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"We have created this society, not each one of us but our past generations. We have, those, and us, have created this present immoral, destructive society and we are trapped by that society. That society was made by each one of us, so we are responsible for that society. Whether, it is possible, not to change society, but is it possible to radically, deeply transform our condition, which is, understand deeply, our consciousness, which is what we are. Is it possible to transform, not into something, but to change, bring about a mutation in the very structure and nature of our consciousness. That is the problem. That is the crisis. It's not political crisis, economic crisis or the crisis of war but the crisis is in ourselves..." - Jiddu Krishnamurti


What if you could change the world by changing your perspective of it?

Would you?

"The only real danger that exists is man himself. We are the great danger and we are pitifully unaware of it. We are the origin of all coming evil..." - Carl Jung

The Earth, our home. A planet teeming with life, a place of great beauty and of great wonder. A place where ecosystem within fragile ecosystem combines to create a complex and delicately balanced web of life, a sympathetic mesh where the harmonious state of each organism is ultimately dependent upon the condition of the rest; a web in which the continued survival of each delicate strand rests entirely upon its symbiotic relationship with the environment in which it exists.

Certainly the web of life has always been a fragile one and yet for millennia, it always functioned perfectly, as everything within it held its own unique place and purpose. Within this web, also dwells mankind.

According to ancient Vedic texts, in times long passed, man too, lived in complete harmony with nature for man also held his own unique place and purpose within the web. And so it continued for countless years until there appeared upon the earth, a new mindset within the consciousness of humankind and with that mindset came a new type of organism. With that mindset, came Civilization and a system of organized rule based deeply in social structure.

How much do we truly know about the past? There are of course, a great many books that have been written on the subject by a myriad of scholars from the modern era. But how much do we really know to be true? Many books written in modern times are simply the authors interpretation of other books written previously by other scholars but regardless of what is written in any books, the truth is that all of the information we currently have about the past, is mysterious and fragmented at best.

The theories presented in history books typically offer humanity a very orderly view of the past and because these theories are presented to mankind hypnotically in printed form, most people automatically believe these concepts to be true. Yet upon further inspection, when one lifts their eyes from the printed page and looks deeper into the reality of their surroundings, quite a different picture emerges. And what about civilization itself?

The Oxford English Dictionary describes civilization as:

"The process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development and organization"

But how often does one ever pause to consider the questions of where civilization originally came from; and how advanced it actually is?

Obviously, human beings are very resourceful creatures and human ingenuity should not be underestimated. It is certainly reasonable to assume for example, that groups of humans would form themselves into tribes and clans, by means of which all involved would benefit, but how did such groups then lead to something as entirely uncivilized and wantonly destructive as civilization as it exists today? Was it simply a natural progression?

And if civilization didn't present a big enough issue, we are also presented with the question of technology? Where did it actually come from? Who was it who first pulled a rock from the ground and decided to crush it down to its component parts, isolate those parts, and refine them into metals? In fact, how was the concept of metals even known… let alone the methods that are required for the extraction and refinement of such things? Would you, if left to your own devices, ever come up with a thing like metallurgy? Would you come up with advanced science, spy satellites or nuclear weapons? How did such inventions as these ever become part of the human psyche?

But it doesn't stop at advanced technology for in order for civilization to function efficiently, by necessity, civilization itself brought with it yet another organism - something more hidden, more mysterious and more insidious than its parent. What it brought with it was a meme.

A meme is described by the Oxford English dictionary as:

"An element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means"

Isn't this an exact description of the System that currently controls humanity? Is it not a fact that when looking at modern civilization and the social, political, financial and legal systems that dictate the behavior of those within it, what we observe is a system of control that is wholly fictitious. Is it not a fact  that it is a system that functions entirely due to the belief that the system itself is real. It is a system based entirely on fear, and it is a system that continues to function, solely due to the energy it receives from the human beings within it. Yet the system itself, is simply a meme.

