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  Law of Reciprocal Maintenance  
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This law is defined in Tales.

When His Endlessness (God) realises that his dwelling place, the Sun Absolute, is vunerable to time, he creates the universe into which he expels time.

The Law of Reciprocal Maintenance (called by Beelzebub 'the trogoautoegocrat') functions so that the universe is nourished by an exchange of substances, and this protects the Sun Absolute from the destructive results of time: i.e. change, decay and death.

  • The fundamental purpose for the existence of men and the other three-brained beings of the universe is to serve as apparatuses through which cosmic substances are transmuted for the purpose of reciprocal maintenance.
  • Organic life, including human beings, was allowed to form on the Earth for the specific purpose of sending emanations to feed the Moon.

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Since Gurdjieff has choosen to present his ideas in part in the form of allegory, one can read those parts of this book simply as fascinating science-fiction.

The story opens aboard the space ship Karnak. Beelzebub is traveling to a conference where his sage advice is needed on matters of cosmic significance. He is accompanied by his grandson, Hassein, and his old and faithful servant Ahoon.

As they travel, Beelzebub regales Hassein with tales about the Earth, about events in the universe, and about cosmological and psychological law. Beelzebub tells Hassein how he happened to become interested in the planet Earth.

During his youth, he intervened in affairs that were of no concern to him and as punishment was banished to Mars, in a “remote corner of the Universe” (our solar system)

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