Tuesday, August 16, 2022
  Awakening to a Stark Reality     Max Igan
Awakening to a Stark Reality

With the spectre of 5G, US gun control and numerous other "tasty additions" being introduced into our legal systems to "ensure security and freedom in everyday life at home" – such as constant war in the middle east, militarized police, mandatory vaccinations, microchips, transgenderism for children, constant war in the middle east, political correctness, the smart grid, social crediting, retinal scanners, constant war in the middle east and constant war in the middle east … to name a few … many people in the modern world are now dealing with an uncomfortable awakening. And it's really no surprise. For many it comes as a gradual, or perhaps even sudden realization that something is terribly wrong. And as the feeling grows and the glaze disappears from the eyes, it soon becomes apparent what the problem is, and what has led to this growing shift in public perspective.

It is due to the fact that in the world we now see before us in 2018, not only western governments, but virtually ALL Governments, have ceased even pretending they even remotely care what the people of their nations actually want or think or that they are going to bother even being 'nice' anymore. They are rolling their agenda out now and securing their hold on the world. And that's just the way it is.


Terrorism, defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as: "Violence, or the threat of violence carried out against civilians as a means of coercion, often for political reasons", has always been one of Governments most effective tools and is often used as a means of controlling people and in shaping public opinion. This is a simple fact that can be traced back as far as Nero burning Rome, and likely before. It has been used as a means of kick-starting virtually all known wars, the vast majority of which have been waged under completely false pretenses, and it has been this way ever since the invention of Government. As Henry Kissinger once said: "It matters not what it true, but what is perceived to be true." And in support of that mindset via a series of highly predictable "responses" to recent "events" – the typically staged shootings and cleverly orchestrated "random terror attacks" – Governments around the world have seized upon the opportunity to "protect their people" by continually ramping the police state up at home as much as they possibly can get away with for any reason they can muster. They have been almost falling over themselves to blanket the world with new legislation and feverishly working to merge all global data gathering and retention into one massive, worldwide surveillance grid, with every movement and every thought tracked – to "keep the people safe" of course. They have so far been very successful in their efforts and with the advent of 5G, the Internet of things and the move to a cashless society based on Social Crediting, the ruling Kakistocracy is still pretty much right on track. Trump isn't changing a thing, in fact despite what his supporters may think, quite the opposite. During Trumps watch, things have actually gotten far, far worse than many people are prepared to admit.

Through a never ending fear of terrorism the media has been constantly and methodically pushing into people's minds since the wholly orchestrated attacks of 911 – thus serving to make a stronger police presence more acceptable – our governments have eagerly and effectively removed almost every right they can from the populace, in virtually all western countries. The result in them doing so however, is that if one speaks to average people, it becomes very apparent that it is not terrorism that now concerns the everyday suburban family, but rather the "protective measures" their government is introducing. Yet it is a self fulfilling prophecy because it is the actions of the Government themselves, in their great rush to lock their countries down before the population wakes up and realises the place is being run by criminals, which is awakening the people to just how corrupt their governments truly are.

It has been something of a world wide phenomenom. Where once neighbours would sit around discussing the local gossip or what one or two of their peers may be up to, now talk around the kitchen table turns more to matters of state, the oppressively brutal nature of modern police and the fact that maybe all those conspiracies the people down the road were talking about for all those years, weren't just "theories" after all. And this is becoming the norm for more and more families in more and more countries. Now, at last, people can generally see that something is terribly wrong. It's no longer something to speculate as being a possibility. Now it is an openly apparent and starkly visible problem that very much needs to be dealt with. The question of course is how exactly, are we to do so?

The first step lies in understanding how "the game" is played.

The one thing this society promotes in the minds of the populace, more than any other thing, is division. It may not appear that way on the surface, in fact Government and mainstream propaganda would have people believing quite the opposite. Yet it exists in all aspects of our social structures. It exists in the very concept of a class based scholastic system. It's embedded within all our social mechanisms, our business dealings, the very design and layout of our towns and cities. It lives and breathes on social media, facebook, snapchat and instagram and is quite literally rampant throughout the entire independent media, truth movement, resistance, or whatever it is we can call this great work that we do.

