Sunday, February 05, 2023
   Notes on War in Heaven        Source
war in heaven

Welcome to War in Heaven. This important book was self-published by Kyle Griffith in 1988 and has long been out of print; Griffith's publishing company no longer exists, and his whereabouts had been unknown for years. We present here a detailed summary of the book. Mr. Griffith has responded to this publication, is now in touch with Open SETI, and is planning a public presence on the web. Meanwhile Griffith has endorsed these notes and supports their development.

Part One, the introduction to the book proper, is not included here, but portions of it will eventually be reproduced on this website or in the associated War in Heaven Forum (also HERE). For example, an excerpt concerning the origins of materialistic science is available under the title The Copernican Compromise.

The remainder of War in Heaven (WiH) consists of a dialog between Griffith and a "disembodied spirit" who claimed to be a member of a group calling itself The Invisible College. The format consists of questions and answers. Griffith states that the answers were received by automatic writing and read back to the contacted entity for review and correction. The questions and answers that appear in the text are actually the result of several iterations of review and discussion.

The material thus generated is both convincing and compelling, and appears to be of vital importance to human society. That is a claim we see all the time; this time I submit that the claim is truly justified.

We summarize the key points of WiH here, and where appropriate on various pages of the Open SETI website.