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  Illumination: the Secret Religion - How to Become God     From: The Armageddon Conspiracy
The Power Question

No one's coming to save us. We must save ourselves. We condemn all those who claim that human beings are not potential Gods. God is not outside you - he IS you. God did not create the universe: the universe created God. The "First God" - Abraxas - is the divine template. We all have the opportunity to join Abraxas in a Community of Gods who know everything and have absolute power. Moreover, this can be proved as a matter of science, philosophy and, above all, mathematics - the sole source of absolute truth.

"Number rules the universe." — Motto of the Pythagorean school.

What happened to Pythagoras's mysterious secret society (whose roots extend far back to the dawn of human civilisation and whose ancient adepts included Solomon the Apostate, the genius who heroically tried to kill Jehovah, the monstrous Torture God)? It became known as the Illuminati - the enlightened ones - and it has survived to this day, despite relentless Abrahamic persecution. Mithraism, alchemy, hermeticism, the Gnostic religion of the medieval Cathar heretics, the outlawed Knights Templar and the original anti-establishment Freemasonry (nothing like pro-establishment modern WASP Freemasonry) were all guises of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati are humanity's true hope and light, the voice of the Enlightenment. Join the army of Light and Reason. The only "sacred text" is mathematics, the language of God, of existence itself.

"For a few to be immortal, many must die." -- from the film In Time.

Who has all the power in the world? The People? The elected representatives of the People? Or is it the banks, corporations, bond markets, dynastic families, hereditary monarchs and the super rich?

Answer? - FOLLOW THE MONEY. The flow of money is the flow of power. Dollars are the amoral units of power and are overwhelmingly held by the amoral (or indeed immoral) super rich. The closer you are to the money flow, the more you can divert into your own pockets, hence the incredible wealth of bankers. The further you are from the flow, the poorer you are. The public good, merit, morality, fairness, justice and rationality play no part at all in the money flow.

The more dollars you have, the more powerful you are. The fewer you have, the more you become invisible. No one sees you and no one listens to you. You are "power deficient", hence irrelevant. Isn't it time to be seen and heard? Isn't it time for the public good and General Will rather than the private good (of the rich) and Particular Will (of the rich) to shape the power equation and dictate the money flow?

Money is a "proximity phenomenon" - the closer you are to its source, to its flow, the better. So, the rich ENSURE they are in closest proximity, while the ordinary people find themselves very far away. Those who are furthest of all from the money require State hand-outs, charity or must beg. They are held in almost universal contempt, yet their central problem is nothing but being too far from the money flow, and that can happen for all sorts of reasons. African Americans, for example, have never been allowed near the money in any significant numbers, hence have never stood a chance. Jews, on the other hand, went out of their way to be close to the money, and succeeded spectacularly. Most of all, the rich CONTROL who gets near the money. You are permitted to come close only if you're a member of their privileged cartel. The whole system is rigged against you. In a free world, the People, not the rich, not the Zionists and WASP Freemasons, must be in charge of who has proximity to the money.

1% (the rich) command and 99% (the poor) obey. Isn't it time for genuine People Power rather than the fake version served up by dumbocracy? Then the People must take the money of the rich - or we'll be their slaves forever. In this time of global financial meltdown, anyone who does not advocate a vast and unprecedented redistribution of wealth from the rich to the People is an Enemy of the People. Any defence of the rich is an attack on the People.

The Old World Order is dead. It's time to push it into its grave.

Free market capitalism has demonstrated that the market controls the economic and hence political agenda. Who and what constitutes the market? What is the market's purpose? Who elected any of the participants in the market? What are the political affiliations of these participants? How wealthy are they? In what way do they express the General Will of the People? Is the market designed to operate in the public good? Do our political leaders have any control over the market? Do they know exactly how the market functions and how it contributes (or not) to the public good? Do they know the identities of all the market participants and their respective agendas? Are they able to inform the People exactly what role the market plays? We all know the answer. Our leaders are clueless. They don't control the market; the market controls them.

The market constitutes an unelected, unaccountable, extra-political entity that nevertheless dominates the political space and can bring down presidents, prime ministers and entire national economies. It can provoke global economic crises and yet governments have ZERO control over it. Don't you find that somewhat odd? How can anyone talk of the people being in charge of the political process if the market dictates government policy? Free markets and democracy are INCOMPATIBLE. You cannot have a democracy if you have a market-controlled economy external to the political process and unaccountable to the electorate.

Democracy likes to trumpet the fact that you can remove unpopular politicians and governments, implying that you get the government you choose, yet there is no mechanism whatever for removing the controllers of the marketplace, the people who run free market capitalism hence the people who actually run democracy. If you can't remove them then you have no power at all and you are at their mercy.

The rich aren't stupid. They gave people democracy because they knew it changed nothing. The market retains all of the real power and THEY are the market. If the rich can't be removed from the market for corruption, greed, the pursuit of naked self-interest and actively acting against the public good then the people have no power. Democracy is a sham. The truth is that the market and its controllers are beyond the reach of the electorate while completely controlling the fate of the electorate. They are outside democracy and yet they run the democratic system. Is that not genius? The legions of dumbed down, manipulated and brainwashed masses who will fight to the death for democracy haven't noticed that their political system is a farce and gives them no power at all. Democracy is simply a disguised plutocracy - rule by the rich - operating via the "sacrosanct", unregulated market where the rich hold all of the cards and the poor have no say.

It need not be like this. "Social" capitalism, as opposed to free market capitalism, is structured to ensure that there are no extra-political entities that dictate to governments and are capable of destroying the economy. Markets must be subordinated to politics, not the other way around. Every element of the political process must be defined (because how can you understand, regulate and control undefined entities) and must be subject to the will of the people; otherwise it's ridiculous to talk of "people power". The market is neither defined nor does it have any connection whatever with the public good.

Who are the authors of free market capitalism? - THE RICH.

Who are the beneficiaries of free market capitalism? - THE RICH.

Who are the controllers of the economic and political agenda? - THE RICH.

WAKE UP! Democracy and its diabolical twin - free market capitalism - must be abolished. It's time for Meritocracy and social capitalism operating in the public good.

"It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution by tomorrow morning." -- Henry Ford

What is the single most important fact for you to grasp about the world? It is that whoever controls the money controls everything else. Therefore a political system such as dumbocracy that gives people the vote but gives them no money and no say over the private individuals, private banks and private corporations that control the money is never anything but the illusion of surrendering power to the people. The ancient controlling elites remain the same as ever. As an act of psychological genius, they gave the people the pretence of power while they maintained iron control of actual power. The only reason they agreed to dumbocracy was that they saw how it would deliver up a servile, compliant, docile population who would delude themselves that they were "free" and in charge, hence would never revolt. Freedumb and dumbocracy are the greatest acts of deception ever devised (apart from Abrahamism, that other masterful con that made billions bow to Satan and call him "God"!). They have fooled the dumb masses in every possible way.

If you want a new world with the people in charge then hear this - dumbocracy must be destroyed and the people must take control of the money. Any other suggestions are bullshit and a supreme waste of time. Without control of the money, the people have nothing and are permanently powerless. The formula for true freedom? - follow the money and seize control of it. There shouldn't be a single private bank run by private individuals serving their own agendas on this planet. Once you realise that, the way forward is simplicity itself, but the elites will of course do all in their power to make you dance to their old tunes and reject any New World Order of authentic people power. The entire debate about economics, politics and freedom is reducible to just a single question - who should control the money; the people or a small group of exceptionally rich private individuals unaccountable to the people yet controlling the people? Everything else is propaganda. So, whose side are you on? It's time to choose.

"It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees." -- Emiliano Zapata

Freedumb, Dumbocracy, Moronarchy, Idiocracy and Free-Racket CRAPITALISM

That's the world we're living in. Isn't it time to change the script?

Ownership Class

Our world is controlled by a group called the "Ownership Class", or the "Old World Order" - a group of ultra-wealthy individuals and dynastic families of privilege that have always ruled over us, often claiming to reign by "divine right".

In the UK, the head of state is an unelected, unaccountable Queen who refers to the British people as her "subjects" and as "commoners", who are expected to withdraw from her presence by walking backwards (because it would be insulting for them to dare to turn their back on their sovereign). Why would any rational person subscribe to this perpetual humiliation? - yet tens of millions of Britons swear their allegiance to this abominable Queen. She has “ladies in waiting” who are like slaves, waiting to do her bidding at any time. When the Australian prime minister refused to curtsey to the Queen, it made headline news in Britain and Australia. When a politician dared to gently touch the Queen’s back to steer her in the right direction, it caused outrage in the British media. There's an elaborate protocol for how to conduct yourself in the "royal presence". A team of advisers and courtiers spell out the etiquette.

The 400 richest Americans have the same wealth as the poorest 150 million Americans. If that statistic doesn’t shock you to the core, you must be one of the 400. The key to understanding our world lies in grasping how 400 individuals, and people like the English Queen, can utterly dominate vast populations that could destroy them in an instant if they so chose. If we lived in the jungle as brute animals, it's inconceivable that the 400 wouldn't be attacked and killed by much stronger individuals. So there is something about human "civilisation" that leads to the astoundingly unnatural situation where 150 million people allow their lives to be destroyed in order that 400 people should live amongst them as monarchs who command all they survey.

“Civilisation” turns out to be a tool to create a pyramidal society where a small, elite class rule over various other layers, with a huge underclass at the bottom, propping up everyone else. The members of the underclass should, logically, attack and kill the elite, but they never do. Why not? – because they buy into the religious and legal prohibitions instilled in them by the elite. They end up fighting amongst themselves and killing each other.

The 400 richest Americans rely on laws (designed by and for the rich and powerful), religious prohibitions (selected by the rich and powerful), round-the-clock propaganda (they own the media), and, as their last resort, they have their paid enforcers (mercenaries) - the police and the army to uphold their will through violence. With these measures, the 400 make themselves impregnable, inviolable... invincible. The message the 400 communicate to the 150 million is that it is right, moral, just, rational, legitimate, and, ultimately, the will of God, that they should rule over the 150 million and that the 150 million should make no attempt to overthrow them even though if the 150 million want any chance in life, the first thing they should do is get rid of the 400.

The 400 are masters of psychology. Above all, they are experts in the doctrine of "divide and rule". They set the 150 million against themselves. Consider the phenomenon of gangs. Members of rival gangs are continually shooting each other and fighting over who controls the streets of the grim ghettos they live in. The 400 are delighted when the gang members kill each other. What they worry about is all the gangs realising who the real enemy is - THEM. Imagine all of the gangs coming together to form a Super Gang and, rather than killing each other, attacking rich folk in gated communities. That's the 400's worst nightmare. But of course the gangs are too dumb to follow any rational course of action. Who made them dumb? - the 400, naturally.