We begin life with the world simply presenting itself to us, a reality that is open to individual interpretation. But then at a very early age, we are taught to perceive things in a certain predetermined and socially acceptable way. The process begins first at home where we are influenced by the beliefs, the attitudes and the behavior of our parents and siblings and then, as soon as we are old enough to be capable of independent thought and have gained an acceptable degree of communication skills, we are immediately placed within a tightly controlled education system to then begin a process where our minds are carefully, and deliberately molded into a particular way of thinking; a process where little or no deviation from conformity is tolerated. Through a system of constant repetition we are then taught that the world functions in a certain way, and we are only considered to be functional ourselves, when we believe, and are able to repeat without question, that which has been taught to us during our time within the system. Throughout the entirety of our scholastic years, any independent thought is frowned upon and instilled into each and every student, is the belief that our success within the system is wholly dependent upon our ability to regurgitate on command, that which has been taught to us and we are told that upon leaving the education system, our path through life and our standing in reality itself will be determined entirely upon how economically viable our personal endeavors are. We are taught that it is only through profit and through continual financial gain that our personal success will be measured. We are taught that we must either work for someone or we must strive to gain a position in society where someone else will work for us but either way, all must work. And through the promotion of this attitude, we are essentially, taught to be slaves who will spend the majority of life in the pursuit of paper, or digital credits. And through our belief that this system is real we find ourselves living within a society that has been structured in such a way that were we not to dedicate our time to the accumulation of such things, then all that nature has provided for us; all that nature has provided freely for the benefit of all, will remain forever out of reach. Yet in pursuing such goals in the belief that doing so will enrich our lives, all we do is give power to the meme that enslaves us and the price we ultimately pay, is the connection we once had to the world around us; the price we ultimately pay, is life itself.

The entire educational, financial, legal, political and social systems that modern human beings are subject to from the moment of birth, are all structured with a singularity of purpose. To perpetuate the meme. These systems are designed to ensure that each individual is kept locked into a left brain understanding of the world, is kept disconnected from the reality around them and that each individual grows into adulthood with the understanding that the meaning of life, is: The one with the most wins. But life is not a board game. And there is far more going on in the world around them than most people ever realize because there is far more going on around them than that which can be perceived with the 5 senses. In fact, there is an entire language and an entirely different way of communicating with creation that is readily available to all. Only due to the solely left brain perception of reality that has been forced upon them since birth, most people do not even realize such things exist and it has been so long since humanity accessed and used these higher senses that they have simply forgotten the language.

(Jill Bolte-Taylor - The Brain)

(Ben Stewart - The Language of Nature)

Ancient man had always had a symbiotic relationship with nature and interacted with his surroundings with a degree of understanding and communication that many people of modern times find difficult to even comprehend, let alone exercise. Yet for most of humanity, this symbiotic relationship has long since disappeared and the language of nature has been all but forgotten.

What happened? What was it that caused man to become so disconnected from the earth and if civilization continues to follow its present course, how further disconnected are we likely to yet become?

Part Two — Trans-human

Trans-humanism, the final frontier or the final prison? Does it represent humanity reaching its greatest potential or facing its greatest threat?

Over the last century, the people of Earth have continuously become more and more disconnected, both from each other and from their surroundings, and by means of a government controlled education system the overall IQ of humanity has degraded significantly - and this has been quite a deliberate action.

But in our eagerness to embrace technology one of the most significant problems we are facing is that, if one steps back and looks a little deeper at the system we are living within, it becomes glaringly apparent that what this system is in the process of doing is seeing to the removal of virtually everything that makes humanity human, to then usher in a new era. The age of the trans-human.

Trans-humanism is the high tech dream of both the ruling elite and of numerous modern scientist, many of whom are so locked into a left brain mentality that they see the merging of man with machine as nothing short of inevitable. And due to the lack of any real connection to reality that many people feel in the 21st century, in modern times there are a large number average people who are actually eager to embrace the idea.

(Ben Stewart - The Posthuman)

As attractive as the concept of simply linking your consciousness up to a main frame and going online may be to some, human beings are complex and emotional creatures, its what makes them what they are and so the question must be asked: Is this evolution? Is this what life is really all about?

What is a human being… what makes it possible for a biological organism that is around 85% water to function as a sentient life form. Why do human beings experience reality in the manner that they do? And what effect may it have upon human beings if they were to enhance themselves with technology?

(Henrik Palmgren - Trans-humanism)

Everything that is experienced by a human being is interpreted by the brain as an electromagnetic impulse. Whether it be sight, or sound, or touch, or taste or smell, all perception of these senses are merely electromagnetic signals interpreted by the brain. It can therefore be clearly seen that the human body is in fact an extremely advanced biological computer. And so the question must be asked: Is this evolution? Is this truly where humanity is destined to go? What are the real implications and the real dangers of such a digitally controlled world and ultimately why? why would humanity ever seek to blend something as complex, as highly advanced and as miraculous as the human body computer with something as inorganic and limiting as a machine that has the very real potential of being controlled by an outside source?

