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We are the children of the stars

  We are the children of the stars   ☗ Dedication Foreword Introduction Contents Details We are the children of the stars Cover Image Are We Sons of God? “Divine” intervention? The Bible constantly reiterates that “divine” intervention lifted stumbling mankind into the light. Can it be that starmen have been the “angels” and emissaries of God, in an indirect way, with the mission of creating human life on Earth? Are we the “Sons of God” by virtue of colonization? Colonization by a people so highly advanced in morals, ethics, intelligence, and spiritual wisdom, that it is part of a Greater Plan than we know? This groundbreaking book from the early 1970s presents scientific...

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Flying Saucers Are Watching Us

  Flying Saucers Are Watching Us   ☗ Preface Contents Author © Flying Saucers Are Watching Us New Saucerian is pleased to reprint "Flying Saucers Are Watching Us: An Astonishing New Theory That a Race of Ancient Aliens From Outer Space is the Long-Sought 'Missing Link' in Human Development" by Otto O. Binder, the famous comic book artist and science writer, who often ate lunch with Fortean researcher John A. Keel in New York City. Keel wrote that Binder was the "very first ufologist," because Binder began writing about UFOs and flying discs in the early 1930s. This book in particular is of note, because it was published BEFORE Erich...

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Intervention Theory Essentials

  Intervention Theory Essentials   In 1905, a 25-year-old patent clerk named Albert Einstein demolished the 200-year-old certainty that Isaac Newton knew all there was to know about basic physics. In a technical paper only a few pages long, Einstein sent a huge part of his current "reality" to history's dustbin, where it found good company with thousands of other discards large and small. In 1905, though, Newton's discard was about as large as the bin would hold. Now another grand old "certainty" hovers over history's dustbin, and it seems only a matter of time before some new Einstein writes the few (or many) pages that...

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