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A baby cries
State of disbelief
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From: Revelations of An Elite Family Insider

The first thing a baby does when born is cry.

It does so because the Soul is conscious of what it has been born into and is in a state of disbelief (you are more conscious of what you are and where you are during/right after birth than you are now).

The Soul makes the body cry because it is the first time it came to this physical realm (although this is a very limited number) or because it realises it has returned through reincarnation, after failing in the former life (which is a vast majority).

That is when the human is truly born, after they forget who they are, where they are

The Soul itself is not the one crying (it is unfamiliar with these functions in it´s original state) yet the impulses it gives makes the body cry. It cries "without a reason" for days, weeks, months, untill the consciousness has lost it´s power, be it through natural processes or the influence of parents and these days even medication...That is when the human is truly born, after they forget who they are, where they are, some forget faster than others.

This crying is different to the crying that follows after the first few months, one can even hear it.

Comfort them during this crucial period of consciousness and make it known that the One has gifted them with a chance to return back to the place they belong.

This will have an impact which will influence them for the rest of their lives, subconsciously.

The time of birth was determined (as is the time of passing on), together with the enviroment, parents, circumstances of birth, health, etc...nothing is a coincidence.

But during puberty they get cut loose from certain strings and they will be fully responsible for their actions, having the free will to lead the life they want, they determine the quality of it....they can even determine the way they pass on ("death") by the choices they make but cannot change the time of passing on.

Just a few areas of their lives will be influenced by the tools that the parents have given them.

Good Source

Most of the child´s life will be based on free will, which will have very little to nothing to do with parents, you are only important in the first 5-6 years of the child´s life so that is where you can do most good.

Use your intuition (not instinct, 2 different matters).

When becoming a parent you are rewarded with qualities (which concern raising children) which where not available before, listen to them.

Every child is different, respond differently but make them aware there is more than they experience, that there is a Good Source where everything/everybody flows out of for a reason and 1 day they will return after realising their task here on Earth.

Do not tell this all at once but over years and do not tell more than this. If done the right way they will start looking for it on their own for the rest of life, which is their duty.

If you present it to them in an obvious way (like religious people do), you will achieve the opposite.

Musical instruments were passed on in a different era for a reason and it was not just to listen to other people playing them.

Education: 1 method of manipulation (I have listed the others).

They will be manipulated, but after puberty they have an important opportunity to undo it.

They will also get opportunities during the rest of their lives.

You cannot stop the manipulation, neither instigate an awakening, that is up to the child and how it responds to the tools provided to it.....the Mind of the Universe following Divine Law is always penetrating your child so it is being provided with the chance to awake every moment.

It is up to him/her.

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A baby cries

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