(Excerpts from Transcendent Man)

What we have in modern times is a species with only 3% of active DNA, indoctrinated into using only one side of their brain that exists in a debt based society in which every single person within it, is required to pay to live in what is essentially, temporary accommodation, as our modern consumerist based societies build very little that is designed to last. 

Whether they are aware of it or not, modern human beings live their entire adult lives in a largely unnoticed system of slavery and this can be easily seen when one truly absorbs the implication of paper being more important than people. Now imagine this taken one step further and having each person locked into a digital world in which it would be an easy task to permanently lock human consciousness into a completely false reality enslaved into a state of permanent debt forever - and if you question your captors? refuse to work? if decide you would be better off free? What then?

Trans-humanism may well be presented to the world as a method of improving mankind, yet the question must be asked: In a corporate controlled world, exactly what constitutes an improvement? Because looking at things from a commercial and corporate perspective what may be seen as improvement to one class, may in fact be severely detrimental to another.

(Sofia Smallstorm - Synthetic Biology)

(John Lipscomb)

(Zbigniew Brzezinski)

Most people, at some period in their life, experience what one might perhaps call, a "lucid moment". A moment when they look at life around them and think, Is this it? And it suddenly hits them that there must be something more... that there is something more to life, and to reality itself.

Many people instinctively know that there is a great deal more to reality than what can be perceived with the five senses but because most people think only with their left brain they believe that connection to these realms can only be achieved through external technology; through science. A very good example of this is the internet. People find the internet, with its instant connection to others and instant access to information, to be quite natural, in fact there are many people today who simply cannot imagine life without it.

The internet in its own sense, unites humanity as one organism, able to communicate with itself spontaneously, and this becomes more true each day as more countries and people come online. In this growing web of communication we can clearly see this unification of mankind becoming a reality, but it is a digital version of it. One could say the internet as we know it today is the central nervous system of a new humanity... and one that is very different from its predecessors.

As much as it has, in many ways, been a huge boon to our lives, the internet has also had another, less noticeable and somewhat more disturbing effect upon people in that, among some sections of society, it has created an environment of separation, most especially among the youth as it has brought about a situation wherein many people feel far more comfortable in the virtual world provided for them by the internet, than they do in the real world that exists around them. Due to this fact alone, the internet has been singlehandedly responsible for a huge loss of skills. A loss of skill, not only in areas of practical hands on survival and life skills but also in areas of social and inter personal communication. It is also interesting to note that people with such characteristics would indeed be those most likely to embrace the merger between man and machine.

(Ben Stewart - Digital Communication)

(David Icke - Trans-humanism)

(Excerpt from Transcendent Man)

Technology is surely a wonderful thing but, by the same token, there can be no denying that via the manipulation of what technologies are released to the public based on their ability to generate income, rather than the true benefits they hold, then the more technology man acquires, the more disconnected from the earth he seems to become.It must also be clearly understood that technology is not the problem. Technology has most certainly been of huge benefit to our society and it is nothing to be scared of, however it needs to be kept in balance and be used as a service to mankind.

But what actually is trans-humanism? What does it really mean? The trans-humanist dream is perhaps best summed up by Ray Kurzweil at the close of his film, Transcendent man and as positive an beneficial as the idea is presented to the viewer as being, the underlying tone is of the gradual assimilation of all life upon the earth and indeed the entire universe into one huge nano-machine, whereby the universe will become intelligent - as if it wasn't already - and at which point, man himself will have created the machine God trans-humanists believe human consciousness will ultimately become.

(Ray Kurzweil - Excerpt from Transcendent Man)

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists" - J. Edgar Hoover

One must truly ask: Is this the direction mankind should really be heading? but even more important, is the question of whether mankind being given any choice in the matter. And if the answer is no, the next question is then: how might such a thing as the global implementation of the trans-humanist agenda as outlined by Kurzweil actually be achieved without the knowledge of the general population?

(Sofia Smallstorm - Nano Biotechology)

Technology is only ever as dangerous as the mind of whomever wields it, and if those who hold the reigns of power in this world can be in any way appraised according to their track record, then for the bulk of mankind, trans-humanism presents a very dire future indeed

"We are apt to shut our eyes against painful truth, for my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it." - Patrick Henry

Part Three — Transformation

If it were possible to achieve the dream of people such as Ray Kurzweil and create a world where even the plants and rocks were fused with intelligent nano-technology, how might such a thing be done? Obviously, due to their microscopic size, the prospect of doing so without the knowledge of a vast amount of the population, must be seen as utterly plausible. But how could such a mammoth undertaking be implemented? What delivery system could be employed to ensure the widest and most effective method of reaching the subject population.