The 400 and their ilk have created an atomised society of self-interested, selfish individuals all ruthlessly and savagely competing with each other according to the mechanistic rules of "game theory". There is no group solidarity. The only common purpose of the 150 million is to screw over everyone else and secure an advantage for themselves. But they do so only amongst their own kind. None of them ever gaze upwards towards the controllers of the game and think, "Hey, why don't I screw THEM over?" They don't think like that because the 400 have created such a power differential between themselves and everyone else that they seem to belong to another world - of gods. They are untouchable.
The 150 million fight amongst themselves like rats in a sack, and none of them ever stops to think - "Why are we doing this to each other? Who made us like this? Isn't there a better way?" You need to be smart to have such thoughts, so the elite have designed and promoted a dumbed-down, lowest common denominator culture where everyone is plunging to the bottom rather than rising to the top. How low can you go? - to the uttermost depths of cretinism, vulgarity, tastelessness, crassness, cheapness, and worthlessness. Just turn on your TV and flick through the channels. It's like watching the denizens of Dante's nine circles of hell, except, bizarrely, the damned can't get enough of it. They're glued to their LCD TVs. What they do is make life hell for those who aspire to higher things.

The one thing Dante never considered is that hell would be a place that the overwhelming majority LOVE. American Idol and X-Factor - these are programmes created by the elite to provide "bread and circuses" to the masses, and how the masses flock to the Colosseum. What they haven't realised - because they're too stupid - is that they're the "Christians" being fed to the lions. They're watching the annihilation of their hopes of a good life, and yet they're laughing and cheering! That demonstrates the extent of the elite's mind control over them. Every second you spend watching junk TV is a wasted second, and if you watch a huge amount of shit, you've wasted your life.


It’s not enough for the elite 1% to be masters of economic capital (cash and financial assets) alone, and in fact there are three other types of capital which are equally significant: social, cultural and symbolic capital. It was French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu who introduced this extended definition of capital. He said of capital that it applied “to all the goods material and symbolic, without distinction, that present themselves as rare and worthy of being sought after in a particular social formation.”

1) Social capital. Think of this as the groups and networks to which you belong, and the quality of the relationships you enjoy. Do you belong to the elite Harvard circle or the Bullingdon Club? Do you get an invite to Bohemian Grove? Do you mix with millionaires, with politicians and celebrities? Who will help you when the chips are down? Who will support you? Do you think the people born into privilege ever have "hard times"? Bourdieu described social capital as "the aggregate of the actual or potential resources which are linked to possession of a durable network of more or less institutionalized relationships of mutual acquaintance and recognition." Most of us have low social capital. We don't know anyone significant or with any meaningful resources. Our networks are transient, low-level and can't help us to set up a business or make any real difference in our lives. It’s the elite who define all important forms of social capital, and they establish exclusive groups for the rich in order to perpetuate their elite status. Everyone wants to join their groups; they have no interest in joining yours.

2) Cultural capital. Think of this as the extent to which you share the cultural values of the elite (they are the ones who shape the cultural values). Do you like what they like? Do you like opera, ballet, classical music, modern art, fine wine, high cuisine, literary fiction, exclusive holidays in luxury resorts where hoi polloi never go? If you want to have a higher status in society, you have to be knowledgeable about the cultural values of the top 1%. If you share their values, they might invite you into their charmed circle. If all you can talk about is "working class" culture, they will regard you as a barbarian and you will never get any invites. "Social climbing" is all about adopting the necessary values to allow you to mix easily with the ruling elite. If you have low economic capital but high cultural capital, you might be able to ascend the social ladder to some extent. If you have low cultural capital but high economic capital, you will always be regarded as "vulgar", as “new money”.

So, cultural capital is about "table manners", the extent to which you can exhibit refined taste (such taste being dictated by the value system of the elite, which is designed to exclude 99% of the people). Bourdieu refers to cultural capital most especially in relation to education. That's the primary arena where you can adopt the values of the elite and gain a higher status for yourself. If you reject education, you are unlikely to acquire any cultural capital. You will be more like Tony Montana in Scarface - an uncouth, violent thug with no class. Most parents are clueless about how to acquire cultural capital, and so their children are equally ignorant. You don't get it by eating junk food, watching TV and playing video games.

Cultural capital – non-financial social nous; knowing what the elite like – can help you with your networking (social capital) and then lead to the acquisition of greater economic capital because you will get a better job than those lacking cultural capital. Understanding cultural capital is the best route to social mobility for anyone outside the privileged elite. Cultural capital opens the doors that would otherwise be locked. But, crucially, it's all about embracing the values of a profoundly elitist and snobbish group who despise ordinary people. Why should you have to play that game in order to get on in the world? And what would it say about you if you did play along?

3) Symbolic capital. This is perhaps most important of all because it targets the imagination. Consider the “Royal Wedding” in the UK. Think of all the pomp, splendour and grandeur put on show, the projection of the power and glory of the British Establishment. All of this is designed to emphasize the legitimacy of the regime and to show any republicans that when they denounce the Queen, they stand opposed to the whole British nation.

Think of the importance of the American flag and the Star Spangled Banner anthem to ordinary Americans. Think of the power of the Koran over the collective Muslim mind. Think of Ferrari cars, Rolex watches, designer labels and so on. People crave certain consumer goods not because they have great intrinsic value but because they are priceless in terms of symbolic value. Everyone wants the symbols that impress others. People are obsessed with signs and symbols. We are all judging each other according to the signs and symbols we have on show. These are the basis of STATUS, and underpin the perpetual status war in which we are all engaged. Everyone wants to have the signs and symbols associated with the highest status, so the rich are always the winners in the status war.

Symbolic capital is all about prestige, honour, recognition, glory, status, your place in the pecking order.


In summary, we can think of economic capital as “what you own” (personal wealth), social capital as “who you know” (nepotism, cronyism and privilege), cultural capital as “what you know about the values and tastes of the ruling elite, and how well you are in accord with those values and tastes” and symbolic capital as “the signs and symbols that indicate your status, with the highest and most desirable signs and symbols being those linked to the rich elite.”

Capital in its four forms is the key to our world - and it is entirely defined and shaped by the elite. They control not only your financial circumstances, but also how you think, what you think, and to what you aspire. They dictate what you believe in, but they allow you to think you chose those beliefs for yourself. They dictate how you vote – you always vote for them or their puppets. They construct your identity. They even construct the stuff of which you dream. They are the true controllers of the Matrix. You are the batteries for the capitalist machine. You power it, and every time you make a purchase you make the rich richer. You are the perfect drones and droids, and all the while you delude yourselves that you are free and have meaningful choices. You don’t.

What you dream of most of all is being one of the rich elite. Ergo they are the last people in the world you would attack because they are what you aspire to be. And that's why 400 people can dominate 150,000,000 with almost no effort. They don’t have to spy on you and check up on you. You automatically do everything required of you because that’s how they’ve programmed you.

Isn’t it time to wake up? Stop swallowing the elite's propaganda. These people are scum and it's time they were swept away by the people's righteous anger, just as they were in the French and Russian Revolutions.

"You understand that in this election, the greatest risk we can take is to try the same old politics with the same old players and expect a different result." -- Barack Obama

What did Obama do when he got into power? He appointed the same old players, tried the same old politics, and got the same old results! That's democracy for you. Only a madman would keep trying the same old failed formula. Democracy is no longer tenable. It's time for meritocracy.

The top 3 million Americans (1%) own 33% of the nation's wealth - 32 times more than their fair share. (Some estimates put it as high as 42%, and growing.)

The bottom 150 million Americans (50%) own 3% of the country's wealth - 16 times less than their fair share.

The next 149 million Americans (49%) own 64% of the country's wealth - 0.3 times more than their fair share.

In other words, 1% are having a ball, 49% are doing slightly better than OK, and 50% are in hell. Where's the Revolution? How can you treat half of your population like shit in order to allow 1% to live like kings? Why do the 50% tolerate it? It's the 49% who are the accomplices of the elite 1%.

Imagine life as a 100 metres race. 49% of the people are more or less at the starting line, but 1% are 32 metres up the track. Their 100 metres race is only 68 metres long! As for 50%, they are 16 metres behind the starting line. They have to run 16 metres before they even join the race. (Many don't get that far: they never start.) Ask yourself a very simple question - who will win this race and who will lose? Is there any doubt? The race is rigged from the beginning. 1% are sure to win and 50% are sure to lose. As for the 49%, they need to break every world record imaginable to beat the 1%. they have to be one in a million! Do you fancy those odds? So why are you taking part in this race? Isn't it time for a new race where everyone lines up at the same starting line?

Meritocracy is based on the absolute destruction of the rigged race of life via the introduction of 100% inheritance tax i.e. an overwhelming advantage can no longer be passed on by rich parents to their children. All children, no matter the wealth of their parents, must begin at the same starting line as everyone else. No parent can rig the race. The 1% can no longer dictate the outcome of the race.

Many people claim to be meritocrats but when you mention 100% inheritance tax to them, all of the blood drains from their faces. You know what that means? - THEY'RE NOT MERITOCRATS!

"Democracy" literally means "people power" (demos - people; kratos = power). It was designed to stop rule by the rich elite. Look at "democratic" America. Who runs it? The rich elite - the top 1%!!! Why haven't the dumb "democrats" worked out that the elite have conned them yet again!

"There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning." -- US billionaire Warren Buffett.
"There's a sucker born every minute." -- P.T. Barnum

Is your name on the "Suckers' List"? Isn't it time you removed it? FIGHT BACK!


Between 2002 and 2007, two-thirds of American gains in wealth flowed to the top 1% of households, and that top 1% held a larger share of income than at any time since 1928, just prior to the Great Crash. In other words, extreme wealth always presages a crash, and the reason is simple - the extreme wealth came about by excessive greed on the part of the top 1%, leading to an unsustainable boom that automatically gives birth to a disastrous bust.

50 million Americans have no healthcare. More than 45 million Americans are on food stamps. More than 24 million can't find a full-time job. 14 million are unemployed.

The degree of inequality in America is on a par with Rwanda - yet America is supposed to be the richest and most powerful country on earth. America has failed, democracy has failed and capitalism has failed.

It's time for a change - and that means an entirely new political vision. MERITOCRACY. Only the irrational would persevere with an utterly failed and discredited political, economic and social system.


A person posted a message on the Path of Illumination Facebook site, saying that the "New World Order" would never happen. The person had plainly never read this site and had no idea what the "New World Order" is. Such a person believes that he can personally stop the NWO happening. But if he can stop the NWO, why didn't he stop the OWO - the Old World Order? If he says that he will fight to stop a New World Order then the fact that he's not currently fighting must mean that he's a supporter of the Old World Order - of the elite 1% who have ruined our world. Everyone who supports the prevailing regime of rule by the 1% is indeed an enemy of the Illuminati. They are the friends of Wall Street, Zionism and the rich elite. The person who posted his message opposing the New World Order is exactly the sort of deluded, irrational sad sack who stands in the way of progress.


Meritocracy attacks all aspects of capital. By the tool of 100% inheritance tax, it brings dynastic family wealth and privilege to a permanent end; by promoting “what you know” (merit) over “who you know” (privilege), it destroys social capital; by redefining culture and aligning it with merit rather than privilege, it destroys the prevailing cultural capital, and it thereby redefines the signs and symbols associated with symbolic capital.

The new meritocratic system of capitalism (embracing all four forms of capital) is called social or public capitalism in which there is no longer any privileged elite pulling the strings. The capitalist pyramid is toppled and replaced by a meritocratic round table where anyone sitting at the table has the same opportunities as everyone else.

The 99% Movement and Occupy Wall Street

“The second we start making demands, we start splintering and we are no longer the 99 per cent.” – New York protester

What is the point of the “99% Movement” and “Occupy Wall Street”? They have no demands to put forward, no platform to advocate. They are defined by what they are opposed to, but they themselves stand for nothing concrete. This is nihilism. How can you change the system if you don’t know what you want to change it to?

