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Poisoning for Profit goes on a deep dive investigating the very origin of the vitamin A theory. The author uncovers that the early scientific studies conducted in the 1920s used to establish so-called vitamin A being a “vitamin” were grossly flawed and therefore almost meaningless. Ironically, what these early studies did establish was the incredible, yet previously unknown and hidden, toxicity of so-called vitamin A. The author goes deeper and proposes that vitamin A is not actually a vitamin at all; rather it is a toxin, and only a toxin. However, vitamin A is a toxin that the human body is well prepared to deal with, but it can only handle it at a reasonable rate of consumption.

Tragically, based on the botched science from the 1920s the world has been led into a massive health disaster by having many of our common staple foods supplemented with an insidious toxin. The author explains and details the mechanism of how this so-called vitamin is likely responsible for many of the modern-day chronic diseases plaguing humanity. The primary diseases implicated are the autoimmune diseases, many soft-tissue cancers, IBD and other inflammatory diseases, infertility and the psychiatric diseases of epilepsy, schizophrenia, Alzhiemer’s / dementia.

Poisoning for Profit ends with a call to action for a grassroots and worldwide citizen driven research project to determine the truth about so-called vitamin A.

[editor's note] In P4P the author uncovers a diabolically evil project undertaken by the global elites to poison the entire human race. Although their primary objective was to drastically reduce human fertility, a “side-effect” of this project has also resulted in the massive chronic disease disaster most nations are struggling with. But, not to worry, the convenient “side-effect” has enabled the global pharmaceutical industry to become immensely wealthy and effectively take over most of the world’s governments.

You might find yourself thinking, “no way, not possible, they’d never get away with it”. But, they have gotten away with it for over 50 years now.

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Vitamin-A theory – the early years
The Experiment – the cornerstone of Science
The incredible toxicity of vitamin-A
The epithelial tissues - the foundation of the chronic diseases
The botched deficiency experiments
Real-world testing of the vitamin-A deficiency theory
Vitamin-A supplementation in SE Asia, and South America
Vitamin-A supplementation and Worldwide Infertility Rates
Vision as a chemical reaction
The greatest understanding in medicine - ever
Lutein / zeaxanthin - the hidden death trap
Vaccines and Vitamin-A – the perfect storm
Systemic scientific fraud
A Call to Action - We experiment
About the Author

I am an engineer and geologist. I am 60 years old and live in Western Canada.

I have absolutely no medical experience. I am not offering or suggesting medical advice. I am not selling or promoting any product or services. My goal is to get a clear understanding of the root cause(s) of the autoimmune diseases.

If you have any questions or feedback, then please do not hesitate to contact me. The more people we have discussing this topic the faster it will get solved. Thank you.

Grant Genereux, P. Eng.
Poisoning for Profits
Edition 1.3.3, July 2017

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The statements herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your doctor or other health care professional.

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It’s about getting to the Truth, nothing else

I have two goals in publishing this e-book. The first is to challenge the determination of vitamin-A as being a vitamin. The second goal is to get to the true understanding of the root-cause of the autoimmune diseases.

This book is not about opinion or endless debates; it is about the facts. It is not intended to entertain you; it is to inform you and hopefully to call you into action. This e-book is also not about making money. You may freely share this e-book under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


This book is a follow-on from my previous e-book publication, titled: Extinguishing the Fires of Hell . You can download it from a link contained on the page here:

In that earlier work, I built up what I thought was a pretty strong case for my theory that the autoimmune diseases, and some of the other major chronic diseases of our time, are indeed rooted in subclinical vitamin-A poisoning. I presented hundreds of different pieces of information and evidence to make that case. Every single bit of that evidence was backed up by references, and much of it was published in reputable peer-reviewed scientific studies. Although no single piece of evidence presented therein was conclusive, I felt that when it was all combined, that collectively it should have been very compelling. I was trying to piece together all the smaller and seemingly disparate pieces of evidence into a mosaic that would reveal the bigger picture. I felt that in doing that, the case implicating vitamin-A in the chronic diseases would be just so logical, and so overwhelmingly clear, that most people would see it.

