Wednesday, December 08, 2021
Operation Mind Control   Gary Ryan Blair

If you don’t control your mind… someone else will.

Mind Control

No…I’m not talking about manipulating, reforming, brainwashing, or exerting authority, dominance and mastery over others.

However, I am talking about manipulating, reforming, brainwashing, and exerting authority, dominance and MASTERY OVER ONESELF.

There’s no form of mind control that’s more powerful and life transforming than control over one’s own mind.

Bee Matrix
honey bee

“True knowledge, it is asserted, exists as a positive commodity, like the honey of the bee. Like honey, it can be accumulated. From time to time in human history, however, it lies unused and starts to leak away. On those occasions the Sarmouni and their associates all over the world collect it and store it in a special receptacle. Then, when the time is ripe, they release it into the world again, through specially trained emissaries.”