Why should the elite be worried by a philosophically and politically mute movement with nothing positive to articulate? All this movement does is present a list of grievances without saying what has to be done to remedy them. The global protest movement is afraid to stand behind any position because they know their unity will instantly disintegrate.

The global protest movement is overly broad and underly deep. It’s a superficial expression of discontent. Look at what happened in Egypt in similar circumstances. The Egyptian protesters knew exactly what they were against but they had no agreed stance. So, the military filled the vacuum and imposed its will. Are the Egyptians better off today? Many of them are as angry as they were before. What has changed?

The global protesters are terrified of having leaders. Look at the “Anonymous” hacking group. They actually see it as a virtue to have no leaders. Guess who’s laughing at this lack of leadership? – the elite. The elite know that if the opposition has no leaders then it poses no threat. All the opposition will ever do is perform stunts: street theatre with performers in assorted masks. It’s all part of the Society of the Spectacle created by guess who? – yup, the elite again. Protestors spend more time filming themselves, tweeting, facebooking and posting pictures than they do debating politics and policy. They spend their time thinking up witty remarks to put on placards and no time at all reading Plato, Rousseau, Nietzsche and Hegel. They are PERFECT PROTESTERS – from the point of view of the elite! They are really engaged in a kind of entertainment rather than a serious attempt to change anything. Compare the Occupy Wall Street gang with the sans-culottes of the French Revolution, the radical militants of the lower orders wearing their red Phrygian caps. Which group frightens the life out of the elite? But the elite have so sanitised the world, made it so “postmodern”, that protesters never contemplate anything truly radical. They occupy an agreed corner of Wall Street – they don’t burn it down. They don’t smash any windows. They don't hurl abuse at the bankers and traders. They have pizzas delivered to them. What’s the point? What’s the objective? What’s the end game? Does anyone actually care? Or is protesting just an end in itself? “I protest therefore I am.”

Shouldn’t a protest have specific objectives? Shouldn’t there be a list of demands? Shouldn’t there be a political stance? Shouldn’t there be leaders? But the elite have controlled “capital” so brilliantly that they have rendered protest a joke, a non-threat. People buy “Anonymous” masks and some fat cat capitalist who owns the image rights gets even fatter – he hopes that the protests go on forever! He will become the fattest cat in history.

The protesters MUST become political. Fuck this ludicrous attempt to maintain innocuous consensus. Obama spends all of his time calling for bipartisan action and consensus – and his ratings keep slipping lower and lower and he looks more and more ineffectual. He stands for nothing. He has no beliefs, no causes to fight for i.e. he’s the perfect puppet politician who will never pose a threat to anyone. That’s why he’s in the White House. No LEADER ever gets elected in a democracy because a leader actually wants to change things, and that’s something the privileged elite won’t permit.

In the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron and his glamorous wife Samantha (daughter of a baronet and stepdaughter of a Viscount) are said to be worth £30 million. Cameron (Eton College, Oxford University, Bullingdon Club, son of an extremely well-connected, rich stockbroker) and his posh, aristocratic wife are the quintessence of extreme privilege. In what way would this silver-spoon couple know anything of the plight of ordinary men and women? They know ZERO about real life. They have spent their entire lives in the synthetic bubble of privilege. They have never had to worry about money or getting a job. Everything is handed to them on a plate. They can set their sights as high as possible because they have none of the worries of normal people.


"Much of the Occupy movement's rank-and-file understandably wish to bypass a political process that seems either irrelevant or part of the problem. But the stakes are far higher than they were during the heyday of the anti-globalisation movement. Capitalism is in a crisis without apparent end; Western governments are manically hacking chunks off the welfare state; and millions are being stripped of secure futures. In these circumstances, anger will inevitably grow; but unless it is given a political focus, it is set to erupt in ugly, directionless ways. We could be staring at a future of desperate youths rampaging through city centres; and masked riot police officers charging at crowds. But those with economic and political power would remain safely in place, possibly helped by an even greater backlash at rising disorder than that witnessed after the August riots. Those swelling the ranks of dissent have to choose: are we making a point about the 1 per cent, or are we trying to dislodge them from power? We've certainly achieved the former. But – unless we develop a coherent alternative that resonates with the millions being made to pay for the banks' crisis – the people at the top aren't going anywhere." -- Owen Jones, The Independent

There are far too many doped-out hippies in the ranks of the protesters with all their "love is light" (does that mean there's no love at night unless the lights are kept on?!) and "love your neighbour" crap (do the rich elite love YOU? - you must be joking). It's time for the radicals and the revolutionaries, not the "professional" malcontents who destroy activism with their weed. 

Marxism called itself a “spectre” haunting capitalism. Where is today’s spectre? More like trick or treat.

Manifesto of the Communist Party

"A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of communism. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and Tsar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies.

Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as communistic by its opponents in power? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of communism, against the more advanced opposition parties, as well as against its reactionary adversaries?

Two things result from this fact:

I. Communism is already acknowledged by all European powers to be itself a power.

II. It is high time that Communists should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Spectre of Communism with a manifesto of the party itself.

To this end, Communists of various nationalities have assembled in London and sketched the following manifesto, to be published in the English, French, German, Italian, Flemish and Danish languages."


“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.” -- Marx and Engels


Communism failed in 1989 and capitalist democrats then proclaimed that there was no alternative to their system. They pronounced the "End of History" i.e. there would be no more great conflicts: all nations would adopt capitalist democracy and that would be it until Doomsday. But there IS an alternative – the dialectical political system of MERITOCRACY.

It’s time to get real. It’s time to get serious. Fuck DEMOCRACY! Obama was democracy’s last hope and he has failed dismally. He was an outsider who behaved exactly like an insider. Thus it always is. If you want a new society you have to understand something extremely simple – the prevailing ideology, the current “system”, has to be smashed to smithereens. It’s time for a new, dialectical system of continuous improvement – Meritocracy – that models itself on the most successful instrument ever devised by humanity: the scientific method.

Meritocracy is about applying expertise, method and evidence to politics. It’s about jettisoning ideology and rhetoric and dealing instead with hypotheses, experiments, data collection and evidence. Every aspect of society can be brought to perfection through repeated iterations of the dialectical method of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. There’s no further need for hot air speeches and moralising by politicians. Now we will have theories put forward by experts in their fields, and these theories will be relentlessly tested and perfected – exactly as in science, humanity’s jewel.

The quickest way to get people up to speed with meritocracy is to invoke the example of Star Trek. This futuristic vision is based on a technocratic meritocracy. There’s no rich elite in Star Trek. In fact there’s no money. There’s no celebrity culture and no fanatical master-slave religious beliefs. No one is on their knees in terror of their God (any God who inspires terror is not God!). Anyone who likes Star Trek ought to be a meritocrat (and it says a great deal about you if you don't like Star Trek).

Can anyone seriously believe that five hundred years from now, humanity will still be operating under capitalist democracy with the top 1% controlling almost half of the wealth of the world? Capitalist democracy WILL be replaced. The only question is what will replace it. The solution does not lie in democracy. Democracy has failed decisively and irrevocably. Free market capitalism has failed decisively and irrevocably.

Capitalist democracy certainly won't take us to the future. It has delivered the 99% versus 1% catastrophe we have now. Communism won’t help us. Islam won’t help us. Anarchy won’t help us. What’s left? There’s only one viable alternative – Meritocracy, the political system of advanced, rational humanity, of Enlightenment, of the future. 

If capitalism and democracy have failed – as they evidently have – it stands to reason that they must be replaced. Anyone who doesn’t understand failure will keep repeating failure. There’s no point in calling for worthless reforms of the existing failed system. The system itself has proved rotten to the core. The system must be wholly changed. There can be no half measures.

Meritocracy is the answer. Meritocracy is about taking all logical, rational, enlightened steps necessary to end privilege and create equal opportunities for everyone. Meritocracy is not however an ideology of equality. Meritocracy says that everyone should line up at the same starting line and be given an equal opportunity to win, but then the race will be run and some – the most talented – will prove victorious. They will be the people who govern the world, but they will govern it in the interests of everyone, not in their own interests. They will be all about public service and nothing to do with self-service (unlike the current capitalist leaders of the world whose primary objective is to line their own pockets).

100% inheritance tax will ensure that the leaders of society cannot establish family dynasties or create systems of privilege for themselves and their relatives and cronies. There will never again be a super rich elite class. That will be enshrined in law and enacted via 100% taxation on all private estates: all assets at death are thereby inherited by the Commonwealth – the "Bank of the People" – and redistributed amongst the people (the money will mostly be invested in education.) Since there’s no point in hoarding wealth, the richest members of society will no doubt spend their wealth i.e. it will be continually recirculating in the economy. The money will therefore always be available to the people and the economy rather than being removed from circulation and used to create vast, permanent assets for the elite.

100% inheritance tax is the measure most feared by the elite. Oddly, it is also feared by ordinary people even though most have few assets to pass on anyway. Why do people with no assets fear inheritance tax? – because the elite have brainwashed them to fear it! It’s labelled as a communist policy; as the “evil” State interfering in people’s lives. Who says so? – the elite do. Why? Because 100% inheritance tax destroys them once and for all. It brings to an end the age of the Old World Order of elite dynastic families. It brings to an end the super rich class. It brings to an end the two-tier Society of Privilege.

Inheritance tax isn’t even something that the living experience – because you have to be dead before it applies. What decent, moral person would object to having their excess wealth at death surrendered to the Commonwealth for the education and good of the people? Only sick and selfish people would oppose 100% inheritance tax. This tax is the one that will define the New Society. At one stroke, it changes EVERYTHING.

Isn’t it time to put your weight behind a brand new political vision – Meritocracy. Of course, it isn’t actually new at all. It's just a modern update of Plato's Republic, Plato's Laws and Rousseau’s Social Contract.

It's amazing how many people still think the current system can be salvaged. It can't. It's over. Anyone who wants a new society must turn to a new system – Meritocracy and social capitalism, specifically designed to curb excessive wealth and the power of dynastic families. What’s not to like?

Yet history demonstrates that, initially, the masses will despise meritocracy. Of course, democracy was not universally admired when it first appeared on the scene in ancient Athens, and it vanished for millennia. Britain claims to have been responsible for restoring democracy to the world, but that’s rather difficult to sustain given that Britain, to this day, is a monarchy with an unelected, unaccountable head of State and is one of the most socially divided, class-ridden, unequal societies on earth. Britain is a classic oligarchy. It’s ruled by an elite class, headed by a monarch. In fact, on close inspection, there aren’t any democracies in the world. They’re all actually plutocracies (rule of the people by the rich and for the rich). Switzerland is probably the closest to a proper democracy, and that’s not exactly at the forefront of world affairs, and its secretive, pro-elite banking system is exceptionally sinister and anti-democratic.

Democracy is, more or less, an illusion. It’s a tool used by the rich to convince the poor – the people – that they are really in charge. But if the people are in charge, how come all of the assets belong to the rich?

