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  Born Again's Usurpation  
Born Again usurped from Self-Consciousness

A sin is something which is not necessary

The premise is that the biblical concept of “Born Again” has been usurped from the human state of being self-conscious–the rightful purpose of human life–and furthers the goal/intention of religion–slavery–through deception, division and domination. A linkage is proposed between Planck’s thoughts on consciousness and Gurdjieff’s creation story which helps to explain why a mythical God was invented to conceal the primacy of consciousness–to keep human beings ignorant of the ways and means of understanding brainwashing (menticide) and how to escape from it.

Sources about the meaning of born again reveal a salient point: “Having a new Christ-like character is one of the signs of being born again that will manifest when Christ comes into your life and becomes the captain of your life.” This is, yet again, a distortion man’s essential (perhaps obligatory) nature–to be the master of oneself.

The previous two posts (Christ’s Ventriloquists and The Synthesis of Christianity) give background to the creation of Christianity. This history of the origins of the hoax we recognize as Christianity is documented with full details in the Christ’s Ventriloquists, in which the people who created that hoax wrote and displayed not only their hoax, but also – under the first-ever legal/forensic analysis of their writings – how and why they did it.

Max Planck on Consciousness

Max Planck

Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck was a German theoretical physicist whose discovery of energy quanta won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918. Planck made many substantial contributions to theoretical physics, but his fame as a physicist rests primarily on his role as the originator of quantum theory, which revolutionized human understanding of atomic and subatomic processes.

Observer Interview | January 25, 1931

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• Consciousness, I regard, as a fundamental.
• I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.
• We cannot get behind consciousness.
• Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard
   as existing postulates consciousness.

The Nature of matter | Speech 1944

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As a person who has devoted a whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much:

There is no matter as such.

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.

We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.

Gurdjieff's Creation Story

“In the beginning, when nothing yet existed and when the whole of our Universe was empty endless space ... our Most Great and Most Most Holy Sun Absolute existed alone in all this empty space. . . It was just during this period of the flow of time that there appeared to our Creator All-Maintainer the imperative need to create our now-existing Megalocosmos, that is, our World. . . The Sun Absolute, on which He dwelt with His cherubim and seraphim, was almost imperceptibly, yet steadily, diminishing in volume. As this fact ascertained by Him appeared very serious, He decided to review immediately all the laws which maintained the existence of that still unique cosmic concentration. During this review, it became clear to our Omnipotent Creator for the first time that the cause of this gradual diminishing of the volume of the Sun Absolute was simply the Heropass, that is, the flow of Time itself.”

–Gurdjieff, Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson, Chapter 39 — Read more at Gurdjieff's Creation Story

Substitute “Consciousness” described by Planck for: “Sun Absolute,” “Creator All-Maintainer” and “Omnipotent Creator” related by Gurdjieff.

We're Here To Become As Conscious As Possible  [Source]

If there is a purpose of human life, as near as I can tell from these severely limited sense organs and this very limited brain, it's to become as conscious as possible.

If you were given a video game to play without knowing anything about it, one of the first things you'd probably try to work out is what the objective is. How do you do well in the game? What do you need to do to move from this part of the game to the next part? How do you win?

If you didn't receive any instructions, you'd probably try to deduce the game's objective by seeing what actions make things better for the character you're controlling on the screen. Does the game reward your character for solving the puzzle? Do you get points for killing the space aliens? Does it make a happy noise and move you to the next level when you find the blue key? Whatever makes things better for the character and their progress through the story probably has something to do with the game's objective.

If I were looking at the human experience with the same kind of detached, big-picture perspective as someone playing a video game, I reckon I would eventually deduce that what makes things better for the characters in the game is the expansion of consciousness.

I'd probably first start to notice that things get better for humans as they become more aware of the way their world works. As their understanding of toolmaking, medicine and plant life expands, so too does their ability to survive and reproduce. When their understanding of science really takes off, I'd notice their population explode alongside those expansions.

I might later notice that human life tends to become less unequal as people's awareness of the plight of others expands. By expanding their consciousness of what other people's experience of the world is like, a slow realization begins to dawn that we're all basically the same and it doesn't make much sense for some people to be treated differently from others. This expansion would happen in the same movements as expansions in philosophical, sociological, psychological, political and historical understanding.

I might also notice that individual humans tend to experience greater enjoyment of life as their own personal consciousness expands. As they become more conscious of how their actions affect others, they begin moving more harmoniously in society. As they become conscious of their own unique psychology and their personal history of trauma, they'll find themselves doing fewer self-destructive things. If they become deeply conscious of how thoughts, perception and experience actually happen on a fundamental level, they may find themselves embodying what spiritual traditions call awakening or enlightenment.

I'd probably start noticing that in fact every major positive change in the way humans operate, whether for an individual or for a group of any size, is preceded by an expansion of consciousness.

