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  The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, & Brainwashing  

This book attempts to depict the strange transformation of the free human mind into an automatically responding machine a transformation which can be bought about by some of the cultural undercurrents in our present day society as well as by deliberate experiments in the service of a political ideology.

The rape of the mind and stealthy mental coercion are among the oldest crimes of mankind. They probably began back in pre historic days when man first discovered that he could exploit human qualities of empathy and understanding in order to exert power over his fellow men.

The word "rape" is derived from the Latin word rapere, to snatch, but also is related to the words to rave and raven. It means to overwhelm and to enrapture, to invade, to usurp, to pillage and to steal.

The modern words "brainwashing", "thought control", and "menticide" serve to provide a clearer conception of the actual methods by which man's integrity can be violated. When a concept is given its right name, it can be more easily recognized and it is with this recognition that the opportunity for systematic correction begins.

In this book the reader will find a discussion of some of the imminent dangers which threaten free cultural interplay. It emphasizes the tremendous cultural implication of the subject of enforced mental intrusion. Not only the artificial techniques of coercion are important but even more the unobtrusive intrusion into our feeling and thinking. The danger of destruction of the spirit may be compared to the threat of total physical destruction through atomic warfare. Indeed, the two are related and intertwined.


PART ONE - The Techniques of Individual Submission

     You too would confess
     Pavlov's students as circus tamers
     Medication into submission
     Why do they yield? - The Psychodynamics of False Confession

PART TWO - The Techniques of Mass Submission

     The cold war against the mind
     Totalitaria and its dictatorship
     The intrusion by totalitarian thinking
     Trial by trial
     Fear as a tool of terror

PART THREE - Unobtrusive Coercion

     The child is father to the man
     Mental contagion and mass delusion
     Technology invades our minds
     Intrusion by the administrative mind
     The turncoat in each of us

PART FOUR - In Search of Defenses

     Training against mental torture
     Education for discipline or higher morale
     From old to new courage
     Freedom - our mental backbone


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The Rape of the Mind appears to be an orphan.

Wikipedia's page for the author, Joost Meerloo,
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First published in 1956, the book is now out of print.

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