Tipping Point

Do you think your beliefs and convictions are unshakeable? Do you consider it impossible that you would ever abandon your most cherished beliefs? Here’s a thought experiment for you. Perhaps you’re a Christian. Imagine that a new religion came along and gained rapid popularity, so rapid that within a few years almost all Christians had decamped to it. So now rather than being one Christian amongst many other Christians and socially rewarded and admired for your beliefs, you are regarded as a weirdo. People shun you and snigger at you. You lose friends, and you have no chance of progressing at work. Christianity becomes a huge burden for you, radically obstructing your opportunities and making life exceptionally difficult. Do you really think you will soldier on as a Christian or will you follow everyone else’s lead and change to the new religion?

You will no doubt lie to yourself that you will never change, but in practice you definitely will. People’s beliefs have got nothing to do with truth and conviction. People’s beliefs are social, political and economic constructs that change as soon as the social, political and economic conditions change. It’s easy to be a Christian if everyone else is a Christian. But when everyone else changes to some other religion then remaining a Christian is immensely problematic, and few have the strength to hold out.

Consider two examples from history. At the start of the sixteenth century, England was a devoutly Catholic country, had a Catholic monarch and was totally loyal to the Pope. By the end of the century, the monarch was Protestant, the Pope’s authority had been utterly rejected, the people were overwhelmingly Protestant, and anti-Catholicism was so rabid that Catholic priests were being burned at the stake. So much for the beliefs and convictions of the English. So much for the “sincerely, deeply held and unshakeable” Catholicism that all of the people professed at the start of the century. When new political circumstances arose following King Henry VIII’s desire for a divorce that the Pope refused to grant, the people quickly lined up behind the new political reality. You’re deluding yourself if you think you would behave any differently from the English. Your beliefs are provisional. Your beliefs will unquestionably change if circumstances change. That, in fact, is why change is possible at all. If people really had unshakeable beliefs then we would still believe in the gods of the Stone Age.

Religions are well aware of how vulnerable they are, which is why they are so insistent that they are the unerring, sacrosanct Word of God that can never be altered by time and circumstances. They threaten you with eternal hellfire if you abandon the “truth”. Islam actually promotes the death penalty for apostasy. Why? Because if people start leaving Islam and suffer no adverse consequences, what’s to stop everyone else doing the same?

Islam is itself a perfect example of how a new religion can destroy all other religions in its vicinity. Its prophet, Mohammed, was a deeply disturbed individual. He was a poor orphan looking for an identity and he found it by appealing to the ultimate father figure – Allah. Lacking a real father, he simply created a supernatural one. By the end of his life, he was the first ruler of all of Arabia, and all of his enemies had been despatched or converted. He himself was regarded by his followers as the perfect human being, the ideal, sacred pattern for all of humanity for all time. He is more or less what Christ is to Christians, though he is not regarded as God.

Yet it’s a remarkable fact that for the first 13 years of Islam, Mohammed only had around 150 followers. Islam made almost no impression at all on the pagan tribes of Mecca. It was only when Mohammed moved to Medina and involved himself first in politics and then war that Islam began to prosper i.e. it wasn’t for religious reasons that Islam succeeded. The vast majority of Mohammed’s efforts in Medina were devoted to the political and military success of Islam, and through those came its religious success, almost as an afterthought.

Politics and jihad are the real essence of Islam. Rather than Islam being compared and contrasted with Christianity, it should be seen as a rival model to capitalist democracy i.e. it's a political, social and economic view of life. As a religion, Islam has almost nothing to offer. It has no complexity at all. It really amounts to nothing more than the assertion that there is only one God – Allah – and Mohammed is his prophet and you must do everything it says in the Koran if you want to go to paradise. Otherwise, you will go to hell. That’s it. There’s nothing else. There’s none of the incredible theological complexity of Christianity. Christians, in order to defend the concepts of the Holy Trinity and the Incarnation of God on earth (Jesus Christ) had to wrestle with mind-bogglingly difficult philosophical issues, all of which were absent from Islam: a simple religion for simple desert tribesmen. Islam was, and is, perfectly suited to people with no education, which is why Islam is a religion associated with almost no intellectual achievements. The only Muslims who ever contributed anything clever were those who studied pagan Greek philosophy!

The rise of Islam perfectly illustrates the phenomenon of the “tipping point”. It has been reported by scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in a paper called "Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities" that when just 10 percent of the population develop an unshakable belief, their belief will ALWAYS triumph and be adopted by the rest of society.

The question of how and when a minority belief becomes the majority opinion is crucial since this constitutes the dialectical dynamic that propels the world forward. Capitalist democracy can be overthrown like everything else. All that is required is for 10% percent of the population to acquire a zealous commitment to meritocracy. That’s the magic number – 10%.

The global protest movements, lacking an agreed agenda, can never succeed because they do not represent a commitment to anything in particular, hence cannot reach the requisite tipping point. The protesters are successful at articulating what they dislike, but hopeless at suggesting viable alternatives around which a tipping point can develop.

The tricky phase for any new movement is finding the ten percent of fully committed supporters. During that awkward time, there is little visible sign of progress and people can become discouraged – which is why they must be fanatics if they are to remain committed to a cause making no apparent headway.

Mohammed succeeded because his 150 followers stayed true to him even when it seemed his cause was hopeless. Had they doubted and abandoned him, Mohammed would have been no more than an obscure historical footnote in the story of Mecca.

Christianity, the most successful religion in history, also began with just a handful of adherents. The Christians were regularly persecuted, making their survival even more unlikely. In many ways, it was just one man - St Paul - who created Christianity. He was a tireless advocate of his religion and travelled far and wide to promote his message. Above all, he separated Christianity from Judaism and made Christianity acceptable to pagans by melding it with pagan Mithraism. This one man changed history. Can you?    

Below the 10% tipping point, nothing much happens. Once the target is reached, the ideas spread like wildfire, like the viral successes we see on the internet. The latest sensation is Lana Del Ray. If you want the surest formula for success it's a stunningly beautiful woman with a great voice, a great image and genuine talent singing a poignant song - a one in a million combination. We have been asked whether she is an "Illuminati child", programmed from an early age to carry the Illuminati's message to the masses, to cast an anti-Christian spell over the world. As the princess of Hollywood "sad core", and with wealthy parents, Lana Del Ray has been proposed as a suitable femme fatale to play the part of Zara, the ice queen of the Illuminati's Millionaires' Death Club. Well, maybe she could provide the soundtrack of the movie, but casting Zara is the greatest challenge since Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind. Zara is of course Kurtz (The Heart of Darkness) reimagined as the world's most intelligent, beautiful and deadly young woman. "The horror, the horror."

Did Lana Del Ray plagiarise her great hit? Decide for yourself...

Success breeds success and failure breeds failure. The only “failures” who ever succeed are those who can cope with failure and persevere. If they have a powerful enough message and remain committed to it, they will eventually triumph, as Mohammed and his small band of followers demonstrated.

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better." --  Samuel Becket

Look at what has happened in the Arab nations. Dictators, supremely powerful for decades, were overthrown in weeks once the tipping point of protest was reached. In Syria, the repressive government has managed to contain the disorder and no tipping point has been achieved yet, but if the protestors stay true to their cause they will eventually succeed.

Reporting the details of the tipping point study, a journalist for Science Daily (July 26, 2011) said,

“To reach their conclusion, the scientists developed computer models of various types of social networks. One of the networks had each person connect to every other person in the network. The second model included certain individuals who were connected to a large number of people, making them opinion hubs or leaders. The final model gave every person in the model roughly the same number of connections. The initial state of each of the models was a sea of traditional-view holders. Each of these individuals held a view, but were also, importantly, open minded to other views.

"Once the networks were built, the scientists then ‘sprinkled’ in some true believers throughout each of the networks. These people were completely set in their views and unflappable in modifying those beliefs. As those true believers began to converse with those who held the traditional belief system, the tides gradually and then very abruptly began to shift.

"'In general, people do not like to have an unpopular opinion and are always seeking to try locally to come to consensus. We set up this dynamic in each of our models,' said SCNARC Research Associate and corresponding paper author Sameet Sreenivasan. To accomplish this, each of the individuals in the models ‘talked’ to each other about their opinion. If the listener held the same opinions as the speaker, it reinforced the listener's belief. If the opinion was different, the listener considered it and moved on to talk to another person. If that person also held this new belief, the listener then adopted that belief.

“‘As agents of change start to convince more and more people, the situation begins to change,’ Sreenivasan said. ‘People begin to question their own views at first and then completely adopt the new view to spread it even further. If the true believers just influenced their neighbors, that wouldn't change anything within the larger system, as we saw with percentages less than 10.’”

There you have it. A few committed individuals with strong convictions can sway those with weaker beliefs, and take control. As soon as the new ideas are adopted by just 10% of the population it’s game over – thanks to human psychology and the propensity of the weak to follow the lead of the strong.

Crazy religions of the past succeeded because they had zealous advocates who would kill anyone who disagreed with them and terrify the superstitious masses with tales of eternal hellfire. Only the strong can withstand intimidation, and only the strong can set new trends in motion.

Are you one of the strong? Will you join the movement to change the world?

The elite will of course attempt to suppress any new opinions that threaten them, but in truth they have already lost. The tipping point against the elite has already been passed. No one respects or trusts them anymore. The only ingredient lacking now is what will replace the old system. That’s where meritocratic social capitalism comes in. No one else has any realistic and practical ideas so if you want a new society, shouldn’t you join us?

Ten percent is the golden number – the number that changes the world. Be part of that ten percent. Be a hero. Let future generations talk about YOU.

No one can rationally condemn merit and no one can rationally condemn a fairer distribution of wealth. Ours is the logical and inevitable dialectical upgrade of democratic free market capitalism to serve the people rather than the elite. Meritocratic social capitalism puts the people in charge, and the most expert people in the positions of power. No one – no individual or corporation – is ever allowed to become too rich or powerful. No privileged elites and dynastic families are allowed to develop. Equal opportunities and education are the unmovable core of meritocracy.


So, will you be one of the ten percent who will change the world? Be a hero. Watch these videos about the "Hero Philosophy."




Meritocratic Social Capitalism

This is a hybrid, a dialectical synthesis, of capitalism (thesis) and socialism (antithesis), preserving what is best in each and discarding the rest. The economic macrostructure – by which we mean banks, stock markets and regulatory bodies – are all controlled by expert, meritocratic, publicly accountable officials who will be dismissed without compensation for poor performance, and who will never receive outrageously disproportionate bonuses simply for doing their job. They will be rewarded for providing stable growth. The economic microstructure will be capitalist - individuals and collectives can set up businesses and trade without State interference. There will be competition, profits, markets, choice and everything that is good about capitalism, with none of the downsides. The State Bank, not private banks, will lend to businesses.

This new form of social capitalism will ensure that no capitalist individuals ever become so rich that they can dictate to governments. We will not be ruled by banks or capitalist corporations that are outside the political system and unaccountable to the people and that can leave the country if they so wish. We will be ruled only by officials who can be fired by the people if they do a bad job.

Just as it would be insane to entrust the defence of a nation to private armies with their own agendas (they would start wars to boost their share price!), it’s insane to entrust the economic defence and stability of a nation to private banks and corporations with their own agendas that have nothing to do with the welfare of the State and the people. That's why the infrastructure of the State must be socialist (for the people) rather than capitalist (for private individuals).

We are not communists. We are rational capitalists who appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of both capitalism and socialism and see how they can be integrated in a natural and highly productive way. This is an economic evolution, not revolution.