However, for the most part, that was not the reaction I received. From the very few people who I could even get to read that e-book, the reaction was far less than supportive. A few other people were sitting on the fence about it, and gave it a qualified maybe. Even though there were a few people who did indeed “get it,” for most folks, it was a non-starter. They were just not even considering it to be a possibility. I could have blamed this reaction on say, they were just not open minded enough, or that they just did not try hard enough to see the connections, and / or that they were not curious enough to dig into the backup research and studies, etc. But, the reality is that if anyone’s to blame, it’s me. I think I fell into the trap of thinking that more, and more, and more evidence would make the case. The truth is that I probably presented too much information, and most people just don’t have the time to read, in depth, a 400-page book on some outsider’s wacko theory. Unless people have a horse in the race, so to speak, they are just not going to make the needed time investment, and do the investigative thinking, needed to “get it.” But, that’s only part of the reason they weren’t getting it. More importantly, I believe they were just not willing to consider such a theory, regardless of the evidence. This theory was both too simplistic, and too far in left field. To paraphrase a few people, the reaction I got was: “Oh, no way, the autoimmune diseases are just far more complicated, and it can’t be explained by such a simple theory.” Therefore, all the circumstantial evidence and logical arguments I presented just weren’t cutting it. Additionally, who was I to make such absurd assertions? I was not an expert at all, and I had no background whatsoever in the field of medical science. It was like, “nope, no way, this is a job for the experts,” and you are not one of them.

People needed some big official scientific study to directly make the case for them. I dislike making this statement, but, I felt they just weren’t willing to think this through for themselves. Rather, they were deferring the thinking to the so-called experts, and medical science. Sadly, I could see that for a few of these folks, logical thinking had been replaced by procedure, and following the “official” rules and processes. However, what they may have missed is that I wanted to follow the official process of science. I wanted them to help conduct a bigger experiment. I knew and clearly stated that my theory was just that, a theory. In science, a theory remains to be a theory until other people prove it to be true. Moreover, before a theory becomes accepted, it needs to be proven true by many others, and at least hundreds, if not thousands of times over too. Therefore, my intent in writing that first e-book was to at least make the case compelling enough to have people experiment with this theory on themselves. To me, it seemed to be at least a reasonable thing to consider, since it was just a diet-change experiment. After all, the alternatives are not looking too promising since there’s been no great progress made by official medical science in getting to the root causes of these diseases. But, not too surprisingly, there have only been a few people so far who have been willing to take on this experiment. I guess you’d have to be rather open-minded, and even a bit bold to make such a dramatic sounding diet change. Of course, the big concern for everyone is the risk of vitamin-A deficiency. Surely, the official processes of medical science didn’t get that wrong? After all, for over one hundred years now, official medical science has been telling us that we’ll all quickly go blind if we don’t get enough vitamin-A each and every day. We are also told that there are millions of kids in Southeast Asia sick or even dying every year from vitamin-A deficiency. So, in the face of these little facts, it probably seems somewhat risky to go on a zero vitamin-A diet. Therefore, the question most people probably ask themselves is something like this:

I am already suffering from autoimmune disease, am I really going to take on this silly experiment, with a very long shot chance of it doing any good, and risk the very real and dire consequences of vitamin-A deficiency? Am I willing to risk going blind too?

Naturally, that is exactly the question I had seriously asked myself too. Maybe oddly, the answer was easy for me. I thought that if I had a choice between going blind or having to deal with my skin burning off due to eczema for the rest of my days, I’d take the blindness. It was a decision I made in a heartbeat. Yep, I’d rather go blind than to live in continuous pain. However, I also knew that it was not necessarily an or condition. I could end up with both blindness and continued, unabated, eczema. However, based on my preliminary four hours of research, I was rather damn sure I was not going to go blind. I had determined I had a least a year’s supply of vitamin-A stored in my liver. I was also quite sure that eczema was none other than vitamin-A poisoning.

