion spent afghan military contractors corporations

full metal jacket show me warface omalley lipstick

kermit only way for us government leave you alone be in afghanistan

taliban 2 weeks ago goat funs now american weapons

hunter biden dad can i be on taliban board of directors too

A Heedless Aftermath  from: Clusterfuck Nation

For all the seeming power of the Deep State — a.k.a. the “Intel Community” — one really has to be impressed by its stupidity and desperation. It can’t keep secrets or cover its tracks. Anyone who was paying attention to the RussiaGate operation has seen the published evidence of all the lawless behavior it spawned and knows the names of all the players. Ditto, the effort to engineer the 2020 election and install an obviously senile puppet-stooge in the White House. And ditto the effort to manufacture the Covid-19 crisis by hijacking the public health apparatus of the federal government.

Yet, this Deep State rogue menace is stumbling badly now because it didn’t figure out the basic dynamic of the long emergency: that over-investments in complexity inexorably produce disorder and collapse. This includes the complexity of the Deep State itself, a sprawling enterprise choking on the immense stream of data it feeds on and the fumbling efforts of its all-too-human agents to weaponize all that. The question now is whether the Deep State will collapse — even perhaps get forcefully defeated by Americans who oppose it — before the entire country and all its support systems collapse.

Events are on the loose well beyond the Deep State’s control now. Its front man, “Joe Biden,” sealed his fate last week with the bungled exit from Afghanistan. Thirteen dead US soldiers may only be the preview of a Grand-Guignol to come as the victorious Islamic maniacs get to stage atrocities starring the thousands of Americans and other Westerners left behind. Why wouldn’t they? For decades, they’ve promised to defeat and humiliate their “infidel” enemies. Remember the video-recorded beheadings of Nicholas Berg, Daniel Pearl and many others? The roasting of the captured Syrian pilot in a steel cage?

There’s no need to even ask the rhetorical question: who planned and executed the buggered-up evacuation of Kabul? It is self-evident: the entire chain-of-command. This is finally galvanizing half the country not in thrall to the Deep State to move against it, and that’s what you’ll see in the weeks to come. They will get rid of this imposter “Joe Biden” — if the Deep State doesn’t try to do it first — and then they will “cancel” the Deep State’s attempt to manage any succession to the vacancy at the top.

Do you suppose that you will not be hearing any results of the Arizona election audit just because the endeavor went silent last week when three audit team members got sick with Covid? The process was not stopped or squashed. The report will show a gross and startling disparity between the results certified and the actual ballots counted. That will blow away the tatters of legitimacy “Joe Biden” has been wearing, revealing the larval, sightless creature hiding inside.

The CDC and its allied agencies have maxed-out on Americans willing to vax-up. The latest FDA switcheroo move to “approve” the not-yet-produced (or trialed) genetic therapy agent, “Comirnaty” was intended to fool the public into thinking that the current Pfizer-BioNTech “vaccine” was likewise approved. It is not approved. It is still being administered under the emergency use authorization. The quisling news media is lying about it. Anyway, the half of the country that declines to take a cocktail that fails to act as a true vaccine (i.e., preventing disease), and threatens to fatally attack the lining of their blood vessels… that large swathe of the public is good and goddam sick of being pushed around with mandates and threats.

We will not submit. We’re nearing the end of this medical reign of terror. The trouble is, the medical establishment won’t survive it. They’ve perverted and undermined what used to be called science — truth-driven inquiry into what’s real and what is not — and, anyway, the medical system had already poisoned itself with racketeering so outlandish and cruel that it makes the old Mafia look like a charity organization. Not only do Americans get a Covid virus whose development was funded and guided by America’s chief public health official, Tony Fauci, but if it puts them in the hospital, their doctors deny them treatment with efficacious medicines, and, if the patients happen to survive the ordeal, they’re hit up with million-dollar bills. This conduct exhibits a kind of sadism that goes beyond just adding insult to injury.

Half the country is also paying attention to the invasion of border-jumpers coming in from Mexico with the assistance of the Deep State. They’re also noticing “Joe Biden’s” failure to comply with the recent US Supreme Court decision that he must enforce the standing procedure to return “asylum-seekers” to Mexico to await any decision on their eligibility. Many of these migrants come from the farthest corners of the world, including places full of people who don’t like us or our country. How many of them are coming here to blow things up and shoot American citizens? Nobody knows. The Deep State doesn’t want to know and they don’t want you to find out.

Finally, there is the question of the financial system which, lately, has become the proxy for what used to be the productive US economy, its Potemkin false front. The various plans to spend about $8-trillion in non-existent money on more social experiments such as paying citizens to be idle, would have been enough to sink American money, the US dollar. Now that the world has witnessed the humiliating withdrawal of the US from our 20-year-long war in Afghanistan, the process will accelerate. The world sees that we can’t be depended on in any foreign crisis. They know we no longer produce things of value. What are we good for, exactly? Absurd ventures in gender confusion and race hustling? Drugs and pornography? Is that what stands behind the dollar?

