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  The Silent Revolution in Cancer and AIDS Medicine  

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Examining all the major research data since the 1940s, this book challenges two orthodox medical models: HIV as the cause of AIDS, and random genetic mutations as the cause of cancer. Based on the recent findings from Evolutionary Biology and Nitric Oxide research, it presents a fundamentally new understanding of the human cell, its double genome split between the cell nucleus and the mitochondria, and the role of energy production and signal modulation for immune reactions and carcinogenesis. Finally, it explains the concept of a new Cell Symbiosis Therapy® for the treatment of all chronic diseases, including cancer. Now available in English for the first time, this book is a must-read for doctors, patients and anyone following the cutting edge of biology and immunology. With the blasting open of such doors of knowledge, the medical world will never again be the same.

Heinrich Kremer, MD, Medical Director Emeritus was, from 1968-1975, head of social therapy for addicts, sexual offenders and people with personality disorders at the Berlin Tegel prison which was the pilot project for the reform of the German penal system. In 1988 he resigned as medical director of a model clinic specializing in youth drug addiction due to differences on medical ethics regarding the HIV test and AIDS therapy. From 1993-1999 as collaborating member of the Study Group for Nutrition and Immunity (Bern) he investigated together with Prof. Alfred Hässig the mechanisms occurring in AIDS defining illnesses and in cancer. Since the publication of this book in German in 2001 he has been in demand as a lecturer on the treatment of chronic diseases, working today as senior consultant in a growing medical network for Cell Symbiosis Therapy®. [Source]

Something Different?
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This book, The Silent Revolution in Cancer and AIDS Medicine, is referenced more than a dozen times in the last book published on this website. When looking for a PDF of Heinrich Kremer’s book, there were several websites found where it is available to download as a PDF, however it was the same PDF everywhere – a rather ragged scan of a hard copy of the book (full of speckles, scratches and various markings, with most pages not exactly level). So, the decision was made to “adopt” the PDF and give it some TLC by rebuilding/restoring the PDF as best as is possible. The result is not perfect, but is a better read than the original PDF.

Eventually, the project will be completed and a full copy of the PDF will be available for download. In the meantime, the first draft of the chapters of the PDF which have been completed can be read at/or downloaded as a PDF from the following links:

  Read Online Download Chapter
Introduction Introduction LINK
1: A Disastrous Decision Chapter 1 LINK
2: The Sensational Discovery Chapter 2 LINK
3: The AIDS Mystery Chapter 3 LINK
4: AIDS is not a Contagious Disease Chapter 4 LINK
5: Challenging the Previously Valid Immunity Theories Chapter 5 LINK
6: The Most Successful Fusion in the History of Evolution Chapter 6 LINK
7. Collective Tunnel Vision Chapter 7 LINK
8. The Solution to the Cancer Puzzle Chapter 8 LINK
9. HIV/AIDS Medicine run Amok Chapter 9 LINK
10. The Daunting Task of Reconsideration Chapter 10 LINK
11. The Lifesaving Knowledge of Healing Chapter 11 LINK
12. Resistance against Mass Poisoning in Africa Chapter 12 LINK
The Secret of Cancer and the Concept of Cell Symbiosis Therapy Appendix A LINK
David Lowenfels: The Dual Strategy of the Immune Response Appendix B LINK

For those who cannot wait for the completion of this project, a copy of the original PDF can be viewed/downloaded from a Yandex disk or it is also available at Scribd.