Therefore, I thought that I’d be able to at least improve my eczema condition well before any adverse symptoms showed up in my vision. I am a numbers type guy; I trust numbers. I am also a “science” type guy. I love and understand science. I also knew that science could and does occasionally get it wrong. That is just an absolute fact. I also knew that when science does get it wrong, it was the people who were interpreting the science who got it wrong. We all make mistakes. Therefore, it was only a bit surprising to me when my vision quickly became dramatically better on my vitamin-A elimination diet.

So now, after being on a vitamin-A-free diet for over three years by avoiding retinol and carotenoids (nearly zero molecules of any of these compounds), I no longer have eczema. Also, I am not typing this on a brail keyboard! Therefore, I know that the people in medical science did indeed absolutely get it wrong here.

Unlike numbers, I don’t trust people so easily, and especially so when there are large amounts of money in the equations. Human nature is almost as predictable as math and science in this regard; when there are large amounts of money to be made, there is usually large amounts of corruption too.

Therefore, the intent of this e-book is two-fold. One is to assure you that no, you are not going to go blind on a vitamin-A deplete diet. And two, to attempt to debunk the entire vitamin-A deficiency theory. Once you have that information, I hope you will apply it to your autoimmune disease.


If you’ve skipped the preface, and haven’t read my prior e-book then you will be missing some important context of what this book is all about. Please go back and read the preface before continuing here.

My early investigation into vitamin-A has been full of surprises. It was surprising to find that there are over fifty documented symptoms of vitamin-A toxicity, and there are over fifty named autoimmune diseases. That’s correct. Almost every significant symptom of vitamin-A toxicity has a correspondingly named autoimmune disease. Yet, there were a few paradoxes too. But, the one that I found most troubling and perplexing is that the symptoms of vitamin-A toxicity. That seemed so peculiar to me. It would be somewhat like seeing that the documented symptoms of dying from dehydration as being identical to those of dying from drowning. It was just so illogical. Something was just not adding up here with vitamin-A being both a deadly toxin and a critical vitamin at the same time, and with the same symptoms if you get too much, or too little of it. Someone, somewhere just had to have gotten their wires crossed on this one. Another perplexing question I struggled with was why had the human body built such a critical dependency upon a toxic molecule. This dependency was most certainly not impossible, it just seemed strange to me that after millions of years of being perfected by evolution (or by God’s creation if you prefer), that we’d have such a dicey dependency upon this one highly toxic molecule. It was hard to believe that nature (or God) could be this foolish.

Other areas of my investigation revealed many more apparent paradoxes and completely conflicting pieces of information. Additionally, in the various studies regarding vitamin-A, almost all the contradictions and paradoxes, are conveniently explained away, or glossed over, and done so with completely unsubstantiated rationalizations. Many of the so-called medical experts who blame illness on a vitamin A deficiency are either just making it up, blindly restating unsupportable prior theories as being fact, or just down right fabricating and obfuscating study results to fit a pre-established narrative. Sadly, it goes way beyond that. I could have never imagined that medical science was so rife with blatant scientific fraud.

Moreover, after carefully reading the very detailed descriptions by leading ophthalmologists of the progression of tissue destruction in the eye due to xerophthalmia (chronic dry eyes), it was an exact match for the description and progression of the tissue destruction I witnessed under a microscope with my own skin due to eczema. It was not just an approximate match, or a very close match, it was an absolutely perfect match. Yes, I knew all about those little cone shaped piercing blisters. The only difference is the named organ where the tissue destruction was taking place. However, somehow, more than one hundred years of modern medicine has failed to see the obvious; they are indeed one and the same condition. It is exactly, and precisely, the same condition occurring in two different organs. It was immediately clear to me that xerophthalmia and eczema are the same condition occurring in both the epithelial tissues of the eye and the epidermis.