The phenomenon known to the alternative research community known as Chem-trails, and referred to by the British and United States Governments as Geo-Engineering or Climate Remediation, is perhaps one of the most controversial topics on the table today. Even though the practice of Climate Remediation is widely admitted to by governments there are many who remain skeptical and generally the two question brought up by those who oppose the concept are 1: if there was any truth to the idea then why on earth would the perpetrators be spraying themselves? and 2: The phenomenal cost of such an enormous undertaking.

(Excerpts from What in the World are they Spraying?)

Because Nano-particulates are potentially self replicating, The cost of them is actually quite negligible. As for the question as to why would the perpetrators be spraying themselves… Well that answer is a very simple one. These people want trans-humanism. In fact when one truly considers the trans-humanist agenda and it begins to sink in that chem-trails seem to consist mainly of nano-particulates or smart dust, then the last piece of the puzzle falls into place. And it is far from inconceivable that, were the global population to be infused with programmable nano particulates, then when these tiny machines are switched on they will simply do what they are programmed to do and that what this may be may also be largely due to what other genetic codes have first been introduced into the host.

(Excerpt on Vaccines)

The elites, those who can afford to do it, generally don't eat processed or genetically altered food and it is extremely unlikely that they are subject to the same rigorous vaccination regime as the general public.

If mankind is indeed injesting nano-particulates without their general knowledge then how might such machines be controlled or switched on? In answer to this question one needs only consider that it is now a long established fact that when anything occurs within the human experience, ultimately the information travels around the body electromagnetically. All our five sense along with any emotional information is all interpreted by the brain via these electromagnetic signals. Therefore is is also an established fact that man can be influenced and even controlled via electromagnetism.

(Sofia Smallstorm - Airborne Metallic Salts)

The huge awakening that has been seen in recent times leaves little doubt that mankind and consciousness itself is in a state of evolution, but there also exists, compelling evidence that suggests that there are certain forces at work who wish to control the direction this evolution will take.

(Sofia Smallstorm - Morgellons Syndrome)

There has been a force, that is mostly unseen, in control of this planet for an extremely long time and is attempting to manipulate the evolution of human consciousness that is currently taking place. It is very likely the same force that first reduced mankind to the impaired state we now find ourselves in, where, our pineal gland is closed, thereby cutting us off from our higher senses, and where our DNA is 97% dormant whereby each person is reduced to operating to only 3% of their actual capability.

When one examines the evidence and steps back to take in the entire picture, there can be no doubt that the vast majority of modern human beings live their lives, quite literally, in a socially and biologically induced trance and it is due to this trance-like state of the people that the we now find the world in such a degraded state. Therefore the solution becomes clear. Mankind must awaken.

But how? How to we transform the collective human trance into wakefulness? How do we bring about a mass awareness of the people and what steps can be taken to allow both humanity and the Earth to once again return to a natural state of abundance?

Clearly the first step is for people to understand and accept the truth regarding the current condition of mankind and the urgency of addressing the situation we are faced with. But even when people know the truth, as many do, most are simply waiting... Waiting for a social or financial Armageddon, waiting for December 21st, 2012, waiting for Ascension or waiting for the Rapture. And due to this lack of positive and decisive action while people wait for redemption to be delivered to them via an outside source, the destructive machine of modern civilisation continues to grind slowly forward towards its inevitable conclusion.

Obviously it is extremely important for mankind to truly grasp the depth of the problems we are facing and to the peril that our collective failure to deal with things has placed us in. And this peril includes, not only the human race, but the entire earth and all life upon it, because if mankind allows the ship of state to continue sailing in its current direction, within possibly 3 to 5 generations we are very likely to have allowed the creation of a world that will no longer support life as we know it.

(Ben Stewart - Television)

(Deepak Chopra - Coal Seam Gas Mining)

Indeed, if heavy industry and the genetic manipulation of the earth environment is allowed to progress at its current rate then the only life that will able to survive on earth will need to be of a very robust nature. Such life would be trans-human by necessity.

(Sofia Smallstorm - Earth Biology)

Part Four — Transfiguration

In the social and political climate of the 21st century, mankind is truly facing some very great challenges, many of them made all the more difficult due to the fact that they are challenges that go mostly unnoticed by the vast majority of people. The vast majority of people in the world today only perceive the world the way it appears on the surface, however the real truth is that the world that we live in today is actually very different to that which most people perceive it to be. Because just below the surface of everyday life; beneath the social and political distractions of the reality offered to the masses via their television, there exists, another world.