When one steps back and really begins to see this and notice how this divisionist programming is running subtly, constantly, like an underlying tone flowing beneath what is seen on the surface of society, you then begin to notice it everywhere. And there is a clue there. There is a clue in the fact that so much effort is undertaken to foster this divisionist, isolated mind set, cleverly marketed as your 'individual uniqueness" yet placed completely outside the context of actual life, and push it so deeply into the hearts and minds of the people. And that is because the Kakistocracy of parasites who rule this world know full well, that were the people ever to stop competing with each other for attention, recognize the truth and power in themselves and were to simply develop the common respect for each other enough to unite, then their days of controlling things would come to a very swift and very dramatic close. It has always been this way and in the modern world of social media, keeping the people divided and fighting among each other has been taken to an entirely new level. They now have it down to an art.

There were times in the past when people still communicated about real things in a real way. In past times often the entire town would meet to discuss things and decide upon their future face to face. Then came the invention of television and over a very short time things began to change. Suddenly people did not need to go out and attend local meetings or be active in the affairs of the community at large, almost overnight they could be "up to date" on everything local, and then some, simply by staying home and tuning in to their favourite news personality who was always sure to keep them informed on all the "important stuff". And if it doesn't make the news, well then quite obviously, it can't really be that important … can it? And what is the television "news" these day? It is little more than a shock and awe fear-fest. A carefully designed programming of constant fear, repeatedly punctuated with all the reasons why you need government to protect you, and often further punctuated by all the reasons why you should join the military machine and go kill people in other countries in order to keep things safe at home. The "War brings Peace" rhetoric is constant.

Stark Reality - You Suck


Anti-gun violence

And why would you think you can do anything anyway? Forget it. You are just a little person, leave that to those who know better. You are simply not good enough…

It is a message continuously delivered by all available mediums. It comes to us via television and newspapers, via media and games and Government; it is spoon fed to us subliminally in magazines; in movies and education; it dribbles out of your digital clock radio when it wakes you up for your slave job each morning. And it is always a repackaging of the very same message: These are dangerous times, war, famine, disease, global warming, comet impact, swine flu, ebola, solar flares, imminent nuclear disasters, earthquakes, refugees, migrants, terrorism, ISIS, al Qaeda, Nth Korea, Russia, China, Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, Syria, World War 3, and OMG the "Muslims" … and generally whoever those guys over there are who look kinda funny … Always remain constantly aware that you are not safe, fear and terror lurks around every corner, you are just a little person, you are powerless, you can do nothing about anything, you are completely helpless without your government to protect you, war brings peace … oh, and we need your all your guns please – after all you will never ever be truly safe unless you hand over your last means of defense. …

And due to this mind set, and in response to the many US school shootings that are undoubtedly staged by agents of the state themselves, we now see quite literally hundreds of thousands of programmed students, seemly completely unable to think for themselves, marching 'against gun violence' in the US, when the reality is they are in fact advocating that agents of the state use gun violence in order to disarm innocent people of their only means of defence against Government gun violence. These students have been so brainwashed they are now urging their entire country to surrender any and all rights they have, to complete totalitarianism. One should never forget that Government is, and will likely always remain, the world's leading cause of death.

Stark Reality - Mindset

The rise of the Military Industrial Complex has brought about vast changes to the manner in which business in conducted these days. In the past weapons were manufactured when they were needed as wars and conflicts developed. In modern times wars and conflicts are manufactured to keep up with weapons manufacture. After all, it's no use making all those bullets and bombs if there is no one to kill with them, and these things have a shelf life. It's all about the economics of it all and people are expendable. The world is overpopulated anyway … isn't it?

This type of a mindset and our constant believe in the economic value of everything has brought about some of the most severe situations ever seen. The list of environmental disasters for example, simply due to corner cutting and the desire to increase profits, has been almost unimaginable. From oils spills, water contamination through fracking, to situations such as the one still ongoing in Fukushima Japan, the list goes on and on and on. And always at the heart is the need for profits and to exalt the economic model of reality above all else. Not to mention war, war and more war.

It is this type of mindset that has to stop.