There will be no more vast multinational corporations that blackmail governments: all corporations and companies will be small or medium sized; they will be bespoke and integrated with their communities and nations, working in harmony with the State to bring prosperity to all of the people.

There will be no more casino banking, banks that are “too big to fail”, hedge funds, “shorting”, and speculative financial derivatives instruments . There will be no more psychopathic spivs and speculators driving the economy into the ground in pursuit of higher profits and bonuses for themselves. We will thus bring to an end the insane cycles of boom and bust that characterise free-market capitalism and which devastate the lives of so many innocent victims.

We will replace the “testosterone” modus operandi of free-market capitalism with the “oestrogen” of social capitalism i.e. women rather than aggressive young men will become far more prominent. We will seed society with metaphorical “oxytocin” – the Moral Molecule – that increases bonding, harmony and community. At the moment we have a testosterone society given over to selfishness, self-interest and ruthless competition between families and individuals as they all fight to be top dog.

Testosterone has had a good run for its money. Now it’s time for an oestrogen and oxytocin society without boom and bust, without aggression, without savage, destructive competition.

You want a new society, a new economy? – meritocratic social capitalism delivers everything you want. It ends boom and bust. It ends the rule of elite, dynastic families of extreme privilege who rig the game of life in their own favour. Everyone, regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation or background gets an equal opportunity.

Consider these two questions:

1) Is it rational for a political process to elect “leaders” who have no actual power because all of the real power resides with external super rich individuals, banks and corporations that can use their wealth and power to buy the political system and enforce their will? Can anyone deny that banks, corporations and the super rich tell Presidents what to do? If the President is the embodiment of the will of the people, it means that unelected and unaccountable banks, corporations and super rich individuals are telling the people what to do. That’s what democracy has delivered: a system in which the people get to choose a powerless figurehead who simply does what the non-elected elite decide. Therefore democracy must be abolished. No political system supposedly operating in the interest of all the people can be subject to external influence by groups and individuals that have no interest at all in the well-being of the people. Is Wall Street on the side of Main Street? You’d need to be insane to think so. Who shapes government policy – Wall Street or Main Street? Is there any question? Which institution has its fingers in every pie all across the world? – the Zionist-Masonic leviathan of Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs runs the world. Haven’t you realised that yet? Solution? – CLOSE DOWN GOLDMAN SACHS AND BAN ALL OF ITS OFFICIALS FROM SERVING IN GOVERNMENT. Simple!

2) Is it rational for dynastic families – such as the Rothschilds – to be able to use their incredible wealth and power to dictate the shape of the world generation after generation, and always in their own favour? Why should a rich family of today be allowed to determine the fortunes and prospects of the families of the future? How do you prevent a rich and powerful family from arranging the future to suit itself i.e. to guarantee its descendants a luxury life regardless of merit? You can stop the super rich controlling the future once and for all by introducing 100% inheritance tax. This automatically means the end of dynastic family rule. It means the end of privilege and the rise of equal opportunities and a world of merit.

Isn’t it time to join the meritocratic movement of social capitalism and equal opportunities? This is a real political movement with actual solutions for the ills of the world. Don’t protest mindlessly against the ruling regime. REPLACE THEM. Meritocratic social capitalism will inevitably replace democratic free-market capitalism. Meritocratic social capitalism is the dialectical successor of democratic free-market capitalism. The Old World Order has had its day. It has hit the dialectical buffers. Now it’s time for the New World Order based on merit, social justice and equal opportunities.

Bring the rule of the rich bankers to an end.

Bring the rule of the global corporations to an end.

Bring the rule of democratic puppet politicians in the paid service of the elite to an end.

Bring the rule of dynastic families of privilege to an end.


Why do you allow 1% of the people to control 33-42% of the wealth? Are you the biggest suckers of all time? How can you stand any reasonable chance in life if 1% of the people have gathered approaching half of the nation’s resources for themselves? All of those resources are not accessible to you and in fact are designed to perpetuate the wealth and power of the 1% i.e. they are an active weapon being used against you. 

The elite don’t care about you. They have no interest in your welfare. They don’t want you to succeed. They don’t want anyone anywhere to challenge their hegemony. They have used religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam to make the people slaves, to keep them terrified and on their knees. What is the concept of hell if not a terrorist tactic to terrify superstitious and stupid people into submission? Islam means submission. To be a Muslim is to declare yourself a slave of God. What sort of sick person imagines that God is a slavemaster or that he's interested in sending people to perpetual hell? God is reason, well-being and health. He’s not some sick fuck psychopath who wants people bowing to him and perpetually terrified of him. He doesn’t order fathers to kill their children as Jehovah/Allah ordered Abraham. Everyone who bows to “God” is a slave.

It’s time for humanity to escape the Age of Slavery; the Age of Abrahamism. Judaeo-Christianity goes hand-in-hand with democratic free-market capitalism.

We are advocates of the dialectic of freedom and choice. We are opposed to those who use money as a weapon to advance their own interests and damage those of everyone else. Rich parents do not spend a fortune sending their children to elite private schools and colleges because they are interested in YOUR success. They want you to fail. You are designed to fail. That’s why you went to shit schools and had shit teachers. You’re factory fodder.

The elite don’t want trash like you competing with them, so they arrange the whole system to ensure that you can NEVER compete. What’s more, they even get you to agree to being a second class citizen. Well, if you didn’t agree you would be trying to overthrow them, wouldn’t you? Since you’re doing nothing to advance the cause of meritocracy (which means the complete destruction of all systems of privilege, especially private education for the rich elite) then you’re clearly assisting the elite and you agree with them that they should be on the top tier of life while you should be a second-class citizen.

Ultimately, people are treated like shit because they want to be. If they didn’t, they would fight. They’re not fighting ergo they’re content with their lot. Q.E.D.

Get off your ass and start shouting about meritocracy from the rooftops and advocating the one measure that is sure to destroy the rich elite – 100% inheritance tax. Stop the rigged game of life. End the cartels, monopolies and oligopolies. Stop the robber barons and carpetbaggers, the spivs and speculators.

Meritocracy is about turning politics into science, about applying the scientific method to create better and better answers to all social, psychological and political problems. The rich despise science because most of them are hopeless scientifically. Science is not included in “cultural capital”. Science is the subject of true merit because no one can bullshit their way through science, and privileged connections won’t take you far unless you actually know what you’re talking about. A technocratic society run by scientists, mathematicians, technologists and engineers is a disaster for the elite.

100% Inheritance Tax

What do the elite fear above all? – having their wealth taken from them. What does 100% inheritance tax achieve? Precisely that – the complete and irrevocable end of dynastic wealth.

Imagine a world in which the rich realised they would lose all of their money and assets to the Commonwealth at their death. They would have to spend, spend, spend, wouldn’t they? A huge amount of cash and assets would be pumped into the economy. Recession would turn into growth and this time there would be no boom and bust economic cycle because there would no longer be any point in the rich seeking to bend every rule in the book to make themselves richer, knowing that all of their money would eventually end up with the Commonwealth.

The world can be changed overnight – just by stopping the rich elite in their tracks. If you really do believe in the 99% versus the 1% then demand the introduction of the tax that guarantees the victory of the 99% percent – 100% INHERITANCE TAX, the bedrock of meritocracy. Anyone who opposes 100% inheritance tax is a friend of privilege and the rich elite. Anyone who opposes 100% inheritance tax is a supporter of a two-tier society where those who can pass on resources are the winners and the rest are losers: permanent second class citizens.

Merit or privilege? Meritocracy or democracy? Free-market capitalism or social capitalism? IT’S TIME TO CHOOSE.

100% inheritance tax could be combined with a general cancellation of debts. The rich are the creditors and the poor are the debtors. Debt cancellation instantly transfers wealth from the elite to the ordinary people. The rich got us into this crisis so why shouldn’t they pay?

Debt cancellation would lead to the collapse of the banking system and the stock market. Capitalism would become insolvent. GOOD!!!! The State could then take control of the banking sector, the stock market and the corporate sector and start implementing social capitalism. The former elite would no longer have any power, wealth, influence or voice. Isn’t that what we all want? Why were the elite bailed out in 2008 and the ordinary people saddled with huge debts to pay for it? Why are bankrupt banks paying out vast bonuses at the taxpayers’ expense?!

It’s time for the people to take charge of their own destiny. That means having the courage to say “No” to the elite.

On the “Path of Illumination” facebook page, MS said: “Just yesterday I had a discussion with someone about 100% inheritance tax. They started to disagree and said why should an inheritance that I want to pass on to my child be taxed 100% and how am I supposed to ensure that he/she gets what I worked hard for? I offered the solution to teach your child about the business you set up from A to Z. Everything that you learned, make sure he/she learns. That way he’ll have the knowledge, which is more valuable than having the money, and then he can rejuvenate this business that you started and even improve it, rather than giving everything that you worked for to him/her just to have it run into the ground. The perfect rebuttal to the antagonism of the 100% inheritance tax!”

This is an excellent answer, but the comment also reveals the disturbing selfishness and lack of community spirit of the other individual. The person questioning 100% inheritance tax is only thinking of his own private situation. He doesn’t care about children who aren’t the beneficiaries of rich parents or parents who “worked hard” (whatever that means: no highly paid businessman ever works as hard as a poorly paid coal miner! – in fact, there’s almost an inverse relationship between hard work and how much you get paid). He puts ZERO thought into their welfare. In other words, he has tacitly declared war on them. If he cares nothing about them and wishes to disadvantage them by passing on benefits to his children that are unavailable to other children, why shouldn't they display equal contempt towards him and have zero consideration towards his welfare and that of his children? In fact, why shouldn’t they make his life hell on earth?

DS said, “When I first read about the tax, I thought ‘Ooh, that's a bit steep!’ But when I contemplated it, and learned more about the AOI’s vision of a better future, the fairer it looked. Something that occurred to me is that in actual fact, it is already in place in Australia for the little guy anyway! More so, the government squeezes the money out of you BEFORE you die!! I won’t blabber on how (nursing homes, etc.). And the little guy doesn’t fathom the rich person’s world and the astronomical riches they hoard. We are just so used to being screwed by The Powers That Be that we initially mistake it for another way to be screwed. As Captain Picard said in the Star Trek movie: “The economics of our time are somewhat different to yours (ours).”

DS is absolutely right. Anyone who has nothing to pass on has already been subjected to 100% inheritance tax while alive.

People who transmit overwhelming financial advantages to their children are effectively determining the shape of the future and disadvantaging the children of poor parents. No one has any legal or moral right to do harm to others. Every time the super rich hand on vast wealth, they are actively harming everyone who is denied the same access to this wealth. They have therefore committed a crime against those others, just as if they had mugged them or robbed them.

MS said, “I couldn’t agree with you more DS. With the application of the 100% inheritance tax and then social capitalism with meritocracy, things would not only change, but vastly improve. But first as I said in an earlier post, each country (I used America as an example since that’s where I’m from) needs to break free of the OWO debt-based currency and wipe out their deficits so that we can really start fresh. As long as the OWO has each country by the balls with their debt-based currency, nothing will change.”

That’s right again.

As soon as you overcome the OWO’s endless propaganda on behalf of the hereditary transmission of wealth, you realise that's it’s just another version of the hereditary right to rule of medieval monarchs. Why should the children of the future be subjected to the rule of the children of today’s monarchs (as in the UK)? If people alive today wish to be the subjects of a monarch, that’s their choice – but they cannot choose on behalf of unborn generations too. They have no such right.