And I would probably deduce from there that this humanity game we're all playing is about becoming as conscious as possible, of as much as possible. Becoming conscious of our own inner processes as individuals, becoming conscious of the human condition, and becoming conscious of what's true about the world around us.

From there I assume I would deduce that anyone who is on the frontier of expanding human consciousness in any way or in any direction is playing the game well, and that those who are stagnating without learning or growing haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet.

If you choose to accept this as a legitimate perspective, then it would make sense to assume that our short time on this planet is best spent expanding consciousness in some way, or in all ways.

You might even find that expanding consciousness in one way helps your ability to expand it in other ways. You might find for example that expanding your awareness of how your own mind operates gives you more awareness of how other people's minds operate, and how they can be manipulated by powerful people using propaganda. You may also find for example that expanding your awareness of the plight of people less socioeconomically and geopolitically advantaged than yourself expands your own personal awareness of the various socioeconomic and geopolitical dynamics which have given rise to the way your life is right now. You may also find for example that expanding your consciousness of your own inner processes gives you a serenity which makes it easier to look squarely at the horrors you encounter when expanding your awareness of what's going on in the world, and gives you the humility to see that you are not fully separate from those horrors.

The game of humanity will keep improving as long as our consciousness keeps expanding. I'd go so far as saying that's the only thing that can cause things to get better, and that failing to do it guarantees things will get worse./p>

Like a video game, I believe we humans are free to either win this game or lose it. We will either keep expanding our awareness of what's really going on in this weird universe our mothers birthed us into, or we will wipe ourselves out via nuclear war or ecocide.

Either way, if you choose to accept what's being said here, we do each have the power to make things better by exactly one unit of human effort. We can help spread awareness of what's going on in the world by fighting the lies we've been told by the powerful and drawing attention to things the powerful would rather keep hidden. We can help spread awareness of the human condition with art and with empathy. We can expand our own consciousness by getting very curious about how we operate and what makes us tick, and being very real with ourselves about what we find in that exploration.

Whatever you choose to believe about all this, it's your adventure. I wish you the best in your travels.

The only sin is unconsciousness  [Source]

The origin of the word "sin" means to miss the mark, to miss the point. If you take away the religious meaning (which is just used to guilt and control people), to sin means to miss the point of life. The point of life is to be awake, to be aware so when you're asleep to your true nature you are missing the point of life.

A sin isn't about any action in particular, its basically about awareness. To be unaware, unconscious is the only sin. So you can do something good, but if there's no awareness behind it then its a sin. And on the other hand, if you are conscious, awake, fully aware then you can't do anything wrong.

All the things that are "bad" come out of unconsciousness. So its not that Jesus died for our sins, no. He died because of our sins, our unconsciousness. Thats why on the cross he said "father, forgive them for they know not what they do". They didn't know what they were doing because they were asleep.

Sinning (from this perspective) isn't something you get thrown into hell for. You can easily manage by just bringing attention to whatever it is you're doing in any given moment.

Definition of “Born Again”  [Source]

born-a·gain (bôrn′ə-gĕn′)


  1. a. Of, relating to, or being a person who has made a conversion or has renewed a commitment to Jesus Christ as his or her personal savior: a born-again Christian.
    b. Of or relating to evangelical Christianity: born-again evangelism.
  2. Characterized by renewal, resurgence, or return: a born-again fiscal conservative.

[From born again, in John 3:3 and 3:7.]

  1. Showing the enthusiasm of one newly converted to any cause.


  1. A person who shows fervent enthusiasm for a new-found cause, belief, etc.


  1. committed or recommitted to faith through an intensely religious experience: a born-again Christian.
  2. reactivated or revitalized: a born-again conservative.


converted, reborn, regenerate, reformed spiritually or morally: "a regenerate sinner", "regenerate by redemption from error or decay"

The meaning of “Born Again” from various sources

Being born again means God gives a sinner new life in Jesus.

You were born the first time as a baby. But even as a cute little baby, the Bible says you were a sinner. Your father and your grandfather and your great-grandfather and all the way back to the first man, Adam, are sinners. All of us, except Jesus, are born with a sin nature inside us. So we each rebel against God's commands like loving God best, honoring our parents, and telling the truth.

As sinners, we deserve God's judgment—eternal separation in hell. Even when we try to be good and do good things, we're still sinners deserving punishment.

Because we're born sinners, Jesus said, "You must all be born again" (John 3:7b). This doesn't mean you can get back inside your mom to be born again! Being born again is not something you can see happen or make happen yourself. Only God can cause a sinner to be born again. He gives new life through Jesus.

If God causes you to be born again, you'll believe in Jesus—God's one way to save you from sin.

Jesus told us why God sent Him: "God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son. Anyone who believes in him will not die but will have eternal life" (John 3:16).

Because He loves us, God sent His own Son to save believers from the punishment of sin—death—by dying on the cross in their place. Then Jesus rose from the dead, proving His victory over sin and death for those who believe in Him. (To find out how to believe in Jesus, read "How do I believe in Jesus as my Savior?".)