Of course, the leading theory in ophthalmology (and that promoted by the World Health Organization) is that xerophthalmia is the direct result of vitamin-A deficiency. Although I am making an extrapolation here, xerophthalmia is effectively eczema of the eye. Thus, with the de-facto causation theory of xerophthalmia being that of vitamin-A deficiency, we should be able to conversely apply the same causation theory to eczema. Meaning, the leading theory in the causation of eczema should also be vitamin-A deficiency too. Therefore, just one of the great contradictions I want to highlight here is that there are now 30 million people in North America with eczema (with various degrees of severity), and there is simply no way they are vitamin-A deficient. There is simply no way even the tiniest fraction of them are vitamin-A deficient. So, how in the hell is it that vitamin-A deficiency can cause xerophthalmia in the eye due to vitamin-A deficiency, and for us to have exactly the same condition in the skin to occur in 30 million people who are clearly not vitamin-A deficient? However, once you factor into the equation that the tissue of the skin and the eye are both this beautifully structured stratified epithelial tissue, and the very well proven destruction too much vitamin-A will induce in this particular tissue structure, the mystery and contradictions disappear. What you are about to learn, is that the truth is that xerophthalmia is not caused by vitamin-A deficiency at all. Rather it is the exact opposite; vitamin-A toxicity causes it.

Of course, I’m only scratching the surface here regarding the obvious inconsistencies and contradictions in the vitamin-A story. The other primary, and obvious, contradiction, somehow also still being glossed over by modern medical science, is that if we are all so at risk of vitamin-A deficiency, and its horrible, if not deadly, consequences of going blind, how is it that we are here as a species at all? It is so gigantically illogical, this, by itself, should have quickly thrown the vitamin-A deficiency theory into the scientific trash can of nonsense. For example, some of the early experiments putting animals (dogs, rabbits, chickens, and most often rats) on vitamin-A deficient diets, and for them to quickly develop the systemic and catastrophic destruction of all their epithelial tissues should have raised serious questions as to the validity of the design of their experiments. In dogs, the epithelial destruction happened as quickly as in four weeks; in rats, it was around eight to ten weeks. Naturally, most of the animals died shortly after that. Therefore, how is that even possible for animals to be this critically susceptible to vitamin-A deficiency, and still be on the planet as a species? Having such a disastrously inherent design flaw resulting in the eyes, and many other organs, to quickly start self-destructing and to ultimately fail due to a vitamin-A deficiency in just eight weeks would immediately rule these animals, and us too for that matter, out of evolutionary existence. Having the eyes failing in just four to eight weeks, due to vitamin-A deficiency, would obviously be an end-of-life event. Without vision, any animal would quickly be eaten by predators, and if that did not kill them, they would not be able to find their own food. In other words, if this design flaw did exist in any species, then that species would have long ago become extinct. Therefore, the various experiments believed to have proven vitamin-A deficiency were so blatantly flawed that anyone’s grandmother could have told them that they had gotten it wrong. The experiments just do not pass the litmus test of common logic, and they most certainly cannot stand up against even the most trivial amounts of critical thinking.

In other words, these early scientists failed to ask the very most basic and fundamental questions. Biologically speaking, and in an evolutionary context, how is it possible for us to be here? One winter would have wiped out nearly all of these species, and us, from the planet. Seriously, can you imagine the skin and eyes disintegrating, burning off in mid-winter, weeping lymph fluid and so easily becoming infected, in just eight weeks, and yet these species have survived, and survived very well over tens of millions of winters? Talk about missing the obvious.

What I know from my early years growing up on the farm, is that rats can winter for at least nine months, living on nothing but grain, and do very, very well. Rats do extremely well for nine months, or more, without a single molecule of vitamin-A in their diets. They have perfect vision, and remain in great health. The bigger ones can grow to be about a third the size of a house cat. They have high energy levels, and vigorously and ferociously defend their territory. They reproduce, well like rats, too on their vitamin-A deficient winter diets. But, don’t take my word for it, just ask any prairie grain farmer if a rat can live all winter long on grain alone. Therefore, a simple grain farmer could have so easily debunked all the ridiculous vitamin-A deficiency theory from the esteemed academics in a matter of minutes. It appears that these academics had a complete disconnect from nature, reality, and sensible logical thinking too. With these very basic and obvious facts the entire premise of vitamin-A deficiency is nothing more than a complete myth. It is simply impossible, except for possibly in the most ridiculously long term and extreme periods of starvation. But, what you’ll soon learn is that animals, and humans, will die of starvation before they are truly vitamin-A deficient. In other words, both animals and humans will die first due to prolonged starvation before the eyes fail. Once again, from an evolutionary point of view, this is perfectly logical too. The body needs to maintain the eyes and vision to the very end of life.