The truly huge issue we face through all this, in any attempt to overcome our current dilemma, is peoples ingrained belief in authority and their willingness to follow orders at whatever the cost. Order followers have hugely contributed to our Earthly woes whether they may realize it or not because in regard to human issues and the natural law of right and wrong , whenever any order is given, there comes with any following of that order, a grave moral responsibility. It is peoples placing aside of their moral compass wherein lies the problem. If people are required to deviate from their own moral compass to follow any order, then that order should be questioned and the moral right should hold precedence. It is peoples willingness to step outside their moral compass that lies at the heart of the problem. Those people who are so programmed into following orders regardless of the consequences to humanity. Those whose belief in authority runs so deep that they will discard their fellow man in order to support a system that has lost its way and no longer serves the people it was constructed to protect. It really comes down to the rest of us to shake the order followers out of their programming. There are a variety of ways this can be done but the simplest is to approach these people from a more human perspective. This is done, not by appealing to their humanity, but rather by stepping into your own and realizing that all you are dealing with is people – employees in fact. Those who have been elected to office and tasked with the responsibility of managing our infrastructure in a responsible manner. They are nothing more, and they are all in abuse of the offices they hold. When we approach such people in this manner, the barriers break down.

Never Forget

It should never be forgotten that Democide, or "Death by Government" is, and always has been, the worlds leading cause of death – to the tune of 262million people killed by their own Governments in the 20th century alone. In order for human kind to have any viable future at all, it is imperitive that we collectively and en mas, remove support from Government and from such people who support Government. As difficult as it may be to do, an effective method would be to remove support from order followers and those who engage in immoral and destructive activities as "part of their job". If your partner is engaged in a form of work that is unethical, that supports a further consolidation of government power or is in any way destructive to people or the corporate rape of the environment, tell them they need to find another job or find another partner. Make a stand on your own turf in your own home and help those around you come to realize that a stable future can only come from an empowered people and not via a controlling and destructive government.

The United States now finds itself in an unfathomable amount of debt and the world is about to change. The world will soon be going digital, whether the people want it or not and when that happens, US dollar will soon lose its place as the world reserve currency, and when this happens, life in the United States will change very dramatically. That is why we now see this huge push for "gun control". For their own self preservation, it is imperative the Kakistocracy disarm the people before that happens. Otherwise the people of America will never allow what is coming to simply occur.

With the rollout of the 5G system, the IoT and the very real possibility of a Social Crediting system, whereby peoples purchasing power may be limited by their political viewpoint, the world is indeed facing difficult times. But all is certainly not yet lost. A great wave of awareness is indeed taking place and we are on the verge of a very new reality. It's happening whether we want it to or not and can still go either way, sure, however the overall positive attitude of many people who are now speaking in defiance of what we are facing, is a very encouraging sign. A great many people can see things as they really are now and the majority have pretty well had enough. And if we are smart, we have tools here now that we can use. We have the crypto platforms such as Steemit and others emerging, and whether people are for, or against cryptos, still, these are tools we can use to our advantage while the options are still open. And lets face it folks, its going digital anyway, if we dont stop it, so why not be the ones who guide the direction it goes? And on the whole we have a strong community in the truth movement, it may not seem that way and certainly there is a lack of cohesion, but none the less we are strong in numbers and in our will for change, and we could become a formidable force for REAL change, if we were to simply gain some focus.

If the truth community can for once, just put down all their 'stuff' with each other, allow others within the movement to think differently than they do, and we can maintain some sense of decency towards each other – not allow the reactionary monkey mind to control our actions, and keep our focus where it is needed - on empowering ourselves and those around us, then the 2018-2020 period could be a very positive time indeed.


The ruling Kakistocracy, of course, want it otherwise, and that is unfortunately the other option that is on the table, in fact, it is the only other option, the default option, should we fail to realize our potential and act. But when all is said and done, the reality is that it will be what we choose to make it. And that is a very positive thing. You see the sole reason the Kakistocracy has been so successful in their endeavors thus far, is simply because, regardless of their differences, beliefs or points of view, they have a common focus, and they are proactive in achieving their goal – complete human slavery. The question is, can we in turn, agree to disagree and work to be proactive in achieving ours. Freedom.

There are far, far more of us, than there those who claim to rule, and what we have, right now, is the very real opportunity for right now, to be the time when humankind reclaimed their home and led the world and its creatures back to their natural state of abundance.

We simply have to make the choice to stand together, and do it.

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In Lak'ech
Max Igan

Art: The genius of Tomasz Alen Kopera
Motion Graphics: George Redhawk

"The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." – Frank Zappa

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