The world that most people perceive is simply a facade, it is an illusionary reality where nothing is what it seems. It is a world where our social system is designed to foster division, our education system is designed to conceal knowledge, our health system is designed to create sickness, our financial system is designed to steal wealth, our community is designed to create disunity and our very civilization itself is wholly uncivilized. We live in a world where 2% of the population controls 98% of the global resources while the other 98% of people are left to compete against each other in order to gather some small fraction of the other 2% that is left to them in order to support their lives and their families.
In fact the world of today is so disjointed and so out of balance that the most amazing part of it all is that there are actually people who cannot seem to see it. And this because the systems of control that have been put in place to blind people to the true realities of our world have been very cleverly and very meticulously constructed.

Though much of our society may appear to be free on the surface, if the truth be known, mankind is actually far from free, we are simply free-range, for the world of modern times is actually a very controlled place.

But the situation is not wholly lost for the simple truth is that mankind has allowed their servants to take over the mansion and these public servants have worked, and are continuing to work, to steal everything of value that can from the people while gradually enslaving the world to a set of rules of their own contrivance. Legislation that has cleverly been designed to remove actual law from the planet and impose in its stead, the will of individuals.

When one puts all the pieces of the puzzle together on the table, the chemtrails, the HAARP arrays that are appearing all over the planet, the promotion of wireless technology, the smart meters, the introduction of repressive pieces of legislation such as Codex Alimentarius, the mandatory of use of Monsanto genetically modified food, the destruction of the water table, the introduction of brain inhibiting toxins such as fluoride into people's diets, it becomes quite evident that the ruling factions on this planet are actively engaged in the genetic modification of all life on this planet, in order to further the trans-humanist agenda. It is being done quite deliberately and quite purposefully and it is being done with neither the knowledge nor the consent of the vast amount of mankind, and all the evidence to support this conclusion is right before your eyes, if people would simply take the time to look.

The truth is that everything we are facing is visible in plain sight, right in front of our eyes. And so is its inevitable conclusion. It's just that people tend to focus on their own little symptom and never step back to view the entire structure of our world holistically and thus our response to the problem is compartmentalized, essentially rendering it ineffective. And this is all done by design because in addressing their respective symptoms people are trained to believe they have to work within the parameters of the system rather than addressing the actual root of the problem.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau

Every single Government that exists anywhere in the world today is currently operating in breach of the trust that has been granted to them by the people of their nation. And this is true, regardless of which country we are talking about. It is true whether it is a government consisting of duly elected politicians claiming to act in the best interests of the people, whether they are acting out of greed or whether they simply through their belief that the system is real. It is true whether it is a military dictatorship falsely declaring a self granted right to dictate what is good for others; it is true whether it consists of a Monarchy that has declared its divine right to rule and supposedly care for its subjects, because the reality is that Every single government or ruling body in the world today is abusing the power granted to it by the peoples of the nation it governs. Exhibit A? The Earth

The remedy is for mankind to re-establish themselves as who and what they are because the only ones who have any chance of addressing this situation, the people themselves. The first thing to be done is for people to notice their surroundings and to realize that very simple alternatives to the wantonly destructive direction of our current system exist right now.

(Justin Hall-Tipping - Free Energy)

This type of technology exists right now and the global implementation of such energy systems could begin tomorrow thereby freeing mankind of its financial shackles and simultaneously closing down some of the most pollutive industries on earth. And such technology could be implemented tomorrow if the people simply did so themselves.

To begin the process of change from this current destructive society, there needs to be an immediate and global movement of people. The people need to occupy everything but in order to do so, they first need to occupy themselves. As a society, we need an immediate and global cancellation of all debt, thereby freeing each person from the clutches of financial terrorism that now hold them, and this should be closely followed by a switch to alternative energy devices as the carbon energy device demonstrated by Justin Hall. And these steps need to be implemented by the people themselves. It cannot be done from within the legal parameters provided by the current system as the current system simply will not allow it. It won't allow it because the current system is designed not to service mankind, but rather to protect and sustain itself at mankind expense.