The principle of heredity is that the unborn should be subject to the conditions of the present, rather than having the inalienable right to choose for themselves how they wish to run things.

As Thomas Paine said, “In the first part of Rights of Man I have endeavoured to show... that there does not exist a right to establish hereditary government... because hereditary government always means a government yet to come, and the case always is that the people who are to live afterwards have always the same right to choose a government for themselves as the people had who have lived before them.”

Additionally, Paine wrote, “All men being originally equal, no one by birth could have a right to set up his own family in perpetual preference to all others forever.”

Inheritance is precisely that attempt by some families (the elite) to make themselves perpetually superior. 100% inheritance tax is the absolute remedy to their machinations, the guaranteed way to prevent the elite succeeding in their arrogant and narcissistic ambitions to rule the world in perpetuity.

How can any self-respecting person object to being judged on their own merits and efforts rather than those of their parents? Honourable men and women should be appalled and insulted that anyone wishes to give them an inheritance that they themselves did not earn.

For an adult, it should be a thing of shame to parasitically profit from the earnings of others, even if those others are your parents. Will you be a permanent appendage of your parents? Can’t you make your own way in life? Are you too feeble, too inept, too untalented to carve your own path in life and prosper from your own efforts?

The Libyan Revolution

So, a brutal tyrant got what he deserved after being dragged from a sewer pleading for the mercy that he never showed anyone else. A few weeks ago, he was in a luxury palace. He took the journey from palace to gutter - shouldn't the global elite join him? Yet there was something extraordinarily disturbing about the events in Libya. Every Muslim shown on TV – men, women and children – incessantly yelled the cry of all Islamic suicide bombers, the cry of the 9/11 mass murderers: Allahu Akbar! (God is Great). Not once did any of them say anything else.

Why didn’t the freedom fighters who did all the hard work, took all the risks and did all the fighting yell, “WE ARE GREAT!” Where the fuck was “Allah”? Where was his contribution? Why did the fighters attribute victory to Allah and not to themselves? Moreover, by the “logic” of the Libyan revolutionaries, the decades of tyranny they endured were also the will of Allah i.e. he deliberately inflicted misery and cruelty on them. Why, therefore, didn’t they curse Allah during all those long years? Allah can never lose in this game. He is thanked and glorified for victory but never blamed and reviled for defeat. This is a one-way bet. Such a system in which a certain figure is revered in all circumstances is a manifestation of absolute brainwashing.

All Muslims are robotic. There’s no point in talking to them because you already know what they’re going to say. They will simply repeat their Koranic programming over and over again. They won’t say anything radical. They won’t engage in any freethinking. They won’t exercise free speech. They won’t talk about humanism, atheism, agnosticism, skepticism, science, philosophy, enlightenment. All they will ever say, to the point of nausea, is Allahu Akbar, Inshallah (Allah willing) and As-Salamu `Alaykum (Peace be with you.)

The Libyans have got rid of one dictator but not the Cosmic Dictator who stands behind all the rest – Allah. No Muslim can ever be free. Every thought they have, every word that emerges from their mouths, is controlled by the Koran. They read this book constantly and indeed many of them memorise the whole thing. This book is completely internalised by them - it might as well be hard-wired into them. Every word is ingrained in their  minds. They literally cannot think unKoranically. They don’t read other books and thereby have a selection of rival ideas to choose from. They don’t read anything that challenges and mocks the Koran. No, the Koran is sacrosanct and programmed into every fibre of their being. They are mind controlled in every conceivable way. In Christian countries, you can read any amount of criticism of Christianity, but there is NO CRITICISM of the Koran in Islamic countries. The idea of free speech in Islamic countries is a contradiction in terms. If you spoke out against the Koran you would be beheaded as an apostate or infidel. How can the Libyan rebels claim to be free? They don’t know the meaning of the world. Until people in Muslim countries can freely criticise, debate, condemn and joke about the Koran, Mohammed and Allah, no Muslim will EVER be free.

We encourage everyone to read Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, the ultimate dystopian novel. In this astounding novel, Orwell shows how the totalitarian State doesn’t simply want to monitor and control your behaviour, but actually strives to create an impoverished language (“Newspeak”) that makes it impossible for you to think outside the parameters it sets. It wants to create a language that makes the very possibility of thinking subversive thoughts inconceivable. The vocabulary and grammar of the language would be so constrained, so well designed to favour the stance of the dictators, that there would be no words or grammar available to shape a free thought, a subversive idea. You would obey like an automaton because Newspeak would have so conditioned your thoughts that you could not do otherwise. Every thought you were capable of having would be defined beforehand by your mind controllers.

What could be more disturbing than the ability of dictators to shape language itself, to determine what thoughts you were able to think?

But Newspeak has already happened. IT’S THE KORAN! Muslims cannot think outside the Koranic box. Not one Muslim could ever utter the words: FUCK ALLAH! Such a formulation of words is impossible in Islam. All free thinking, skepticism, free choice and free speech is impossible in Islam. This evil religion has succeeded in making itself impregnable. It is the PERFECT brainwashing system because it has literally made criticism impossible. It does so by the 100% control of people’s thoughts, the words they are able to use, the concepts they are able to formulate.

Just as Winston Smith, the protagonist of Nineteen Eighty-Four, ended up agreeing that 2 + 2 = 5, so would any Muslim if that's what it said in the Koran. After all, if you don't agree with the Koran you go to hell! Who cares about reason and mathematics?!

Orthodox Judaism is every bit as bad as Islam, of course, as is Christian Fundamentalism. But so is democratic free-market capitalism. There are hundreds of millions of brainwashed Westerners who simply cannot contemplate replacing democracy or free-market capitalism. They have endured endless propaganda by the capitalist media machine to indoctrinate them. They all have the equation freedom = democracy = free speech = choice = free-market capitalism drilled into them and they are incapable of analysing this equation and finding it absurd and false in every way.

THINK! Escape from the Matrix. Challenge every idea. Use your reason. Don’t swallow the brainwashing mantras of the elite.

Meritocracy is about liberating the human mind. There can be no sacred cows. Rather than constraining what you can think, the Meritocratic Movement wants you to be able to think any thought at all – total freedom of the mind. The idea that you should be compelled to read one book over and over again and commit every word to memory is anathema and must be prevented by law. All fanatical religions that brandish “sacred texts” should be illegal. They are brainwashing machines supremely and irrevocably opposed to freedom. All ideas should be challenged, mocked, dissected, joked about. No one should have to hold back because of the religious beliefs of others. If a Christian, Muslim or Jew can’t handle their sacred books being ridiculed, burned, condemned and shown to be irrational garbage, TOO FUCKING BAD!!! We, the Movement of Dialectical Freedom, won’t allow anyone to shape our thoughts and control what we can think. If we hate YOUR gods, we will say so, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Social Types

Sociologist David Riesman spoke of six sociological types. First, there were the “Adjusted” (those who conform with the norms of society), the “Anomic” (the maladjusted who are at odds with social norms and often criminals or members of the underclass) and the "Autonomous" (those who can adjust to social norms when they desire, but are capable of defining and creating their own identities, regardless of society’s conventions).

Riesman subdivided the “adjusted” category into three further social types:

1) TRADITION-DIRECTED: those who subscribe to ancient ways of doing things because “things have always been done that way”; they are extremely conservative, conformist and respectful of authority; they are usually highly religious – Muslims, Christian Fundamentalists and Orthodox Jews are classic examples of tradition-directed people; these people are usually on the right or even far right of the political spectrum; they are extremely intolerant towards those who don’t share their traditions; the American Republican Party is tradition-directed and committed to “God, family and country”.

2) OTHER-DIRECTED: those who are obsessed with what their peer-group is thinking, with keeping up with the latest fashions and trends; they are terrified of being cast out from their group of friends and will adopt whatever views are adopted by everyone else; they crave the esteem, approval and recognition of their peer group; they are highly susceptible to groupthink and lack authentic individuality; they have no convictions other than that of not being seen as strange and different by others; they are highly flexible and adaptable because they are so uncommitted to any ideological stance (in complete contrast with the tradition-directed); most are liberal, relatively left wing and, in America, typically support the Democratic Party.

3) INNER-DIRECTED: these are the people who adopt their parents’ values – their parents being people of firm convictions that may be at odds with those of their local community or society at large – and use them as an unshakeable moral compass, allowing them to resist the fanatical doctrines of the tradition-directed and the obsessive pursuit of fashion and short-term gratification that characterises the other-directed; they have no clear political stance, but may be more attracted to independent candidates. 

Are you a Settler, Prospector or Pioneer?

Contemporary sociologists have recast the tradition-, other- and inner-directed types as “Settlers”, “Prospectors” and “Pioneers”.

1) Settlers are the tradition-directed, religious, right-wing, conservative types who blabber on about God, family and country all of the time. They’re obsessed with “morality” (as defined by them, their prophets and holy books). They are highly conformist, conventional and dedicated to finding stability, security and predictability. They are obsessed with “right and wrong”, are wary of change, and have a strong sense of place; they often stay in the same place for their whole lives and have tremendous patriotic feelings. They are rule-bound – because rules provide the regulation of their lives that they crave. Settlers never think for themselves or subscribe to any new, radical ideas. They are extremely set in their ways and are the primary supporters of “the establishment”.  They adopt a “one-size-fits all” view. Consider Islam: every Muslim reveres the Koran and no Muslim is capable of thinking in any way other than Koranically. To embrace any other type of thinking would render them no longer Muslim. Islam is a mould that all Muslims get poured into and they emerge as identikit, brainwashed Koranic machines incapable of free thought.

2) Prospectors are other-directed, adaptable liberals who follow fashion and whatever’s “in”. They are not slavish followers of any ancient rules, laws or customs. They can invent new moral codes as they go along, thus outraging the Settlers. Their views, their morals, their beliefs are experimental, fluid and flexible. Everything is forever changing. Prospectors are pragmatic; they want to be winners and definitely to avoid being “a loser”. They will bend rules; everything is acceptable other than “getting caught”. Prospectors, unlike the Settlers, open the door to new ways of doing things, new ideas, new religions and philosophies. If the Settlers had their way, everything would stay the same forever, just as the Muslims secretly want to live forever as seventh-century desert tribesmen, like their prophet Mohammed. The Koran was designed for seventh-century Arabia, so what’s the point of 21st century “truths” if you think God spoke to humanity conclusively and forever in the Koran fourteen centuries ago? Prospectors, on the other hand, are always sifting for gold and trying to get rich quick. They are explorers, adventurers, experimentalists, those who test and push the boundaries in pursuit of new thrills. They are ambitious, enjoy success, and seek the esteem of others.

3) Pioneers are the inner-directed, with firm values. They want to be authentic and to be “true to themselves”. They are often highly intelligent, creative and unconventional. They have a global and even cosmic perspective.  They are innovative, visionary and ethical, valuing community spirit.

Settlers, Prospectors and Pioneers are the three tribes who will decide whether there will be a new society or not. The Settlers will side with the establishment, hence are the enemies of the New Society. At most, they will ask for a few reforms that will soon enough be repudiated by the elite. The Settlers are terrified of anything radically new. Prospectors and Pioneers are the ones who will make the difference.

