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Superpowers of The Human Biomind

Vis-a-vis the Probabilities of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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by Ingo Swann

A dispassionate survey of definitions of the human mind reveals that although a small variety of its aspects are identified, the sum of all of the definitions leaves many more refined aspects in the shadows.

  • This includes modern scientific definitions,
  • And even occult and esoteric definitions as well.

None of the definitions of the mind are wrong per se,

  • But the definitional process of identifying the larger nature of the mind is incomplete,
  • And probably vastly so.

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  Your Seventeen Senses  
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by Ingo Swann

There exists what we might call a Particular Situation regarding psychic or metaphysical perceptions. This Particular Situation consists of three aspects or parts.

  • FIRST: During the modern past, the real existence of psi faculties was rejected within science, psychology and psychiatry. The rejection was based in a number of factors which seemed rational and logical in the scientific past and thus achieved wide acceptance in scientific, academic and media mainstreams of the twentieth century.
  • SECOND: Those factors which seemed rational and logical in the past have now been superseded by significant scientific discoveries and advances which substantiate the real existence of at least certain psi faculties. Some of these discoveries are now fifty years old. These new discoveries absolutely require a swift and large-scale reevaluation not only regarding psi faculties in particular, but with regard to the larger scope and subtle functions and transformation of human consciousness.
  • THIRD: However, in spite of the notable scientific advances which affirm the real existence of psi faculties, this necessary and advisable reevaluation is NOT underway in the three important mainstreams - and which mainstreams continue to support, adhere to, and proliferate the now out-dated concepts which, in a broad cultural sense, permitted the past, absolute rejection of psi faculties.


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