Such a process of change will only ever succeed if it is implemented by the people themselves regardless of what legislation has been put in place to prevent them from doing so, because legislation is not law. Legislation is simply rules written on pieces of paper by public servants. Rules designed to eradicate actual law from existence and impose the will of a ruling cartel in its place. To then impose itself upon mankind's very genetic and biological structure to serve a trans-humanist agenda designed to enslave the entire human race, while all the wealth of this earth is stolen from them. And the only thing that stands in the way this program running to its inevitable conclusion are the people themselves. But the biggest killer, the wielder of the ultimate power against mankind, the most all pervasion force that has kept the peoples of the world enslaved for so long, is fear.

People often talk about the need to adopt an attitude of love and in many ways they do so, but then through inner fear, they fail to apply it to reality around them. Each should ask themselves the question, if suffering exists in the world around me, and I fail to address it, then am I really in a state of love and service to creation or am I simply in a state of fear and denial of reality.

Admittedly it is often difficult for people to see through the haze. Not only for people who are only now beginning to see how the world works, but also for others who have long been active and yet unwittingly, only focusing on a symptom rather than the actual problem, and this is because when you look at look at all the little symptoms, its chaos, and far too difficult for most people to make really anything out because, nothing really makes sense. Its just a barrage of information and of disinformation.

It doesn't begin to make any real sense until you look at things holistically and then it all falls neatly into place. Though often even when the real problem is clearly seen most people simply point the finger and fail to see the actual solution.

It is time for each person on this planet to remember who and what you are and to never lose focus of the fact that government was created by mankind in order to service mankind's needs, not the other way around, so you must always, always question authority. If someone in fancy dress interferes in your ability to be yourself to your fullest potential; if you have always respected others and there is no injured party from your actions then you should always question what right anyone has to compel you to perform any action or make any demands of you at all.

As more and more rules are put into place, mankind is increasingly becoming more and more regimented, We now find police officers stationed on school grounds as what was once a childhood prank and a part of growing up, is now often seen as a breach of the law - a crime. Self expression is frowned upon unless it is carried out under strict supervision and at the rate our regulatory bodies are going, eventually society will no longer tolerate any individually at all.  Eventually it will illegal to even think outside of the box - essentially illegal to truly be human…

The truth of the matter is that the people of this world are, even nowliving in a very low security open air prison and the only ones who can implement the positive change required to escape it and to pave the way for a free humanity, are the people themselves. The solution has been there all along, for the solution lies with the people. It has always lain with the people. All that is really required for mankind to escape from the prison that enslaves us, is for people to realize the truth of the invisible bars that surround their minds and to realize that the bars are only there due to the peoples belief that the system is real.

The only reason you have to pay land rates, pay taxes, succumb to the will of greedy corporations and adhere to legislation created by corrupt governmental bodies and designed by to remove your liberties; the only reason all the modern world finds itself in a position where it is virtually enslaved by public servants, is because you live in a divided society; and to peoples failure to build common unity within their community, to get to know their neighbors, to support each other and to see each other as valid. People have been taught to judge people by their differences, to play the blame game, to point the finger at another and voice their anger for their hardships and feel they have achieved something when by doing so, they are simply perpetuating the division and effectively missing the actual problem altogether.

Our leaders have replaced true and actual natural law with a set of rules of their own contrivance, and these rules have served to rob mankind of our earth and of our heritage and we the, the 99% are truly the only ones who have the power to affect positive change. An alternative way of doing things; a system that empowers and frees the populous will never be implemented via means of the system that currently enslaves them. There is no legal remedy, no remedy in politics, no remedy in government. There can and will only ever be remedy found in natural law and in a population willing to honor it and so now, more than ever, is time for mankind to act and to clearly understand who we are.

The most important thing we can each do in the present moment is to realize that we each have the ability to peacefully, but firmly stand to prevent the further destruction of our water table and to prevent the rest of the trans-humanist infrastructure from being put into place and most importantly to connect with our community and to lead by example in all that we do and together we can easily stand to reclaim our heritage and our birthright. But it will not be done while there is judgment or accomplished through violent revolution, nor are they needed because all it would take is unity, mutual respect and a united act of non compliance to a fictional system that enslaves the minds of almost all who inhabit this world due to peoples belief that the system is real.

(Howard Zinn - Civil Disobedience)

You see, the solution lies with each of us. It lies with me and it lies with you and it lies in a simple choice between love and between fear. Indeed the path to remedy; the path to positive change; the path to alter the direction the ship of state is now sailing, is right at our feet.

All that is required is to take the first step.

In Lak'ech

"The source of the government’s authority is “the consent of the governed.” This means that the government is not the ruler, but the servant or agent of the citizens; it means that the government as such has no rights except the rights delegated to it by the citizens for a specific purpose." - Ayn Rand

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