One group is the eternal enemy of progress – the Settlers. These are the religious fundamentalists, the blinkered fanatics, the right-wing conservatives, the rule-bound supporters of ancient, disproven traditions and religious beliefs. They revere authority. They are natural monarchists. They have a great desire to bow and kneel to higher powers, whether they be kings, presidents, popes or gods. They are pathetic, cowardly submissives, unable to think for themselves or challenge authority. Jews obey 620 completely pointless rules – such as not mixing wool and linen (!) and not switching on electric lights on the Sabbath – because they revere tradition and can’t imagine getting rid of all of this old, rancid, irrational, superstitious junk. What kind of human being conceives of God as someone who cares whether you are wearing something with linen AND wool, or whether you turn on a light? Such a God isn’t worthy of the name. In the humanity of five hundred years from now, Settlers will no longer exist. They will be as extinct as the dinosaurs. They can’t adapt. They are stuck in the past and can’t move forward, so the dialectic will leave them behind and they will fade into oblivion.

What’s our core message? Never kneel to anyone, including “God”. Never bow to anyone. Reject anyone who wants to establish a master-slave relationship, with you as the slave. If “God” wants to be your master, fuck God. Never be a Muslim, Jew or Christian. These people are barely human. They are pathetic slaves who regard God as a terrifying monster who threatens people with eternal hellfire. God doesn’t threaten anyone. Why would he? Fuck any “God” who threatens you. He’s the Devil. Respect yourself. Free yourself. Understand yourself. Know yourself.

“The way you change things is by getting people behind you, not by huddling together in a righteous and self-congratulatory embrace.” – Anthony Painter

Sociologists have demonstrated that all successful groups rely on “commitment mechanisms”. People must be committed to a cause. It has to become part of their identity. Religions have been extremely successful because they promise their committed believers paradise for compliance and hell for disobedience. The rich have been extremely successful because they deliver wealth and power to those committed to their cause, and poverty and mediocrity for everyone else.

A loose alliance of groups with no agreed stance, with no commitment, can never succeed. They will become bored, restless and drift off.

The protest groups of the world must unite under a single banner. Shouldn’t that banner be Meritocracy? Because of the elite’s brainwashing, you may remain unconvinced by Meritocracy, but ask yourself this – do you want the elite to stay in power, or do you wish to be rid of them? Meritocracy is the only system the world has never tried – precisely because it is supremely rational and dialectical, a smart solution for smart people. Isn’t it time to create the Smart Society of freedom, choice, and reason: the Society of the Enlightened?  


“It is often said that men are ruled by their imaginations; but it would be truer to say they are governed by the weakness of their imaginations.” -- Walter Bagehot
“Democracy is the way to give the people the greatest illusion of power while allowing them the smallest amount in reality.” -- Walter Bagehot

People are either serious about changing the world, or they’re not. If they are then they must bring about the end of the reign of the super rich and privileged, of monarchs and nobles, of popes and priests, imams and rabbis, of bankers and their puppet politicians.

The Hour of Decision has come. Do you have the courage to change this world, or will you let the elite off the hook yet again?

100% inheritance tax destroys the dynastic elites. It forces the rich to start offloading their assets straight away and to spend big style, thus reinvigorating the global economy. Meritocracy destroys the networks of nepotism and cronyism that turn our world into two tiers, with the 1% on top and the 99% as their abject slaves.

It’s time for a New World.

1776 – the American Revolution
1789 – the French Revolution
1917 – the Russian Revolution

Meritocracy, Rational Enlightenment and Liberation from  Jehovah / Allah / Christ / Satan

The essence of Illumination, the secret religion of the Illuminati, is that it is possible for any human being to literally become God. Therefore, the Illuminati are wholly opposed to any religions that seek to alienate humanity from God and to create a master-slave relationship in which enslaved humans, on their knees, worship a tyrannical slave-master God who must be obeyed no matter what, even if he demands of people that they commit supremely horrific and evil deeds. The most depraved and immoral "God" to which humanity has been subjected is the God of Abraham, the deity worshipped by billions of Christians, Muslims and Jews. The defining event of Abraham's life, which is celebrated by all Abrahamists, is that God ordered him to kill his son and he willingly agreed. This consent to murder is, perversely and criminally, regarded as something great and wondrous by Abrahamists when in fact it should be defined as the ultimate immorality and evil. If killing your own innocent boy is "good" then what on earth constitutes "evil"? If Abrahamists don't hesitate to kill their own children, they certainly won't hesitate to kill yours - as history has so horrifically demonstrated.

Is it conceivable that the True God would order a father to make a human sacrifice of his own son, an act of irredeemable moral evil? Would any loving, moral father contemplate doing it for even one instant - or would he give his own life to save his son's? Would he not immediately conclude that the entity that gave the order was not God but the opposite: Satan? Who but the Devil would order fathers to murder their own flesh and blood to ensure their absolute obedience to his tyrannical commands? It's a category error to believe that God would order a father to kill his innocent son under any circumstances. It's quite simply a moral impossibility since it refutes all conceivable moral codes. Any person unable to see that is sick and evil, hence some three and a half billion Abrahamists must be classified as sick and evil.

The Islamic version of Abraham's sacrifice is even more horrific than the Jewish tale. Allah orders Abraham to kill his son Ishmael while "Shaytan" pleads with Abraham to spare the boy's life. Three times, Abraham violently drives Shaytan away with stones and at last gets ready to plunge a dagger into his son. That's all you need to know about the morality of Islam - Muslims support murder and reject those who plead for life (and call them "Satan"!). Ishmael's mother, Hagar, was present as Abraham made ready to kill their son, and lifted not one finger to intervene. This nauseating story of murderous parental hatred towards their innocent child is commemorated every year by millions of Muslims at their Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, birthplace of Mohammed. "Shaytan's" heroic efforts to save the boy's life are disgracefully mocked in the ceremony of casting stones at the "Devil". But who is the REAL Devil? Who is truly acting immorally - the one who orders murder or the one who begs for life to be spared? How can there be any moral debate at all when the answer is so obvious - Muslims worship a murderer, not the God of Life. They explicitly reject the God of Life by casting stones at him. A Muslim wrote to us to say that Allah is the "greatest plotter". We're sure he is. He therefore manifestly isn't God. Why would God plot? Isn't he all-powerful? With whom and against whom would he plot? Does he plot against all those who say that morality excludes the possibility of anyone, God or human, ordering people to murder innocent children? The 9/11 terrorist hijackers were perfect Muslims, doing exactly the bidding of Allah - the God who orders the innocent to be slaughtered. If Islam forbade the slaughter of innocents, no one could consider 9/11 an Islamic act. But Islam enshrines the murder of the innocent. It's the focus of Hajj. Abraham is called the "first Muslim". Islam was founded on the basis of killing anyone in Allah's name, even your own children.

Shouldn't the tale of Abraham be the opposite of the one we are told about? An evil voice tells Abraham to kill his son and threatens him with terrible penalties if he refuses, and a good voice pleads with him not to. Three times the evil voice urges murder and three times Abraham rejects the wicked command, despite the terrible consequences he may suffer. The good voice then declares Abraham a noble and magnificent human being for heroically resisting evil, and declares that he should be emulated by the rest of humanity. Doesn't this version make perfect sense? The other version, the actual version, is insane, unless you're a Devil worshipper!

The infamous events, including murderous threats and actual murder, surrounding the publication of Salman Rushdie's novel The Satanic Verses go to the heart of the Islamic religion. Rushdie's book refers to a greatly disputed event whereby, according to some scholars, Mohammed acknowledged that Satan had appeared to him as the Angel Gabriel and dictated false verses to him, which were initially inserted in the official Koran and then removed (because they supported a more tolerant stance towards paganism). Of course, the question is then raised as to whether the whole of the Koran was in fact dictated by Satan calling himself God's angel. Mohammed himself feared that a demon had spoken to him on the first night of "revelation" and it was his wife who reassured him. Yet how could God's prophet be in any doubt about whether he was being addressed by an angel or demon? It's impossible. How could a "holy" man struggle to differentiate between the voices of good and evil? Was his wife therefore the true founder of Islam? But how could she reassure Mohammed given that she had no idea what had taken place between Mohammed and the "angel" since she wasn't there and didn't experience it? Women, in Islam, are in any case never considered reliable. Would the True God ever create a religion called "submission" - or would a tyrannical Devil establish such a master-slave religion which demands that human beings get on their knees to him? The answer is self-evident.

Abrahamists say that "God" was testing Abraham. So what was the test - to obey the most evil command of all without question? What kind of test is that? In fact, it was the Devil who was testing Abraham - and the test was to see if he was prepared to mindlessly and slavishly do ultimate evil simply to obey an order - just like the Nazis who were prosecuted at the Nuremberg trials for "only obeying orders" rather than accepting personal moral responsibility for their actions. Did Abraham show any consideration at all for his son? Did he assume moral accountability? Did he genuinely believe that slaughtering an innocent child was a "good" act? Or did he not think at all, but obey like a programmed machine, and is this not in fact what is required of all Abrahamists - never to think and to conduct themselves like dutiful automata? Look at Muslims - can they even be considered human, or are they just Koranic machines? Jews obey over 600 commandments - why? Do they despise freedom that much? As for Christians, they are so irrational they think the Creator of the universe was born in a stable to a 14-yr-old Jewish "virgin".

The companion piece to Abraham's sacrifice is the story of Jephtha's daughter. In this tale, a Jew burned his teenage, virgin daughter to death to fulfill an oath to Jehovah. Jehovah made no attempt to stop him. Why not? Because Jehovah is the God of Murder of the Innocent, the King Herod of deities. Abrahamists say that human free will is the cause of evil. They say that humanity should never have eaten of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and learned for themselves how to judge good and evil. They should have remained absolutely obedient to "God" and thus, like Abraham and Jephtha, agreed to slaughter their own children for Jehovah's sake. Why aren't these two diabolical men regarded as the very worst psychopaths? Why, instead, do three religions claim Abraham - the would-be child killer - as their patriarch and inspiration? Are they DERANGED?!

Are the billions of Christians, Muslims and Jews - Abraham's descendents - who infest and infect our world, nothing but robotic, irrational Devil worshippers who call their Satanic Lord, "God"? Did Abraham believe that it was an intrinsic "good" to obey any order given by "God"? Can a human being who obeys without question be regarded as human at all? In what sense do such people exercise judgment and moral choice? Are they not just programmed machines?

Abrahamism is the creed of absolute, mindless, slavish obedience to an infinitely powerful master. It is Hegel's master-slave dialectic at its most extreme, with "God" as the eternal master and humanity permanently on its knees, eyes fearfully cast downwards, shouting Allahu Akbar to prove their loyalty and devotion and thus avoid infinite punishment in hell. They are driven by utter terror of the punishment "God" will mete out to them for disobedience. This punishment can be both infinite in scale and eternal in duration. What loving God would ever terrorize his own creations with such monstrous threats and promises of limitless suffering? Does God enforce his will through Terror? Is that his trump card? Such a being is not God but the Devil.

Abrahamism is the supreme insult to human dignity and freedom. It stands in immortal opposition to the Enlightenment. It rejects reason and knowledge in every possible regard. There can be no glorious future for humanity until the wicked, mad Abrahamic past is obliterated. All Abrahamists are enemies of the human race, and followers of the cosmic Torture God, Satan.