If you're born again, you're a new person from the inside out. God gives the born-again believer the desire and power to obey Jesus. You'll still fight sin after you're born again. You won't be perfect. But if you're born again, you'll keep turning from sin and trusting Jesus (see 2 Corinthians 5:17).

Trust in Jesus as your only Savior from sin and ruler of your life! [source]

What Does “Born Again” Mean? Why Did Jesus Say “You Must Be Born Again”?

Being “born again” is required for salvation. The term, “born again” was introduced to Nicodemus in the Bible and explained by Jesus in Scripture. A person is “born again” through faith in Jesus Christ, who took the judgement for our sins to give his righteousness to anyone who would believe.

The principle of being “born-again” is difficult for the sinner to fully understand. In 1 Corinthians 2:14, Paul taught “the natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.”

Thus, the reader can initially gather that being “born again” is required for salvation and a heavenly destination. [source]

Who really lives in me, who is in control of my life?

The death we are talking about here, however, is not our physical death. It is the death of the flesh, of its desires and passions. It is death to ourselves, to our selfish ambitions, to our projects, to our vain way of living, etc. to welcome the life of Christ into us. ... What then are your motivations in life? Are you still obsessed with your personal projects, your success, your marriage, your children, your studies, your work, your enrichment, etc. or are you only concerned with the will of God, His plans for you, His purposes for which He wishes to use you? If your motivations are still so focused on you at the expense of God, this is a sign that you are not dead to yourselves yet. It doesn’t matter how many years you would have spent in church. God is bound to be your primary focus if you are born again. You no longer live for yourselves but for Him alone, for His pleasure, for His Glory.

Those who are truly born again are fully aware that their life is no longer theirs and that they cannot do what they want with it (taking drugs, getting drunk on alcohol, having abortions, living in the world). sexual immorality etc.). They died to themselves and the life of Christ dwells fully in them through the Holy Spirit. [source]

Born Again: What Does It Mean?

For those of you who might be old enough, perhaps you’ll remember that the term became quite well known because it was used so often by Billy Graham in his great evangelistic crusades around the world…and by American President Jimmy Carter who spoke openly about his experience of having been born again.

In fact, the term was bantered about so much by the media that for a few years, it became secularized: businesses were being born again; certain actors were enjoying born again careers, people were born again when they purchased a new home, certain foods would cause grocery shoppers to be born again healthwise, and so it went ad infinitum. In respect to religion, over time it almost took on a negative concept as an experience only for weak-willed, uneducated people who needed to be born again because they couldn’t successfully manage their own lives. The biblical meaning of the term changed markedly and began to be misunderstood and overused. And in many respects that misunderstanding continues to this day. Many people mistakenly feel it’s merely a term for starting over.

For some, when they are born again their past seems far away and distant in both time and space, yet not really so long ago in the ever-shifting sands of time. The distance is in their thoughts and sometimes painful, haunting memories they now know they will be able to forget for the very first time in their lives. For the first time, they will truly be able to put their past behind them, no longer chains that held them bound. They can now live in the present, and look forward to a bright future guided by the loving hand of God whom they now know is altogether good and absolutely everything He does is good.

Before a person is born again, it’s as if they had been stumbling around in life with their eyes closed. Then, when one is born again, instantly they are able to see—really see—for the first time. Blinders are removed and they have a new sense of life in general—of purpose, of destiny. Something dead inside them begins to come to life—a part of them never before recognized, never named, just waiting to be awakened from deadness, emptiness, and futility. It’s not merely an increased ability to sense and appreciate one’s world, but a new awareness…of something more, something wonderful just over the horizon beyond what that person has previously known

When one is born again, something inside that person wakens from a deep sleep. Like the early morning shadows of dawn that reveal faint images, when one is newly born again, that person begins to have a strange new inner awareness—an inner knowing—of things they had not known before—things they never knew existed. They begin to see into an inner, holy, Spirit-world beyond the five senses, a vast unbounded world of joy and delight, of peace, of a new reality. That person realizes they have been transferred from this world of darkness to a new world of light and eternal LIFE. All colors they see seem enhanced and much more vivid.

The person who is newly born again realizes that inside them now is a tiny, pulsating, bright, piercing intense point of light, a tiny, scintillating sphere in their midsection, in their spirit, at the core of their being. They realize that two worlds have intersected: the invisible world of the Eternal Realms outside of and transcending time and space and the visible realm they experience in time and space with their five senses.

They begin to discover that which is incomprehensively vast becomes indescribably small—where infinity becomes finite, the invisible visible, where He Who is Beyond-The-Universe is Self-reduced to a pinpoint of intense light within them as a person newly born again. They find that the King of all Creation begins to reign as King of their inner kingdom—that God has come to reign on the inner throne of their life. [source]

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