So, where and how could these early researchers have gotten it so incredibly wrong? That’s the question we are going to investigate here. We are going to reopen the cold case of the very determination of vitamin-A being a vitamin at all. The surprising truth is that vitamin-A is not even a vitamin at all. No, it is a complete myth based upon bad science. So-called vitamin-A is simply far, far more of a toxin than being a vitamin. The sad truth is that it is a toxic molecule that has now killed tens of millions of people, and that’s just in the last few decades. Additionally, there are more than a 100 million people in North America who are now the walking wounded due to its insidious destruction of our epithelial tissues and associated organs. What you are also going to learn is that the names given to the chronic diseases simply hides the fact that most of them are really the same disease. They are the same diseases because they are all diseases of one tissue category; it’s the epithelial tissues. The names of the chronic diseases are obfuscations, and are pretty much meaningless labels. To make the point perfectly clear, consider the following: diabetes is a disease of the pancreatic epithelial tissues. Eczema is a disease of the skin, a stratified epithelial tissue of the epidermis. Heart disease and stroke are diseases of the epithelial tissues lining the blood vessels. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the epithelial tissues making up the myelin sheaths wrapping nerves. IBD, Crohn’s, and colitis are diseases of the epithelial tissues making up the lower digestive tract. Cataracts is the disease of the epithelial tissues making the lens of the eye. Xerophthalmia (chronic dry eyes) is the diseases of the epithelial tissues of the tear ducts, and other glands within the eye. Asthma is a disease of the epithelial tissues of the lungs. The same applies to many of the other named chronic diseases. They can be more appropriately, and correctly, named as epithelial disease. However, we need to be a bit more precise; they are truly epithelial poisonings. There is only one potential poison in our foods that can be responsible for all of this, and it is vitamin-A!

Once again, the incredible irony here is that vitamin-A does not protect from xerophthalmia as claimed by the experts in ophthalmology and the World Health Organization; rather it causes xerophthalmia, and amazingly cataracts too. Almost unbelievably, these self-proclaimed experts, and proponents of vitamin-A supplementation, have got it completely, and perfectly, backwards. If any ophthalmologist happens to read this, the truth is that vitamin-A is causing the destruction of the vision in tens of millions of people around the world. You should be concerned about that. If you think I am wrong and are up for a large wager, I’m in.

Also, if you happen to be wondering why I’ve used an 11-point font in this e-book it is because I know that my intended audience, mostly people with autoimmune diseases, will need the larger font size.

What we are going to do in the next few chapters is to go on a deep dive into the evolution of the very discovery of vitamin-A. From there, we are going to carefully investigate the subsequent follow-on vitamin-A deficiency theory, and it’s supporting experiments. As we undergo that investigation you’ll see that we enter a bit of an alternative universe where things are often the inverse of reality, scientific “facts” are almost fabrications from vague, confusing, and totally conflicting experimental results. The evidence I am going to present in the subsequent chapters leads me to firmly believe that vitamin-A is not a vitamin at all. As I’ve stated above, it does not belong on the list. It is an imposter. I believe that it is simply nothing more than a poison. If I am correct about this, it will be a case where science has not only gotten it completely wrong; it has gotten it perfectly backwards too.

Of course, this is no harmless little scientific blunder. Rather it has been catastrophic for human health worldwide. By giving the prestigious vitamin designation to a highly toxic molecule and its subsequent supplementation into our major foods has resulted in the mass poisoning on an almost unbelievable scale. The resulting death toll is easily now in the tens of millions, and 100s of millions are now chronically diseased because of it (no drama intended, it’s just the facts).