Can any sane and rational person imagine a religion of love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and peace being founded on the image of a father standing over his son ready to plunge a dagger into him at "God's" behest? How mentally ill and morally evil would you have to be to imagine that any benevolent religion could have such foundations, grounded in TERROR.

The God of Abraham is the Terrorist God, which is why so many of his followers are terrorists. The "War on Terror" ought to be the war against Abrahamism, the religion of the Devil himself.

Abrahamism is the biggest lie and fraud ever perpetrated against the human race. It was the Trojan Horse by which Satan had himself proclaimed "God" by billions of slaves, retards, cowards and the constitutionally superstitious and fearful. Half of the world has been controlled for thousands of years by the Abrahamic religions. If these religions are a source of good, why is the world so evil? Isn't the obvious truth that it's these religions that are the cause of human depravity? While they have manifestly failed to build a good world, they have succeeded spectacularly in creating an evil one. Isn't the rational thing to do to abandon failure and embrace a religion that actually works and tells the rational truth? Look at any picture of Abraham holding his dagger above his son's heart, ready to plunge it in to satisfy God's will, and consider the violent history of Abrahamism. 2 + 2 = 4, right?! If we don't understand the past we are condemned to repeat it. WAKE UP!

We are the Illuminati. We are Gnostics. We are Pythagoreans. We are artists, mathematicians, philosophers, scientists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, engineers, technologists, futurologists, radicals and psychologists opposed to the Devil who rules our world: the "God" of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. We are equally opposed to Zionist-Masonic "free-market" capitalism (which is actually a rigged, cartel operation designed to make the rich richer and to entrench the position of privileged elites) and seek its replacement by "social" capitalism, based on a much more even distribution of wealth and equal opportunities.

The Meritocracy Party

The Illuminati is an ancient secret society that seeks to bring about a New World Order based on the principle that everyone can become God. The Illuminati's radical vision is of a new humanity releasing its inner divinity - for we are a divine race, not a slave population to a Terror God.

The ten most influential Grand Masters of the Illuminati are: King Solomon the Apostate, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Simon Magus, Hypatia, Leibniz, Weishaupt, Goethe and Hegel. If these figures are not of interest to you then it would be pointless for you to venture any further into the Illuminati's world of freedom, knowledge and apotheosis.

This is not a website for the faint-hearted. It contains an enormous amount of philosophical, psychological, political, historical, scientific and religious content. If you are interested in embarking on the spiritual journey of your life then you have opened the door to a mansion of wonders. If, however, you have come in search of aliens, pan-dimensional lizards and evil Illuminists relentlessly plotting against the ordinary people of the world then you have arrived at the wrong destination. Makow, Icke, Jones and their ilk will be more to your taste.

Our aim, as it has always been, is to overthrow the network of elite, dynastic families of wealth and privilege that we refer to as the "Old World Order" who have run this world since the dawn of civilization, to their maximum advantage and to the extreme detriment of the people.

We are a radical and indeed revolutionary organization that seeks nothing less than to assist the ordinary men and women of the human race to ascend to the next stage of humanity's divine evolution. We describe this higher level as the "Community of Gods" or the "Society of the Divine".

It's time to end the reign of the false prophets, the fake gods and the tawdry idols that we call "celebrities". We're sick of the bankers and traders, the lawyers and accountants, the politicians and their "special advisers", the lobbyists and spin doctors, the agents and gatekeepers, the CEOs and chairmen, the advertisers and marketing men. We're sick of all the same faces of the "top" people and their relentless tricks and tactics to keep enriching themselves at the people's expense. We're sick of George W. Bush's "Freedumb and Dumbocracy" that cons people into voting for the rich and the apologists for the rich, and we're sick of the Abrahamic religions that keep billions of people on their knees as slaves to a tyrant masquerading as God.

You know that humanity is capable of so much more. Isn't it time to bring about real change? Isn't it time to seize our divine inheritance?

We are the Illuminati. We are the messengers of the True God. Our sacred mission is to bring humanity into full union with the True God so that there is no longer any distinction between the human race and the divine essence. We are able to show how this can be achieved using Einstein's theories of special and general relativity, quantum mechanics and the six-dimensional cosmology and Monadology of Leibniz. It's time for humanity to open its eyes and see the divine light for the first time. Our religion is called Illumination. We have emerged from the shadows to cast the light of Abraxas, the True God, on this benighted world; to bring Illumination - enlightenment - to everyone.

Adam Weishaupt, the most controversial Grand Master of the Illuminati, is commonly regarded as a monster attempting to create a sinister New World Order. Weishaupt did indeed wish to overthrow conventional religion and all tyrannical governments. He did indeed wish to create a New World Order, one that would free humanity from the grip of the Old World Order that has Satanically ruled the earth from the dawn of time and which continues to rule to this day. Weishaupt's mission is not over. The New World Order has not yet been built. The world is not yet Illuminated. All of you who wish to bring to an end the corrupt rule of rich elites such as those that run Wall Street, and evil dynasties such as the Royal Family of the United Kingdom or the Rothschild bankers, what are you prepared to do to assist our great endeavour to change this benighted world? It is time to dispel the darkness. It is time for Illumination. It is time to go on a new quest for the Holy Grail.

"The stories of the Grail had been of the greatest importance to me ever since I read them, at the age of fifteen, for the first time. I had an inkling that a great secret lay hidden behind those stories."

This website constitutes an unprecedented "experiment", with one of its main aims being to defuse the absurd misinformation and disinformation that appears in enormous amounts on the internet regarding the Illuminati, making it the most controversial organization on earth. The Illuminati is an ancient secret society, currently comprising approximately 6,000 souls from all across the world. The Order of the Illuminati offers ten "degrees", of which seven are ordinary degrees and the remaining three "mystery" degrees. The ruling council comprises the twelve most senior members of the Illuminati (those who have attained the tenth degree and mastered all of the mysteries). The Grand Master is elected by the ruling council and remains in post until death.

This website is intended to provide interested parties with the equivalent of the information and training supplied to a sixth degree Illuminatus.

This site is one of a number of initiatives run by "communication cells" of the Illuminati. The site is administered by three adepts who have attained the seventh degree of the Order of the Illuminati.

For those who wish to get involved with building a new society based on the ingenuity, talents and power of the people, we recommend that you join The Movement. Where is it? It's wherever you are. This is the dawn of hyperreality.

Join the resistance to the Power Elite. Build a New World Order in the name of the people. Make your contribution to a new society.

"The Ancien Régime is a Satanic Order. The Illuminati's noble and historic mission is to release man's higher self by destroying the archons - the princes of the world - who prosecute Satan's will and hold mankind in their thrall. Their corruption has reached its zenith in France. That diabolical tyranny is ripe for destruction. All that is required is a spark. We are the spark." – Adam Weishaupt (Grand Master of the Illuminati), 1789

This website features numerous songs by Pho', the rising, radical, super smart, new voice of hip hop. We're not looking for believers or fools. We're seeking Attitude, Creativity, Radicalism. Fresh voices for a fresh world. Do you have anything worth saying? Is it time for your voice to be heard? If all the smartest, strongest, most imaginative and creative people are on our side, who can defeat us? If you have it in you to become God then now is the time for you to hear the cosmic call of the divine, the sacred and transcendent "Music of the Spheres".

"M" For The Movement - Pho'

For anyone interested in becoming involved with the Illuminati, the first step is to engage with like-minded radicals on the Ancient Order of the Illuminati's Facebook page (the Path of Illumination):

This Facebook page is administered by another Illuminati communication cell and provides a mixture of discussion-piece extracts from this website, their own contributions and some new contributions from the authors of this site.

We welcome radical atheists, skeptics, agnostics, gnostics and freethinkers. We do not welcome Abrahamists, Karmists, bland liberals, crazy anarcho-capitalist libertarians, right wingers, Randroids (followers of Ayn Rand) and any negative, sniping armchair critics and pontificating, puffed up "know-it-alls" (in their own grand estimation of themselves). Don't waste our time and yours by joining the Facebook page if you only want to scoff and jeer. Go and find a more productive way of spending your time. Only losers haunt pages with which they disagree - and it points to a deep psychological conflict on their part.

We are not a debating society. We are seeking those who wish to advance a radical, meritocratic agenda based on a new Enlightenment, not those who wish to debate our stance. The first Enlightenment failed for the vast majority of people. Had it succeeded, the world would now be free of all monarchs, aristocrats, super rich dynastic families and the catastrophic and backward slave religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The second Enlightenment must establish the rule of reason over this benighted world of ours. We are more than happy to make common cause with all atheists, agnostics and skeptics. All rational people on this Earth must put aside their differences and unite to defeat the common enemy of ignorance, superstition, greed and selfishness, exemplified most especially in the Abrahamic religions. We repudiate all hysterical, fabricated conspiracy theories by professional conspiracy gurus who make a living out of duping and frightening gullible people with the uttermost nonsense. The New World Order must be an enlightened, rational meritocracy where the world's most intelligent and talented people are leading the world forward to new, clear horizons. We particularly welcome all of the following Myers-Briggs personality types: INTJ, INTP, ISTP, INFP, and their extravert counterparts - assuming these extraverts are on the side of reason and merit and opposed to irrationality and privilege. (The Old World Order is primarily an extravert phenomenon.)


Many thanks to Jyotirveda2 for the videos featured on this page, to Ahavahel for the logo designs, to A.W.Eishaupt for the Phoenix Pentagon design, to Pho' for the music and to Elder Vampire for the speech track.

Website Contents

How to Become God

The Illuminati

Conspiracy Theories explained

The Old World Order

Mass Mind Control

The Sick Society

Adam Weishaupt

The Last Man

François de Nomé



The Female Conundrum

Common questions


Ayn Rand

Christ the Deceiver


The Leibniz Riddle

Double Agent? Madman?

The Enigma of Existence

The Strangest Truth?

Do you have Free Will?


Master and Slave


Did an “Angel” Create Earth?


The End of History

The Secret History

Goldman Sachs

Robinson and Barruel

What is it?

Illuminati Jesuits?

Hegel and Hermeticism

Illuminati Degrees

The Illuminati Network

The Panopticon

Supriem Rockefeller

The Movement

Encountering God

The Right Brain God?

Selling Your Soul

Sin for Salvation

The Mind War

Soul Contact

The Hero Program

Etidorhpa and David Lindsay

Hinduism and Buddhism


M and M Rising

Dream Gnosis

The Day of Rage

The Mithras Deception

The Jesus Myth


Identity Crisis


The Bloodline Code

The Satan Plan


The Divine Suicide

9/11 Revisited

The Genesis Singularity

The Celestial Human

Goldman Sucks

The Quintessence

The God Within

Mysterium Tremendum

Phoenix Resurgam

Escape Velocity

The Perfect Game

Philosophia Teutonica

Mammon Ascendant

The Imaginary Dimension

Zero and Infinity

The Incompleteness Theorem

The Taking Of The Liberty Bell

Beyond Good and Evil

The Great Chain of Being

The Great Chain of Being (II)

Reverse Christmas

The God Program

The God Program II

The New World Order

Paradigm Shift (I)

Paradigm Shift (II)

Sex for Salvation I

Sex for Salvation II

Sex for Salvation III

The Trial of God


The Triune Brain

Benjamin Fulford

Curtain Call

The Final Curtain

The Last Post

Psychopathology of "Anonymous"

The Meritocracy Party

The Four Riders

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