Former (as of yesterday) Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller returned to YouTube yesterday. He represents exactly how pissed off that better half of the nation is, the half that refuses to bend over for the Deep State, the half that is looking to run it down and call it to account for attempting to destroy the country six ways to Sunday.

Afghanistan: A Tragically Stupid War Comes to a Tragic End  from: Ron Paul

Sunday’s news reports that the Biden Administration mistakenly killed nine members of one Afghan family, including six children, in “retaliation” for last week’s suicide attack which killed 13 US servicemembers, is a sad and sick epitaph on the 20 year Afghanistan war.

Promising to “get tough” on ISIS, which suddenly re-emerged to take responsibility for the suicide attack, the most expensive military and intelligence apparatus on earth appears to have gotten it wrong. Again.

Interventionists love to pretend they care about girls and women in Afghanistan, but it is in reality a desperate attempt to continue the 20-year US occupation. If we leave, they say, girls and women will be discriminated against by the Taliban.

It’s hard to imagine a discrimination worse than being incinerated by a drone strike, but these “collateral damage” attacks over the past 20 years have killed scores of civilians. Just like on Sunday.

That’s the worst part of this whole terrible war: day-after-day for twenty years civilians were killed because of the “noble” effort to re-make Afghanistan in the image of the United States. But the media and the warmongers who call the shots in government - and the “private” military-industrial sector - could not have cared less. Who recalls a single report on how many civilians were just “collateral damage” in the futile US war?

Sadly these children killed on Sunday, two of them reportedly just two years old, have been the ones forced to pay the price for a failed and bloody US foreign policy.

Yes, the whole exit from Afghanistan has been a debacle. Biden, but especially his military planners and incompetent advisors, deserves much of what has been piled onto him this past week or so about this incompetence.

Maybe if Biden’s Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs’ Chairman had spent a bit more time planning the Afghan exit and a lot less time obsessing on how to turn the US military into a laboratory for cultural Marxism, we might have actually had a workable plan.

We know that actual experts like Col. Douglas Macgregor did have a plan to get out that would have spared innocent lives. But because this decorated US Army veteran was “tainted” by his service in the previous administration – service that was solely focused on how to get out of Afghanistan safely – he would not be consulted by the Pentagon’s “woke” top military brass.

Trump also should share some of the blame currently being showered on Biden. He wanted to get out years ago, but never had the courage to stand up to the also incompetent generals and “experts” he foolishly hired to advise him.

Similarly, many conservatives (especially neoconservatives) are desperate to attack Biden not for how he got out of Afghanistan, but for the fact that he is getting us out of Afghanistan.

That tells you all you need to know about how profitable war is to the warmongers.

I’ve always said, “we just marched in, we can just march out,” and I stand by that view. Yes, you can “just march out” of these idiotic interventions…but you do need a map!

They Openly Mock Us Now  from: The Gateway Pundit

The Taliban is openly mocking the United States now. Today the Islamists used US helicopters to hang “traitors” in Kandahar Afghanistan.

They Openly Mock Us Now: Taliban Hangs “Traitor” by the Throat From US Helicopter in Kandahar Left Behind by Joe Biden (VIDEO)

The Taliban is openly mocking the United States now. Today the Islamists used US helicopters to hang “traitors” in Kandahar Afghanistan.



The Taliban was filmed earlier flying US Blackhawk Helocoptors over Kandahar.


Taliban Buys Hunter Biden Painting For Presidential Palace  from: The Babylon Bee

taliban buys painting

KABUL—After a long week conquering Afghanistan, the Taliban has taken over the presidential palace in Kabul, and is so happy to finally enjoy the luxury of beds and electricity and bathrooms that they have been deprived of for so long as they hid out in the harsh mountains for twenty years. But after just a few days of getting settled in, the Taliban has found the decor "ostentatious" and "stuffy."

“Now that we are firmly in control of our beautiful country after a mostly peaceful week of conquering the very smart Afghan army, we want to kick back and relax in surroundings that more accurately express our deep inner feelings and desires,” said Taliban spokesman Ahlahoopalala Benzaziahllah.

After a quick internet search of "paintings perfect for terrorists who want an in with the US president" the Taliban assistant in charge of buying things like paintings, influence, and good press, discovered the paintings by the famous painter Hunter Biden.

“His art is not beautiful, just like shot-up buildings and holes in the earth from explosions are not beautiful. It’s perfect for us,” stated Taliban decorator Evanah Kaboomahalalah. "We were very surprised to find the artist behind the painting we fell in love with was the son of the US president Joe Biden. We thought he was just a degenerate loser, but actually, he has been quite good at bringing in lots of money and at painting.”

The Taliban offered to pay $1,000,000 for the painting and also requested that Mr. Hunter Biden deliver it himself as a gesture of goodwill between the two countries.

At publishing time, Mr. Biden had agreed to give the Taliban the painting in exchange for safe passage back to the airport so he wouldn’t be stranded in Afghanistan like all the other Americans.

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